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Archived Brand Database

Up until 1995, Official Brands that were registered with the Province of Alberta were required to be renewed every 4 years. In 1980, when the Stockmen’s Memorial Foundation was formed, we received the archived files that were no longer actively registered.

The listings below represent the files that we have in our collection.

A & D Farms (William Albrecht) from Stoney Plain
A.B. Shorthorn Association from Edmonton
Aab, Ruben from Lethbridge
Aagesen, W. from Rolling Hills
Aalgaard, Arne Stanley from Diamond City, Lethbridge
Aarbo, Martin from Elk Point
Aarhus, George J. from Coronation
Aarhus, George J. from Coronation
Aasen, A. from Edgerton
Abbis, William R. from Okotoks, Tappen, BC
Abbott Bros from Oyen
Abbott Bros. (George Spencer & William) from Edgerton
Abbott, Dennis from Winfield
Abbott, Evelyn Joyce from Ponoka, Edmonton
Abbott, Fred B. from Edgerton
Abbott, George Spencer from Edgerton
Abbott, Kaye from Sherwood Park
Abbott, Murray Stanley from Foresheet, Ponoka
Abbott, O.E. from Hughenden, Amisk
Abbott, Percy Henry from Claresholm
Abbott, Rose Elizabeth from Edmonton
Abdriatz, Theodore from Sherwood Park
Abel, Bernhardt Marvin from Calmar
Abel, George from Eagle Hill
Abel, Gordon from Calmar
Abel, J.H. from Lloydminster
Abel, Joe from Stettler, Compeer
Abell, E. Howard from Cochrane
Abelson, Frederick from Metiskow
Aberle, Ignatz R. from Schuler
Ableman, Lee O. & Anna E. from Crossfield, Calgary
Abra, Gerald, Korethoski, John from Carstairs
Abrahamse, K. from Throne, Big Valley
Abrahamse, Stoffel David from Coronation, Westbank, BC
Abrahamson, Arthur from Scotfield, Stanmore
Abrahamson, Louis from Scotfield
Abram & Penner from Edmonton
Abram, George H. from Ferguson Flats, Lindberg
Abram, George H. from Ferguson Flats, Lindberg
Abramenko, H. P. from Rowley, Morrin
Abramenko, Sam from Three Hills
Abramenko, William from Delia, Drumheller
Abramic, George from Edmonton, McRae
Abt, Florian from Ponoka
Abt, Herman from Ponoka
Abt, John from MeniakAchenchuk, Peter from St. Paul
Acheson, George from Sedgewick
Achtemichuk, John from Chipman
Achten, Joe from Edmonton
Achten, Joe from Edmonton
Ackerman, Gottlieb from Stettler
Ackerman, Jack W. from Reno
Ackerman, Joe from Calgary
Ackerman, Joseph J. from Clive
Ackerman, Philip J. from Lacombe
Ackerson, Axel from Coronation
Ackroyd, Charles N. from Raymond
Ackroyd, Max from Hartleyville, Cardston
Ackroyd, Smith from Magrath
Acme Limousin Breeders Ltd. from Calgary
Adair, Alfred E. from Bow Island
Adair, John Erwin & Sons from Kessler, Silver Heights
Adair, John William from Bow Island
Adair, John William from Consort, Edmonton
Adair, R. Hudson from Teepee Creek
Adair, Thomas W. from Bowden
Adam John changed to Roy John Adams from Grassy Lake, Taber, Pincher Creek
Adam Solway & Sons Co-Op Ranching Ltd. from Cluny
Adam, Carl from Forestburg
Adam, Clement G. from Edmonton
Adam, Dennitt from Longview
Adam, Edward from Forestburg, Crossfield, Calgary
Adam, Gussie G. from Ardrossan
Adam, John from Stony Plain
Adam, Philip Henry from Goodfare
Adamcewicz, Leopold from Hussar
Adamcik, George from Midnapore, Calgary
Adamec, John from Coleman
Adamec, Joseph & Blazenko, Pearl from Beaver Mines
Adams W.A. from Veteran, Coronation
Adams, A.A. from Cousins, Paradise Valley
Adams, A.E. from Ashmont
Adams, Arthur from Galahad, Forestburg
Adams, C. H. from Killam
Adams, Charles Edward from Rolling Hills
Adams, Chester from Iron Springs, Picture Butte
Adams, Christine from Rosemary
Adams, Christopher T. from Marwayne
Adams, Clarence J. from Sedalia
Adams, Dave M. from Mayerthorpe
Adams, David L. from Carstairs
Adams, Dolores nee Harderer from Calgary, Edmonton
Adams, Eddie from Duffield
Adams, Enoch R. from Wetaskiwin
Adams, F.J. from Jenner, Calgary
Adams, Florence M. nee Wendell from Cousins, Cadogan, Provost
Adams, Floyd Francis from Fabyan
Adams, Frank from Oyen
Adams, Frank from Rolling Hills
Adams, Frank from Rosemary
Adams, Frank W. from Sunnyslope, Stanmore
Adams, Fred H. from Heath, Wainwright
Adams, George Quincy from Beaverlodge
Adams, George Thomas from Monitor
Adams, Gordon Clifford from Warner
Adams, Gwen from Cadogan
Adams, Hugh from Youngstown
Adams, Hugh Robert from Bow Island
Adams, J. from Calgary, Burmis
Adams, J.A. from Calgary
Adams, J.H. from Kinuso
Adams, Jack from Rosemary
Adams, James B. from Innisfail
Adams, Jasper from Cousins, Cadogan
Adams, John from Calgary
Adams, John H. from Raymond, Warner
Adams, John Milo from Cadogan, Kitscoty
Adams, John Q. from Sundre, Okotoks
Adams, Joseph Ray from Lougheed
Adams, K.M. from Edberg, Buck Lake
Adams, Ken A. from Rimbey
Adams, L. R. from Caroline
Adams, Lorne from Veteran
Adams, Milton from New Dayton, Legend, Bellevue
Adams, Peter Paul from Rimbey
Adams, R.E. from Endiang
Adams, Robert B. from Midnapore
Adams, Robert W. from Paradise Valley
Adams, Ronald from Bow Island
Adams, S.L from Lacombe
Adams, Sarah & Charles from Sundre, Mound
Adams, Thomas S. from Midnapore
Adams, Vet from Lacombe
Adams, Vivian E. from Turner Valley
Adams, W.I. & Hassard, Tom from Beaverlodge, Grande Prairie
Adams, William A. from Bluffton, Coalhurst, Leslieville
Adams, William B. from Blackie, Dinton
Adams, William from Cereal
Adams, William from McLaughlin
Adamson, Agar from Seebe
Adamson, Claude K. from Grassy Lake
Adamson, Dale & Barbara from Pincher Creek, Ketchum, ID
Adamson, Paddy from Pincher Creek
Adamson, Robert from Peace River
Adamson, Robert James from Lethbridge
Adcock, John & Ruth from Edmonton, Ponoka
Addeman, Frank from Calgary
Addeman, Frank Norman from Calgary
Addis, Carl J. from Grande Prairie
Addison, Margaret E. from Mannville
Addy, T.H. from Taber
Adiar, W.V. & H.D. from Breton
Adie, George from Calgary
Adie, John L. from Drumheller
Admussen, George A. from Bergen
Admussen, Reginald Frank from Bergen
Adolf, Benjamin from Spondin, Hanna
Adolf, Dennis E. from Spondin
Adolf, Donald Phillip from Hanna
Adolf, Emanual H. from Castor
Adolf, Emil from Castor, Fleet
Adolf, Gus from Spondin
Adolph, Florence Irene from Calgary, Fort Macleod, Red Deer
Adolph, Henry from Spondin, Castor
Adolph, Henry from Spondin, Castor
Adolphson, Norman from Valleyview
Adolphson, Oscar from Valley View
Adrian, Leonard from Rosemary
Adshead, Edwin W. from Big Valley, Ewing
Adshead, Frank from Lethbridge, Monarch
Ady, George T. & May from Kimball, Taylorville, Cardston
Ady, James L. from Cardston
Ady, Mrs. George T. from Kimball, Taylorville, Cardston
Ady, Myrtle from Didsbury
Aebly, A.P. from Grimshaw, Jenner
Aetna Coal Company Ltd. from East Coulee, Drumheller, Wayne
Affleck, Ed from Esther
Agar, J.E. & Don J. from Cheadle
Agar, Robert F. from Throne
Age, Charles & Josephine from Hill Spring, Fishburn
Aggett, Courtland J. from Okotoks
Agle, Lorents from Lea Park, Edmonton
Agle, Lorents from Lea Park, Edmonton
Agrey, Robert Warner from Deville
Agri- City Holdings Ltd. from Calgary
Agri Risk Services from Calgary
AgriWest Investors Ltd. from Lloydminster
Ahlefeld, H. from Delia
Ahlgrim, F.W. from Didsbury
Ahlgrim, William C. from Taber, Didsbury
Ahlskog, Bert from Wildwood
Ahlskog, Knut Eliel from Wildwood
Ahlstrom, Margaret Edith from Sherwood Park, Beauvallon, Two Hills
Ahlstrom, Roy Edward from Two Hills
Ahlwardt, Albert from Olds
Ahrameen, Semeen from Leslieville, Rimbey
Ainge, D.W. from Edwell, Penhold
Ainge, Desmond from Penhold
Ainge, Kenneth D. from Penhold
Ainley, William Frederick Horton from Calgary
Ainscough, Bob from Cardston
Ainslie, Verner & Earl E. from Delburne
Ainsworth, Kelso Waddell from Byemoor
Airdrie Central Auctions Ltd. from Airdrie
Airey Bros from Esther
Airey, R.K. & Whitman, R.J. from Ponoka
Airth Bros from Brooks
Airth, Andrew from Brooks
Aiuto, Guisseppe from Calgary
Ajay Investments Ltd (J. Patko Jr. – Manager) from Calgary
Aked, Charles Edward from Calgary
Aker, Jessie from Provost
Akern, Mary Agnes from Kinsella
Akins, C.M from Innisfree
Akins, Raymond from Duffield
Akitt, Richard & Alice from Eckville, Cambria
Akitt, William & John Albert from Carmangay, Pincher Creek
Akitt, William from Pincher Creek, Twin Butte
Akkerman, Henry from Calgary
Akre, Alvin from Provost, Hayter, Bodo
Al Nahr Arabians from Redcliff
Albeluhn, Helmut from Sundre
Alberg, Paul & John from Brightview, Nechako, BC
Albers, George H. from Gunn
Albers, George H. from Gunn
Albert, Charles E. from Wanham, Woking
Albert, Charles from Woking
Albert, Levi from Retlaw
Albert, Louis from Milk River
Albert, Weston from Wanham
Alberta Horsemeat Packers Ltd., Red Top Ltd. from Calgary
Alberta Santa Gertrudis Farms from Delia
Alberts, James from Brooks
Albertson, Arnold O. from Hubalta, Dalroy
Albertson, H. Vern from Rolling Hills
Albertson, S. P. from Foremost
Albiston, Arvin from Cardston
Albiston, T.W. from Whitford
Alblom, Lars from Etzikom
Albrecht, Arthur from Ponoka
Albrecht, George from Lougheed
Albrecht, Otto from Magrath
Albrecht, Philip from Castor
Albrecht, Philip J. from Vegreville
Albrecht, William & Adam from Stony Plain
Albright, E.F. from Donalda
Albright, Gottfried from Craigmyle, Delia
Albright, H.E .from Donalda, Rimbey
Albright, Herman from Tilley
Albright, Raymond from Craigmyle
Albright, Walter from Tilley
Albush, Gust from Rainier
Alcan Angus (Doug Munton) from Vauxhall
Alchin, Ben from Maughan
Alcock, F. from Kinsella
Alcock, Lloyd from Buck Lake
Alcock, Lucy from Kinsella
Alcorn, Robert from Alliance
Alderdice Bros., Harold & Rodney from Hardisty
Alderdice, Annie & Sons from Hardisty
Alderdice, Frederick J. from Hardisty
Alderdice, Rodney from Hardisty
Aldoff, Michael Jr. from Duchess, Lethbridge
Aldred, Charlie Patrick from Calgary
Aldred, Vera from Crossfield
Aldrich, Alvie E. from Iola, Bluffton, Whitecourt, Breton, Sunset House
Aldrich, D.L. from Calgary
Aldridge, Frank from Cardston
Aldridge, Walter H. from Trail, BC, High River, El Paso, TX
Aleman, T. from Picture Butte
Alexander Bros. (G.D. & W.S.) from Leduc
Alexander, Bruce Berry from Bonnyville
Alexander, Carl L. from Cayley
Alexander, D.T. from Balzac
Alexander, D.T. from Balzac
Alexander, Eldon from Hoadley
Alexander, James from Bremner, Innisfail
Alexander, Jessie L & W.A. from Battleview, Vermilion, Rimbey
Alexander, John from Pollockville
Alexander, John Patrick from Lacombe
Alexander, Keith from Lethbridge
Alexander, Keith W. from Lloydminster
Alexander, L.E .from Vermilion, Wainwright
Alexander, L.E. from Vermilion, Wainwright
Alexander, O.W. from Wainwright
Alexander, O.W. from Wainwright
Alexander, Simon F. L. from Deville
Alexander, W.S. from Leduc
Alexandrovich, Fabian from Glenwood, Lethbridge
Alexandrovich, Mary from Glenwoodville
Alexo Coal Co. Ltd from Alexo
Alfred, J. from Springburn
Algate, J.A from Stauffer
Algate, W.J. from Stauffer
Algern, Joseph from Vermilion
Allan, Alberta McCue from Bottrel
Allan, Alvey M. from Bottrel
Allan, Donald Albert from Stony Plain
Allan, Donald Blair from Bentley
Allan, Douglas R. from Calgary
Allan, James K. from Islay
Allan, John from Stand Off, Macleod
Allan, John L. from Coaldale
Allan, M.M. from Bottrel
Allan, Miss J. K. from Islay
Allan, Robert Lawson from Chauvin
Allan, Roy H .from Carstairs
Allan, William Donald from Bentley
Allan, William from Lyalta
Allard, Francis E. from Smith
Allard, Louis H from Lucky Strike, Lethbridge
Allard, Louis H. from Lucky Strike, Lethbridge
Allcock, Caroline from Scandia
Allen & Bush Feeders from Taber
Allen Bros. (Harold B. & Leslie B.) from Cassils, Brooks
Allen, A.F. from Wardlow
Allen, Archie from Lindbergh
Allen, Arthur Clifford from Fort Macleod, Summerland, BC
Allen, Barbara J. from Marwayne, Kamloops, BC
Allen, Blake R. from Pine Lake
Allen, C.M. from Scandia, Bindloss, Medicine Hat, Redcliff
Allen, C.W. from Marwayne, St. Albert
Allen, Cameron A. from Rocky Mountain House
Allen, Cecil Henry from Bezanson
Allen, Charles E., (Glenmere Farms Ltd.) from Red Deer, Brantford, ON.
Allen, Connie from Lacombe
Allen, Dale from Olds
Allen, David G. from Hines Creek
Allen, Earl from Blackfoot
Allen, Edward Alexander from Bezanson
Allen, Edwin B. from Heathdale, Chinook, Mannville
Allen, Frank E. from Magrath
Allen, Frank H. from Jarrow
Allen, Gertrude from Hacke, Del Bonita
Allen, Harold W. from Castor
Allen, Hugh W. from Beaver Lodge, Huallen, Wembley
Allen, J.R. from Penhold
Allen, Jack M. from Edmonton
Allen, Jack M. from Edmonton
Allen, James Edward from Edmonton, Viking, Irma
Allen, Jesse Ugene from Wainwright, Okotoks
Allen, John E. from Ribstone
Allen, John from Kinsella
Allen, John from Magrath
Allen, Joseph F. from Dewberry, Ethelwyn
Allen, Kate from Pine Lake
Allen, Lloyd E. from Irma
Allen, Norman George from Tofield
Allen, Paul from Airdrie, Madden
Allen, Richard Russel from Taber
Allen, Robert John from Elnora, Stettler
Allen, Roy M. from Queens
Allen, Victor from Sangudo, Red Deer
Allen, W. from Spring Coulee, Coaldale
Allen, Walter from Red Deer
Allen, William from Vulcan
Allenbach, J. from Cluny
Allenberger, Anton from Fort Vermilion
Allenbrand, Beatrice from Barrhead, Wainwright, Tiger Lily
Allenbrand, Floyd U. from Drayton Valley, Olds
Allers, John P. from Strome
Allik, Alex from Big Valley
Allinson, John R. from Gilt Edge
Allison, D.N. from Beaverlodge
Allison, E.A .from Innisfree
Allison, E.F. from Calgary
Allison, R.O. & Weir, R. from Pincher Creek
Alliss, George from Etzikom
Allred, Bryon E. from Cardston
Allred, C.E. from Raymond
Allred, Golden from Hill Spring
Allred, I.W. from Hill Spring
Allyn, Fred L. from Edmonton
Allyn, Fred L. from Edmonton
Alm, Clarence from Duhamel, New Norway, Gwynne
Alm, Elise from Iron Springs
Alm, Henry Arthur from Fabyan
Alm, Martin from Iron Springs
Almond, Claude P. from Hanna, Delia
Almost, B. & W. from Czar
Almost, K. Art from Czar, Linaria
Alosio, Rudolf from Perryvale
Alridge, Walter H. from Trail, BC, New York City, NY, El Paso, TX
Alsager, Leslie P. from Lloydminster
Alsgard, Andrew from Stavely
Alsgard, Jacob from Granum
Alsgard, Jacob from Granum
Alstad, Jack from Wembley
Alstad, Robert Miller from Wimbley
Alstott, J. H. from Craigmyle
Altenhofen, Edward from Kew
Alter, Patrick L. from Rimbey
Altermatt, Dora from Barons
Altmiks, Henry & Sons from Onoway, Edmonton
Alton, Charles M. from Edmonton
Alton, Charles M. from Edmonton
Alton, Thomas J. from Marwayne
Alvin Hal from Vermilion
Alward, Sarah Joan from Clairmont
Alwood, Bufford L. from High River
Alwood, F. A. from Edgerton
Alwood, John William from Edgerton
Alwood, Kate B. from High River
Alwood, Lyle F. from Edgerton
Alwood, Lyle F. from Edgerton
Amahoose, Jim from Gurneyville
Amalia, George & Nick from Franchere
Aman, Barbara from Medicine Hat
Aman, L.E. from Medicine Hat
Aman, Leonard E. from Medicine Hat
Aman, Theodore from Irvine
Aman, Wesley from Wallaceburg, ON
Ambler, Aleck from Calgary
Ambler, Bess from Irma
Ambler, Eric from Lloydminster, SK, Lloydminster, AB
Ambler, Frank from Minburn, Mannville
Ambler, John W. from Keg River
Ambler, John Wellington from Mannville
Ambler, M.C. from Irma
Ambler, R.B. from Lloydminster, New Lindsay
Ambler, Reginald Cedric & John Wellington from Mannville
Ambler, Reginald Cedric from Minburn
Ambley, Holden from Manyberries
Ambroch, Andrew from Beauvallon
Amdahl, Theodore John from Redcliff
Ament, Ralph & Dunn, George W. from Edmonton, Blue Ridge
Ament, Ralph & George W. Dunn from Edmonton, Blue Ridge
Ament, Ralph from Blue Ridge
American Breeders Service of Canada Ltd. from Calgary
Amery & Sons Ltd. from Crossfield
Amery, Fred from Crossfield
Ames, Arthur from Pincher Creek
Ames, Ernest from Bezanson
Ames, William from Meeting Creek
Amidon, F.H. from Cheadle, Langdon, Bottrel, Cochrane, Calgary
Amley, H. from Manyberries
Amlin, Johnny from Skiff, Lethbridge
Ammann, Paul from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Ammeter, Peter from Red Deer
Amor, John M. from Altario
Amor, John M. from Altario
Amor, Larry & Carol from Camp Creek
Amos, James A & B. Helen from Medicine Hat
Amos, James A. & B. Helen from Medicine Hat
Amundsen, A. & George Larson from Eaglesham
Amundsen, A. & Larson, George from Eaglesham
Amundson, Arthur C. from Viking
Amundson, Dan from Amisk
Amundson, Roland from Valleyview
Amundson, Vern C. from Picture Butte, Lethbridge
Ancell, Eugene from Sundre
Ancell, Isabella from Bearberry
Anchordown Ranch from Midnapore
Ancion, Joseph from Bow Island
Ancoin, Geoffrey from Grand Prairie
Andahl, Sam & Anna H. from Vale, Medicine Hat
Andam, Ole from Vilna
Anderberg Bros from Brooks
Anderburg, Mildred from Eyremore, Brooks
Andersen, Alfred from Alder Flats, Wetaskiwin
Andersen, Allan Lyng from Medicine Hat
Andersen, Calvin from Edgerton
Andersen, Carl L. from Hanna, Rose Lynn, Dorothy, Lone Butte
Andersen, Chris H. from Olds, Rainier
Andersen, Chris H. from Olds, Rainier
Andersen, Darlene P. from Hanna
Andersen, Eivind from Fabyan
Andersen, Eivind from Fabyan
Andersen, Gus from Gadsby, Stettler
Andersen, Ingevard from Olds
Andersen, J.V. from Tilley
Andersen, Jens & Aage Neilson from East Coulee
Andersen, Jens & Aage Nielson from East Coulee
Andersen, Jens from Bluffton, Ponoka
Andersen, John from Bowden
Andersen, John from Kevisville
Andersen, John V. from Sibbald
Andersen, Martin C. from Red Deer
Andersen, Martin from Cappon
Andersen, Peter from Gadsby
Andersen, Theodor from Comrey
Andersen, Walter L. from Hanna
Andersen, William from Edgerton
Anderson Bros. from Brooks
Anderson Bros. from Carmangay
Anderson Bros. from Champion
Anderson Bros. from Dewberry
Anderson Bros. from Hinton
Anderson Bros., (James D., George, &, W.J.) from Hill Spring
Anderson, A.B. from Elnora
Anderson, A.J. from Bentley
Anderson, A.W. from Calgary
Anderson, Adolph from Czar
Anderson, Albert from Champion
Anderson, Albert from Colinton
Anderson, Albert from Grand Centre
Anderson, Albert from Mannville
Anderson, Albert W. from Claresholm
Anderson, Albert W. from Jenner
Anderson, Albin E. from Kinmundy, Chinook
Anderson, Alex from Frog Lake, Sputinow
Anderson, Allan Conrad from Shepard
Anderson, Allen from Lloydminster
Anderson, Anders O. from Meeting Creek
Anderson, Andrew from Cappon
Anderson, Andrew from Peace River
Anderson, Andrew from Stanmore
Anderson, Angus from New Dayton
Anderson, Angus L. from Veteran
Anderson, Anna C .from Youngstown
Anderson, Anna C. from Youngstown
Anderson, Anton from Nobleford, Fort Macleod
Anderson, Arnold C. from Bawlf, Kelsey
Anderson, Arnold from Minburn
Anderson, Arnold R. from Donalda
Anderson, Art from Claresholm
Anderson, Arthur Clayton from Calgary
Anderson, August from Minburn
Anderson, B. D. from Onoway
Anderson, B.R. from Twin Butte, Pincher Creek
Anderson, Benhard Edwin from Drayton Valley
Anderson, Bert from Spedden
Anderson, Blaine J. from Magrath
Anderson, C. E. from Medicine Hat, Etzikom
Anderson, C. Lokkui from Wayne
Anderson, C.E. from Medicine Hat, Etzikom
Anderson, C.L. from Barnwell
Anderson, Charly from Red Deer
Anderson, Chester C. from High River, Milo
Anderson, Chris from Vermilion
Anderson, Christian John from Bawlf
Anderson, Clare L. from Kelsey, Camrose, Bawlf
Anderson, Clarence James from Warden Junction, Stettler
Anderson, Clifford W. from Lousana, Pine Lake
Anderson, Clinton Leigh from Killam
Anderson, Clyde & Mrs. from Carbon, Calgary
Anderson, D.J. Stirling from Innisfail
Anderson, Dan from Rolling Hills
Anderson, David from Carbon, Calgary
Anderson, David H.G. from Lacombe
Anderson, Dean from High River, Longview
Anderson, Delbert Martin from Viking
Anderson, Dennis L. from Leslieville
Anderson, Doris C. from Medicine Hat
Anderson, Dorothy from Calgary
Anderson, Doug Richard from Erskine
Anderson, Douglas E. from Markerville, Nanton
Anderson, Dr. Winfred George from Medicine Hat, Wardlow
Anderson, E. Lester from Langdon
Anderson, E.D. from Oyen, Sedalia
Anderson, E.E. from Seven Persons
Anderson, E.H. from Hardisty
Anderson, Edward F. from Barnwell
Anderson, Edward from Scollard
Anderson, Edward G. from Donalda
Anderson, Edward Lester from Langdon
Anderson, Edward William from Gadsby, Halkirk
Anderson, Einer from Vermilion, Islay
Anderson, Ellen from Big Valley
Anderson, Elmer S. from Cremona
Anderson, Emil from Olds, Monitor
Anderson, Flora H. from Lac La Biche
Anderson, Floyd A. from Hussar
Anderson, Frank A. from Champion
Anderson, Frank H. from Wainwright
Anderson, Fred from Minburn
Anderson, G. A .from Fort Macleod
Anderson, G. Ivan from Barnwell
Anderson, G.A. from Fort Macleod
Anderson, George from Chedderville
Anderson, George from Gem
Anderson, George J. from Twin Butte
Anderson, George W. from Donalda
Anderson, Glen W. from Stettler
Anderson, Gordon G. from Lethbridge
Anderson, Gus from Wetaskiwin
Anderson, Gust A. from Gadsby
Anderson, H. from Obed, Hinton
Anderson, H. H. from Hines Creek
Anderson, H. Murray from Edmonton
Anderson, H. Murray from Edmonton
Anderson, H.E. from Aden, Carmangay
Anderson, H.E. from Aden, Carmangay
Anderson, H.H. from Hines Creek
Anderson, H.L. & Sons Ltd. from Valleyview
Anderson, Harold M. from Olds
Anderson, Harold W. from Grand Centre
Anderson, Harry from Rocky Mountain House, Rose Lynn
Anderson, Harry from Shepard
Anderson, Harvey W. from Erskine
Anderson, Henry G. from Alderson
Anderson, Hugh Graham from Calgary
Anderson, Ingwall from Vilna
Anderson, Isaac Leonard from Calgary
Anderson, J. & Paul, R. from Calgary
Anderson, J. from Brierville
Anderson, J. Gordon from Calgary
Anderson, J., Paul, R. from Calgary
Anderson, J.F. from Calgary
Anderson, Jake R. from Midnapore, James River Bridge, Black Diamond
Anderson, James D. & George from Hill Spring, Cardston
Anderson, James from Ardenode
Anderson, James from Viking
Anderson, James G. from Bluffton
Anderson, James Owen from Medicine Hat
Anderson, Jim from Caslan
Anderson, John from Caroline
Anderson, John from Sedgewick
Anderson, John H. from Bentley, Round Hill
Anderson, Keith Wayne from Peace River
Anderson, Ken O. from Barrhead
Anderson, Kenneth Adolf from Gadsby
Anderson, Kenneth from Carbon
Anderson, Kenneth Hunter from Hinton
Anderson, L.H. from Sundre
Anderson, L.L. from Raymond
Anderson, L.P. from Standoff, Raymond
Anderson, Lawrence C. from Page Buena Park, CA
Anderson, Lewis from Milk River
Anderson, Lloyd A. from Macleod
Anderson, Lynden A from New Dayton
Anderson, M. Bernice from Langdon, Calgary
Anderson, M.M. from Picture Butte
Anderson, Mac from Nordegg
Anderson, Manfred from Red Deer, Scandia
Anderson, Marius from Twin Butte, Pincher Creek
Anderson, Marvin M from Dovercourt, Big Valley
Anderson, Marvin M. from Dovercourt, Big Valley
Anderson, Mildred Vera from Blackie
Anderson, Mrs. Harold from Turner Valley
Anderson, Mrs. John W. from Viking
Anderson, Napoleon from Didsbury
Anderson, Nat from Carseland
Anderson, Niels J. from Barnwell, Lethbridge
Anderson, Norman M. from Midnapore
Anderson, O.N. & N.R. from Knappen
Anderson, Ollie from Heathdale, Leavings
Anderson, Oscar from Airdrie
Anderson, Paul from Scandia
Anderson, Percy from Halkirk
Anderson, Peter from High River, Black Diamond
Anderson, Philip H. from Kirriemuir
Anderson, R. from Lindbergh
Anderson, R.H. from Langdon
Anderson, Ralph from Calgary, Madden
Anderson, Ralph from Mayerthorpe
Anderson, Rasmus Peter & Johnson, Ella A. from Granum
Anderson, Ray M. from Cabin Lake
Anderson, Richard from Burdett, Picture Butte
Anderson, Ried from Calgary, Colinton
Anderson, Robert A. from Brooks
Anderson, Robert Earl from Blackie
Anderson, Robert from Coronation
Anderson, Robert H. from Langdon
Anderson, Robert John from Fleet
Anderson, Robert Murrell from Wardlow
Anderson, Ronald from Rocky Mountain House
Anderson, Ronald Grant from Jenner, Calgary
Anderson, Rosena from Crammond
Anderson, Roy Elmer from Balzac
Anderson, Roy from High River
Anderson, Roy H. from New West Minster, BC, Vermilion, Kirriemuir
Anderson, Ruth A. nee, Marshall from Vulcan
Anderson, S. from Calgary
Anderson, T. & L.T. from Claresholm
Anderson, Theodore from Claresholm
Anderson, Toivo from Trochu
Anderson, Tom M. from Amethyst
Anderson, W.G. from Darwell
Anderson, W.J. from Hill Spring
Anderson, W.M. & George from Rocky Mountain House
Anderson, Wallace Witman from Dunmore
Anderson, Walter from Stettler, Donalda, New Norway
Anderson, Walter Scott from Sputinow
Anderson, Wilfred R. & Sons (Luverne & Wayne) from Donalda
Anderson, William A. from Raymond
Anderson, William from Dixonville, Clear Hills
Anderson, William from Magnolia
Anderson, William John from Berry Creek, Sheerness, Calgary
Anderson, William L. from Bluffton, Chancellor
Anderson, William W.E. from Alix, Tees
Andersson, E.M. from Stanmore
Andrashewski, Stanley from Willingdon
Andreae, Gunnar Rune from Heisler
Andreasen, Sigurd from Sedgewick
Andres, J. J. from Coaldale
Andreson, Allan Clarence from Kinsella
Andrew Davidson, James from Stettler
Andrew, James from Paradise Valley
Andrew, James from Paradise Valley
Andrew, James from Scotfield, Stanmore
Andrew, Roy from Eckville
Andrew, W.R. from Turner Valley
Andrew, William from Eckville, Gilby
Andrews, Arthur from St. Paul
Andrews, Carrie from Claresholm
Andrews, Charles W. from Lomond
Andrews, Douglas from Bremner, Sherwood Park
Andrews, Frank from Bremner
Andrews, Fred A. from Bergen
Andrews, G. B. from Peace River
Andrews, Harry from Diamond City, Wrentham
Andrews, James Ernest from Spruce Grove
Andrews, Leslie William from Calgary
Andrews, Morris S. from Edmonton
Andrews, R.H. from Innisfail, Red Deer
Andrews, W. W. from Grouard, High Prairie
Andriaschuk, Jenny from Elk Point
Andriaschuk, John from Northern Valley, Elk Point
Andrietz, John from Willingdon
Andrietz, Steve Nestor from Andrew
Andriowsky, Adam from Two Hills
Andriseck, Mary from Schuler
Andriuk, Bob from Calgary
Andrix, George & Kristin from Edson
Andronik, Steve & Andrew from Whitla
Andronik, Steve & Andrew from Whitla
Andronyk, Steve from Andrew
Androsoff, William from Queenstown, Arrowwood
Androsoff, William S. & John from Mossleigh
Andruchiw, Charles from Spirit River
Andruchow, Frank from Lavoy
Andruchow, John from Smoky Lake, Pakan
Andruchow, Mick from Rodef
Andruchow, Mike R. from St. Michael
Andrukow, John William from Viking
Andrukow, Mike from Viking
Andrulevch, A. from Elk Point
Andrus, Clifford Erwin from Craigmyle
Andrus, David from Rose Lynn
Andrus, Gordon J. from Craigmyle
Andrus, Harold G. from Taber, Cochrane
Andrus, M.E. from Lomond, Craigmyle
Andruschak, Dennis from Hays
Andruschak, Harry from Olds, Hays
Andruschuk, Tena from Fleet, Lake Thelma
Andruss, Hannah from Bowville
Aneca, Richard from Raymond
Angell, Henry from Fort Vermilion
Angle AK Ranch (C. Allen E. Killburn) from North Edmonton
Angle, S.E. from Bow Island, Winnifred
Angus , Gwendolen from Wetaskiwin
Angus, Ian, Canadian Sugar Factories from Raymond
Anhorn, Emanuel G. from Crossfield
Anhorn, Esther from Medicine Hat
Anhorn, Fred from Three Hills
Anhorn, Herb from Medicine Hat
Anhorn, Samuel from Innisfail
Anhorn, Theofil O. from Sunnyslope, Torrington
Aninger, S. M. from Vulcan, Champion
Aninger, Sebastian John from Blackie, Airdrie, Standoff, High River
Ankle, Frank J. from Whitla
Ankrum, Harry & Mabel from Rosemary
Ankwicz, Henry from Webster
Anning, Hugh from Olds, Peace River
Anonson, Alvin from New Norway
Anonson, Arthur William from New Norway, Rosalind, Donalda, Cairns
Antila Bros (Alto B. & C.O) from Oras
Antila, Alfred from Onoway
Antler Hill Farm from Innisfail
Antoniuk, Jacob from Tawatinaw
Antoniuk, John from Two Hills
Antoniuk, William from Lamont, Chipman, Kelowna, BC
Antonius, Percy from Tilley
Antonsen, Christine from Clear Hills, Dixonville
Antypowich, Lloyd from Stettler
Apperson, M. from Kitscoty
Appleby, Thomas from Holden, Westerose
Appleton, Albert from Taber, Purple Springs
Appleton, Charles N. from Drumheller, Calgary
Appleton, Derry J. from Kamloops, BC
Arac, John from Edmonton, Sexsmith
Arbizzi, Victor from Trochu, Wimborne
Arcand, Archie & Anthony from Mannville
Arcand, Emile J. from La Corey
Arcand, George J. & Sons from Morinville
Archer, Charles E. from Manyberries
Archer, D.C. from Didsbury
Archer, John from Barnwell
Archer, Mrs. H.M. from Barnwell
Archer, O.L. from Chauvin
Archibald, C.W. from Gem
Archibald, John Henry from Cardston
Archibald, Judson A. from Ponoka, Lacombe
Archibald, Mark A. from Cardston
Archibald, Merle Boyce from Glenwood
Archibald, R.G. from Provost, Calgary
Arden, Margaret E. from Jenner
Ardley, Nettie C. from Calgary
ARGAR (GGG) Ranches Ltd. (Gary Allan Smith) from Calgary
Argus Farms Ltd. from Calgary
Argut, E. Helmut from Countess
Argyle, Edward from Beaverlodge, Hazelmere
Arik, Jino from Lethbridge, Coaldale
Arlidge, Percy Spencer from Grimshaw
Arlow, Allen B. from Busby
Arlow, Thomas from Vimy, Busby
Arlow, William from Busby
Armentrout, Jacob E. or Jake E. from Countess
Armitage, G.L. from Caroline, Raven
Armitage, James from Cherry Point
Armitage, T.H. from Sedgewick
Armitage, William from Sedgewick
Armstrong , Bazil from Stettler
Armstrong Bros from Lake McGregor
Armstrong Bros, (Lloyd & Floyd) from Milo
Armstrong Bros. from Elkwater
Armstrong, Alfred from Pincher Creek
Armstrong, Alfred Henri from Morley, Cochrane
Armstrong, Allan Henry from Vermilion
Armstrong, Andrew from Milo, Lake McGregor
Armstrong, Benjamin Christopher from Hussar
Armstrong, C.J. from Wainwright, Edmonton
Armstrong, Clara Beatrice (remarried name Bonter) from Harmattan, Olds
Armstrong, David from Hythe
Armstrong, Dr. W.S. from Calgary
Armstrong, Edwin F. from Teepee Creek
Armstrong, Frank from Edgerton
Armstrong, G.E. from Botha
Armstrong, George A. from Nanton
Armstrong, George Washington from Three Hills
Armstrong, Glenn from Amethyst, Yetwood, Big Valley, Lomond
Armstrong, Guy R from Brunetta, Richdale
Armstrong, H. from Vermilion
Armstrong, I.M. from Milo
Armstrong, J. W. from Muirhead, Nanton
Armstrong, James from Harmattan
Armstrong, James Sheppard from Irma
Armstrong, John L. from Edmonton
Armstrong, Louis from Paddle Prairie
Armstrong, Mac & Art Brompton from Red Deer
Armstrong, Mike D. from Bentley, Lacombe
Armstrong, Mrs. A.A. from Vermilion
Armstrong, Nelson V. from Nampa, Reno, Calgary, Shouldice
Armstrong, Orville Willmer & Ada Thelma from Vermilion
Armstrong, Peter R. & Mort, Joseph from Josephburg
Armstrong, Quentin C. from Nanton
Armstrong, R. Rae from Olds
Armstrong, R. T. from Hussar
Armstrong, Thomas J. from Sundre, Pine Lake, Bentley, Sylvan Lake, Red Deer
Armstrong, W. from Eyremore, Cochrane, Bottrel
Armstrong, W.G. from Cochrane
Armstrong, Walter Jackson from Medicine Hat, Finns Lake
Armstrong, William from Thorhild
Armstrong, William H. from Jarvis
Armstrong, William M. from Markerville
Armsworthy, Lewis from Cardston
Arndt, Dan from Viking
Arndt, Dave from Olds
Arndt, Ernest from McLennan
Arndt, Hugo Robert from Tees, Red Deer
Arndt, Kenneth Monroe from Calgary
Arnell, William D. from Drayton Valley
Arneson, Albert from Rolling Hills, Gold Springs, Excel
Arneson, Harold from High River, Hussar
Arneson, Henry from Edgerton
Arneson, Norman from James River Bridge, Forest Lawn
Arneson, Olaf from Eagle Hill, Sulphur Springs, Ribstone, Provost, James River Bridge
Arness, Ben F. from Chinook
Arnestad, Elias from Enchant
Arnestad, Elling from Picture Butte, Carmangay
Arnett, Hector from Viking
Arnett, Shenfield from Viking
Arnett, William from Viking
Arnfor Investments Ltd. from Edmonton
Arnholtz, David R. & Robert from Millet
Arnold, Arthur from Edmonton
Arnold, B.F. from Carstairs
Arnold, Dennis Edward from Winterburn
Arnold, E.D. from Calgary
Arnold, Fred P. from Sundre
Arnold, John H. from La Glace, Kirriemuir
Arnold, Katherine from Calgary
Arnold, Kenneth W. from Winterburn
Arnold, Mrs. Gordon from High River
Arnold, Percy M. from Mannville
Arnold, Ralph Garnett from Leduc
Arnold, Robert from Del Bonita
Arnold, Victor Hugo from Okotoks
Arnot, Arthur from Tees, Sylvan Lake
Arnot, Ralph from Magrath
Arnot, S.R. from McLennan, Falher, High Prairie
Arnott, Eric L. from Elk Point
Arnott, Gordon O. & Scott, J. C. from Rocky Mountain House
Arnott, Gordon O. from Elk Point
Aronsson, Donald from Mundare
Aronsson, G. Oscar from Mundare
Arosson, Gustave Oscar from Seba Beach
Arps, H.O. from Edmonton, Sherwood Park
Arrison, A from White Mud Creek
Arrison, Ralph L. from Mossleigh, Bassano
Arrison, Ralph L. from Mossleigh, Bassano
Arrowwood Farming Company, Charles R. Mitchell (estate from Chief Justice) from Arrowwood
Arrowwood Roping Club from Arrowwood
Arseni, Leon from Coalhurst
Arseniuk, Boris from Rife, Flat Lake
Art, Fred J. from Olds
Arthur Cattle Co. Ltd. (Eugene B. Arthur) from Innisfail, Rocky Mountain House
Arthur D. Cummings Ltd from Calgary
Arthur J. from Cereal
Arthur, Anna from Elnora, Bindloss, Pine Lake, Social Plains
Arthur, E.N. from Auburndale, Wainwright
Arthur, Fred B. from Vermilion, Auburndale
Arthur, Gerald Elza from Wainwright
Arthur, Harold & Rachel C.V. from Fairview
Arthur, Melvin J. from Vermilion
Arthur, Robert from Iron Springs
Arthur, Roland from Vermilion
Arthur, Thomas from Consort
Artimovich, William from Bluffton
Artman, Walter E. from Sundre
Artym, Walter from Athabasca
Artyshuk, John from Lloydminster
Artyshuk, Steve from Elk Point, Lloydminster
Arundel, John B. from Duchess
Arundel, John B. from Duchess
Asborne, George Y. from Calgary
Asborne, George Y. from Calgary
Asel, Charles D. from Cereal
Ash, B. E. from Drumheller
Ashbury, Jerry from Longview
Ashby, Arthur from Lindbergh, Elk Point
Ashby, Henry from Elk Point
Ashby, P.H. from South Edmonton
Ashdown, Jessie E. from Clive
Ashdown, Leduc James from Ashmont
Ashe, Frank W. from Viking
Ashmead, Harold H. from Bassano
Ashmont Ranches Ltd. (James V. Rawe) from Ashmont
Ashston, Rowan H. from Burdett
Ashton, Samuel from Burdett
Ashwell Bros from Viking
Ashworth, Thomas Cyril from St. Paul
Askeland, Mrs. D.L. from Erskine, Gadsby, Alix, Clive
Askin, W.R. from Irma
Askins, John Russell from Czar
Asmussen, Jens F. from Bergen
Aspeden, J. W. from Delburne, Red Deer
Aspedokken, Nels H. from Lacombe
Asplund, Charles Owen from Lethbridge
Asplund, James Wendle from Glenwood
Assel, Dieter M. from Airdrie
Asselstine, E.B from Sideview, St. Lina
Assmus, William & E.B. Heichert from De Winton
Assmus, William & Heichert, E.B from De Winton
Astalos, Alex from Taber
Astalos, Andy from Taber
Astalos, Paul from Taber
Astell, Arthur from Alsask, SK., Sibbald
Astell, Eric G.A. from Alsak, SK
Astl, K.J. & J.C. Waddell from Mirror, Lethbridge
Astl, K.J. & Waddell, J.C from Mirror, Lethbridge
Astleford, L.W. from Duffield
Astleford, Loren from Sangudo
Astley & Foster from Maycroft
Astley, E. H. from Minburn
Astley, Edward H. N. from Vermilion
Astley, Irvine E. from Marwayne, Kinsella
Atcheson, John G. from Edmonton
Atcheson, John G. from Edmonton
Atkins, Daniel F. from Peace River
Atkins, Lola P. from Cardston
Atkins, Phil & Helen from Wetaskiwin
Atkins, William Joseph from Ashmont
Atkins, William T. from Ashmont
Atkinson, A. from Lethbridge
Atkinson, Bill, Horse Shoe Ranch from Calgary, Pirmez Creek
Atkinson, Charles G. from Goodfare, Halcourt
Atkinson, Eric from Didsbury
Atkinson, Esther from Claresholm
Atkinson, Floyd E. from Vulcan
Atkinson, Gale V. from Vulcan
Atkinson, Gordon W. from Byemoor, Delia
Atkinson, John from Camrose, Bulwark
Atkinson, Linus E. from Barons
Atkinson, Mrs. A.M. from Lamont
Atkinson, Samuel A. from Cochrane, Bottrel
Atkinson, William A. from Bulwark, Halkirk
Atkinson, William J. from Gadsby
Atlas Coal Company Ltd from Drumheller
Atmore, Wilson S. from Fort Saskatchewan, Grande Prairie
Attewell, F.G. from Greenshields
Attfield, Darcell F. from Smith
Attfield, Ernest A. from Clandonald, Riviere Qui Barre
Attfield, Fred from Vermilion
Attfield, Mrs. James from Vermilion
Attfield, Reuben from Vermilion, Rocky Mountain House, Hughenden, Smith
Attridge, W.R.C. from Madden
Attwell, B.L. from Nanton, Bowness
Attwell, Jasper M. from Stettler
Attwood, Raymond F. from Raymond, Wrentham
Atwell, Harry M. from Benyon, Kevisville
Atwood, J. from Cardston
Atwood, Jay Harding from Bow Island
Auberg, J.F. from Kingman, Lundemo
Aubin, Edward J. from Pincher Creek
Aubrey, Leonard from High Way
Auch, August from Lavoy
Auch, Ben from Hays
Auch, Ralph from Lavoy
Audet, Harold Edgar from Milk River, Masinasin
Audet, Joe from Milk River
Auestad, Rasmus from Lomond
Auger, Donald from Rocky Mountain House, Canmore
Auger, J.F. from Twin Butte
Auger, Jeremy from Grouard
Auger, John F. from Sundre, Calgary
Auger, Oscar from Dapp
Auger, Phyllis C. from Sundre
Auger, Tommy from Desmarais
Augustiynovich, Peter & Kobelewich, Nick from Bodo
Augustiynovich, Peter from Bodo
Auld, Donald Curry from Knee Hill Valley, Innisfail
Auld, Donald Curry, & Severton, Severt Arthur from Innisfail
Aullotte, Lawrence from Sputinow, Frog Lake
Aulotte, Dan from Frog Lake
Aulotte, Robert from Frog Lake
Auls, Herman from Rose Lynn
Aune, George O. from Morrin, Bingley
Ausenhus, N.C. from Castor
Ausenhus, O.H. from Didsbury
Austen, Francis A. from Rocky Mountain House
Austin Feedlot Ltd. from Magrath
Austin, A. Ward from Brierville
Austin, Albert T. from Magrath
Austin, Albert Tep & William Wallace from Magrath
Austin, David from Lafond
Austin, Elmer E. from Provost
Austin, Frank from Lafond
Austin, H.F. from Kinsella
Austin, John W. & Terry, A.D. from Magrath
Austin, John W. from Magrath
Austin, Keith from Mannville
Austin, L.F. from Lousana
Austin, N.E. from Yarrow
Austin, N.H. from Delburne
Austin, Seba B. from Delburne, Clive
Auten, L.J. from Ponoka
Avery Bros from Ponoka
Avery Bros. from Ponoka
Avery, Alfred from Heinsburg, Vermilion
Avery, Charlie Ian from Crossfield
Avery, E.G from Onion Lake, SK
Avery, E.G. from Onion Lake, SK
Avery, E.J. from East Coulee
Avery, E.J. from East Coulee
Avery, James A. from Bassano
Avery, John Charles from Red Deer
Avery, John W. from Dewberry
Avery, Kenneth Raymond from Bremerton, WA
Avestad, Asbjarn from Amethyst, Eyremore, Vauxhall
Avoleda, Frank from Nordegg
Avramenko, Alex from Big Valley
Awe, G.W. from Big Valley, Wiste
Axe, Francis from Gleichen
Axe, Peter from Gleichen
Axelsen, Oswald from East Coulee, Wayne
Axley, Bill from Dewberry
Axley, Elder from Dewberry
Axline, L.L. from Leo
Axline, Leo from Endiang
Ayers Brothers from Cherry Grove
Ayers, Earl A. from Manyberries, Orion
Ayers, Fred William from Paradise Valley, Sidcup
Ayers, J.E. from Paradise Valley, Sidcup
Ayers, Jay P. from Taber
Ayers, Lyman Hulbert from Cherry Grove
Ayers, Mrs. Lester H. from Manville, Cherry Grove
Ayers, Richard L. & Mary J. from Cherry Grove, Grand Centre
Aykroyd, Frederick from Wainwright
Aykroyd, Richard Grant from Wainwright
Ayler, Olive from Lloydminster, AB
Aylesworth, Leland Stanford from Rife
Ayling, Donald C. from Ponoka
Ayling, R. from Vermilion, Camrose
Ayres & Chester from Brosseau

Brewster, Henry Clark from Mirror
B & B Stables (Kenneth Baker) from Lethbridge
B. H & G. Cattle Co. (Paul Gates, C.W. Bishop, N. Helfrich & E. Barlow) from Standard
Babb, Clarence LeRoy from Viking
Babb, Lee from Wainwright
Babb, Ronny from Wainwright
Babcock, F. from Kinuso
Babey, Mike from Myrnam
Babiak, John from Buford
Babin, G. from Beaver Mines
Babin, Peter from Mundare
Babiuk, Emanuel from Brosseau
Babiuk, George from Lafond, Brosseau
Babiuk, Nick from Lavoy
Babiuk, Thomas N. from Willingdon
Babiy, Nick from Haight
Bablitz, Irving E. from Bruce
Babovnik, Ben from Rumsey
Babowal, Irene Elizabeth from Edmonton, Viking
Babrange, John from Taber
Baby, Alex from Lathom, Bassano
Baby, Steve from Myrnam, Beaver Dam
Baceda, Ben from Taber, Barnwell
Bach, Hans from Grimshaw
Bachand, Alex from Clive, Vauxhall
Bachkowski, Paul from Breton
Bachmann, Marinus from Tolland, Vanesti, Wainwright
Bachmeier, John L. from Medicine Hat
Bachmier, Peter from Westlock
Bachor, Fritz from Ponoka
Back, George Robert from Highvale
Back, Marie Louise from Hussar
Backous, Eric from Olds
Backous, George from Olds, Westerdale
Backs, Hans & Harald Schonlener & Helmer Welen from James River Bridge
Backs, Hans from James River Bridge
Backs, James R. from Condor, Crossfield
Backs, M. from Crossfield, Bottrel, Strathmore
Backstrom, Elof from Cremona
Backstrom, R.A. from High Level
Backus, G.A. from Cherry Point
Bacon Bros., Fred, Wesley, & Alfred from Fabyan
Bacon, Albert from Wainwright
Bacon, George Alfred from Wainwright
Bacon, George Robert from Hesketh, Carbon
Bacon, Horace from Marwayne
Bacon, James from Hesketh
Bacon, Thomas from Fabyan
Bacon, William from Irma
Baczuk Bros., (Louie, John, &, Joe G.) from Milk River
Baczuk, A.H. from Milk River
Baczuk, John from Coaldale
Baczuk, Steve from Milk River
Bad Eagle, Arthur from Brooks
Bad Eagle, Pat from Brocket
Bad Eagle, Raymond from Peigan Indian Reserve
Baden, George B. from Longview, Calgary
Baden, H.A. from Vulcan
Bader, R.E. from Lacombe, Mirror, Acme
Badger, Bernard Fred from Enilda
Badger, George from Delburne, Red Deer
Badger, Joe from Enilda
Badger, John from Bonnyville
Badger, Percy Clarence from Sexsmith
Badger, William Gordon from Sexsmith, Grande Prairie
Badot, Hector from Lundbreck, Tod Creek
Badot, Leon from Tod Creek
Badry, Clements A. from Gadsby
Badura, Floyd from Taber
Baedke, Nathanael from Medicine Hat
Baerg, Aron from Crowfoot, Coaldale, Ontario
Baerg, Bernhard from Lethbridge
Baerg, C.C. from Coaldale
Baerg, C.J. from Vauxhall
Baerg, Johnny W. from Acme
Baerg, W. Curtis from Linden, Stettler
Baergen, Abe George from Tofield
Baergen, Gerhard from Grantham, Vauxhall
Bagg, Fred from Olds
Bagger, Paul from Brazeau Dam
Baglee, James from Rio Grande
Bagley, E.R. from Rumsey, Rowley
Bagnall, William J & Marjorie L. from Dog Pound
Bagshaw, Frank from Okotoks
Bagshaw, John from Elkton, Carstairs
Bagstad, Albert from St. Kilda
Bahme, Emil from Mound, Westward Ho
Bahme, William from Westward Ho
Bahr, Albert from Rainier
Baier, Clem from Wainwright, Provost
Baier, George from Compeer
Bailer, John from Wetaskiwin
Bailey Bros. (Lloyd & Stan & Gordon F.) from Bowden, Edmonton
Bailey, Albert Lewis from Ponoka
Bailey, B.A. from Donalda
Bailey, Bill from Barrhead
Bailey, Bruce L. from Lloydminster, SK
Bailey, Cecil from Tofield, Sardis, BC
Bailey, Clarence E. from Halkirk, Gadsby
Bailey, Clifton from Lacombe
Bailey, David Warcup & Barbara Jean from Okotoks, Sundre
Bailey, Delmar from Alcomdale
Bailey, E.L. from Turin
Bailey, Edward from Tofield
Bailey, Effie J. from Turin
Bailey, George Leicester from Mirror, Alix
Bailey, J.T. from Edmonton
Bailey, John T. from Gadsby
Bailey, Joseph from Granum
Bailey, L.T. from Lacombe
Bailey, Laura from Galahad, Britain
Bailey, Leona from Vauxhall, Penhold
Bailey, Neil G. from Tofield
Bailey, Phyllis I. from Okotoks
Bailey, R.G. from Tofield, Edmonton
Bailey, R.H.M. from Clover Bar
Bailey, Russell from Heath
Bailey, W. from Delacour
Bailey, Walter R. from Calgary
Bailey, William from Heath
Bailie Bros from Skiff
Bailie, Donald H. from Taber, Skiff
Bailie, James D. from Calgary, Michichi, Delia
Baillie, J. M. from Elnora
Bailly, Hester from Acme, Didsbury
Baily, E. from Tofield
Baily, Walter & Leona from Alix
Baily, Walter & Leona from Alix
Bain Brothers AB Ltd. from Edmonton
Bain, Gordon from Barrhead
Bain, John A.G. from Coronation, Mossleigh
Bain, Joseph V. from Castor
Bain, Robert from Pemukan
Baines, Harry H. from Loch Sloy, High River, Pekisko
Baines, Ollie from Clive
Bains, John W. from Kipp
Bair, James from Sedalia
Baird Bros. from Olds
Baird, Charles J, &, Irene L. from Castor
Baird, Crawford from Cereal
Baird, Donald from Twin Butte
Baird, Jerry from Claresholm, Lethbridge
Baird, Kenneth Harvey from Holden
Baird, Ralph H. from Bashaw
Baird, Samuel John from Yellowknife, NWT, Byemoor
Baird, William K. from Gadsby, Stettler
Baird. Mervin J. from Gadsby, Botha
Baisden, Stella from Metiskow
Baisden, Vinton W. from Metiskow
Bakay, Steve from Venice
Baker Bros. (Walter A. & Lyle A.) from Lloydminster
Baker Bros. from Leslieville
Baker, Allen R. from Rivercourse, Lloydminster,
Baker, Arthur F. from Rochester
Baker, Bessie A. from High River
Baker, C.G. from Leslieville
Baker, C.H. from Mannville
Baker, C.R. from Hardisty
Baker, Clayton R. from Camrose
Baker, Douglas C. from Fort Macleod
Baker, Ed W. from Eagle Hill, Olds
Baker, Elwood from Iron River
Baker, F.A. from Grassy Lake
Baker, G.W. from Manyberries
Baker, George P. from Doe River, BC
Baker, Henry from Olds
Baker, J. Allen from High River
Baker, J. Osborne from Madden
Baker, J.E .from Okotoks, Nanton
Baker, Joseph from Walsh
Baker, Kenneth from Raymond
Baker, Lloyd from Vauxhall
Baker, Lowery E. from Ribstone
Baker, Marshall from Magrath
Baker, Mrs. Ernest from Berwyn
Baker, Otto from Olds, Calgary
Baker, Otto Merrit from Chauvin
Baker, Owen from Okotoks
Baker, R.S. from Raymond
Baker, Robert A.R. from Castor, Bezanson
Baker, Simon E. from Olds, Eagle Hill
Baker, Terrence M. from Turin
Baker, Vic Earl from Gem
Baker, Walter F. from Blackie, Meadowbrook, Dinton
Baker, Wilfred A. from Calgary
Baker, Willard from Delburne
Baker, William Arthur from Westlock
Baker, William from Rocky Mountain House
Baker, William John from Pincher Creek
Bakk, George from Ponoka, Rocky Mountain House
Bakke, Chris from Rimbey
Bakke, Clarence B. from Rosalind, Camrose
Bakke, E.S from Rosalind, Ohaton
Bakken, Andrew from Lougheed
Bakken, Carl from Galahad
Bakken, George from Throne
Bakken, Obert O. from Sedgewick
Bakker, John from Brooks
Bakker, Norman from Barrhead
Bakker, P. & Sons from Stony Plain
Bakker, P. & Sons from Stony Plain
Bakos, Peter & Sophie from Claresholm
Baksa, Joe from Brooks
Bakstad, Gladwin from Medicine Hat, Orion
Bakstad, Henry from Orion
Balan, Nick from Smoky Lake
Balanecki, Steve from Hamlin
Balascak, Joseph George from Tawatinaw, Rochester
Balash, John from Barnwell
Balash, Nick from Ranfurly
Balazs, Steve from Picture Butte
Balchin, L. from Mayerthorpe
Balcoske, H. & Rudolf Corenblum from Lethbridge
Balcovske, Herb from Lethbridge
Balcovski, Herbert from Lethbridge
Bald, R. B. from Bearberry
Balde, Henry from Crossfield, Champion
Balderson, A.L. from Bircham
Balderson, Anna Bell from Cochrane
Balderson, Lee Roy from Carstairs
Balding, Mrs. J. Glenn from Leduc
Baldrey, C.A. from Sylvan Lake
Baldry, Keith M. from Worsley, Clear Prairie
Baldry, Kenneth L. from Worsley, Clear Prairie
Baldry, M.J. from Clear Prairie
Baldwin, Alice E. from Calgary
Baldwin, Dale W. from Winfield
Baldwin, Donald Chester Frank from Calgary, Winfield
Baldwin, Harry from Cochrane
Baldwin, J.S. from Raymond
Baldwin, Jean G. from Calgary
Baldwin, Lorraine Joy from Winfield
Baldwin, Morgan from Reist, Hanna
Baldwin, Ray C. from Fort Pitt, SK, Frenchman Butte, SK
Baldwin, W. from Pincher Creek
Baldwin, W.H. from Calgary, Rowley
Bale, Nels from Kinuso
Bales, Douglas from Sundre
Bales, Frank C. & Charles from Carstairs
Bales, Fred T. from Carstairs
Bales, George from Crossfield
Bales, George H from Cremona, Sampsonton, Carstairs
Bales, Kenneth from Cremona
Balfour Bros from Strachan
Balisky, George from Sexsmith
Ball, Benjamin from Brant
Ball, Carmen from Lindbrook
Ball, Colin from Paradise Valley
Ball, Dave from Edmonton
Ball, Dave from Edmonton
Ball, Forest G. from Oyen
Ball, Forest G. from Oyen
Ball, Gerald Stewart from Pincher Creek
Ball, H. from Bergen
Ball, H. from Bergen
Ball, Joe from Botha
Ball, John from Onoway
Ball, William from Onoway
Balla, Mike from Iron River, Garth
Ballantine, Robert H. from Mannville
Ballantyne, Hilda K. from Calgary
Ballantyne, J.& J. from Rimbey
Ballantyne, John Lance from Medicine Hat
Ballard, George Herbert from Sundre
Ballard, Harold H. from Sundre
Ballard, S.A. from Strome
Ballas, Donald from Heinsburg
Balog, Bert from Lethbridge
Balog, Joseph L. from Milk River, Killam
Balon, Dan from Red Deer, Stettler
Balzer, David from Vauxhall
Bamber, Frederick A. from Cherry Grove
Bamber, J.A. from Delburne
Bamber, Lee Albert from Delburne
Bamber, Norris from Langford Park
Bamber, R.V. from Esther
Bamber, S. from Wabamun
Bamber, S. R. from Langford
Bamber, William & Son (Derek) from Beaver Crossing, Grand Centre
Bamson, W.H. from Marwayne
Banack, Joseph from Camrose
Banack, Louis from Vauxhall
Banasch, Helmut from Medicine Hat
Banbur, Kazmier from Picture Butte
Bancarz, Sam from Fort Vermilion
Banco, Nathaniel from Hanna
Banco, Walter from Ponoka
Bancroft, Gordon W. from Red Willow
Banderob, P.W. from Cremona, Calgary
Banek, Jacob from Bowmanton
Banek, Richard from Bowmanton, Rainier
Banford, Norman Gordon from Leedale
Bang, R.M. from Mannville
Bangs, Dennis from Hays
Bangs, Eva from Bindloss, Hays
Bangs, Roy from Bindloss, Hays
Banister, Sarah Ann from Sundre
Bankhead, J. Cristel & Son from Wanham
Banks Bros from Willowlea
Banks, Bligh W. from Veteran, Ricinus, Calgary
Banks, Effie F. from Veteran, Calgary
Banks, J.T. from Mannville
Banks, Z.S. from Veteran
Banneck, Emanuel from Duchess, Midlandvale
Banneck, Herb from Hanna
Bannerman, D.S. from Kew, Millarville
Bannerman, Joseph R. from Jumping Pound, Calgary
Bannerman, Nettie from Calgary
Bannerman, W.T.S. from Kew
Bannick, Bert from Hutton, Duchess, Millicent, Rumsey, Drumheller, Bassano, Rose Lynn
Bannick, Edwin from Donalda
Bannick, Emanuel from Lawsonburg, Hutton, Duchess
Bannick, Koneta V. from Countess
Bannister, Eileen from Cardston
Bannister, Harold Edgar from Highway
Bannister, James H from Hartell
Bannister, Mervyn H. from Alder Flats
Bannister, Neil from Winfield, Woodrow, SK
Bannister, Orville from Hugenden
Bansemer, Harold S. from Cochrane
Banta, J.A. Jr. from Crossfield
Banta, J.R. from Madden
Banta, Mrs. C.M. & A.A. from Crossfield, Bottrel, Dog Pound, Sampsonton
Bantel, Arthur from Calgary
Banting, Laurence A. from Red Deer
Banting, William from Didsbury, Elkton
Banwell, W.J. from Federal, Coronation
Baptie, James Alexander from Bragg Creek
Baptiste, Byron from Elk Point
Bar H Ranches Ltd. from Calgary
Bar J M Holdings Ltd. (John Martson Jr. ) from Rocky Mountain House
Bar Lazy S C Cattle Co-Op from Calgary
Bar S Ranch Ltd (Chattaway, Maxine & Blades, Dorothy M.) from Nanton
Bar X L Ranch from Rocky Mountain House
Bar, Glen A. from Ardenville
Barabash, Jacob from Vilna
Barabash, William Gary from Pincher Creek, Edmonton
Baranec, Harry from Mirror
Baranovski, Bill from High River
Baranovski, Josephine & Leo from Viking, Kinsella
Bararaba, Bill from Lafond
Barat, Andy from Brooks
Barbaro, Joe from Taber, Purple Springs
Barbazuk, Mary from Elk Point
Barber, Gary from Carbon
Barber, George from Carbon
Barber, James from Hardisty
Barber, James M. from Consort, Monitor
Barber, L. R. from Kitscoty
Barber, Melvin Clarence from Edmonton
Barber, Mrs. Robert from Carbon
Barber, Mrs. Robert from Carbon
Barber, Pen from Barons
Barber, Ralph E. from Innisfree
Barber, Robert Ian from Lethbridge
Barber, William Pensam from Barons
Barbour, Archie from Pincher Creek
Barby, H.O. from Orion, medicine Hat
Barby, Terrance Gale from Lethbridge
Barclay, Alexander from Beaver Mines
Barclay, Charles James from Beaver Mines, Pincher Creek
Barclay, Dwaine J. & C.J. (Greenridge Ranch) from Pincher Creek
Barclay, Evelyn from Eskine, Stettler
Barclay, H.E. from Eerskine
Barclay, Robert from Elnora
Bardell, Charles Edward from Redcliff
Bardell, Irene from Hussar
Bardell, John from Pincher Creek
Bardell, Mrs. Claude from Calgary
Barden, George Alex from Bruce
Bardenhagen, Carson from Gilby
Bardenhagen, Fred from Eckville
Bardenhagen, Ole from Eckville, Gilby
Bardick, Roberta from Lacombe
Bare, John C. & Bell from Lundbreck
Baretshnyder, Hans from Burdett
Barett, Peter from Berry Creek, Calgary
Barfuss, Godfrey from Hill Spring
Barg, Bernhard from Brooks
Barg, Peter from Grassy Lake
Bargal, E.R. from Priddis
Bargholz, Dougals J. from Brownfield, Summerland, BC
Bargholz, Jesse Kenneth from Brownfield
Barker, Almer Thomas from Bindloss
Barker, C.G. from Sylvan Lake
Barker, Donald Ralph from Sundre
Barker, Elsie from Sundre
Barker, Frank from Okotoks
Barker, G. A. from Bruce
Barker, G.A. from Bruce
Barker, Gordon from Killam
Barker, Harry G. from Okotoks, Calgary
Barker, Harry G. from Okotoks, Calgary
Barker, James B. from Excel
Barker, Levi P. from Sundre
Barker, Perry from Hussar
Barker, Stanley from Bruce
Barker, Wayne J. from Minburn
Barker, Wayne J. from Minburn
Barkley, Henry O. & George Elliott from Delburne
Barkley, Henry O. & George Elliott from Delburne
Barkley, James Robinson from Calgary
Barkley, Larry M. from Sherwood Park, Calgary
Barks, Geordie from Calgary
Barlad, Jerry from Lac Bellevue
Barley, Charles M. from Edmonton
Barley, Joseph from Granum
Barlow, Dianne Lorraine from Strathmore
Barlow, Harold from Cummings
Barnaby, Noy from Lethbridge
Barnard, E.E. from Wrentham
Barnard, E.E. from Wrentham
Barnard, George E. from Consort, Monitor, Pemukan
Barnard, George E. from Consort, Monitor, Pemukan
Barnard, Jessie M. from Calgary
Barnes, Donald from Goose Lake, Enilda, Camrose
Barnes, E.D. , Harper, E. & B. from Eaglesham
Barnes, E.M. from Calgary
Barnes, Frank George from Three Hills, Millarville
Barnes, H.V. from Enilda
Barnes, Herbert Albert from Redcliff, Richdale, Medicine Hat
Barnes, I. H from Etzikom
Barnes, Ivor H & Freda from Etzikom
Barnes, Jackson & Clara from Rocky Mountain House, Nacmine
Barnes, James & Sons from Mannville
Barnes, John Henry from Rapid Narrows, Medicine Hat
Barnes, L.G. from Millicent
Barnes, Loreine from Horburg, Armstrong, BC
Barnes, Loyd Gordon from Millicent
Barnes, Mary Edith from Claresholm
Barnes, Nicholas G. from Millicent
Barnes, Paul E. from Two Hills
Barnes, R. J. from Stony Plain
Barnes, Richard from Enilda
Barnes, Robert W. from Slave Lake
Barnes, Ronald from Donalda
Barnes, Thomas A. & William M. from Ranfurly
Barnes, W. H. from Donalda, Stettler
Barnett , Ron W. from Esther
Barnett, Bros. (Floyd C., & Earl E.) from Lomond, High River
Barnett, H.G. from Millet, Lomond
Barnett, J.T. from Strathmore
Barnett, J.T. from Strathmore
Barnett, J.T. from Stratmore
Barnett, James A. from Islay
Barnett, Leona M. from Lomond, Calgary, Millet
Barnett, Mrs. E. M. from Stettler
Barnett, Mrs. M. from Stettler
Barnett, Susan from Islay
Barnett, W.D. from Marwayne, Sherwood Park
Barnscher, Walter E. from Hardisty
Baron, Andrew from Bonnyville
Baron, Clifford from Bearberry, Marchant Grove, SK, Swift Current, SK
Baron, Nick from Bonnyville
Barons Barley Growers Ltd. from Barons
Barr, Albert from Consort, Sedalia
Barr, Allistair & Rod from Stanger, Sangudo
Barr, Allistair Leslie from Stanger
Barr, Charles & Willa from Pincher Creek
Barr, Ellen A. & Delmar from Ardenville
Barr, J. J. from Edmonton
Barr, J.J. from Edmonton
Barr, Rod from Stanger
Barraboy, Frank E. from Gadsby
Barraclough, Johnny from Midnapore
Barrass, John F. from Irma
Barrass, W. from Shining Bank
Barrett & Ellis from Beaver Lodge, Rio Grand
Barrett, Arthur from Blackfoot
Barrett, Harry James from Ellscott
Barrett, Marie remarried Zipse from Donalda
Barrie, John J. from Medicine Hat
Barrie, John J. from Medicine Hat
Barron, William from Langdon
Barron, William from Langdon
Barros, Leonard H. from Bindloss
Barros, William H. & E.A. MacDonald from Cavendish, Pancras
Barrow, Miles H. from Tofield
Barrow, Miles W. from Tofield
Barrowcliff, Tom from Mound, Westward Ho
Barrows, George C. from Milk River
Barrows, L.G.B. from Cochrane, Calgary
Barry, Donald Keith from Strathmore
Barry, Frank G. from Rimbey
Barry, Gerald from Eaglesham
Barry, M. from Dauntless, Whitla, Blackie
Barry, Thomas from Bearberry
Barstad, Selmer O. from Heinsburg
Bartel, Glen from Edberg
Bartels, Ray from Mosside, Barrhead
Barth, Alex from Faith
Barthel, Dwayne Melvin from Days land, Marwayne
Barthel, Hans from Lea Park, Marwayne
Barthel, Harold from Marwayne
Bartle, Louis from Smoky Lake
Bartlett, Ernest Lavell & Gladys from Iron Springs, Milk River, Picture Butte
Bartlett, Ernest Lavell & Gladys from Iron Springs, Milk River, Picture Butte
Bartlett, Fred from Halkirk
Bartlett, S.J. from Edmonton
Bartlett, S.J. from Edmonton
Bartlett, Samuel D. from Orion
Bartlett, Samuel D. from Orion
Bartlett, Vern from Violet Grove, Drayton Valley
Bartlett, W.J. from Wainwright, Heath
Bartlett, William from Cochrane, Lethbridge, Rimbey
Bartley, J.H. from New Brigden
Bartley, Les H. from Ponoka
Bartman, Mrs. R.S. from Pollockville
Barton, F.W. & Sons from Condor
Barton, G.V from Condor
Barton, Glen from Taber
Barton, H A. & Company from Irma
Barton, H.A. & Co. from Irma
Barton, Ira D. from Big Stone, Kinmundy
Barton, Ira D. from Big Stone, Kinmundy
Barton, J. Perry from Stirling
Barton, J.G. from Taber
Barton, J.G. from Taber
Barton, J.H. from Wrentham
Barton, Jerrold K. from Red Deer
Barton, Richard Arnold from Calgary
Barton, Robert from Roselea
Barton, Thomas Arthur from Calgary, Red Deer
Barton, W.O. from Stirling
Bartosek, John J. from Coaldale, Lethbridge
Bartoshyk, Joe from Myrnam
Bartsch, William from Castor
Bartsoff , Peter, Jr. from Raymond, Legend
Bartsoff, Pete, Sr. from Vauxhall, Raymond
Bartsoff, John from Raymond
Bartz, Conrad from Monarch, Lethbridge
Bartz, Henry from Monarch
Bartz, Julius E. from Big Valley
Bartz, Wilfred T. from Lamont
Barva, Frank, Jr. from Lethbridge
Barva, Helen from Pincher Creek
Basarab, George from High Prairie
Basaraba, Elie from Vilna, Hamlin
Basaraba, from Vilna, Hamlin
Basaraba, Metro from Hamlin
Basaraba, Nick E. from Hamlin
Basaraba, Shirley from Calgary, Strathmore
Bascom, Billy R. from Raymond
Bascom, Ronald Melvin from Eastend, SK, Jenner
Bascombe, Ray L. from Penhold, Pine Lake
Bashford, Sam from Ribstone, Provost
Basile, Jean from Lafond
Basisty, Bud Andrew from Rycroft
Baska, Charlie F. from Irma, Provost
Baska, Frank from Irma
Basnett, John Herbert from Eureka River
Basnett, Mrs. M. J. from Eureka River, Maycroft, Vanrena
Bass, Ernest R. from Worsley
Bass, George from Worsley
Bassett, Charles Floyd from Evergreen, Eckville
Bassett, T.A. & E.A. Slack from Eagle Butte, Duchess
Bassett, Thomas from Drumheller, Rosedale
Bassil, W.R from Olds, Didsbury
Basso, Joe from Bellevue
Bast, Anthony J. from Berwyn, Brownvale
Bastell, George from Peers
Bastien, Germain & Arthur from McLennan, New Fish Creek
Bastien, Teddy from Brocket
Bastien, Walter from Brocket, Calgary
Basting, James H. from Sheerness
Basting, James H. from Sheerness
Bastura, Ted from Taber
Batch, Alex from West Wingham, Coronation
Batch, Alice M. from Cassils
Batchelor, A. A. E. from Water Valley
Batchelor, Ken, Wilson, Harry from Keg River
Bateman Bros from Minnihik
Bateman Bros. from Minnihik, Lorraine, Castor, Alliance
Bateman, Catherine from Vulcan
Bateman, Dave & Sons from Innisfail
Bateman, George & R. O. Donily from Tolland, Vermilion
Bateman, George & R.O. Donily from Tolland, Vermilion
Bateman, J. W. from Alliance
Bateman, Leon W. from Vulcan
Batemen, Clarence from Alder Flats
Bates, Albert J. from Leo, Forestburg
Bates, Clifford F. from Dewberry
Bates, E.P. from Craigmyle
Bates, Edward Frederik from Craigmyle
Bates, Frederick Hamilton from Acme
Bates, George William from Strathmore
Bates, Maria E. from Leopoldville, Alliance, Sedgewick
Bates, Marvin from Cayley, Coaldale
Bates, Mrs. Vesper from Valleyview
Bates, O.E. from Cardston
Bates, Thomas from Edgerton
Bates, Valmer W. from Cardston
Bates, Vesper Arlington from New Fish Creek
Bates, William A. from Midnapore, Calgary, Victoria, BC
Bates, William from Alliance, Vancouver, BC
Bath, F. S. from Wainwright
Batke, August W. from Darwell
Batke, Ella E. from Donalda
Batke, Fred H. from Rosalind, Kelsey
Batke, Irvin C. from Rimbey, Donalda, Alix, Hoadley
Batke, John H. from Vermilion, Wildmere
Batke, John H. from Vermilion, Wildmere
Batke, S. William from Rosalind
Batt, Dmetro from Fort Vermilion
Battenfelder, Alan from Camp Creek
Battenfelder, John Henry from Camp Creek
Battenfelder, Mary Claudia (remarried name Noel) from Camp Creek
Battenfelder, Mike from Camp Creek
Battensby, Fred from Knee Hill Valley
Batter, Walter from Brooks, Edmonton
Batter, Walter from Brooks, Edmonton
Battle Creek Ranch Ltd. from Calgary, Edmonton
Battle River Roping Club from Ponoka
Battle, Brian & Shannon from Calgary
Battle, Felix from Delia, Vancouver, BC, Carstairs
Battrum, A.R. from Sibbald, Oyen
Battrum, Duncan L. from Edmonton, Sherwood Park
Batty, George from Nordegg
Batuick, Joe from Alder Flats
Bauder, Ralph from Priddis, Black Diamond
Baudette, Ted from Vegreville
Baudin, Joseph Richard from Mayerthorpe
Bauditesl, William from Carstairs, Didsbury
Bauer, Alvin L. from Mannville
Bauer, Arthur Wayne from Darwell
Bauer, B.F. from Beach Corner
Bauer, Charles from Lomond
Bauer, Chris from Mannville
Bauer, F.W. from Coleridge
Bauer, George from Darwell, Salmon Arm, BC
Bauer, Jacob from Castor
Bauer, John from Torrington
Bauer, Oscar from Torrington
Bauer, Oswald W. from Mannville
Bauer, Reinhold from Vermilion
Bauer, Robert from Vermilion, Mannville
Baugh, C.C. from Nemiskam
Baugh, George Ritschel from Foremost
Baughman, David from Sundre
Baughman, Doris from Sundre, Bergen
Baughman, S.E. from Didsbury
Bauman, Christian from Ranfurly
Bauman, H.M. from Peoria, Kelowna, BC
Bauman, Jacob from Botha, S. Edmonton
Bauman, John & Paul from Endiang
Bauman, Simon from Beaverlodge
Bauman, Walter, Bauman, Arthur from Ranfurly
Baumann, Fritz from Harmattan
Baumann, Lanny D. & Betty S. from Mountain View
Baumback, Fred from Ponoka
Baumback, Jacob from Rimbey, Bentley
Baumbeck, Isaac from Medicine Hat
Baumgardt, August from Hilda
Baumgardt, Rudolf from Innisfail
Baumgardt, William from Calgary
Baumley, C.J. from Bawlf
Baumley, Eugene William from Salt Prairie
Baumna Bros from Alcomdale, Endiang
Baur, Robert & Colette from Onoway
Baustad, J.B. from Harmattan
Baustad, S. from Olds
Bawden Ranching Ltd. (Peter Bawden) from Cochrane
Bawden, H. C. from Meeting Creek
Bawden, William Henry from Meeting Creek
Bawtinheimer, Norman Roy from Red Deer
Baxter, Barbara Lesley from Innisfail
Baxter, Carl H. from Magrath
Baxter, Frank R. from Lundbreck
Baxter, George Willard from Medicine Hat
Baxter, George Willard from Medicine Hat
Baxter, Jim from Crossfield
Baxter, L. E. from Endiang
Baxter, L.E. from Endiang
Baxter, Lorne James from Calgary
Bayard, Paul & Jeanne from Cold Lake
Bayer, Sven from Brooks
Bayers, William from Rycroft
Bayley, Clifford from Crooked creek
Bayley, Gordon Roy from Crooked Creek
Bayley, Josiah Castree from Chinook
Bayliss, John Ewand from Consort
Baynham, Lloyd from Chauvin
Baynham, Wesley from Chauvin
Bazant, Steve V. from Calgary
Bazinet, Rosaire from Fort SK
Bazinet, Touissant from Fort SK
Bazinet, W. from Lac la Biche
Bazley, Thomas from Lloydminster, AB, Edgerton
BDJ Cattle Company ( Bruce Nilsson, Donald Herrie & James L. Meeks) from Raymond
Beach, Arty Lue from Ponoka
Beach, Edward from Ponoka
Beach, Howard W. from Lethbridge, Medicine Hat
Beach, Kathleen from Chauvin
Beach, Raymond from Ponoka
Beach, Roger from Iddesleigh
Beadle, Mrs. Harry from Cochrane
Beadman, B.P. from Bonanza
Beagle, C.R. from High River, Mazeppa
Beagle, Don from Lomond, Brooks, Arrowwood
Beagle, Donald R. from Brooks
Beagle, J.P. from Gleichen, Arrowwood
Beagle, Ronald D. from Arrowwood
Beal & Gadd from Ponoka
Beal, W.R from Bragg Creek, Calgary
Beale, Barbara from Calgary
Beale, James K. from Midnapore
Beamish Bros from Jarvie
Bean, Aletha & Clarence from Joffre
Bean, William Jordan from Dovercourt, Sundre
Bear, Eric from Wetaskiwin
Beard, Bernard Frank from Vermilion, Naco
Beard, Evelyn from Naco
Beard, Mrs. M.C. from Airdrie
Beards, M. from Vauxhall
Bearg, David from Vauxhall
Bearham, Edward from Fawcett
Beasley, Carl John from Patricia
Beasley, Carl Jones from Millicent
Beaton Bros. (Colin M. & Neil A.) from Calgary
Beaton, A.C. from Calgary
Beaton, H.G. from Kitscoty
Beaton, Perry A. from Delia
Beattie, Clifford from Atlee
Beattie, Dale from Goodfare
Beattie, Eva from Okotoks
Beattie, Evan Montgomerie, (LaBarge Ranch) from Pincher Creek, Creston, BC
Beattie, M.A. from Big Valley
Beattie, R. N. and Son from Stavely
Beattie, Sanford from Nemiskam
Beattie, Sanford from Nemiskam
Beattie, William M. from Innisfail
Beatty, Douglas Reid from Airdrie, DeBolt
Beatty, George F. from Midnapore, Crossfield, Calgary
Beatty, George F. from Midnapore, Crossfield, Calgary
Beatty, J. A. from Lousana, Elnora
Beatty, John A. from Rimbey
Beatty, John Charles (The Sarnia Ranching Company Ltd) from Walsh
Beatty, John Charles (The Sarnia Ranching Company Ltd) from Walsh
Beaubien, Joseph R. from Wetaskiwin
Beauchamp, Edward from Lake Louise
Beauchamp, Joseph H. from Taber
Beaudette, Eugene from Beauvallon
Beaudin, Florian from St. Paul
Beaudin, Jean Baptiste from Cluny
Beaudin, Roland Armand from Hussar
Beaudoin, Alfred from Lac la Biche Mission
Beaudoin, Peter from Lundbreck
Beaudon, August from Cowley
Beaudreau, Fred J. from Cluny
Beaudry, Alfred from Prairie Echo
Beaudry, August from High Prairie
Beaulac, Joe Ed. from McLennan
Beaulieu, John L. & Betty Jacobs from Sundre
Beaulieu, John Louis from Bearberry, Sundre
Beaulieu, Rosemarie from Bearberry
Beaumont, Art J. from Consort
Beaumont, Lillian May from Viking
Beaumont, Luman S. from Keystone, Breton
Beaumont, Phillip from Red Deer
Beaupre, Rosaire O. from Kinuso
Beauregard, Peter from Kikino
Beauregard, Simon from Desmarais
Beaver Broilers Ltd. from Edmonton
Beaver Dam Investors from Olds
Beaver River Ranching Ltd from Edmonton
Beaver River Ranching Ltd. from Edmonton
Beaver, Nat from Morley
Beaver, Sarah from Morley
Beaverbones, Jim from Rocky Mountain House
Beazer Welfare Society from Beazer
Beazer, Alvin E. from Cardston
Beazer, Lynn M. from Cardston
Beazer, Meade & Cahoon, George from Cardston
Beazer, Verda from Beazer
Beazley, E.C. from Wainwright
Beazley, Lily from Wainwright
Beazley, W. Leslie from Wainwright
Bech, Peter from Elk Point
Bechal, Emil from Irvine
Becht, Karl from Monarch, Waldeck, SK
Bechtel, Jacqueline from Twin Butte, Pincher Creek
Bechtel, John H. from Pincher Creek, Twin Butte
Bechtel, Winona E. from Twin Butte
Bechthold, Alvin D. from Foremost
Bechthold, Jacob from Crossfield
Bechtold, Henry, Jr. from Irvine
Bechtold, Charles from Irvine
Bechtold, Henry Jr. from Irvine
Bechtold, L. W. from Sundre
Bechtold, L.W. from Sundre
Beck Bros from Okotoks
Beck Bros. from Okotoks
Beck, A.F. from Harmattan
Beck, A.F. from Harmattan
Beck, Charles E. from Delia, Penticton, BC
Beck, Charlie & Mabel from Worsley
Beck, Chris from Buffalo, Cavendish
Beck, Eric & Annie from Delia, Clive, Stettler
Beck, George from Buffalo, Brooks
Beck, George J & Adelaide from Pemukan
Beck, George J. & Adelaide from Pemukan
Beck, Irwin C. from Czar, Edmonton
Beck, Jerome Curtis from Czar
Beck, John from Bingville
Beck, Marie from Brooks, Buffalo
Beck, Max from Hemaruka, Ponoka
Beck, Milton from Schuler
Beck, Peter from Pincher Creek, Dry Fork
Beck, R.P. from Edmonton
Beck, Robert T. from Clive
Beck, Robert T. from Clive
Beck, Wilfried from Calgary
Beck, William G. from Sundre
Becker, Adam from Schuler
Becker, Albert from Carbon
Becker, Clifford H. from Camrose
Becker, Elmer from Medicine Hat
Becker, Floyd Phillip from Rimbey
Becker, Frank from Lomond
Becker, George from Airdrie
Becker, Gerny from Hilda
Becker, Gilbert, Becker, Philip from Schuler
Becker, Harold from Schuler, Medicine Hat
Becker, Henry from Rose Glen
Becker, Herbert A. from MacLeod Valley, Peers
Becker, Howard Ernest from Schuler
Becker, Jake from Medicine Hat
Becker, John L. from Midnapore, Turner Valley
Becker, John L. from Midnapore, Turner Valley
Becker, K.P. from Hilda
Becker, Percy W. from Rimbey
Becker, Philip P. from Schuler, Rose Glen, Medicine Hat
Becker, Raymond from Medicine Hat
Becker, Reinhold from Tothill, Medicine Hat
Becker, Robert from Schuler
Becker, Rudolf from Wimborne
Becker, Rudolph from Wimborne
Becker, Rudy William from Wimborne
Becker, Teresa from Airdrie
Becker, Theodore from Beiseker
Becker, William H. from Rimbey
Beckett, A.M. from Wainwright
Beckett, Ambrose from Kinsella, Viking
Beckett, Don from Leduc, Hazeldine
Beckett, L. H. from Kinsella, Mannville, Williams Lake, BC
Beckett, Lawrence from Kinsella
Beckett, Mary from Rodino, Kinsella
Beckett, Samuel from Hanna, Rose Lynn
Beckhold, Herman from Vanrena
Beckingsale, Doris Evelyn from Penhold, Pine Lake
Becklund, Geeorge A & Alma F. from Sunnynook, Gilbert
Beckman, Arthur from Vermilion, Wildmere
Beckman, Donalda from Tolland
Beckner, E.G. from Milo
Beckner, William John from Milo
Becton, J.S. from Grand Centre, Lindale
Becze, William from Bruce
Bedard Bros (Eldred T. & E.L) from Medicine Hat, Redcliff, Box Springs
Bedard, Daniel from Thorhild
Bedard, Joseph from Chauvin
Bedard, Roland from Joussard
Bedard, Telesphore from Beauvallon
Beddis, Colin Alfred from Edmonton
Beddoes, Ernest from Crossfield, Madden
Beddoes, G.H. from Lockhart, Rimbey
Beddoes, L.H. from Rimbey
Bedea, Walter M. from Hastings Coulee
Bedford, Cecil O. from Grassy Lake, Govenlock, SK
Bedford, James C. from Govenlock, SK
Bedford, James C. from Govenlock, SK, Swift Current, SK
Bedingfield, R. from Ponoka
Bedker, Daniel from Walsh
Bednarz, Mike from Vermilion, Mannville
Bedson, H. Edgar from Brownfield
Bedwell, Frances M. from Kitscoty, Lloydminster
Bee, Frank from Mayerthorpe
Beebe, Paul from Forestburg
Beebe, Verne from Brownfield, Veteran
Beeby, Ada from Cochrane
Beecher, George from Cremona, Water Valley
Beecroft, Alvery from Islay
Beedle, Earl from Castor
Beef Unlimited (Youth for Christ), Lougheed, G.R. from Benalto
Beek, C. from Kitscoty
Beek, Peter from Airdrie, Bingville
Beeket, William J from McDonaldville, Paradise Valley
Beeket, William J. from McDonaldville, Paradise Valley
Beekman, Elbertje from Fort Macleod
Beekman, Gerrit from Fort Macleod
Beeman, David B. from Calgary
Beer, Ernie H. from Crossfield
Beere, Mary from Pincher Creek, Brocket, Spring Ridge
Beet, E. & Sons from Roselea
Beeton, Edward J. from Calgary, Metiskow, Czar
Beeton, Gordon from Kinsella
Beeton, Harold from Czar, Silver Heights
Beeton, Lawrence from Czar
Beeton, Terry Leslie from Kinsella, Viking
Beeton, Walter Roy from Czar, Strathmore
Beeza, Mary R. from Calgary, Nanton
Befus, Alex from Cluny
Befus, Conrad from Leo
Befus, Dan from Hubalta, Cluny
Befus, John from Elkton, Didsbury
Befus, R. from Didsbury
Begert, W.J. from Blackfalds, Bentley
Begg, F.F. from Altario
Begg, H.K. from Youngstown, Metiskow
Begg, Jack from Youngstown
Beggs, David R. from Lloydminster, SK & AB
Beggs, Hannah M. from Lloydminster
Beggs, James A. from Lloydminster, SK
Beggs, Mrs. D.R from Lloydminster, AB
Beggs, W.J. from Condor
Begin, Henri from Girouxville
Begley, Neil Allen from Calgary
Behn, Florian from Glendon, Flat Lake
Behnke, Edward J. from Streamstown
Behnke, Peter A. from Streamstown
Behnke, William Patrick from Streamstown
Beieler, Alfred from Steveville, Patricia
Beier, Herman from Provost, Compeer
Beier, Pete from Compeer
Beierbach, August from Hilda
Beierbach, Emanuel from Walsh
Beierbach, Fred or Frederick, & Bertha from Innisfail
Beierbach, Herbert from Rimbey
Beierbach, Robert from Ranchville, Manyberries
Beierbach, Sam from Newburg, Ranchville
Beierle, Jack from Delburne
Beierle, Theodor from Leslieville
Beingessner Bros from Champion
Beingessner, Alph from Alix
Bekar Bros. from Lindbergh
Bekkering, Chris from Chigwell
Bekkerus, Lloyd from La Glace
Belal & McWilliams from Ponoka
Beland, Walter from Dewberry
Belanger, Adelard from Bonnyville, Edgerton
Belanger, Alice M. from High River, Midnapore
Belanger, Alphonse from Bonnyville
Belanger, Arthur from Bonnyville
Belanger, D. from Brooks
Belanger, Emile from Bonnyville
Belanger, Frank from Lindale
Belanger, Gerard from Bonnyville
Belanger, L..J. from Edmonton, High River, Midnapore
Belanger, L.J. from Edmonton, High River, Midnapore
Belanger, Nellie M. from Edmonton
Belanger, Ronald from Bonnyville
Belasek, H.J. from Rimbey
Belcher Bros (W.W. & H.W.) from Bulwark, Lindsville
Belcher, George from Sundre, Calgary
Belcher, W.W. from Bulwark
Belcourt, Charles from St. Albert
Belcourt, Dolphus from Hazelmere
Belcourt, Joseph D. from Pine Lake
Belcourt, Wilfred from Glenevis
Beler, David Anthony from Hays
Beler, Henry Raymond from Calgary
Beler, Joseph from Hays
Beler, Robert John from Calgary
Belfrey, Arthur W. from Dimsdale
Belik, Harry from Edgerton
Belkin, Henry W. from Calgary, Vancouver, BC
Belkovski, William from Chip Lake, Leaman
Bell, Andrew Stewart Embury from Carbon
Bell, Arthur from Calgary
Bell, Bertram from Red Deer
Bell, Brian Harold from Research Station Lethbridge
Bell, Charles from Brooks
Bell, Dale from Clive
Bell, Douglas George from Bluffton
Bell, E.C. from Sangudo
Bell, George Brian from Sylvan Lake
Bell, George S. from Carbon
Bell, Hugh C. from Reno
Bell, Irvine M. from Vermilion
Bell, Ivin & Son from Pemukan
Bell, J.F. from High Prairie
Bell, J.W.L. from Finnegan
Bell, James P. from Big Valley
Bell, James R. from Vilna
Bell, Jim from Opal, Egremont
Bell, John from Chauvin
Bell, John from Delia
Bell, John J. from Claresholm
Bell, Joseph R. from Claresholm
Bell, Ken I. from Clive
Bell, Linford S. & Haggart, Charles E. from MacKay
Bell, M. & B. Kerr (AB Stock Yards) from Calgary
Bell, Mary C. from East Coulee, Millerfield
Bell, Mrs. Eva from Edmonton
Bell, Olive remarried name Barber from Viking, Calgary
Bell, Robert from Lomond
Bell, Stuart Inglis from Drayton Valley
Bell, Terry I. from Red Deer, Lacombe
Bell, Thomas from Hardisty
Bell, Thomas G. from Dorothy, Millerfield, Rosedale
Bell, W.C. from Vermilion
Bell, W.J. from Vermilion
Bell, Wesley A. from Sylvan Lake
Bell, William Albert (Bert) from Bassano
Bell, William from Red Deer
Bell, William George from Bluffton, Dalemead
Bellaglen Farms Ltd. (R.P. Engley)from Edmonton
Bellaire, E. D. & Buchs, Charley from Big Prairie, Water Valley
Bellamy Bros. from Cremona
Bellamy, Walter G. from Cremona, Olds
Bellamy, Warren from Bonnyville
Belland, M. from St. Paul
Beller, A.L. from Wetaskiwin
Beller, Leo R. from Perryvale
Bellerose, Charles from Cork
Bellerose, Henry from Driftpile
Belliot. A.F. from Tinchebray, Galahad
Bellmont, Fred from Chinook
Bellnapp, Donald J. from Lethbridge
Belly Butte Cattle Co-Op Ltd. from Cardston
Belly, Joe from Onion Lake, SK.
Belly, Ernest H. from Onion Lake
Belmont Fur Farm from Edmonton
Belmont Fur Farm from Edmonton
Belozer, Walter from Calmar
Belsek, Harry from Vilna
Belsheim, Thomas from Veteran
Belt, Roy R. from Eckville
Belter, Paul from Bashaw
Belton, C.N. from Dolcy, Edgerton
Belton, William Henry from Islay
Belts, Helen E. from Strathmore
Beluch, John S. from Taber
Beluch, John S. from Taber
Belyea, Frank & Bayview Arab Horse Ranch from Magnolia, Edmonton, Olds
Belyea, Frank (Bayview Arab Horse Ranch) from Magnolia, Edmonton, Olds
Belzek, Metro from Vilna
Belzil, Emile from St. Paul
Bencharski, John from Thorhild, New Brook
Benchcharski, Mike from Abee
Benci, Frank from Picture Butte
Benci, Louis from Lethbridge
Bendek, Adam from Pincher Creek
Bendek, Herman A. from Pincher Creek
Bendek, Herman A. from Pincher Creek
Bender, Charles T. from Big Valley
Bender, Christ from Hilda
Bender, George from Hilda
Bender, George from Tilley
Bender, Jack Jr. from Hilda
Bender, John from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Bender, John George from Brooks
Bender, Rudolph from Delia, Dorothy
Bender, William from Brooks, Millicent
Bendfeld, Henry John from St. Lina
Bendiksen, T. from Ryley
Bendview Farms Ltd. from Hays
Bene, Peter & Sons from Coaldale
Benedetto, Robert from Millet
Benedetto, Savario from Millet
Benedict, R.G. from Olds
Bengry, Joseph H. from Cardston
Bengry, Walter Richard from Cardston, Spring Coulee
Bengston, Ed Victor from Drayton Valley
Bengtson, A.H. from Westerose
Bengtson, Fritz from Roros, Ribstone
Bengtsson, Oscar J. from New Dayton
Benio, Bill from La Corey
Benio, Mike S. from Edson, La Corey
Benio, William or Wasyl from La Corey
Benkel, Bruno from Ponoka
Benn, G.W. from Homestead
Benn, Howard K. from Medicine Hat
Bennefield, Calvin J. from Wetaskiwin
Benner, Barrie from Paradise Valley
Benner, E. C. from Leslieville
Benner, George Hamilton from Stanmore
Benner, Harold M. from Bluffton
Benner, Harrison S. from Red Deer, Three Hills
Benner, S.B. from Paradise valley
Bennett O. & Veno, A.R. from Sundre
Bennett, A.P. from Didsbury
Bennett, Alan from Three Hills, Meacham, SK.
Bennett, Austin V. from Countess, Del Bonita
Bennett, Blayne Burnwell from Taber
Bennett, C.E. from Forestburg
Bennett, Charles E. from Moyerton, Paradaise Valley
Bennett, Charles M. from Halkirk
Bennett, Clark from Olds
Bennett, D. A. from Raymond
Bennett, Dakota L. from Mayerton, Paradise Valley, McDonaldville
Bennett, Dakota L. from Moyerton, Paradise Valley, McDonaldville
Bennett, Ethel from Vauxhall
Bennett, F. G. from Grantham
Bennett, F.C. from Grantham
Bennett, Fletcher (Locky Bell Ranch & Shoderee Ranch) from Pincher Creek
Bennett, Floyd from Uncas
Bennett, Francis L. from Grantham, Vauxhall
Bennett, Frank from Pincher Creek, Brocket
Bennett, Fred J. from Peoria, Wanham
Bennett, Gerald W. from Bowden, Innisfail
Bennett, Gladys from Calgary
Bennett, Harry G. from Sylvan Lake, Benalto
Bennett, Howard R. from Paradise Valley, Viking
Bennett, Hugh from Calgary
Bennett, Ivan from Ardrossan, Uncas
Bennett, John T. from Edmonton
Bennett, John T. from Edmonton
Bennett, Lawrence Edward from Olds
Bennett, Lorne from Mirror
Bennett, Mary from North Cooking Lake, Uncas
Bennett, Mrs. J. from Cowley
Bennett, Mrs. M. from Uncas
Bennett, Percy Thomas from Lundbreck, Jumping Pound
Bennett, R.A. from Lamont
Bennett, Ron from Medicine Hat, Orion
Bennett, Russell from Mirror
Bennett, Tom from Bearberry, Sundre
Bennett, Vern Lamar from Magrath
Bennett, W. J. from Retlaw, Calgary
Bennett, W.E. from Lundbreck, Armstrong, BC, Fort Macleod
Bennett, William D. from Namaka
Bennion, Douglas W. from Glenwoodville
Bennitt, C. from Veteran
Beno, Norman L. from Sundre
Benoit, Arthur J. from Lloydminster
Benoit, Edward Philip from Nanton
Benoit, Jean R. from Chauvin
Benoit, John Joseph from Red Deer
Benrot, Arthur S. from Barrhead
Bensler, Edward from Pincher Creek, Twin Butte
Bensmiller, Thomas Sherman from Calgary
Benson, E.M. from Bruce
Benson, Ed R, from Viking, Camrose
Benson, Elvin M. from Lomond, Calgary
Benson, Ernest B. from Bruce
Benson, George M. from Vilna
Benson, George W. from Coronation
Benson, Hilda E. from Nanton
Benson, Hjalmar from Esther
Benson, Ivan from Rosalind
Benson, K.G. from Vilna
Benson, Kathleen from Sexsmith
Benson, Leo S. from Rimbey, Leedale
Benson, Leonard from Lomond
Benson, Martin from Bruce, Woodglen
Benson, Mrs. Delmonde from Onion Lake, SK
Benson, Mrs. Fred from Lonira
Benson, Norman from Rimbey
Benson, Obert B. from Kinsella, Viking, Camrose
Benson, Raymond P. from Bruce
Benson, S.T. from Kevisville, Raven
Benson, T.G. & Inga from Marwayne
Bensted, R.J. & W.T. from Rockyford
Bent, Roland E. from Lundbreck, Drumheller
Bent, William Ernest from Lundbreck
Bentley Bros. (Peter Joseph, Sam Harry & David) from Boyne Lake
Bentley, Calvin Lester from Ashmont, Vilna, Leduc
Bentley, George from Stettler, Monitor, Kirriemuir, Big Valley
Bentley, S.J from Edmonton
Bentley, S.J. from Edmonton
Bentley, Thomas from Bowden
Bentley, W.E. from Donalda
Bentsen, Leo from Hanna
Benum, Conrad from Seven Persons
Benusick, Alex J. from Big Valley, Phoenix, TX
Benz, Oliver H. from Caroline
Benzie, Charles from Fairview
Bequin, A.C. from Donalda, Bashaw
Berard, Norman from Caslan
Berard, Samuel from St. Paul
Berdahl, I.J. from Drumheller, Hesketh, Nacmine
Berdine, Clarke & Pearl from Ponoka
Beres, George from Coaldale
Bereska, John J. from Brosseau
Beresnak, Frank from Monarch
Beresnak, Joe from Coaldale, Lethbridge
Berezan, David from Stettler
Berezanski, Joe or Joseph from St. Paul, Lac Bellevue, Myrnam
Berezanski, Mike from Mannville
Berezay, Eugene E. from Whiskey Gap, Taylorville
Berezenski, Julien from Lac Bellevue
Bereznicki, Nick from Brocket, Lethbridge
Berezowsky, J. from Glendon
Berg, Adolph from Edmonton
Berg, Adolph from Edmonton
Berg, Alton M. from Valhalla
Berg, Arvid R. from Derwent
Berg, Bob & Gloria from Islay
Berg, C.H. from Taber
Berg, G.H. from Duchess
Berg, George H. from Winfield, Pendryl
Berg, George H. from Winfield, Pendryl
Berg, H.A. from Lousana
Berg, Henry Joseph from Calgary, Chase, BC
Berg, Howard G. from Elk Point
Berg, I. P. from Mannville
Berg, John A. from Gadsby
Berg, John from Athabasca
Berg, Kelly from Wanham, Peoria
Berg, P. from Tofield
Berg, Peter from Hays
Berg, Roy Elmer from Winfield
Berg, Roy G. from Duchess
Bergdahl, Edwin from Iddesleigh
Berge, Erling from Masinasin
Berge, Theo. A. from Sedgewick
Bergen, Abram from Seven Persons
Bergen, Cornelius from Rosemary, Millicent
Bergen, Henry from Rosemary
Bergen, Jacob J. from Rosemary
Bergen, John from Gem
Bergen, John from Rosemary
Bergen, K.C. from Rosemary
Bergen, Otto from Rosemary
Bergen, Peter from Vauxhall
Berger, Borger from Nanton
Berger, Engvar from Nanton
Berger, J.H. from Rocky Mountain House
Berger, Jacob from Nanton
Berger, John from Fairview
Berger, Lorraine from High River
Berger, Trond from Nanton
Bergeron, Leopold from Lafond
Bergerud, Torf from Ribstone
Bergeson, Ken from Carstairs, Cremona
Berghaus, H.E. from Kevisville
Bergheim, Tom from Goose Lake
Bergland, Roland from Hilda
Bergman, Arthur from Craigmyle
Bergman, Donald Erik from Cereal
Bergman, Edward from Rimbey
Bergman, Erik H. from Cereal
Bergman, Herbert H. from Cereal
Bergman, William Edward from St. Paul
Bergom, Carl from Lake Thelma
Bergos, A.J. from Drumheller
Bergos, Florence from Ghost Pine Creek, Drumheller
Bergren & Anderson from Gadsby
Bergsten, Arthur from Olds, Innisfail
Bergstrom, Eric E. from Red Deer
Bergstrom, Gust from Donalda, Meeting Creek
Bergstrom, John from Eckville, Evarts
Bergstrom, John from Meeting Creek
Bergstrom, W. from Elk Point
Beringer, Andrew from Big Valley, Calgary
Berkley, J.L. from Olds
Berkovich, Philip from Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Midnapore
Berlet, Ervin from Mount Valley
Berlin, Clarence A. from Edmonton
Berlingiere, John from Coleman
Berlinquette, B.A. from St. Paul
Berlinquette, Wilfred Laurier from St. Paul
Bernadin, Raymond L. from Niton
Bernard Bowe from Islay, Kitscoty
Bernard, Barry from Edmonton
Bernard, Jacques A. from Provost
Berndt, Adoline from Castor
Bernhard, William E. from Calgary
Bernhardsen, Heitmann Anker from Edson
Bernhart, Frank from Winnifred
Bernier, D.C. from Devon, Stavely, Nanton
Bernier, Dale E. from Nanton, Stavely
Bernier, Donald R. from Stavely, Nanton
Bernier, Jessie M. from Stavely
Bernot, Carl from Castor
Berns, T.J. from Bowness, Calgary, Okotoks
Berntson, David from Foremost
Berquist, A.H. from Elnora, Pine Lake, Breda, Lousana
Berquist, Ralph LeRoy from Beauvallon
Berreth, Clarence E. from Medicine Hat
Berreth, Emil from Beiseker
Berridge, Thomas S & M. from Medicine Hat
Berrien, Robert A. from Calgary, Rocky Mountain House
Berry, Alfred Gordon from Edmonton
Berry, Charles Preston from Jasper
Berry, H. & Sons from Eckville
Berry, H.M. & C.T. from Raven
Berry, Harper Henry from Raven
Berry, J. R. from Calgary, Palm Springs, CA
Berry, Margaret from Caroline, Eckville, Stauffer
Berry, Oscar from High Prairie
Berry, R.H. & Maybelle from Delacour
Berry, R.W. from Stettler, Heart Lake, Gadsby, Calgary
Berry, Thomas from Aetna, Cardston
Berry, Vance from Calahoo
Berry, Vincent E. from Halkirk
Berryhill, Thomas from Taber
Berscht, Clifford from Bragg Creek, Sundre
Berscht, Ed from Elkton
Berta, Louis J. from Taber
Berta, Louis J. from Taber
Bertagnolli, Guiseppi A. from Rocky Mountain House, Dovercourt, Stauffer
Berthot, Arthur from Tolland
Bertness, Berger J. from Turner Valley
Bertness, Clarence from Turner Valley, Haney, BC
Bertoia, Louis from High River, Baldwinton, SK
Bertoia, Oswald from Cayley
Bertram, Edith M. from Irricana, Calgary
Bertram, George A. from Pincher Creek
Bertram, Marie from Pincher Creek
Bertram, Melville E. from Irricana, Calgary
Bertram, Raymond D. from Irricana, Red Deer
Bertram, W. L. from Westward Ho, Irricana
Bertsch & Sons (Llewelyn & Ronald L.) from Rosebud
Bertsch Bros. (D.E. & D.T.) from Edmonton
Bertsch, A. from Grainger
Bertsch, Arthur from Rosebud
Bertsch, Chris F. from Rose Lynn
Bertsch, Gottlieb from Craigmyle
Bertsch, Rudy or Rudolph from Drumheller, Carbon
Bertsch, William from Craigmyle
Bertschy, Anna M. from Majorville
Bertuls, Charles from Alderson, Brooks
Bertwell, Charles S. from Big Valley, Stettler
Bertwell, James J. & Kipling, Garry A. from Stettler, Big Valley
Bertwell, Ted O. from Ardrossan
Berube, Aurelien U. from Beaumont
Berube, Bert from Leduc
Berube, Emil from Calahoo
Berube, Julien J. from Edmonton, Falher
Berube, Peter from Beaumont, S. Edmonton
Berube, Trudel from LeGoffe, Cold Lake
Berze, Andy & Fred Vano from East Coulee
Beschell, Joe from Kinsella
Beschorner, Heinz from St. Paul
Besler Bros. from New Sarepta
Besler, Donald Stewart from Wetaskiwin, Fort Assiniboine
Besler, Wesley K. from Wetaskiwin
Bespalko, William from Elk Point
Bespoyasny, John from Vilna
Besse, Louis from Falher, Howie
Bessel, Paul from Strathmore, Calgary
Bessey, H.C. from Gadsby
Best , Mrs. Arthur from Nanton, Calgary, Red Deer
Bester, Harold L. from MacLeod, Blairmore
Bester, Harold L. from MacLeod, Blairmore
Bester, Henry & Norman & Harold L. from Macleod
Bester, Henry from Ewelme, Ardenville, Glenwood, Fort Macleod
Bester, Henry James from Glenwoodville, Revelstoke, BC, Calgary, Coleman
Bester, Henry, Norman & Harold L. from Macleod
Bester, Norman from Fort Macleod
Bester, Pauline from Blairmore
Beston, Anton from Gratz
Bestul, Andrew T. from Rosebud
Bestul, Josephine from Rosebud
Beswick & Lane Livestock Ltd. from Swift Current, SK
Betcher, Henry from Sundre
Bethards, Ernest B. from High River
Bethel, Mrs. Samuel from Tofield
Bethel, Mrs. Samuel from Tofield
Bethell, C. W. from Beynon
Bethune, Allen & Donald C. Taylor from Wainwright
Bethune, Allen & Donald C. Taylor from Wainwright
Betker, Gottlied from Walsh, Medicine Hat
Betker, Wilbert Allen from Walsh
Betsch, Wilfred from Sundre
Bettenson, Leonard Albert from Hines Creek, Fairview
Bettenson, Murray D. from Berwyn, Fairview
Betteridge, John from Lethbridge
Betton, Archie C. from Olds, Mound
Betton, C. & Irene from Mound, Calgary, Olds
Betts, George R. Jr. from Ponoka
Betts, Homer A. from Rimbey
Betts, Howard from Raymond, Rosemary
Betts, Kent Colin from Rosemary
Betts, Norman from Cochrane, Calgary, Bottrel
Betz, I. S. from Calgary
Beuckert, William from Rosemary
Beugin, A.C. from Donalda, Bashaw
Bevan, E.C. from Cadogan
Bevan, Levi from Cadogan
Bevan, P.G. from Airdrie
Beveridge, George from Irvine
Beveridge, Helen from Fox
Bevington, C.F. from Ribstone
Bevington, P.H.S. from Edgerton
Bews, Joseph from Big Valley
Bews, Lawrence N. from Calgary
Bexson, Cleveland Joseph from Lloydminster
Bey, Mike from Vegreville, Mannville
Beyer, Harry M. from Coaldale
Beynon, I. & W.P. Davies from Cochrane
Bezaire, Clarence from Vermilion, Beaverdam
Bezaire, Leo J. from Vermilion
Bezaire, Orville from Beaverdam, Hazeldine, Wainwright, Lloydminster
Bezaire, Ray from Beauvallon
Bezanson Stampede Assoc. from Bezanson
Bianchi, Sam from Milk River
Bibby, Christopher from Ashmont
Biblow, Fedor from Rosebud
Bickel, Otto from Rockyford
Bickell, J.D from Battle Ridge, Cowley, Twin Butte, Nobleford, Hanna, Youngstown
Bidddlecomb, Art (Bar S Ranch) from Nanton
Bidddlecomb, Art (Bar S Ranch) from Nanton
Bidinger, J. L. from Elnora
Bidlock, George from McRae
Bidlock, Ted from Boyne Lake
Bieber, Albert from Cadogan, Ponoka, Rimbey
Bieber, Edward from Rolling Hills
Biebrick, Leo G. from Grainger, Carbon
Bieganek, Charles from Wetaskiwin, Heisler
Bielesch, John from Coleman
Bielesch, John from Mannville
Bielous, William, & Shudra, Pete from Peace River
Bienert, Herbert from Leduc
Bierbach, Walter from Bowmanton, Medicine Hat
Bierens, Augustinus from Scandia, Delta, BC
Biermann, John from Dewberry
Biermann, Mrs. Elma from Dewberry
Biernack, Eugene from Clyde
Bierwagon, William from Calgary
Bietz, Robert from Owendale
Biffert, Herman from Vegreville
Biffert, Howard from Fabyan, Vegreville
Big Bend AB Land Company from Lethbridge
Big Bend Ranching Co. Ltd. (John H. Corbett & George C. Field) from Edmonton
Big Child, John from Sunchild Indian Reserve
Big Country Beef Ltd. from Brooks
Big Crow, Clarence from Calgary
Big D Farms Ltd. from Elnora
Big Eye, Clifford from Gleichen
Big Eye, Jack from Cluny
Big Horn & Saunders Creek Collieries Ltd from Saunders
Big Indian Feeders from Lethbridge
Big M M Farm (Mike Shmyr) from Rycroft
Big Plume, Carl from Calgary
Big Plume, Clifford from Calgary
Big Rock Farms (Floyd C. Cook & Dennis J. Levesque) from Okotoks
Big Sky Cattle Co., from Lethbridge
Big Smoky Grazing Assoc. from Belloy
Big Swan, Archie from Fort Macleod
Big Swan, Hilda from Brocket
Big Timber Cattle Co-Op Ltd. from Cardston
Big Tobacco, Francis from Gleichen
Bigelow, Douglas Norman from Delta, BC
Bigelow, G.L. from Taber
Bigelow, Gordon W. from Gleichen
Bigelow, Raymond Patrick from Sundre
Bigelow, Sidney E. from Falun, Coeur d’Alene, ID
Biggar, W.P. from Calgary
Biggs, Cal from Innisfail
Biggs, Thomas from Innisfail
Biggts, W.A .from High River
Bighron Ranch (J.S. Horne) from Calgary
Biglow, Jean from Fox Creek, New Fish Creek
Bignell, E.H. from Youngstown
Bignell, E.H. from Youngstown
Bignell, Eva from Youngstown, Lacombe
Bignell, Eva from Youngstown, Lacombe
Bignell, H. from Edmonton
Bignell, H. from Edmonton
Bignell, Hazel H. from Gadsby
Bignell, Hazel H. from Gadsby
Bignell, John from Stettler
Bignell, Robert Roy from Youngstown
Bignell, Roy from Youngstown
Bignell, V.C. from Gadsby
Bikman, Marie from Coutts
Bilawchuk, Nick M. from Spirit River
Bilben, Gunda from Balzac
Bilben, James from Balzac
Bildersheim, Maria & Celia Marosevich from Taber
Bilek, John from Turin
Bilinski, Karl from Claresholm, Parkland
Bill, Mrs. William (remarried name Mrs. William Davies) from Paradise Valley, Islay
Billack, Emil from Viking
Billak, George from Innisfree
Billetski, Walter from Rocky Mountain House
Billingham, Albert from Talbot
Billo, Eugene from Cremona
Billow, William Lionel from Sedgewick
Bills, Norman from Calgary
Bills, Russel I. from Crossfield
Billwiller, Paul W. from Richdale
Biloshyski, Stella from Sandy Rapids
Bilou, Ken from Thorsby
Bilou, Kenneth Roy from Sunnybank
Bilton, Thomas from Harmattan, Olds
Binda, AB from Lethbridge, Staffordville
Binder, Arthur H. from Turin
Binette, Laurent from St. Paul
Bingeman, Newton & Marshal E. from Esther
Bingeman, Newton & Marshal E. from Esther
Binges, J. from Milk River
Binges, Steve from Milk River
Bingham, Clarence L. from Bassano
Bingham, Clarence L. from Bassano
Bingham, DeLynn from Pincher Creek
Bingham, F.M. from Magrath
Bingham, Samuel Wesley from Hayter
Binks, Dennis L. from Grande Prairie
Binnie, James from High Prairie
Bioletti, Ted from Raven
Biollo, Arthur B. from Venice
Biollo, O.J. from Edmonton, Venice
Biollo, O.J. from Edmonton, Venice
Birce, Walter A. or Walter A Birer from Condor
Birch, Berta Earl from Taber
Birch, John from Cherry Point, Doe River, BC
Birch, W.F. from Vulcan
Birchall, H. from Cochrane
Bird, A.W. from Birdsholm
Bird, Arthur R. from Cremona
Bird, C. P. from Strathmore
Bird, Charles G.W. from Birdsholm, Westward Ho, Olds
Bird, Douglas from Millarville
Bird, Frank from Airdrie
Bird, John from Innisfail
Bird, John P. from Innisfail
Bird, Larry Richmond from Duchess
Bird, Roy from Airdrie
Birdale, Helen from Didsbury
Birk, Emil A. from Beiseker, Jenner
Birkeland, Syvert from Lea Park
Birkeness, Herbert from Armada, Vulcan
Birkett, P. L from Bottrel, Madden, Calgary
Birkness, Ronald Herbert from Midnapore
Birn, Mike & A. from Luseland, SK, Amisk
Birney, W.G. Jr. from Calgary, Midnapore
Birney, Alice E. from Whitla
Birney, Pearl V. from Sundre
Birney, W.K. from Priddis
Biron, Eugene from Beaver Mines
Biron, Guillaume from Beaver Mines
Birrell, Jack Kent from Spruce Grove
Birt, Thomas from Rockyford
Birtle, Allan from Edmonton
Birtles, James Edwin from Olds
Birtwistle, P.E. from Medicine Hat
Bischke, Edwin from Medicine Hat
Bischke, Ludwig from Irvine
Bischke, Mike from Irvine
Bischke, William from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Bisgsrove, R.F. from Pipestone Creek
Bish Bros from Forestburg
Bish Bros. from Forestburg
Bishke, Harry from Thelma
Bishop and Hawksworth from Vermilion
Bishop, A.E. from Spring Coulee
Bishop, Byron from Viking
Bishop, C.D. from Etzikom
Bishop, C.D. from Etzikom
Bishop, Charles S. from Homeglen, Ponoka
Bishop, Charles S. from Homeglen, Ponoka
Bishop, Claudius B. from Vermilion
Bishop, Frank from High River
Bishop, Gordon from High River
Bishop, H. P. from Lethbridge
Bishop, H.P. from Lethbridge
Bishop, Harry Ellsworth from Spring Coulee
Bishop, Irvine W., Knox, George from Cochrane
Bishop, Ivan from Picture Butte, High River
Bishop, J. R. from Etzikom
Bishop, John A. from High River, Baronet
Bishop, Lorne & Orlene from Calgary
Bishop, Mary from Westlock, Clyde
Bishop, R.C. Bishop’s Lumber & Hardware from Etzikom
Bishop, Ronald G. from Sundre, Calgary
Bishop, S. E. from Edgerton
Bishop, S.E. from Edgerton
Bishop, Spencer C. from High Prairies
Bishop, Thomas F. from Three Hills
Bishop, Wallace Roy from Peace River
Bishop. Mrs. Harold from Picture Butte
Bishop. Mrs. Harold from Picture Butte
Bishop. W.T. from Grassy Lake, Sundre
Bishops, E. from Lethbridge
Bisig, Jasper from Sangudo, Stanger
Biskup, Walter from Elnora
Bissell, J.R. from High Prairie
Bissell, J.W. from High Prairie
Bissett, William Gordon from Coleridge, Dunmore
Bisson, John from Wainwright
Bisson, John from Wainwright
Bisson, Louis from St. Paul
Bitango, Alice from Lethbridge
Bitango, Marie nee Lillico from Brocket, Pincher Creek
Bitsch, Fred from Hilda
Bittle, L. H. from Langdon
Bittle, Neil from Langdon, Calgary
Bittle, Richard L. from Calgary, Langdon
Bittner, Otto from Didsbury
Bittner, Winnie M. from Didsbury
Bittorf, I. S. from Innisfail
Bitz, Jacob from Burstall, SK
Bitz, Roy V. from Oyen
Bitz, Roy V. from Oyen
Bitzer, Frank from Stettler, Gadsby
Bixby, T.A. from Warner
Bjaanes, Henry from Dapp, Edmonton
Bjelland, Lars from Iddesleigh
Bjerke, Edward from Youngstown, Berry Creek
Bjordal, A. from Wild Horse
Bjordal, Trygve from Wild Horse, Sage Creek
Bjorge, Arthur from Edberg
Bjorge, Helmer from Edberg, Camrose
Bjorgum, Ole O. from Kingman
Bjork & Smith from Buffalo
Bjork, M., Dziatkewich, Paul from Cereal
Bjork, Magnus Jr. from Atlee, Buffalo
Bjorklund, Dave from Ponoka
Bjornestad, Thomas from Schuler
Bjornson, Arthur B. from Flatbush
Bjornson, Clifford Allen from New Norway
Bjornson, Henry A. from Champion
Bjornson, Kenneth R. from Champion
Bjornstrom, John from Warburg
Bjorstrom, A.O. from Seven Persons
Black Bros. from Holden
Black Rabbit, Ernie from Cardston
Black Water, George from Standoff
Black, A.F. from Calgary, Hartell
Black, Arthur William from Foremost
Black, Chester, R. from Rimbey
Black, David & John Carter from Lougheed
Black, Eliza from Hanna
Black, George from Parr, Dorothy, Hanna
Black, Henry N. from Puffer, Brownfield
Black, James (Burnside Farm) from High River
Black, James Robert & Arthur Leslie Millington from Medicine Hat
Black, James Robert & Arthur Leslie Millington from Medicine Hat
Black, James W. from Foremost
Black, James, Burnside Farm from High River
Black, John A. from Caroline
Black, John from Gleichen
Black, Keith B. from Cochrane
Black, M.E. from Rimbey
Black, Mabel from Castor
Black, Melville E. from Clive
Black, Melvin from Cowley
Black, Stanley R. from Carstairs
Black, Theodore E. from Eckville, Altario
Blackburn, D.H. from Mannville, Chailey
Blackburn, Dora E. from Cremona, Monmouth
Blackburn, Dora E. from Cremona, Monmouth
Blackburn, E.E. from Twin Butte, Calgary, Lethbridge
Blackburn, James from Perryvale
Blackburn, O.C. from Tofield, Edmonton
Blackburn, O.C. from Tofield, Edmonton
Blackburn, Thomas Allman from Edmonton
Blackburn, Thomas Allman from Edmonton
Blackerman, J.M. from Rumsey
Blackface, James from Gleichen
Blackfoot Band Indians from Gleichen
Blackfoot Farming Company (Kilbourn, Aubrey) from Calgary
Blackie, W.J. & Irwin, J.R. from Calgary
Blackley, James & Evelyn from S. Edmonton
Blackley, James & Evelyn from S. Edmonton
Blacklock, Harry from Lindbergh
Blacklock, Matthew from Barons, Kitscoty
Blackmore Bros. from Cardston
Blackmore, Edgar from Wildwood, Prince George, BC
Blackmore, Joseph R. from Leavitt, Cardston
Blackmore, Richard H. from Beazer, Cardston
Blackstock, Gilbert McNeill from Medicine Hat
Blackstock, Ivan Wesley from Kamloops, BC
Blackwater, Andrew from Standoff
Blackwell, David Lenard from Rimbey
Blackwood, James N. from De Winton
Blackwood, James N. from DeWinton
Blades, Dorothy M. from Nanton
Blaes, C.G. from Warwick
Blahaasek, Joe from Onoway, Edmonton
Blahaasek, Joe from Onoway, Edmonton
Blain, Arnold A. from Didsbury
Blain, Ed from Hanna
Blain, Joseph Earl from Knee Hill Valley
Blain, Loren A. from Knee Hill Valley, Innisfail, Red Deer
Blain, Orville A. & P.A. from Bergen, Didsbury
Blaine, Georgina from Elkton, Didsbury
Blair, Archie from Craigmyle
Blair, Billy Ray from Edmonton, Grouard, Sherwood Park, Fort Vermilion, Shawnigan Lake, BC
Blair, David W. from Condor
Blair, E.P. & Bertha from Carmangay, Priddis
Blair, Francis R. & Sons (Shawn & Darcey) from Niton Junction
Blair, G. W. & Della from Kitscoty
Blair, Henry & Sons from Picture Butte
Blair, Ian R. from Monitor
Blair, Jesse J. from Kitscoty
Blair, Kenneth M. from Delburne
Blair, Mrs.F. M. from Mirror
Blair, Oliver M. from Naco
Blair, S. L. from Picture Butte
Blair, S. Robert from Calgary
Blair, Terrence Arnold from Lousana
Blair, W.J. & A.E from Naco
Blair, Wary from Kitscoty
Blais, Arthur from Strathmore, Gleichen
Blais, Leo from Grandin
Blaise, Joseph from Esther
Blake Bros. (Adam & Jock) from Daysland
Blake, Adam Donaldson from Daysland
Blake, Charles E. from Eureka River
Blake, Cyrus from Marwayne, Lea Park, Goodridge
Blake, Donald John from Nanton
Blake, Elizabeth Hazel from Hussar
Blake, Floyd from Glendon, Goodridge
Blake, Gordon from Vauxhall, Retlaw
Blake, Guy W. (Brae Mar Ranch) from Calgary
Blake, Jay Milton from Condor
Blake, Jock & Sons (Robert & James) from Daysland
Blake, Kenneth from Retlaw
Blake, O.P. from Marwayne
Blake, Orville F. from Hussar
Blake, Roy Irwen from Goodridge
Blake, Sylvanus R. from Drumheller, Neutral Valley
Blake, Val K. from Coronation, Nanton, Muirhead
Blakely, Bill from Stettler
Blakely, Leslie from Lloydminster, Alcurve
Blakey, Harold from Stettler, Lacombe, Drayton Valley
Blakie, Alvin Fredric from Coaldale
Blakley, A.E. from Irma
Blakley, E.T. from Grimshaw
Blanchard, Calvin Smith & Fema Evangelina from Peace River
Blanchard, E. from Irma
Blanchard, G.G. & Rilla from Midnapore
Blanchard, Leonard G. from Whital, Bow Island
Blanchard, William Earl from Irma
Blanchette, Leon from Vimy
Bland, Frederick Wilson from Bluffton
Bland, George Archibald from Edmonton
Bland, George Archibald from Edmonton
Blanes, William from Bassano
Blaney, Dennis from Cluny, Cochrane, Calgary
Blank, Friedrich from Horen, Barnwell
Blaseg, Joe from Onion Lake
Blaser, Fred from Stettler
Blasetti, Ernest & James Smith from Nordegg
Blasetti, Ernest & James Smith from Nordegg
Blaskovits, Jacob from Duchess
Blatchford, M.E. from Cochrane, Bottrel
Blattner, H. from Arrowwood
Blatz, Jacob from Daysland
Blatz, Wendelin from Daysland
Blayney, Charles from Scapa
Bleakley, Helen from Paradise Valley
Bleakley, Lana Rae from Paradise Valley
Bleeker, Simon from MacKay
Blegel, John R. from Bluesky
Blenkhorn, C.S. from Huxley
Blenkhorn, Victor D. from Wimborne
Blimke, Daniel A. from Grande Prairie
Blimke, Don F. from Grande Prairie
Blimke, S.M. from Grande Prairie
Blindman River Ranching Ltd. (James Paul) from Hoadley, Sicamous, BC
Bliska, Steve from Grimshaw
Bliss, Charles Lawrence from Sunset House
Bliss, Charles Lawrence from Valleyview
Bliss, L.V. from Crossfield, Calgary
Bliss, L.V. from Crossfield, Calgary
Blize, Harold Wayne from Cherry Grove
Block, Andrea from Millicent
Block, August from Paradise Valley
Block, G. E. from Paradise Valley
Block, George & David Wibe from Pincher Creek, Welling
Block, George & David Wibe from Pincher Creek, Welling
Block, Gladys K. from Cardigan, Heinsburg, Paradise Valley
Block, Hans from Brooks
Block, P. from Cochrane
Block, Rasmus Christensen & Campbell, Robert W. from Carlos
Block, Raymond from Paradise Valley
Block, W.D. from Edmonton
Block, W.D. from Paradise Valley
Blom, Dirk from Grande Prairie
Blomgren, Abel A. from Donalda
Blomquist, Jack from Westerose
Blomquist, John E. from Big Valley, Fenn
Blonar, Emil from Woking
Bloom, Swan from Enilda, Grouard
Bloomfield, Lillian from Cremona
Bloomfield, Lloyd from Olds
Bloomfield, Ray from Ponoka
Bloss, Bill from Finnegan, Hanna
Bloss, William Albert & Frederick Gerald Simington from James River Bridge
Bloss, William Albert & Simington, Frederick Gerald from James River Bridge
Bloss, William Albert & Stewart, W.H. from James River Bridge, Finnegan
Blouin, Jackie L. from Rosalind
Blower, John George from Onion Lake, SK
Blowers, Henry from High River, Milo
Blowers, Ronald from Red Deer
Blowers, Wallace E from Caroline
Blowets, William from Queenstown
Blowets, William from Queenstown
Bloxham, Dan from Bluffton, Iola
Bloxham, Daniel from Olds
Bloxham, W.C. from Sundre
Blozham, Bryon from Edmonton
Bluck, John A. from Olds
Bluda, Peter from Grassland
Blue Mountain Farm Ltd. (J.C. Rudolph) from Calgary
Blue Quills Indian Residential School from St. Paul
Blue, Clarence D. from Hughenden
Blue, Lawrence H. from Hardisty, Myrnam, Elk Point
Bluemont Holdings Ltd. from Calgary
Blum, John from Castor
Blumhagen, Bennie from Castor
Blumhagen, Carl from Galahad
Blumhagen, F.G. from Bulwark
Blunderfield, H. from Calgary
Blunt, Robert from Edmonton
Blunt, Robert from Edmonton
Blust, Mrs. E.M. from Masinasin
Blust, Paul Richard from Milk River
Blyth, John from Morningside
Blythe, R. & J. Gallagher from Lloydminster, SK
Boadway, J.M. from Edmonton
Boadway, James H. from Sedgewick, Edmonton
Boake, J. R. from Vermilion
Board, Sidney from Lone Butte, Rose Lynn
Boatman, Abraham from Tulliby Lake
Boatness, Nobert from Bear Canyon
Bob Chuk, Nick from Bluffton, Rimbey, Edmonton
Bobier, C. Edmund from Belloy
Bobines, Mary from Hardieville
Bobocel, George from McRae
Bobocel, Marin from McRae
Bobocel, Nick from Lac La Biche
Bobocel, Roman from Vilna
Bobryk, Jake from Czar
Bochar, Frank from Smoky Lake, Edmonton
Bochar, Marion from Edmonton
Bochar, Martin from Smoky Lake
Bochenko, Nick from Picture Butte, Lethbridge
Bock, August from Trochu
Bocking, Richard Charles from Stony Plain
Bockman Bros. from Stettler
Bockman, Anthony J. from Cochrane
Bockman, John from Ranchville, Medicine Hat
Bockman, William from Strathmore
Bockman, William Joseph from Drumheller
Boddy, Edwin G. from Clive, Lacombe, Hespero
Boddy, Edwin Noyce from Ponoka
Bode, Henry from Sedalia, New Brigden
Bode, Henry from Sedalia, New Brigden
Bodell, A.B. from Bremner, Fort SK
Boden, Pete from Vermilion
Boden, William from Sedalia
Boden, William from Sedalia
Bodenko or Bodinko, Joseph from Bassano, Countess
Bodeux, Victor from Strathmore
Bodgener, Mrs. George E. from Macleod
Bodgener, Raymond from Macleod, Fort Macleod
Bodie, Grant from Duchess, Edmonton
Bodin, Esther from Orion, Medicine Hat
Bodin, Fred from Cairns
Bodmer, Grant E. from Bassano
Bodmer, Grant E. from Bassano
Bodnar, Chester J. from Okotoks, Milk River
Bodnar, Emil from Boyne Lake
Bodnar, Frank from Taber
Bodnar, Helen from Lindbergh
Bodnar, Joe from Smoky Lake
Bodnar, Mike from Taber, Boyne Lake
Bodnaruk, Anna from Cappon
Bodnaruk, Madoline from Cappon
Bodnaruk, Sam from Cappon, Duvernay, Bindloss
Bodner, Harry from Redcliff
Bodo, Paul from Calgary
Bodward, Leslie A. from Kamloops, BC
Bodwell, Jack from Red Deer
Boe, Chris H. from Wayne
Boe, Christian H. from Armada, Vulcan
Boe, Christian H. from Armada, Vulcan
Boe, Harvey C. from Lomond
Boe, Lawrence G. from Haines Junction, Yukon, Mile Post 1083, Destruction Bay, Yukon
Boe, Reuben from Armada, Lomond
Boehlke, Carl from Endiang
Boehlke, Reinhold A. Jr. from Endiang
Boehme, J.H. from Rosemary, Gem
Boehme, Johannes Helmut from Rosemary, Lethbridge
Boehmer, Earl K. from Beaver Mines, Hillcrest
Boes, Gottlieb from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Boeschling, Fred from Buffalo, Cereal, Gold Spring, Chilmark
Boese, Dan from Linden, Swalwell
Boese, Edward from Edberg
Boese, Noah from Swalwell
Boese, Sammie from Linden
Boettcher, Edgar from Wanham
Boettcher, Nath from Schuler
Boettcher, William from Schuler
Boettger, Allen Christopher from Wetaskiwin
Boettger, Maurice from Sundre
Boettger, Nelson Walter from Olds, Bowness, Eckville
Bogart, Robert James from Breton
Bogath, Julius from Castor
Bogdanovich, Frank from Big Valley
Bogdanovich, Stephen from Big Valley, Stettler
Boggs, James F. from Bowden
Boggs, Stanley A. from Crossfield
Bogner, Alex from Trochu
Bogner, William from Trochu
Bogner, Willie from Didsbury
Bogoch Export Ltd. from Edmonton
Bogusch, August from Bellevue
Boguski, Alex from Lethbridge
Bohachyk, Harry from St. Paul
Bohay, Dmetro M. from Rocky Lane, Fort Vermilion
Bohez, Yvan R. from Lethbridge
Bohle, A. from Pincher Creek
Bohle, Katherine from Granum
Bohle, Theodore from Hilda, Granum
Bohme, Eric from Sundre
Bohme, Oscar Max from Sundre, Westward Ho
Bohmer, Mrs. Earl from Beaver Mines
Bohn, James Gibson from Bear Canyon
Bohne, Abner from Glenwood
Bohne, E.I. from Glenwood
Bohne, Eva Lucille from Glenwoodville, Ewelme
Bohne, Fred from Gem, Bassano
Bohne, Hugh H. from Cardston
Bohne, Loril R. from Glenwood
Bohnet, Arthur B. from Elkwater, Thelma
Bohnet, Clarence from Thelma
Bohnet, Conrad from Wrentham
Bohnet, Daniel H. from Ranchville, Orion, Medicine Hat
Bohnet, E.E. from Medicine Hat
Bohnet, Ernest Walter & Emma from Woolchester, Medicine Hat
Bohnet, Fredericka from Woolchester
Bohnet, George Edward from Walsh
Bohnet, Henry W. from Hilda
Bohnet, Jim W. from Thelma, Taber, Pincher Creek
Bohnet, Laverne Henry from Stettler
Bohnet, Leonard Ralph from Medicine Hat, Woolchester
Bohnet, Ruben Benjamin from Woolchester, Medicine Hat
Bohnet, Samuel P. from Little Plume
Bohnet, Victor E. from Stettler, Big Valley, Hackett
Bohnke, Emil from Wanham
Bohnke, Ernest from College Heights
Boice, Ralph W. from Elnora
Boici, Arthur from Elnora, Big Valley
Boida, Leon from Musidora, Morecambe
Boier, Chris from Vermilion
Boileau, Alexina from Airdrie, Hoquitam, WA
Boily, Alphonse from Brosseau
Boire, D.W. from Fort Vermilion
Boisjoli, Arthur Eugene from Richdale, Castor
Boisjoli, Daniel Edward from Strathmore
Boisjoli, Mrs. Dona nee Merrick, from Trochu, Elnora, Calgary
Boisjoli, Verdien E. from Trochu
Boissonault, Adolphe A. & L. Hector from Morinville
Boissonault, E. Leon from Morinville
Boissonnault, Edmond Adalbert from Morinville
Boissonnault, Jean L. from Morinville
Boizard, J. from Wainwright
Bojarsky, Edward from Czar
Bojes, Martin from Queenstown
Bokenfohr, David from Morinville
Bokvist, Gary Melvin from High River
Bolander, Henry R. & W.R (Hiawatha Ranch) from Bearberry
Bolander, Henry R. & W.R. (Hiawatha Ranch) from Bearberry
Bolander, Lola from Sundre
Bolch, J. Preston & James J. from Ponoka
Bolch, James & John & Arthur from Ponoka, Waterglen
Bolch, Kathleen from Water Glen, Mirror, Bashaw
Bolch, Peter Kuhn from Ponoka
Bolduc, Aimee from Lloydminster, SK
Boldue, Medus J. from Travers, Barons
Bolen, Andrew from Hays
Boles, James Foster from Three Hills
Boles, Robert John from Calgary
Bole-Trelier, Adolph from Enilda, Grouard
Bolick, Nona Baird from Edson
Bolick, W.W. from Rosebud, Standard, Chancellor, Bragg Creek
Bolin, M.J. from Stettler
Bolin, Wilford from Stettler
Bollinger, Arthur S. from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Bollinger, Fred from Irvine
Bollinger, Garry Glenn from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Bolstad, Alvin & E.A. from High Prairie
Bolstad, Alvin from High Prairie
Bolt, Edward Janse from Lynnburn
Bolt, Richard from Olds
Bolter, Henry from Cochrane
Bolton, Gerald R. from Greencourt, Williams Lake, BC
Bolton, Hugh J. from Winterburn
Bolton, J.D. from Trochu
Bolton, J.T. from Big Valley, Stettler
Bolze, Harry from Red Deer
Bolze, James H. from Red Deer, Lacombe
Boman, Cyrus from Ranchville
Bombier, Walter from Woking
Bond, Clarence E. from Irricana, Claresholm
Bond, Don W. from Carmangay
Bond, Jack O. from Coaldale
Bond, Leroy from Calgary
Bond, Marcus E. from Taber
Bondar, Joe from Vauxhall
Bondarenko, Effrem from Buffalo
Bondarenko, John from Buffalo
Bone, Ethel from Wainwright
Bonertz, Francis Joseph from Twin Butte
Bonertz, L.C. & Sons from Fishburn
Bonertz, Lawrence F. from Pincher Creek, Twin Butte
Bonertz, Mrs. Islay M. from Pincher Creek
Bones, Charles from Big Prairie
Bonetti Bros from Purple Springs
Bonham Bros from Naco
Bonham, Robert from Cremona
Bonifacio, Joe from Lac La Biche
Bonifacio, Ken L. from Lac La Biche
Bonne, Gaspard from Livingstone, Tod Creek, Lundbreck
Bonnett, Allyn J. from Killam
Bonnett, Harold E. from Ponoka
Bonnett, Terry G. from Strome, Camrose, Viking
Bonnie Bain Hereford Farm Ltd. from Sedgwick
Bonnier, Louis Clovier from Cowley
Booher, Ruth from Carmangay
Booker, Joyce M. & A.M. from Cherry Grove
Boolyerg, Soren from East Coulee
Boomer, Daisy Josephine from Joffre
Boomer, Dora Margaret from Nanton
Boomer, Ernest M. from Joffre, Red Deer
Boomer, John G. from McLaughlin
Boomer, Leslie C. from Nanton
Boomhower, D.H. from Metiskow
Boomhower, E.E. from Chauvin, Ribstone, Edgerton
Boomhower, E.S. from Czar
Boon, Ed from Calgary
Boon, Etta from Millet
Boord, George O. from Hardisty
Boord, George O. from Hardisty
Boos, Edwin from Elk Point
Booth, A.N. from Edmonton, Riley
Booth, A.N. from Edmonton, Riley
Booth, Charles Norman from Claresholm
Booth, Doug from Medicine Hat
Booth, Earl M. from Rimbey
Booth, Ethel M. from Consort
Booth, Gertrude from Edmonton
Booth, Herbert from Edmonton
Booth, Margaret Jean from Calgary
Booth, Martin from Ryley
Booth, Robert Tye from Calgary
Booth, Sewell N. from Ryley, Dodds
Booth, William D. from Tilley, Brooks
Boothman, Rodney Brian Edward from Lindbergh, St. Paul
Bootsma, John from South Cooking Lake
Bootsman, F. from Kitscoty
Bootsman, F. from Kitscoty
Bootsman, Fred from Riviere Qui Barre
Bootsman, George from Kitscoty
Bootsman, Johan from Kitscoty
Bootsman, Tim from Kitscoty
Booy, Mike from Bruce
Boque, Benjamin & F. from Williston
Boraas, Alfred from Viking
Boraas, Iver O., & Annie E. from Viking
Boraas, Nels G. from Viking
Boras Peter & Sons (Walter & Michael M) from Picture Butte
Boras, Peter from Picture Butte
Borass, George from Viking
Boratynec Bros. from Lake Eliza
Boratynec Victor J. from St. Paul
Boratyner, W.T. from Lake Eliza
Borbely, Kalman from Linden
Borbridge, K.J. from Crossfield
Borchert, William Frederick & Maude from Carmangay
Bordeleau, Albertine from Ardmore
Borden, George from Leo
Borden, James McGregor & Glen Lee from Hythe, Grande Prairie
Bordula, Andrew Joseph from Hanna
Boreen, A.L. from Edmonton
Boreen, A.L. from Edmonton
Boreen, H.M. from Grande Prairie, Watino, Eaglesham
Borek, Frank from Stettler
Borel, J. A. (Paramount Stock Farm) from Craigmyle
Borg, Douglas, Gilroy, Clive from Fort Assiniboine
Borg, Hegward from Fort Assiniboine
Borgel, Clarence from Killam
Borgenes, Laurits from Comrey
Borgenes, Peter from Comrey
Borger, Ferdinand from Hythe, Brainard
Borgstrom, Alvy from Edberg, Camrose
Borgstrom, Dennis from Meeting Creek
Borle, Firmen C. from Riviere Qui Barre
Borle, Firmen J. from St. Albert
Borle, Morise Clara from Gunn
Borle, Morris (Mr. and Mrs.) & son, Fird from Gunn
Borley, Elsie from Bearberry
Borm, R. from Pickardville
Borman, Henry Arthur Calvin from Warburg, Breton
Born, Jacob from Taber
Bornemann, Carl from Stony Plain, Carvel
Bornowsky, J. from Kinuso
Borodako, Andrew from Vilna
Borodula, Annie from Hanna, Three Hills, Calgary
Borrowman, Naomi from Kevisville
Borrowman, Robert from Heisler
Bort, Henry from Lundbreck
Bort, Ladislav from Cowley, Chapel Rock
Bort, Wenzel from Chapel Rock, Cowley
Borth, Dan from Lacombe
Borth, Ed from Alliance, Battlebend
Borth, Glen Edwin from Rimbey
Borth, Paul D. from Lacombe
Borthwick, David R. from Kinsella
Borthwick, Emma Malvina from Lundbreck
Bortis, Henry from Redcliff
Borton, Arnold from Pekisko, Water Valley
Borton, M.H. from Water Valley
Borton, P.K. from Water Valley
Borup, E.C. from Bashaw
Bos, Joe from Medicine Hat
Bos, Wiebe Gesinus from Lacombe
Bosby, Albert from Wild Horse
Bosch, Francis from Taber, Lethbridge
Bosch, Fred E. from Lethbridge
Boschee, Albert from Robinson, Irvine, Medicine Hat
Boschee, Betty Jean from Robinson, Irvine
Boschee, Deborah Lucille from Medicine Hat, Robinson
Boschee, Elmer from Woolchester
Boschee, Elmer G. from Medicine Hat
Boschee, Fred from Robinson
Boschee, Gustav from Gros Ventre, Norton, Roseberg, Wisdom, Medicine Hat
Boschee, Manny from Woolchester Medicine Hat
Boschee, Rudolph from Medicine Hat, Gros Ventres, Woolchester
Boschee, Wallace & Melbourne from Medicine Hat
Boscher, James from Irvine
Boschman, D.H. from Coaldale
Boschman, Roy from Nanton
Boschmann, C. from Lundbreck, Tofield
Boschmann, C. from Lundbreck, Tofield
Bose, Otto, & Emanuel from Taber
Boseley, Joseph from Brooks
Bosgra, Leonard from Lacombe, Burdett
Bosh, Joe from Castor, Pemukan, Fleet
Bosh, Mike & Son (Kenneth) from Forestburg
Bosma, Siebe from Stettler
Bosomworth, Allan from Warner
Boss, Alex from Tofield
Bosser, Martin from Provost
Bossert, Alfred from Veteran
Bossert, Bruce from Peers
Bossert, Darwin B. from Wrentham
Bossert, Edwin from Coronation
Bossingham, Albert from Spring Coulee
Bostock, Robert Brian from Cochrane
Both, C.W. from Consort
Both, Lee Roy from Caroline
Botham, C.K. from Belloy
Botham, Susan L. from Sundre
Bothamley, Albert Louis from Lethbridge
Bothamley, Charlotte from Lethbridge
Bothwell, Stewart or Stuart from Mannville
Bothwell, Thomas from Islay
Botkin, Cecil from Brooks
Bott, Charles L. from Condor
Bott, George P. from Withrow
Bott, George P. from Withrow
Bott, Myles from Eckville
Bott, Roy from Rolling Hills
Botterill, Mrs. Lorne E. remarried Bennett from Eyremore, Calgary, Sweet Home OR, Oxnard, CA
Botting, Chester from Heinsburg
Botting, E.W. from Edmonton, Heinsburg
Botting, Ida from Monitor
Bottomley, Alfred from Coronado
Bottomley, Fred & Milton M. Stuart from Scapa
Bottomley, Fred & Milton M. Stuart from Scapa
Bottomley, Robert Edward from Midnapore
Bottoms, John B. from Rose Lynn
Bottoms, William Joseph from Rose Lynn, Hannah
Bouchard, Alex W. from Wainwright, Holden, SK.
Bouchard, Roger from Codesa
Boucher, J.T. from Cochrane, Calgary
Boucher, Jules Arthur from Caroline, Calgary
Boucher, M.M. from Bottrel, Calgary
Bouck, Albert E .from Cremona
Bouck, Albert E. from Cremona
Bouck, Gordon from Cremona
Bouck, Lee from Cremona
Bouck, Ralph M. from Kitscoty, Wainwright
Bouck, Reuben from Big Prairie
Bouck, Sidney from Carstairs, Neapolis
Bouck, Weston & Victor from Cremona
Boudreau, W.H. from Stirlingville
Boudreau, W.H. from Stirlingville
Boughtin, Herbert S. from Donalda
Bougie, Leon Paul from Bonnyville
Bougie, M. Octave from Cold Lake
Boulet, Paul from Hay Lakes, Bon Accord
Boulter, Aaron H. from Oyen
Boulter, Charles & Son (Keith) from Rosalind
Boulter, Mrs. Gilbert from Acadia Valley
Boulton, H. from Lethbridge
Boulton, Hale from South Edmonton
Boulton, John T. from Calgary
Boulton, R.H. from Medicine Hat
Bourassa, Leo J. from Plamondon
Bourbeau, Eva & Hebert from Cold Lake
Bourbeau, Lucien from Le Goff
Bourbonnais, Dolphis from Riviere Qui Barre, Sturgeon River
Bourdages Pete from Cochrane, Calgary
Bourdier, Lucien from Cowley
Bourgeois, Richard Jack from Guy
Bourget, Lucien (Lac la Biche Mission) from Lac la Biche
Bourke, W.M. from Calgary
Bourne, D.E. from Nanton
Bourne, Douglas R. from Magrath
Bourne, Joe from Kitscoty
Bourne, John from Rocky Mountain House
Bourne, Robert B. from Magrath
Bourne, Winnie from Magrath
Bourque, P. from Calgary
Bourque, Patrick from Caslan
Bourret, Louis from Merna, Alliance
Bourson, Jake from Streamstown, Willowlea
Boutry, Nestor from Burmis, Bellevue
Bouvette, George from Hardisty
Bouvette, George from Hardisty
Bouvier Bros from Lac La Biche
Bouvier, Alphonse from Lac La Biche Mission
Bouvier, Celestin from Bowness
Bouw, John A. from Bow Island
Bouw, Joyce Mary from Bow Island
Bouw, Sylvia Nelly & Roger J. from Bow Island
Bouw, Tony from Bow Island
Bovio, Bernardo (Barney) from Bellevue
Bovio, John from Bellevue
Bow River Cattle Co-Operative from Gleichen
Bow River Ranch from Calgary
Bow River Ranching Company from Calgary
Bowcott, E.B. from Edmonton
Bowcott, E.B. from Edmonton
Bowdige, Fred from Gadsby
Bowe, Bernard from Islay, Kitscoty
Bowe, Dolly from Burdett
Bowe, John W. from Edmonton
Bowe, Reg. R. from Innisfail
Bowe, Thomas Arthur from Keg River
Bowen, C.H. from MacLeod
Bowen, Catherine Brown from Carnwood
Bowen, Elwood S. from Peers, Shining Bank
Bowen, Gordon Leslie from Fort Macleod
Bowen, Norman Barnhart from Kitscoty, Lloydminster
Bowen, Vincent O. from Brocket, Pincher Creek
Bowen, Willard from Edmonton
Bower, Don F. from Red Deer
Bowers, Arthur from Caroline, Raven
Bowers, Augusta from Hanna
Bowers, Catherine from Wainwright
Bowers, Cyrus from Hanna
Bowers, David & Arthur from Ardmore
Bowers, Gordon Arthur from Airdrie
Bowers, M.A. from Beaver Crossing
Bowersock, Bruce from Pincher Creek
Bowersock, William L. from Pincher Creek
Bowes, A.W. from Taber
Bowes, R.J. & Sons (R. David & Dale F.) from Camrose
Bowes, W.A from Taber
Bowick, Ronald Keith from Barrhead
Bowie, Daniel H. from Medicine Hat
Bowlby, Jessie E. from Edgerton
Bowlby, R.E. from Busby, Morinville
Bowlen, C. & G. H. Nickerson from Hinton
Bowlen, Eddie from Calgary
Bowlen, John James from Calgary, Medicine Hat
Bowler, Harvey from Estevan, SK
Bowler, Mark from Stettler
Bowles, John Norman from Balzac
Bowman, Frank from Dewberry
Bowman, Gertrude I. from Sundre
Bowman, Harold from Redcliff, Rolling Hills
Bowman, J.L. from Carmangay
Bowman, W.H from Carmangay
Bown, George R from Ranfurly
Bown, George R. from Ranfurly
Bowness, Horace Leigh from Peers
Bowness, James R. & Dorothy May from James River Bridge, Alhambra
Bowness, John Elton from James River Bridge
Bowser, J. Nate from Diamond City, Lethbridge
Bowtell, Bruce from Frog Lake, Hay Lakes, Heinsburg
Bowtell, Harry from Frog Lake
Bowthorpe, Fred from Veteran
Bowthorpe, J.B. from Ensleigh, Veteran
Bowthorpe, Joseph William from Veteran, Ensleigh
Box, Frank from Rumsey
Boyce, Charles W. & Son (Donald C.) from Willowlea, Marwayne
Boyce, D.W. from Penhold
Boyce, Gerald R. from Dewberry
Boyce, Simon J. from Galahad
Boyce, W. from Brooks
Boyce, William Reginald from Red Deer, Penhold, Calgary
Boychuck, Steve from Vauxhall
Boychuk, Annie from Gibbons
Boychuk, George from Barich, Smoky Lake
Boychuk, John from Hairy Hill, Warwick
Boychuk, John from Radway
Boychuk, John W. from Calgary
Boychuk, Konory from Vilna
Boychuk, Mike from Coaldale
Boychuk, Mrs. S.M. from Cardston, Penhold, Red Deer
Boychuk, Nick from Westward Ho, Sundre
Boychuk, Steve J. from Smoky Lake
Boyd, Allan Lewis from Calgary
Boyd, Andrew from Airdrie
Boyd, Andy & Alma from Airdrie
Boyd, Brian Leonard from Wildwood
Boyd, Dean from Crowfoot
Boyd, Earle from Innisfail
Boyd, Ernest from Hackett
Boyd, Frank from Lomond, Armada
Boyd, Gardner N. from Wainwright
Boyd, J. Harvey from Innisfail, Spruce View
Boyd, James G. from Bluffton, Homeglen
Boyd, James L. from Watts
Boyd, John from Gleichen, Calgary
Boyd, Leonard from Countess, Morningside
Boyd, Michael J. from Spruce View
Boyd, Peter from Hanna
Boyd, Raymond Gardner from Wainwright
Boyd, Robert from Calgary, Cochrane.
Boyd, T.M. from Olds
Boyd, Wayne C. from Neutral Hills
Boyd, William from Kinsella, Wainwright
Boyd, William Lyle from Innisfail
Boyda, Thomas from Lethbridge
Boyden, W.J. from Pincher Creek
Boyer River Farming Co-Op Ltd. from High Level
Boyer, E.J. from Onion Lake, SK
Boyer, Edwin from Brooks
Boyer, Sol from Bindloss
Boykiw, Peter from Waskatenau
Boyko, Bill from Elk Point
Boyko, Peter from Elk Point
Boykowich, Alex from Cherhill
Boyle, Sam from Minburn
Boyles, Douglas H. from Bezanson
Boyles, Rosa nee Deby from Beaver Lake, Mundare
Boyson, Urban from Rosemary, Duchess
Bozarth, D.C. from Blueberry Mountain
Bozarth, Earl from Granum, Nobleford
Bozek, Martin from Evergren, Eckville
Bozo, Paul from Tilley, Midnapore, Calgary
Braat, John from Lethbridge
Braaten, Tillman from Brownvale
Brace, Arthur E. from Cremona
Brace, Henry from Edmonton, Britain
Brace, Henry from Edmonton, Britain
Brace, Louis W. from Empress
Bracha Jr., John from Kimball
Bracha, E.R. from Whiskey Gap, Taylorville
Bracha, John from Monitor
Bracha, Mrs. K. from Bruce
Bracha, Stanley from Bruce
Brack, Alvin A. from Cardston
Brack, George A. from Cardston, Woolford
Brackan, Annie from Spring Coulee, Woolford
Brackan, M. from Spring Coulee, Woolford, Owendale
Bracken, Ethel from Cremona, Elkton
Bracken, Frank Crawford Jr. from Didsbury, Elkton
Bracken, R.L. from Cremona
Brackley, L. from Blackie
Braconnier, George A. from Millicent
Braconnier, John A. from Millicent
Bradbury, Ernest B. from Blackfalds
Brade, Eric & Audrey from Barrhead
Bradeen, Robert E. from Joffre, Red Deer
Braden, Jennie from Carbon, Rocky Mountain House
Braden, William Dale from Langdon, Strathmore, Westward Ho
Braden, Wilma Ellen from Strathmore, Westward Ho
Bradford, J.R. from Lethbridge, Delia
Bradford, John Harry & George B. from Kirriemuir
Bradford, Mabs Thurza from Carstairs
Bradford, Mrs. George from Kirriemuir, Provost
Bradford, R.C. from Kirriemuir
Bradford, Richard L. from Vegreville, Sherwood Park
Bradford, Samuel from Big Valley, Red Lodge, Calgary
Bradley, A.A. from Sedgewick
Bradley, Aneas from Longview
Bradley, Fred M. from Calgary, Wetaskiwin
Bradley, Fred M. from Calgary, Wetaskiwin
Bradley, Harold S. from Pincher Creek
Bradley, James from Halkirk, Foreman
Bradley, James M. from Beaverlodge, Cardston
Bradley, John A. from Strathmore, Peace River
Bradley, Norman E. from High River
Bradley, Patrick A. from Nanton, Righ River
Bradley, Walter from Lloydminster
Bradshaw, F.G. from Saunders
Bradshaw, John & Clara from Saltaux, Vegreville
Bradshaw, Mrs. E.B. from Alhambra
Bradshaw, William B. from Cummings, Vermilion
Brady, A.C. from Calgary
Brady, James T. from Minburn, Mannville
Brady, John James from Vermilion
Brady, John L. from Minburn, Mannville
Brady, Keith Stewart from Twin Butte
Brady, Leslie C. from Irma
Brady, Lloyd from Mannville
Brady, R.D. from Edgerton
Brady, Stanley John from Minburn, Mannville
Brady, T.J. from Minburn
Brager, M.L. from Chaton, Bawlf
Bragg, Amos from Ponoka
Bragg, Fred from Taber
Bragg, Stanley from Ponoka
Brainard, Mrs. A. from Brainard
Braithwaite, C.R. from Red Deer
Braithwaite, Robert John from Green Court
Braithwaite. Lorne & Ernie from Dewberry
Brajdich, John from Thelma, Medicine Hat
Brakstad, Karl John & Evelyn Augusta from MacKay
Bramfield, J. from Craigmyle
Bramfield, J.M. from Craigmyle
Bramley, George A. from Sundre
Bramley, Harold from Carbon
Branchflower, Norman from Ardrossan, Wainwright
Branchflower, R.A. from Ardrossan, Vernon, BC
Brand, Brian David from Calgary
Brand, Cecil G. from Gunn
Brand, Harold Wallice from Edmonton
Brand, Mary Viola from Medicine Hat, Fort Assiniboine
Brand, Russel from Gunn, Whitecourt
Brander, Alex from Castor
Brander, G.T. from Pollockville
Brandham, George Kenneth from Cardston
Brandham, George S. from Beazer
Brandham, George S. from Beazer
Brandham, Verl from Cardston
Brandiff, John J. from Pincher Creek
Brandiff, John J. from Pincher Creek
Brandley, Calvin S. from Lethbridge
Brandley, Grant from New Dayton, Coleman
Brandley, Henry from Stirling, Wrentham
Brandley, Joseph Smith from Stirling
Brandley, Noel from Stirling, Monarch
Brandley, Rulon from Wrentham, Stirling
Brandley, Verne from Lethbridge
Brandon, Douglas from Evergreen
Brandon, Frank S. from Eagle Hill, Westward Ho
Brandon, William from Evergreen, Crossfield, Calgary
Brandrick, Mrs. J. from Wealthy
Brandsvold, Edward from Carmangay
Brandt, Christina from Medicine Hat, Little Plume, Wisdom
Brandt, Clarence William from Strathmore, Medicine Hat
Brandt, Edward A. from Edmonton
Brandt, Erich from Wetaskiwin
Brandt, Robert from Irvine
Brandt, Walter Emanuel from Wisdom
Brandvold, John from Airways
Brandvold, Leonard from Carmangay
Branes, Justin from Camrose, Donalda
Braniff, L.B. from Calgary
Branson, Lawrence from Travers
Branson, Merle from Innisfail
Brant, Frederick P. from Belvedere, Barrhead
Brantner, Chris from Warner, Lethbridge
Branton, Robert from Camrose
Branum, J.L. & Ray from Craigmyle
Branum, Ray from Craigmyle
Branum, Shirley from Craigmyle
Braseth Bros from Bashaw
Brass, Dick from Gleichen
Brassard, C. from Hussar
Brassard, C. from Joussard
Brassard, Dave from Joussard
Brathamer, Mandus from Nobleford
Bratrud, Lyle Alfred from Holden
Bratrud, Keith Marven from Holden
Bratton, Arthur Wilfred from Spring Point
Bratton, Roy L. from Spring Point
Bratz, Otto from Pincher Creek
Bratz, Roy from Pincher Creek
Bratz, William from Pincher Creek
Braucht, Vance from Caroline
Braul, Henry from Rosemary
Braul, J.H. from Rosemary
Braun, Joe from Uncas
Braun, John F. from Gem
Braun, John F. from Gem
Braun, Sigvard from Teepee Creek
Braun, Stewart from Wildwood
Braunberger, Daniel from Drumheller
Braunberger, F.E. from Drumheller
Braunberger, Katie J. R. from Sundre, Calgary
Braunberger, Mary from Drumheller, Calgary, Grainger
Brauner, William E. from Fort SK
Brausen, Lawrence from Ankerton
Brawner, Percy R. from Castor
Bray, C.C & Sons from Black Diamond, High River, Hutton, Okotoks
Bray, Floyd L. from Cochrane
Bray, William A. from Bassano
Brayne Bros (Harry & Joseph) from Nanton
Brazas, Charles from Clear Hills
Brazeau Collieries Ltd from Nordegg
Brazel, Ray from Blue Ridge
Brazil, Frank from High River
Brazzoni, A. from Bellevue
Breadner, Gerald from Dapp
Breaker, Nick from Gleichen
Brearley, R.B. from High Prairie
Breast, Roy from Goodfish Lake
Breault Bros from Pickardville
Breault, Raymond from Picardville
Breault, Roland from Picardville
Brecka, Martin from Barnwell, Cranford
Breckan or Brekkan, N. I. from Tofield
Breckenbridge, Val M. from Colinton
Breckenridge, Gavin from Edmonton
Breckenridge, Gavin from Edmonton
Breckenridge, Marshall from Kinsella
Breckenridge, Stanley from Alix
Bredick, Alfon from Stauffer
Breen, Francis from Etzikom, Indus, Balzac, Madden, Bowden, Peace River, Sexsmith
Brehmer, George A. from Winnifred
Brehmer, Ida from Irvine, Brooks
Breidigan, Henry from Fort Macleod, Pincher Creek
Breimo, Nels from Sedgewick
Breitkreutz, Alvin from Wildwood
Breitkreuz, Heinrich from Morningside
Breker, Joe from High Prairie
Brekko, Larry from Vermilion
Bremner, James L. from Edgerton
Bremner, James L. from Edgerton
Bremner, Louis from Camrose
Bremner, William from Pincher Station, Beaver Mines, Pincher Creek
Brenchley, Mrs. Charles from Big Valley
Brenchley, Mrs. Charles from Big Valley
Brenda, Mike from Viking
Brennan, James from Vegreville
Brennan, Kenneth from Bonnyville
Brennan, William & Sons from Bonnyville
Brenner, Flemon from Alderson
Brennesholts, L. A .from Lacombe
Breno, Sam from Marwayne
Brent, J.W. from Coronation
Brenton, Clayton Francis from Cardston, Del Bonita, Whiskey Gap
Brererton, Thomas from Tofield, Morinville
Bresett & Son from Fleet
Bresnahan, Henry from Shepard
Bresnahan, Raymond from Elkwater
Bretney, Norman from S. Edmonton
Breton, Peter from Lyalta
Brett, E.H. from Dewberry
Brett, Milton from Dewberry
Bretzer, Mrs. K. from Okotoks
Breukelman, Simon from Taber
Brewer, Ernest Ancel from Edmonton
Brewer, F.T & Alice from Halcourt, Elmworth
Brewer, Francis B. from Ribstone
Brewer, J. Howard & Maud V. (Do – Do Ranch) from Calgary, Crowfoot, Makepeace
Brewer, James Fredrick from Calgary
Brewerton, Gordon S. from Cardston
Brewerton, Gordon S. from Cardston
Brewin, Desmond Rodney from Purple Springs
Brewing Roland Frank, Jr. from Taber
Brewster (Fred) & Moore (P.A.) Ltd. from Jasper
Brewster, Arthur from Cochrane, Bottrel, Airdrie
Brewster, George from Nordegg
Brewster, George O. from Banff
Brewster, J.W. from Banff
Brewster, P. George from Tofield
Brewster, W.G. from Bottrel
Brezovski, John from Taber
Brick, Norbert R. from Grande Prairie
Bricker, Anson S. & Emma V. from Windsor Creek
Bricker, Edgar from Aldersyde
Bricker, Elias W. from Alsask, SK
Bricker, Robert D. from Strome, Killam
Brickman, Charlie L. from Philips Viking
Brickman, R.R from Phillips
Bridge, John H., Sr. from Magrath, Del Bonita
Bridge, John Henry, Jr. from Raymond
Bridge, Finnis from Talbot
Bridge, Gordon from Talbot, Tees
Bridge, Henry from Okotoks
Bridge, J. Orson from Magrath
Bridge, Robert George from Talbot
Bridgeman, William from Jarrow
Bridger, Jane from Alliance
Bridgewater, H.H. from Calgary
Briekreuz, Paul T. from Falun
Brierley, C. William from Rocky Mountain House
Brierley, Jean from Rocky Mountain House
Brierley, Mabel A. from Rocky Mountain House
Brietzke, Dale L. & Gordon J. from Lousana
Brietzke, Dale L. & Gordon J. from Lousana
Brietzke, Gust H. from Lousana
Brietzke, Mrs. A.P. from Lousana
Brietzke, Robert R. from Elnora
Briganek, Charles from Heisler
Briggs, Fred I. & Sons from Edmonton
Briggs, Leonard from Wild Horse
Brightland, Arthur from Coronation, Shepard
Brightland, Arthur William from Coronation, Veteran, Calgary
Brigley, Charles Frederick from Lake Thelma
Brilliant Coal Co. from Drumheller
Brimstin, T. W. from Dorothy
Brimstin, T.J. from Twin Butte, Dorothy
Bring Hurst Farms Ltd. from Edmonton
Brink, Willis H. from Edgerton, Fabyan
Brinker, Thomas A. from Daysland
Brinson, Jesse L. from Elnora, Olds
Brinson, Jesse L. from Elnora, Olds
Brisbois, Armand from Kitscoty
Briscoe, Fred from Scollard, Big Valley
Brislan, Mary E. from Edgerton
Brissard, C.F. from Viking
Brisson, Armand from New Brigden, Esther
Bristow, James A. from Heinsburg
Bristow, Kenneth Charles from Brooks
Bristow, Mervin from Heinsburg
British Dominion Land Settlement Corporation Limited from Vermilion, Edmonton
British Dominion Land Settlement Corporation Limited from Vermilion, Edmonton
Brittain, Clarence from Stettler
Brittain, Mrs. L. from Vauxhall
Brittner, Anton C. from Foremost, Lethbridge
Brittner, Ralph G. from Foremost
Brittner, Sigesmund from Birdsholm, Goddard
Britton, Thomas Oscar from Eaglesham
Brix, Peder from Vermilion
Brix, Soren from Calgary, Millarville
Broadbent, Harold from Strathmore
Broadbent, J.H. from Sundre, Bluffton
Broadbent, William from Leavitt, Cardston
Broadfoot, D.R. from Recliff
Broadhead, Edward Parley from Mountain View, Cardston
Broadhead, Norman R. from Mountain View, Cardston
Broadhurst A. from Calgary, Crossfield, Irricana
Broadhurst, C. Douglas from Didsbury
Broadhurst, Mrs. A. from Elkton, Irricana
Broberg, Peter from Richdale
Brochu, Omer from Chauvin
Brock, Lloyd R. from Chauvin
Brock, William from Dewberry
Brocklebank, D. Barton from High River
Brocklebank, James E. from Cluny
Brocklebank, James E. from Cluny
Brocklebank, W.A. from Makepeace
Brockway, Charles Marvin from Nanton
Brockway, Douglas from High River
Brockway, Harvey Willard & Anne from Carstairs
Brockway, Mrs. K. from Nanton
Brockway, Willard from Nanton
Brod, Harold C. from Thorsby
Brodersen, E. from Red Deer
Broderson, Ervin from Vauxhall
Broderson, J.W. from Halkirk, Lodgepole
Brodhecker, Frank H. from Tofield
Brodie, Barbara from Sundre
Brodie, Bobby from Brooks
Brodie, George Harold from Cereal, Millicent
Brodie, Georgie A. from Brooks, Atlee
Brodie, I. L. from Sundre
Brodie, J.H. from Brooks, Atlee, Jenner
Brodie, K.O. from Jenner
Brodie, Robert A. from Pine Lake
Brodie, Robert L. from Brooks
Brodie, William & Mary from Leduc
Brodie, William Gordon from Regina, SK
Brodin, John F. from Manyberries
Brodin, John F. from Manyberries
Brodin, Venner from Manyberries
Brodziak Walter from St. Brides
Brodziak, Roam from St. Paul, St. Brides
Broemeling, Ambrose G. from Cadogan
Broemeling, Clarence from Cadogan
Broemeling, L. Jean from Cadogan
Broen, Gordon from Tofield
Brohman, Albert from Turin, Lethbridge
Brohman, Norman from Cochrane, Okotoks
Brokop, August from Irma, Mannville
Brolsma, Herman from Avalon, Groton, Bow Island
Brom, Cornelius H.G. from Tofield
Bronson, Earl Victor from Hardisty
Bronson, Floyd from Hardisty
Bronson, Roy J. from Hardisty, Kamloops, BC, Black Pines, BC, Flood, BC
Bronson, W. A. from Haynes, Clive
Bronstein, Sam from Bassano
Brook, Arthur from Sundre
Brooke, Mrs. C.B from Viking
Brooke, Mrs. S.M from Viking
Brookhart, Donald Lloyd from Hinton
Brooks, Carl from Wembley
Brooks, David P. from Czar
Brooks, F.L. from Huxley
Brooks, Fred from Grande Prairie
Brooks, Fred from Minburn
Brooks, George E. from Marwayne, Lloydminster
Brooks, H.C. from Medicine Hat, Peace River
Brooks, Herbert, M. from Bindloss
Brooks, Hubert from Vauxhall
Brooks, Ida from Marwayne, Lac La Biche
Brooks, James E. from Minburn
Brooks, Kenneth G. from Minburn
Brooks, Leonard P. from Sexsmith
Brooks, Levi J. from Red Deer
Brooks, Lloyd & Glen from Sunset House
Brooks, R.B. from Carstairs
Brooks, R.L. from Jackville
Brooks, Richard, & Mary from Sundre
Brooks, Robert Taylor from Elk Point
Brooks, Rube F. from Sundre
Brooks, William from Castor
Brooks, William T. from Grassy Lake
Broome, Clifford L. from Castor
Broomfield, Leonard from DeBolt, Bezanson
Brosda, John from Stony Plain
Brosious, Irwin from Fort Macleod, Pincher Creek
Brosius, Henry G. from Pincher Creek
Brosseau, Eward L. from Three Hills
Brosseau, Jean Paul from Iron River, Edmonton
Brosseau, John B. from Brosseau
Brosseau, John B. from Brosseau
Brosseau, Lawrence from Sputinow
Brost, Adolph from Gros Ventre, Irvine
Brost, Arthur from Piapot, SK
Brost, Ernie & Arthur from Piapot, SK
Brost, Ernie from Piapot, Walsh
Brost, Fred from Walsh
Brost, Harlow Dwayne from Irvine
Brost, Harvey from Hanna, Strathmore
Brost, Hugh from Medicine Hat
Brost, Wesley from Carbon
Broten, A.G. from Jenner
Brotherwood, A.G. from Bowden
Brotherwood, George F. from Lomond, Milo
Brotherwood, George Jonathan from Lomond
Brotherwood, George T. from Armada
Brotherwood, W.J. from Lomond
Brouckaert, Emeric from Edmonton
Broughton, Charles Franklin from Hardisty
Broughton, Dale Wayne from Hughenden, Wetaskiwin
Broughton, E.M. from Hughenden
Broughton, Mary E. from Bonnyville
Broughton, William E. from Donalda
Brouns, Carl A. from Tudor, Rockyford
Brouns, Sherman from Rockyford
Brouwer, H. from Rocky Mountain House
Brouwer, Klaas from Blackfalds
Brower, Floyd from DeWinton, Mossleigh
Brower, Mrs. Nora from Wild Horse
Brown Bros. (Tom & Jim) from Beaverlodge
Brown Carol D. from Tofield
Brown Thomas R. from Eagle Butte, Medicine Hat, Vancouver, BC
Brown Two Youngmen, Joe from Morley
Brown, A G. from Lethbridge
Brown, A.T. from Viking, Phillips
Brown, A.V. from Rocky Mountain House
Brown, Albert R. from James River Bridge
Brown, Alexander from Erskine
Brown, Alexander T. from Lloydminster, AB
Brown, Alfred & Edward from Altario
Brown, Alfred C. from Calgary, Cochrane
Brown, Alfred Clifford from Calgary, Cochrane
Brown, Alfred from Altario
Brown, Andrew from Vulcan
Brown, Aron P. from Winfield
Brown, Arthur H. from Delburne
Brown, Austine C. from Queenstown
Brown, Ben from Carmangay
Brown, C.D. from Vulcan
Brown, C.H. from Czar, Hughenden
Brown, C.H. from Masinasin
Brown, Charles H. from Olds, Mound
Brown, Charles Harold from Woolford, Lethbridge, Owendale, Whiskey Gap
Brown, Charles R. from Stettler
Brown, Chester from Irma
Brown, Clair C. from Marwayne, Inland, Edmonton
Brown, Clare L. from Olds
Brown, Clarence D. from Acme
Brown, David A. from Big Valley, Rumsey
Brown, David E. & L.R.L. from Vermilion, Cummings
Brown, David from Tomahawk
Brown, David Jr. from Lake Isle, Tomahawk
Brown, Dewey G. from North Edmonton
Brown, Donald G. from Grande Prairie G., Sexsmith, Teepee Creek
Brown, E. Stanley from Darwell, Worsley
Brown, E.F. from Bingville, Jenner, Buffalo, Enilda, High Prairie
Brown, E.M. from Acme
Brown, E.W. from Ryley
Brown, Earl R. from Gadsby, Stettler
Brown, Edward Walter from Beaverlodge
Brown, Emma & Frank from Norway Valley, Mirror Landing
Brown, Floyd A. from Olds
Brown, Frank & Elizabeth from Magrath
Brown, Frank from Kinsella, Viking
Brown, Frank M. from Norway Valley
Brown, Frank W. & W. W. & R.A. from Twin River
Brown, Frank W. from Calgary
Brown, Gary Grant from Didsbury
Brown, Gary Vincent from Cremona
Brown, George Arthur from Joffre, Onion Lake. SK
Brown, George E. from Castor
Brown, George E. from Koknee, Vermilion
Brown, George E. from Macleod, Pearce
Brown, George from Carstairs, Calgary
Brown, George from Highvale
Brown, George H. from Lloydminster, SK
Brown, George I. from Medicine Hat
Brown, George P. from Bingley, Knee Hill Valley
Brown, George S. from Lethbridge
Brown, George William from Lea Park, Norway Valley
Brown, Grace A. from Rocky Mountain House
Brown, H. T. from Owendale, Woolford
Brown, H.W. from Edmonton, Coronation
Brown, Harold R. from Glenwood
Brown, Harry E. from Darwell
Brown, Harvey Allen from Tulliby Lake
Brown, Henry A. from Carstairs
Brown, Hugh A. from Keg River, Manning
Brown, Hugh Edward from Glenevis, Westerose
Brown, Hugh from Castor
Brown, J. O. from Raymond, Calgary
Brown, J.A. from Easyford
Brown, J.D. from Raymond, Lethbridge
Brown, J.H. from Le Goff, Beaver Crossing
Brown, J.O. from Raymond, Calgary
Brown, James from Calgary
Brown, James from Galahad
Brown, James from Hussar
Brown, James N. from Glenwood
Brown, Jay D. from Wabamun, Duffield
Brown, Joe & Adeline from Cochrane
Brown, John from Little Plume
Brown, Kenneth Malcolm from Edmonton
Brown, Kenneth Roy from Calgary
Brown, Lawrence James from Medicine Hat
Brown, Leslie A. from Mannville
Brown, Lloyd & Lucy from Clairmont, Bezanson, Teepee Creek
Brown, Macklin P. from Rocky Mountain House
Brown, Margaret Agnes from Macleod
Brown, Marlene Kay from Czar
Brown, Mary E. from Acme
Brown, Midori E. from Vermilion
Brown, Milton H. from Leduc
Brown, Mrs. Frank A. from High Prairie, Manyberries
Brown, Mrs. J.K. from Rimbey
Brown, Mrs. Jack from Bowness, Big Prairie
Brown, Myrtle Marie from Islay
Brown, N. H. from Stony Plain
Brown, Norman Fleetwood from Black Diamond
Brown, Norman from Cardston, Delburne
Brown, Norman N. from Nanton
Brown, Oliver from Heinsburg
Brown, P. R. from Glenwoodville
Brown, P.F. from Metiskow, Hughenden
Brown, P.H. from Bezanson
Brown, P.R from Glenwoodville
Brown, Peter Allan from Paradise Valley
Brown, R. from Vauxhall
Brown, R.M. from Calgary
Brown, Rex R. from Taber, Calgary
Brown, Robert from Elk Point
Brown, Robert N. from Pendryl
Brown, Roberta from Calgary
Brown, Stephens from Grand Centre
Brown, Susan from Spring Point
Brown, Susie & P.F. from Czar
Brown, T. & Sons from Vauxhall
Brown, Thomas C. from Galahad, Tinchebray, Halkirk
Brown, Thomas E. & Sons from Cassils
Brown, Thomas from Hussar
Brown, Vincent L. from Cremona
Brown, W. F. from Didsbury, Calgary
Brown, W. H. from Berwyn
Brown, W. J. from Galahad
Brown, W. Lloyd & Sons from Islay
Brown, W. Rex from Duffield
Brown, W.E. from Etzikom
Brown, W.F. from Didsbury, Calgary
Brown, W.L. from Carseland
Brown, Will R. from Alix
Brown, William E. from Cherry Grove
Brown, William Edward from Lomond
Brown, William from Innisfail
Brown, William from Onion Lake, SK
Brown, William from Picture Butte
Brown, William Henry from Buck Lake
Brown., Dr. Clifford H., Jr. from Didsbury
Browne, Allan from Calgary, Big Valley
Browne, Belmore from Seebe, Banff, Illahee
Browne, Earl from Czar
Browne, Edgar from Byemoor
Browne, Elborne & Elbourne J. from Czar
Browne, Elizabeth from Kitscoty
Browne, Howard J. from Czar
Browne, Merlin Hugh from Cardston
Browne, Wilfrid from Pine Lake
Brownell, Cornelius from Medicine Hat, Cadogan
Brownell, G.G. from Carseland
Brownell, Otis from Cadogan
Brownell, Sarah E. from Kimball
Brownlee, Alastair N. from Eckville
Brownlee, Angus from Innisfail, Kevisville, Vancouver, BC
Brownlee, Colin R. from Kevisville
Brownlee, Elmer L. from Milk River
Brownlee, Josie F. from Edmonton, Innisfail, Raven
Brownlee, William D. from Innisfail, Kevisville
Browns, Sherman from Rockyford, Tudor
Broy, Floyd L. from Cochrane
Brubaker, John H. from Duchess
Brubaker, Marlin M. from Duchess
Bruce, Charles Roger from Nampa
Bruce, Daniel M. from Lobley, Sundre
Bruce, David G. from Denwood
Bruce, Don from Okotoks
Bruce, Frank from Eaglesham
Bruce, Harold from Darwell
Bruce, John from Darwell
Bruce, Lawrence R. from Royalties, Peachland, BC
Bruce, M.A. from Sundre
Bruce, M.L. from Bruce
Bruce, Mary A. from Okotoks
Bruce, R.J. from Ohaton
Bruce, Ransom (Willow Grove Farm) from Tofield, Coronado, Battle Bend
Bruce, Winston T. from Calgary, Cochrane, Midnapore
Bruchartz, W. from Bruce
Brucker, Mike from Brooks
Bruder, K.J. from Twin Butte, Pincher Creek
Bruggeman, C. from Rockyford
Brugger, George from Calgary
Bruggerneate, Herman from Throne
Brugos, Steve from Taber
Bruhaug, Edwin O. from Kinsella, Jarrow
Bruhaug, J. from Kinsella
Bruhaug, J. from Kinsella
Bruins, Hendrikus from Elkton
Bruins, Peter from Seven persons, Medicine Hat
Bruinsma, John from Lethbridge, Edmonton
Bruinsma, L. from Bentley, Sylvan Lake, Blackfalds, Okotoks
Bruised Head, Chester from Standoff
Brulotte, Alphonse E. from Ponoka
Brulotte, Delphis from Guy
Brummet, Clarence from Stony Plain
Brumwell, Alex M. from Vauxhall
Brun, Anton from Drumheller
Brun, Carl from Rimbey
Brundige, Frank Lloyd from Bonnyville
Brundige, Robert Arthur from Camrose
Bruneau, John from Sputinow, Frog Lake
Bruneau, Maurice from Joussard
Brunelle, Lucien from St. Albert
Brunelle. H.M. from Kinmundy, Big Stone
Brunet, Edward Joseph from Lacombe, Pierceland, SK, 129
Brunet, Gaston Joseph from Bonnyville
Brunet, Lucien M. from Edmonton, Spruce Grove
Bruning, F.W. from Botha
Brunneau, Fred from Beaverdam
Brunneau, George from Cold Lake
Brunner, C. from Ogden
Brunner, Nick H. from Acadia Valley, Caroline
Bruno, Fred from Twin Butte
Bruns, H.C. from Breton
Bruns, John H. from Pincher Creek
Bruns, John H. from Pincher Creek
Brunsdale, Clarence L. from Mountain View, Cardston
Brunsdale, Rhoda from Mountain View
Bruntjen, Herman from Esther
Brunton, S.J. from Red Willow
Bruyckere, Peter from Milk River
Bryan, George D. from Neutral Valley, Consort
Bryan, George D. from Neutral Valley, Consort
Bryant, Albert from Keephills, Entwistle
Bryant, Alfred Harold from Jumping Pound
Bryant, Eric & Yvonne from Bowden
Bryant, H.N. from Red Deer
Bryant, Harold J. from Diamond City, Cochrane, Jumping Pound, Sylvan Lake, Lethbridge, Bingley
Bryant, K.J. from Red Deer
Bryant, Kenneth R. from Vauxhall
Bryant, Nat from East Coulee
Bryant, Philip S. from Bow Island, Drumheller
Bryant, R.H. from Fort Macleod
Bryant, Sidney W. from Turin, Vauxhall
Bryant, Sydney A. from Vauxhall, Hays
Bryanton, Ronald Lee from Rocky Mountain House
Bryce, Ernest G. & William W. from Nanton
Bryce, Joseph & Kenneth from De Winton
Bryce, Joseph L. from De Winton
Bryce, William W. from Nanton
Bryden, T.M. from St. Mary’s Station, Morley
Brydon, J.D. from Gibbons
Brydon, James from Gibbons
Brynlund, Ruth from Alliance
Brysh, Mike from Canmore, Cochrane
Bryson, A.C. from Tide Lake, Westward Ho, James River Bridge, Red Deer
Brzezina, Jan from Purple Springs, Barnwell
BTR Livestock Co. from Bashaw
Bubenko, John from Glendon
Bucar, Mary J. from Beaver Mines
Buch, Allen Slim from Calgary, St. Catherines, ON
Buch, Soren Peter from St. Lina
Buchan, James from Scapa
Buchanan, C. Russell from Kitscoty, Vermilion, Islay
Buchanan, David Walter from Bluffton
Buchanan, Hamer from Islay
Buchanan, Liddon from Islay
Buchanan, R.R. from Pincher Creek
Buchanan, T.A. from Nanton
Buchert, Edward from Delburne
Buchert, Jack from Trochu
Buchert, K. &, Rosie from Trochu
Buchkowski, John from Hilliard
Buchkowski, Walter & Smolarchuk, Nick & Nellie from Philomena, Edmonton, Boyle
Buchs, Charley from Big Prairie, Water Valley
Buchwald, Glen from Stettler
Buchwold, Otto B. from Standard, Edmonton
Buchwold, Otto B. from Standard, Edmonton
Buck, Burton H. & Orville B. Buck from New Norway
Buck, Burton H. & Orville B. from New Norway
Buck, Elmer from Dovercourt
Buck, F.D. from Hussar
Buck, J.T. from Chauvin
Buck, Ray from Chauvin
Buckingham, Reginald from Sundre
Buckingham, Rodney from Patricia
Buckingham, Ronald from Sundre, Cranbrook, BC
Buckland, Ed. C. from Lousana
Buckland, Sidney from Parkland, Nanton
Buckler, Stanley F. from Cochrane
Buckley, Harry from Alix
Buckman, H.J.A. from Picture Butte
Buckna, Alex from Chapel Rock, Lundbreck
Buckna, Andrew from Lundbreck, Chapel Rock
Buckna, Frank from Chapel Rock
Buckna, Henry from Chapel Rock, Lundbreck
Bucknell, C.H. from Haynes
Bucknell, C.P. & Ida from Wetaskiwin
Bucknell, C.P. & Ida from Wetaskiwin
Buckton, Henry from Twining
Buday, John from Tilley
Budd, Alvy from Barons
Budd, Dr. G.J. from Ricinus, John City, TENN
Budd, Hiram E .from Wildwood
Budd, Mrs. E.N. from Junkins, Wildwood
Budd, Ronald J., Bear, Eric James from Taber
Budden & Coombes from Stauffer, Butte
Budden Bros from Butte
Budgen, Sanford Gary from Calgary
Budgen, W.N. from Dapp
Budvarson, A. from Markerville
Budvarson, Emil D. from Innisfail
Budvarson, John from Markerville
Budy, William from Bellis, Waskatenau
Budzilka, Val from Vermilion, Koknee, Islay
Budzinski, Victor from Wildwood
Bueckert, Henry from Linden, Fort Vermilion
Buehler, Alvin F. from Calgary
Buehler, Arthur W. from Hemaruka
Buehler, Merton R. from Olds
Buehring, Paul C. from Medicine Hat, Winnifred
Buelow Bros. (A.A., L.S. & Martin) from Mirror, Bashaw
Buelow, C.W. from Lumberton, Mirror
Buerger, William from Newbrook
Buffalo, Dan from Hobbema
Buffalo, Edward E. from Hobbema
Buffalo, Edward from Hobbema
Buffalo, Felix from Hobbema
Buffalo, Joe D. from Hobbema
Buffalo, Robert from Hobbema
Bugajski, Tony from Calgary, Shaughnessy
Bugbee, Ernest from Dovercourt, Caroline
Bugbee, Lillian from Caroline
Bugera, Andrew from Elk Point
Bugera, Ed from Elk Point
Bugera, Nick from Elk Point
Bugg, James G. from Minburn
Buhler, Henry from Didsbury, Olds
Buhmann, Peter from Sheerness, Wildunn
Buhr, Bill from Entwistle
Buhr, H. C. from Bluffton
Buhr, H.C. from Bluffton
Buker, Gail W. from Strathmore
Buksa, David from Lindbergh
Buksa, Donald from Elk Point, Heinsburg, Lloydminster
Buksa, Mike M. from Heinsburg
Buksa, Walter from Northern Valley
Bulas, Walter L. from Athabasca
Bull, Edward from Duffield
Bull, H.W. from Erskine
Bull, Jeffery from Goodfish Lake
Bull, Kathleen from Clandonald
Bull, Raymond O. from Stettler
Bull, Roy from Duffield
Bullard, James Richard from Consort
Bullhorn Cattle Co-Op Enterprise Ltd. from Cardston
Bullick, Stan from Coronation
Bullington, Charles from Castor
Bullivant, Georgina & Georgina Timpe from Alix
Bulloch, Mrs. E.M. from Lousana
Bulloch, Robert from Barnwell
Bullock, Alvin F. from Welling
Bullock, Charles Edward from Cessford
Bullock, David Lyndon from Welling
Bullock, Morris from Barnwell
Bullock, Nora A. from Barnwell
Bullock, Rodney Dean from Welling
Bullock, Rodney from Czar
Bullock, William Fullmer from Taber
Bullshields, Herbert from Fort Macleod, Cardston
Bulman, Jerry L. from Edson
Bulmer, D.A. from Minburn
Bulmer, John C. from Barons
Buls, Henry from Claresholm
Bulva, Barbara from Iron Springs
Bulva, Ivan from Iron Springs, Barnwell
Bulva, Johnnie from Iron Springs
Bunbury, George & Al from Castor
Bunker, A.E. from Lacombe
Bunn, E.M. from Atlee
Bunn, H. Rex from Brooks
Bunnage, Meryle A. from Glenwoodville
Bunney, Arthur from Forestburg
Bunney, J.E. & A.C. from Wenham Valley
Bunney, J.E. from Brooks
Bunney, W.C. from Brooks
Bunning, Mrs. J.W. from Barons
Bunton, F.V. from Spring Coulee, Fort MacLeod
Bunyan, John from Wembley
Bur, Charles from Dalroy, Lyalta
Burak, Darwin from Therien
Burak, Samuel S. from Lake Eliza
Burak, Walter from Norma
Buran, L.M. from Brooks, Duchess
Burbank, Ernest G. from Fort Macleod, Claresholm, Shaughnessy
Burbidge, Adam from Fort Macleod
Burbidge, D.W. from Fort Macleod
Burchak, Anna T. from Beaver Mines
Burchett, Walter Alan from High River
Burchnall, Edward J from Ponoka, Red Deer
Burchynsky, John from Edmonton
Burdett, Salathiel from Three Hills
Burdon, William from Brant
Bureau of Geology and Topography, Mines & Geology Branch – Department of Mines and Resources from Ottawa, ON
Burek, Emma from Frains
Burfield, Wilfred J. from Okotoks, Loyalist
Burford, D.F. from Big Valley
Burgart, Tony (Anton) from Stettler
Burge, Charles from Nanton
Burger, Benton from Etzikom
Burger, Clair C. from Monarch, Fort Macleod
Burger, Cora M. from Leicester
Burgess, Alex from High River
Burgess, F. from Pincher Creek
Burgess, Fred & Hutchins, Arthur from Pincher Station
Burgess, Harry from Vulcan
Burgess, Harvey R. from Bergen, Didsbury
Burgess, J.B. from Coaldale
Burgess, M.R. from Calgary, Balzac
Burgess, Michael J. & Dalyce from Medicine Hat
Burgess, Mrs. Fred from Pincher Station, Pincher Creek
Burgess, Perry from Forestburg
Burgess, W. from Vulcan
Burgess, Walter E. from Pincher Creek
Burggren, Elbert E. from Ardenode
Burgman, Gustave Fred from Coronation
Burian, W. & Son from Carrot Creek
Burk , Gary Allen from Wainwright
Burk, Delos E. from Lobley, James River Bridge, Upper Hat Creek, BC
Burk, Harold from James River Bridge, Sundre
Burk, Jonathan M. from Carbon
Burka, A.M. from Calgary
Burkard, Edward W. from Daysland, Camrose
Burkard, Jake J. from Ankerton
Burkart, John from Forestburg
Burke, Archie from Chauvin
Burke, D.C. from High River, Pekisko
Burke, David Arthur from Sundre
Burke, Herbie from Vauxhall
Burke, James from Tring, Marwayne
Burke, John T. & Gilbert from Retlaw, Rockyford
Burke, Joseph S. from Islay
Burke, Mrs. P. from Vauxhall
Burke, Patrick from Lethbridge
Burke, Patsy from Vauxhall, Nightingale, Rockyford
Burke, Peter from Veteran
Burke, Phyllis Mae from Nightingale
Burke, T.A. from Sedalia
Burke, T.A. from Sedalia
Burke, Virgil L. from Lethbridge
Burke, W.C. from Carmangay
Burkhardt, A.G. from Gwynne
Burkholder, Alvin R. from Black Diamond
Burkholder, Gerald L. from Magrath
Burkholder, Mrs. C. from Cremona
Burkholder, Virgil from Cremona, Cecil Lake, BC
Burki, J.G. from Streamstown
Burkinshaw, Victor E. from Berry Creek
Burles, R.G. from Calgary
Burles, William R. from Cowley, Maycroft, Banff, Cochrane, Salmon Arm, BC
Burma, Joe from Highvale
Burmeister, Walter & Frances, Bar C Ranch from Calgary
Burn, Edgar A. from Grimshaw, Dixonville
Burnat Bros from Jenner
Burnat, L.J. from Iddesleigh
Burne, Harry W. from Gleichen, Lomond
Burne, John Joseph from Gleichen
Burne, T. R. from Gleichen
Burnett Bros from Fort SK
Burnett, Allan from Fort SK, Ardrossan
Burnett, John from Coutts
Burnett, Milo J. from Carstairs
Burnham, A.S. from Milk River, Warner
Burnham, Alf from Vallejo, Neutral Valley, Lloyds Hill
Burnham, Dr. K. & Fletcher, Dr. Calvin from Edmonton
Burns Bros. (George Kenneth & Douglas James) from Didsbury
Burns, Alex from Alderson, Big Stone, Cabin Lake
Burns, Clifford from Hussar
Burns, Frank from Hussar
Burns, Frank from Hussar, Black Diamond
Burns, G. J from Calgary
Burns, G.J. from Calgary
Burns, Gordon K from Carmangay
Burns, Gordon K. from Carmangay
Burns, Herbert from Hays
Burns, J. R. from Dewberry, Clandonald
Burns, J. W from Sangudo
Burns, J.C. from Pincher Creek
Burns, J.W. from Sangudo
Burns, James & Thomas Birt from Rockyford
Burns, James & Thomas Birt from Rockyford
Burns, John P. from Bow Island, Hanna
Burns, John W. from Glenevis
Burns, Lily & Charlie from Bowville, Carmangay
Burns, Mabel Theresa from Calgary, Hussar, Black Diamond
Burns, Marvin E. from Alder Flats
Burns, Ordean A. & Cliff Small from Sangudo
Burns, Pat from Priddis, Calgary
Burns, Robert & Ralph Webb from Pincher Creek
Burns, Robert & Ralph Webb from Pincher Creek
Burns, Robert E. from High Prairie
Burr, Elmer from Lethbridge
Burr, Richard C. from Lethbridge, Raymond
Burr, Richard from Sedgewick, Galahad, Killam
Burr, S. I. from Manyberries
Burrell, Bob L. from Sundre
Burrell, Charles Milton from Bentley, Calgary
Burrell, Shirley Eleanor, Nielsen, James from Sundre
Burress, H.R. from Cremona
Burrill, James S. from Three Hills
Burrill, James S. from Three Hills
Burris, M.H. from Edmonton, Norbuck
Burris, Ray W. from Winfield
Burriss, W.M. from Arrowwood, Three Hills
Burroughs, Morris L. from Eaglesham
Burrows, Harvey P. from Midnapore
Burrows, John M. from High River, Nanton
Burt, Charles from Vermilion, Islay
Burt, H.A. from Scapa
Burt, R.D. from Cardston
Burt, Victor from Halcourt
Burtch, James Samuel from Hayter
Burtch, Samuel & Sam from Hayter
Burtch, Samuel from Hayter
Burton, Albert James from Chauvin
Burton, Arthur from Hill Spring
Burton, C. & R. Henderson from Edmonton
Burton, C., Henderson, R. from Edmonton
Burton, D.J. from Stanmore
Burton, Dennis from Calgary
Burton, Edwin from Vermilion
Burton, Gilbert Vernon from Ribstone
Burton, H. S. from Chauvin, Ribstone
Burton, Harold from Calgary
Burton, Harvey B. from Rimbey
Burton, J.E. from Irma
Burton, J.W. from Rimbey
Burton, James Wayne from Cremona
Burton, Orla from Ribstone, Gilbert Plains, MAN
Burton, Stanley F. from Darwell
Burton, William or Bill from Claresholm
Burwash, S.W. from Carmangay
Burwash, W.D. from Carmangay
Burwell, Iris from Edgerton
Burwood, Reg & Helen from Calgary
Bury, Paul E. from Delburne
Burzynski, Joe from Viking
Busch – Telkamp, Helmut from Champion
Busch Bros. from Chancellor, Standard
Busch Bros. from Wainwright
Busch, Karl & Sieburth, H. G. from Standard
Busch, Karl J. & C. J. from Standard
Busch, Phoebe from Chancellor
Buschert, Earl from Didsbury, Bergen, Carstairs
Buschert, Glen from Bergen, Carstairs
Buschert, Gottlied from Trochu, Calgary, Wimborne
Buschert, Roy from Carstairs
Busenius, Herbert E. from Ardrossan
Busenius, Lawrence from Hay Lakes
Bush, Dennis from Wanham
Bushell, A.E. from Milo, Calgary
Bushfield, S.R from Balzac
Bushko, John & Sons from Vegreville
Busk, Christ from Rosyth
Busk, Larry Wayne from Daysland, Wainwright
Buskas, Emil from Wetaskiwin
Buskas, Merlin D. from Ferintosh, Ponoka
Busse, Fredrick from Vauxhall
Busselle, Dr.A.W. from Macleod, Calgary
Bussey, Frank Horton from Airdrie
Bussey, John H. from Irricana
Bussey, Uva Lavaughn from Airdrie, Calgary
Bussian, E. E. from Del Bonita, Twin River
Bust, Willi from Cardston
Bustard, Fred from Brocket, Pincher Creek
Bustard, James L .from Spring Point, Lundbreck, Cowley, Pincher Creek, Brocket
Bustard, James L. from Spring Point, Lundbreck, Cowley, Pincher Creek, Brocket
Bustard, Lorne James from Cowley
Buta, Aurel from Barnwell, Cardston
Butala, J. from Millet
Butcher, Byron from Lacombe
Butcher, F.W. from Macleod
Butcher, George Seymer from Bittern Lake
Butcher, Ken from Bentley
Butcher, Shirley A. from Bentley
Buteau Oliver from Brooks
Buteau, Bill from Calgary
Butil, Dan from Thelma
Butler, A.J.A. from Hill Spring
Butler, Charles from Alix
Butler, David from Stettler, Castor
Butler, Doris from Castor
Butler, George M. from Glenwood
Butler, George M. from Glenwood
Butler, Harry from Vermilion
Butler, John from Vermilion
Butler, Levi from Edmonton, Mannville
Butler, Levi from Edmonton, Mannville
Butler, Rulon Boyce from Hill Spring, Cardston
Butler, Thomas E. from Alhambra
Butlin, Mrs. Frank from Midnapore
Butterfield Bros. (Thomas W. & Vernon S.) from Ponoka
Butterfield, Gordon B. from Cochrane, Billings, MT.
Butterfield, Lloyd Harold from Phoenix, AR
Butterfield, Thomas W. from Ponoka
Butters, George E. from Balzac
Butters, George E. from Balzac
Butterwick, George W. from Brownfield
Buttle, Mrs. N. from Cowley
Buttner, Anton from Ponoka, Medicine Hat
Buttner, H.J. from Edmonton
Butts, A.L. from Wild Horse
Butts, A.L. from Wild Horse
Butts, Donald Jay from Edson
Butts, Eileen from Hays
Butwilofski, A. from Edberg
Butz, Elmer C. from Ethelwyn
Butz, James Guy Edward from Drayton Valley
Butz, Robert from Lyndonville
Buxton, Clarence W. from Coronation
Buxton, George Edward from Edmonton
Buxton, Herb from Carvel
Buxton, Joe, Cunningham, Bud from Innisfail
Buxton, Ken & Anne from Gleichen, Lethbridge
Buxton, Lisle from Loyalist, Veteran
Buxton, William L. from Hughenden, Amisk
Buyer, Daunavan Jack from Carbon
Buyer, Jacob from Carbon
Buynar, Victor from Breton
Buzdegan, George from Vilna
Buzzard, Ralph & Fay from Rosebud, Brooks
Buzzard, Ralph from Rosebud
Buzzo, James William from Consort
Byam, Jean from Bow Island
Bye, Gilbert J. from Hanna
Bye, John from Hanna
Bye, Sverri from Coronation
Byers, J. from Hollow Lake, Waskatenau
Byers, Samuel from Edgerton, Ribstone
Byford, Ed from Iron River
Bykowski, Andrew from Derwent
Bykowski, Matt from Clandonald
Byl, Jerry from Grande Prairie
Byma, Jager & Ryskamp from Calgary
Bymo, Bill from Indus, Hubalta
Bymoen, Melvin N. from Vegreville
Byrrtus, Stanley from Athabasca
Byrt, Frank T. from Dog Pound, Madden, Salmon Arm, BC
Byrtus, Anthony from Athabasca
Bysterveld, C.G. from Delburne
Bysterveld, Jake J. from Delburne
Bysterveld, Peter from Pollockville, Carolside
Bystrom, Albert R. from Red Deer
Byttet, Einar M. from Del Bonita
Bywaters, George from Penhold
Bziengielewski, Theodore M. from Peace River

C & F Investments Ltd from Calgary
C 7 M Holdings from Wainwright, Rimbey
Cabana, Bert from Bonnyville
Cabana, Oscar, & Donat, Thibert from Brocket
Cabatoff, Peter W. from Medicine Hat
Cabay, Pete from Ardmore
Cable, Allan from Hayter
Cablik, Anton from Red Deer
Cade, Sam J. from Bowden
Cadieux, Emile from Lac la Biche
Cador, A.L., Armentrout, Jacob E. or Jake E. from Countess
Cadzon, Thomas F. from Calgary, Edmonton, Vegreville
Cadzow, T.F. from Calgary
Cage, Eldon, Cage, Randolph from Beaverlodge
Caharel, Henry from Valleyview
Cahill, Mary nee Lindsay from Delia, Calgary
Cahill, Mary nee Lindsay from Delia, Calgary
Cahoon Bros from Leavitt, Cardston
Cahoon, Gordon C. from Cardston
Cahoon, J.C. from Cardston
Cahoon, J.L. from Leavitt
Cahoon, K.G. from Cardston
Cahoon, Kenneth Dee from Cardston
Cain, John William David & Parkin, Elizabeth Ann from Pincher Creek
Cain, R.E. from Mannville
Caine, Harry L .from S. Edmonton
Cairney, James Graham from Dunmore
Cairns, Alex from Irma
Cairns, Chris from Kitscoty
Cairns, H. from Bremner
Caisson Drilling Services Ltd. (D.K. Ross) from Edmonton
Caithness, J. Trevor from Winterburn
Caithness, John from Ponoka
Cajka, John from Cranford, Coaldale
Calaghan, George Clifford from Hanna
Calcoen, George from Raymond
Calddwell, Wallace from Valleyview
Calder, Grace from Aden
Calder, Hugh Alfred from Strathcona
Calder, Wallace Alexander from Brownvale
Calderwood, Alex P. from Granum
Calderwood, Dave from Granum
Calderwood, James W. from Granum
Caldwell, Abraham Vaughn from Hill Spring
Caldwell, Arthur E. from Ponoka
Caldwell, Bertram Leslie from Altario
Caldwell, Beth & Rollins, J.F. from Cardston
Caldwell, C.R. from Brooks, Scandia
Caldwell, Charles Robert from Brownfield
Caldwell, Earl from Hill Spring
Caldwell, G.M. from Rimbey
Caldwell, G.R. from Rimbey, Lockhart
Caldwell, J.H.S. & Son J.E. from Innisfree, High River
Caldwell, John A. from Calgary
Caldwell, Lyle L. from Mountain View, Caldwell
Caldwell, N.G. from Madden, Sampsonton
Caldwell, William Wallace from Valleyview
Calf Robe, Edward from Cluny
Calgary Beef Centre Ltd. from Calgary
Calgary Transplant Center Ltd. from Balzac
Calhoun, Caroline E. from Crossfield
Calhoun, H. from Minnihik, Winfield
Calhoun, H. from Minnihik, Winfield
Calhoun, Thomas M. from Foremost
Californie Holdings Ltd, (George H. Scott) from Raven
Calkins, Charles from Rimbey, Lockhart
Calkins, Donald from Coronation
Calkins, L. E. from Lacombe
Calkins, Norman DeWayne from Coronation, Whatcheer
Call, C.E. from DeWinton, Calgary
Callaghan, J.C. from Edmonton
Callaghan, Joseph L. from Gold Spring, Buffalo, Moose Jaw, SK
Callaghan, Thelma from Buffalo
Callagher, Colin C. from Clandonald
Callahan, Donald E. from Fawcett
Callahan, Sandra J. from Fawcett
Callahan, Thomas Lloyd from Calgary
Callfas, Harvey Martin from Ardrossan
Callghan, Dan from Viking
Callies, Herman from Gwynne
Callin, E. from Chauvin
Callin, H. from Sibbald
Calliou, David from Rio Grande
Calliou, Edward from Frog Lake, Sputinow
Calliou, Edward from Hazelmere, Mount Valley, Rio Grande
Calliou, Richard from Frog Lake, Edmonton
Callioux, Fred from Cork, St. Paul
Callioux, Fred from Kikino
Callis, Frederick Richard from Gwynne
Callison & Williamson from Gem, Rolling Hills
Callison, Tom from Gem
Calon, George E. from Heisler, Michichi
Calvert, Delbert from Innisfail, Knee Hill Valley
Calvert, George from Knee Hill Valley
Calvert, Victor from Sherwood Park
Calvert, William from Milnerton, Knee Hill Valley, Innisfail
Calwait, J.M. from Brooks
Calwell, Gwendolyn Gail from Wainwright
Cambridge Bros. from Islay
Cambridge, Fred & Alice J. from Islay, Vermilion
Cameron, Alex Cameron from Youngstown
Cameron, Alex from Hughenden
Cameron, Alexander from Grand Prairie
Cameron, Andrew A. from Sedgewick
Cameron, Charles from Ponoka
Cameron, Colin from Vauxhall
Cameron, D. from Penhold
Cameron, David B. from Hutton, Port Hanery, BC
Cameron, Dick from Debolt
Cameron, Don from Hughenden
Cameron, Donald from Brocket, Granum
Cameron, Donald M. from Compeer
Cameron, Douglas from Youngstown
Cameron, E.M. (Sunset Riding Academy) from Calgary
Cameron, F.B. from Lougheed, Hardisty
Cameron, F.E. & Son from Vermilion
Cameron, Frank E. from Vermilion
Cameron, Glen W. from Cardston
Cameron, Gordon from High River, Cayley
Cameron, H. Stewart from Calgary
Cameron, H.G. from Innisfail, Knee Hill Valley
Cameron, J. John from Tulliby Lake
Cameron, J.A. from Stavely, Millet
Cameron, J.D. from Tulliby Lake
Cameron, James A. from Watino, Youngstown
Cameron, James D. from Vermilion
Cameron, James Lyman from Czar, High level
Cameron, John Frederick from Alliance
Cameron, John from Nightingale
Cameron, John from Pollockville, Hutton, Burnaby, BC
Cameron, John James from Burmis
Cameron, Joseph A. from Haynes
Cameron, Ken from Bashaw, Red Deer
Cameron, Kenneth from Cremona
Cameron, Kenneth Sr. from Cremona
Cameron, Kenneth Sr. from Cremona
Cameron, Lloyd R. from Lougheed
Cameron, Lynda from James River Bridge, Innisfail
Cameron, M. from Airdrie
Cameron, Maria H. from Edmonton
Cameron, Mrs. D. & Mrs. Vetter from Crossfield
Cameron, Mrs. D. & Mrs. Vetter from Crossfield
Cameron, Mrs. G. from McLaughlin
Cameron, Mrs. G. from McLaughlin
Cameron, Mrs. Hugh from Burmis
Cameron, Mrs. Hugh from Burmis
Cameron, R. from Rumsey, Stettler
Cameron, R.A. from Edmonton
Cameron, R.W. from Edmonton
Cameron, R.W. from Edmonton
Cameron, Ray F. from Metiskow, Czar
Cameron, Ray from Hughenden, Provost
Cameron, Robert Bruce from Calgary
Cameron, Roy & Bob Coffey from Czar
Cameron, Roy & Bob Coffey from Czar
Cameron, Rueben from Hughenden
Cameron, S.H. from Vermilion
Cameron, Stuart A. from Lougheed
Cameron, Wallace W. from Hillsdown
Cameron, Williamina Tait from Penicui, Midlothian, Scotland
Camfield, S.C. from Ashmont
Camgard Farming Ltd. from Marwayne
Cammaert, Cyril Arthur from Rockyford
Cammaert, Gerald L. from Rockyford
Cammidge, Chester G. from Delia, Hanna
Cammidge, John S. from Bashaw
Camp, Albert E. from Onion Lake, SK, Lea Park
Camp, John S. from Consort
Camp, Mrs. W.W. from Onion Lake, SK
Campbell Construction & Company Ltd from Calgary
Campbell Construction & Company Ltd from Calgary
Campbell, A.A. from Patricia, Edmonton
Campbell, A.M. from Lacombe
Campbell, Albert from Byemoor, Stettler
Campbell, Alex & Sommerville, H.P. (Campbell & Sommerville) from Endiang
Campbell, Alex R. from Fort Vermilion
Campbell, Alexander Cecil from Madden, Crossfield, Calgary
Campbell, Andrew G. & Son Neil G. from Millet
Campbell, Angus from Rowley
Campbell, Bryce D. from Stavely, Black Diamond
Campbell, Bryce from Claresholm
Campbell, Cameron Clare from Calgary
Campbell, Cecil from Whitford, Andrew
Campbell, Charles A. from Sunnynook
Campbell, Charles Levi from Valleyview
Campbell, Charles W. from Edson
Campbell, Clement from Taber
Campbell, D.M. from Jenner
Campbell, D.R. from Ryley
Campbell, Dan E. C. from Edmonton
Campbell, Dan E.C. from Edmonton
Campbell, David from Lloydminster
Campbell, David W. from High River
Campbell, Donald from Lloydminster, Leighton, Willowlea, Marwayne
Campbell, Donald W. from Eaglesham, Grande Prairie
Campbell, E.M., Sunset Riding Academy from Calgary
Campbell, E.W. from Makepeace, Cluny
Campbell, Ernest L. from Rosebud
Campbell, F.R. from Finnegan
Campbell, Fred from Twin Butte
Campbell, George B. from Rosedale
Campbell, George E. from Trochu
Campbell, George H. from Lloydminster
Campbell, Gertrude from Twin Butte
Campbell, H.A. from Clyde
Campbell, Henry from Leduc
Campbell, J.A .from Calgary
Campbell, J.B. from Kinsella
Campbell, J.C. from Metiskow, Edgerton
Campbell, Jack A. from Cochrane
Campbell, James Harold from Stettler
Campbell, James Manson from Stavely
Campbell, Jean M. from Buffalo, Medicine Hat
Campbell, John A. from Rosebud Creek
Campbell, John D. from Star, Lamont
Campbell, John from Jarvie
Campbell, John Henry from Langdon
Campbell, Joseph M. from Lamont
Campbell, K.G. from Cochrane, Banff
Campbell, Keith from Red Deer
Campbell, Kenneth Donald from Marwayne
Campbell, Kenneth R. from Stavely, Delburne
Campbell, L. from Lacombe
Campbell, Leighton from Arrowwood
Campbell, Leo from Grovedale
Campbell, Leslie Duane from Hughenden
Campbell, Leslie Russell from Cremona
Campbell, Linden from Kitscoty
Campbell, Malcolm from Delburne, Red Deer
Campbell, Marvin from Grimshaw
Campbell, Melville from Medicine Hat, Whitla
Campbell, Melvin Ray from Bowden
Campbell, Michael from Monarch
Campbell, Milton from Olds
Campbell, Mrs. C. A. from Sunnynook
Campbell, Mrs. C.A. from Sunnynook
Campbell, Mrs. D.M from Twin Butte
Campbell, Mrs. D.M from Twin Butte
Campbell, Mrs. D.M. from Cavendish
Campbell, Mrs. R from Sunnyslope
Campbell, Murdo from Elkton
Campbell, Neil G. from Millet
Campbell, Norman A. from Monarch
Campbell, Peter from Nordegg, Saunders, Canmore
Campbell, R.V. & Sons (Thomas, David & Brian) from Ankerton
Campbell, Reginald G. from Trochu
Campbell, Richard William from Cardston, Lethbridge
Campbell, Robert W. from Wainwright
Campbell, Robertson from Hardisty
Campbell, Ronald W. from Hines Creek
Campbell, Rosette from Seven Persons
Campbell, Roy R. from Beiseker
Campbell, Russell F. from Grimshaw
Campbell, Thomas from Berrymoor
Campbell, Thomas G. from Tofield
Campbell, Thomas, David & Brian from Ankerton
Campbell, Tom from Ellscott
Campbell, V.G from Calgary, Rolling Hills, Cluny
Campbell, Victor Leroy & Faye Maxine from Heisler
Campbell, W.V. from Sundre
Campbell, Walter Bertram & Ernest Oliver from Warwick
Campbell, Warren R. from Fort Macleod
Campbell, Wesley R. from Donalda
Campbell, William Forbes D. from Calgary
Campbell, William from Nanton
Campbell, William James from Airdrie
Campbell, William T.A. from Stettler
Campbell, William W. from Calmar
Campeau, Alf from Sheerness
Campeau, Gerald & Sons from Fort Kent
Campion O.P. from Brightview
Campion Bros from Halkirk
Campion Bros. from Halkirk
Campion, Mary from Edm0onton
Campion, Roy Arthur from Hanna,
Campmans, Anthonius & Thodorus from Picture Butte
Camps, George from Cremona, Longview, High River
Camps, George from Cremona, Longview, High River
Camrose Lutheran College from Camrose
Canadian Sugar Factories Ltd. from Taber, Picture Butte
Canadine, Florence from Stettler
Canavan, John from Marwayne
Candy, Agnes Florence from Sedgewick, Kinsella
Candy, Caleb from New Dayton
Candy, Richard from Kinsella
Canfield, Howard from Fleet
Canfield, L.J. from Irricana
Cannaday, Edwin from Condor, Barnwell, Leslieville
Cannan, James D. from Fort Saskatchewan, Viking
Cannan, Mrs. John from Innisfree, Edmonton
Cannan, Mrs. John from Innisfree, Edmonton
Cannan, Robert D. from Innisfree
Canning, Calvin from Grande Prairie
Canning, D.G. from Edmonton
Canning, Gordon from Dixonville
Cannon, Nevill C. (Happy Valley Ranch) from Midnapore
Caouette, Raymond Herman from Bonnyville, Quesnel, BC
Capello, Frank from Tilley
Capers, Ellison H. (Round T Ranch) from High River
Capewell, James from Warburg
Capling, Herbert Roy from Rose Lynn, Sunnynook
Caravelle Ranches Ltd. from Calgary
Card Bros from Raymond
Card, Ernest from Enilda
Card, Harold R from Raymond
Cardell, Victor from Scandia
Cardeneo, Henry from Beaverlodge
Carder, Clayton C. from Stettler, Calgary
Carder, Clayton C. from Stettler, Calgary
Carder, Harley E. from Warden, Stettler
Carder, W.B. from Stettler
Cardinal Bros Ranch Ltd. (Johnnie M, Alex & Peter M.) from St. Paul
Cardinal, Albert A. from Spedden
Cardinal, Albert E. from Wabasca
Cardinal, Archie from Peace River
Cardinal, Barner from Saddle Lake
Cardinal, Donald E. from Kikino
Cardinal, Donald from Sputinow
Cardinal, Edward Jr. from Saddle Lake
Cardinal, Edward Jr. from Saddle Lake
Cardinal, Ernie E. from Lac La Biche
Cardinal, Francis from Gurneyville
Cardinal, Henry from Sputinow, Frog Lake
Cardinal, Howard D. from Edmonton
Cardinal, Joe from Goodfish Lake
Cardinal, Joseph from Goodfish Lake
Cardinal, Lorraine from St. Bridges
Cardinal, Louis Sr. from Saddle Lake, St. Brides
Cardston Feeder’s Assoc Ltd. from Cardston
Cardston Fourth Ward from Cardston
Cardston Loan Company from Cardston
Cardston Second Ward from Cardston
Cardwell, C.A .from Cowley
Cardwell, Harvey A. from Hartleyville
Cardwell, W. J. from Cardston
Cardy, George from Abee
Careless, Arthur from Busby
Carey, George H. from Little Gem, Hemaruka, Veteran
Carey, Hugh E. from Calgary
Carey, L.J. from Islay
Carey, Patrick from Atlee
Carey, Stanley from Claresholm
Carey, Thomas Stanley from Stavely
Cargill Bros from Chauvin
Cargill Bros. from Chauvin
Cargill Grain Canada Ltd. from Winnipeg, MB
Cargill, Charles Dundas from Chauvin
Cargill, Charles Dundas from Chauvin
Cargill, David from Medicine Hat, Etzikom
Cargill, Frank from Chauvin
Caribou Mountain Feeders Assoc. from Fort Vermilion
Carl, John H. from Silver Heights
Carl, John H. from Silver Heights
Carl, Rufus A. from Greenshields
Carl, Rufus A. from Greenshields, Wainwright
Carleton, Frank from Bonnyville
Carlin, Pat from Water Valley
Carlisle, Lewis J. from Tofield
Carlone, Romen from Tangent
Carlsen, Anton from Seven Persons
Carlson Bros (John & Peter) from Viking
Carlson Bros, (Meakin, Michael, Patrick) from Owendale, Lethbridge
Carlson, A.R. from Metiskow
Carlson, Albert from Alix, Chigwell
Carlson, Albin N. from Westward Ho
Carlson, Alex C. from Alderson
Carlson, Alfred E. from Lindberg
Carlson, Arnold C. & David from Scapa, Condor
Carlson, Arnold C. from Scapa
Carlson, Barrie F. from Innisfree
Carlson, Bertel A. from Medicine Hat
Carlson, Carl F. from Sunnyvale
Carlson, Charles A. from Cessford
Carlson, Charlie from Lake Eliza
Carlson, Clifford T. from Stettler
Carlson, David A. from Sullivan Lake, Scapa, Metiskow, Czar
Carlson, E. LaVarr from Cardston
Carlson, Earl from Cardston
Carlson, Ella Mae from Erskine
Carlson, Emil from Bawlf, Camrose
Carlson, Emily from Stavely
Carlson, Eric from Peavine
Carlson, Ernie from Tilley, Vauxhall
Carlson, Eugene M. from Pincher Creek
Carlson, Evert & Wojcik, Michael from Bittern Lake
Carlson, Gilbert J. from Seven Persons
Carlson, Gordon from Stavely, Calgary
Carlson, Gus from High River, Blind River, ON
Carlson, Gustav from Seven Persons, Medicine Hat
Carlson, Gustave E. from Wimborne
Carlson, Harold from Fort Kent, Ardmore
Carlson, John D. from Tofield
Carlson, John from Stavely
Carlson, Joseph from Harmattan
Carlson, L.R. from Ponoka
Carlson, Llewellyn K, from Seven Persons, Hartleyville
Carlson, Magdalena B. from Grimshaw
Carlson, Margaret from Excel, Oyen
Carlson, Morgan Earl from Edmonton
Carlson, Morgan Earl from Edmonton
Carlson, Mrs. D. from Sullivan Lake, Camrose, Scapa
Carlson, Mrs. H. from Turin
Carlson, Myer from Brooks, Alderson
Carlson, O.C. from Alderson
Carlson, Phyllis B. from Stettler,
Carlson, S. from DeBolt
Carlson, Sanfrid or Sam from Seven Persons, Alberta
Carlson, Stanley from Cochrane
Carlson, Stanley George from Longview, Rocky Mountain House
Carlson, Sture S. from Meeting Creek
Carlson, Sune Arthur from Marwayne
Carlson, Tallittea M. from Cardston
Carlson, Thure from One Four
Carlson, Tore S. from Foremost, Victoria, BC
Carlson, Victor Bernard from Mountain View, Hill Spring, Pincher Creek, Calgary
Carlson, Victor from Mountain View, Hill Spring
Carlson, Y.H. from Wildwood, Edson, Entwistle
Carlstadt Bros. (Stanley L, Oridan & Dennis) from Valhalla Centre, Bear Canyon
Carlton, G.W. from Bon Accord
Carlyle Bros from Sundre
Carlyle, Donald from Bellevue, Hillcrest
Carlyle, Kenneth A .from Calgary
Carlyle, M. P. from Eckville
Carlyle, M.D. from Hubalta
Carmack, J. G. from Nanton
Carmack, L. W from Nanton
Carmichael, C.D. from Patricia, Aldergrove, BC
Carmichael, D.C. from Obed
Carnell, D. from Jasper
Carney, H.A. from Edgerton
Carney, H.E. from Edgerton
Carney, James W. & John Henry from Pincher Station
Carney, Patricia from Pincher Creek
Caron, Abert Paul from Whitelaw
Caron, Arthur G. from Wainwright
Caron, Bert from Stavely
Caron, J. Leo from Stavely
Caron, John from Brierville
Caron, Joseph S. from Wainwright, Auburndale
Caron, Kenneth George from Hollow Lake
Caron, L.V. from Calgary
Caron, Paul from Shepard
Carothers Bros. (J.B. & Joe) from DeWinton, Bluffton
Carothers, Helen R. from De Winton
Carpenter, G.A. from James River Bridge
Carpenter, Gerald Lorne from Chauvin
Carpenter, Hobart C. from Rimbey, James River Bridge
Carpenter, J.H. (estate) & Mrs. U. Gota, from Chauvin
Carpenter, P.M., Bosomworth, Eric from Airdrie
Carpenter, Ray from Battlebend, Sedgewick
Carr, Albert from Taber
Carr, Arthur E. from Black Diamond, Okotoks, Cloverdale, BC, Surrey, BC
Carr, H. E. from Hoadley
Carr, J. W. from Warner
Carr, Laurence from Cappon
Carr, Mary & Dartha from Cochrane
Carr, Mrs. W. from Countess, Drayton Valley
Carr, T.W. from Taber
Carr, W.T. from Bassano, Makepeace
Carra, Marie from Rowley
Carra, Richard K. from Rowley
Carratt, Bernard C. from Rolling Hills
Carratt. F.G. from Delburne
Carrick, Thomas from Calgary
Carrico, Alice J. from Scollard
Carrier, Henry B. from Oyen
Carrier, Henry B. from Oyen
Carrington Investments Ltd. (Bill Fortier & Helen Fortier) from Rocky Mountain House
Carroll, C.W. from Leduc, Edmonton
Carroll, C.W. from Leduc, Edmonton
Carrott, George Francis from Delburne
Carruthers Bros from Glendon
Carson, Bruce Murray from Valleyview
Carson, Gordon from Rocky Mountain House
Carson, James from Bellcamp, Marwayne
Carson, William from Marwayne
Carstairs, Allen Thomas from Cherhill
Carsten Packing Co. from Picture Butte, Tacoma, WA
Carstens, Phillip J. from Spokane WA
Carswell, Duncan A. from Calgary
Carswell, Ernest Arnold from Hays
Carswell, Lorne T. from Taber
Carte, Ernest from Warner
Carter, A. from Macleod
Carter, Anthony Orlando &.Lillian A from Coronation, Talbot, Lacombe
Carter, Archie from Coronation
Carter, Arthur T. from Vanrena, Fairview
Carter, B. Edward from Calgary
Carter, B.A. from Sundre
Carter, Cecil Arthur & Son from Mannville, Ceylon, SK
Carter, Conrad from Hemaruka
Carter, E. Nev. from Eckville, Markerville
Carter, E.F. from Calgary
Carter, Edward A. from Morningside
Carter, Eunice from Raymond, Twin River
Carter, Evan O. from Darwell
Carter, George D. from Edmonton
Carter, J.E. from Edberg
Carter, Jane from Eckville
Carter, Jerry from Onion Lake
Carter, John E. from Coronation
Carter, John from Morningside
Carter, Mary from Sunnyslope
Carter, Mary, Campbell & Mrs. R. from Sunnyslope
Carter, Maurice from Keephills
Carter, Maxwell James from Bashaw
Carter, Mrs. A. T. from Hines Creek
Carter, Mrs. E.R. from Vermilion, Chauvin, Czar
Carter, Thomas from Shepard
Carter, Victor N. from Jarrow
Carter, W.D. from Rycroft
Carter, Walter from Hussar, Albert Park, Calgary
Carter, Wilf from Carstairs
Carter, Willett L. from Fort Assiniboine
Carter, William W. from Elkton, Creston, BC
Cartier, A.L. from Winfield, Millet
Cartier, Diamond from Fabyan
Cartier, E .from Fabyan
Cartier, Emile from Winfield
Cartlidge, Albert from Big Prairie
Cartmell, William from Halliday, Trochu, Rimbey
Cartmill, Alice from Calgary, Balzac
Cartwright Bros. from Esther
Cartwright, E.F. from Calgary
Cartwright, E.T. from Calgary
Cartwright, James A., & Richard M. from Enilda
Cartwright, Mildred Jeanette from Esther, Calgary
Cartwright, Raymond F. from Esther
Carty, George N. from Beaverlodge
Caryford, Sidney from Lacombe
Casavant, Marcel from Barrhead
Cascadden, Thomas from High River
Case, Edwin from Edmonton
Case, Henry A. from Drayton Valley, Tomahawk
Case, Henry A. from Drayton Valley, Tomahawk
Case, James L. from Hardisty, Strathmore
Case, Thomas F. from Berwyn
Casebeer, Elwood from Didsbury, Cremona, Carstairs
Casebeer, L.G. from Innisfail
Casebeer, Willie from Carstairs
Caseley, Victor G. from Coronation, Throne, Veteran
Casey, C.D. from Crossfield, Calgary
Casey, Thomas F. from Calgary, Loverna, SK
Cashman, John V. R from Cremona
Cashman, John V. R. from Cremona
Caskey, Clarence G. from Excel, Cereal, Oyen
Caskey, O.A. from Elk Point
Casper, Dale from Drayton Valley
Casper, Harlen from Kinsella, Wainwright
Cass, James from Muirhead
Cassidy, Martin W. from Vegreville
Cassidy, Mary Elsie from Pincher Creek
Cassity, Keith from Wembley
Casson, Edgar W. from Nanton
Casson, Edgar W. from Nanton
Castella, M. A .from Standard
Castellina, Attilio from Warner
Casterton, W.J. from Clandonald, Vermilion
Castle, W. B. from Edgerton
Caswell, Harry from Gunn
Cates, Rufus from Oyen
Cattanach, J. F. from Bear Lake, Grimshaw
Cattanach, John from Scapa
Cattoni Bros. from Shaughnessy
Cauthorn, Marvin Clayton from Fleet
Cavanagh, Alex from Buffalo
Cavanaugh, L.A. (estate) from Calgary
Cave, Henry Arthur from Raven
Cavelle, Albert from Taber, Pincher Creek, Warner
Cavener, John Bruce from Millet
Caveny, Earl L. from Nanton, Coronation
Cawiezel, Rose from Langdon
Cawley, Stanley V. from Rimbey, Bowden
Cawley, Vernon from Bowden
Cayenne, Lois Jean from Olds, Okotoks, Calgary
Cebryk, Eugene William from Twin Butte
Cecil, Granville W. (Kentucky Farm) from Lethbridge
Cecil, Granville W. (Kentucky Farm) from Lethbridge
Cek, Joe from Cowley
Central Dairy Cattle Company from Calgary
Central Peace Feeder Assoc. Ltd. from Spirit River, Rycroft
Century Coals Ltd from East Coulee
Cerveny, August William from Ponoka
Cessford Ranching Company (Bryce C. Stringham, Cessford Ranching Ltd.) from Claresholm
Chabot, Leandre Joseph L. from Calgary
Chabun, Peter from Rochester
Chadwick, Robert & Mildred from Lougheed
Chaffee, Norman G. from Grenada
Chaffey, George M. from Olds
Chaisson, Lewis Lee from St. Lina
Chaitlain, Peter from Lake Saskatoon, Wembley, Wapiti
Chajkowski, Mike from Bonnyville
Chakowski, Joseph from Canmore
Chalifoux, William from Grouard
Challand, Orris T. from Leedale
Challenger, John from Edgerton
Challenger, R.H from Edgerton
Challies, Fred B. from Irma
Challman, Dan from Elk Point
Challman, Ivar from Vermilion
Chalmers, C.C. from Fairview
Chalmers, Charles Rodney from Fairview
Chalmers, David Peden from Calgary
Chalmers, Doreen from Fairview
Chalmers, F.J. from Fairview
Chalmers, Gene Russell from Bentley
Chalmers, J. from Langdon, Dalemead
Chalmers, Larry A. from Calgary
Chalmers, R.K. from Clandonald
Chalmovansky, Anthony from Duchess
Chalupa, F. from Sundance
Chalus, Nicholas from Luscar, Edmonton
Chamberlain, Anna & Joseph Ballard from Kimball, Whiskey Gap, Owendale, Woolford, Fareham
Chamberlain, Earl from Loon Lake, SK
Chamberlain, Earl from Medicine Hat, Rio Grande, Mount Valley
Chamberlain, Guy from Lake Eliza
Chamberlain, Walter from Medicine Hat
Chambers, James from Dixonville, Clearhills
Chambers, John E. from Morrin, Rumsey
Chambers, Ross V. from Rocky Mountain House
Chambers, Stancil Ross & Annie from Armada, Lomond
Chambers, William Edward from Lomond
Chamney, Henry Joseph from Bowden, Rocky Mountain House
Champagne, Jacques from St. Paul
Champagne, Lucien from St. Paul
Champney, A.T. from Macleod
Chanasyk, Joe from Derwent
Chanasyk, Nick from Musidora, Innisfree
Chanasyk, Ralph Garry from Mannville
Chandler, Aaron from Markerville
Chandler, Elwood Charles from Chinook Valley, Dixonville
Chandler, Laurence E. from Didsbury
Chanler, R.E. from Lindbergh, Moose Creek, Mooswa
Channell, W.W. from Innisfail, Kevisville
Channon, H.N. from Bashaw, Alix
Chanut, Emile from Kirriemuir
Chapdelaine, Albert from Mallaig
Chapelsky, Mike from Beauvallon
Chapin, Mrs. Tom from Caroline
Chapin, Tomalin Morris from Caroline
Chapman, Annie from Reid Hill, Vulcan
Chapman, C. from Donalda
Chapman, Donald James from Lethbridge
Chapman, Douglas & Frances K. from Cochrane
Chapman, Douglas M. from Cochrane
Chapman, Douglas Victor from Cochrane
Chapman, Earl W (Sundown Ranch) from Cochrane
Chapman, G. F. from Morley
Chapman, H. M. from Frog Lake
Chapman, Harry from Morley
Chapman, Jack Allan from Stettler
Chapman, James from Endiang
Chapman, Joan E. from Erskine
Chapman, Keith from Lethbridge
Chapman, Marie from Turin
Chapman, P.W. from Castor
Chapman, Philip from Lomond
Chapman, S.H. from Chauvin
Chapman, W.W. from Warrensville
Chapman, William Reginald from Empress
Chappell, E.E. & Sons from Vimy, Dodds
Chapplow, Hugh Preston from Taber
Chaproniere, Arthur B. G. from Red Deer
Charboneau & Goodrum from Fort Saskatchewan
Charbonneau, Lucien from Mallaig
Charbonneau, Raoul from Onion Lake SK., Tulliby Lake
Charelain, Alfred from Lymburn
Charest, Alfred from Rolling Hills
Charest, August from Normandeau
Charezun, Prokop from Derwent
Charland, Frank from Cold Lake
Charland, George M. from Rich Lake
Charles, Allan W. from Spirit River, Castor
Charles, Edgar K. from Chinook Valley
Charles, J.A. & Harry Him from Leslieville
Charles, J.A. & Harry Him from Leslieville
Charlesworth, J.A. from Stettler
Charlton, A.G. from Acme
Charlton, Lloyd V. from Grand Centre
Charlton, Ralph from Cayley, Peace River
Charlton, Robert G. from Macleod
Charolais Beef products Ltd. from Calgary
Charron, Pierre from St. Paul de Metis
Charters, John N. from Lloydminster
Charters, William S. from Streamstown
Chartier, Roch from Wainwright
Chartier, Roland D. from Greenshields
Chartrand, Ernest from Therien, Mallaig
Chartrand, Gilbert from Mallaig
Chaschin, Prokopy N. from Elk Point
Chase, C.S. from Cluny
Chase, George L. from Hinton
Chase, Orville L. from Irma
Chase, Ralph Henry from Milk River, Masinasin
Chase, Russell B. from Hinton
Chatenay Bros. (Paul A. & A.E.) from Penhold
Chattaway, Maxine from Nanton
Chatwood, M.H from Bingley
Chavasse, T. J. from Edgerton
Chave, William from Edmonton
Chayer, Harvey & Cyprien from Sunnynook
Chayer, Harvey & Cyprien from Sunnynook
Chaytors, Mrs. R.W. from Thorsby
Cheatham, G.M. from Calgary
Chechotko, Felix from Burtonsville, Magnolia
Checkley, J.W. from Bremner
Chemelli, August from Sundre
Chemenkoff, Fred from Beaver Mines
Chemerinske, Carson from High Prairie
Chemlyk, Michael from Edmonton
Chenard, Aristide from Tangent
Chenard, Leonard from Vauxhall
Chenard, Rosaire from Tangent
Chenger, Charles from Lethbridge
Chenger, Michael J. from Lethbridge
Chepeka, Harry from Willingdon
Chepurik, William from Altario
Cheremshynski, Mike from Vegreville
Cherniak, Samuel R .from Consort
Cherniawski, Mike J. from Mundare
Chernick, John from Olds
Cherniwchan, Nick M. from Bellis
Cherniwchan, William M. from Bellis
Chernoff, Bill from Lundbreck
Cherry, Charles W. from Rimbey
Cherry, Charles W. from Rimbey
Cherry, Douglas Clifford from Lloydminster
Cherry, Elias & Mrs. E. Krisher from Woolchester, Forestburg, Arvilla
Cherry, Elias & William Krisher from Woolchester
Cherwonka, Robert from Barrhead
Cheshire, Charles G. from Ashmont
Cheshire, Charles G. from Ashmont
Cheshire, Samuel from Sideview, St. Lina
Cheshire, Thomas from North Edmonton
Chesney Bros. from Etzikom
Chesney, Boyd M. from Thelma
Chesney, R.T. from Bindloss
Chessor, Robert Dean from Lacombe
Chester, Charlie from Fort Macleod
Chester, John from Brosseau, Lafond
Chester, John from Foisy
Chester, Richard from Lafond
Chesterman Bros. from Gilt Edge, Vanesti
Chesterman, George from Hope Valley, Heath
Cheston, Maurice from Innisfail
Chetney, Bernt from Holden
Chetney, Bernt from Holden
Chevrier, E. & James Lowther from Cassils
Chevrier, E. & James Lowther from Cassils
Chiana Breeders of Alberta Ltd. from Calgary
Chianina & Romagnola Ranches Organization Ltd. from Calgary
Chiasson, Augustine Luke from Bassano, Toronto, ON
Chicak, John N. from Delph, St. Michael
Chichester, C.W. from Lethbridge
Chidlaw, Jack from Hanna
Chidley, Bertram Lawrence from Scapa, Hanna
Chidley, Russell L. from Scapa
Chidlow, Jack Dinsmore from Red Deer
Chieduch, Dennis from Spruce Grove
Chieduch, Jerry from Edmonton
Chieduch, Walter from Edmonton, Stony Plain
Chiernyk Bros. (Mike, Dan & Emile A.) from Rochester
Chikowski, Steve from Rainier
Chilbecki, Orest from Mundare, Vegreville
Childers, Lloyd Stanley from Eaglesham
Chiles, Dr. J.N. from Edmonton
Chiles, Dr. J.N. from Edmonton
Chilkowich, Peter from Tofield
Chilton, Charles from Wolf Creek, Metiskow
Chilton, F.J. from Fort Macleod
Chilton, Nettie from Calgary, Claresholm
Chilton, T.E .from Claresholm
Chimiuk, Roy & Walter from Edmonton
Chimko, Mathew from Stry
Chimko, Mike from Spedden
Chiniquay, Paul from Morley
Chiniquay, Walter from Morley
Chinook Feeders Association Ltd. from Lethbridge
Chinook, Thomas from Medicine Hat, Prince Albert, SK
Chinworth, Birdie C. from Manyberries
Chinworth. Judson R. from Manyberries, Grantham
Chip Lake Cattle Co. Ltd. from Chip Lake
Chipchase, George T. from Ardrossan, Sylvan Lake, Penticton, BC
Chipchase, Marie nee Kozak from Calgary, High River
Chiperzak, Edwin from Chipman
Chipman, A.L. from Welling
Chisan, Alexander C. from Midnapore
Chisholm Brothers from Winnifred, Taber
Chisholm Holdings Ltd. from Calgary
Chisholm, Angus from Patricia, Vancouver, BC
Chisholm, D.B. & Donald E. (Chisholm & MacPhee) from Penhold
Chisholm, D.B. & Donald E. MacPhee (Chisholm & MacPhee)from Penhold
Chisholm, F. W. from Red Deer
Chisholm, Philip Francis from Patricia, Brooks
Chisholm, W.M. from Calgary
Chiste, Bruno L. from Diamond City
Chiswell, L. B. from Perryvale
Chittick, Jack from Mayerthorpe
Chivilo, Tony A .from Macleod
Chizawsky, George from Smoky Lake
Chizen, Jack from Thorhild
Chizen, Joe & Tony from Egremont, Radway
Chizmazia, James from Barnwell, Coaldale, Hardieville
Chmilar, John P. from Morecambe
Choiniere, Ernest E & Sons (Bryan R. & David N.) from Darwell, Spruce Grove
Cholach, Eli from Grasslands
Chomchuk, Greg from Colinton
Chomiak, Eugene from Ryley
Chomiak, Lukash from Spedden, Edmonton
Chomiak, Lukash from Spedden, Edmonton
Chomiak, Peter from Rocky Lane, Fort Vermilion
Chomiak, Steve from Ryley
Chomik, David from Two Hills
Chomistek, Paul Jr. from Scandia
Chomlak, Fred from Clandonald
Chomlak, Fred from Clandonald
Chomyc, Metro from Myrnam
Chomyc, W.T. from Myrnam
Chonkolay, Harry from Habay
Chont, Douglas from Olds
Chontosh, Andrew from Taber
Chontosh, Tommy John from Taber
Chop, William from Dixonville
Chopman, Carrie E. from Erskine
Choptowy, Stanley from Hylo
Choquette, Gerald from Bonnyville
Choquette, Pierre from Lessard, Bonnyville
Chorney, Alex from Willingdon
Chorney, Gregory from Brosseau
Chorney, Steve from Smoky Lake
Chornohus, Alex from Hamlin, St. Paul
Chornohus, John from Willingdon
Chornohus, Nick from Foisy
Chouinard, Ernest L. from La Corey
Chowen, R.E.from Bentley
Chrapko, Steve S. from Hairy Hill
Chrenek, Matt from Sexsmith
Chrest, Neil M. from Sundre
Chrestenson, Isabelle Marie from Calgary, Innisfail
Chrestenson, Louis F. from Calgary, Innisfail
Chriest, W.C. from Carvel
Christe, Anjelo from Grassy Lake, Purple Springs
Christen, Alcide from New Dayton
Christensen, Alfred T. from Olds
Christensen, Allen A. from High River
Christensen, Andrew from Tilley
Christensen, Ansgar from Tilley
Christensen, Arnold from Edgerton
Christensen, Arthur Oliver from Whitla, Atlee, St. Paul
Christensen, Bonde from Hussar
Christensen, C.S. from Monitor
Christensen, Carl from Sundre
Christensen, Chester from Innisfree
Christensen, Chris B. from Standard
Christensen, David Douglas from Metiskow
Christensen, Delbert from Hattonford
Christensen, Dorothy from Hussar
Christensen, Elden & Co. from Magrath
Christensen, Emil from Rosebud, Botha
Christensen, G.A. from Stirling, Lethbridge
Christensen, Gordon from Innisfree, Drumheller
Christensen, H. P. from Jenner
Christensen, Ida from Lethbridge
Christensen, J.C. from Wayne
Christensen, Jack A. from Trochu
Christensen, James K. from Minburn
Christensen, John from Leo
Christensen, Kirstine from East Coulee
Christensen, Leonard H. from Raymond
Christensen, Lykka C. from Standard
Christensen, M. & Godthjelpsen from Calgary
Christensen, M.J. from Standard
Christensen, Martin D. from Claresholm
Christensen, Martin from Bingville
Christensen, Mervin A. from Claresholm
Christensen, Niels Harvey from Rosebud
Christensen, Ole from Hussar
Christensen, Olie B. Jr. from Calgary
Christensen, Peter from Blackfoot
Christensen, Roy from St. Vincent, St. Paul
Christensen, S.F. from Sundre
Christensen, Sigvard J. from Auburndale, Vermilion
Christensen, Stanley C. from Innisfail, Dickson
Christensen, Wallace M. from Cadogan, Cairns
Christensen, William C. from Stirling
Christensen, William from St. Edouard, St. Paul
Christensen, Wyman T. from Kingman
Christenson Bros. (Soren A. & Laverne) from Rosebud
Christenson, Gunnar from Carlos, Brooks
Christersson, Steve from Bearberry
Christian Bros from Clandonald
Christian, George from Holden
Christian, Roy W. from Innisfail
Christians, Earl from Stettler
Christiansen, C.W. & Barbara L. from Wild Horse
Christiansen, David & Ottine, Marie from Tilley
Christiansen, Magnus K. from Castor
Christiansen, Ole from Darwell
Christiansen, Thomas J. from Milk River
Christianson, Frank from Calgary
Christianson, M. from Chauvin
Christie, Arnold F. from Grande Prairie
Christie, George from Vulcan, Mossleigh
Christie, H.C. from Chauvin
Christie, H.L. from Innisfail
Christie, Jack G. from Calgary
Christie, MacKenzie Ralph & Robert Gladstone from Calgary
Christie, Matthew G. from Lacombe, Kimball
Christie, Mrs. L. D. from Cardston, Kimball
Christie, Mrs. L.D. from Cardston, Kimball
Christie, R.M. from Kimball, Cardston
Christie, Robert James from Irvine, Vilna, Quesnel, BC
Christman Bros. (August & Emil) from Schuler
Christman, Albert from Irvine
Christman, August from Schuler, Medicine Hat, Edmonton
Christman, Ben & Bros. from Clandonald
Christman, W.J. from Monarch
Christman, Walter from Clandonald
Christman, William from Dewberry
Christmann, Elsie from Manyberries
Christmann, James from Manyberries
Christoffersen, Andrew J. from Rockyford
Christoffersen, Christ from Bowden
Christoffersen, Ejner from Strathmore
Christoffersen, J.R. & Grace from Calgary, Albert Park, Strathmore, Lake McGregor
Christoffersen, Norman O. & Hazel M. from Didsbury
Christoffersen, Severin from Coronation
Christofferson, Hans & Sarah from Brant
Christofferson, Peter from Bragg Creek, Brant, Frankburg
Christofferson, Thomas from Brant
Christophenson, C. from Halcourt, Sundre
Christopher, George from Marwayne, Bellcamp
Christopher, John William from Sheerness
Christopher, Randall from Sheerness
Christophersen, Walter Tim from Valhalla, Homestead
Christopherson, Bros. (Ben & Reuben) from Valhalla
Christopherson, Carl & Sons from Homestead, Valhalla Centre
Chronik, Alex & Dmytro from Picture Butte
Chronik, Joseph from Picture Butte
Chronister, James E. from High River, Loch Sloy
Chrumka, Alex from Tilley
Chrumka, Karol from Tilley
Chrupka, Peter from Turin
Chrysler, Albert Wallace from Mannville
Chrysler, Wallace from Mannville
Chubaty, John from Tofield
Chubey, Harry from Elk Point
Chudleigh Bros (Clarence R. & Edwin A.) from Picture Butte
Chudleigh, M.L. from Bindloss
Chudleigh, Norman Paul from Duchess, Roseberg, Millicent, High River
Chudleigh, Rufus from Duchess
Chudleigh, Viola L. from Picture Butte
Chudyk, Joe & Yacey, Nestor from Myrnam
Chudyk, Paul from St. Michael
Chudyk, Russell from Vegreville
Chudyk, Ted from Vegreville
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – Aetna Ward from Cardston
Church of LDS – Glenwood Ward from Glenwoodville
Church, David from Balzac
Church, Herbert from Big Valley
Church, J.R. from Carmangay
Church, L.E. from Nevis
Church, Lawrence E. Jr. from Stettler, Erskine
Church, William Robinson from Drumheller
Churchill, Clyde from Paradise Valley, Wainwright
Churchill, Georgina from Kinuso, Kitscoty
Churchill, S. L. from Brooks
Churness, George from Bowell
Chute, Burton from Lethbridge
Chychul, Nicholas K. from Myrnam
Chychul, Tom from Mannville
Cibart, Benjamin F. from Hardisty
Cicon, Russell from Calgary
Cikaluk, Bill & Fred Schoenroth from Viking
Cindric, Anton from Cassils
Cinnamon, G.F. from Rose Lynn
Cipperley, Lloyd Steven from Didsbury
Circle B Ranch Co. Ltd. from Calgary, Edmonton
Circle B Ranch Co. Ltd. from Calgary, Edmonton
Circle K Ranch Ltd. (Paul Koroluk) from Lamont
Circle N Enterprises (Allan E. & S.A. Odland) from Taber
Circle T Acres, (Towpich, Isidore) from Calgary
Cire, John & Orlene from Dawson Creek, BC, Bashaw
Cisar, Frank from Granum, Macleod
Clacys, Charles from Erskine
Claeyes, Jules from Vauxhall
Claggett, Clifford H. from Carrot River, Saskatchewan, Metiskow, Clinton, BC
Claggett, James Kerby & Roy G. Stewart (SK Bar Ranches Ltd. from Melfort, SK., High River)
Claggett, James Kerby & Roy G. Stewart (SK Bar Ranches Ltd.) from Melfort, SK, High River
Clampitt, Philip W. from Oyen
Clark & Collison from Knob Hill
Clark & Sewall, (George B.Clark & S.D. Sewall) from Hussar
Clark & Sons from Waskatenau
Clark Bros. (G. & C.) from Mannville
Clark, A.F. from Hannah, Hythe
Clark, Alex from Mannville, Vermilion
Clark, Alfred R. from Vermilion
Clark, Alfred W from Edgerton
Clark, Anice from Hardisty
Clark, Archie from Amisk, Hughenden
Clark, Arthur W. from Erskine
Clark, C.E. from Hardisty
Clark, D.E .from Airdrie
Clark, D.O. from Bergen
Clark, Dale W. from Carmangay
Clark, Deloy W. from Lethbridge, Stirling
Clark, Derrel from Cardston, Lacombe
Clark, Donald Edgar from Hinton
Clark, Doug from Vermilion
Clark, Duncan W. from Stettler
Clark, Ed from Medicine Hat
Clark, Edwin James from Wetaskiwin, Turner Valley
Clark, Eldon R. from High River
Clark, Ernest A. from Pincher Creek
Clark, Everett from Hotchkiss
Clark, Everett J. from Rosebud
Clark, F.M. & L. R. from Tofield, Sherwood Park
Clark, Fay H. from Nevis
Clark, Fred L. from Calgary
Clark, Fred W. from Vermilion
Clark, George from Bashaw
Clark, George M. from Mannville
Clark, H. from Nordegg
Clark, H. Ward from North Edmonton
Clark, H.M. from Streamas, Lloydminster
Clark, H.S. from Entrance
Clark, Hector M. from North Edmonton
Clark, Herbert Chester from Erskine
Clark, Hiram Alfred from Erskine, Stettler
Clark, Ian Cavil from Vermilion, Wainwright
Clark, James A. from Hoadley
Clark, James Arthur J. from Vermilion
Clark, James from Claresholm, Taber
Clark, James W. from Bay Tree, Lake Geneva
Clark, John B. from Bruce
Clark, John Etter from Stettler
Clark, John from Burdett
Clark, John from De Winton, High River
Clark, Joseph A. from Hanna
Clark, Marshall K. from Rosebud
Clark, Maud G. from Sexsmith, Teepee Creek, Bad Heart
Clark, Maurice George from Calgary
Clark, Mrs. Francis C. from Rosebud
Clark, Murray from Owen Sound, ON
Clark, Murray N. from Crooked Creek
Clark, Murray Nelson from East Coulee, Crooked Creek
Clark, Myul G. from Vulcan, Seebe
Clark, Norman from Medicine Hat
Clark, Percy Martin from Vulcan
Clark, R.K. from N. Edmonton
Clark, Richard from Altario
Clark, Robert from Consort, Monitor
Clark, Robert from Millerfield
Clark, Robert W. from Streamstown
Clark, Roy from Sunset House, Rosebud
Clark, Sewall and Potter (Raymond V Potter, S.D. Sewall, George B. Clark) from Hussar
Clark, T.G. from West Wingham, Sunset House
Clark, Terrence A. from Metiskow, Penhold, Drumheller
Clark, Thomas F. B. from Craigmyle, Drumheller
Clark, Thomas from Lafond, Brosseau
Clark, W.A. from Hughenden
Clark, W.E. from Medicine Hat
Clark, Wallace N. from Shelby, MT
Clark, Walter from Hanna, Maunders
Clark, Ward from Bow Island
Clark, William from Lundbreck
Clarke, A.W. from Lomond
Clarke, Albert G. from Sedgewick
Clarke, Arthur from McDonaldville
Clarke, Donald James from Lloydminster
Clarke, Donald Oliver from Edmonton
Clarke, F.W. from St. Lina
Clarke, Frederick William from Midnapore, Calgary
Clarke, Gary & Benci, Dennis from Picture Butte
Clarke, George & Shirley from Calgary
Clarke, George E. from Gadsby
Clarke, George F. from Leslieville
Clarke, George from Sedgewick, Airways, Czar, Craigmillar
Clarke, Graydon from Elnora
Clarke, Guy W. from DeBolt
Clarke, H.W. from Talbot
Clarke, Harold from Alix
Clarke, Harry Arthur from Lousana, Elnora
Clarke, Ivor & J. Rohl from Cochrane
Clarke, Ivor A. from Cochrane, Fort Pitt, Saskatchewan
Clarke, Jesse W. from MacLeod
Clarke, John & Sons from McDonaldville
Clarke, Lewis J. from Lacombe
Clarke, Mrs. L.Y. from Mirror
Clarke, Normand L. from Abilene, Ashmont
Clarke, Oscar from Cochrane
Clarke, P.C. from Red Deer
Clarke, Ronald John from Edmonton, Cluny
Clarke, W.E. & Sons from Talbot, Veteran, Scandia
Clarkson Bros. from Carlstadt
Clarkson, C.W. from Vulcan
Clarkson, Robert K. from Edmonton
Clarkson, W.W. & C.W. from Vulcan
Clasen, Emma E. from Cardston, Raley
Classen, John from Peers, Williams Lake, BC
Clausen, Pete from Spondin
Claxton, Herbert George from Calgary
Claxton, Thomas from Edmonton
Claxton, William G. from Haynes, Olive
Claybert, Elsie from Grand Centre
Clayburn Cattle Co. from Calgary
Clayholt, F.J. from Madden
Claypool, Darwayne from Nanton
Clayton, Clifford from Airdrie
Clayton, D.E. from Airdrie
Clayton, Earl M. (estate) from Calgary
Clayton, Earl M. (estate) from Calgary
Clayton, Edward J. from Airdrie
Clayton, Edward J. from Airdrie
Clayton, Emily Murray from Airdrie
Clayton, Graham from Sundre
Clayton, Harold J. from Indus
Clayton, Harold J. from Indus
Clayton, Harvey from Airdrie
Clayton, James E .from Bluffton
Clayton, James E. from Bluffton
Clayton, Leslie H. from Bluffton, Brant
Clayton, Mrs. E.M . from Airdrie
Clayton, Mrs. E.M. from Airdrie
Clayton, O. from Whitla
Clayton, O. from Whitla
Clayton, Percy G. from Airdrie
Clazie, E.W. from Pincher Creek
Clear Range Farm Ltd. (Donald Boyce) from Marwayne
Cleary, Thomas from Hemaruka
Cleave, Norman from Nanton
Clegg, J. H. from Clarkson Valley
Cleland, A.E. from Cowley
Cleland, Gilbert L. from Wrentham, Medicine Hat
Cleland, H. A. from Cowley, Vauxhall
Cleland, Lawrence M. from Cowley
Cleland, Theodore & Sons from Halcourt
Clelland, Bert A .from Irma
Clelland, R.A. from Twin Butte, Pincher Creek
Clemens, Mrs. Jessie V. from Gem, Pine Lake, Knee Hill Valley, Raven
Clemens, Wilfred L. from Pincher Creek
Clement, Leon from Water Valley
Clemmer, Neal Robert & Barbara Ann from Alder Flats
Clemmons, A. R. from Milo
Clemmons, Hattie Myrtle, & Alva A from Queenstown
Clemmons, Miles from Milo
Clemmons, Raymond L. from Queenstown
Clemmons, Raymond P. & Ronnie J. from Queenstown
Clerisse, Peter (or Pierre) from Ewing
Cleve, E. M. from Lloydminster, SK
Cleveland, Albert A. & Lorraine H. from Kitscoty, Sedgewick
Cleveland, Albert from St. Paul, New Brigden
Clever, Alvira Thompson from Edmonton
Clielton, T.E. from Claresholm
Cliff, Wesley from Innisfree
Clifford, E.S. from Strathmore
Clifford, Gene E. from Wainwright
Clifford, Gerald J. from Ribstone
Clifford, Gerald J. from Ribstone
Clifford, Jim from Ribstone
Clifford, M. from Ribstone
Clifford, M. from Ribstone
Clifford, Robert from Ribstone
Clifford, Thomas E. from Stavely
Clifford, William C. from Ardrossan, Tofield
Clifford, William John Jr. from Ribstone, Chauvin, Wainwright
Clifton, Dale E. from Taber
Clifton, Edwin J. from Granum
Clifton, Ezra from Granum
Clifton, Harry from Pine Lake
Clifton, Henry from Granum
Clifton, Hy & W.S. from Del Bonita
Clifton, John Leslie from Granum
Clifton, Mary A .from Magrath
Clifton, Mary A. from Magrath
Clifton, Mrs. David H. from Granum
Clifton, Mrs. David H. from Granum
Climie, Robert Hay & John Lane from Ingleton
Climie, Robert Hay & John Lane from Ingleton
Cline, George R. from Battle Ridge, Amisk, Nilrem
Cline, George R. from Battle Ridge, Amisk, Nilrem
Cline, J. C. from Pincher Creek
Cline, James & Elmer Zilke from Ponoka (Cline), Wetaskiwin
Cline, James & Elmer Zilke from Ponoka (Cline), Wetaskiwin (Zilke)
Cline, James H. from Ponoka
Cline, Leonard C. from Ponoka
Clinton, James E. from Cowley
Clinton, James E. from Cowley
Clissdell, Bert from Airdrie, Irma
Clive Memorial Curling Association from Clive
Cloakey, George H from Calgary
Cloakey, George H. from Calgary
Cloppert, John S. from Streamstown, Nunebor, SK
Close, Joseph Hawthorn from Dixonville
Cloud, H. C. from Cadogan, Abilene, TX
Cloutier, Laurent O. from Tangent, Whitecourt
Cloutier, Maurice from Donnelly
Cloutier, Paul from Girouxville
Cloutier, Pierre from Donnelly
Clovechok, John from Ghost Pine Creek
Club de Renards Argentes from Morinville
Club National de Renards Argentes from St. Paul
Cluley, Dennis P. from Craigmyle
Clutton, A.H. from Del Bonita
Clutton, David J. from Lousana
Clutton, Gavin H. from Delburne
Clyne, Alexander & Borghild from Sunnynook, Duchess, Prince George, BC
Clyne, Elizabeth C. from Edmonton
Coad, L.W. from Rosebud
Coal Branch Horse Owners Association from Mercoal
Coaldale Abattoir Ltd. from Coaldale
Coaldale Mennonite Association (Peter Regehr) from Coaldale
Coast, E.W. from Cadomin
Coates, Aubrey E. from Berwyn
Coates, Frederick J. from Milk River
Coates, James M. from Duffield
Coates, Leon A. from Carbon
Coates, Lillian from New Brigden, Killam
Coates, Lloyd & David from Red Deer
Coates, Norman from Bellevue
Coates, Robert F., (Squaw Point Ranching Ltd., Big Coulee Ranch) from Fort Macleod, Calgary
Coates, Vernon from Killam
Coatta, R from Tofield, Edmonton
Coatta, R. from Tofield, Edmonton
Cobbold, F. R from Pine Lake
Coble, V. P. & Glen A. Florence from Lloydminster, SK
Coble, V.P. & Glen A. Florence from Lloydminster, SK
Coburn, Fred A. from Smith, Mirror Landing, Terrace, BC
Cochkanoff, J. A. from Calgary
Cochlan, Bert from Stavely
Cochlan, Ed from Claresholm
Cochlan, Hazel Y. from Stavely
Cochlan, Hazel Y. from Stavely
Cochlan, James Leslie & Evelyn Pearl Cochlan (formerly Mrs. Blake) from Stavely
Cochlan, Kim Scott from Stavely
Cochlan, S.N. from Stavely
Cochlan, Terry F. from Stavely
Cochlan, Terry F. from Stavely, Cochrane
Cochran – Wilson, R. from Cochrane
Cochran, Fred from Colholme, Chinook
Cochran, Lorne Earl from Lethbridge
Cochrane, James Edward from Calgary
Cochrane, Linden J. from Coronation
Cochrane, W.R., Nicholson, W.R. from Calgary, North Fork
Cochran-Wilson, R. from Cochrane
Cockcroft, Charles from Gadsby
Cocks, Rodney from Galahad
Codd Bros., (Reuben, & Edward E.) from Burstall, SK
Codd, A. Edward from Minburn
Codd, J.H. from Minburn, Innisfree, Notchhill, BC
Codd, Maudie Belle from Vermilion, Minburn
Codd, Victor from Minburn
Codd, W.G. from Innisfree, Minburn, Vermilion
Code, Donald M. from New Brigden
Code, Norman from Red Deer
Code, Verne from Red Deer
Code, W.J. from New Brigden, Alix
Coderre, Edgar Eugene from Rocky Mountain House
Cody, Mary E. & A.H. from Red Deer
Cody, Michael from Calgary
Coe, Leon M. from Carmangay
Coe, William from Mulga, Vermilion
Coe, William from New Brigden
Coebergh, Josephus J & Annie Catherine from Bowmanton
Coelen, Arthur E from Cochrane
Coen, Sadie from Ponoka
Coffey, Bob from Czar
Coffrey, John S. from Stettler
Coffrey, John S. from Stettler
Cogbill, Jack W. from Swalwell, Nanaimo, BC, Grand Forks, BC
Coggins, T. Frank from Entrance, Evansburg
Coghill, Albert from Red deer
Coghill, James D. from Bowden
Coghlan, E.T. from Richdale
Coglon, Lucy from Coutts
Cohen, Hyman & Russell McLeod from Travers, Lethbridge
Cohen, Hyman & Russell McLeod from Travers, Lethbridge
Cohen, Hyman from Lethbridge
Cohoe, Charles from Cochrane
Colbens, Colben O. from Tilley
Colbert, M.M. from Stanmore
Colbourne, M.E. from Mannville
Coldwell, Mrs. A. from Craigmyle
Coldwell, P.E. from Lawsonburg
Cole, A.J. from Coronation
Cole, Albert & Son from Ponoka
Cole, Alfred from Coronation
Cole, Arthur O. from Raven
Cole, Celta from Redland
Cole, Donald from Keephills, Duffield
Cole, E.J. from Coronation
Cole, Ernest J .from Edmonton
Cole, Ernest J. from Edmonton
Cole, J.M. from Lloydminster
Cole, Joseph from Earlie
Cole, Manley R. from Medicine Hat, Manyberries
Cole, Manley R. from Medicine Hat, Manyberries
Cole, Spoor W. from Czar, Caroline
Cole, Spoor W. from Czar, Caroline
Cole, Thomas from Wellsdale, Islay, Clandonald
Cole, William H. from Ribstone
Coleman Bros. from Paradise Valley, Vanesti, Bruce
Coleman, A.L. from Cochrane
Coleman, Allan from DeWinton
Coleman, Clarence C. from Cremona
Coleman, Clarence from Markerville, Winfield, BC,
Coleman, Clarence from Red Deer
Coleman, Clifford & Shirley from Paradise Valley
Coleman, Dora D. from Beazer, Magrath
Coleman, E.J. from Paradise Valley, Vanesti
Coleman, Fred J. from Brooks
Coleman, Gordon & John Yacyna from Tulliby Lake
Coleman, Gordon & John Yacyna from Tulliby Lake
Coleman, Gordon from Tulliby Lake, Onion Lake
Coleman, J.R. from Paradise Valley
Coleman, John O. from Calgary
Coleman, M.C.C. from Paradise Valley
Coleman, Milton from Cremona
Coleman, Milton from Cremona, Hussar
Coleman, Ormond Calvin from Cremona
Coleman, R.G. from Calgary
Coleman, Vard M. from Hanna
Coleman, William Miles from Cochrane
Coli, Hugo Frank from Athabasca
Colina, A. from Throne
Collar, F.J. from Fort Macleod
Collard, David J. from Twin Butte, Midway, BC
Collete, I. Donat from Fabyan
Collett & Saunders from Taber
Collett, D. R & Sons Farms Ltd. from Taber
Collett, Irvin LeRoy, & Johnson, Elmer Francis from Sundre
Collette Bros. from Chauvin
Colley, James A. from Edson, Millarville, Midnapore
Colley, James A. from Edson, Millarville, Midnapore
Colley, Neva M (remarried name Neva M. Gouy) from Midnapore
Colley, Robert H. from Rosemary, Millarville, Black Diamond
Colley, Tom from Huxley
Collier, Cecil R. from Penhold
Collier, E.P. from Calgary
Collier, Percy from Etzikom
Collin, J. L .from Warner
Collinge, Edward from South Edmonton
Collinge, Harry from Strathmore, Vancouver, BC
Collins, A.P. from Rose Lynn, Sheerness
Collins, Alexander from Consort
Collins, Bryan from Wandering River
Collins, C.E. from Ranfurly
Collins, C.W. from Elnora
Collins, Casey from Calgary
Collins, Darrel J. from Burdett
Collins, Dennis Patrick from Bow Island
Collins, Dr. L.B. from Pincher Creek
Collins, Earl Byron from Warner
Collins, Fanny E. & Vincent Collin from Skiff
Collins, Floyd L. from Gem, Duchess
Collins, Frank J. from Beaverlodge
Collins, Fred from Dewberry, Hazeldine
Collins, Fred W. from Parkland, Stavely
Collins, H.G. from Rose Lynn
Collins, J.F. from St. Albert
Collins, Jerry Ross from Okotoks, Calgary, Cochrane
Collins, M.J. from Rose Lynn
Collins, M.R. Flying Red Wheel Ranch from Winterburn
Collins, Mary Evelyn (nee Stifle) from Sunnynook
Collins, Percy Patrick from Innisfail
Collins, Rene from Bonnyville, Fort Kent
Collins, Robert Alvin from Stavely, Nanton, Milk River
Collins, Robert F. from Gem
Collins, W.F. from Blueberry Mountain
Collinson, E.J. from Caroline
Collinson, George from La Glace
Coll-in-Wood Farms Ltd. from Leduc
Collipriest, J. S. & G. M. from Medicine Hat, Bowmanton
Collipriest, Mrs. G. M. from Bowmanton
Collis, Chris from Ponoka
Collis, Hilton John from Stavely, Nanton
Collis, O.J. from Spring Point
Collisen, Tom A .from Rolling Hills
Collison, Len from Lloydminster
Collison, Ted from Brantford, ON
Collwill, Michael J. from Calgary
Collyer, Charles D. D. from Busby
Colp, Albert from Dolcy, Metiskow, Edgerton
Colp, Dennis from Metiskow, Calgary
Colp, Ed from Metiskow
Colp, Herman from Metiskow, Czar
Colp, Joyce from Metiskow
Colp, Louis E. from Metiskow
Colp, Mrs. Earl from Metiskow, Wainwright
Colp, Norman from Wainwright, Metiskow
Colp, Ronald Floyd from Wainwright
Colp, Tim from Metiskow
Colpitts, Ernest A. from Lethbridge, Fort Macleod
Colpitts, S. R. from Vermilion
Colpitts, William from Bragg Creek
Colpitts, William W. from Calgary
Colquhoun, Malcolm from Youngstown
Colson, Frank H. from Coronation
Colston, Joseph from Haven
Colthorp, Mrs. P.J. from Whitla
Colthorp, R.H. from Winnifred
Coltman, Rex B. from Buffalo
Colton, Clarence Wesley from High Prairie
Colton, Murray from Cadogan
Colwell, Fred W. from Garfield, Cremona
Colwell, J.W. from Macleod
Colwill, George from Rolling Hills
Combest, Donna from Erskine
Combest, Gary & Donna from Erskine
Combs, Weslie from Edmonton
Comer, Harold W. from Penhold
Comer, Olga M. from Penhold, Red Deer
Comfort, John from Red Deer
Comm, Garth from Wanham
Comm, Sam from Wetaskiwin
Comparino, Marcello from Burmis
Compton, A.L. from Ponoka
Compton, Earl from Balzac
Compton, Mrs. L. from Ponoka
Compton, Mrs. L. from Ponoka
Comrie, Donald from Nanton, Muirhead
Comrie, Duncan from Nanton
Comrie, Kenneth from South Cooking Lake, Edmonton
Comrie, Kenneth from South Cooking Lake, Edmonton
Comrie, McKinnon & Comrie from Muirhead
Comrie, Peter from Namaka
Comstock, Allen from Calgary
Comstock, Clyde L. from Stauffer, Butte
Comstock, Fred from Nanton
Conally, Gordon from Bassano
Conant, A.B. from Byemoor, Gopherhead
Conarroe, Cecil V. from Paradise Valley
Condor Feeders Association Ltd from Condor
Cone, Wilfred L. from Carstairs, Innisfail
Congdon, Albert M. & Mrs. from Heisler
Congdon, Mrs. & Albert M. from Heisler
Congdon, Solomon from Irma
Congdon, Thomas R. from Violet Grove, Edmonton
Coninx, Gerald Hubert from Calgary
Conkey, Everett John from Rocky Mountain House, Red Deer
Conklin, Russell from Rainier
Conlon, E. Kenneth from Warner
Conn, D. L. from Haddock, Shining Bank
Conn, James H. from Calgary
Conn, Louis & Bodenko or Bodinko, Joseph from Bassano
Conn, Louis from Calgary
Connah, E.W. & Son from Monitor
Connah, Edmund Charles from Monitor
Connally, Charles D. from Bassano
Connanton, Mrs. T.H. from Vermilion
Connaughty, Mrs. J. from Ponoka
Connaughty, Mrs. J. from Ponoka
Connell, Barbara from Stavely
Connell, Donald George from Chinook
Connell, George J. from Calgary, Youngstown, High River, Chinook
Connell, George J. from Calgary, Youngstown, High River, Chinook
Connell, Hugh F. from Stavely
Connell, R.J. from De Winton, Bassano, Gem, High River
Connell, R.J. from De Winton, Bassano, Gem, High River
Connell, Ralph from Monitor
Connelly, Albert C. from Gillingham
Connelly, Albert C. from Gillingham
Connelly, H. E .from Manville
Connelly, H.E. from Mannville
Connelly, L. A. from Edgerton
Connelly, Robert from Gillingham
Conner, James from Wrentham, Cowley
Conners, Lawrence S, & Irene M. from Bergen, Steveville
Conners, Mrs. A. J. nee, Radcliff, Rose from Patricia
Conners, Rose nee Radcliff from Patricia
Conners, Vernon Lawrence from Bergen, Sundre
Connochie, J.D. from Tulliby Lake
Connochie, Robert W. from Tulliby Lake, Cardston, Boyle, Ohaton
Connolly, Allan Robert from Wainwright
Connolly, James H. from St. Paul, Lamont, Lafond
Connon, George J. from Calgary
Connon, Ray S. from Marwayne
Connor, Edward L. from St. Bridges, Victoria, BC
Connor, Glen from Olds
Connor, Gordon A. from Big Valley, Whitehorse, Yukon
Connor, John T. from Vauxhall
Connors, W.G. from Oyen
Conover, H.J. from Haddock
Conquergood, Eldon from Bow Island
Conquergood, Jessie nee Rapson from Winnifred, Bow Island
Conrad & McDonald from Darwell
Conrad, Arthur M. from Taber
Conrad, Gordon Aldon from Hondo, Slave Lake
Conrad, H.H. from Clairmont, Grande Prairie
Conrad, Joe from Elk Point
Conrad, John from Monitor
Conrad, Louis A. from Taber
Conrad, Louis A. from Taber
Conrad, M.W. from Taber
Conrad, M.W. from Taber
Conrad, Marie from Coleman
Conrad, Willy J. from Raymond, Stirling
Conrich Poultry Farm Ltd. from Calgary
Conroy, Fred A. from Wetaskiwin, South Ferriby, Edmonton, Wainwright
Conroy, Fred A. from Wetaskiwin, South Ferriby, Edmonton, Wainwright
Constable, Henry Leigh from Turner Valley, Calgary, Midnapore
Conti, Al from Ponoka
Converse, Temple from Provost
Conway, Matilda from Stettler
Conway, Nelson from Nevis, Alix, Abbottsford, BC
Cook Bros. from Mound
Cook Bros. from Taber
Cook, Albert from Buffalo, Bindloss, Cavendish
Cook, Alexander from Calgary
Cook, Charles H. from Picture Butte
Cook, Clifford from Fox
Cook, Delbert H. from Talbot
Cook, E.J. & Sons from Glenwoodville
Cook, E.J. from Veteran
Cook, Eugene Russel from Calgary
Cook, Everett from Galahad
Cook, Franklyn from Innisfail
Cook, G. from Scollard
Cook, George from Fox, Thelma, Irvine
Cook, George W. from Monitor
Cook, Gordon M. from Glenwoodville
Cook, H. E. from Meanook
Cook, Harold E. from Innisfail
Cook, Jack from Red Deer, Donalda
Cook, John Alfred from Markerville
Cook, John Freeman from Cessford
Cook, John Robert from Mound
Cook, Lacy from Markerville
Cook, Norman E. from Olds
Cook, Norman from Olds
Cook, Orvil W. from Pincher Creek, Pincher Station
Cook, Oscar from Galahad
Cook, Robert S. from Taber, Raymond
Cook, Royal L. from Delia, Harmattan, Castor, Bergen, Olds
Cook, Thomas Gilbert from Edmonton
Cook, Walter from Didsbury
Cooke Bros. from Edgerton
Cooke, Alan T. from Edmonton, Stony Plain
Cooke, Alice A. from Edgerton, Lea Park
Cooke, Brian David from Strathmore
Cooke, E.B. from Grande Prairie
Cooke, Lorne from Ponoka
Cooke, Thomas from Stony Plain
Cookson, George from Tofield
Cookson, Kenneth G. from Lacombe
Cooley, E.C. from Calgary
Cooley, M from Cadogan
Cooley, William Ray from Duchess
Coolidge and Allen from Taber
Coolidge, Gordon from Clyde
Coombes, Chester Ronald from Tofield
Coombs, Bert J. from Rosemary
Coon, Charles from Hines Creek
Coon, Mabel from Onion Lake, SK, Tulliby Lake
Coon, Mary Elizabeth & Mary Elizabeth Morgan from Hines Creek
Coones, Donovan Gordon from Bluffton
Cooper, A.C. from Bluffton
Cooper, A.D. from Edgerton
Cooper, A.W. from Tolland
Cooper, Albert from Lethbridge
Cooper, Amy from Sounding Lake, Monitor
Cooper, Billy from Caroline
Cooper, C.W. from Abilene, Ashmont
Cooper, Charles H. from Lacombe, Irvine
Cooper, D. J. from Tolland
Cooper, Des from Wildmere
Cooper, Earl. E. from Medicine Hat
Cooper, Edwin W. from Falun
Cooper, Ernest John from Onoway
Cooper, Frank from Willesden Green
Cooper, Frank from Woolford, Rimbey
Cooper, George P. from Mound
Cooper, Georgette L. from Hay Lakes, Bon Accord
Cooper, Glenn from Innisfree
Cooper, H. Alex from Czar
Cooper, H.A. from Bulwark
Cooper, Harry Hollins from Byemoor
Cooper, Harvey L. from Wainwright
Cooper, Heber from Talbot
Cooper, Hugh from Airdrie
Cooper, Hyrum S. from Magrath
Cooper, J.H. from Elkton, Didsbury
Cooper, James L. from Lindale, Leamington, ON
Cooper, Josiah from Taber, Falun
Cooper, Leonard S. from Westward Ho, Sundre
Cooper, Lloyd Robert from Drayton Valley
Cooper, Lorenzo from Alhambra
Cooper, Louis from Strachan, Rocky Mountain House
Cooper, M.W. from Claresholm
Cooper, Mary J. & Walter W. from Walsh
Cooper, Mrs. D. from Sunnybrook
Cooper, Mrs. D. from Sunnybrook
Cooper, Mrs. H.C. from Wembley
Cooper, Norman L. from Wainwright, Vancouver, BC
Cooper, O.H. from Winnifred
Cooper, R.R. from Nanton
Cooper, R.S. from Olds
Cooper, Ronald Earl from Calgary
Cooper, S.E. from Strathmore
Cooper, S.J. from Wainwright
Cooper, Sam from Lethbridge
Cooper, Sharon Elaine from Sundre
Cooper, Steve from Brooks
Cooper, Thomas, J. from Bow Island
Cooper, Victor Irvin from St. Brides
Cooper, Walter Fox from Vermilion
Cooper, William E. from Bulwark
Cooper, William from Clarkville, Owlseye Lake
Cooper, William Herbert from Sundre
Coover, C.E. from Coutts, Clarinda
Copan, George from Talbot
Cope, Hollis L. from Minburn
Copeland, Blaine & T.R. from Irma, Kindersley, Saskatchewan
Copeland, Edgar B. from Irma
Copeland, Frank Valentine from Kindersley, SK
Copeland, Mabel F. from Elnora
Copland, James A. from Nanton
Copland, James A. from Nanton
Copley, Arthur from Crossfield
Copley, Bruce from Okotoks
Copley, Gwendolin M. from Crossfield
Copley, John W. from Crossfield, Calgary
Copotyk, Nick from Smoky Lake
Coppieters, Ceasar from Raymond
Coppieters, W.C. from Raymond
Coppock, Gerald W. from Cochrane, Calgary
Copson, Frank O. & Kate, Rocky View Ranche from Olds, Mound
Copton, Dan from Taber
Corbett Farms Ltd. from Winnipeg, MB
Corbett, Mrs. C. A. changed to Elizabeth Margeret Bailey from Lonebutte
Corbett, Mrs. D.C. from Kinsella
Corbett, R.A. from Bascombe
Corbett, W.J. from Calgary
Corbiell, Francis from Gleichen
Corbiell, Joseph from Cluny, Gleichen
Corbiere, Paul from Mallaig
Corcak, M. from Veteran
Coreman, Henry J. from Twin Butte, Sundre, Olds
Corenblum, Rudolf from Lethbridge
Cormack, J. from St. Paul
Cormie, G.M. from Edmonton
Cormie, G.M. from Edmonton
Cormode, E.M. from Acme
Cornell, H.S from Compeer
Cornell, Harold Wesley from Derwent, Vermilion
Cornell, Harrison Smith from Chinook
Cornell, Ida from Chinook
Cornelsen, George A. from Brooks
Cornelssen, Ernest from Stettler
Cornfield, J.C. from Edgerton
Cornfield, L.W. from Edgerton, Chilliwack, BC
Cornforth, Ben from Carlos
Cornforth, David Steven & Iva Rose from Rocky Mountain House
Cornforth, Joe L. from Carlos
Cornish, William from Chailey
Corporation of the Lethbridge Stake from Lethbridge
Corrigan, Bernard from Penhold
Corrigan, James from Pincher Creek
Corrigan, Mrs. P.J. from Penhold
Corrigan, P. from Penhold
Corry, John from Garden Plain, Fertility, Scapa, Hanna
Corsiatto, Medard from Olds
Corson, Edmund from Grande Prairie, Edmonton
Cortez, Juan & Ramon from Coalhurst
Cosens, E.R from Morrin
Cosgrave, Frank from Red Deer
Cossey, L. E. from Tofield
Cossins, Frank from Red Deer
Cossins, Jonathon from Red Deer
Cossins, William Ernest from Red Deer
Costley, D.W. from Raymond
Costyk, Russell from Hanna
Coswell, Albert Edward from Bow Island
Cote Bros from St. Albert, Chauvin
Cote, Albert from Chauvin
Cote, Albert from Pincher Creek
Cote, Alcide from Chauvin
Cote, Burrell D. from Strathmore
Cote, Donald J. from Falher
Cote, Emil A. from Wardlow
Cote, Emil A. from Wardlow
Cote, J.W. & Adeline E. from Rainier
Cote, Joseph from Lafond
Cote, Leo J. from Hardieville
Cote, Leo J. from Hardieville
Cote, Leonard L. from Pincher Creek
Cote, Omer from Chauvin
Cote, Paul, Parker, L. from Edmonton
Cote, Romeo Louis from Devon
Cote, Victor from Ardrossan
Cote, Wallace from Falher
Cote, Willard A. from Howie, Cessford, Wardlow, Craigmyle
Cottell, Roy E. from Calgary
Cotter, Fred from Viking
Cotter, J.F .from Viking
Cotter, Jay from Viking
Cotterell, R.P. from Cochrane
Cottle, F.I. from Breda, Elnora, Lousana
Cotton, Fred W. from Brooks
Cotton, S.G. from Killam
Cotton, W.H. from Killam
Cottrell, George from Viking
Coughlin, M. from Alliance, Castor
Couiyk, Paul from Sangudo
Coulson, Andrew from Peace River
Coulson, John Thomas & May Stella from Elnora
Coulson, Phllip from Crossfield
Coulson, William A. from Edmonton
Coulter Bros. from Pollockville
Coulter, D.W. from Taber
Coulter, David from Brownfield, Gadsby
Coulter, David from Dunmore
Coulter, John David from Gadsby
Coulter, Joseph A. from Favor, Pollockville
Coulter, Mrs. A.C. from Bulwark
Coulter, Mrs. M.S. & Miller, Mrs. Catherine Miller from Taber
Coulter, W.H. from Alliance, Brownfield
Coulter, William from Vermilion
Coulthard, Alf H from Halkirk
Coultis, Ida Jane from Steveville, Wardlow
Coultman, Stanton D. from Irma
Coultman, Susanna from Orlindale, Irma
Coultry, Cecil William from Okotoks
Coultry, H.B. from Okotoks
Countess Grazing Association from Countess
County from Forty Mile # 8, Municipal District from Forty Mile # 2 from Foremost
County of Vulcan no. 2 from Vulcan
Courchesne, Elphege from Chauvin
Courchesne, Louis from Chauvin
Courchesne, Rene from Chauvin
Courchesne, Romeo from Chauvin
Courser Brothers from Ponoka
Court, Hugh McEvitt from Raymond, Hill Spring, Cardston
Court, Ralph P. from Diamond City
Courtnage, Kenneth George Ross from Longview
Courtney, J.M. (Estate) from Manyberries
Courtney, W.R. from Etzikom
Courtney, William J. from Delia
Courtright, William T. from Caroline, Rocky Mountain House
Courts, Dean (Gladine) from Hanna
Courts, F. from Rearville
Cousin, J. H. from Rife
Cousineau, Allan from Kessler, Silver Heights
Cousineau, Wilfred S. from Silver Heights
Cousins, Basil A .from Innisfail
Couter, P.O. from Brosseau, Foisy
Coutts, Arch S. from Earlie, Vanesti
Coutts, Gordon W. from Youngstown
Coutts, John from Chinook
Coutts, Lorna Grace from Hanna
Coutu, Lawrence P. from Duvernay
Couture, Joseph from Musidora
Couturier, Clarence J. from Alliance, Coronation
Couturier, Ernest from Egremont
Couturier, Iris from Coronation, Federal
Couturier, Leonard D. from Castor, Innisfail
Couturier, Wilfurd J. from Coronation
Couverette, Francis Louis from New Dayton
Covey, Shirley from Cardston
Covington, Delbert Ross from Fort Macleod
Covlin, Fred from Consort
Covlin, Mike from Eckville
Cowan and Rivington (Henry Byron Cowan & George F. Rivington) from Lone Butte
Cowan and Rivington,(Henry Byron Cowan & George F. Rivington) from Lone Butte
Cowan Bros., Bruce, & Eugene from Grimshaw
Cowan, A.B. from Calgary
Cowan, A.B. from Calgary
Cowan, Alvin S. from Erskine, Stettler
Cowan, Alvin S. from Erskine, Stettler
Cowan, B. P. from Countess
Cowan, B.P. from Countess
Cowan, Burton B. from Lone Butte, Rose Lynn
Cowan, Eugene from Grimshaw
Cowan, Frank from Nacmine, Driftpile, Bassano, Irvine, Medicine Hat
Cowan, Frank from Youngstown
Cowan, George from Nevis
Cowan, Harold from Grimshaw
Cowan, Henry Byron from Lone Butte
Cowan, John from Grimshaw
Cowan, John J. from Edmonton
Coward, Arthur Knight from Lacombe
Coward, Charles F. & David W. from Drayton Valley
Cowe, James from Alcurve
Cowell, C.H. & Bertha from Cheadle, Calgary
Cowell, J. Ezra from Calgary
Cowell, Stephen from Glendon
Cowie, Allan from Foremost
Cowie, Craig G. from Edmonton
Cowin, Robert Elgar from Vauxhall
Cowley, Thomas E from Heinsburg, Dewberry
Cowley, William H. from Edmonton
Cowston, Alex from Frog Lake
Cox, A. Noel from Lundbreck
Cox, E.D. from Fairview
Cox, Ernest from Bonnyville
Cox, Frederick from Marwayne, Lea Park
Cox, Gerald Lee from High Prairie, Edmonton
Cox, Gordon A. from Iron Springs
Cox, Harold William from Medicine Hat
Cox, Irvin L. from Rosalind
Cox, Mrs. Melvin nee Frances Riviere from Twin Butte
Cox, Orlando R. from Kitscoty
Cox, Robert Dennis from Fort Macleod
Cox, Roy from Duffield
Cox, Sarah from Cochrane
Cox, William H. & Fallis from Macleod
Cox, William H. from Macleod, Spring Point
Cox. Bros. from Viking, Edmonton
Coxson, F.W. from Pearce
Coyle, F.P. from Calgary
Coyle, Thomas E. from Alliance
Coyne, Gerald P. from Lethbridge
Coyne, Nelson Alfred from Fleet, Carstairs
Coyne, Richard from Fleet
Cozak, Pete from Lafond
Cozart, L.M. from Calgary
Cozart, Ruby nee Monteith from Calgary
Crabb, David Jr. from Milo, Vulcan
Crabb, David Sr. from Milo
Crabb, John Bruce from Milo
Crabb, Mary Ann from Magrath
Crabb, Sam N. from Bulwark
Crabtree, C. L. from Cardston
Crace, William Harry from Oyen
Craddick, Wilbur E. from Taber, Purple Springs
Craddock, George & Maud from Carbon
Craddock, John A. from Carbon
Craddock, John A. from Carbon
Craddock, Kenneth Edward from Alix
Cradduck, Charles W. from Taber
Cradduck, Philip from Purple Springs
Cragg, E.O. from Eyremore
Cragg, Harry E. from Delia
Craig, Archie M.S. from Jenner, Rutland, BC
Craig, Brian A. from Warner, Lacombe
Craig, Brian G. from Nanton, Lundbreck
Craig, Brian Gary from Valleyview
Craig, D. Russell from Delburne
Craig, Edward from Didsbury
Craig, Frederick W. from Crane Lake, District from Assiniboia, NWT
Craig, H. L. from Bentley
Craig, H.A. from Edmonton
Craig, H.L. from Bentley
Craig, Helen from Two Hills
Craig, J.C. from Calgary, Arrowwood
Craig, John Daniel from Calgary, South Edmonton, Sexsmith
Craig, John R. from Gull Lake, Saskatchewan
Craig, Kenneth D. from Medicine Hat
Craig, Lawrence Robert & Barbara Joy from Barrhead
Craig, Leon from Huxley
Craig, Mary Ann from Gull Lake, Saskatchewan
Craig, R.A. from Cadomin
Craig, R.M. from Delburne, Lousana
Craig, Thomas G. from Medicine Hat
Craig, Winona from Cayley, Nanton
Craige, Merle from Dewberry
Craige, Therese A. from Dewberry
Craigie, D.F. from Calgary
Craigievar Cattle Co. Ltd (Sharon Lynn Sharp) from Lacombe
Craine, G.H. from Armada, Lomond
Craine, George T. from Calgary
Craine, George T. from Calgary
Cram, John from Edgerton
Cramer, E.C. from Moose Wallow
Cramer, Eugene from Newbrook
Cramer, J. from Michichi
Cramer, J.J. from Watino
Crandall, Alva from Ponoka
Crandall, Delbert & Nola Berle from Ponoka
Crandall, Delbert & Nola Berle from Ponoka
Crandall, F.J. from Ponoka
Crandall, Hugh from Ponoka
Crandall, Jerold C. from Taber
Crandall, Lydia from Mannville
Crandall, Max E. from Ponoka
Crane Bear, George from Cluny
Crane, Clayton O. from Amarillo, TX, Champion
Crane, Clayton O. from Amarillo,TX, Champion
Crane, Eileen M. from Priddis
Crane, Glen N. from Grantham
Crane, Glen N. from Grantham
Crane, James from Coronation
Crane, Leonard from St. Paul
Cranston, Charles W. from Wembley, Wetaskiwin
Cranston, David John from Fort Saskatchewan
Cranston, J. from Morrin
Crapo, Calvin & Sallenbach, Lloyd from Rosemary
Crapo, N. E. & H. C. from Rosemary
Cravanzola, Giacomo from Rocky Mountain House
Craven, Thomas from Lake Eliza
Crawford, A. Ron from Ponoka
Crawford, A.M. & Joseph from Mannville
Crawford, C.W. from Three Hills
Crawford, Corinne from Stettler, Fenn
Crawford, Dale D. from Lacombe
Crawford, David C. from Hanna
Crawford, Floyd from Alder Flats
Crawford, H. from Three Hills
Crawford, Ida from Nanton
Crawford, James Henry from Byemoor, Lacombe
Crawford, John Holmes from Fenn
Crawford, Joseph from Entwistle, Peers
Crawford, Kenneth G. from Calgary
Crawford, Marjorie from Medicine Hat
Crawford, Mrs. C. from Mannville, Steveville
Crawford, R. from Duffield, Tomahawk
Crawford, Simon from Doran, Coutts, Milk River
Crawford, Thomas Austin from Fenn
Crawford, William from Byemoor
Crawley, William J. from Lethbridge
Crawshaw, Fred from Knee Hill Valley, Calgary
Crayford, Sidney from Cowley
Crazy Boy, Jeannie from Brocket
Creasey, H. and Sons from Halkirk
Creasey, L.A. from Halkirk, Lacombe
Creasy, E. from Hardisty
Creber, James H. from Myrnam
Credsy, David T. from Hardisty
Creech, J. Gilbert from Wainwright
Creighton, Ed from Mannville
Creighton, William H. from Rocky Mountain House, Blackfalds
Cress, Jesse J. from New Dayton
Cress, John & Laura Lee, remarried name Edwards from New Dayton
Cressman, Anne from Stavely
Cressman, Jim from Raven
Cressman, Lyle E. from Sundre
Cressman, Lyle E. from Sundre
Cressman, Neal from Strome, Sundre, Fort Macleod
Cressman, Samuel S. from Didsbury
Cresswell, Henry George & Sons (Ronald T. & Kenneth) from Calgary
Cresswell, Isabel Marion from Edmonton
Crest, Creston S. from Lethbridge
Cretin, Albert E. from Cluny
Cretin, Albert E. from Cluny
Cretin, Charles A from Cluny
Cretin, Denis A from Cluny
Cretin, Denis A. from Cluny
Crews, J. from Stauffer
Crews, W. from Suffield
Crichton, Bryan from Marwayne
Crichton, James R. from Marwayne, Northville
Crick, Harry from Brocket
Crick, John William from Vulcan
Crier, Lewis S. from Hobbema
Crighton, John from Ponoka
Crisp, Charles from Turner Valley
Crispie, George from Cowley
Crist, W.H. from Vauxhall
Cristian, Mrs. D.E. from Prospect Valley, Ribstone, Edgerton
Crocker, Clarence P. from Hindville, Vermilion
Crocker, William J. from Hindville, Vermilion
Crockett, William from Walsh
Croissant, Edward Walter from Schuler
Cromarty Bros., James, & Albert from Provost
Cromarty, Ed from Pakan
Cromarty, Louis from North Kotzman
Cromarty, Stanley from North Kotzman, Smoky Lake
Crombez, George & Walter from Lethbridge
Crombez, Odiel from Lethbridge
Crombie, A.S. from Harmattan
Crome, Mrs. F. M. from Hardisty
Crommett, G. W. from Goodridge, St. Paul
Crommett, Mac from Goodridge
Crommie, Thomas from Rimbey
Cronk, Gerald Gordon from Stettler
Cronston, Earle from Fort Saskatchewan
Crook, Irvin Cecil from Peace River
Crook, W.D. from Heinsburg, Sidney, BC
Crookes, Edwin from Airways, Coronation
Crookes, H. J. from Irvine
Crooks, E.H. from Lethbridge, Calgary
Croome, Valerie Hope from Breton
Cropley, L.H. from Minburn
Crory, Mrs. Herbert C. from Hussar, Strathmore
Crory, Mrs. Herbert C. from Hussar, Strathmore
Crory, R. Milton from Hussar, Red Deer
Crosbie, Jan Clair from Didsbury
Crosbie, T. from Lacombe
Crosby, George R from Vermilion
Crosby, George R. from Vermilion
Cross Child, Dominic from Standoff
Cross, B. R. (The Ghost Ranch) from Cochrane, Calgary
Cross, Clifton C., Buckhorn Ranche from Beaver Mines, Calgary
Cross, Gabriel from Frog Lake
Cross, Joe from Frog Lake
Cross, John from Cadogan
Cross, Wallace from Kitscoty
Crossley, Edward from Dolcy, Edgerton
Crossley, Harold from Delburne
Crossley, John from Delburne
Crosswhite, G.H. from Looma, Fort Assiniboine
Croston Bros. (M.L. & M.D.) from Caroline
Croteau, Louis & Rose Helen from Hays
Croteau, Lucien P. from Fort Kent
Croteau, Omer from Bonnyville, Durlingville
Crothers, J.A. from Sangudo
Crouch, James G .from Hardisty
Crouch, James G. from Hardisty
Crough, J. Herbert from Parkland, Patience, Hussar
Crough, J.S. from Pincher Creek
Crouse, A.B. from Kinsella, Viking
Crouse, Aaron from Kinsella
Crouse, Elmer T. from Kinsella
Crouse, John H. from Kinsella
Crouse, Laura from Viking
Crow Indians Ranching Co. from Warner
Crow, Benjamin R. from Cremona, Lexington, OR
Crow, Ralph R. & Joe Hutchinson from Barons
Crow, Ralph R. & Joe Hutchison from Barons
Crowchild, Ross Calvin from Calgary
Crowchild, Wade Philip from Hobbema
Crowder, Frederick from Alberta Beach
Crowe Bros. (R.R., A.G. & Clyde) from Goodwin
Crowe, John Patrick from Stettler
Crowe, Robert W. from Nanton
Crowe, William A. from Rat Lake
Crowell, James from Torrington
Crowell, John T from Mayton
Crowell, John T. from Mayton
Crowell, T. E. from James River Bridge, Sundre
Crower, J. A .from Hayneville, Coronation
Crowfoot Cattle Cooperative Ltd. from Bassano
Crowfoot, Cecil & Francis from Gleichen
Crowfoot, Cecil & Francis from Gleichen
Crowfoot, Joe from Gleichen
Crowley, Bernard Joseph from Wainwright
Crowser, Becky from Edson
Crowser, Ray L. from Edson
Crowshoe, Francis from Brocket
Crowshoe, Jackie Jr., from Brocket
Crowther, Leonard from Marwayne
Croy, Dave & Lily from Rocky Mountain House, Rocky Lane, High Level
Cruerer, A.L & D.P. from Calgary
Cruickshank, A. from Crossfield
Cruikshank, Angus from Innisfail
Crump, Clifford from Brooks
Crump, Rebecca & William H. & Henry E. Stephens from Patricia
Crump, Rebecca & William H. & Henry E., Stephens from Patricia
Cruse, Paul Dallas from Calgary, Midnapore
Cruthers, Clifford W. from Vermilion
Cryderman, John J. from Ribstone
Cryderman, M.J. from Ribstone, Westlock
Crystal Spring Ranch, Hunter Bros. (Ernest & Stephen) from Spring Point, Macleod
Csanits, Joe from Hanna, Spondin
Cseke, Alex, & Esther from Taber
Cselle, Gabor from Lethbridge
Csiki, Alex from Taber
Csossar, George Jr. from Brooks
Csoszar, Julius from Tilley, Brooks
Csoszor, Betty from Brooks
Csoszor, Maggie from Brooks
Cubitt, Fran from Darwell, Hobbema
Cuddie, Robert E. from Hanna
Cudrak, John from Coaldale
Cuffling, Agnes & J.C. from Midnapore, Okotoks
Culford, J. from Marwayne
Culford, William A. from Marwayne, Streamstown
Culham, E.B. from Calgary
Cull, Gary Alan from Edmonton
Cullen, C.W. from Nightingale
Cullen, John G. from Mayerthorpe
Cullen, Kenneth from Calgary
Cullen, Steve from Calgary, Enderby, BC
Culling, Gus F. from Bottrel, Cochrane
Culling, Robert T. from Bottrel, Dog Pound, Cochrane, Calgary
Cully, J. A. from Airdrie
Culp, Ray Beuford from Arrowwood
Culver, Charles from Retlaw
Culver, Robert James from Vauxhall
Cumberland, M.C. from Leedale, Rimbey, Bentley
Cuming Bros. from Crossfield
Cumming, Doug from Viking
Cummings F. H. Pat from Calgary, Vermilion, Forest Lawn
Cummings, C.S. from Calgary
Cummings, Charles from Wetaskiwin
Cummings, Earl W. from Esther, Loverna, SK
Cummings, John F. from Lone Butte, Clivale, Finnegan
Cummings, John T. from Easyford
Cummings, Leonard Peter from Rimbey
Cummings, O.P. from Brightview
Cummings, Vernon Fred from Cremona, Calgary
Cummins, Seth & Sons from Olds
Cuncannon Bros. (S. V. & C.M.) from Morin
Cundict, B.M. from Niton, Hattonford
Cundiff, Charles E. from Topland
Cundiff, Charles E. from Topland
Cundy, R. from Rainier
Cunningham, Albert from Mannville, Lake Geneva
Cunningham, C. Raymond from Gift Lake
Cunningham, D.N. & Son from Innisfail, Bowden
Cunningham, David from Bulwark
Cunningham, Francis H. from Tring Marwayne
Cunningham, Gerald R. from Calgary
Cunningham, Gordon D. from Chauvin
Cunningham, Jack from Bulwark
Cunningham, James R. from Trochu
Cunningham, Kay D. from Gunn
Cunningham, Raymond from Gleichen, Calgary
Curle, Fred from Barons
Curle, Kenneth J. from Burdett
Curran, A.W. from Woolchester
Curran, Cyril from Lethbridge, Red Deer
Curran, John Angus & Agnes Lind, from Nanton
Currence, Dean from Carstairs
Currence, Mrs. Claude from Claresholm, Carstairs, Calgary
Current, Howard Nelson from Vauxhall
Currey, J. E. from Whalley, Victoria, BC
Currie, Alf A. from Lloydminster
Currie, Allen from Stettler
Currie, C.D. from Marwayne
Currie, Cecil from Meniak
Currie, Daniel A. from Willowlea
Currie, Daniel A. from Willowlea
Currie, David H. from Irma
Currie, Gordon from Ponoka
Currie, H.B. from Leighton, Lloydminster
Currie, Harold C. from Berwyn
Currie, J.D. & C.F. Woitte from Innisfail
Currie, Jack Albert from Rocky Mountain House
Currie, James Donald from Edmonton
Currie, Mathew Thomas from Clive
Curry, Dan from New Norway
Curtin, Ole from Kinuso
Curtis, Chester C. from Halkirk
Curtis, Clara from Edmonton, Taber
Curtis, Clara from Edmonton, Taber
Curtis, Clifford R. from Arrowwood, Calgary, Carseland
Curtis, Harold Arza from Jasper
Curtis, Jerry from Arrowwood
Curtis, L.J. from Czar
Curtis, Leonard J. from Czar
Curtis, Ora F. from Czar
Curtis, Ora F. from Czar
Curtis, S.J. from Rowley Station, Olds
Curtis, S.J. from Rowley Station, Olds
Custead, C.J. from Airdrie, Calgary
Cuthbert, Charles Frederick from Grand Centre, Beacon Hill, SK., Lloydminster, AB
Cuthbert, Clarence M. from Innisfail, Lloydminster, Hughenden
Cuthbert, Murry R. from Kinuso
Cuthbertson, Edgar G. from Wembley
Cuthbertson, Edgar G. from Wembley
Cuthbertson, George from Coronation
Cuthbertson, Rodney from Wembley
Cutler, Charles H. from Lethbridge
Cutler, Charles H. from Lethbridge
Cutler, Frank Leo from Vulcan
Cutler, Hiram from Rimbey
Cutshaw, H.P. from Ashmont
Cutting, A.L. from Priddis
Cutting, Arthur LeRoy from Midnapore, Black Diamond, Priddis
Cwiklewich, Russell W. from Chinook
Cwiklewich, Walter from Chinook
Cwikula, John from Bruce
Cyr, Albert from Calgary, Brooks
Cyr, Alex Paul from Cowley
Cyr, Catherine from Pincher Creek
Cyr, Damase from Pincher Creek
Cyr, Damaze E. from Pincher Creek
Cyr, Dolphis (Adolphis) from Pincher Creek
Cyr, Dominic J. from Pincher Creek
Cyr, Fred from Millicent, Social Plain, Duchess, Port Alberni, BC
Cyr, George L. from St. Paul
Cyr, Henry D. from Pincher Creek
Cyr, Isidore from Fort Kent
Cyr, Joseph from Millicent, Three Hills
Cyr, Margaret from Vermilion, Clandonald, Mannville
Cyr, Mrs. Henry F. from Pincher Creek
Cyr, Mrs. Napoleon from Bindloss, Brooks
Cyr, Napoleon from Social Plains, Bindloss, Brooks
Cyr, Paul M. & Angeline from Pincher Creek
Cyr, Vital from Donnelly
Cyre, Clifford A. from Barrhead
Cyre, Hilaire from Vimy, Fort Saskatchewan
Cyre, Louis from Shoal Creek, Barrhead
Cyril Curran Livestock Ltd. from Red Deer
Czabaj, Leon from Barnwell
Czember, Emil from Redcliff
Czibere, Nick from Taber
Czibeu, Nick from Taber, High River
Czypionka, Joachim B., Flat Creek Ranch from Ellscott
Czyszczon, Walter from Granada

D B R Farms Ltd. from Camrose
D.G. & S.E. Cattle (Derwood Price) from Lethbridge
Dacre, Harry from Redcliff
Dacre, James from Redcliff
Dacyk, Paul from Vilna
Dacyk, Pete from Edmonton, Vilna
Dacyk, Pete from Edmonton, Vilna
Dadensky, Mike from Two Hills
Daffe, Ernest from Gleichen, Milo
Daffurn, Michael P.W. from Vilna
Daffy, Henry or Duffa or Daffe from Schuler
Dafoe, Clarence E. from Hemaruka, Zetland, Hanna
Dafoe, Harold E. from Hemaruka, Veteran
Dafoe, Mrs. F.H. from St. Brides, Hemaruka
Dageforde, Herman from Didsbury
d’Agnone, Domence from Vauxhall
Dahl (Dahle) & Ole Andreasen from Fleet, Lake Thelma
Dahl, Bruce William & Edwin Arthur Rabel from Veteran
Dahl, Bruce William from Veteran
Dahl, E.C. from Beaverlodge, Halcourt
Dahl, Einar from Carmangay
Dahl, Einar from Heath, Wainwright
Dahl, Einar from Heath, Wainwright
Dahl, Endre from Morecambe, Naughton Glen
Dahl, Ernest from Morecambe, Beauvallon
Dahl, George (R & D Motors) from Elnora
Dahl, George (R & D Motors) from Elnora
Dahl, Henry from Duchess, Calgary
Dahl, Lawrence from Heath
Dahl, Louis from Consort, Naco
Dahl, Monte from Raymond
Dahl, Myron from Lethbridge
Dahl, Nels from Claresholm
Dahl, Norman from Claresholm
Dahl, Oscar from Delia
Dahl, Richard from La Glace, Morecambe
Dahl, Svend from Rosedale
Dahle, Andrew George from Raymond
Dahley, Martin from Star
Dahlgren, N.A. from Wainwright
Dahlgren, N.A. from Wainwright
Dahlgren, Viola from Wainwright
Dahlin, R. from Claresholm
Dahm, Diane from Wetaskiwin
Dahms, Ernest & Sons from Ponoka
Dahms, Louis E. from Kevisville, Innisfail
Dahms, Virgil H. from Wetaskiwin
Dahrouge, Adelia Sylvia from Glendon
Daies, Murray G. from Carmangay
Daigle, Francis J. & Matilda from Taber
Daigle, Francis J. & Matilda from Taber
Daignault, Alex A. & Ovila, Alcide R. from Cardston
Daignault, Isaie from Cardston
Daily Double Feeders from Raymond
Daine, Don H. from Coaldale
Daine, H.W. from Coaldale
Daintry, John from Big Prairie, Cremona, Water Valley
Dainty, Albert from Lethbridge
Dake, Mrs. R.M. from Vegreville
Dal Ranches Ltd. from Wetaskiwin
Dalbak, N .from Bindloss
Dale, Lewis from Tofield
Dalen, Jens Herbert from Grande Prairie
Dales, Leslie from Onoway
Daley, Charles H. from Bittern Lake
Daley, Charles H. from Bittern Lake
Daley, E.W. from Vermilion
Daley, Isabel from Sylvan Lake
Daley, Ross from Bittern Lake
Daley, Ted from Bittern Lake
Dalgard, Clinton A. from Sprucefield
Dalke, Abe from Bowness, Calgary
Dallaire, Charles from La Corey
Dallas Feeders Ltd. from Lethbridge
Dallyn, Duane A. from Ribstone, Lloydminster
Dallyn, E.W. from Ribstone
Dallyn, J. Edwin from Ribstone, Bruce
Dallyn, Lawrence from Ribstone, Edmonton
Dallyn, Murray Wayne from Ribstone
Dallyn, Victor from Ribstone
Dalsmon, Karl from Lomond, Wheat Center
Dalstro, J. Norman from Countess
Dalton, E.M. from Carseland, Calgary
Dalton, Raymond from Islay, Keephills
Dalueg, Dennis A. from Forestburg
Daly, Arnold S. from Clover Bar, Ardrossan
Daly, Desmond C. from Edgerton
Daly, John from Granum, Olson Creek
Daly, Joseph from Bulwark
Daly, Joseph J. from Haynes
Daly, T.F. from Clover Bar
Daly, Thomas Frederick from Spruce Grove
Dalzell, Mrs. Dollie from De Winton
Dalzell, Robert & Annie J. from Lacombe, Sunnynook
Damberger, Lyle M. from Stettler
Damestoy, Cadet from Amisk
Damgaard, C. from Standard, Cluny
D’Amour, Patrick Edward, Sabo William Edward from Calgary
Damping, Clarence & Burnice from Peace River
Damron, C.F. from Bentley
Damsgard, J.F. from Chinook, Hanna
Dana, David L. from Goodwin
Danard, Lorne Alex from Edmonton
Danard, Lorne Alex from Edmonton
Dancey, Douglas from Castor
Dancey, Stanley from Castor
Dancoisne, David L. from Coaldale
Dancy, William L. from Lundbreck
Danderfer, Henry from Dewberry
Dando, Rupert Hill from Lousana
Dandrea, Nick from Lethbridge
Danforth, A.E. from Rolling Hills
Danforth, A.E. from Rolling Hills
Danforth, Donald A. from Rolling Hills, Lethbridge
Daniel, Albert J.C. from Gold Spring, Rainier
Daniel, Albert J.C. from Gold Spring, Rainier
Daniel, I.T.W. from Minburn
Daniel, Richard W. from Minburn
Daniel, Thomas W. from Minburn
Daniels, C.N. from Cousins, Metiskow
Daniels, Frederic Walter from Rolling Hills
Daniels, Jerold from Rolling Hills, Estavan, SK
Daniels, John W. from Caslan, Frog Lake
Daniels, Mabel Jean from Rolling Hills
Daniels, Mrs. Thomas from Greenshields
Daniels, Mrs. Thomas from Greenshields
Daniels, Robert C. from Rolling Hills
Daniels, Ross from Sputinow
Danielson, Ben from Coutts
Danielson, Dan from Fairview, MT
Danielson, Daniel from Czar
Danielson, Eldor D. from Edmonton, Vancouver, British Columbia
Danielson, Ernest from Czar
Danielson, Hans from Riviere Qui Barre
Danielson, J. O. from Fort Macleod, Winnifred, Granum
Danielson, Ola & Loretta from Sedgewick
Danilowich, Roy from Calgary
Dann, Ben J. from Vulcan
Dann, Robert I. & Son from Leslieville
Danvelor Cattle Co. Ltd. from Cardston
Danyliuk, Steve from Sunset House
Danyliuk, Walter from Musidora
Danyluk, Domka from Edwand
Danyluk, Mike from Smoky Lake
Danyluk, Peter from Elk Point
D’Aoust, H. from Beaverlodge
Daradics, Mike Joe from Rocky Lane
Darago, Nick from Tilley
Darby, Clyde from Sundre
Darby, R.K. from Cardston
Darch, Fred T. from Claresholm
D’Arcy, B.H from Sedgewick, Killam
D’Arcy, Richard from Hanna
D’Arcy, William Hall from Hanna
Dargatz, A. H. from Hay Lake, New Sarepta
Dargatz, Nellie from Ranfurly
Darke, Roy M. from Rocky Mountain House
Darkes, Alan R. from Hardisty, Hughenden
Darling, Adam from Priddis, Midnapore
Darling, E.F. from Vermilion
Darling, Edna from Clandonald, Vermilion
Darling, Nubert (Herb) Walter from James River Bridge, Mound, Drumheller
Darling, Robert C. from De Winton
Darque, Philip Railton from Bottrel
Darr, Gottlieb from Hilda
Darragh, John from Milk River
Darroch, James R. from Calgary, Airdrie
Darrow, Grant L. from Castor, Swift Current, SK
Dart, Den F. from Buffalo
Daruda, J. from Milo, Queenstown
Dary, Nick from Hamlin
Dary, William J. from Bruce
Dascalo, Louie from Lonebutte, Dorothy, Wembley
Dascavich, William D. from Mundare
Dase, Melitta A. from Taber
Dase, Mike from Pincher Creek
Dash, L. H. from Calgary
Dashevsky, Jake or Jacob from Hythe
Dasistuik, Thodor from Bellis
Dask Holdings (D.H. Espey) from Calgary
Datema, George from Rocky Mountain House
Daubert, Edward from Forest Lawn, Calgary
Daum, Ernest R. from Edmonton, Bon Accord, Grande Prairie
Davey, G. Ray from Fleet
Davey, Ralph O .from Calgary, Jenner, Brooks
Davey, Ralph O. from Calgary, Jenner, Brooks
Davey, William Maurice from Craigmyle
Davia, Calom Percival from Eckville, Rocky Mountain House
Davick, E.N. from Ryley
David, Deon Phillip from Fort Macleod
David, Donald from Lomond
David, Frank from Sheerness, Tilley
David, Freddie from Watino
David, Horst from Watino
David, Percy from Claresholm
Davidge, James A.F. from Delburne
Davidoff, John from Pincher Creek, Lundbreck
Davidoff, Mackifa from Pincher Creek
Davidoff, Marvey N. from Cowley, Pincher Creek, Pincher Station
Davidoff, Nicholas ÏNickÓ N from Pincher Creek, Pincher Station, Thrums
Davidoff, Vasilie Nikoleavitch & Bernice Dianna from Pincher Creek
Davids & Cooper from Lethbridge
Davids & Kane from Lethbridge
Davids, A.L. (Estrin Bros) from Lethbridge
Davids, Abraham L. from Lethbridge
Davids, Abrahm L. & Morris Fefferman from Lethbridge
Davids, Abrahm L. & Morris Fefferman from Lethbridge
Davids, Esther from Picture Butte
Davids, Hymie from Lethbridge
Davids, Saul Luther from Calgary, Bow City
Davidson Bros. from Suffield, Vulcan, Black Diamond
Davidson, Alan L. from Hardisty
Davidson, Alex from Meadow View
Davidson, Alison L. from High River, Blairmore
Davidson, Alison L. from High River, Blairmore
Davidson, Bobby Warren from Patricia
Davidson, C.E. from Glendon
Davidson, C.E. from Glendon
Davidson, C.H. from Three Hills
Davidson, Carman John from Lloydminster
Davidson, Clarence B. from Homeglen
Davidson, Claude Gerald from Drayton Valley
Davidson, David Clarence from Rainier, Lougheed
Davidson, G.E. from Suffield
Davidson, Gail from Patricia
Davidson, George from Sherwood Park
Davidson, Gordon H. from Lacombe
Davidson, John Alvin from Clive
Davidson, Leo L from Cardston
Davidson, Leo L. from Cardston
Davidson, Lyle William from Nanton, Clive
Davidson, M.G. from Flat Lake, Glendon
Davidson, Max W. from Pointe Claire, PQ, Calgary
Davidson, Norman from Clive, Lacombe
Davidson, O.J. from Mountain View
Davidson, O.J. from Mountain View
Davidson, Philip C from Iddesleigh
Davidson, Philip C. from Iddesleigh
Davidson, R.A. from Innisfail
Davidson, R.A. from Innisfail
Davidson, S. from West Kildonan, Manitoba
Davidson, S. H from Ghost Pine Creek
Davidson, S.H. from Ghost Pine Creek
Davidson, Stanley L. from Paradise Valley, Vermilion
Davidson, Tim from Lethbridge
Davidson, Walter T. from Lloydminster
Davidson, William from Kelsey
Davidson, Zelda Irene from Rimbey
Davie, A.S. & V. Marjorie Stoneman from Morrin, Rumsey
Davie, N.E. from Hughenden
Davie, P.A. from Youngstown
Davies, A.O. from Medicine Hat
Davies, Alfred B. & Son (Doug) from Ardrossan
Davies, Arthur from Bowmanton
Davies, Arthur H.W. from Breton
Davies, Arthur Wayne from Grande Prairie
Davies, Aubrey from Huxley
Davies, Charles N. from Claresholm
Davies, Daniel from Hanna, Finnegan
Davies, Daniel P. from Bow Island
Davies, Daryl G. from Blackie, Calgary
Davies, Dave R. from Lethbridge
Davies, Donald Alfred from Medicine Hat
Davies, Dorothy from Islay
Davies, Douglas H. from Bowmonton, Medicine Hat
Davies, Douglas from Cheadle, Strathmore
Davies, Douglas, H. from Bowmonton, Medicine Hat
Davies, E.C. (Chuck) from Tilley, Alderson
Davies, Emrys from Cochrane, Nanton
Davies, George from Dewberry
Davies, Ivor E. from Ponoka
Davies, James A. from Islay
Davies, James F. from Red Deer
Davies, James J. from Streamstown
Davies, John from Lethbridge
Davies, John McAllister Jr. from Rocky Mountain House
Davies, Peter P. from Ponoka, Kelowna, BC
Davies, Thomas from Del Bonita
Davies, Vandy from Chauvin
Davies, W. George from Carmangay
Davies, W. Harvey from Lloydminster
Davies, W.P. from Cochrane
Davies, Walter from Lloydminster
Davies, William A. from Rosyth, Hardisty
Davies, William from Calgary
Davies, William from Furman, Pincher Creek
Davies, William from Islay
Davies, William George from Lloydminster
Davis Bros. from James River Bridge
Davis Farms Ltd (William) from Irricana
Davis, A.D. from Elnora
Davis, A.M. from Leduc
Davis, Arthur A. from Drumheller
Davis, Arthur Tilden & Charlotte K. from Rosebud, Wayne, Drumheller
Davis, Buck from Hughenden
Davis, Charles F. from Chauvin
Davis, Charles Marshall from Edmonton
Davis, Chester W. from Gilt Edge
Davis, Clayton from Vermilion
Davis, Clifford from Hussar, Dorothy
Davis, D. from Kinuso
Davis, Donald from Rochfort Bridge
Davis, Elmer from Gadsby
Davis, Eugene P. from Beaverlodge
Davis, F.A. & G.C. McIntosh from Manyberries, Vermilion
Davis, Frederick George from Edmonton
Davis, G. M. from Halcourt
Davis, George from Cardston
Davis, George E. from Marwayne
Davis, Gordon from Cardston
Davis, Gordon W. from Colinton
Davis, Grant from Elk Point
Davis, H.J. from Byemoor
Davis, Harvey Gary from Innisfail
Davis, Iris Daphne from Cardston
Davis, J.L. & A. & Donald from Penhold, Hillsdown
Davis, James Albert from Cardston
Davis, James Erle from Edmonton, Niton
Davis, James M. from Ranfurly
Davis, John from Rivercourse
Davis, Joseph Wavell from Cardston
Davis, L. F. from Caroline
Davis, Larrie E. from Innisfail
Davis, Larry from Pincher Creek
Davis, Lee from Hughenden
Davis, Leslie A. from Tees
Davis, Leslie from Edmonton
Davis, Leslie from Edmonton
Davis, Lloyd Leslie from Heath
Davis, M.E. Jr. from Green Bay Wisconsin, USA
Davis, M.E. Jr. from Green Bay Wisconsin, USA
Davis, Mary from Veteran
Davis, Mrs. W.L. from Elnora, Stoney Plain
Davis, Mrs.W.L. from Elnora, Stoney Plain
Davis, Oron E. from Wainwright
Davis, Ray K. from DeWinton
Davis, Ray Oliver from Acme
Davis, Roy from Ponoka, Delia
Davis, S.A. from Fort Saskatchewan, Dewberry, Marwayne
Davis, Sam & Hilda from Vauxhall, Lethbridge
Davis, Sidney W. from Seven Persons, Pakowki
Davis, Thomas H. from Vermilion
Davis, W.J. from Butte, Cochrane
Davis, W.L from Byemoor
Davis, William F. from Edgerton, Wainwright
Davis, William James from Halkirk
Davis, William Roger from Coalhurst, Lethbridge
Davison, Alfred from Cochrane
Davison, H. J. from Ponoka
Davison, H.J. from Ponoka
Davison, J. Harry from Claresholm, Meadow Creek, Lundbreck, Bellevue, Passburg, Edmonton, Daysland
Davison, J. Harry from Claresholm, Meadow Creek, Lundbreck, Bellevue, Passburg, Edmonton, Daysland
Davison, J.C. Davison, William from Calgary, Bowness
Davison, Margaret from Bowell, Medicine Hat
Davison, Mrs. Raymond G. from Innisfree
Davison, Mrs. Raymond G. from Innisfree
Davison, Walter from Bowell
Daw, Alfred from Gleichen
Daw, Raymond W. from Three Hills
Dawn Bros & F. M. King from Ghost Pine Creek, Three Hills
Dawson, A.C. from Vauxhall
Dawson, Donald & Sons from Camrose, Owendale
Dawson, George E. from Rosebud
Dawson, K. R. from Irma, Edmonton
Dawson, K. R. from Irma, Edmonton
Dawson, L. F. from Vulcan
Dawson, Leonard W. from Elnora
Dawson, W.J. from Medicine Hat
Dawson, William S. from Olds
Day & Talpash from Colinton
Day Rider, Henry Sr. from Cardston
Day, Allan Melvin from Red Deer
Day, Austen from Nanton
Day, Clinton from Penhold
Day, Delvyn R. from Carvel
Day, Donald Arthur from Consort
Day, Frederick Earl from Dewberry
Day, George S. from Medicine Hat
Day, H.A. from Lacombe, Clive
Day, H.W. from Water Valley
Day, Harvey P. from Edmonton
Day, Hilda from Sundre
Day, L. R. from Edmonton
Day, Mary E. from Bearberry, Didsbury
Day, Mrs. William J. from Claresholm
Day, Mrs. William J. from Claresholm
Day, Robert J. from Cowley
Day, W.A. from Macleod
Day, W.J. from Claresholm
Day, William L. C. from Fort Macleod
Daychief, Tom from O’Chiese Indian Reserve
Daze, J. L. from Rose Glen
De Atley, Walter from Ponoka, Rimbey
De Boer, Albert from Granum
de Boer, Dorothy nee Krythe from Macleod
de Boer, Peter from Macleod
de Boon, C. from Red Deer, Edmonton
de Boon, C. from Red Deer, Edmonton
De Bord, Lloyd from Amisk, Camrose
de Borgas, Gerard A. from Stavely
de Cecco, Antonio from Coleman
De Champlain, Fernand J. from Vimy
de Cizancourt, Henry from Calgary
De Cook, Ernest & Laverne from Elnora
De Delley, Victor from Vermilion
De Farain, Cora M. from Colinton, Dorenlee
De Ford, Gylvia from Athabasca
De Forest, Earl from Eyremore
De Frain, E.R. from Irma
De Gagne, Marie from Lloyd’s Hill
De Giano, Sam from Craigmyle, Delia
De Ginnus, Mike from Magrath, Spring Coulee
De Graff, James H. from Erskine, Bentley
De Graff, John T. from Trochu, Erskine, Big Valley, Winfield
De Grant, Adolph from Edmonton
De Grant, Adolph from Edmonton
de Groot, Adrian from Pincher Creek
de Groot, Gosem from Edmonton
de Groot, John from Brownfield
De Gruchy, John Francis from Mannville
De Heer, Jasper from Stirling
De Jong, Christ from Nobleford
De Jong, E. from Iron Springs, Lacombe
De Jong, H. from Grouard
De Kock Bros. from Hardisty
De Kock, Louis Bernard & Theodora Maria from Hardisty
De Kok, Andries from Fort Macleod, Nanton
De Kok, Hubrecht from Diamond City
de Koning, A. from Beach Corner
de Koning, Garrett from Calgary, Fort Macleod
de Koning, Mary from Pearce, Fort Mcleod
de la Salle, Arthur from Beauvallon
de la Salle, Benjamin from Beauvallon, St. Paul
de la Salle, M.J.M. from Beauvallon, Vawn, SK
De Maere, Bob from Stavely
De Mille, Ora from Sundre
de Milliano, P. & H. from Millet
De Muelnaere, Mrs. from St. Kilda
de Palezieux, Eugene from Millarville, Pekisko
de Peuter, J.P. from Fort Macleod
de Peuter, Peter from Cardston
De Pew, Fred from Bow Island
de Raaf, Jan from Rosemary
De Rosa, Frank (name changed to Olvera, Frank) from Leo, Hackett, Gadsby
de Smit, Bill from Pincher Creek
De Smit, John from Brocket, Fort Macleod
De Smit, Ken from Brocket
De Smit, Ruth from Pincher Creek
De Smit, Victoria from Brocket
De Spiegelaere, Leon from Ponoka
de Valois, Peter from Carmangay
De Veer, Walter from Crooked Creek
De Vere, Stowell & Ken from Wainwright
De Visser, Adrian from Cremona
De Visser, Lein & Jozias from Calgary
De Vore, F.A. from Mirror, Rocky Mountain House
de Vries, Henry D. from Bottrel, Nanton
de Vries, Henry D. from Bottrel, Nanton
De Weese, L.W. from Turner Valley
De Wit, George from Macleod, Claresholm
De Wit, Gerrit H. from Claresholm
De Witt, Glenn from Calgary
De Witt, J.M. from Arrowwood
De Witt, Rein from Calgary
De Zutter, A.L. from Alix
Deacon, Arthur from Monitor
Deacon, Harry from Monitor
Deadrick, E. Arden from Didsbury
Deadrick, John from Didsbury
Deagle, Edwin Joseph from Consort
Deagle, Ernest from Consort
Deakoff, Mike from Lundbreck
Deal, Harold D. from Sunnynook
Deal, Roy E. from Vulcan
Deal, Z.C. from Vulcan
Dean, D.W. from Morrin
Dean, David J. & Mabel from Torrington
Dean, Donald L. & Genevie from Bragg Creek
Dean, G. E. from Caroline
Dean, Gordon F. from Sexsmith, Teepee Creek
Dean, Lillian R. from Sundre
Dean, Russell from Dewberry
Deardoff, Walter from Camrose, Rosalind, Ohaton
Dearing, Robert from Marlboro, Battle Lake
Dease, Cleo A. from Okotoks, Calgary
Deaville, Don & McNeill from Paradise Valley
Debler, Christian from Medicine Hat
DeBoer, Gary Bruce from College Heights, Medicine Hat
Deboice, Sheldon & J. Nash from Vanesti
Debolt, George from DeBolt
Debra, Charles from Magrath
Deby, Miss Rosa (Mrs. Rosa Boyles) from Beaver Lake, Mundare
Dechant, Henry A. from Friedenstal, Fairview
Dechenne, Frank from Craigmyle
Deck, G. C. from Lethbridge, Glenwood
Decker, Janice from Dewberry
Decoteaux, Frank & Joseph Bedard from Chauvin
Dedels, Herbert from Didsbury
Dederer, John from Kimball, Medicine Hat, Hanna
Deeg, Christ from Lyalla
Deeks, C.A. from Airdrie, Crossfield
Deems, Donald from Erskine
Deems, Evelyn P. from Erskine
Deems, Ronald from Erskine
Deere, Andy from Patricia
Deere, Emil from Patricia
Deere, Robert from Patricia
Deering, Emil J. from Robinson, Medicine Hat
Deering, Emil Otto from Irvine, Pashley
Deering, Fred from Robinson, Dunmore, Medicine Hat
Deering, Gustave from Norton, Lacombe
Deering, Harvey E. from Dunmore
Deering, Henry (Estate) from Nanton
Deering, Herbert E. from Lacombe
Deering, John from Medicine Hat
Deering, Melba L. from Medicine Hat
Deering, Otto Emil from Norton
Deering, Paul C. from Calgary
Deering, William R. from Lacombe, Red Deer
Deezar, Joseph R. from Calgary
Defillippi, Dominico from Edmonton
Defillippi, Dominico from Edmonton
Deg, Bertha Mary from Bowell, Walsh
Degaetano, Nada from Tarrytown, NY
Degagne, Origene Gene & Jerry Hunt from Medicine Hat
Degan, Karl W. from Redwater, Bremner
Degenhardt, Keith & Terry Lee from Kipp
Degenhardt, Robert John from Edmonton
Degg, John from Vauxhall
Deginstien, Walter from Grassy Lake, Burdett, Rolling Hills
Deglow, R.A. from Whiskey Gap, Del Bonita
Degner, Elmer from High Prairie
DeGraff, William from Erskine, Stettler
DeGroff, G.A. from Bentley
Dehod, Andrew from Waskatenau
Dehoney, George F. from James River, Mound, Lobley
Deibert, Christian A. from Lethbridge, Cardston, Kimball
Deibert, Earl from Burstall, SK, Medicine Hat
Deibert, Hilbert from Burstall, SK
Deibert, Jacob from Medicine Hat, Burstall, SK
Deibert, John from Penhold, Acme
Deines, Conrad from Calgary
Deines, Henry from Westward Ho
Deis, Thomas from Medicine Hat
Deitchman, Andrew from Lake Isle
Deitz, P.J. from Big Valley
Dejax, Annie Ellen from Cowley, Pincher Creek
Dejax, Jean from Cowley, North Fork
Dekat, M.W. from Minburn
Del Frari, John from Ribstone
DeLahunty, Mrs. M.A. from Lloydminster, Onion Lake, SK
Delaney, Adam Paul from Standoff
Delaney, Pat from Enchant
Delange, George from Amisk
Delange, Victor A from Amisk
Delany, Wallace from Stand Off, Cardston
Delatush, Nahor Watson from Spring Point
Delbeke, Leon from Cochrane
Delbeke, Mrs. Frances from Cochrane, Calgary
Delburne Investors from Delburne, Cochrane
Delday, James William from Brooks
Deleff, Dima from Pemukan
Delelos, Albert from Kitscoty
Delemont, Albert A. from Chauvin
Delemont, Michel Alex from Chauvin
DeLinks, Joe & Anna from Olds
Dell, Harry from Leduc, Bergen, Goodhouse
Delmas, Henry C. from Thelma, Estuary, SK, Medicine Hat
DeLong, Blake Thomas from Brownfield
Delong, Virgil from Markerville
Delonte, Isabelle from North Fork, Cowley
Delorme, Alex from Caslan
Delorme, Charlie from Heinsburg
Delorme, Connie from Calgary
Deluke, Frank Armstrong from Watino
Dembicki, Carl from Elk Point
Dembicki, K. from Gratz
Demchuk, Donald Leonard from Elk Point
Demchuk, George from Innisfree
Demchuk, Mike from Innisfree
Demchuk, Pete from Lake Eliza
Demers, Eugene from Bonnyville
Demeter, Les from Fort Macleod
Demeter, William from Okotoks
Demidoff, Andy from Rochfort Bridge
Demorest, H. from Bindloss
Demorest, Herb from Bindloss
Demorest, Herbert R. from Edmonton
Demorest, Herbert R. from Edmonton
Dempsey, Robert from Hemaruka, Little Gem
Dempster, J. from Medicine Hat
Dempster, Thomas from Clyde
Dempster, Wilbert A. from Cadogan
den Boon, Arie from Taber
Den Tuinder, Jake from Vulcan
DeNancrede, C.S.G. from High River
DenBurger, Ada E. from Three Hills
Dench, H.W. from Burdett
Dench, J.S. from Stavely, Fort Macleod, Brooks
Deneff, George from Reno, Eaglesham, Springburn
Denega, Alfred from Lake Eliza
Denham, James Wesley from St. Vincent, Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton
Denholm, W. H. from Hutton, Duchess
Denis, Barry from Three Hills
Denis, Joseph from Taber
Denisenko, Tim from Raymond
Denman, T.F. from Bowden
Dennehy, Dolphus from Hobbema
Dennill, A.C .from Dewberry
Denning, Charles Walter from Turner Valley
Denning, Jim from Turner Valley
Denninger, Carl or Karl from Mayerthorpe, Anselmo
Dennington, Edith & Harvey Ottman from Drayton Valley
Dennington, Edith & Harvey Ottman from Drayton Valley
Dennis, A.L. from Minburn, Innisfree
Dennis, A.L. from Minburn, Innisfree
Dennis, Agnes from Pincher Creek
Dennis, Dale Richard from Lundbreck
Dennis, Florence R. from Lundbreck
Dennis, Frank from Medicine Hat
Dennis, Gertrude E. from Leo
Dennis, Gertrude E. from Leo
Dennis, Jack from Pincher Creek
Dennis, L.B. from Rimbey
Dennis, L.B. from Rimbey
Dennis, Lloyd from Bowness
Dennis, Lloyd William from Lethbridge
Dennis, Lorne from Sunnynook, Bowness, Airdrie, Seaforth, ON
Dennis, Nick from Willingdon
Dennis, Norman A. from Stettler
Dennis, Norman Marshall from Attleboro, MASS, Trail, BC
Dennis, Norman Wilson from Lundbreck
Dennis, R.M. from Lundbreck
Dennis, R.M. from Lundbreck
Dennis, Roy W. from Brooks
Dennison, O.C. from Lindbergh
Denoncourt, Edward from Wainwright
Densmore, A.M. & Izzie from Lundbreck
Densmore, Mrs. A.M. from Lundbreck
Denson, C.A. from Wainwright
Denson, Russell from Wainwright
Dent, Mrs. E. from Consort
Dentiger, Pierre from Falher
Dentman, Katharina from Rimbey
Department – Provincial Goal from Lethbridge, Edmonton, Calgary
Department from Attorney General – Provincial Goal, Attorney General
Department of Lands and Mines & Forest Service, from Edmonton
Department of Lands and Mines, Forest Service from Edmonton
Depner, Ervin Paul & Jennie Helen from Rocky Mountain House
Deputon, Steve from Holden
Derham, Rueben from Bow Island
Derheim, Albert from Medicine Hat
Derheim, Edward from Irvine
Derksen, Aron M. from Spirit River, Picture Butte
Derksen, David A. from Westward Ho
Derksen, William P. from Hays
Derovin, L.G. from Coronado
Derr, Edward from Gadsby
Derr, Samuel from Gadsby
Derreve, Augustine from Etzikom
Derricott, Elmer J. from Fort Macleod
Derricott, Mrs. Orson from Macleod
Derricott, William John from Fort Macleod
Derringer, Ernest C. from Bashaw, Dorenlee
Derry & Tiffin from Cayley, High River
Dersch, A. & A. from Macleod
Dersch, A.J. from Macleod
Dersch, Aubrey from Granum
Dersch, August W. from Leavings, Granum
Dersch, E.J. from Granum
Derskson, Elmer & E. Vivien from Kitscoty, Lloydminster
Derskson, Elmer E. & E. Vivien from Kitscoty, Lloydminster
Dertz, Kasper from Big Valley
Derwantz Bros. (Paul, Richard & Henry) from Endiang
Derwantz, Frank R. from Endiang
Derwantz, Paul & Leo Axline from Endiang
Derwantz, Richard M. from Stettler, Endiang
Derzaph, Edward from Ohaton
Desabrais, Elias from Calgary
Desaulniers, Armand from Lafond, St. Paul
Desaulniers, Raymond from Lafond
Desaulniers, Rene from Lafond
Desaulniers, Wilfred R. from Lafond
Desautels, W. from Redland
Desbiens, Francis X from Pincher Creek
Deschamps, George from Sputinow
Deschamps, Joseph R. from Sputinow
Deschamps, Louise J. from Calgary
Deschamps, Rene from Brooks, Hussar
Deschamps, Vivian from Patricia
Deschene, Roger from Claresholm
Deschner, Philip from Duchess
DesHarnais, Galvin H. from Medicine Hat
Desilets, A.L. from Fraserton, Sunnynook
Desjardin, Jr. George from Gleichen
Desjardine, Inez from Halkirk
Desjardine, J.H. from Halkirk
Desjardine, Sam from Gleichen, De Winton
Desjardines, David from Cluny
Desjarlais, Antoine from Beaver Crossing
Desjarlais, Emile from Brierville
Desjarlais, Gilbert from High Prairie
Desjarlais, Martin from Marlboro
Desjarlais, Peter from Frog Lake
Desjarlais, Robert from Redcliff
Desmond, Florence from Viking
Desmond, George Patrick from Minburn
Desnoyers, Wilfred from Medicine Hat
Desronleau, Philip J. from Westlock
Desronleau, Philip J. from Westlock
Desrosiers, Maurice from Edmonton
Detchon, Earl L. from Lloydminster
Dethlefsen, Jens from Taber
Dettman, R.D. from Burtonsville, Tomahawk
Dettmer, E.W. from Craigmyle
Dettmer, Joyce Diane from Drumheller, Hussar
Deuchar, Leslie W. from Delburne
Deuel, S.J. from Ponoka
Deuel, S.J. from Ponoka
Deunk, John from Scandia
Deutsch, Anthony H. from Grande Prairie
Deutshman, Mrs. E. from Strathmore
Deutshman, Mrs. E. from Strathmore
Deutshman, Rudolp G. from Elkwater, Thelma
Deuzler, Harry from Black Diamond
Devalerida, V. & J. Cranston from Morrin
Devaleriola, Alex from Delia
Devarnichuk, Helen from Lethbridge
Devaux, Paul from Westlock
Deveraux, Cyril from Veteran
Devey, Enoch from Strome
Devine, James from St. Brides
Devitt, Beatrice M & Beatrice Hoskins M. from Hardisty
Devlin, Anthony from St. Brides
Devlin, Arthur from St. Paul
Devlin, Patrick from Lafond, St. Paul
Devloo, Gerard from Calgary
Devolin, Hugh N. from Didsbury
Dew, George Bennett from Majorville
Dew, James B. & Son from Parkland, Nanton, Milo
Dew, Mr. & Mrs. J.N. from Milo
Dewald, Alex & Sons from Highvale
Dewald, Donald P. from Duffield
Dewald, Fred from Usona, Ponoka
Dewald, P. from Altario, Compeer
Dewald, Reinhold from Ponoka
Dewalt, Simon or Sam from Dunmore, Norton
Dewan, Eldred from Elk Point
Dewar Bros. (William A. & Malise J.) from Wainwright
Dewar, Gordon Campbell & Madeleine Hamilton from Coutts
Dewar, Mrs. F.A. from Claresholm
Dewar, Mrs. F.A. from Claresholm
Dewar, William P. from Wainwright, Greenshields
Dewart, Gerald David from Beazer
Dewart, Mrs. George from Maycroft, Lundbreck
Dewart, Mrs. George from Maycroft, Lundbreck
Dewart, Robert from Bruce
Dewdney, Don from Bottrel
Dewey, Edward Keith from Edmonton
Dewey, Russell from Whitecourt, Heinsburg
Dewhirst, Bert C. from Tees, Ponoka
Dewhurst, Colin E. & Ross & Arthur W. from Vauxhall
Dewie, John from Caroline
DeWinter Bros. (Lloyd Alexander & William James) from Enilda
DeWinter, William James from Enilda
Dewison, John Thomas from North Star, Manning
DeWitt Feed Lot- Nose Creek, Crossfield, Cochrane
DeWitt, Dallas James from Airdrie
DeWitt, Howard E. from Coronation
DeWitt, Mike from Taber
DeWitt, Ryland Clayton from Buck Lake
DeWitt, S. W. from Calgary
DeWolf Bros. from Consort, Rocky Lane, High Leod
DeWolff Bros. from Rocky Lane, Consort, High Leod
Dexaeyer, August from Gunn
Dey, Agnes Florence (Mrs. William P.) from Chauvin
Dey, William P. from Chauvin
Deynaka, Stanley Paul from High Prairie
Dezall, Marjorie K. from Cowley
Dhudleigh, Edwin A from Picture Butte
Diachuk, William from Vegreville
Dial, Harold R. & Marion B. from Caroline, Raven, Innisfail
Dial, Marion Belle from Innisfail
Dial, Mary Joyce (remarried name Casper) from Sylvan Lake, Bentley, Eckville
Dial, Raymond R. from Innisfail
Diamond, Joe & Anthony from Cowley
Diamond, Joseph from Cowley, Lundbreck
Dibb, H.S. from Islay
Dibb, Robert J. from Pollockville, Islay
Dibble, Duane William from Dixonville, Clear Hills
Dibble, Ira W. from Clear Hills
Diceman, Carl R. from Calgary
Dick, Alexander, & J.W. from Ponoka
Dick, Cecil R. from Ponoka
Dick, D.G .from Edmonton
Dick, Earl C. from Rocky Mountain House, Red Deer
Dick, Ed from Etzikom
Dick, Isaac from Gem
Dick, J. W. from Ponoka
Dick, John from Grantham
Dick, John H. from Duchess
Dick, Reuben E. & Konschuh, Douglas C. from Calgary
Dick, Samuel W. from High River
Dick, W. J. from Elkton, Didsbury
Dick, Walter from Barrhead
Dickau Bros. from Bentley
Dickau, Arne V. from Falun
Dickau, Charles from Wetaskiwin
Dickau, Paul from Millet
Dickaut, Mason from Gem, Brooks
Dickey, Miles M. from Wessington, Donalda
Dickey, Newton M. from Claresholm
Dickey, Samuel from Donalda, Wessington
Dickhaut, John & Peter Schau from Medicine Hat
Dickhaut, John & Peter Schau from Medicine Hat
Dickhaut, John from Tilley, Walsh, Brooks
Dickhaut, Mildred Caroline from Brooks
Dickhout, Angus N. from Hope Valley, Gilt Edge, Heath, Wainwright
Dickie, Keith D. from MacKay
Dickinson, J.G. from Claresholm
Dickinson, John F. from Wimborne, Trochu
Dickout, Frederick S. from Hardieville, Lethbridge
Dicks, George & L. Eastwood from Maloy
Dicks, George & L. Eastwood from Maloy
Dickson, Alex from Hindville
Dickson, Bliss Fawcett from Innisfree
Dickson, C. from Burdett
Dickson, C. from Burdett
Dickson, Frank from Redcliff
Dickson, G. A. from Koknee
Dickson, G.A. from Koknee
Dickson, Gordon A. from Hindville, Tolland
Dickson, Helen from Warner
Dickson, M.D. from Vermilion, Edmonton
Dickson, P.A. from Arrowwood
Dickson, Robert J .from Hutton
Dickson, Robert J. from Hutton
Dickson, William H. from Redcliff, Kevisville
Didier, Kisie from Parkland
Didier, Ronald A. from Waugh, Vimy, Red Deer
Didow, Harry from Rolling Hills
Didsbury (1961) Savings & Credit Union from Didsbury
Diduck, Mike from Tofield
Diederich, Henry Michael from Grande Prairie, Bezanson
Diedrich, Gottlied from Medicine Hat
Diegel, Wayne Doug from Calgary
Diegenstien, S.P. from Foremost, Turin
Diehl, John Dickson from Grandin
Dieleman, John & W. from Clover Bar
Dieleman, John & W. from Clover Bar
Diemert, Dave from Crooked Creek, Valleyview
Dier, J.S. from Rumsey
Dierker, Ed from Crooked Creek
Dierkhising, Walter from Connor Creek
Dietelbach, Harry Karl from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Dietelbach, Henry from Irvine
Dieter, C.P. from Hanna
Dieter, Robert Grant from Hanna
Dietrich, Grant from Forstburg
Dietrich, Joe from Breton
Dietrich, Joseph Henry from Heisler
Dietrich, Lloyd Henry from Lomond
Dietrich, Louis X. & E.H. from Rumsey
Dietrich, Louis X. from Rockyford
Dietrich, Melvin L. from Forstburg
Dietrich, Roy E. from Lomond
Dietterle, David from Castor
Dietz, Alex from Brooks
Dietz, Edward from Edson
Dijzak or Dizak, Mike (Mihaly) from Brocket
Dill, Frank E. from Sundre, Calgary
Dillabaugh, M. Grace from Cochrane
Dillance, Roy C. from Viking
Dillane, W.J. from Viking
Dille, Bertha F. from Rocky Mountain House
Dille, Clarence O. from Rocky Mountain House
Dille, Howard E. from Rimbey
Dille, Vernon G. from Rimbey
Dillman Farm Ltd (H.M. Dillman) from Manning
Dillon Bros, (G.A. & L.A.) from Wainwright
Dillworth, W.J. from Medicine Hat
Dilworth, Edward Leslie from Medicine Hat
Dimma, Justin P. from Forestburg
Dimma, O.C. from Lethbridge, Turin, Eburne, BC
Dimmer, Peter from Calgary, Carstairs
Dimmer, Robert M. from Olds
Din, Alec from Warspite
Dineen L.S.R. from Edmonton, Fort Vermillion
Dingman, Frank from Halkirk
Dingreville, Marcel from Cowley, Bellevue
Dingwell, John from Nanton
Dinnsen, Detlif from Lobley
Dinnsen, Martin George from Lobley, Mound, Sundre
Dinwoodie, George A. & R. from Big Stone, Lavoy
Dinwoodie, Harvey Reid from Lavoy, Warwick
Dinwoodie, R. & L. R. from Lavoy
Dinye, William from Heinsberg
Dinzey, Edwin H. from Cremona, Carstairs, Didsbury
Dion, Alphonse from Bulwark
Dion, Eugene from Spirit River
Dion, Roland from Edmonton
Dionne, Ed from Cowley
Dionne, George Edward from Cowley
Dionne, J.H. from Delburne
Dionne, Jessie from Claresholm
Dionne, Yvonne from Cowley, Coleman
Dioszegi, John from Coaldale
Diozdz, Julia from Jenner
Dippel, Norman from Sundre, Bergen, Calgary
Dipping Bath Cattle Co-Op Ltd. from Cardston
Diprose, Fred from Drumheller
Diprose, William from Drumheller
Dirk, Herman from Medicine Hat
Dirk, Peter from Medicine Hat
Dirk, Rose Kathleen from Pincher Creek
Dirk’s Custom Feeding Ltd. from Granum
Diron, J.P. from Clairmont
Dissing, Alfred from East Coulee, Drumheller
Disterheft, William from Forestburg
Ditner, Allan from Wildwood
Dittberner, Fred from Brooks, Calgary, Camrose
Dittfach, Hugo from Calgary, James River Bridge
Dittman, Ed from Milk River, Allerstone
Dittman, Mary from Milk River
Ditto, J.H. from Alix
Dittrich, Leo D from Ardrossan
Diuk, Rosa from Evansburg
Dixon Bros. (Herbert J, & William R) from Rosemary
Dixon, A.E. from Rockyford
Dixon, Albert from Rocky Mountain House
Dixon, Annie M. from Carbon
Dixon, Elmer from Longview
Dixon, Frank from Airdrie, Granum
Dixon, Howard C. from Medicine Hat
Dixon, John from Excel
Dixon, John from Penhold
Dixon, Joseph from Rainbow, Medicine Hat
Dixon, Joseph from Vermilion
Dixon, Lillian M. from Carbon
Dixon, Neil from Longview
Dixon, Paul from Morley
Dixon, Sam K. from Crammond
Dixon, Thomas Victor from Calgary, Strathmore
Dixon, Willis R. from Eureka River
Dixson, F.E. from Lucky Strike, Groton
Dixson, Mary from Lucky Strike, Groton
Dixson, Waldo C. from Etzikom, Cranbrook, BC
Djuve, Fred from New Norway
Dlin, Gary from Edmonton
Dlugos, Joe from Bonnyville
Dmetriw, Mike from Innisfree
Dmetriw, Steve from Innisfree
Dmytruk, Russell from Egremont
Doak, Thomas Scotty from Big Valley
Doan, Austin Harold from Olds
Doan, C.L. from Innisfail
Doan, Delila from Retlaw
Doan, Earl from Halkirk
Doan, Gordon from Halkirk
Doan, Melvin from Halkirk
Dobb, Jack L. from Beaverlodge
Dobinson, J. from Clive
Dobkowski, John from Stauffer
Doblanko, A. from Calmer
Doblanko, Tom W. from Thorsby
Doble, Wilbert from Rainier, Brooks
Dobmeier, Jerome Adam from Lloydminster
Dobos, Anna, Eugene & Leslie from Rimbey, Bentley
Dobos, Leslie V. from Lacombe
Dobos, Valentine from Rimbey
Dobrosky, John from Esther
Dobson, Andrew Hedley from Elkton
Dobson, M.H. from Ferguson Flats
Dobson, Richard Ernest from Erskine, Gang Ranch, British Columbia
Dobson, S.W. from Lacombe
Dobson, Thomas James Fairbanks from Innisfail, Knee Hill Valley
Docherty, Abe from Alix
Docherty, Earl W. from Alix
Docherty, James R from Alix
Docherty, James R. from Alix
Docksteader, Charles from New Brigden
Docksteader, Ralph from Esther, S. Edmonton, New Brigden
Dodd, A.W. from Delia, Grande Prairie
Dodd, Albert E. from Olds
Dodd, Alfred T. from Olds
Dodd, Averil M. from Olds
Dodd, Elwood from Consort
Dodd, I.H. from Clive
Dodd, Robert H. from Lacombe
Dodd, Russell G. from DeBolt
Dodd, W.J. from Olds
Dodd, Walter F. from Olds
Dodds, Mabel from Consort
Dodds, Robert R. from Dixonville
Dodgson, Clarence from Endiang
Dodmer, J. Edward from Iddesleigh
Dodwell, Ray from North Vermilion
Doeherty, Abe from Alix
Doehring, Helmut from Medicine Hat
Doell, Jacob Raymond from Ardrossan
Doelman, Hank G. from Fort Macleod
Doering Edward from Torrington
Doering, Albert from Medicine Hat, Norton
Doering, Daniel from Hanna
Doering, Emanuel from Bulwark
Doering, Fred from Hanna
Doering, Garry J. from Medicine Hat
Doering, Hubert Bernard from Whitecourt
Doering, John Jr. from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Doering, Karl from Irvine
Doering, Nathaniel from Irvine, Josephburg, Robinson
Doering, Rudolf from Hanna
Doering, W. from Hanna
Doerksen, Jakop J. from Gem
Doerksen, John P. from Gem
Doerksen, John P. from Gem
Doerksen, Peter P. from Gem
Dogterom, C. from Lethbridge
Dogterom, L.G. from Lethbridge
Dogterom, Robert from Lethbridge
Doherty, B. from Cochrane, Crossfield, Bindloss
Doherty, George from Bowden
Doherty, H. E. from Rochfort Bridge
Doherty, James Harvey from Veteran
Doherty, Paddy & Grace Todd from Vermilion
Doherty, Paddy & Grace Todd from Vermilion
Dohlman, E. I. & Sons from Dickson
Doig, David from Tees
Doig, Howard from Hanna, Sheerness, Youngstown
Doige, Darren Lloyd from Stony Plain
Doka, John from Brooks
Dokken, Chris from McLaughlin
Dolan, John from St. Brides
Dolan, John Hendry from Wainwright
Dolan, Joseph Owen from Bottrel, Westward Ho
Dole, Stepehn Arnold from Didsbury
Dolen, Donald Lloyd from Calgary
Dolen, James W. from Canmore, Bottrel
Dolen, John F. from Cochrane
Dolen, Thomas John from Blueberry Mountain
Dolgapol, Mary from Fox
Dolgopol, Larry Raymond from Medicine hat
Dolgopol, Paul from Fox
Dolhan, Dan from Spirit River
Dolishny, Fred from St. Michael
Doll, Walter from Friesdenstal, Fairview
Dolling, H.W. from Telfordville
Dolling, Robert A. from Coronation
Dolphin Bros. (Jack & William Meadows) from Calgary, Standard
Dolphin, William Meadows from Calgary
Domanski, Joseph J. from Altario
Domanski, L. from Monitor, Altario
Dombrosky, Gordon M. from Edmonton
Dombrova, Herb (Herbert) from Wembley
Dominion Agricultural Credit Co. Ltd from Regina
Dominiuk, Joe S. from Tofield
Domke, Gustav from Ardrossan
Domke, Sam from Tomahawk
Domoney, Walter Scott from Minburn
Donaghy, Roy from Ponoka, Hills Down
Donahue, Mrs. John from Penhold
Donahue, Mrs. John from Penhold
Donald, C.W. from Bottrel
Donald, C.W. from Bottrel
Donald, Fred from Kikino
Donald, Joe N. from Kikino
DoNald, Robert from Busby
Donald, Robert from Busby
Donaldson, Ed from Atlee, Cereal
Donaldson, John J. from Greencourt
Donaldson, K.G. from Claresholm
Donaldson, Lucille O. from Wetaskiwin
Donaldson, R.L. from Coaldale
Donaldson, Ronald L. from Irricana, Turner Valley, Cereal
Donally, Leonard Douglas from Marwayne, Entwistle, Carstairs
Donat, Thibert from Brocket
Doncaster, James from Hanna
Donelly, William from Elk Point, Cereal
Donily, R.O. from Tolland, Vermilion
Donily, Stanley C. from Stanmore
Donison, Roy H. from Rocky Mountain House
Donkersgoed, Klaas from Iron Springs
Donkin, R. S. from Raven, Caroline
Donkin, Richard from Westward Ho
Donoff, Dr. Alexander S. from Edmonton
Donoghue, James from Irma
Donovan Bros (John & M. Louis) from Fort Assiniboine
Donovan, Al from Calgary
Donovan, Bertha from Sibbald
Donovan, Dennis L. from Dorothy
Donovan, John J. from Dorothy, Clivedale
Donovan, John J. from Dorothy, Clivedale
Donovan, John Joseph from Fort Assiniboine
Donovan, Marjorie Ramona from Lindbrook
Dool, Chester J. from Westerose
Dool, Lawrence from Lacombe
Dooling, Ora from Brownfield
Doolittle, E.L. from Sundre
Doolittle, R.J. from Edgerton
Doonan, Dalton from Wetaskiwin
Doonan, Dalton from Wetaskiwin, Edmonton
Doonan, Glen from Doe River, British Columbia
Doonaneo, Roy from Bonnyville
Dora, George from Tilley
Dora, Gregory R from Brooks
Dora, Gregory R. from Brooks
Dora, Tom from Brooks
Doram, Kenneth J. from Lomond
Doram, L.A. from Coaldale
Doran, Edward from Ponoka
Doran, Francis from Ponoka
Doran, Samuel from Ponoka
Dorchak, Doyle from Enchant
Dorchak, Orville from Enchant
Dorchak, Wallace Esden from Enchant
Dore, Rowald Lloyd from Halkirk, Wetaskiwin
Dorey, W.R. from Vermilion, Clandonald
Dorfman, Harry from Innisfail
Dorgan, Paul G. from Islay
Dorin, Edward from Bruce
Doris, Henry P. & Scheffelmeier, Ralph R. from Falher
Dorland, Gordon Etson from Edgerton
Dornan, Stephen Lawarence from Thorsby
Dorner, Albert Joseph from Etzikom, Lethbridge
Dorner, Joseph from Etzikom
Dorogdi, James from Taber
Dorrell, James from Nanton
Dorrschied, Anton from Glen Leslie
Dorsch, R. from Hanna
Dorscheid, John Eugene from Glen Leslie
Dorscher, V. from Bow Island
Dorsey, John V. from Etzikom
Dorsey, M.J. from Etzikom
Dorsey, Mrs. A.E. from Calgary
Dortch, John Ellis from Duchess, Virden, Manitoba, Frobisher, SK
Dortch, Merle from Gem
Dortch, Merle Stuart from Duchess
Dorval, B.I. from Castor
Dorward, D.H. from Ranfurly, Viking
Dorward, J.M. from Viking
Dosch, Gerald from Glenwood, Lethbridge
Dosch, Henry from Empress, Cowichan Station, BC
Dosch, Warner O. & Leech, Clinton H. from Acadia Valley
Doschiwnyk or Dosehiwnyk, Fred from Ispas
Doty, Myra E. from Bluffton, Bentley
Doty, W. J. from Cayley, Longview
Double A Holdings Ltd. from Taber
Double G Ranch from Ellscott
Double K Maine Anjou from Cardston
Double M Cattle Company (Lloyd McCartney) from Sundre
Double Q Ranches from Winterburn
Doucet, Clovis from St. Paul
Doucet, John Emile from Girouxville
Doucet, Joseph & N. from St. Paul
Doucet, Laudas from St. Paul
Doucet, Ovide from Saint Paul
Doucette, Armand from Sunset House, Cache Creek, BC
Doucette, Kenneth F. from Nanton
Doucette, R.A. from Stettler
Doucette, R.A. from Stettler
Dougherty, Charles from Vermilion
Dougherty, Patrick & Noreen from High River
Dougill, Haxby from Glenbow, Calgary
Douglas, Allan Thomas & Meridith Rose from High Prairie
Douglas, Charles E. from Duchess
Douglas, Charles E. from Duchess
Douglas, Donald from Granum
Douglas, Donald from Granum
Douglas, Earl from Raymond
Douglas, Elwood from Mayerthorpe
Douglas, Ernest E. from Lacombe
Douglas, Florence from Aden, Warner
Douglas, George R. from Scotfield
Douglas, Gordon Donald from Nevis
Douglas, J.S. from Rose Lynn
Douglas, J.S. from Rose Lynn
Douglas, John D. from Erskine, Stettler
Douglas, Mrs. Walter from Warner
Douglas, Mrs. Walter from Warner
Douglas, Stewart T. from Cowley
Douglas, Walter T. from Warner
Douglas, William S. from Lacombe
Douglas, William S. from Lacombe
Douglass, N. & S. L. from Veteran
Douglass, N. & S.L. from Veteran
Doull, Mrs. Norman from Lloydminster, SK
Doull, Norman & Melva from Lloydminster, SK
Doull, Ronald Brent from Marwayne
Dove, E.F. from Sunnynook
Dovey, Hepsy H. from Carcajou
Dow C. John from Lloydminster
Dow, B.M. from Rivercourse
Dow, C.H. from Lloydminster
Dow, Donovan from Claresholm
Dow, George from Pincher Creek
Dow, H.T. from Marwayne
Dow, Harry N .from Claresholm
Dow, Madeline from Claresholm
Dowd, Leah E. from Chigwell, Red Deer
Dowding, Ernest M. from Edmonton
Dowell, J.F. from Carstairs
Dowell, John A. from Edmonton
Dowell, Lloyd B. from Calgary
Dowell, Lloyd B. from Calgary
Dowker, Charlie Howard & George Harold from Airways
Dowker, Elmo E. from Veteran, Airway
Dowker, Mrs. Lottie from Lakesend
Dowling, Clarence Daniel from Beaver Mines
Dowling, Clayton D. from Talbot
Dowling, J.F. from Calgary
Dowling, Mickey from Calgary
Dowling, Orval Vernon from Leslieville, Goodwin
Dowling, W. H. from Duchess
Down, Bertha from Didsbury, Sundre
Downard, John from La Corey, Lessard
Downey, A.I. (estate) from Strathmore
Downey, Gordon from High Level
Downey, J.W. from Royalties
Downie, Mrs. V. M. from Claresholm
Downing, Donald Fortesque from Westlock
Downing, Edith Nina from Metiskow
Downing, P.L. & Son R.J. from Bodo, Hayter
Downing, Verne from Metiskow
Downs, Kenneth & E. from Makepeace
Doyle, Alphonse from Clandonald
Doyle, Fred L. from Vermilion
Doyle, J. J. from Waterways
Doyle, Matthew John from Munson
Doyle, Patrick from Macleod
Doyle, William J. from Black Diamond
Drader, Jack M. from Camrose
Drager, Dean Bernard from Hardisty
Drager, William G. from Hardisty
Dragoo, Forrest from Barnwell, Retlaw, Purple Springs
Drake, Gordon & Eva Wright from Keoma
Drake, Gordon & Eva Wright from Keoma
Drake, Kathryn from Grand Centre
Drake, Ronald from Halfway Lake, Clyde
Drake, Terrance John from Keoma, Irricana
Drake, William M. from Calgary, Irricana
Drandson, Edward from Medicine Hat
Drapaka, Krezon from St. Paul, Brosseau
Draper, James from Bon Accord
Draper, T. H. from Ashmont
Draper, William John from Ashmont
Dratar, John from Barnwell
Drath, Bernard Rudolph from Schuler
Drath, Gust from Schuler, Creston, BC
Draudson, Stanley from Medicine Hat
Draves, Nelson from Keephills
Draves, Richard from Duffield, Keephills
Drayton Valley Feeders Assoc. from Drayton Valley
Drebert, Otto from New Sarepta
Dreeshen Jr., Herman from Elnora
Dreeshsen, Nick from Elnora
Drefs, H. & Sons from Mystery Lake
Drefs, Wilhelm from Stirling
Dreger, Donald Sidney from Killam
Dreger, Gerd from Edmonton, St. Albert
Dreichel, Gotlied from Gadsby
Drennan, J. H from Alcurve
Drent, A. & Sons from Taber
Dressel, Harold Emmett from Duchess
Dressel, L.A. from Rainier, Brooks, Comox, BC
Dresser, Fred from Highvale
Dresser, W.E. from Carbon
Drever, Thomas M. from Bragg Creek, Olds
Drewicki, Alex from Wainwright
Drewicki, Anton from Wainwright, Hope Valley
Drewicki, Joe from Heath
Dribnenki, Dennis from Lac La Biche
Dribnenky, P.M. from Lloydminster
Driedger, Cornelius F. from La Crete
Driedger, Jacob from Grande Prairie
Driesen, John & Albert Kooy from Lethbridge
Driesen, John & Kooy, Albert from Lethbridge
Driftwood Ranch (Ken Gregory Willetts & Harley Duane Rasmussen) from Smith
Drinnam, Ada E .from Walsh
Drinnan, Angus A. from Ponoka
Drinnan, W. from Calgary
Driol, Jake from Olds
Driver, Harry & Hartling, Roy from Wainwright
Driver, Harry & Roy Hartling from Wainwright
Drobot, Mike from Elk Point, Lake Eliza
Drolet, Arthur from Brosseau, St. Paul
Dromarsky, Allen from Tofield
Dron, Konst from Lynnburn
Dron, Nic from Two Hills
Drozdowski, Henry from St. Edouard, St. Paul
Drozdz, Henry from Jenner, Medicine Hat
Drozdz, Julia from Jenner
Drumheller Feeder Assoc. Ltd. from Drumheller
Drumheller, James V. from Edmonton
Drummond, Clarence W. from Ponoka
Drummond, F.E. from Ponoka
Drummond, S.P. from Elkton
Drury, Wilfred from Minburn
Dryden, Agnes from Alliance
Drysdale, Jean A. & David A. from Kitscoty
Drysdale, Robert from Vermilion, Islay
Duban, Joseph from Kipp
Dubasz, I. from Irma, Woodstock, NB
Dubasz, Illes L. from Edmonton, Irma
Dubasz, J. & Ambler, M. C. from Irma
Dubasz, John from Irma
Dubasz, Michael Robert from Irma
Dubeau, Adam from Redcliff
Dubeau, Roland from Bonnyville
Dubensky, Alex from Edmonton
Dubetz, George from Smoky Lake
Dubilowski, Mike from Iron River
Dubland, Ole from Enchant
Dubois, Emile Joseph from Wildwood
Dubrule, Ray from St. Paul
Duby, Harold O. from Duchess, Rainier, Gordondale, Rycroft
Duby, James Gordon from Rainier
Duby, Phil Edmord from Rainier
Ducanson, Effie & Alex from Buffalo
Duce, Bob, Jackson, Eric from High River
Duce, George A. from Cardston
Duce, George A. from Cardston
Duce, Joan V. from Longview
Duce, Robert Max from Granum, High River
Duce, Rose & Frank from Fort Macleod, Granum
Duce, Ross from Calgary, Shepard
Ducharme, Armand M. from Fort Kent
Ducherme, M.E. from Water Valley
Duchess Oram, Lila M. & David Scott from Marwayne
Duck Chief, Rosary from Gleichen, Cluny
Duckering Bros from Streamstown, Kitscoty
Duckering, Clarence William from Streamstown
Duckering, H.C. from Streamstown
Duckering, Mrs. D.E. from Lea Park
Duckett, Lest M. from Calgary
Duckett, Mary E. from Brooks
Duckmanton, J.L. from Vulcan
Ducommun, C.B. from Ponoka
Duda, Joe (John) from Delburne
Dudak, Tom from Rife
Dudar, Joe Delbert from Myrnam
Dudar, John from Myrnam
Dudar, Peter from Myrnam
Dudar, Simon from Myrnam
Duddy, Edward from Vermilion
Dudesheim, A.E. from Drumheller
Dudgeon, David from Dolcy, Edgerton
Dudley, Archie from Macleod
Dudley, Grant D. from Magrath
Dudley, Margaret from Coronation
Dudley, R. E. & Bessie from Fort Macleod
Dudlyke, Richard from Marwayne
Due Bros. from Hussar
Due, V.C. from Hussar
Dueck, Frank from Coaldale
Dueck, Helen from Calgary
Dueck, Jacob P. from Coaldale
Dueck, Jacob P. from Coaldale
Dueck, John A. from Lethbridge
Dueck, Nick D. from Gem
Dueck, P.W. & H. from Coaldale
Duer, Charles from Coronation, De Winton, Veteran
Duer, Josiah H. from Coronation, Iddesleigh
Duer, Josiah H. from Coronation, Lodesleigh
Duerksen, H.J. from Brooks, Gem
Duerksen, J.H. from Gem
Duff, James Robert & Norma Ann from Whitecourt
Duff, W.H. from Ankerton, Rosalind
Duffa, Jacob or Daffe from Schuler, Irvine
Duffell, F.E. from Calgary, Huxley
Duffell, Mrs. S. from Huxley
Duffell, William from Huxley
Duffield, Burl Frederick from Glenwoodville
Duffield, R.F. from Pincher Creek, Spring Ridge
Duffin, Richard A.H. from Elnora, Red Deer
Duffy, Gerald Alan from Cremona
Dufort, Victor from Atlee
Dufour, Owen from High River
Dufresne, Francis from Sputinow
Duft, G.L. from Elnora
Duggan, D.M. from Edmonton
Duggan, D.M. from Edmonton
Duguid, George from Bottrel
Duguid, James C. from Ensign, Vulcan, Halkirk, Castor
Duguid, William from Bottrel, Eston, SK
Duguid, William N. from Cremona
Duguid, William N. from Cremona
Duhamel, Adrien from St. Paul
Duhamel, Francis M. from Macleod
Duhamel, Francis M. from Macleod
Duhamel, Louis from Macleod, Monarch
Duhamel, M.W. from Monarch
Duhamel, Marten H. from Yetwood, Monarch
Duhamel, Mary D. from Monarch
Duhamel, Miss H. S. from Monarch
Duhamel, Rachel from St. Paul, New Westminster, British Columbia
Duhamel, William from Lac La Biche
Duigou, Bernard & Gilbert from Atmore
Duim, Sandra & Sandra Fowler from Seven Persons
Duke, Alex K. from Vegreville
Duke, Gordon from Edmonton
Duke, Gordon from Edmonton
Duke, John A. from Marwayne
Duke, John from Rimbey
Duke, John Westoner from Halcourt
Duky, Frank from Buffalo
Dullea, Charles John & Francis Leo from Stavely
Dullea, Charles John from Stavely
Dullea, Jeremiah William from Carseland, Stavely
Dulles, Mrs. G. B. & Sons from Calgary
Duma, Alex from Prosperity
Dumais, Roy from Bonnyville
Dumanowski, Frank from Chinook
Dumanowski, Joe from Chinook, Calgary
Dumaresq, Dennis from Consort
Dumaresq, Perrie C. from Consort
Dumka, J.L. from Burstall, SK, Medicine Hat, Tilley, Brooks, S. Burnaby, BC, Summerland, BC
Dumont, Frank F. from Heinsburg, Frog Lake
Dumont, Harry from Frog Lake
Dumont, John P. from Frog Lake
Dumont, Louis from Frog Lake
Dumont, M. from Grande Prairie
Dumont, Mrs. D. from Onion Lake, SK
Dumont, Thomas from Frog Lake
Dumont, William Francis from Brooks, Rainier
Dumouchel, Harry from Keephills
Dumouchel, Josie from Keephills
Dunbar, J. Wes from Enchant
Dunbar, James M. from Hanna, Steveville
Dunbar, Mabel from Macleod
Dunbar, William from Irma
Duncan, Alex & Son (Alex Gilbert) from Elnora
Duncan, Alex from Big Valley
Duncan, Benjamin C. from Gopher Head, Big Valley
Duncan, Charles from Byemoor
Duncan, Donald from Halkirk
Duncan, Douglas Haig & Mary Iris from Rimbey
Duncan, Dr. Duncan R. from Edmonton
Duncan, Dr. Duncan R. from Edmonton
Duncan, George A. & James from Clairmont, Sexsmith
Duncan, George from Eckville
Duncan, H.D. from Bremner
Duncan, James from Clairmont, Sexsmith
Duncan, John from Chauvin
Duncan, John G. McK. from Pincher Creek, North Fork
Duncan, John T. from Edmonton
Duncan, Joseph from Picture Butte
Duncan, Mrs. James H. M. from Cessford, Joffre, Lacombe
Duncan, Peter from Edmonton, Red Water
Duncan, Robert from Alliance
Duncan, Robert R. from Lethbridge
Duncan, Sam from Gleichen
Duncan, Thomas from Cherhill
Duncan, Thomas Henry from Okotoks
Duncan, W.J. from Jasper
Duncan, W.P. from Elnora
Duncan, William H. from Vermilion
Duncombe, Gerald J. from Taber
Duncombe, Gerald J. from Taber
Duncombe, Walter Mark from Raymond
Dundas, Ada from Allingham
Dundas, Fred from Peerless, Viking
Dundas, G.M from Edmonton
Dundas, G.M. from Edmonton
Dunfield, E. from Gibbons
Dunford, E.C. from Calgary
Dunford, H.L. from Cessford
Dunham, L.E. from Ghost Pine Creek
Dunington, Henry from Violet Grove, Castor
Dunington, Wilfred J & W.T. from Castor
Dunk, F.E. from Warner
Dunkle, Frank from Castor
Dunkle, Frank Jr. from Castor
Dunkle, Harry from Castor
Dunkley, William Lawrence from Grande Prairie
Dunlavey, Jack from Medicine Hat, Rosemary
Dunn, C.H. from Sullivan Lake
Dunn, Clio B. from Rolling Hills
Dunn, Dennis Wearmouth from Nanton, High River
Dunn, Fred from Calgary
Dunn, George W. from Edmonton, Blue Ridge
Dunn, H.D. from Turin
Dunn, James & Victoria from Wildwood
Dunn, John F. from Pollockville
Dunn, John T. from Bow Island
Dunn, Kenneth G. from Hythe, Turin
Dunn, Lloyd from Rolling Hills
Dunn, William from Cardston
Dunne, T.S. from Duchess
Dunning, Hiram F. from Wainwright
Dunning, Marjorie from Calgary, Nanton
Dunningham, Kate E. from Bottrel
Dunphy, J.D. from Cremona
Dunseith, William James from Olds
Dunsmore Bros from Brooks, Scandia
Dunsmore Bros. from Brooks, Scandia
Dunsmore, Harry Alan from Edmonton
Dunsmore, J. Russell from Rockyford
Dunstall, William from Fallis
Dunz, Otto from Taber
Dupen, H.A. from Hardieville
Duperron, Alex from Breynat
Duperron, Eugene from Breynat
Dupont, David from Didsbury
Dupont, Donald Paul from Smith
Dupont, Doris V. from Olds, Carstairs
Dupont, Emile Sr. from Didsbury, Olds
Dupont, H. Paul from Sunnynook, Mirror Landing
Dupuis, Aime from Waterhole, Fairview, Domremy, SK
Dupuis, Albert from Bruce
Dupuis, Joseph from Fleet
Dupuis, Joseph Wilfrid from Keg River, Edmonton
Dupuit, Albert from Islay
Dupuit, Alexandre from Islay
Dupuy, Moise J. from Falher
Duquette, E & Son from Didsbury
Durac, John from Ashmont
Durand Sisters from Spondin
Durand, Denis Albert from Lethbridge
Durand, Emery from Athabasca, Winterburn
Durand, Joseph from Leedale
Durand, Leonard N. from Bashaw, Spondin
Durand, Oliver from Hanna
Durand, Rene from Leedale
Durand, Willard from Olds, Spondin
Durant, Leonard from Czar
Durant, Schuyler from Alder Flats
Durcsak, Anton from Whitecourt
Durda, Mike from Grande Prairie
Durfey, J.N. from Boyle
Durham, W.F. from Violet Grove
Durieux, Charles from Big Valley, Ewing
Durk, Ernest William from Empress, Atlee, Buffalo, Leduc, New Sarepta, Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton
Durkan, John E. from Big Valley
Durkan, John E. from Big Valley
Durksen, P.J. from Sedalia
Durno, Eric from Calgary
Durocher, Emile from Frog Lake
Durocher, Jerome from Sputinow
Durocher, Roger from Normandeau, Canmore
Durocher, Ronnie from Sputinow
Durupt, M.C. from Hays
Dusdal, Fred from Olds
Dushenski, Nick from Willingdon
Dushinsky, Peter from Willingdon
Dustin, Mrs. C.E from Boundary Creek, Spring Coulee
Dusz, Joe from Raymond
Dusza, John from Fort Saskatchewan, Ardrossan
Dusza, Mitchell from Westlock
Dusza, Ted from Rochester
Dutchak, John from Derwent
Duthie, Alex J. from Nanton
Duthie, Richard (Manager Alberta Ranche) from Pincher Creek
Dutka, William from Vermilion
Dutton, Royale, S. from Turner Valley, Hubalta, Black Diamond, Millarville
Duval, George from Water Valley
Dux, Gordon from Wetaskiwin
Dux, Gus from Wetaskiwin
Dux, Julius from Wetaskiwin
Dux, Norman & Gordon from Wetaskiwin
Dux, William from Wetaskiwin
Duyn, John from Calgary
Dvorkin, J. from Calgary
Dwerniczuk, John & William J. Travalia from Burmis
Dwerniczuk, John, Travalia, William J from Burmis
Dwernychuk & Sons from Busby
Dwigans, A.R from Calgary
Dwigans, Inez from Brant, Ensign
Dwigans, J.N. from Brant, Ensign
Dworakowski, Charles from Sexsmith
Dworkin, David L. from Calgary
Dwyer, G.F. from Pincher Creek, Cowley
Dwyer, Orphia from Trochu, Cowley
Dybak, Alex from Hemaruka
Dybak, Nick from Hemaruka
Dychkowski, Joe from Bruce
Dyck Bros. from Coaldale
Dyck, A.B. from Didsbury, Chilliwack, BC
Dyck, Aron W. from Rosemary
Dyck, C.H. from Vauxhall
Dyck, Carl R. from Calgary
Dyck, David from Rosemary
Dyck, Edward from Hinton
Dyck, Frank David from Coaldale
Dyck, Frank F. from Pincher Creek
Dyck, Frank P. from Lethbridge
Dyck, Frank W. from Coaldale
Dyck, George W. from Bassano
Dyck, Henry from Rosemary
Dyck, Henry J. from Pincher Creek
Dyck, Henry J. from Rosemary
Dyck, Isaac A. from La Crete
Dyck, J.W. from Rosemary
Dyck, Jacob A. from Rosemary, Brooks
Dyck, Jacob J. from Carstairs
Dyck, John from Pincher Station, Pincher Creek
Dyck, John from Ponoka
Dyck, John P. from Grassy Lake
Dyck, N.A. from Didsbury
Dyck, Peter from East Coulee, Calgary
Dyck, Peter William from Lethbridge
Dyck, Sharon from Okotoks
Dyck, Walter George from Priddis
Dyckman, Stewart R. from Calgary, Seattle, WA
Dyer, Harry from Patricia
Dyer, J.W. from Buffalo
Dyer, Susie C from Bow Island
Dyer, W.J from Ribstone, Edgerton
Dyjur, Edwin from Clandonald
Dyjur, Stanley from Clandonald
Dyke, H R. from Raymond
Dykier, Alec from Holden
Dykstra, Arnold L. from Gadsby, Oliver, BC
Dykstra, Kenneth L. from Gadsby
Dykstra, Mrs. E from Lethbridge
Dykstra, Mrs. E. from Lethbridge
Dyler, James E. from Bragg Creek
Dyler, James E. from Bragg Creek
Dylke, Helen from Hanna
Dylke, Matilda from Hanna
Dylke, Robert Stanley & John Robert from Edmonton, Mundare
Dylke, Simon P. from Bowness, Irma
Dylke, Simon P. from Bowness, Irma
Dyre, Edith from Chancellor
Dyrvik, Hans from Lea Park, Marwayne
Dyvig, Bert from Winfield
Dzaman, Harold Alvin from Manning
Dzamka, Mike from Tilley
Dziatkewich, Stanley from Buffalo
Dziwenko, Harry from St. Michael
Dziwenko, Thomas from Andrew
Dziwinsky, Philip from Mannville
Dzvonik, Andy from Barnwell
Lessard, Joseph G. from Lac La Biche

E.V. Keit Enterprises Ltd from Administrative Enterprises of Canada Ltd
E.W. Holdings Ltd. from Blueberry Mountain, Grande Prairie
Eadie, James from Lacombe
Eadon, S.E. from Midnapore, Calgary
Eagle Bear, Alphonse from Cardston
Eagle Child, Albert from Standoff
Eagle Hill Livestock Feeders Assoc. Ltd. from Olds
Eagle Ridge Quarter Horse Ranch Ltd. from Calgary, Lethbridge
Eagle Speaker, Ike from Lethbridge
Eagle Speaker, Morton from Cardston
Eaglesham, M. from Tofield
Eagletail, Fred from Calgary
Eameron & Houcher from Edmonton, Czar
Eameron & Houcher from Edmonton, Czar
Earl Bros. from Finns Lake, Medicine Hat
Earl, C.E. from Mirror Landing, Sundre, Saunders
Earl, Hugh J. from Mountain View
Earl, Samuel Aubrey from Cardston
Earl, Samuel Aubrey from Cardston
Eason, Robert C. & Grace from Calgary
Eason, Robert C. & Grace from Calgary
East Warner Barley Growers Ltd. from Warner
East, Edward T. from Vermilion
Eastern Beef Packers Ltd. from Montreal, Quebec
Easthope, John from Taber
Easthope, Owen Ross from Calgary
Eastly, A.L. from Sedgewick
Eastman, Padgett Victor from Brooks
Eastman, Verl Roland from Rosemary
Easton, George C. from Coronation
Easton, James Wilson from Ponoka
Easton, R.C. from Edmonton
Easton, R.C. from Edmonton
Eastwood, L. from Maloy
Eatland, Thomas George from N. Edmonton, Calgary
Eaton, Archie from Kitscoty
Eaton, Frank from Alix
Eaton, J.W. & Glen A. Florence from Lloydminster, SK
Eaton, J.W. & Glen A. Florence from Lloydminster, SK
Eaton, Jon A. from Lethbridge
Eaton, L.A. from Leedale
Eaton, Robert from Peers
Eau Claire Sawmills Ltd. from Calgary
Eaves, M.A. from Coaldale
Ebbern, Francis & Mary Gertrude from Wainwright
Ebbern, Francis & Mary Gertrude from Wainwright
Ebbert, W.C from Macewan, Nanton
Ebbesen, Darrell G. from Innisfail
Ebbs, Albert from Calgary
Ebel, Bertha E. from Spondin
Ebel, Oscar from Hemaruka, Spondin
Eben, Alfred from Slave Lake
Eberhardt, Hans from Vegreville
Eberhardt, Otto from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Eberwein, George from Manyberries
Eberwein, John from Orion
Eby, John Wesley from Olds
Eby, O.J. from Airdrie
Eccles, Claude & J.L. from Spruce Grove, Calgary
Eccles, James A from Armada
Eccles, James A. from Armada
Eccles, Jessie T. from Patricia
Eckersley, Albert from Midnapore
Eckert, A.A. from Newbrook
Eckert, Cornelius J from Rosemary
Eckmier, E.R from High River, Vulcan
Eckmier, W.H. from Orion
Eckstrand, Milton from Etzikom
Economic Feed Service Ltd. from Lethbridge
Ed. Klaus & Sons from Big Valley
Edards, Lawrence B. from Taber
Edards, Lawrence B. from Taber
Edards, Robert from Carbon
Eddie, James W. from Calgary, Carstairs
Eddie, R.A from Scotfield, Davidson, SK
Eddy, Bert & Mary from Iola
Edenloff, Henry M. from Lomond, Champion
Edey Bros. (George A. & Clarence E.) from Spirit River
Edey, Barbara C. & M.W. from Watino, Vanderhoof, BC
Edey, Edward Samuel from Spirit River
Edgar, David J. from Innisfail, Mossel Bay, South Africa
Edgar, Howard from Grand Centre
Edgar, Norman Josiah from Innisfail
Edgar, Walter D. from Taber
Edgar, William from Priddis
Edgar, William J. from Big Prairie
Edgar, William J. from Big Prairie
Edge, Edward J. from Lavoy, Vegreville
Edgecombe, Harry from Rocky Mountain House, Nordegg, Saunders, Ricinus, High Level
Edgell, Francis from Halkirk
Edgell, Mark from Gadsby
Edgington, M. L. & Son from Gold Springs, Cavendish
Edgson, Cleave from Fairview
Edin, E.M. from Falun
Edin, P.M. from Falun
Edinger, Alfred from Rimbey
Edington, F.E. from Edmonton
Edler, Anne & Eric from Seven Persons, Bow Island
Edler, Conrad from Medicine Hat, Burdett
Edler, Erik from Seven Persons
Edler, George Otis from Youngstown
Edler, Julia M. from Sevens Persons
Edler, Mary from Orion, Medicine Hat, Burdett
Edler, Stanley from Seven Persons, Bow Island
Edmonton, E.K. from Tawatinaw
Edmunds, George David from Calgary
Edson Feeders from Edson, Peers
Edvardson, C. from Medicine Hat, Brooks, Cassils, Nanaimo, BC
Edward Hubbell from Medicine Hat
Edwards, A.E. from Stony Lake
Edwards, Allen from Red Deer
Edwards, Brian & Claude Gerald Davidson from Drayton Valley,
Edwards, C.W. from Oyen, Excel
Edwards, Chester N. from Bassano
Edwards, Clarence Austin from Diamond City
Edwards, D. from Tofield, Westerose
Edwards, D.L. from Oyen, Excel
Edwards, Eric G. from Sherwood Park
Edwards, Ernest from Scotfield
Edwards, Gordon M. from Majorville, Bassano
Edwards, Gwendoline from Mayerthorpe, Edmonton, Oyama, BC
Edwards, James from Banff
Edwards, Joe from Taber
Edwards, John W. from Hanna
Edwards, Leo B. from Lindbergh, Mooswa, Trail, BC
Edwards, M. & Mrs. & Stephen (Wheat Sheaf Farm) from Streamstown
Edwards, Mrs. Jack from Excel, Delia, Big Valley
Edwards, Nell from Cheadle, Ogden
Edwards, Nellie L. from Caroline, Okanagan Centre, BC
Edwards, Orion from Cheadle
Edwards, R.S. from Gem, High River
Edwards, R.T. from Cluny
Edwards, Ronald Lewis from Medicine Hat
Edwards, Stephen J., Cloverdale Farm from Marwayne, Kitscoty
Edwards, Walter Gerald from Big Valley
Edwardson, Roald from Medicine Hat
Edwardson, T. from Medicine Hat
Edwardson, T.A. from Lone Butte, Dorothy, Yoeford
Edworthy, Myrle G. from Calgary, High River
Eeelen, J.K from Wainwright
Efird, B.C. from Oyen
Efrom, Bruno E. from Warner
Egan, Allen Jr. from Bow Island
Egan, John from Bow Island
Egan, William from Bow Island
Egeland, Carl from Vauxhall, Enchant
Egeland, Magnus from Enchant
Egeland, Marcus N. from Acadia Valley
Egeland, N.M. from Blackie
Egert, Alfred from Edberg
Eggen, Martin H. from Lloydminster
Eggenberger, E.W. from Rainier
Eggenberger, F. from Little Gem, Calgary
Egger, Christian from Carmangay, Barons
Egger, Donald C. from Duchess, Buffalo, Fort St. John, BC, Quesnel, BC
Egger, George from Stavely
Egger, Ray S. from Duchess, Lethbridge
Eggers, Mary & Otto from Teepee Creek
Eggli, Alfred & Mary from Grimshaw
Eggli, Hans from Bear Lake
Egidius, Antonius from Calgary, Manyberries
Eglinski, G.M. from Two Hills
Egri, Julius from Tolland
Egri, Louis from Tolland
Eherer, John M. from Athabasca
Ehlert, James & Son (Larry) from Calmar
Ehlert, Marion from Milk River, Duchess, Glenwood
Ehman, Jacob from Medicine Hat, Wisdom, Rosebeg
Ehnes, George from Faith
Ehrenholz, Ehrenhard from Barrhead, Fort Assiniboine
Ehrenreich, M.W. from Cremona, Carstairs
Ehrensperger, Hans from Beaverlodge
Ehret, Alice from Thelma
Ehret, Jacob M. from Torrington, Olds
Ehret, Jake E. from Torrington
Ehret, Victor from Thelma
Ehret, Wallace Norman from Thelma, Calgary
Ehret, Werner from Calgary
Ehret, William from Medicine Hat, Thelma
Ehrman, Cecil from Irvine, Beaverlodge
Ehrman, Christina from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Ehrman, Marian nee Brown from Torrington
Eichel, J.D. from Cremona
Eichler, Henry from Rocky Mountain House
Eidsvig, Peter from Lea Park
Eidt, Harold from Ponoka
Eigaard, William from Pendant de Oreille
Eigaerd, Cecil F. from Raymond
Eigeard, William from Countess
Eigler, Harold Arthur William from Lousana
Eikaas, Soren from Throne, Coronation
Eikerman, Friederike & William from Duhamel
Eiklor, James J. from Ashmont, Goodridge
Eimer, Guenther from Patricia, Crossfield
Eiserman, Francis H. from Medicine Hat
Eiten, David from Airdrie
Eitzen, C.H. from Midnapore
Eitzen, Dan from Acme, Didsbury
Eitzen, Denver Lavern from Acme
Eitzen, George from Carstairs
Eitzen, J.H. from Acme
Eitzzen, Cornelius H. from Elk Point
Ekanger, Mons from Kinuso, S. Burnaby, BC
Ekelund, Aron E. from Twin Butte
Ekelund, Eunice Maxine from Didsbury
Ekelund, William from Sundre
Ekert, Julius from Camrose
Ekholm, Donald E. from Red Deer
Ekholm, Emil E. from Donalda
Ekholm, Mrs. H from Scapa, Donalda
Ekin, L.H. from Mannville
Ekiss, Gordon W. from Olds
Eklund, Arnold from Calmar
Eklund, Carl from Orion
Eklund, Kenneth from Calgary
Eklund, Peter from Seven Persons, Orion
Ekman, Andrew from Fleet
Ekman, Carl from Fleet
Ekman, Edwin & Louis from Fleet
Ekman, Edwin & Louis from Fleet
Ekman, Edwin & T.A. Wraight from Coronation
Ekrol, John from Veteran
Ekron, Tony K. from Rainier
Ekroth, Lionel Douglas from Westerose
Ekroth, Walter Virgil from Westerose
Ekstrand, Daniel V. from Calgary
Elaschuk, George T. from Smoky Lake
Elaschuk, John from Turin
Elaschuk, Peter G. from Smoky Lake
Elaschuk, William from Turin
Elchyshyn, Alex & Sam from Kipp
Eld, Chester R from Nanton
Eld, Chester R. from Nanton
Elder, Adam from Clive
Elder, Allan Garth from Coaldale
Elder, Brian from Ponoka
Elder, D.S. from Milo
Elder, George from Queenstown
Elder, Lyal from Millet
Elder, M.J. from Coaldale
Eldhuis, Henry from Monarch
Eldridge, Horace R. from Woolford, Cardston
Elford, E.P. from Kitscoty
Elford, Edward Lindsay from Edmonton
Elford, Edward Lindsay from Edmonton
Elfring, Bernardus Wilhelmus from Picture Butte
Elfveen, Lim Andrew from Mannville
Elgaard, Bodil from Ponoka
Elgert Bros from Wetaskiwin
Elgie, Elizabeth Frances from Hythe
Elgie, George from Hythe
Elgie, Jack from Hythe
Elgie, Mrs. G.A from Minburn
Elgie, Robert J. from Minburn
Elgin, Ernest L. from Claresholm
Elgin, Gordon M. from Fort Macleod
Elhart, Emanuel from Medicine Hat
Elhorn, Alvin Oscar from Wanham
Eliason Bros. from Wetaskiwin
Eliason, C.R. from Turin
Eliason, Oscar D. from Wrentham
Eliason, Roldo M. from Wrentham
Eliuk, Bill G. from Hairy Hill
Eliuk, George from Midnapore
Eliuk, Nick G. from Two Hills
Eliuk, William John from Hairy Hill
Elizabeth Colony Co-Op Association from Beaverdam
Elkhorn Ranch Ltd from Vancouver, BC
Elkin, R.H. from Didsbury
Elkink, G.H from Suffield
Elkow, Alex from Two Hills
Elkow, Joseph P. from Morecambe
Elkow, Mike & Son from Morecambe
Elkow, Mike J. from Musidora
Elkow, William F. from Musidora
Ell, Ben from Grassy Lake
Ell, Martin from Grassy Lake
Ellard, Ellwood C. from Leduc
Ellefson, I. & J. from Enchant
Ellefson, Mrs. A. from Enchant
Ellehill, Ivan from Huxley
Ellerby, Ben from Veteran
Ellerby, Jonathan Wilbur from Throne, Veteran
Ellert, Jack from Milk River
Ellertson, Gordon L. from Cereal
Ellertson, Leonard August from Cereal
Ellingsen, Gunner from Longview
Ellingson, Earl Hugh from Taber
Ellingson, Floyd L. from Kipp, Bonanza
Ellingson, Hans Alvin from Kipp
Ellingson, John William from Calgary, Dorenlee, New Norway
Ellingson, John William from Lacombe
Ellingson, Wilfred J. from Irricana
Elliott, Alex from Red Willow
Elliott, Carl E. from Brooks, Millet
Elliott, Dorsay Ernest from Calgary, Madden
Elliott, F.W. from Whitla
Elliott, G.R. from Irma
Elliott, George & Isabella Hay from Delburne
Elliott, George William from McLaughlin
Elliott, Gordon E. from Victoria, BC, Nanton, Lomond
Elliott, Harold George from Etzikom
Elliott, Howard M. from Newbrook
Elliott, J. from Sundre
Elliott, J.J. from Magnolia, Edmonton
Elliott, James from Hanna
Elliott, James Gordon from Jasper
Elliott, John F. from Athabasca
Elliott, M.J. from Endiang
Elliott, Martha from Dog Pound, Penticton, BC
Elliott, Roger W. from Taber, Warner
Elliott, Roland A. from Blackie
Elliott, Ruth A. nee Tompkins from Gage, Eureka River
Elliott, Simon A. from Delia
Elliott, Vera M. from Chancellor, Redland, Calgary, Garrington, Madden
Elliott, Walter from Carseland
Elliott, Walter from Innisfree
Elliott, William Frederick from Calgary, Medicine Hat
Elliott, William L. from Lethbridge, Calgary
Ellis, A.E. from Bottrel
Ellis, A.E. from Bottrel
Ellis, Alec Walter from Erskine, Stettler
Ellis, Betty Mayland from Calgary
Ellis, Chris from Hanna
Ellis, E.J. from Collholme
Ellis, E.J. from Collholme
Ellis, Edward C. from Warden
Ellis, F.A. & A.H. from Schuler, Rose Glen
Ellis, F.A. & A.H. from Schuler, Rose Glen
Ellis, H. & Angus Smith from Bassano
Ellis, H.H. from Standard, Gleichen
Ellis, H.S. from Granum
Ellis, Harold E. from Medicine Hat
Ellis, Jean from Schuler
Ellis, Joe F. from Clivale, Finnigan
Ellis, Joe F. from Clivale, Finnigan
Ellis, Kathryn L. from Red Deer
Ellis, Oral from Claresholm
Ellis, Pearl G. from Roseglen, Arrowwood
Ellis, Sydney W. from Red Deer, Innisfail
Ellis, Walter from Endiang, Erskine
Ellis, Walter Napier from Delburne
Ellison, Alta from Cardston, Fort Macleod
Ellison, C.G. from Lundbreck
Ellison, Ed from Champion
Ellison, Gary M. from Lethbridge
Ellison, Howard R. from Lethbridge
Ellison, James from Parkland
Ellison, Joe Samuel from Stettler
Ellison, John F. & Mrs. Frankie H. from Aetna, Cardston
Ellsworth, Clarence from Bentley, Rimbey, Vernon, BC
Ellsworth, Harry J. from Bentley
Ellsworth, Roger from Bentley
Ellwood, Ada from Kinsella, Irma
Ellwood, Joseph Isaac from Lochend
Ellwood, Roy from Czar
Elm, Enoch from Bittern Lake
Elm, Homer L. from Hardisty
Elman, Dennis from Warner
Elmer, Nigel from Metiskow
Elmquist, Frank from Mayerthorpe, Edmonton
Elniske, A.M. from Myrnam
Elock, A.D. from Glendon
Elock, Paulette from Glendon
Elson, L.R. from Vermilion
Elves, Douglas Charles from Priddis, Victoria, BC
Elves, Edward from Cayley
Elves, from Bellcamp, Marwayne
Elves, M. E. from Bellcamp, Marwayne
Elvin, Miss M.C. from Vancouver, BC
Emann, Gustav from Hilda
Emann, Jacob from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Emann, Oswald from Medicine Hat, Hilda
Emann, Otto from Drumheller, Delia, Hilda
Embleton, A.J. from Hines Creek, Vanrena
Embree, Cecil F. from Howie
Embree, Clifford Douglas from Howie
Embree, Cora Bell from Howie
Emerson, Charles B. from Manyberries
Emerson, Charles B. from Manyberries
Emerson, Lloyd W. from Burdett
Emerson, Lloyd W. from Burdett
Emery, A.C. from Stavely
Emery, Clinton from Beaver Crossing
Emery, Gloria Grace from Kamloops, BC
Emery, Robert from Beaver Crossing, Grand Centre
Emmelkamp, H.E. from Brant, Okotoks
Emmelkamp, J.O. from Macleod
Emmerson, Johnny Jr. from Duchess
Emmerson, Matthew from Pollockville, Blackie
Emmett, Don from Delburne
Emmons, John Lewis from Winfield
Emons, Lara Kim from Edson
Empey, P.H. from Viking
Empey, W.H. from Viking
Empire Collieries Ltd from Calgary
Empress Ranching Co. from Manyberries, Swift Current, SK
Emsland, Chris from Vermilion
Emsland, James A. from Vermilion
Emsland, James A. from Vermilion
Emsland, Roy & Haakon & Bros. from Mulga, Mannville, Vermilion
Emsland, Roy Haakon & Bros. from Mulga, Mannville, Vermilion
Emslie, James from Brooks
Enbysk, Elmer from Claresholm
Endersby, Bill from Duchess
Endersby, Daniel H. from Duchess
Endersby, James R. from Brooks, Duchess
Endresen, Peder from Eaglesham, Sexsmith
Enes, Charles from Pincher Creek, Pincher Station
Enes, Dorothy from Pincher Creek
Enes, Joseph (Estate) from Pincher Creek
Enfield, D.W. from Mannville
Enfield, Victor Gail from Vermilion
Enford, W.F from Gleichen
Engblom Bros. from Wetaskiwin
Engblom, Eric from Pendryl
Engblom, John from Pendryl, Winfield
Engblom, Walter from Winfield
Engbloom, Gordon Marshall from Calgary
Engbloom, Robert J. from Calgary
Engel Bros. from Halkirk
Engel, Albert from Hanna
Engel, Alexander from Fleet, Castor
Engel, Allen Albert from Irvine, Monarch
Engel, Ewald from Rolling Hills
Engel, Frank from Bremner
Engel, Frederick H. from Castor
Engel, John from Endiang, Halkirk
Engel, John from Fleet
Engel, Kazmer from Mundare
Engel, Louie from Halkirk
Engel, Mrs. T.L. from Irvine
Engel, Percy from Hays
Engel, Stanley Gordon from Clover Bar, Bon Accord
Engel, Walter W. from Castor, Bowden
Engel, William from Castor
Engelbert, John from Woking
Engelhardt, Eugene from Keephills, Duffield
Engelking, H.G. from Manyberries
Engen, C.K. from Enchant, Turin, Sundial, Lethbridge
Engen, John from Vulcan
Enger, Gunder from Heinsburg
Enger, Martin from Fabyan, Irma
England, G. H. from Red Deer
Engler, Ludwig from Rolling Hills
Engleson, Elvin L. from Taber
English, Alfred Harold & James Sidney Morton from Sundre
English, Alfred Harold, Morton, James Sidney from Sundre
English, Cora B. from Hussar
English, Cora B. from Hussar
English, Edmund from Fleet, Castor
English, F.D. from Two Hills
English, G.W. from Two Hills
English, George A. from Two Hills
English, James A. from Thelma
English, James A. from Thelma
English, John from Crossfield
English, John William from Fort Macleod
English, Mrs. Thomas from Hussar
English, Omer from Brocket
English, Parkin from Fleet
Englund Bros (Adolph & Fritz Theodore) from Strathmore
Englund Bros. (Adolph & Fritz Theodore) from Strathmore
Englund, Adolph M. from Calgary, Strathmore
Englund, Herbert D. from Fairview
Engman, T.R. from Eckville
Engst, A.P. from Provost
Engst, Leo C. from Provost, Sangudo
Engstrom, Carl from Irvine
Engstrom, Lawrence from Lake Isle
Ennis, A.S. from Hays
Ennis, Floyd Grant from Coutts, St. Kilda, Milk River
Ennis, Harry G. from Entrance, Nordegg, Milk River, Red Deer
Enns, Abram from Purple Springs
Enns, Charles H. from Calgary
Enns, D. from Rosemary
Enns, Edward John from Gem
Enns, Kelly A. from Crooked Creek, Vernon, BC
Enns, Nicholai Jacob from Gem
Enns, Pete Jr. from Gem, Bassano
Enns, Peter Abram from Grassy Lake
Enns, Theodore from Medicine Hat
Enns, Waldo from Vauxhall
Ensign, Albert L. from Pincher Creek
Ensign, Albert L. from Pincher Creek
Ensign, Ronald K. from Pincher Creek, Whitla
Enslen, Albert from Tilley
Enslen, Edward from Seven Persons
Enslen, Roy from Wisdom, Medicine Hat
Enslen, William from Wisdom, Medicine Hat
Ensminger, Emil from Granum
Ensminger, Kenneth Wayn from Granum
Ensminger, Ronald & Emil from Granum
Enstrom, Knut A. from Metiskow
Entnicknap, Evelyn from Claresholm
Entzminger, Albert from Fox
Enzenauer, Arthur from Eastway, Vulcan, Lloydminster, AB, Lloydminster, SK
Eoff, Susannah from Pincher Creek
Epp, D.C. from Carstairs
Epp, D.P. from Hussar, Rosemary
Epp, Dr. Peter P. from Hussar
Epp, Peter from Hussar
Epp, Wilfred G. from Bear Canyon
Eppie, Frank from Picture Butte
Erais, Peter from Iron Springs
Erb, Henry from Didsbury
Erckman, J. from Wainwright
Erdelyi, Julius from Halkirk
Erdman, Alvin V. from Barons
Erdman, Gustav from Barons, Blayney
Erdman, William Peter from Granum
Erdmann, Barney from Waugh, Vimy
Erdos, Vincent from Picture Butte, Lethbridge
Erena, Dan from Turner Valley, Sundre, Bearberry
Erford, Ray from Gleichen
Ergang, Harvey Alfred from Rochester
Erichson, William & A.R. from Gadsby
Ericksen, Lars Peder or Peter from Suffield, Olds, Westward Ho
Erickson & Gracey from St. Kilda
Erickson Bros. (Axel & Arthur) from Bruce
Erickson, A.J.T. from Calgary
Erickson, A.R. from Cherry Point
Erickson, Abe from Stettler
Erickson, Adolph from Scandia, Penhold, Brooks
Erickson, Alfred from Lethbridge
Erickson, Alif D. from Stirling
Erickson, Alvin G. from Ranfurly
Erickson, Andre from Girouxville, Edmonton
Erickson, August from Stettler
Erickson, Autry R. from Lethbridge, Claresholm
Erickson, Ben from Sunnynook
Erickson, Berit S. from Big Prairie, Cremona
Erickson, Bernard James from Wanham, Torrington
Erickson, Carol Grace from Claresholm
Erickson, Chris from Travers
Erickson, David August from Nevis, Stettler
Erickson, E.B & F.W from Sundre, Bergen
Erickson, Edward from Coutts, Milk River
Erickson, Edward from Hanna
Erickson, Einar John from Wainwright
Erickson, Emil H. from Pincher Creek
Erickson, Erick O. from Cherry Point, Bear Canyon
Erickson, Fred from Eckville
Erickson, Fred W. from Donalda
Erickson, G. Martin from Hythe
Erickson, George from Metiskow
Erickson, Glen J. from Garth
Erickson, Gordon from Rimbey
Erickson, Grace Leola from Drayton Valley
Erickson, J.A. from Erskine
Erickson, J.U. from Camrose
Erickson, James B. from Armena
Erickson, Jewel Palestine from Meadowview
Erickson, John from Scandia
Erickson, John W. from Loyalist, Veteran
Erickson, Karl from Rocky Rapids
Erickson, L.J. from Sedgewick
Erickson, Lafey M. from Blakesville, Warner
Erickson, Lloyd S. from Taber
Erickson, M. from Tofield
Erickson, Milo from Coronado
Erickson, Nelson from Canmore
Erickson, Olaf from Bruce
Erickson, P.E. from Erskine
Erickson, Peter E. from Cherry Point, Bear Canyon
Erickson, Ralph from Irma
Erickson, Ralph from Stirling
Erickson, Roy from Girouxville
Erickson, Sven E. from Lethbridge
Erickson, Sven from Meadowview
Erickson, T. & James from Claresholm
Erickson, Theodore from Redcliff
Erickson, V. A. from Penhold
Erickson, Vance W. from Drayton Valley
Erickson, Walter from Black Diamond, Lathom
Erickson, Walter N. from Edgerton
Erickson, William C.L. from Rimbey
Eriksen, Louis from Calgary
Erikson, Chris from Hussar
Erikson, E. from Strome
Erikssen, Gudmunn K. from Sedgewick, Kinsella
Eriksson, Isak Johan from High Prairie
Eriksson, Mrs. M.R. from Hughenden
Erion, Arnold A. from New Norway
Erksine, Luther H. from Coronation
Erlam, Gerald A. from Ponoka, Rimbey
Ermantrout, John from Fabyan
Ermantrout, Mike from Compeer
Ermineskin Indian Mission School from Hobbema
Ernst, Carl from Olds, Knee Hill Valley, Innisfail
Ernst, Edna & Alex from Bench, SK, Barrhead
Ernst, H.W. from Spring Coulee
Eros, Leslie from Milk River, Calgary
Errickson, Inga from Youngstown, Hanna
Erricson, J.F. from Kinuso
Erskine, R. from Stauffer
Erskine, W. from Stauffer
Ertman, Ervin L. from Wetaskiwin, Hardisty, Lindbrook
Ervick, Peter from Big Stone
Erwin, Craig Clark from Calgary
Erwin, Edwin F. from Rimbey
Esak, Peter from Desjarlais
Esau, Allan from Stettler, Three Hills
Esau, Dean from Linden, Donavan, SK
Esau, Edwin W. from Fort Vermilion, Crooked Creek
Esau, John from Gem
Eschak, Allan A. from Mundare
Esco Service from Calgary
Eshpeter, Kenneth Joseph from Fairview, Barrhead
Eskeland, Joseph Raymond from Drumheller
Eskelund, J.O. from Carmangay, Optic
Eskesen, Niels from Sundre
Eskestrand, Alma from Medicine Hat
Eskestrand, Iver from Medicine Hat
Eskestrand, Ivor J. from Medicine Hat
Eskow, Harry from Lac Bellevue
Eskrick, J.M. from Sundre
Eslinger, Elmer Clifford from DeBolt
Espedal, S. from Edmonton
Espedal, S. from Edmonton
Espedal, Stanford R. from Cadogan
Espedal, Sven from Cadogan
Espeseth, Alfred from High Prairie
Espetveidt, C.I. from Marwayne
Esselink, Richard from Blueberry Mountain
Esser, Walter from Granum, Magrath, Lethbridge
Essington, Harvey H & Theresa from Alliance, Tinchebray
Essington, Harvey H. & Theresa from Alliance, Tinchebray
Esslinger, David from Bruce
Esson, Charles from Rockyview
Estby, E. F. from Bowness
Estes, Winkler from Carstairs
Estrin Bros from Lethbridge
Estrin, H. & H. Sheftel from Calgary
Estrin, Harry from Vancouver, B.C., Calgary
Estrin, L. from Lethbridge
Etherington, James F. from Claresholm
Etherington, Thomas H. from Claresholm
Etmanski, Hans from Monarch
Etrin & Kustan from Calgary
Etson, Merle & Wilbur Frank from Edgerton
Etson, Wilbur N. from Edgerton, Ribstone
Etter, William G. from Edmonton, Millet
Etter, William G. from Edmonton, Millet
Ettinger, Henry from Olds
Ettinger, Henry from Olds
Ettinger, Roscoe from Edgerton, Caroline
Eubank & Sons from Edmonton, Didsbury
Evans Brothers Farms from Raymond
Evans, A.F. from Cadogan
Evans, Alice M. from Lindbergh
Evans, Arthur from Phillips, Viking
Evans, Austin Rhys from Parkland
Evans, Charles S. from Water Valley
Evans, David from Didsbury
Evans, Douglas R. from Edgerton
Evans, E. & Sons from Forestburg
Evans, Edmund N. from Edgerton
Evans, Edward O. from Viking
Evans, Frank from Scapa
Evans, Fred from Red Deer
Evans, George from Elnora
Evans, George from Parkland
Evans, H. & Hugh Pritchard from Ponoka
Evans, Isaac from Edgerton
Evans, J.D. & Son from Phillips
Evans, J.W. from Raymond
Evans, Jack E. from Gem
Evans, Jock from Pincher Creek
Evans, John E. from Cadogan
Evans, John from Richdale, Hanna
Evans, Keith from Parkland
Evans, L.B. from Ponoka
Evans, Leslie D. from Didsbury
Evans, Lindsay A. from Earlie, Monitor
Evans, Lloyd from Parkland
Evans, Mary from Winnifred
Evans, Mike from Chapel Rock, Lundbreck
Evans, Phillip A. from Sugden, St. Lina
Evans, Redvers B. from Parkland
Evans, Rev. John from Ardenode
Evans, Robert Allen from St. Albert
Evans, T.R. from Claresholm
Evans, W.H. from Cold Lake
Evans, Walter P. from Red Deer
Evans, William from Oyen
Evans, William Powell from Fairview
Evanson, Harold E. from Taber
Evart, E. from Sundre
Evashkevich, Alex from Kirriemuir, Salmon Arm, BC
Evasuik, John from Duvernay
Evenson, Harry from Strathcona, Owlseye Lake, Edmonton
Evenson, Mrs. B.J from Manyberries
Evenson, Roy from Holden
Evenson, Rudolf from Longview, High River
Everett, A.J. from Drumheller, Hesketh
Everett, Alex from Wainwright
Everett, R.A. from Gadsby
Evernden, T.F. from Leedale, Rimbey
Eversman, Joseph from Lacombe
Everts, Richard V. from Pincher Creek
Everts, Richard V. from Pincher Creek
Evetts, William M. from Pincher Creek
Ewanchuk, Nick from Brosseau, Two Hills
Ewanchuk, Steve from Lac La Biche
Ewanciw, Walter & John Wolanski from Smoky Lake
Ewanciw, Walter & John Wolanski from Smoky Lake
Ewanowich, John from Andrew
Ewart, Robert C. from Wetaskiwin
Ewashen, Alex J.Jr. from Lundbreck, Creston, BC
Ewashen, Jacob from Nanton, Cayley
Ewashen, Mike from Nanton
Ewashen, Nick J. from Nanton
Ewashen, Peter J. from Lundbreck
Ewashen, Walter James from Nanton
Ewashik, Harry from Stavely, Nanton
Ewashin, George & John from Cowley
Ewashin, George & John from Cowley
Ewashko, Paul from Innisfree
Ewasiuk, Marshall from Two Hills
Ewasko, Frank from Thorhild
Ewasuik, Peter from Ryley
Ewasuik, Walter John from Ryley
Ewbank, Richard (Dick) from Federal
Ewen, Norman from Brooks
Ewers, George from Mannville, Chailey
Ewert, William from Irma, Fabyan, Wainwright
Ewing, Clarence from Mannville
Ewing, Frederick from Donalda
Ewing, Larry from Rocky Mountain House
Ewing, S. from Gibbons
Ewing, William Clarence from Mannville
Ewing, William F. from Carmangay
Ewoniak, Steve J. from Willingdon
Ewoniak, Tom from Willingdon, Desjarlais
Exner, Ferdinand F. from Deadwood
Eyben, Carl Martin from Streamstown
Eyben, F.H. from Auburndale, Vermilion
Eyben, John B. from Vermilion, Cummings, Auburndale
Eyben, Margaret J. nee, Arnett from Vermilion
Eye, Ada C. from Langdon, Cheadle
Eykelborh, Bert & Nick Kazimir from Canmore
Eyma, Clay Laverne from Cochrane
Eyremore Grazing Association from Bow City

F & D. Land & Ranch Ltd. from Calgary
F & M Ranch (Art Felesky & H.C. Mantz) from Medicine Hat
F. O. Taylor & Brother from Calgary, Carstairs, Stirlingville
Faas, Otto from Carstairs
Fabbro, John from Lac La Biche
Fabian, John from Tilley
Fabian, John Jr. from Tilley
Fabris, Gary Louis from Red Deer
Fadischuk, Peter from Purple Springs
Faechner, Ella H. from Hanna
Faechner, Herbert P. from Craigmyle
Faechner, James R. from Red Deer
Fagan, George Edward from Harmattan
Fagan, M.A. & Edwin G. Boddy from Hespero
Faggin, J. from Del Bonita
Fague, Charles Leroy from Hayter, Salmon Arm, BC
Fahlman, Albert E. from Edmonton
Fahner, Lue or Lewis from Chauvin
Faichuk, Mike from Oyen
Fair, Alex M. from Elkton
Fair, James from Paradise Valley
Fair, John from Paradise Valley
Fair, Robert from Paradise Valley
Fair, Wesley from Lacombe, Blackfalds
Fairbairn, Adam from Marwayne
Fairbairn, F.W. from Irricana, Calgary
Fairbairn, John Ebenezer from Hughenden
Fairbairn, Stewart from Waterhole
Fairbairn, Walter David from Marwayne
Fairbrother, Carter M. from Tofield, Fleet
Fairbrother, D.A. from Tofield
Fairburn, Arthur R. from De Winton
Fairfield, Donald Joe from Edmonton
Fairfield, Marjorie from Hardisty
Fairmont Cattle Ltd. (Christian Seiersen) from Edmonton
Fairweather, J. from Hanna
Fairweather, John & George from Bowness, Calgary
Fairweather, William from Red Deer
Falardeau, R.P. from Eyremore, Turner Valley
Falconer, George from Bluffton
Falconer, Martha P. from Big Stone
Falconer, Robert L from Coronation, Fort Macleod
Falconer, Stuart from Lethbridge
Falconer, W.S. from Big Stone
Fald, Arthur W. from Spirit River
Fald, Billy R. from Spirit River
Falebrenza, John from Culp
Falk, C.L. from Entrance
Falk, David from Sunnyslope
Falk, Isaac & Annie from Carstairs, Sunnyslope
Falk, Isaac & Annie from Carstairs, Sunnyslope
Falkeid, Nels from Tofield
Falkenberg, Allan Robert from Stettler
Falkenberg, Harold J. from Bulwark, Castor
Falkenberg, Pauline from Castor
Falkins, Edward from Sherwood Park
Fall, John William from Islay
Falla, Arthur from Sedgewick
Fallen Timber Ranch Ltd. (D.G. Fraser) from Cremona
Fallon, Jerrald J. from Taber
Falt, Lawrence H., Douglas, Richard from Westerose
Faminoff, Joe from Cowley
Faminow, Fred P. from Lundbreck
Faminow, Mike S. from Lundbreck
Faminow, Sam & Sons (Sam Mike & Steve) from Lundbreck
Fancourt, Albert Edgar from Blackie
Fandrich, Gottlieb from Tilley, Rainier
Fandrick, Adolf from Robinson
Fandrick, Emil from Ranchville
Fandrick, Ewald & Philip from Thelma, Hays
Fandrick, Fred from Tothill
Fandrick, Gottlieb from Thelma
Fandrick, Phillip from Thelma, Hays
Fandrick, Ray Calvin from Manyberries, Medicine Hat
Fankhamel, Cleo Louis from Bashaw
Fanning, Roy from Nanton
Fano, Ronald from Hanna
Fansett, R.J. from Maybutt, Raymond
Fansett, R.J. from Maybutt, Raymond
Fantin, Louis from Highway, Anselmo
Faoro, Nick from Anselmo, Highway
Faraschuk, Nick from Thorsby
Farewell, Samuel H. from Blackfalds
Farina, William from Lindberg
Farion, Mike from Lavoy
Farish, J. from Calgary
Farley, Ernest S from Vermilion
Farmer, Cary Andrew from Red Deer
Farnalls, John from Halkirk
Farndale, M. from Trochu, Curlew
Farness, A.T. from Ohaton
Farness, Harold Robert from Ohaton
Farnsworth, Joseph Daniel from Beaverlodge, Fort St. John, BC, La Glace, Gordondale
Farnsworth, Lew C. from Heath, Wainwright
Farquharson, Ed from Edmonton, Provost
Farquharson, Ed from Edmonton, Provost
Farquharson, James from Westward Ho
Farquharson, W.G from Provost
Farquharson, William from Alhambra
Farr Bros, Farr (E.A. & Gordon L.) from Calgary
Farr Bros. (E.A. & Gordon L.) from Calgary
Farr, C.G. from Delacour, Enderby, BC
Farr, Leslie from Airdrie
Farr, T. E. from Airdrie
Farran, Clifford Orwill from Boundary Creek, Cardston
Farran, James Robert from Boundary Creek, Cardston
Farrant, C.H. from Lousana
Farrell , Arthur Gilford from Carstairs
Farrell, Alf from Carstairs
Farrell, Jack E. from Carstairs, Didsbury
Farrell, Jesse from Calgary, Carstairs
Farrell, Michael from Calgary
Farrell, Norman B. from Codesa
Farrell, Patricia M. (remarried name Rowland) from Calgary, High River
Farrell, T.J. & R.L. MacMillan from Calgary
Farrell, Thomas A.R. from Calgary, Edmonton
Farrell, Thomas from Grantham
Farrell, William from Islay
Farries, Arnold from Del Bonita
Farries, Cameron from Del Bonita
Farries, John from High River, Purple Springs
Farries, Merrill Colin from Del Bonita, Rolling Hills
Farrington, E.L. from Alhambra
Farrington, William from Trochu, Didsbury
Farrish, Bob from Provost
Farrish, Douglas R. & J.H. Smith from Calgary
Farthing, Harry from Irma, Brosseau
Farus, John S. from Innisfree
Farus, Walter from Innisfree
Farview Farms from Picture Butte
Farvolden, Sigurd from St. Lina
Farwell, Fred E .from Craigmyle, Paddle Prairie
Farwell, Vincent from Coronation
Fasek, William from Willingdon
Fasoli, Ralph & Louis from Calgary
Fast, Hansel J. from Rochfort Bridge
Fast, Hansel J. from Rochfort Bridge
Fast, Henry from Grantham, Vauxhall, Calgary
Fast, John Vernon from Strathmore
Faszer, Jacob from Red Deer
Fath, Benno Clarence from Finnegan, Priddis, Stavely
Faubion, William Alvis from Calgary
Faucher, Euclide from Chauvin
Faught, Ray D. from Olds
Faught, Ray D. from Olds
Faulkner, Donal Hugh from Ardrossan
Faulkner, Harry R. from Medicine Hat
Faulkner, Ray from Walsh
Faulkner, W.S. from Fort Saskatchewan
Fauth, Leo from Burstall, SK, Acadia Valley, Medicine Hat
Fauville Bros. (August & Alfred) from Coleman
Fauville, Alfred & Amy from Lundbreck, Bellevue
Fauville, Joseph L. & Wallace Henry from Bellevue
Fauville, Robert Leon from Coleman
Faux, George Bruce from Calgary
Favel, Samuel from Goodfish Lake
Favel, Silvo J. from Spedden
Favero, Jerry from Nordegg, Rocky Mountain House
Favero, Michael from Bellevue
Faviell, William F & R. Diane from Cardston, Lethbridge
Fawcett, Archie F. from Castor
Fawcett, Claude C. from Castor
Fawcett, Donald Cornelius from Consort
Fawcett, G.E. from Ardrossan
Fawcett, G.E. from Ardrossan
Fawcett, L. from Ardrossan
Fawcett, Mrs. J.W. from Bluffton, Lacombe
Fawcett, Mrs. J.W. from Bluffton, Lacombe
Fawcett, Neil Norman from Red Deer
Fawcett, Norman A. from Castor
Fawcett, Norris E. from Castor
Fawcett, Robert from Halkirk, Castor
Fawcett, Russell R. from Dixonville
Fawcett, Samuel T. from Elkwater
Fawcett, William Cornelius from Consort
Fawcett, William D. from Loyalist
Fawcett, William D. from Loyalist
Fawcett, William Douglas from Consort
Fawkes, Spencer Lewis from Namaka, Calgary
Fawkes, William from Strathmore, Namaka
Fawns, Ervin J. from Raymond
Fawns, Willis A. from Stirling
Fayant, Brian Douglas from Sputinow, Heinsburg
Fayant, Victoria from Sputinow
Fearnley, Mrs. C. M. from Coronado
Featherstone, Marie from Ribstone
Featherstone, Nicholas Heneage from Olds
Fechner, Ernie Arnold from St. Paul, Holden, Wainwright
Fedderson, Elmer from Blackie, Nanton, Turner Valley
Fedderson, Elmer from Blackie, Nanton, Turner Valley
Fedechko, Dmytro from Derwent
Fedeli, Lewis from Pekisko
Fedick, Harry from Monitor
Fediuk, Elmer from Cold Lake
Fedoreak, Mike A. from Willingdon
Fedoretz, Steve from Smoky Lake
Fedoruk, Art from Vegreville
Fedoruk, Edward from Hairy Hill
Fedoruk, John from Vegreville, Desjarlais
Fedoruk, Sidor from Brosseau
Fedoruk, William G. from Hairy Hill
Fedun, Mike from Beauvallon
Fedun, Sam from Andrew
Fedyniak, Harry from Delph, St. Michael, Edmonton
Fee, S. J. from Bindloss, Oyen
Feenstra, W.A. from Vermilion, Rusylvia
Feero, C.M. from Whitecourt
Fefferman, Morris from Lethbridge
Fegan, Annie from Lousana, Calgary
Fehr, Cornie M. from Hays, Stratton, ON
Fehr, James from Glenwoodville
Fehr, P.P. from Hays
Fehr, Peter from Worsley
Feil, Elmer from Bashaw
Feil, Emil from Lousana, Red Deer
Feist, Nick & Sons from Nemiskam
Feist, Paul J. from Nemiskam
Fekete, Elles & Mary Esther from Taber
Fekete, Joseph F. from Taber
Fekete, Leslie from Taber
Fekete, Nick from Taber
Feko, Nick J. from Taber
Feldbusch, William from Vauxhall
Feldman, Alex from Halkirk
Feldman, Sam from Calgary
Felesky, Ted from Hilda
Felker, Andrew from Wimborne
Felker, David Larry from Calgary
Felker, Terry Roy from Calgary
Fellger, Charles from Magrath
Fellger, Fred L. from Rainier, Scandia, Vauxhall
Fellows, Melville Dewey from Mayerthorpe
Felske, William & Sons from Ardrossan, Sherwood Park
Felske, William from Brightview
Felstrom, Eric from Bashaw
Felt, Donald P. from Bashaw, Castor
Felt, Donald P. from Bashaw, Castor
Feltis, Oscar & Frank Stewart from Water Valley
Felton, Stanley from Berwyn
Felzien, Merlyn D. from Forestburg
Fench, John Russell from Blackfalds
Fendrick, Christ & Ernest Roth from Consort
Feniak, William from Lake Eliza
Fenneman Brothers Farming Ltd. from Breton
Fennesey, Albert H from Melba, Delacour
Fennesey, Albert H. from Melba, Delacour
Fenske Bros., (Ben, & Joe) from Sedalia
Fenske, Arthur from Ranchville, Manyberries
Fenske, Dan F. from Wetaskiwin
Fenske, Louis from Forestburg
Fenske, Max from Donalda, Forestburg
Fenton, Dean & Doris from Edmonton
Fenton, Dean Purser from Edmonton
Fenton, John Gordon from Irma
Fenton, Lloyd from Cochrane
Fenton, N.M. from Elk Point
Fenton, Neil M. from Elk Point, Edmonton
Fenton, Smith A. from Taber
Fenton, W.E. from Claresholm
Fenton, Waldon from Taber
Fenwick, Arthur from Crossfield
Fenwick, Bros. (Henry & Arthur) from Crossfield
Fercho, Ludwig from Wetaskiwin
Ferchoff, Edmund from Amisk
Ference Bros. (Lester & Raymond) from Kirriemuir
Ference, Andrew from Pemukan
Ference, John from Consort, Sedalia
Ference, M. from Kirriemuir
Ference, Martin from Kirriemuir
Ference, Mike H. from St. Edouard, St. Paul
Ference, Peter from Elk Point
Fergeson, Linda from Peace River
Fergusen, W. S. & Rhoda from Mirror, Tees
Ferguson – Smith, R. from Rocky Mountain House
Ferguson, Adam from Champion
Ferguson, Alonzo John from Ghost Pine Creek, Calgary
Ferguson, Andrew from Marwayne
Ferguson, Charles Harold from Vermilion, Edgerton, Dolcy
Ferguson, Charles Roy from Innisfail
Ferguson, David A. from Barnwell
Ferguson, David from Byemoor, Cornucopia
Ferguson, David J. from Barnwell, Grassy Lake
Ferguson, E.M. from Calgary, Airdrie
Ferguson, E.S. from Rosalind, Camrose
Ferguson, Ernie A. from Delia
Ferguson, Ernie from Dorothy
Ferguson, George from Bowden
Ferguson, George H. from Tofield
Ferguson, Glen Keith & Sons from Fairview
Ferguson, H. J. from Innisfree
Ferguson, Hugh from Pincher Creek
Ferguson, Irwin W. from Three Hills
Ferguson, J. H. from Gleichen
Ferguson, J.A. from Bonanza
Ferguson, James A. & James L. from Rycroft
Ferguson, James A. & James L. Hanna from Rycroft
Ferguson, James A. from Markerville, Innisfail
Ferguson, James T. from Stavely
Ferguson, Joan from Calgary
Ferguson, John C. from Coleman
Ferguson, John D. from Duchess
Ferguson, John W. from Walsh, Maple Creek, SK
Ferguson, L. from Turner Valley
Ferguson, Leslie Harold from Cadogan
Ferguson, Mrs. L.B. from Sundre
Ferguson, R.A. from Duchess
Ferguson, Ralph W. from Bassano, Eckville, Countess
Ferguson, Richard from Barnwell, Lethbridge
Ferguson, Richard K. from High River
Ferguson, Robert W. from Nose Creek, Ghost Pine Creek, Calgary
Ferguson, Roy from Cardston
Ferguson, T.W. from Tofield
Ferguson, Thomas N. from Bearberry
Ferguson, Vernon R. & , Barclay, Ronald E. from Tees
Ferguson, W.C. from Calgary
Ferguson, Wesley Lorne from Vegreville
Ferguson, Wilfred Alonzo from Calgary
Ferguson, William & Alexander from Bearberry, Sundre
Ferguson, William J. from Bassano
Ferlin, Clifford from Bashaw
Ferogen, Peter from Hay Lake
Ferraby, Gordon from Countess, Bassano
Ferrall, Jason J. from Sunnynook
Ferraly, Mamie from Bassano
Ferrel, A.H. from Tofield
Ferrence, Michael from Elk Point
Ferretti, John & Tony from Rainier
Ferretti, John & Tony from Rainier
Ferretti, Tony from Rainier
Ferrier, Harry from Sedgwick
Ferrier, Thomas J. from Seba Beach
Ferries Bros from Del Bonita
Ferris, Calvin Harrison from Onion Lake, SK, Tulliby Lake, Sundre
Ferris, Frank from Olds, Lobley, Sundre
Ferris, G. W. from Glen Leslie
Ferris, Leslie E. from Lea Park
Ferris, Lloyd from Vermilion
Ferris, Pat from St. Brides
Ferris, Robert John from Red Deer
Ferris, William M. from High Prairie
Ferro, Bruno & Bros. from Venice, Lac La Biche
Ferro, C. L. & Son from Clover Bar
Feschuk, Nick from Innisfree
Feser, Dwight E. from Rockyford
Fessey, Albert from James River Bridge
Fessler, Oscar F. from Crossfield, Ponoka
Fesuk, John from Athabasca, Big Coulee, Sawdy
Fetaz, Charles C. from Halkirk, Red Deer
Fetherstone, E. from Calgary
Fetherstonhaugh, J. Earl from Edmonton
Fettic, Adam F. from Grassy Lake
Fettig, Burna Rae from Grassy Lake
Fettig, John P. from Grassy Lake
Fettig, Joseph from Grassy Lake
Feuz, Paul from Lethbridge
Fex, Ernest from Bonnyville
Feyer, Joseph from Brooks, High River
Ffrench, Captain O’Brien ( Fairholme Ranch) from Banff
Fiala, E.S. from Turin
Fickell, Roy John from Edson
Fiddler, William from Elk Point
Fiedler, Fred William from Taber
Fiedler, Herbert from Castor
Fiedler, Raymond from Cremona, Carstairs
Fiedler, W.F. from Fabyan
Fiedler, William from Coaldale, Taber
Field, Betty & Kenneth from Bruce
Field, George Nelson from Ponoka
Field, Mrs. C.R. from Bowden, Kinuso
Field, Mrs. C.R. from Bowden, Kinuso
Field, Murray J. from Carseland
Field, Robert William from Calgary
Fielding, Edward from Ashmont
Fielding, George Randolph from Vermilion
Fielding, Percy from Vermilion
Fielhaber, Art H. from Stony Plain
Fife, James A. from Chigwell, Clive
Fife, James A. from Chigwell, Clive
Fifield, William from Garrington
Fifield, William from Garrington
Figeczki, Mary from Tilley
Figeczki, Steve from Tilley
Figiczki , Imre & John from Tilley
Fiipenko Fred Jr. from Lake Thelma
Fike, Lloyd G. from Calgary, Madden
Filan, Edward E. & James McCulley from Lethbridge
Filas, Stephen from Gwynne
Filatoff, John from Skiff
Filatoff, Nazar from Coaldale
Filatoff, Nick from Skiff
Filewich, Jerry from Spedden
Filewich, Roman from Spedden
Filgas, John from Purple Springs
Filgas, Mike from Purple Springs
Filgas, Steve from Purple Springs
Filipchuk, Steve from Glendon
Filkowski, Katie from Coaldale
Fillingham, Irvin Charles from Kevisville, Crammond, Innisfail, Vilna, Fawcett
Filowych, Larry P. from Smoky Lake
Finch, Robert L. from Grande Prairie
Finders, S. M. from High River
Findlay, Elizabeth M .from Enchant
Findlay, James from Atlee
Findlay, John from Claresholm, Carnforth
Finigan, T. Elwood from Berry Creek
Fink, A.A. from Cowley
Fink, Anne from Vilna
Fink, Ben & Sons from Ponoka
Fink, George from Falun, Ponoka, Chesterwold
Fink, Harold G. from Drayton Valley
Fink, Henry from Forestburg
Fink, Otto from Vauxhall
Fink, R. G. from Rocky Mountain House
Finkbeiner, Emanuel from Veteran
Finkbeiner, Herbert from Veteran
Finkbeiner, Oscar from Rolling Hills
Finkbine, Edward from Hussar
Finkheimer, Mrs. Henry from Rolling Hills
Finkheimer, Mrs. Henry from Rolling Hills
Finlay, David from Dewberry
Finlay, Irwin C. from Mannville
Finlay, M. Kathleen (Parkhill Farm) from Calgary
Finlay, Milton from Mannville
Finlayson, J.M. from Bassano
Finlayson, Morrison H. from Ashmont
Finlayson, Roderick from Mallaig, Coronation, Ashmont
Finley, Darrell from Cardston
Finley, J.R. from Calgary
Finley, J.R. from Calgary
Finley, Janie from Didsbury
Finley, T.J. from Didsbury
Finley, T.J. from Didsbury
Finn, William from Leighmore, Halcourt
Finnemore, C.F. from Viking
Finnemore, James from Viking
Finnerty, Jack from Oyen
Finnerty, Robert Murray from Ardrossan
Finnman, Helmer from Hughenden
Finstad, Kenneth from Pendant d’Orielle
Finstad, Mervin from Pendant díOrielle
Firby, William from Penhold, Hill End
Firkus, Ambrose from Jarrow
Firth, Chris from Taber
Firth, John Henry from Big Valley
Fischbach, G. Werner from Bob Accord
Fischbuch, Herman A. from Oyen
Fischbuch, Reinhold from Oyen
Fischer Bros. (Otto & Frank) from Compeer
Fischer, Anton from Alix, Ponoka, Morningside, Pandora
Fischer, August from Hilda
Fischer, Chris from Stettler
Fischer, Douglas from Hanna
Fischer, Edgar J. from Fallis, Wabamun
Fischer, George E. from Irma
Fischer, Glenn J. from Edmonton
Fischer, Glenn J. from Edmonton
Fischer, Gordon A. from Acme
Fischer, Harold E. from Tilley, Medicine Hat
Fischer, Jack A. from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Fischer, John from Spondin
Fischer, John K. from Schuler, Medicine Hat
Fischer, Lloyd from Keg River, Peace River
Fischer, Lyle Clifford from Hughenden
Fischer, Oscar from Stettler
Fischer, Otto & Sons (Harvey, Rodney, Calvin & Marvin) from Compeer
Fischer, P.M. from Hays
Fischer, Raymond E. from Didsbury
Fischer, Roy from Hilda
Fish Creek Cattle Co. Ltd. (Francis Scout) from Hill spring
Fisher Bros. from Steveville, Gadsby
Fisher, A. from Innisfree
Fisher, A.E. from Lousana, Delburne
Fisher, A.H. from Rowley
Fisher, A.M. from Ashmont
Fisher, Alfred from Rocky Mountain House
Fisher, Alfred from Watino
Fisher, Charles V. from Edgerton
Fisher, Clark Roland from Burdett
Fisher, Clayton from Edmonton, Hardisty
Fisher, Dennis from Edgerton
Fisher, E.K. from Rolling Hills, Bowden
Fisher, Eric from Cremona
Fisher, Eunice from Bearberry
Fisher, Franklin Paul from Lethbridge
Fisher, Fred H. from Lacombe
Fisher, George Patrick from Fort Saskatchewan
Fisher, Gerald from Raymond
Fisher, H.M. from Cochrane
Fisher, Irven Lemmual from Nanton
Fisher, Ivy Albert from St. Albert
Fisher, James A. from Ashmont
Fisher, John A. from Clandonald
Fisher, John from Medicine Hat
Fisher, Joseph H. from Eckville
Fisher, Morley P. from Innisfail
Fisher, Norman from Hazeldine
Fisher, Norman William from Hazeldine, Marwayne
Fisher, Orrin P. from Hill Spring, Cardston
Fisher, Orvil from Cluny
Fisher, P. J. from Taber
Fisher, Pat from Calgary
Fisher, Robert from Calgary
Fisher, Robert M. from Vauxhall
Fisher, Roger B. from Lacombe
Fisher, Sidney W. from Innisfree
Fisher, Thomas from Neutral Hills
Fisher, Thomas Richard from Coronation
Fisher, W.C. from Provost, Gadsby
Fisher, W.J. from Innisfree
Fisher, William E. from Wainwright
Fisher, William J. from Hazeldine
Fisk, C.G. from Cairns
Fisk, Edward B. from Cousins, Cadogan
Fisk, Murray Henry from Alliance
Fiske, Robert W. from Pine Lake, Red Deer
Fitch, G.R. from Red Deer, Sylvan Lake
Fitch, I.F. & E.D. Arnold from Calgary
Fitchett, George Theodore Jr. from Pollockville, Sunnynook, Sheerness
Fitger, Alan E. from Bindloss
Fitger, Eugene R. from Suffield, Bindloss, Vandyne
Fithen, Darrell from Edmonton
Fitzel, Ambrose from New Sarepta
Fitzgerald, David from Carstairs
Fitzgerald, E. from Ohaton
Fitzgerald, Floyd Carl from Westerose
Fitzgerald, Frank E. from Camrose
Fitzgerald, J.P. from Canmore
Fitzgerald, Joe & Sons from Hardisty
Fitzgerald, Joe from Red Deer
Fitzgerald, Thomas from Crossfield
Fitzgerald, William from Grantham
Fitzpatrick, Archie from Lomond, Yahk, BC
Fitzpatrick, Donald P. from Twin Butte
Fitzpatrick, George B. from Twin Butte
Fitzpatrick, Glen D. from Twin Butte
Fitzpatrick, Jerry from Donalda
Fitzpatrick, Joan from Wardlow
Fitzpatrick, Murray from Spirit River
Fitzsimmons, Charles J. from Fort Macleod, High River
Fitzsimmons, Charles J. from Fort Macleod, High River
Fitzsimmons, Michael from Alix
Fitzsimmons, Vincent from Nordegg
Fitzsimmons, W. E. from Hanna
Fitzsimmons, W.W. from Sunnynook
Five Star Ranch Ltd. from Calgary
Fiwchuk, Nick from Bowden, Winfield, BC
Fix, Donald Gerome from Stettler
Fjelberg, O.H. from Bindloss
Fjeld, Henry from Bruce
Fjellstrom, A. from Lake Eliza, Armistice
Flad, Frank from Bodo
Fladhamer, H. from Gem
Flaherty, Patrick Frank from Calgary, Myrnam
Flaig, Frederick from Medicine Hat
Flaig, George Jr. from Coleridge, Dunmore
Flaig, J. D. from Tothill, Eagle Butte
Flaig, James E. from Medicine Hat
Flaig, John from Tothill, Medicine Hat
Flaig, John from Vegreville
Flaig, John from Walsh, Medicine Hat
Flake, E.L. from Markerville
Flamand, William James from Heath
Flanagan, Arthur M. from Hussar, Hutton
Flanagan, Don James from Bassano
Flanagan, Thomas M. from Medicine Hat
Flannery, Gerald P. from Milk River, Manyberries, Maple Creek, SK
Flansbury, W. J. from Springdale
Flaska, John V. from Grande Prairie
Flaskay, John from Calgary
Flatbush Ranch Ltd. from Slave Lake
Flater, Kenneth N. from Drumheller
Flathen, John from Therien
Flathers, R.E from Lindale
Flatla, A. Raymond from Tilley
Flatla, Lars from Tilley
Flavelle, Claire Stewart Lee from Didsbury
Flebotte, Napoleon J. from Ensign
Fleck, Elfegus from Bodo, Macklin, SK
Fleck, Jacob from Veteran, Calgary
Fleck, Leo, Heinrich, Bob from Medicine Hat
Fleckvieh Sires Ltd. from Edmonton, Crossfield, Great Falls, MT
Fleenor, Joseph H. from Cochrane, Calgary
Fleet, Edward from Caroline
Fleetwood, Alfred W. from Champion
Flegal, Paul from Morningside
Flegal, William R. from Morningside
Fleischman, William from High River
Fleischmann, Johann from Raven
Fleming John A. from Neutral Hills, Tete Jaune, BC
Fleming, A.W. from Onion Lake, SK
Fleming, Andrew J. from Neutral Hills, Louis Creek, BC, Tete Jaune, BC
Fleming, B.A. from Bluffton, Rimbey
Fleming, Charles from Vulcan
Fleming, Clarence from Brooks
Fleming, Francis P. from Ponoka
Fleming, G. from Coleman, Champion, Lundbreck, Burmis
Fleming, George from Kew
Fleming, Harold from Tulliby Lake
Fleming, John E. from Coronation
Fleming, John from Sunnyslope
Fleming, John J. from Calgary
Fleming, John T. from Irma, Zoldovara
Fleming, Lawrence from Marwayne, Kitscoty, Lea Park
Fleming, Leslie from Medicine Hat
Fleming, Mrs. R.A. from Lundbreck
Fleming, O. N. from Vulcan, Okotoks
Fleming, Peter from Bashaw, Ponoka
Fleming, W. from Red Deer
Fleming, W. O. from Mannville
Fleming, William from Milk River, Lundbreck
Fleming, William V. from Red Deer
Flemmer, Clarence from Hanna
Flemmer, Walter from Medicine Hat
Flemming, Harold from Barons
Flemming, Harvey Borden from Haddock
Flesher, Kenneth Albert from Edmonton
Fleshman, Boyd E. from Fenn
Fleshman, LeRoy from Fenn
Fleshman, Walter C. from Stettler
Fletch, Peter from Olds
Fletcher Bros. from Brant
Fletcher, Charles Joseph from Barons
Fletcher, Clifford H. from Wainwright
Fletcher, D.M. from Lea Park, Kitscoty
Fletcher, Douglas E. from Purple Springs
Fletcher, E.L. from Taber, Purple Springs
Fletcher, Frank from Sundre, Mound
Fletcher, Hugh from Red Lodge, Stanmore
Fletcher, J.L. & M. J. & A. C., (Scollard Trading Company) from Scollard
Fletcher, John Paul from Airdrie
Fletcher, Lenore E. from Coaldale
Fletcher, William from Canmore
Flett, Charles from Wild Horse, Edmonton
Flett, Charles from Wildhorse, Edmonton
Flett, Frank Wilson from Fort Vermilion
Flett, John from Medicine Hat, Wild Horse
Fleury, A. Joseph from Turner Valley
Flewell, Alex from Paradise Valley
Flewell, Fred P. from Streamstown
Flewell, Garry Lee from Paradise Valley
Flewell, William R. from Streamstown, Marwayne
Flewelling, Wayne Charles from Calgary, Bashaw
Flexhaug, Alvin L. from Foremost
Flexhaug, Leonard A. (Fish Lake Ranch) from Drumheller
Flexhaug, Leonard A. (Fish Lake Ranch) from Drumheller
Flexhaug, Peter from Medicine Hat
Flibotte, Mrs. A. from Onion Lake, SK
Flick, Chris from Carstairs, Calgary
Flickinger, Elias Paul from Skiff
Flickinger, Howard from Taber, Grassy Lake, Skiff
Flinchbaugh, George from MacLeod
Flinn, Edward W. from Innisfail
Flinn, Henry J. from Westward Ho
Flinn, Russell Eugene & Wayne Larris (Mayton Farms) from Dapp
Flinn, Stewart J. from Knee Hill Valley, Dawson Creek, BC
Flinn, W.E. from Olds, Calgary
Flint, Arthur William from Paradise Valley
Flint, Kenneth F. from Lloydminster
Flitton, Grace & George from Claresholm
Floden, Earl from Lindale
Florence, Eric & J. from Nanton
Florence, Eric, J from Nanton
Florence, Glen A. – Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
Florkewich, Peter from Carvel
Floyd, Lewis T. from Lloyds Hill, Lakesend
Floyd, Norman from Clover Bar
Fluery, Eddie from Rocky Mountain House
Fluet, Albert & Alex from Mosside
Fluet, Albert & Alex from Mosside
Flug’s Family Farm (Gary & Mary Ann Flug) from Fort Assiniboine, Ponoka
Fluker, Redge from Fort Saskatchewan
Flynn, David from Water Valley
Flynn, Tom from Coleman
Fobes, Charles L. from Olds
Fodchuk, Bill from St. Paul
Fodchuk, John from St. Brides
Fode, Clarence from Roseglen, Schuler, Medicine Hat
Fode, John from Medicine Hat
Fodor, Nick from Byemoor
Fofonoff, John J. (estate) from Queenstown, Vauxhall
Fofonoff, John J. (estate) from Queenstown, Vauxhall
Fofonoff, Paul from Queenstown
Foggin, James Hedley from Del Bonita, Lethbridge
Foley, Albert from Kinuso
Foley, D.E. from Tod Creek
Foley, Dwayne & Dean from Crooked Creek
Foley, Ed from Banff
Foley, Edward T. from St. Paul, MIN
Foley, Edward T. from St. Paul, MIN
Foley, Fred N. from Wainwright
Foley, J.B. & L.M. from Shepard, Calgary
Folkins, H.G. from Chauvin
Folkmann, Henry W. from Didsbury
Folkmann, Otto from Ferintosh
Fondrick, Christian from Thelma
Fondrick, Jack (Black Eagle Ranch) from Thelma, Tothill
Fondrick, John J. from Thelma
Fondrick, John J. from Thelma
Fontaine, Isidore from St. Paul
Fontaine, Louis from Rimbey, Claydon, SK
Fooks, Jesse R. from Kinsella
Fooks, Jesse R. from kinsella
Fooks, Thomas from Cochrane
Foore, W.D. from Sexsmith
Foose, William from Cayley, High River, Stavely, Claresholm
Foot, Wayne E. from Carstairs
Foote Bros. from Fort Macleod
Foote, A.E. from Welling
Foote, C.M. from Nemiskam, Purple Springs
Foote, Charles E. from Purple Springs
Foote, Guy S. from Welling
Foote, John D. from Purple Springs, Grassy Lake
Foote, Ross Wayne from Fort Macleod
Foothills Cattle Co-Op Ltd. from Cardston
Forbes, Arthur Gordon from Grimshaw, Bear Lake
Forbes, Bob from Dovercourt, Rocky Mountain House
Forbes, C.W. from Hanna
Forbes, Caeron from Alcurve
Forbes, Donald Dorsey Eloff from Peace River
Forbes, Ian M. from Onion Lake
Forbes, J.L. & B.I. Tricker from Two Hills
Forbes, John from Onion Lake, SK
Forbes, John H. from Onion Lake, SK
Forbes, John L. from Two Hills
Forbes, Mrs. J. G. from Two Hills
Forbes, Mrs. J.G. from Two Hills
Forbes, W. E. from Consort
Forchuk, George from Vauxhall
Forcier, Larry from Bearberry
Ford, Charles H. from Red Lodge, Bowden
Ford, D.L. from Tolland
Ford, Ernest M. C. from Irma
Ford, Fred S. from Heath
Ford, Garth A. from Marwayne
Ford, George E. from Coronation, Drumheller
Ford, Grace E. from Didsbury
Ford, Henry from Patricia, Duchess
Ford, J. W. from Heath
Ford, James Charles & Sons from Wainwright, Fabyan
Ford, James Frederick from Marwayne
Ford, Jimmy Francis from Irma
Ford, Milton H. C. from Carstairs
Ford, Norman C. from Heath, Wainwright
Ford, Patrick from Metiskow
Ford, Robert A. from Tofield
Ford, Robert L. from Irma
Ford, Wilfred Lloyd James from Tofield
Ford, William from St. Kilda
Fordham, Frederick from Vegreville
Fordyce, Charles H. from Brocket, Lundbreck
Fore, J.M. from Duchess
Foreman, William C. from Irricana
Forest Heights Dairy from Ponoka
Forester, Bernard from Dickson
Forester, Mrs. Ed from Bearberry
Forester, Roy from Meniak
Forget, Telesphor from Marie Reine
Forlow, Tom from Airdrie
Forman, Martin G. from Clear Hills
Forrayi, Gasper from Picture Butte
Forrayi, John from Enchant
Forrest, John from Talbot
Forrest, W. from Calgary
Forsdahl, P.A. from Provost, Ribstone, Edgerton
Forster, Alvin Kenneth from Warburg
Forster, Fred W. from Pincher Creek
Forsyth, Charles from Cardston
Forsyth, Charles from Erskine
Forsyth, Clarence Albert from Monitor
Forsyth, James & William from Bearberry
Forsyth, James from Bearberry
Forsyth, James Woodrow from Cardston
Forsyth, Jean & Sons from Cardston
Forsyth, Thomas W. from Magrath, Raymond, Bountiful, Utah
Forsythe, William from Berwyn
Fortems, Lucien from Lyalta
Forth, Henry A. from Wetaskiwin
Forth, Julius from Wetaskiwin
Fortier Farms Ltd. (Leo A. Fortier) from Peace River
Fortier, Bing from Vimy
Fortier, J. W. from Cowley, Calgary
Fortier, Marcel from Bonnyville
Fortier, Phillippe from Cowley, Macleod
Fortier, Sheila M. from Cowley, Calgary
Fortin, A. Sr. from Tulliby Lake
Fortin, Adrien Garry from Tulliby Lake
Fortin, Gilbert H. from Tofield
Fortin, Mrs. Albert from Pincher Creek
Fortin, Wilfrid from Legal
Fortuna, Adam from Pincher Creek, Spring Ridge
Foss, Arthur M. from Edmonton, Calgary, Sherwood Park
Foss, Charles G. from Rumsey, Eastpine, BC
Foss, Kenneth from Beaver Crossing
Foss, R.O. from Enchant
Fossen, Andy L. from Spondin, Cadogan
Fossen, Anna C. from Cadogan
Fossen, Anton from Cadogan
Fossen, Arthur A. from Amisk, Czar, Cadogan
Fossen, J.E. from Forestburg
Fossen, Palmer J. from Coronation
Fossen, Stephen A. from Cadogan
Fossen, Stephen A. from Cadogan
Fossheim, Allen Einar from Edson
Fossum, Albert from Hardisty
Fossum, Henri from Amisk, Battle Ridge
Foster Bros. (Gordon & George) from Fishburn, Glenwoodville
Foster, Alan Waterton from Waterton Park, Pincher Creek
Foster, Alva K. from Granlea, Etzikom
Foster, Arnold from Breton, Cremona
Foster, Bert C. from Cowley, Pincher Creek, One Four
Foster, C.A. from Coronation
Foster, David C. from Edmonton, Seven Persons, Tilley
Foster, David C. from Edmonton, Seven Persons, Tilley
Foster, Elmer C. from Rosemary, Bottrel
Foster, F.R. & Bert from Picture Butte
Foster, F.R. from Wetaskiwin, Coronation
Foster, Frank Earl from Fairview
Foster, Guy from Bassano
Foster, Harry from Water Valley
Foster, Jack from Dalemead
Foster, John Hy from Midnapore, Kew
Foster, Kenneth from Garfield
Foster, L. F. from Shepard
Foster, Maurice F. from Coronation
Foster, Mrs. M.G from Halkirk
Foster, N.H. from Travers
Foster, Neil from Cabin Lake, Wardlow
Foster, Nita from Midnapore
Foster, Richard Edward from Fairview
Foster, Robert Stuart from Waterton Park, Pincher Creek
Foster, Roy H. from Czar
Foster, Tillie from Hines Creek, Midnapore, Millarville
Foster, Vera B. from Red Deer
Foster, W.B. from Waterton Park, Cardston, Wynndel, BC
Foster, William from Midnapore
Foster, William Herbert from Cowley
Foulkes, Edward from Taber
Foulkes, Richard from Lethbridge
Fountain, Charles R. from Barrhead
Fountain, W. from Innisfail
Fouquette, Mrs. A. from Ponoka
Fouquette, Mrs. A. from Ponoka
Four – L- Farm from Carvel
Four Horns, Rhoda May from Fort Macleod
Four Square Ranching Ltd. (Warren W. Rottocker) from Peoria
Four Way Livestock (Roy George, Cliff Smoole, Bill Nilsson & J.A. Rain) from Edmonton
Fourner, Frank L. & Norman B. Walden from Calgary
Fournier, D. from Sunset House
Fournier, Edithe M. from Pincher Creek
Fournier, Maurice from Pincher Creek
Fournier, Yvon J. from Calgary
Foursha, Zeb from Calgary
Fouty, W.A. & Son (Noel) from Ashmont
Fowkos, John from Stirling
Fowler Bros. from Whitla
Fowler, A.S H. from Mazeppa
Fowler, Beatrice from Hoadley, Bluffton
Fowler, D.L. from Taber
Fowler, Dr. B.D. from Lethbridge
Fowler, Edward C. from Worsley
Fowler, G.J. from De Winton
Fowler, Gordon from Stettler, Halkirk
Fowler, John E. from Halkirk, Brooks
Fowler, Louise K. from Lethbridge
Fowler, Robert from Innisfree
Fowler, Sandra from Seven Persons
Fowler, Vera nee Hansen from Magrath
Fowler, W.E.E. from Bituma, Big Prairie
Fowler, William James from Breton
Fowley, William, Thomas Athey from Duchess
Fowlie, Marion A. & John from Bindloss, Medicine Hat
Fowlie, Marion A. & John from Bindloss, Medicine Hat
Fox, Charles H. from Crossfield, Calgary
Fox, Charles H. from Nanton
Fox, Charles Perry from Mound
Fox, Clifford L. from Morley
Fox, Edward George from Cardston
Fox, Elmer E. from Carstairs
Fox, Florence from Stoppington, Vanesti, Calgary
Fox, Francis from Onion Lake, SK, Forbesville
Fox, George E. from Cassils
Fox, Gerald R. from Edmonton, Iddesleigh
Fox, Herbert V. from Tees, Lacombe
Fox, Howard from Ashmont
Fox, James Ronald from Trochu
Fox, Josephine from Cardston
Fox, Kent from Morley
Fox, Kirstine from Onion Lake, SK
Fox, Maurice from Calgary, Vanesti
Fox, Mrs. S. from Herronton
Fox, S.V. from Innisfail
Fox, Stanley Cecil from DeWinton
Fox, T. from Lacombe
Fox, Thomas William from Edmonton
Fox, Thomas William from Edmonton
Fox, William Ewart from Nanton
Foxwell, Albert Edward from Langdon, Chauvin
Foy, John from Clandonald
Foyda, Czar from Big Valley
France, A.G. from Stanmore, West Wingham
France, Beatrice Annie from West Wingham, Leslieville
Franchuk, Ernest from Smoky Lake
Franchuk, Metro W. from Smoky Lake
Franciotti, Genio from Craigmyle
Francis, A. E. from Ranfurly, Viking
Francis, F. John from Taber
Francis, Howard E. & Sons from Taber
Francis, I. W. from Rimbey
Francis, I.W. from Rimbey
Francis, James from Viking
Francis, Keith from Scotfield, Red Deer
Francis, Mrs. Sam J. from Shouldice, Majorville
Francour, D.R. from Edberg
Frandsen, N. Holgar from Claresholm, Ralston
Frank, A.J. Slim from Cochrane, De Winton
Frank, Adam from Castor
Frank, Harold Harvey from Star
Frank, Harry R. from Valhalla Centre
Frank, J. L., Frank & Lawrence from Provost
Frank, Otto from Medicine Hat
Frank, Walter L. from St. Albert
Frank, William from Walsh
Frankcombe, Brian James from Pincher Creek
Frankhonel, Tony from New Norway
Frankish, J.. from Beaver Mines, Twin Butte
Frankish, Tom A. from Foremost
Franklin, Charles Edward & Ingwall Sundal from Crossfield, Picture Butte
Franklin, Charles Edward from Empress
Franklin, Charles from Medicine Hat
Franklin, Clifford from Enilda
Franklin, Darwin Lee from Marwayne
Franklin, Dwayne from Marwayne
Franklin, Frances B. nee Devlin from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Franklin, Lindsay from Marwayne
Franklin, Lorne from South Ferriby
Franklin, Marshall H. from Marwayne
Franklin, Oswell from South Ferriby, Marwayne
Franklin, Ruby L., Darwin L. & Marshall H. from Marwayne
Franklin, Russell R. from Tilley, Fort Vermilion
Franklin, Sarah I. from Marlboro
Franklin, Terry from Marwayne
Franklin, Walter from Northminster, SK, South Ferriby
Franks, Blaine from Heinsburg
Franks, Harry from Madden
Franks, William & George Oldfield from Big Prairie
Franks, William & George Oldfield from Big Prairie
Franks, William from Water Valley, Madden
Fransen, Claus from Helmsdale
Fran-Tel Ranches from Pincher Creek
Franus, Stanley from Bruce
Franz, Fred from Irvine
Franz, Frederick from Irvine
Franz, Gottlieb from Irvine, Josephburg
Franz, Helmut from Medicine Hat
Franz, Jake from Vauxhall, Grantham
Franz, John from Vauxhall
Franz, Laurence from Wainwright, Beaverdam
Franz, Mrs. John from Thelma
Franz, Mrs. John from Thelma
Frasch, Norman Eugene from Bow City
Fraser Bros. (Kenneth M. & Fraser) & H. Strang from Cluny, Hussar
Fraser Bros. (Kenneth M. & Strang H.) from Cluny, Hussar
Fraser George A. from Furness, SK
Fraser, Alastair P. from Big Prairie, Penhold
Fraser, Alastair P. from Big Prairie, Penhold
Fraser, Alexander from Turner Valley, Nordegg, Hinton
Fraser, Archie from Darwell
Fraser, Archie from Empress
Fraser, Barnett John from Wainwright
Fraser, Colin & Myrtena from Knee Hill Valley
Fraser, Colin & Myrtena from Knee Hill Valley
Fraser, D.G. from Westlock, High River, High Ridge
Fraser, D.G. from Westlock, High River, High Ridge
Fraser, D.M. from Lloydminster, Furness, SK
Fraser, Daniel William from Langdon
Fraser, Fred R. from High River, Brooks, Brocket
Fraser, George from Elnora
Fraser, Gordon T. from Edmonton
Fraser, Gordon William from Edmonton
Fraser, Gordon William from Edmonton
Fraser, Hazel from Calgary, Westerose
Fraser, Hugh & Sons (George & Eric D.) from Cherry Point
Fraser, J.D. from Pincher Creek
Fraser, Matthew M. & Douglas from Cluny, Hussar
Fraser, Matthew M. & Douglas from Cluny, Hussar
Fraser, Mrs. Dan William from Langdon
Fraser, Mrs. Dan William from Langdon
Fraser, Mrs. M from Edgerton
Fraser, Mrs. M. from Edgerton
Fraser, Norman from Wimborne
Fraser, Peter from Leedale, Rimbey
Fraser, Richard from Carmangay
Fraser, Robert H. from Lacombe
Fraser, Ruby M. from Edmonton
Fraser, S.L. & Elias Thompson from Claresholm
Fraser, Shirley from Youngstown
Fraser, Stewart & Stang from Hussar, Cluny
Fraser, W.E. from Conrich, Delacour
Fraser, W.E. from Furness, SK
Fraser, W.G. from Penhold
Fraser, William A. from Cochrane
Fraser, William A. from Cochrane
Fraser, William from Monitor, Consort
Fraser, William J. from Irma
Frasier, Charles W. from Gadsby
Frasier, Mildred from Lougheed, Hardisty
Frauenfeld, Arthur from Bruderheim
Frayn, Alfred G. from Calgary
Frayn, Arthur Melvin from Rimbey
Frayn, G.H., & T.M. from Rimbey
Frayn, S.G. from Rockyford, Calgary
Frazier, David William from Cardston
Freadrich, Willie Henry from Killam
Frebowski, Adolph B. from Ryley
Frebowski, Joe P. from Ryley
Frech, Adam from Picture Butte, Lethbridge
Fred Brewster’s Rocky Mountain Camps Ltd. (Fred Brewster Ltd.) from Jasper
Fredell, Melvin W. from Carstairs
Fredell, O.A. from Carstairs
Frederick, Daniel Ivan from Strathmore
Frederick, E.W. from Carmangay, Champion
Frederick, Emil from Hays
Frederick, Kenneth from Millet
Frederick, Michael Rene from Strathmore
Frederick, Patricia J. from Strathmore
Frederick, Paul from Champion, Carmangay
Frederick, Paul Tyler from Strathmore
Frederick, William Perry from Strathmore, Nightingale
Fredericks, Elmer H. from Hilda
Fredericks, Elmer H. from Hilda
Fredericksen, Fred from Paradise Valley
Frederickson, C.R. from Berwyn
Frederickson, Fred from New Norway
Frederickson, Holgar from New Norway
Fredrickson, William Helmer from Strathmore
Freeborn, Bruce G. from Cardston
Freeborn, Fred from High Prairie
Freed, Jesse F. from Erin Lodge, Blue Sky
Freehill, Maurice Michael from Marwayne
Freeland, Doreen Elizabeth nee Flewell from Paradise Valley
Freelove, A.E. from Excel, Alix
Freelove, Otis H. from Lacombe, Erskine
Freeman Bros. from Penhold
Freeman, A Eldredge from Jumping Pound, Beaver Mines
Freeman, A.E. from Lougheed
Freeman, Alfred from Bassano, Lathom
Freeman, Charles P. from Enilda, High Prairie
Freeman, James from Bentley
Freeman, John from Bassano, Lathom
Freeman, Mrs. W.A. from Bassano, Brooks
Freeman, Ron from Midnapore, De Winton, Millarville
Freemantle, Stewart from Hythe
Freestone, Archie from Cold Lake, Provost, Cadogan, Dolcy, Sulphur Springs
Freestone, J.R. from Edgerton, Ribstone
Freigang, Dr. Druno from Calgary
Freiman, Mrs. Art from Brightview
Freiman, Mrs. Art from Brightview
Freimarck, Emanuel from Medicine Hat
Freimark, Edward from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Freimark, Emanuel from Medicine Hat
Freimark, Emil from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Freimuth, Albert from Tilley
Freimuth, Chris from Rolling Hills
Freimuth, John from Byemoor
French, Elsie from Calgary
French, Gawn from Brownvale
French, Ivan L. from Hines Creek
French, Merritt H. from Millarville
Frencheater, Chuck from Rocky Mountain House
Frencheater, John from Rocky Mountain House
Frend, Albert E. from Bashaw
Frend, Albert E. from Bashaw
Freng, Gordon from Metiskow
Freng, Oliver from Metiskow
Freng, Shirley A. formerly Mrs. Potratz from Edmonton
Frere, Louis from Trochu
Frerichs, Hans from McLaughlin, Oxville, Social Plains
Frerichs, William D. from Sedgewick
Frey, Bert W. from Bruderheim
Frey, H.M. from Pincher Creek
Frey, Harvey Peter from Elkwater, Robinson, Medicine Hat
Frey, Jacob from Josephburg, Irvine, Elkwater
Frey, Jake from Calgary, Acadia Valley, Arneson
Frey, Joseph Paul from Rochester
Frey, Meinrad from Medicine Hat
Frey, P.G. from Alliance, Castor
Fricke, H.W. from Bottrel, Crossfield
Frieburg, Ames from Hays
Friebus, Charles David from Ponoka
Fried, Amelia from Vegreville, Innisfree
Fried, Helmut from Olds
Fried, John from Vegreville
Fried, Karl from Innisfree
Friedenberg, Daniel from Onoway
Friedenberg, F. from Nemiskam, Granlea
Friedenberg, William from Medicine Hat, Maleb
Friedrich Bros. (Erwin & T.) from Picture Butte
Fries, Albert Ralph from Nanton, Ardrossan
Friesen Bros. from Tees, Lacombe
Friesen Cattle Co. Ltd. (Richard Friesen) from Calgary, Olds
Friesen, Abram from Jasper, Vauxhall
Friesen, Clarence from Taber
Friesen, D. D. from Brooks
Friesen, G. from Gem, Campden, ON
Friesen, G. Sr. from Vauxhall
Friesen, G. Sr. from Vauxhall
Friesen, Harold, Blake & Grant from Vermilion
Friesen, Henry from Carstairs
Friesen, Jacob P. from Duchess
Friesen, John from Rosemary
Friesen, John from Vauxhall
Friesen, John S. from La Crete
Friesen, Martin from Peace River
Friesen, P.W. from Crooked Creek
Friesen, Pete H. from Vauxhall, Wynnder, BC
Friesen, Peter H. from Picture Butte, Lethbridge
Friesen, Sam from Edmonton, Vauxhall
Friesz, Alfred from Dalemead
Friesz, Carl S. from Dalemead
Frieze, August from Hoselaw
Frigstad, Omund from Youngstown
Frisby, Charles F. from Lindbergh, Elk Point
Frisby, F.H. from Vegreville, Mooswa, Lindbergh
Frisch, Ida from Norton, Red Deer
Frisch, John from Oyen, Hilda
Frisch, Peter from Gros Ventre, Hilda
Frissell, W.A .from Vermilion
Fritz, Frank from Warburg
Fritz, John from Genesee
Fritz, Joseph from Warburg
Fritzler, Herbert from Vulcan, Champion
Fritzler, Leo from Vulcan, Champion
Fritzler, Peter from Vulcan
Fritzler, Peter Jr. from Vulcan
Frizzell, Allan Bryce from Sundre
Froese, Abram A .from Lindbrook
Froese, Willy from Deville
Froggat, E.L. from Sedalia
Froggat, E.L. from Sedalia
Frohberger, Albert from Patricia
Froland, Kathleen nee Sannachan from Metiskow
Froland, Lester from Metiskow
Froland, Melvin K. from Czar
Frolick, Henry from Hinton
Frost, Lester from James River Bridge
Frost, Oscar from Minburn
Frost, Rupert from James River Bridge
Frowd, John from Pine Lake
Froysland, Mons from Lousana
Froysland, Tilda from Lousana
Fry, John from Elkwater
Fry, Walter T. from Lethbridge
Fry, Wayne A. from Vermilion, Lloydminster
Fryberger, John from Wardlow
Fryingpan, Doplhus J. from Heinsburg
Fryingpan, Mary Grace & Francis from Heinsburg
Fuchs, David from Turner Valley, Beiseker
Fuchs, Henry from Edmonton
Fuchs, John from Torrington
Fuder, F.A. from Irma
Fuder, Harold E. from Irma
Fudra, Steve Jr. from Coaldale, Lethbridge
Fuerst, Max from Darwell
Fuhrer, Albert from Gadsby
Fuhrman, Peter Roy from Thelma, Manyberries
Fuite Bros & Herman Bruggeneate from Throne
Fuite Bros & Herman Bruggeneate from Throne
Fuite Bros. from Throne
Fujimoto, George from Rainier
Fukami, M.K. from Bow Island
Fukami, Thomas from Nobleford
Fukuda, Tak from Patricia
Fulgham, Orvel from Paradise Valley, Lloydminster, Provost
Fulk, J. S. from Grande Prairie
Fulkerth, W. Joe from Didsbury
Fuller, A.R. from Carbon
Fuller, Arthur from Delburne, Red Deer
Fuller, D. E. from Vauxhall, New Dayton
Fuller, Fred F. from Drumheller, Carbon
Fuller, John H. from Castor
Fuller, Leroy from Vegreville
Fuller, M.B. from Whiskey Gap, Lethbridge
Fuller, R.R. from Indus
Fuller, Reginald Arthur from New Norway
Fuller, Wayne Larry from Calgary, Rockyford
Fullerton, Dale Burgess from Wetaskiwin
Fullerton, Frank S. & Isabel from Dorothy, Clivale, Lone Butte, Drumheller
Fullerton, Robert Jr. from Provost
Fullmer, Melvin H. from Glenwoodville
Fulmek, Steve from Tilley, Midnapore
Fulton, Bruce H. from Bluffton
Fulton, Charles M. from Ardrossan
Fulton, E.P. from Wimborne
Fulton, Foster from Minburn
Fulton, Frank G. from Indus
Fulton, George A. from Vulcan
Fulton, Harlan W. from Walsh, Duchess, Kinsella
Fulton, J.P. from Indus
Fulton, James V. from Kevisville, Bowden
Fulton, James V. from Kevisville, Bowden
Fulton, Joseph Jr. from Delia
Fulton, K.G. from Cardston
Fulton, S.M. from Minburn
Fulton, Thomas G. from Moose Ridge, Innisfail, Rocky Mountain House
Fulton, W.R. from Alcomdale
Fulton, Warren C. from Duchess, Wardlow
Fulton, Wendell R. from Walsh
Funk, Edward from Bow Island
Funk, H.H. from Beaver Flat, Saskatchewan
Funk, Larry from Irma
Funk, Martin from Tolland
Funk, William from Endiang, Clearwater, BC
Funkhouser, E.M. from Calgary
Funnell, Arthur V. from Wetaskiwin
Funnell, George E. from Metiskow, Vermilion, Koknee, Buck Lake
Furgala, Mike from Spedden
Furgala, Peter from Edmonton
Furgason, Ken from Lethbridge
Furgeson, Eric from Taber, Moosehorn, MB
Furhman, A. from Clear Hills, Dixonville
Furiak, John or Furak from Cardston, Hill Springs
Furiak, John or John Furak from Cardston, Hill Spring
Furlong, G.W. from Lacombe
Furlotte, Joe from Chauvin
Furman, Carl C. from Meeting Creek, Edmonton
Furman, J.C. from Macleod
Furmanek, J.B. from Viking
Furtis, Jack from Paradise Valley
Furyk, Alex from Carvel
Fuson, Grant Sherman from Dixonville
Fuss, Harry H. from Brightview
Fuss, Harry H. from Brightview
Futoransky, George from Jarvie
Fyfe, George Charles from New Dayton
Fyfe, J.T. from Islay
Fystro, Knut from Ponoka, Millet
Fyten, Robert Earl from Strome
Wightman, John from Rosedale

Gabas, M. from Innisfail, Tilley
Gabert, Christ from Alliance, Galahad
Gabert, Ed from Halkirk
Gabert, Gustav A. from Fort Saskatchewan, Bruderheim
Gaboury, Ben from Eaglesham
Gaboury, Denis from Brooks, Edmonton
Gaboury, Dominique from Eaglesham
Gaboury, Irving from Valleyview
Gaboury, Lawrence John from Bezanson
Gabrieau, Thomas from Camrose
Gabriel, Richard from Stettler, Erskine
Gabriel, William D. from Big Valley
Gabrielson, E.W. from Wainwright, Calgary
Gabrielson, Frieda M. from Red Deer, Mayerthorpe
Gadbois, Henry Lot from Tofield, Kingman
Gadd. Leonard A. from Ponoka
Gadowski, Andro from Lake Eliza
Gadowski, Mike from St. Paul
Gadsby, Cecil G. from Nanton, Strathmore
Gadwa, Frank from Frog Lake, Primrose
Gadwa, John Sr. from Hoselaw
Gadwa, Mark Peter from Hoselaw
Gaehring, Albert from Lethbridge, Turin
Gaehring, Bob & Garvin from Nemiskam
Gaehring, Carl from Nemiskam
Gaehring, John from Vauxhall, Retlaw
Gaetz, Chris from Medicine Hat
Gaetz, Christian from Medicine Hat
Gaetz, Dave from Hanna
Gafka, Adolf from Vegreville
Gafka, Herman from Vegreville
Gafka, Jacob from Vegreville
Gafka, Phillip from Vegreville
Gagne, Arthur from Therien
Gagne, Francois X. from Carvel, Uncas
Gagne, Taddee from Roselea, Dunstable
Gagnon, Joe & Ernest from Guy, Falher
Gagnon, Louis S. from St. Brides, St. Lina
Gagnon, M. from Busby, Coronado
Gagnon, Paul from La Corey
Gagnon, W. from Gibbons
Gahr, John from New Sarepta
Gahr, Oscar F. from New Sarepta
Gahr, William M. from New Sarepta, Hay Lake
Gailbraith, D.H. from Vulcan, Calgary
Gailey, Ralph Samuel from DeWinton
Gaines, C.L. from Erskine
Gaines, G.R. from Erskine
Gaines, Joe from Coutts
Gaines, William George from Irma
Gair, David Glen from Strome, New Sarepta, Berwyn
Gairdner, Andrew from Kikino
Gaja, John from Tilley, High River
Gajdostik, Anton from Coaldale
Gajdostik, Frank from Coaldale
Gajdostik, Mike from Coaldale, Foremost
Galan, Nick & Vincent Fitzsimmons from Nordegg
Galan, Nick & Vincent Fitzsimmons from Nordegg
Galarneau, Albert from Empress, Sunnynook, Hanna, Finnegan
Galarneau, Don from Finnegan
Galarneau, Irene Mae from Gem
Galarneau, Max Alfred from Finnigan, Gem
Galbraith, Barry F. from Sangudo
Galbraith, Dr. C.C. from Calgary
Galbraith, J. H. Sr. from Brooks
Galbraith, Kenneth from Murraydale, SK
Galbreath, A.R. from Colinton
Gale & Lidgate from Calgary
Gale, C.H. from Consort
Gale, E.W. from Calgary
Gale, Lea Roy from Didsbury
Gales, Urban from Fernie, BC, Boundary Creek
Galganetz, Peter from Duvernay
Galicki, Tony A. from Sheerness, Rose Lynn, Sunnynook
Galicz, John from Duchess
Galipeau, Art from Taber, Bow Island
Galitzine, Prince Leo from Edson
Gall, Charles M. from Leduc
Gall, Frankie from Calgary
Gall, Frederick J. from Hanna
Gall, John from Picture Butte
Gall, John W. from Hanna
Gall, Leslie from Picture Butte
Gall, Richard G., & Daniel W. from Hanna
Gallagher, J. from Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
Gallant, W.J. from Kelsey, Camrose
Gallas, Dan from Bellis
Gallas, Olga from Bellis
Gallaway, Dennis from Czar, Lloyds Hill
Gallaway, Roy from Rolling Hills
Galleberg, Hans J. from Big Valley
Galleberg, Mrs. H.J. from Big Valley
Gallelli, Joe & Sons from Cochrane, Crossfield
Gallelli, Joseph & Sons from Crossfield
Gallenkamp, J.W. from Bashaw
Gallep, Blaine from Cardston, Rosemary
Galliford, Harold from Onoway
Galliford, Murray from Onoway
Gallinger, Claude from Tofield
Gallinger, Ross from Red Willow, Gadsby
Gallion, Elizabeth M. from Gadsby
Gallow, Steve from Brooks
Galloway, Charles H. from Fort Saskatchewan
Galloway, Clarence from Red Deer
Galloway, John K. from Sundre
Galloway, Kenneth Joseph Alexander from Edmonton
Galloway, Maxwell Larry from Red Deer
Galloway, Orville from Red Deer
Galloway, W.M. from Olds
Gallup, Ida Maud & A.L. from Rosemary
Gallup, James Scott from Rosemary
Gallup, M. J. from Rosemary, Eastend, SK, Shaunavon, SK
Galm, Edward from Alliance
Galm, Joe from Alliance
Galuska, Thomas H. & Mrs. from Mannville
Galvin, William from Ogden
Gamache, Adrien J. from St Albert
Gamache, Venzina from Falher
Gambette, Joseph from Fribourg, Beauvallon
Gamble M.H. from Bassano, Gem, Countess
Gamble, Darrel S. from Countess
Gamble, Leander from Rolling Hills
Gamble, M.H. from Bassano, Gem, Countess
Gamble, Terrence C. & Hilda B. (Sedco Ranch) from Midnapore
Gamble, W. John from Minburn
Gamble, W. John from Minburn
Gamblin, Burnice from Mallaig
Gammie, Barbara R. from Cardston
Gammie, John from Drumheller, Beynon
Gammie, Mrs. John S. from Drumheller
Gammie, Mrs. John S. from Drumheller
Gancar, Edward from Peat
Ganly, Pat from Aldersyde
Gannon, W.E. from Calgary, Drayton Valley
Gano, Perry Franklin from Blue Ridge, Windfall, Whitecourt
Ganong, Ken from Hanna
Ganong, Walter from Hanna
Ganshirt, Harry & Laura A. from Gadsby
Ganske, Anna from Wetaskiwin, Millet, Lethbridge
Ganske, Ethyl F. from Magrath, Pincher Creek
Ganske, L. from Torrington
Gansy, Gabor from Picture Butte
Gant, L.C. from Eckville, Gilby
Ganton, A.J. from Vermilion
Gantz, Ken from Grand Centre
Garber, Ed from Claresholm
Garbler, John from Calgary
Garborg, Ivar from Vilna
Garbutt, Charles from Sedalia
Garbutt, Roy from Bingville
Garbutt, Russell G.N. from Consort
Garby, Ivan from Calgary
Garden City Feeders’ Assoc. Ltd. from Magrath
Garden, Roy from Calgary
Garden, William from Rowley
Gardener, Ralph H.M. from Sundance
Garder, Albert George from Bawlf, Westerose
Gardin, Henry from Olds
Gardin, Henry from Olds
Gardiner, David G. from Wainwright
Gardiner, Earl & Allan from Edson
Gardiner, Mrs. John from Bowmanton
Gardiner, R.J.E. from Macleod
Gardipee, Richard Joseph from Edson
Gardner, Clint E. from Breton
Gardner, David B. from Cayley
Gardner, Ellen A. from Hanna
Gardner, H.J. from High River
Gardner, L. D. from Delacour
Gardner, Morse W. from Bowmanton, Medicine Hat, Waddington
Gardner, N.F & H.A. from High River
Gardner, P.O. from Black Diamond, Dickson, Red Deer
Gardner, Robert from Carstairs
Gardner, Thomas from Lundbreck
Gardner, Thomas G. from Bulwark, Brownfield
Gardon, Frank from Keg River
Gargett, Edward from Medicine Hat
Garland, W. George from Gadsby, Stettler
Garlough, Jack from Eagle Butte
Garneau, Albert from Brule, Hinton
Garner, Gilbert F. from High River
Garner, Herbert E, & William A. Anderson from Raymond
Garner, Herbert from Hill Spring
Garner, Lyman from Hill Spring
Garner, William L. from Hill Spring
Garness, O.M. from Magrath
Garnett, W.C. from Macleod
Garnier, Edward G. from Dewberry
Garon, Leo from Jeffrey
Garrecht, Harry from Medicine Hat, Acadia Valley
Garred, Amelia A. from Pakan
Garrels, J.J. from Botha
Garrett, Cecil D. from Monitor, Rimbey
Garrett, Ellis from Daysland
Garrett, J.E. from Ashmont
Garrett, John from Carbon
Garrett, Richard from Carbon
Garrick, Joe from Taber
Garrow, Alex from Brooks
Garrow, John from Tolland
Garrow, Mrs. A.P. from High River, Craigmyle
Garskie C.O. & Hugh Moore from Pashley
Garson, A.J. from Cochrane, Los Angeles, CA
Garson, Charles S. from Beaver Crossing, Edmonton
Garstka, Aleksander from Flat Lake
Gartner, Adolph from Daysland, Edmonton
Gartner, Adolph from Daysland, Edmonton
Gartner, Jack from Castor
Gartner, Jack Jr. from Ponoka
Garton, Orval William from Riverstone
Garvie, Alvah Cazmer from Viking, Kinsella
Garvie, William from Kinsella, Viking
Garwick, Paul from Leedale, Rimbey
Gaskell, Bernard from Glenister
Gass, Ignace & Sons from Hythe
Gasser, Charles L. from High River, Hartell
Gasser, Charles L. from High River, Hartell
Gates, Alan E. from Calgary, Carstairs
Gates, G.J. from Mannville
Gates, George from Brightview
Gates, George S. from Calgary
Gates, Peter S. from Glenwoodville
Gatine, H. from Carbon
Gatine, H.C. from Nanton
Gatine, Jessie from Nanton, High River, Muirhead
Gatto, Robert from Bellevue
Gatz, Clarence from Bow Island
Gatz, Steve from Bow Island
Gaub, Albert J. from Elnora
Gaub, Jacob from Walsh, Irvine
Gaub, James L. from Thelma
Gaub, John from Thelma, Irvine
Gaub, Mrs. John from Irvine
Gaub, Mrs. John from Irvine
Gaudet, Joseph from Clear Hills
Gauf, Edward Arnold from Fort Saskatchewan
Gaugler, R.S. from Hanna
Gault, William James from Meeting Creek
Gaume, E.W. from Killam
Gaunce, Donald M. from High River
Gaunce, Donald M. from High River
Gaunt Bros (L. & G.) from Moyerton
Gaunt Bros. from Cadogan
Gaunt, Austin B. from Hazelmere
Gaunt, P.J. from Hazelmere
Gauthier, Lawrence E. from Cluny
Gauthier, William H. from Bonnyville
Gawley, A. Floyd from Wainwright
Gay J. M from Baraca, Carolside
Gay, Archibald T. from Elnora, Trenville
Gay, David Ronald from Nanton
Gazdag, Emme Lorraine nee Fries from One Four, Comrey
Gazdag, James E. from Comrey, Manyberries, Medicine Hat
Gazdag, William from Comrey, Manyberries
Geary, J.A .from Ranfurly, South Edmonton
Geary, Walter Herbert from South Edmonton
Geberdt, Christian from Pincher Creek
Geberdt, Christian from Pincher Creek
Geberdt, John from Pincher Creek
Gebhardt, Helmuth from Castor, Donalda, Stettler
Gebhardt, Jacob from Castor
Geddert, Henry from Gem, Coaldale
Geddert, Henry J. from Gem
Geddert, Henry J. from Gem
Geddes, C.W. from Alliance
Gedge, Fred W. from Enilda, Markerville
Gediger, Harry from Calgary
Gedlaman, Lucy from Rosemary
Gedloman, Boyd C. from Rosemary, Duchess
Geduhn, George F. from Hemaruka
Geduhn, George F. from Hemaruka
Gee, Percy T. from Edmonton
Gee, Walter & Son (Myrl S.) from Ponoka
Geel, Arie Cornelius from Dapp
Geeraert, Carl from Rockyford
Geeraert, Henry A. from Vermilion
Geeraert, Henry from Vermilion
Geering, Walter H. from Hartleyville, Fishburn
Geerraert, Gordon from Vermilion
Geerts, Joseph from Strathmore
Geertsma, Owen from Stettler, Cessford
Geffen Company Limited from Calgary
Geffen, Morres from Calgary
Gehring, Albert from Medicine Hat
Gehring, Leonard from Medicine Hat
Gehrman, Wilfred from Cherhill
Geiger, Adolph from Tawatinaw
Geigle, Rueben from Medicine Hat
Geilhorn, Alfred from Knappen
Geinger, James Clarence from Mayerthorpe
Geinger, Leonard from Mayerthorpe
Geinger, Roy from Mayerthorpe, Edgewood, BC, Kelowna, BC
Geise, Edwin from Fleet
Gejdos, Andrew from Foremost, Skiff
Geldrich, Paul from Turin
Gelech, George E. from Clear Prairie, Worsley
Gelety, Alex from Mannville
Gellner & Warren from Cardston
Gemmill, William from Crossfield
Gendre, A. from Erskine
General Farm Supplies Ltd. from Lethbridge
Genert, Alan from Irvine
Genert, Bill from Walsh
Genert, Mike from Vilna
Genge, Jack from Eyremore, Duchess
Genge, Lee W. from Eyremore
Gentles, Herbert from Little gem
George, A.J. from Black Diamond
George, A.J. from Black Diamond
George, Don from Turin
George, Earle E. from Egremont
George, Earle E. from Egremont
George, Everett from Brooks
George, Herbert from Nobleford
George, Herman Melvin from Norway Valley, Heinsburg
George, Leon from Marwayne
George, Mabel from Claresholm
George, Mrs. D. from Cassils
George, Mrs. D. from Cassils
George, Randy from Gem
George, W.F. from Nanton
George, W.F. from Nanton
Gerding, R.S. from Vulcan
Gergely, John Jr. from Coaldale
Gergely, William from Coaldale
Gergley, Steve from Halkirk, Beverly
Gerhard, Joseph from Berwyn
Gerhart Bros. from Mannville
Gerien, Joseph from Marwayne
Gerke, Chauncey from Skiff, Goddard, Gainsford
Gerke, Edith from Fallis, Goddard, Lake Isle
Gerlat, Gust from Milk River
Germain, Alphonse from Wandering River
German, Albert Byron from Hanna
German, C.G. from Hanna, Chilliwack, BC
German, Henry O. from Atlee, Ranfurly
German, Robert M. from Ponoka
German, Robert M. from Ponoka
Germaniuk, Jeffrey Brian from Okotoks, Calgary
Germann, George A. from Edgerton, Lloydminster
Germann, Philip, & Judith from Provost
Gerrish, Edward George from Tofield
Gerry Bros. from Rio Grande
Gertsma, Andrew Waters from Stettler
Gertsma, Owen from Stettler
Gertzen, Lewis Ronald from Vauxhall
Gervais, E. from Cluny
Gervais, Edmond from Craigend
Gervais, Fred from Cluny, Ouelletteville
Gervais, Henry Joseph from Black Diamond
Gervais, Julian from Craigend, Lac la Biche
Gerwin, Edward from Olds
Getkate, Marinus from Lethbridge
Getten, Joyce from Rolling Hills, High River
Getz, Christian Ralph from Montgomery, Haddock
Getz, Edward William from Delburne
Getz, John from Medicine Hat
Getz, Lena M. from Delburne
Getz, Valentine from Medicine Hat
Geukel, William from New Sarepta, Hay Lakes
Ghost River Ranch Co. (Norman Libin & Sam Davis) from Calgary
Ghostkeeper, Marguerite from Keg River
Ghostkeeper, Norman from Paddle Prairie
Giachino, Batista Romeo from Bellevue
Gibb, David W. from Manyberries
Gibb, George from Chauvin
Gibb, Henry G. from Sheerness
Gibb, Herbert from Magrath
Gibb, Keith from Edmonton
Gibb, Keith from Edmonton
Gibb, Lyndon from Del Bonita
Gibb, Robert from St. Albert
Gibb, Walter W. & Son (Donald G.) from Garrington, Olds, Bowden
Gibbings, Stanley from Lloydminster
Gibbings, Wilfred from Lloydminster
Gibbon, Albert & Son (Robert L) from Red Deer
Gibbon, Wayne C. from Stettler
Gibbon, Winston from Stettler
Gibbons, Inez V. from Grand Centre
Gibbons, Joseph from Suffield, Brooks
Gibbons, William John from Strathmore, Calgary
Gibbs & Evenson, Luther from Manyberries
Gibbs, Arthur R. from Sugden
Gibbs, Charles H. from Berwyn
Gibbs, Fred J. from Lougheed
Gibbs, Gareth from Strathmore
Gibbs, H.H. from Alcurve
Gibeau, Hector P. from Morinville
Gibeau, Hector P. from Morinville
Gibeau, Oliva from Cluny, Gleichen
Gibeau, Wilfred from Cluny
Giberson, Frank & Wallacae Leishman from Chancellor
Giberson, Frank & Wallace Leishman from Chancellor
Gibson, A.R. from Hardisty
Gibson, Albert Alvin from Castor
Gibson, Arthur from Hope Valley, Edgerton
Gibson, Arthur from Oyen
Gibson, Betsy from Acadia Valley
Gibson, Blanche from Arvilla
Gibson, C.V. from Medicine Hat
Gibson, Daniel E. from Big Valley, Drumheller
Gibson, David M. from Amisk
Gibson, Delbert W. from Millwood, WA
Gibson, Dr. Morris – Okotoks, Alberta
Gibson, Eugene R. from Maleb, Bow Island
Gibson, H.H. from Didsbury
Gibson, J.K from Edmonton
Gibson, J.W.K. from Bingville
Gibson, James G. from Edmonton, Hardisty
Gibson, L.W. from Parkland, Nanton
Gibson, Laurence B. (Palomino Guest Ranch) from Ricinus, Calgary
Gibson, Mrs. H.C. from Beiseker
Gibson, Mrs. H.C. from Beiseker
Gibson, Orval, L. from Castor
Gibson, Owen from Viking
Gibson, Stanley from Carbon
Gibson, Vern from Viking
Gibson, William James from Carbon
Gideon, Ralph O. from Rimbey, Lockhart
Gideon, Ray F. from Bentley
Gideon, Ray F. from Bentley
Giebelhaus, Adam from Holden, Martins
Giebelhaus, Conrad from Alliance, Castor
Giebelhaus, Earl Douglas from Rimbey
Giebelhaus, Harold from Holden
Giebelhaus, John G. from Vegreville
Giebelhaus, John G. from Vegreville
Giebelhaus, R.E. from Holden
Gieck, David from Carbon
Giegle, John from Medicine Hat
Gier, Ernest R. from Turin
Gier, Harvey from Turin
Gier, Julia M. from Turin, Dearing, Retlaw, Enchant
Gier, Leonard from Rolling Hills
Gierent, A.J. from Viking
Gierent, Fred from Lavoy, Vegreville
Gierent, John from Bruce
Gies, Raymond, A. from Barrhead
Giesbrecht, Herman J. from Vegreville
Giesbrecht, Rockwell E. from Crooked Creek
Giese, Frank from Stettler
Giese, Raymond E from Balzac
Giesler, Louise from Pincher Station
Giesler, Roy W. from Pincher Station
Giggs, Ron L. from Chauvin, Green Glade
Gilbert, D.B. from Warden Junction
Gilbert, D.B. from Warden Junction
Gilbert, Emma Annie Florence from Minburn
Gilbert, Frida from Blackie, Calgary
Gilbert, L.M. from Nanton, Midnapore, Calgary
Gilbert, Norah K from Whiskey Gap, Owendale
Gilbert, Norah K. from Whiskey Gap, Owendale
Gilbert, O.N. from Rosebud, Calgary
Gilbert, Richard B. from Cochrane
Gilbert, Thomas from Mannville, Minburn
Gilbert, William from Lethbridge, Grassy Lake
Gilbertson, Arthur from Taber
Gilbertson, Edward H. from Hughenden
Gilbertson, Emil (estate) from Viking, Phillips
Gilbertson, Harry L. from Edson
Gilbertson, John E. from Kessler, Hughenden
Gilbertson, Ken from Hughenden
Gilbertson, M.N. from Gilby
Gilbertson, Mrs. J.H.L. nee Humphrey from Hughenden
Gilbertson, Olle from Kinsella, Phillips
Gilchrist, Alexander Fraser from Hubalta, De Winton
Gilchrist, Don H. from Wetaskiwin
Gilchrist, Edward from New Dayton
Gilchrist, Elizabeth from Cayley
Gilchrist, Jack S. from Botha
Gilchrist, Mil from Medicine Hat
Gilchrist, Opal from Manyberries, Botha
Giles, Alan W. from Edmonton
Giles, Albert A. from Calgary
Giles, B.P. from Madden
Giles, Bruce from Hubalta, Calgary, Didsbury
Giles, John R. from Crossfield
Giles, Mervin from Airdrie
Gilfillan, Jim G. from Delburne
Gilfillan, Lorne Edwin from Brooks
Gilham, Herbert from Bragg Creek, Calgary
Gilkyson Bros. from La Glace
Gill Bros. (Lyle & Carl) from Empress
Gill, Alfred from Anning, Spedden
Gill, Charles from Forest Lawn
Gill, Douglas D. from Calgary
Gill, Neil from Didsbury
Gill, Norman from Irvine, Elkwater
Gill, Parry M. from Leighmore
Gill, Reinhold from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Gill, Wilfred Lawrence from Tofield
Gillard, A.H. from Claresholm
Gillard, Gordon from Bentley
Gillbank, John W. from Stettler
Gillbank, John W. from Stettler
Gillert, Ed from Hay Lakes
Gillese, Francis from Mayerthorpe, Sangudo
Gillespie, Douglas L. from Enchant
Gillespie, H.A. from Rimbey
Gillespie, J. from Edmonton
Gillespie, J. from Edmonton
Gillespie, James from Erskine, Haynes, New Brigden
Gillespie, John M. from Lavoy
Gillespie, Robert A. from Oyen, New Brigden, Leedale, Bluffton
Gillespie, Robert from Morrin
Gillespie, Vera W. & T.A.(Mountain View Ranch) from De Winton, Calgary
Gillespie, William from Sedgewick
Gillham, Hugo from Crossfield, Buffalo
Gillies, Angus William from Tees
Gillies, David from Elkton
Gillies, Hugh from Sexsmith
Gillin, William & Peter, Comrie from Namaka
Gillis, Lois May nee MacKay from Cessford
Gillis, R.W. from Water Valley
Gillivray, L.W. from High River, Dawson Creek, BC
Gillot, Charlotte nee Lasalle from Pincher Creek
Gillrie, A. from Didsbury
Gillrie, Walter Dorn from Didsbury
Gillund, N.B. from Rimbey
Gilmar, Clarence R. & Mickey from Blairmore
Gilmer, Lloyd from Patricia
Gilmore, O. from Harmattan
Gilmour, Leslie from De Winton
Gilpin, A.T. from Viking
Gilroy, F.W. from Edmonton
Gilroy, F.W. from Edmonton
Gilroy, Frank W. from Calgary, Kathryn
Gilroy, Robert A. from Whitla, Warner
Gilroy, Yeoman from Warner
Gimbel, Jacob A. from Beiseker
Gimbel, Jacob A. from Beiseker
Gimby, C.W. from Edmonton
Gimby, C.W. from Edmonton
Gingles Bros from Chinook
Gingles Bros. from Chinook
Gingles, Hugh from Halcourt
Gingles, James Stewart from Beaverlodge
Gingras, A.R. from Venice
Gintaut, Mrs. Ila L. from Deville, Clover Bar
Ginther, C.F. from Huxley
Ginther, Patrick John Sr. from Vilna
Giocobbo, Gino from Hylo
Gira, Vince from Viking
Girard, Albert & Emile from Barrhead
Girard, Claude Joseph from Rocky Mountain House
Girard, F.J.B. from St. Paul
Girard, Leon T. & Noella F. from Calgary, Sylvan Lake
Girling, D.E. from Ponoka
Girling, D.E. from Ponoka
Giroux, Roy Anthony from Driftpile
Gisle, John from Sundre
Gissing, Roland from Cochrane
Gittins, Jim E. from Bentley
Gitz, Henry from Pincher Creek, Cowley
Gitzel, Larry & Steve from Thorsby
Gitzel, Larry V. from Thorsby
Given, Norman from Turner Valley, Priddis
Given, W.G. from Debolt
Givens, Milford from Solberg, Carolside, Pollockville
Givens, Mrs. G.P. from Pollockville, Carolside
Gladden, C.R. from Nightingale, Calgary
Gladdish, Brian David from Hanna
Gladeau, Edward from Sputinow
Gladstone, Louisa from Twin Butte
Gladstone, Louisa from Twin Butte
Gladstone, William from Dry Fork, Twin Butte
Gladstone, William from Dry Fork, Twin Butte
Gladue, George from Lac La Biche
Gladue, Joe from Lac La Biche
Gladue, Philip from Sputinow
Gladue, Samuel from Peace River
Gladue, Sylvester from Sputinow
Gladue, William from Gurneyville
Gladwin, Frank G. from Acme
Gladys M. from Whitla
Glaister, David Ballantine & Ronald Herbert Birkness from Midnapore
Glaister, David Ballantine & Ronald Herbert Birkness Herbert from Midnapore
Glaister, Rowland L. from Delia
Glanville, Kenneth Roy from Grande Prairie
Glasco, Edna M. from Vale, Schuler
Glasener, H.W. from Ryley
Glasgo, Ray S. from De Winton, Okotoks
Glasgo, Ray S. from De Winton, Okotoks
Glasgow, Albert David from Irma
Glasier, Clifford from Stettler, Erskine
Glasier, Fred C. from Coronation
Glasier, Irwin A. from Gadsby
Glasier, William E. from Coronation
Glasir, James from Gadsby
Glass, A. from Midnapore
Glassens, George & Manfred Bunschoks from Calgary
Glazier, Edward from Coronation
Glazier, Edward William from Coronation
Glazier, Ernest from Consort, Peace River
Gleave, Alfred from Bellevue, Lundbreck
Glendenning, Fred from Nevis, Alix
Glenn, Darrell L. from Edmonton
Glenn, Reginald from Hardisty, Alliance
Glennie, Robert J. from Sedgewick
Glidden, E.K from Vermilion
Gliege, Arnold, & Emil from Peoria
Gliege, T. from Rosemary
Gling, W.E. from Elnora
Glock, Andrew & Charles from Irvine
Glover, A.R from Crowfoot
Glowacke, John from Lac La Biche
Glubish, Eugene M. from Thorsby
Glubrecht, G. from Scapa
Glyde, David G. from Springdale
Gnamm, Mrs. Henry from Seven Persons
Gnamm, Mrs. Henry from Seven Persons
Gnida, John from Bellevue, Beaver Mines
Gnyra, William J. from Innisfree
Gobeil, Harvey from Rolling Hills
Gobeil, J. from Rolling Hills
Gobin, Alcide from Goodfare
Gockij, Ted from Taber
Gocko, Peter from Lindbergh, Primula
Goczan, Csaba from Coaldale, Lethbridge
Goczan, Geza from Coaldale
Godard, A. from North Edmonton
Godberson, George C. from High Prairie
Godbout, George from Bluffton
Godbout, Minerva from Calgary
Godbout, Stanley from Fort Saskatchewan
Godbout, Wilfred from Fort Saskatchewan
Goddard Bros (M. & L.C.) from Olds
Goddard, Austa from Olds
Goddard, Cynthia from Calgary
Goddard, H.K from Olds
Goddard, L.C. from Olds
Goddard, O.E. from Olds
Goddu, G.M. from Peace River
Godfrey, Fred from Lousana
Godfrey, Gilbert H. from Ardenode
Godfrey, H.B. from Pincher Creek
Godfrey, John H. from Lousana
Godfrey, W.R. & Hutchinson, Thomas (Godfrey & Hutchinson ) from Coleman
Godfrey, W.R. & Thomas Hutchinson (Godfrey & Hutchinson) from Coleman
Godfrey, W.R. from Coleman
Godfrey, William from Strathmore, Ardenode
Godin, Herb A. from Hobbema
Godkin, S.W. from Rolling Hills
Godley, E.A. from Ricinus, Red Deer
Godlonton, Arnold Barnett from Del Bonita
Godlonton, Hilda May from Calgary
Godlonton, J.R. from Del Bonita, Whiskey Gap, Spring Coulee
Godlonton, Owen L. from Calgary, Bonanza, Silver Valley
Goebel Bros. (Roy & Robert) from Dapp
Goebel, John from Rainier
Goebel, Val from Huallen
Goedicke, Werner Otto from Youngstown
Goerlitz, E.J. from De Winton
Goerlitz, F.A. from Acme, Westbank, BC
Goersen, John from Gem
Goertzen, J.H. from Eagle Hill
Goertzen, Jake F. from Stettler
Goertzen, John P. from Sunnyslope
Goeson, Theo from Macleod
Goethals, J. from Edmonton
Goethals, J. from Edmonton
Goetjen, R.J. from Carstairs
Goettler, George from Okotoks
Goettling, Nelson W. from Lindbergh
Goetz, John from Glenwood
Goff, R.W. from Granum
Gogal, L. J. from Scollard, Big Valley, Alberta Beach
Gogal, Louis Albert from Kingman, Round Hill
Gogal, Vernon Raymond from Kingman
Gogel, Herbert from Trochu, Kelowna, BC
Gogowich, Frank from Floating Stone, Boyne Lake, McRae
Goin, John H. from Millet
Goin, Tom from Lethbridge
Going, Brent A. from Black Diamond
Going, Mike from Black Diamond
Goings, Gordon W. & Chester J. & John F. Hoffert from Champion
Goke, Carl from Cardston, Woolford, Spring Coulee
Gold Bar Cattle Co. Ltd. (S.R.Huff) from Edmonton
Gold, Elsie Alexandra from New Westminster, BC
Goldbeck, Peter from Red Deer
Goldberg, George Gilman from Alix
Golden, George W. from Edmonton
Golden, George W. from Edmonton
Golden, Joseph I. from Provost
Goldenbeld, Albert from Monarch
Golder, Amelia A. from Lacombe, Ponoka
Golder, T.G. from Lacombe
Golding, Ashton Reginald from Fabyan
Golding, Geoffrey Ashton from Wainwright
Golding, Geoffrey Baldwin from Wainwright
Goldsmith Bros. from Landonville
Goldsmith, O. Harry & Sons (Oliver Arlo, Keith Harry & Kenneth Burdett) from Rocky Mountain House, Vanderhoof, BC
Goldsworthy, Henry C. from Okotoks
Goldthorpe, Harold from Veteran
Goldthorpe, Mervin K. from Vulcan
Goldthorpe, Mervin K. from Vulcan, Milo
Goldthorpe, Norman J. from Veteran
Golinsky, Albert from Glenevis
Golka Bros (Louis & Emil E.) from Viking
Golka Bros (Louis & Emil E.) from Viking
Golka, Elnora C. from Viking
Golka, Floyd from Viking
Golka, John Louis & Dion, Paul from Hardisty
Gollan, Murdo from Neuchatel
Gollan, R. from Lougheed
Goller, Dora & Lucille Lenard from Grantham
Goller, Francis A. from Grantham
Goller, Francis A. from Grantham
Gomke, Connie Blanche from Brooks
Gomke, Edwin from Hilda
Gomke, William from Duchess
Gommerud, Leo from Magrath
Gomorie, Mike from Delburne
Gongaware, B. from Delburne
Gongaware, H. from Delburne
Gongaware, O.B from Delburne
Gonta, Jim from Lac Bellevue
Gooch, Philip Marshell from Gleichen
Good Bros. from Red Deer
Good Rider, Margaret from Cardston
Good Striker, Celina from Cardston
Good, A. E. from Edmonton
Good, Arthur S. from Cremona, Garfield
Good, Benjamin from Westcott, Bergen
Good, Gordon from Aldersyde
Good, Gordon from Islay
Good, John K. from Ellscott
Good, Lawrence & Harvey from Irvine
Good, Mildred from Medicine Hat
Good, Walter & Jacob & Harvey from Irvine
Goodall, J.M. from Chauvin
Goodall, R. from Coronation
Goodband, John B. from Youngstown
Goodband, John B. from Youngstown
Goodbrand, Thomas from Youngstown
Goodbrand, Walter W. from Youngstown
Goodbun, H. B. & W.R. Bassil from Didsbury, Charlie Lake, BC
Goode, Erick & Henry from Fox
Goode, Erick & Henry from Fox
Goodenough, Bob from Westerose
Goodfellow, A.M from Vale
Goodine, Al & Margaret A. from Oyen
Gooding, Trevor from Didsbury, Crossfield
Goodland, Glen Harry from Sundre, Calgary
Goodman, Mervin Allan from Calgary
Goodman, Samuel H. from Brocket
Goodmanson, G. from Markerville
Goodmundson, John B. from Markerville
Goodrich, Everett S. from Hardisty
Goodstriker, Helen from Fort Macleod
Goodwill, Seth from Cereal
Goodwin Bros. from Trentville
Goodwin, Harry from Boundary Creek, Cardston, Calgary
Goodwin, K.M. from Pincher Creek
Goodwin, Morley from Sundre
Goodwin, N.W. from Elnora
Goodwin, Olive Rhoda from Cardston
Goodwin, Ruby from Moose Portage, Athabasca Landing, Lloydminster
Goodwin, W.H. from Gleichen
Goossen, M.K. from Whitecourt, Hardisty, Pembridge
Goossen, Norman from Carbon, Linden
Goossen, Robert James from Edberg, Kelwood, MB
Gopsill, Frank K. from Sheerness
Goranson, Mabel formerly Mrs. Kemp from Brooks
Gorash, Nick from Mannville
Gorasht, Sam from Calgary
Gorchichuk, Dan from Two Hills
Gordanier, Arthur B. from Okotoks
Gordey, Fred from Hotchkiss
Gordey, J.W. from Soda Lake, Willingdon
Gordey, Ronald B. from Hotchkiss
Gordey, William from Spedden
Gordon Fletcher Enterprises Ltd. from Didsbury
Gordon, J.W & Sons ( J.E. & T.C.), (Killafassy Farm) from Chauvin
Gordon, Alex from Caslan, Seba Beach
Gordon, Annie from Hespero
Gordon, Elmer from Bruderheim, Fort Saskatchewan
Gordon, Essey P. & Margaret Manne from Vermilion
Gordon, Frank from Olds, Fruitvale, BC
Gordon, George Ernest from High River, Okotoks
Gordon, Gladys E. nee Cook from Pincher Station, Pincher Creek
Gordon, Gregory from Bulwark
Gordon, Harvey William from Whitecourt
Gordon, James from Strome
Gordon, John from Innisfree
Gordon, John R. from Atlee
Gordon, John R. from Atlee, Buffalo
Gordon, Laura B. from Jenner
Gordon, Laura B. from Jenner
Gordon, Lyle George from Drayton Valley
Gordon, Martin H. from Knee Hill Valley
Gordon, Maxwell F. from Bindloss, Craigmyle
Gordon, Myrtle from Medicine Hat, Rolling Hills
Gordon, Richard from Fort Saskatchewan
Gordon, Ronald C. from Athabasca
Gordon, T.C. from Hayter
Gordon, Thomas A. from Castor
Gordon, W. C. & Henrietta May from Youngstown
Gordon, W. H. from Islay
Gordon, Warren from Cluny
Gordon, Wilbur from Sundre
Gordy, A. from Ispas
Gordy, Sandy from Kitscoty
Gore, Blaine from Swalwell
Gorgichuk, Eugene from Two Hills
Gorham, Elmer W. from Taber
Gorham, Elmer W. from Taber
Gorham, L.R. from Edmonton
Gorham, L.R. from Edmonton
Gorley, George from Rosyth
Gorman, Jim from Ghost Pine Creek, Three Hills
Gormley, Leo & Lawrence from Halkirk
Gorney, Frank from Bentley, Rimbey
Gorney, Gustav from Rimbey
Gorr, Henry from Didsbury
Gorrill, H.F. from New Dayton
Goruk, William from Bellis
Gorver Bros from Delburne
Gosling Bros. from Dalemead, Langdon
Gosling Brothers from Dalemead, Langdon
Gosling, Alan Murray from Brooks
Gosling, Sidney E. from Gem, Lathom
Gosling, Sidney E. from Gem, Lathom
Gosnell, Joshua from Rocky Mountain House
Goss, Victor from Okotoks
Gossett, J.A. from Spruce grove
Gossman, L.S. from Holden
Gossman, L.S. from Holden
Gossman, Norman from Holden
Gossman, Verne F. from Holden
Gostalo, Dale from Del Bonita, Iron Springs
Gothard, J.E. from De Winton, Nanton
Gott, Gordon from Westlock, Clyde
Gottenberg, Fred from Champion, Vulcan
Gottenberg, Russell from Vulcan
Gottschalk, Fred from Ponoka
Gottschlich, Irwin F. from Lacombe
Gouchey, Roy R. from Bezanson, Beaverlodge, Athabasca
Goudie, Victor from Bassano
Goudie, Win C. from Gem
Gouge, Jessie from Drumheller, Acme
Gough Farms Ltd. from Calgary
Gough, Joseph T. & Lillian from Fenn
Gouin, Gus from Nose Hill District
Gould, Cliff from Nanton
Gould, Edwin from Lindbrook, Tofield
Gould, Frank from Lindbrook
Gould, Fred from Darling, Newbrook
Gould, Gordon from Islay
Gould, Henry James from Lloydminster
Gould, Oliver J. from Czar, Buffalo View
Gould, Wyndham from Islay
Goulden, Gordon William from Tees
Goulet, Adeline from Springburn
Goulet, Louie Z. from Manyberries
Goulet, Robert E. from Salt Prairie
Gourdinne, Honore from Harmattan
Gourlay, Archibald from Hanna
Gourlay, William A. from Alberta Beach
Gourley, John from Clandonald
Gouy, Alexis from Midnapore, Priddis, Kew
Gouy, Germaine from Kew, Priddis, Midnapore
Govaerts, B. from Castor, Sullivan Lake
Gove, John A. from Vauxhall
Gove, R.S. from Innisfree
Govenlock, J. Stanley from Whitecourt
Gow, Bonar Alexander from Edmonton
Gow, Foster & Gladys M. from Whitla
Gow, Foster & Mabel Goranson (formerly Kemp) from Brooks
Gow, William W. from DeWinton, Midnapore
Gowan, Frank from Hubalta
Gowans, Robert from Evarts
Gowen, Julia from Sexsmith
Gowling, Lorne D. from Hartell
Goydostik, Frank from Coaldale
Gozdek, Joe from Rycroft
Graavac, Val from Raymond
Grabas, Jacob from Innisfree
Grabas, John J. from Innisfree
Grabek, Edward from Nordegg
Grabher, Charles from Colinton
Grabler, Norris P. from Meadowview, Cherhill
Grabo, Albert from Stettler
Grabowicz, William from Jenner
Grace, Earl from Westward Ho
Grace, I.H. from Didsbury, Cessford, Wardlow, Westward Ho
Grace, I.H. from Didsbury, Cessford, Wardlow, Westward Ho
Grace, Robert from Westward Ho
Graf Bros from Irricana, Crossfield
Graf, George E. from Calgary
Graf, Henry from Donalda
Graf, Joseph from Bellevue
Graf, Otto from Twin Butte
Graff Bros. (Otto & Robert) from Yarrow, Twin Butte
Graff Robert & Otto (Graff Bros.) from Yarrow, Twin Butte
Graham Brothers from Bassano
Graham, A. Fawcett from Irma
Graham, Alfred from Mannville
Graham, Benson L. from Bassano
Graham, David from Longview
Graham, Donald M. from Stavely
Graham, Drew Charteris from Midnapore, High River
Graham, George Mure from Calgary
Graham, George Rodger from Edmonton, Rocky Mountain House
Graham, H.C. from Tring, Riverton, Heinsburg
Graham, Helen remarried Barker from Caroline
Graham, Ivan from Crammond, Caroline
Graham, J.C. from Priddis
Graham, J.E. from Picture Butte, Cremona, Calgary
Graham, James H. from Rainier
Graham, James W. from Bergen
Graham, John from Millet, Etzikom
Graham, John M. from Trenville, Lousana
Graham, John Samuel from Olds
Graham, Keith from High River
Graham, Max from Midnapore
Graham, Myron G. from Camrose
Graham, O.J. from Grassy Lake, Purple Springs
Graham, R.T. from Raymond
Graham, Ralph Ormsby from Midnapore
Graham, Robert A. from Irvine
Graham, Robert E. from Lac la Biche
Graham, Rodger Franklin from Lethbridge, Warner
Graham, Roger & Paul Stanley from Warner
Graham, Roy J. from Olds, Bittern Lake, Brooks, Rosemary
Graham, Theodore John & Shirley from Calgary
Graham, Vera nee Budzilka from Wetaskiwin, Islay
Graham, W.E. from Edberg
Graham, William R. from Darwell
Grahn, Edith from Willowlea
Grain – Beef Co-Op Ltd. from Wainwright
Grainger Fox Farms Ltd from Grainger
Grainger, Arthur James from DeWinton, Midnapore
Grainger, Clifford from Picture Butte
Grainger, J.D. from Duchess
Gram, Peter from Bowell
Gramlick, Peter from Bodo
Grammer, Leo E. from Beaver Crossing, Le Goff
Gran, Hilmer from Hay Lakes
Granbois, J.B. from Beaver Crossing
Grand Valley Estates Ltd. (Dr. Roland Watson) from Cochrane
Grand, Karl & Frank from Duffield
Grandbois, Margaret from Beaver Crossing
Grande Prairie Feeders Association Ltd. from Grande Prairie
Grande Prairie Roping Club from Grande Prairie
Grandish, Walter from Smoky Lake
Granger, Earl from Heinsburg
Granger, Leroy Edwin from Kinsella
Granger, Roy M. from Galahad, Kinsella
Granlien, Olaf J. from Stavely
Grant – Smith & Company & McDonnell from Calgary
Grant Birch Valley Ranches Ltd. from Saddle Lake
Grant Smith & Co. & W.C. Arnett (Buffalo Hills Ranch) from Arrowwood
Grant Smith & Co. & W.C. Arnett (Buffalo Hills Ranch) from Arrowwood
Grant, Alex from Ethelwyn, Clandonald
Grant, Arthur D. & Ralph A. from Medicine Hat
Grant, Dan from Elk Point
Grant, E.J. from Grand Prairie, Sexsmith
Grant, F.M. from Telfordville
Grant, Fraser Harold from Beaverlodge
Grant, Fred C. from Nevis
Grant, Harold R. from Cochrane
Grant, J.W. from McRea, Red Deer
Grant, J.W. from McRea, Red Deer
Grant, Jack Alexander from McRea
Grant, John G. from Blackie, Calgary, Gladys
Grant, John G. from Blackie, Calgary, Gladys
Grant, John Harry, & Shirley R. from Vermilion, Clandonald
Grant, Mary from Twin Butte
Grant, Neal from Westward Ho
Grant, Norman E. from Blackie, Devon, Leduc
Grant, Peter from Lacombe
Grant, Russell A. from Fairview
Grant, W.P. from Killam
Grant, William from Onion Lake, SK
Grant, William from Thelma
Grapentine, Clarence Henry from Millet, Sherwood Park
Grapentine, F. J., Warm, W. from Olds
Grasdal, Martin from Lea Park, Marwayne
Grattidge, Robert Elwyn from Elnora
Gratton, Arthur from Clandonald, Edson
Gratz, H. from Sunnyslope
Gratz, H.G. from Sunnyslope
Gratz, R.P. from Carstairs
Gratzer, Fred from Endiang, Calgary
Grauman, E.A. from Heinsburg, Elk Point
Graumann, Albert E. from Hanna
Graumann, Gerhart Walter from Hanna
Graumann, Lawrence from Hanna
Graveland, C. from Del Bonita
Graveland, N. from Del Bonita
Graves, H.L. from Mulhurst
Graves, J.L. & Sons from Lea Park
Graves, O.C. Jr. from Elk Point
Graves, O.C. Sr. from Elk Point, Spring Park
Gravett, Herschel & Thelma from Buffalo
Gravette, James A. from Brooks
Gravette, Mrs. R.S. from Buffalo
Graville, Laurier from Coronation
Gray, A.E.A. & A. Harding from Hardisty
Gray, Alan from Lacombe
Gray, Alex from Scotfield, Youngstown
Gray, Alexander from Chauvin, Green Glade, Provost
Gray, Allan George from Dewberry
Gray, Charles from Simons Valley
Gray, David Aaron from Alhambra
Gray, Dixie Lynn from Lethbridge
Gray, Donald from Panima NWT, Okotoks
Gray, Donald S. & Delia C. from Sangudo
Gray, Elliott William from Calgary
Gray, Emanuel from Stettler
Gray, Francis E. Jr. from Dewberry
Gray, Frank & William from Greenlawn
Gray, Fred from Fort Macleod
Gray, George from Simon’s Valley
Gray, Henry L. from Claresholm, Calgary
Gray, Ira Doyle, & Josephine Amelia from Ferrier, Rocky Mountain House
Gray, James E. from Marwayne
Gray, James from Marwayne
Gray, Malcolm D. from Dewberry
Gray, Marjorie F. from Viking, Haight
Gray, Melvin W. from Edmonton
Gray, Mrs. Boyd from Viking
Gray, Mrs. Boyd from Viking
Gray, N.C. from Lacombe
Gray, Percy N. from Airways, Lakesend, Edmonton
Gray, R.A. from Minburn
Gray, R.G. from Dewberry
Gray, Robert from Brooks
Gray, Robert from Czar, Drumheller
Gray, Robert from High Level
Gray, Sarah Jane from Carmangay
Gray, T.W. from Ferrier, Rocky Mountain House
Gray, W.B. from Stettler, Donalda
Graydon, John A. from Lacombe
Graydon, John from Lacombe
Grayston, F. from Wainwright
Grayston, L. from Hubalta
Greaves, George M. from Queenstown, Bassano, Majorville
Greaves, George M. from Queenstown, Bassano, Majorville
Greaves, Morris Leslie from Majorville, Calgary
Greckol, Mike N. & Son from Hairy Hill
Green, A.H. from Auburndale
Green, C.C. from Millicent, New Castle
Green, C.C. from Millicent, New Castle
Green, Charles from Busby
Green, Clarence from Mossleigh
Green, D.E. from Hanna
Green, D.E. from Hanna
Green, F.W. from Irvine
Green, F.W. from Irvine
Green, Fred from Kinsella, Sedgewick
Green, Fred from Kinsella, Sedgewick
Green, Fred L. from Vanrena, Waterhole, Fairview
Green, Fred L. from Vanrena, Waterhole, Fairview
Green, H. T. from Rumsey
Green, H.T. from Rumsey
Green, James I. from Nanton
Green, John from Delburne
Green, John I. from Lacombe
Green, John I. from Lacombe
Green, Ken & Ed Tobler from Medicine Hat
Green, Ken & Ed Tobler from Medicine Hat
Green, Kenneth from Enchant
Green, L.H. from Dalroy, Millicent
Green, L.H. from Dalroy, Millicent
Green, Leta Audrey from Sundre
Green, Lloyd V. from High River, Millicent, Gem
Green, Marvin Glen from Edmonton
Green, Marvin Glen from Edmonton
Green, R. E. & Sons from Crossfield, Carstairs
Green, R.E. & Sons from Crossfield, Carstairs
Green, Ralph George from Edmonton
Green, Ralph George from Edmonton
Green, Wallace T. from Thorsby
Green, Wilfred A. from Wetaskiwin
Green, William from Edmonton
Green, William from Rolling Hills
Greene, Addison A. from Cardston, Glenwoodville
Greene, Allan H. from Carmangay, Calgary
Greene, Delmar Loran from Carmangay
Greene, Edwin K. from Glenwood
Greene, Gustav T. from Carmangay
Greene, Portineus from Glenwoodville
Greene, Rosanna G. from Glenwoodville, Cardston
Greene, T.F. from Rose Lynn
Greene, Vernon L. from Carmangay
Greene, Wilfred A. from Champion
Greenhalgh, G.E. from Clover Bar
Greening, Emil Edward from Meeting Creek
Greenlaw, Bert from Cremona, Calgary
Greenlee, Lloyd from Botha
Greenlees, A. from Byemoor, Heart Lake
Greeno, Russell W. from Lethbridge
Greenslade, Hugh from Rose Lynn, Sheerness
Greenslade, W. H. from Rose Lynn
Greenstein, Ben from Blackfoot
Greenwald, Alvis from Ryley
Greenwood, Bud from Paradise Valley
Greenwood, Cliff from Calgary
Greenwood, Connie & Mrs. H. C. Cloud from Cadogan, Abilene, TX
Greenwood, Connie & Mrs. H.C. Cloud from Cadogan, Abilene, TX
Greenwood, Dennis Dryden from St. Albert
Greenwood, Freeman from Kinsella
Greenwood, James from Kinsella
Greenwood, Norman from Kinsella
Greenwood, Sarah Jane from Kinsella
Greenwood, William from Kinsella
Greenwood, William from Trenville, Elnora, Pine Lake, Lousana
Greer, John M. from Irma, Wainwright
Greer, Robert L. from Calgary
Greer, Sam C. from Irma
Greer, William Wesley from Carmangay, Lethbridge
Greff, George from Berwyn
Greftegreff, Kaare from Nanton
Greger, Janet P. from Heinsburg
Gregerson, Charles H. from Pincher Station, Pincher Creek
Gregerson, F.J. from Pincher Creek
Gregg, Frank T. from Calgary
Gregg, J.W. (Sarcee Farms) from Calgary
Gregg, J.W. (Sarcee Farms) from Calgary
Greggains, J.L. from Claresholm, Seven persons
Gregoire Bros. (Aurele & Donat) from Calahoo
Gregor, John from Heinsburg
Gregor, Merlin Frank from Taber
Gregor, William from Heinsburg
Gregoraschenko, Andrew from Little Plume
Gregoraschuk, Tony from Lafond
Gregory, J.R. from Sundre
Gregory, J.R. from Sundre
Gregory, James from Pincher Creek, Brocket
Gregory, John R. from Two Hills
Gregory, Laura from Provost
Gregory, Ottie from Claresholm
Gregory, Romayn from Standard
Gregory, S. from Claresholm
Gregson, O. Lloyd from Cardston
Gregson, Williene from Cardston
Gregus, Rudy from Taber
Greibrok, S.J. from Edgerton
Greidanus, Johan L. B. from Tees
Greig, John G. from Calgary
Greig, Mrs. William John from Nanton
Greig, Norman J. from Vermilion
Greissinger, Frank from Castor, Fleet
Grekul, Victor from Hairy Hill
Grenfield, Robert from Consort
Grenier, Auguste from Greenshields
Grenier, Henry J & Sons from Onoway
Grenier, Joseph A. from Carbon, Hesketh, Drumheller
Gresko, Alex from Fleet, Castor
Grewer, Ada D. from Sunnynook, Carolside
Grewer, Allan E. from Finnegan
Grey, Adolphus from Atikameg
Grey, John A. from Okotoks
Grey, May Margaret from Bearberry
Grice, Arthur from Claresholm
Griebel, Leo from Castor, Clandonald
Grier, D. J. from Macleod
Grier, Edward Francis from Bluffton, Peachland, BC
Grier, Ernest from Brocket
Grier, Norman E. from Fort Macleod
Grieve, David S. from Gem
Grieve, Doris from Drumheller
Grieve, G.L. from Berwyn
Grieve, Oscar M. from Drumheller
Griffel, Robert from Ponoka
Griffin Bros. (H.A. & L.E.) from Retlaw, Cochrane
Griffin, A.H. from Calgary
Griffin, F.F. from Olds
Griffin, Floyd F. from Bearberry, Sundre
Griffin, Floyd Irvin from Cochrane
Griffin, Roderick William from Calgary
Griffin, W. from Loverna, SK, Esther
Griffin, Walter from Breton
Griffith, Donald W. from Cessford
Griffith, Donald W. from Cessford
Griffith, E. H from North Cooking Lake
Griffith, Edward from Marwayne
Griffith, Gae C. from Cessford
Griffith, Harley from Cessford
Griffith, J.H. from Tees
Griffith, Larry C. from Cessford
Griffith, Mrs. J.M. from Cessford
Griffith, Mrs. J.M. from Cessford
Griffith, Robert Winning from Cessford, Hanna
Griffith, W.C. from Cessford
Griffith, W.C. from Cessford
Griffith, William & Glenn from Winnington, Cessford
Griffiths, Allan Conrad from Greencourt
Griffiths, Bert from Fleet
Griffiths, E.L. from Myrnam, Morecambe
Griffiths, George M. from Aden
Griffiths, George M.J. from Aden
Griffiths, Harold R. from High Level
Griffiths, Richard from Sexsmith
Griffiths, Rodney from Aden
Grigg, O.R. from Sunnynook
Grigor, Orville C. from Barnwell
Grigor, Walter J. from Barnwell
Grimaud, Cyrus from Lac la Biche
Grimes, Larry Charles from Pearce
Grimm, B. and Sons from Rycroft
Grinde Bros. (Reuben A. & Edward B.) from Holden
Grinde, Fred from Holden
Grinde, Henry from Holden, Bruce
Grinde, Paul from Wetaskiwin
Grisack, Nickolas from Coalhurst, Lethbridge
Grisedale, J.G. from Cochrane
Groat, Peter from Endiang, Cornucopia
Grobe, C.M. from Calgary
Grochmal, Robert Stanley from Calgary, Airdrie
Grochmal, Stanley from Hubalta
Grocock, Agnes from Veteran
Grocock, Albert Edwin from Czar
Grocock, Albert from Czar
Grocock, T. from Neutral Hills, Loyalist
Gronberg, Hans from Standard
Groscop, Harry from Vermilion
Gross, Anna M. & Henry F. from Pincher Station, Pincher Creek
Gross, Anton from Grassy Lake
Gross, D. from Madden
Gross, Frank from Grassy Lake
Gross, Katie from Manyberries
Gross, Robert from Craigmyle
Gross, Rudolf from Czar
Gross, Shirley from Hanna
Gross, Wayne from Calgary
Grosse, Fred G. from Langdon
Grosse, Herman from Hillsdown, Red Deer
Grosso, Raymond E. from Rocky Mountain House
Grosul, B. & A. Makarenko from Hardieville,
Grotkowski, Adam from Sexsmith
Grotkowski, Alex from Sexsmith
Groundwater, Robert from Endiang
Grove, Arnold E. from Red Deer, Coronation, Scapa
Grove, Chester A. M. & Olive from Lake Majeau, Gunn
Grove, Erbin L. from Scapa
Grove, Lyman from Scapa
Grove, Peder from Lougheed
Grove, Peter from Lougheed
Grove, William Charles from Boyle, Paxson
Grover, Edwin from Champion, Manyberries, Ranchville, Vauxhall,, Hays, Travers, Lomond
Grover, Johanna from Manyberries
Grover, Stephen M. & Donald E. Risky from Lacombe
Groves, George from Islay, Dewberry
Groves, J.M. & Sons from Botha
Groves, Marvin Frederick from Patricia, Red Deer
Growstra, Frank from Seba Beach, Crescent Valley, BC
Grube, Heinz from Viking
Grube, Johanna from Viking
Grube, Wilhelm from Viking
Gruber, Fritz from Tomahawk
Grudecki, William from Acadia Valley
Grue, Lars from Hay Lake
Grue, Oliver T. from Camrose, Armena
Gruidl, Stephen from Manfred, Delburne, Deville
Grummett, Don W. from Tofield
Grummett, Garry E. & Son from Sherwood Park
Grummett, Lorne N. & Sons from Red Deer
Grund, Frank from Duffield
Grunewald, W.B. from Coaldale
Grunow, Albert from Czar
Grunow, Karl from Czar
Grusendorf, Hazel M. from Rosemary, Vauxhall, Purple Springs
Grusie, Arthur G. from Torrington
Grussing, Heinz, & Berthold Maier from Calgary
Gruszie, Gustav from Medicine Hat
Grynoch, Robert Louis & Catherine E. from Fort Macleod
Gschaid, George from Lethbridge
Gschaid, Ronald & Robert from Lethbridge
Gubersky, Mike from St. Michael
Gudmundson, Eric from Coleman
Gudmundson, Leo from New Sarepta, Tofield
Gudmundson, Lorne from Dodds
Gueldenhaar, Maynard from Olds
Guenette, Paul from Edmonton
Guenter, Abe from Taber
Guenther, Jennie from Seven Persons
Guenther, Norman H. from Alhambra
Gugins, Bill from Calgary
Guida, Martin from Beaver Mines
Guilbert, Francois or Frank from Blackie, Calgary
Guilbrault, Severin from Red Deer, St. Paul
Guinand, Edmund from Normandeau
Guitard, Albert S. from Mound
Gulayets, Dan from Peat, Medicine Hat
Gulbe, Donald Charles from Olds
Gulbraa, B.M. from Irma
Gulbroa, Knute from Irma
Gulevich, Eddie from Vegreville
Gullekson, E.L. & C.R. from Wainwright
Gullian, W.E. from Pakan, Saddle Lake
Gullickson, Selma from Onion Lake, SK
Gulmick, Walt from Taber
Gulseth, Vernon P. from Fort Saskatchewan
Gunderman, D.W. from Lethbridge
Gundersen, Borup from Dickson
Gunderson, A.E. from Bowell, Kettle Valley BC
Gunderson, A.E. from Bowell, Kettle Valley BC
Gunderson, Conrad M. from Bawlf
Gunderson, Dave & Jack Duke & Ralph Saunders from Cremona
Gunderson, E.O. from Albert Park
Gunderson, E.O. from Albert Park
Gunderson, Eddie & Arthur from Minburn
Gunderson, Eddie from Innisfree
Gunderson, Graff from Champion
Gunderson, Gust from Provost
Gunderson, Nels from Pibroch
Gunderson, Reynold from Colinton
Gunn, Henry Aitkin from Brocket, Lundbreck, Cowley, Pincher Creek
Gunn, Mary A. (married name Mrs. Harry Nash) from Livingstone, Victoria, BC
Gunn, R.C. & M.G. from Hines Creek, Clear Prairie, Peace River
Gunn, R.E. from Darwell
Gunston, Mrs. M.E. from Knee Hill Valley, Innisfail
Gurin, Nick from Iron River
Gurnett, Jack from Berry Creek
Gurney, Peter from Vermilion
Gurr, Phillip from Lethbridge
Guse, David from Coronation
Gusse, William from Wetaskiwin
Gusseck, Mrs. L. from Warner
Gustafson & Ostrom (Granum Meat Market) from Granum
Gustafson, Arvid from Ardrossan, Lindbergh
Gustafson, Herman from Hardisty
Gustafson, O.A. from Jarrow
Gustafson, Oscar V. from Clear Hills, Beaverlodge
Gustavsen, Aksel C. from Cheadle
Gustum, Fred from Vauxhall, Enchant
Gustus, Edwin Lysle from Airdrie, Chicago, IL
Guthmiller, Vern from Medicine Hat
Guttau, O.H. from North Star
Guy, A L. from Edgerton
Guy, Donald from Worsley
Guy, W. & Donald from Worsley
Guydash, Matt from Rycroft
Guynup, Charles M. from Delburne
Guynup, Clarence N. from Delburne
Guynup, Ed from Delburne, Clive
Guynup, William from Hillsdown, Delburne
Gwinn, M.D. from Scollard, Omak, WA
Gwinner, Edna from Irvine
Gwinner, Edward from Knee Hill Valley
Gylling, Magnus from Raven
Gyulai, Sara from Pincher Creek
Gyulay, Frank (Rayner Farms) from Calgary
Gyuricza, Michael from Lethbridge

Hammond, William F & Tina Kuipers from Vilna, Iron River
H & A. Farms from Bluffton
H & D Livestock from Lyalta
H M H Ranch (Harvey R. Thomas, Harold S. Leach & Marlin Schauer) from Sherwood Park
H.A.S. Holdings Ltd. from Olds
H.H. Shaw & Co. from Standard
H.R. Livestock Ltd. from Brooks
Haack, Edward & Mary from Tawatinaw
Haag, Elmer from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Haakon Bros. from Mulga, Mannville, Vermilion
Haaland, Andrew from Viking
Haaland, N. from Vauxhall
Haaland, R.E. from Beyon, Milo, Lomond, High River, Calgary
Haarr, Tobias from Travers, Turin
Haas, Emil from Burstall. SK
Haas, Gustave from Bindloss
Haase, Fred from Bashaw, Ardenode
Haase, Leo G. from Beiseker, Lyalta
Habberfield, Cecil H. from Airdrie
Habberfield, Roy T. from Airdrie
Haberer Bros. (Glen & Ralph) from Rosebud
Haberer, Eugene from Westlock
Haberer, Joe from Rosebud
Habermehl, Gordon E from Cremona
Habermehl, Gordon E. from Cremona
Habiak, Roman from Spedden
Habiak, Steve from Spedden
Habich, John K. from Empress
Habkirk, R.G. & M. George Rodney from Olds
Habkirk, R.G. & Rodney M. George from Olds
Habstritt, Roy James from Islay, Calgary, Clandonald
Hach, J.B. from High River
Hackett, John T. from Lamont
Hackett, John T. from Lamont
Hacking, Earl E. from Cardston
Hackman, George from Ispas
Hackman, Michael W. from Jarvie
Haddow, Russell James from Boston Bar, BC, Reeds Springs, MO
Haden, Blake from Castor, Stettler
Haderer, William K. from Didsbury
Hadfield, Gerald from Waterton Lakes
Hadfield, Gerald J. from Fareham
Hadfield, Harold from Whiskey Gap, Cardston, Fareham
Hadford, Mrs. A.L. from Lethbridge
Hadler, Dirk from Peers
Hadley, Herbert E. from Bearberry, Bragg Creek
Hadwin, Henry from Consort, Monitor
Hadyside, Dale from Erskine
Haeberle, Archie from Halkirk
Haeberle, Charles from Britain, Halkirk, Bruce, Viking, Torlea
Haeh, Gordon & E. from High River
Haener, Hans from Garfield, Cremona
Haessel, Ernest from Scapa
Haffner, Fredrick F. & Jessie from Coutts
Haffner, Lawrence F. from Lethbridge, Coutts
Hafso Bros. from Viking
Hafso, Nels Henry from Viking
Hafso, Selmer A. from Viking
Hagan Bros. from Meeting Creek
Hagan, Harry A. from Carstairs, Cremona
Hage, Douglas Leo from Claresholm, Fort St. John, BC
Hage, Viggo from Picture Butte
Hagel, Albert V. from Beiseker
Hagel, Anton from Beiseker
Hagel, Donald Matthew from Cochrane, Beiseker
Hagel, Frank Joe from Beiseker
Hagel, Ignatz from Schuler
Hagel, Jacob from Beiseker
Hagel, Matt & Gabriel from Beiseker
Hagel, Peter from Beiseker
Hagell, E.F. from Brocket, Pincher Creek
Hagemann, Patrick Charles (Battle River Stock Farm) from Ponoka
Hagemann, Stanley Matthew from Ponoka
Hagen N.T. from Sundre
Hagen, A.H. from La Glace
Hagen, Arthur A. from Calgary
Hagen, Carl from Altario
Hagen, Carl Otto from Battle Lake
Hagen, Harry from Cremona
Hagen, Knute S. from Viking
Hagen, Lloyd Dale from Vauxhall
Hagen, Lloyd M. from Vauxhall
Hagen, N.T. from Sundre
Hagen, Ragnvald, A from Altario
Hagen, Ronald J. from Altario, Consort
Hagen, Sander from Sedgewick
Hagen, Tilfred S. from Sundre
Hagens, John from New Brigden
Hagenson, Anna from Phillips
Hagenson, George from Viking, Heath
Hagenson, Hagen from Philips, Viking
Hager, D.B. from Hayter
Hager, Dale L. from Hayter
Hager, L. from Irma
Hager, Theodore Wilbert from Endiang
Hagey, Ethan from Chinook
Hagg, Bernard Allen from Majorville
Haggart, Charles E. from MacKay
Haggarty, George D. from Castor
Haggarty, George D. from Castor
Haggerty, Allan Lynne from Castor, Ponoka
Haggerty, D.L. from Donalda
Haggerty, Delmar LeRoy from New Norway
Haggerty, Joseph & Son from Olds
Haggerty, Joseph John from Balzac, Calgary
Haggerty, Mary from Dorenlee
Hagglund, Carrie & Otto from Beaver Mines, Blairmore
Hagglund, Carrie & Otto from Beaver Mines, Blairmore
Hagstrom, John from Millet
Hague Bros. from Colinton, Boyle
Hague, Clarence from Cardston
Hague, Jessy from Whiskey Gap
Hahn, Carl from Pincher Creek, Lethbridge
Hahn, Hanke Dietrich from Balzac
Hahn, Norman W. from Pincher Creek
Hahn, Ronald from Fort Macleod
Hahn, Stephen from Cadogan, Metiskow, Camrose
Hahn, William from Granum, Claresholm
Haigh, Ross H. from Walsh
Haight, Alex from Entrance
Hailstone, Allan Smith from Airways, Lakesend
Hailstone, Dean Wilson from Airways
Haimbough, Charles from Stevensville, MI
Haines, E.L. from Iron Springs
Haines, Emerson from Iron Springs
Haines, Thomas H. from Mayerthorpe, Edmonton
Haines, Thomas H. from Mayerthorpe, Edmonton
Haining, D.E. from Sunnyslope
Haining, Lyle Barrie from Acme
Haining, Walter from Red Deer, Acme
Hains, Howard from Cereal
Hainsworth, John Edward from Rocky Mountain House
Hait, Joseph from Michichi
Hajash, James or Jim Sr. from Brooks
Hajash, Joseph & James Jr. from Brooks
Hajash, Joseph, James Jr. & James Sr. from Brooks
Hajash, Zoltan from Calgary, Tilley
Halaas, Annie from Claresholm
Halabisky, William from Keg River
Halas, James G. from Oras, Calgary
Halas, James G. from Oras, Calgary
Halasma, Gerald Henry from Blackfalds
Halbach, E.F. from Wetaskiwin
Halberg & Oberg from Forestburg
Haldenby, Clarence from Lloydminster, Chauvin
Hale, James L. from Airdrie
Hale, James Lm from Airdrie
Hale, Jimmie from Crossfield, Duchess
Hale, Lelia A. from Ribstone
Hale, R.W. from Ribstone
Hale, T.A .from Airdrie
Haley, Bradford Blair from Winterburn
Haley, C.M. from Lomond
Haley, Fred from Athabasca
Haley, James from Cremona
Haley, Stephen from Athabasca
Haley, William Glen from Brosseau
Halislieff, C.P. from Battle Lake
Halitsky, Dennis from Boyle
Hall, Adolv from Edgerton
Hall, Arlene from Medicine Hat, Whitla
Hall, Arthur G. from Calgary
Hall, Bruce from Brooks
Hall, Charles W. from Hussar
Hall, Dallas Laroy from Taber
Hall, David Elmer from Burdette, Taber
Hall, Donald Earl from Innisfail
Hall, E.O. from Taber
Hall, Ernest from Lethbridge
Hall, Everett from Bergen
Hall, Frank Leroy from Raymond
Hall, G.B. from Red Deer
Hall, Garry Clarence from Calgary
Hall, Gordon from Taber
Hall, H.D. from Halliday, Lone Butte
Hall, Harry Gayle from Bow Island, Hanna
Hall, Harry R. from Whitla, Winnifred, Bow Island, Medicine Hat
Hall, J. Duane from Sundre
Hall, J.G from Rosemary
Hall, James from High River, Black Diamond
Hall, James Martin from Calgary
Hall, Jesse D. from Stirling, Raymond
Hall, John A. from Calgary, Keoma, Lyalta
Hall, John C. from Rumsey
Hall, Lyle & M. Lily from Innisfail
Hall, M. E. from Onion Lake, SK
Hall, Peter M. & Meta from Aden, Pinhorn
Hall, Ronald from Nordegg
Hall, Sam from Natal, British Columbia, North Fork,Cowley
Hall, Sid from Marwayne, Edmonton
Hall, T.R. from Pibroch
Hall, Tracy A. from Donalda
Hall, W.E. from Edberg
Hall, Wallace E. from Taber
Hall, William from Ardrossan
Hall, William L. from Medicine Hat
Hall, Willis from Delacour
Halla, Frank from Del Bonita
Hallaby, Sam from Sheerness
Halladay, Charles from Manyberries, Bluffton, Rimbey
Halladay, John from Thorsby
Hallam, Ada Ranaldson from Atlee
Hallam, Grace A. M. from Atlee, Parvella
Hallam, Percy from Calgary
Hallas, Eva from Medicine Hat
Hallas, John from Iddesleigh, Bassano
Hallas, Louis from Raymond
Hallaway, Elizabeth B. from Czar
Hallen, Andrew from Donalda
Haller, John from Trochu
Hallett, George E. & Sons (George Frank & Robert) from Edgerton
Hallett, Harry D. from Calgary, Claresholm
Hallett, Harry from Edgerton
Hallett, Harry Lewis from Edgerton
Hallett, Victor G. from Stettler
Hallett, Wilfred from Blairmore, High River, Cayley
Halley, George from Morinville
Halliday, Edward from Vulcan
Hallman, Alec from Culp
Hallman, David from Culp
Hallman, Walter John from Watino
Hallock, Richard William from Rocky Mountain House
Halloway, J.E. from Fleet
Hallowes, Arthur William from Sangudo
Hallowes, W.E. from Peavine
Hallum, Walter from Sedgewick
Hallum, William from Sedgewick
Hallworth, Fred W. from Carmangay, Taber
Halman, Gilbert from Hoadley, Cochrane
Halmes, H.M. from Raymond
Halmrast, Lawrence & Ernest from Lucky Strike, Milk River
Halmrast, Lawrence W. from Milk River
Halpin, Roger F. from Bow Island, Lethbridge
Halseide, Hans & Beda from Donalda
Halseth, Lewis C. from Donalda, Camrose
Halseth. Conrad from Donalda
Halstead, Bruce C.R. from Priddis
Halstead, Roy from Le Goff
Halvarson, A.C. from Provost
Halvarson, David from Provost
Halvarson, Helmar Isaac from Provost
Halverson, Arent C. from Metiskow
Halverson, Arent C. from Metiskow
Halverson, Howard from Scapa
Halverson, Jessie from Castor
Halverson, Jim Kenneth from Rainier
Halverson, K. from Vauxhall, Cranford, Rainier
Halverson, Ole from Irma
Halverson, Ralph from Sunset House, Berwyn
Halvorson, Alfred from Provost, Cowgill, MO
Halvorson, Anton from Pollockville
Halvorson, Bruce Arent from Metiskow
Halvorson, Dennis from Nemiskam
Halvorson, Halvor E. from Claresholm
Halvorson, Henry G. from Metiskow
Halvorson, Oliver Edward from Scapa
Halvorson, Selmer Augsjen from Nemiskam
Halwa, Albert L. from Villeneuve, St. Albert
Halwa, Edward from Bezanson
Halwa, Theodore John from Grande Prairie
Haly, George or George Healy from Lincoln
Haly, George or George Healy from Lincoln
Ham, Joe A. from Black Diamond
Hamabata, K. from Lethbridge
Hamaliuk, Alex from Andrew
Hamaliuk, Andrew from Andrew
Hamaliuk, John from Hairy Hill
Hambley, Mrs. C.F & Fern M from Berry Creek
Hambling, Lionel from Lac La Nonne
Hambrook, Allan B. from Cochrane
Hambrook, Norman M. from Red Deer
Hamdon, Mohomed from Frog Lake
Hamel, Armand J. from Calgary, Hanna
Hamel, Fred from St. Paul
Hamel, Josephat M. from Bonnyville
Hamel, Roland from St Edouard, St. Paul
Hamers, Norbertus A. from Vermilion
Hames, Donald from Marwayne
Hames, Douglas from Marwayne
Hames, E.A. Jr. from Champion
Hames, Ernest from Cavendish
Hames, Mrs. E.K. from Lloydminster, SK, South Ferriby
Hames, Thomas from Marwayne
Hamill, John from Medicine Hat
Hamilton, Alex from Lac La Biche
Hamilton, Alex G. from Hackett
Hamilton, Alva from Loyalist
Hamilton, B.M. from Athabasca
Hamilton, David S. from Lethbridge
Hamilton, Donald Walter from Daysland, Red Deer
Hamilton, E.M. from Hanna
Hamilton, G.F. from Spruce Grove
Hamilton, Gordon Earl, & Marie Kathleen from Condor, Big Valley
Hamilton, H.D. from Mannville
Hamilton, H.E from Strathmore
Hamilton, Harvey T. from Sedalia
Hamilton, J.W. from Red Deer, Daysland
Hamilton, James from Westward Ho, Harmattan
Hamilton, John A. from Empress, Cavendish
Hamilton, John J. from Red Deer
Hamilton, John Wilfred from Lodgepole, Daysland
Hamilton, Leslie A. from Cavendish
Hamilton, Madge from Foremost
Hamilton, Marvin from Bluffton, Parkland
Hamilton, Neil from Strathmore
Hamilton, Pearl from Bentley, Rimbey
Hamilton, Percey Mansford from Spirit Creek
Hamilton, W.E. from Winnington, Pollockville, Hanna
Hamm, Albert from Wheat Centre, Duchess
Hamm, Albert Sr. from Wheat Centre
Hamm, Albert Sr. from Wheat Centre
Hamm, David from Tofield
Hamm, George from Windy Ridge
Hamm, Oliver D. from Etzikom
Hamman, Charles G. from Taber
Hammel, John from Granlea, Whitla, Maleb, Medicine Hat
Hammel, Simon A. from Medicine Hat, Maleb
Hammell, Mrs. Lawrence from Myrnam, Grande Prairie
Hammell, Rodd from Strachan, Chedderville
Hammer, Andrew from Viking, Kinsella
Hammer, William H. from Olds
Hammergren, George from Brooks, Scandia
Hammergren, Herbert Stanley from Scandia
Hammergren, Mrs. H. from Scandia
Hammerich & Petersen from Drumheller
Hammon, Earl from Turin
Hammon, J. & R.G. Imeson from Turin
Hammond, Albert from Pincher Creek, Pincher Station
Hammond, Arthur from Grimshaw
Hammond, Claude E. from Pincher Creek, Pincher Station
Hammond, Claude E. from Pincher Creek, Pincher Station
Hammond, Hattie E. from Summerview, Pincher Station
Hammond, Hattie E. from Summerview, Pincher Station
Hamnett Bros from Rosyth
Hamper, R. from Didsbury
Hampton, B.W. from Youngstown, Cabin Lake, Brooks
Hampton, Nellie from Scotfield, Hanna, Youngstown
Hampton, O.S. from Knee Hill Valley
Hamre, John A. from Metiskow
Hamren, George from Lacombe
Hamvas, John from Taber
Han, Louis from Iron Springs
Hanan, Leonard M. from Kew
Hanasyn, Alex P. from Lafond
Hanby, William from Federal
Hancher, A.R. from Rimbey
Hancock, A.B. from Marwayne
Hancock, C.H from Kitscoty, Marwayne
Hancock, F.A from Marwayne, Kitscoty
Hancock, Loren E. from Rosemary, Raymond
Hancock, Malcolm W. from Marwayne
Handel, H. Walter from Lloydminster
Handers, Stanley from Carstairs
Handley, Lena M. from Turin
Hands, O.R from Drumheller, Delia
Handsaeme, A.E. & Sons from Raymond
Handsaeme, Edward & Eleanor from Edmonton
Handy, R.C. from Bruce
Hanesen, Axel from Stettler
Haney, E.C. from Ricinus, Dovercourt
Haney, H.D. from Uncas
Haney, Harold from Dewberry, Uncas
Haney, Howard Benton from Picture Butte
Haney, Leonard Kane from Picture Butte
Haney, Martin from Iola
Hangejorden, K.N. from Donalda
Hangen, Nels from Throne
Hangs, Ben A. from Gadsby, Stettler
Hanhem, T.& M. Lingaard from Demmitt
Haniford, Fred M. from Longview
Hanilton, Nancy from Calgary
Hanke, Kay from Rolling Hills
Hankel, Bernard R. from Midnapore
Hankins, Oscar from Donalda
Hankins, Robert Charles from West Arrow Park, BC, Port Clements, BC, Botha
Hankinson, G.B. from Butte
Hanklie, John N. from Suffield
Hanklie, John N. from Suffield
Hanlan, Lillie M. from South Ferriby
Hanna, Charles L. from Islay
Hanna, F.W. from Armada
Hanna, Lloyd from Dewberry
Hanna, Margaret A. from Craigmyle, Hanna
Hanna, Max W. from Armada
Hanna, Mrs. G.P. from Provost
Hanna, Mrs. J.C. from Vulcan
Hanna, Mrs. J.C. from Vulcan
Hanna, Myra Evelyn from Provost
Hanna, Roland N. from Calgary, Lomond
Hanna, W.J.O. from Winfield
Hanna, Walter from Evarts
Hanna, William S. from Islay
Hannaford, E.J. from Howie
Hannaford, Robert & Edmond from Howie, Botha
Hannah, Albert Lee from Hines Creek, Kamloops, BC
Hannah, Clifford O. from Hanna
Hannah, George W. from Cleardale
Hannah, Lorne C. from Hanna
Hannas, Ted from Clairmont, Rycroft
Hanneman, Woodrow H. from Carstairs, Olds, Creston, BC
Hannon, William J from Islay
Hanrahan, Emma from Stavely
Hanrahan, Hugh from Stavely
Hanrahan, John & Phyllis from Fort Macleod
Hansal Farms Ltd. from Lethbridge
Hansauer, Jacob from Irvine
Hanscam, Ray from Rolling Hills
Hanschar, Harry from Thelma, Medicine Hat
Hanschar, John from Thelma
Hanseman, Helmuth A. from Groton
Hansen Bros. from Westward Ho, Sundre
Hansen, Aaron Wilfred from Barnwell
Hansen, Agnes L. from Vauxhall
Hansen, Alfred from Markerville, Hayter
Hansen, Bert Lee from Orion
Hansen, C. from Calgary
Hansen, Chris from Acadia Valley
Hansen, Chris from Mannville
Hansen, Donald J. from Mannville
Hansen, Duane Keith from Tilley
Hansen, E.A. from Elk Point
Hansen, Earl N. from Silver Springs, Eckville
Hansen, Einar from Dorothy, Dalemead, East Coulee
Hansen, Ernest H. from Byemoor
Hansen, Gilbert E. from Foremost
Hansen, Gus from Carstairs
Hansen, Gustav from Pollackville
Hansen, H.A. from Walsh
Hansen, H.C. from Lethbridge
Hansen, H.E. from Bingville
Hansen, H.E. from Bingville
Hansen, H.K from Medicine Hat
Hansen, H.K. from Medicine Hat
Hansen, Halvor from Meadowview
Hansen, Hans from Cremona
Hansen, Hans from Parkland
Hansen, Harry Einar from Foremost
Hansen, Helmer from Duchess
Hansen, Hokon F. from Warburg
Hansen, I. from Shepard
Hansen, Isabella formerly Mrs. Frank Laut from Crossfield, Alta Loma, CA
Hansen, James & Norman from Taber
Hansen, Jens P. from Duchess
Hansen, John E. from Brooks
Hansen, John J. from Innisfail
Hansen, John R. (Little Egglake Ranch) from Watino, Whitemud Creek
Hansen, John R. (Little Egglake Ranch) from Watino, Whitemud Creek
Hansen, Keith C. from Watino
Hansen, L. Alfred from Lessard
Hansen, L.K. from Winnifred
Hansen, Laura from Medicine Hat, Bingville
Hansen, Lena from Markerville
Hansen, Leslie Neils from Cardston
Hansen, N.P. from Cheadle
Hansen, Olga Clarissa from Crowsnest, BC
Hansen, Orene from Woolford, Cardston, Owendale
Hansen, Otto from Boundary Creek, Cardston, Brownfield
Hansen, Paul A. from Viking
Hansen, R.W.& Gordon H. Killick from Nanton, Calgary
Hansen, Ronald from Nanton
Hansen, Ronald W. & Lawrence D. Robertson from Nanton, Parkland, Eugene,OR
Hansen, Soren from Calgary, Carstairs
Hansen, Svend from Belloy, Wanham
Hansen, Thomas from Carbon
Hansen, Thomas William from James River Bridge, Bowness, Crammond
Hansen, Trevor from Parkland, Lethbridge
Hansen, Trevor Jerold from Parkland
Hansen, V.L. from Standard
Hansen, Walter from Alder Flats
Hansen, Walter from Hardisty
Hansen, Walter W. from Hays
Hansen, Wayne from Sangudo
Hansen, William A. from Cherhill
Hansen, William from Hayter
Hanses, H.W. from Swalwell
Hanses, Merle F. from Swalwell
Hansinger, William A. from Rocky Mountain House
Hanson Bros. (A.V. & R.) from Big Valley
Hanson Bros. (Jerme & Roland) from Namaka
Hanson Bros. from Bright View, Wetaskiwin
Hanson, Arthur from Buffalo Lake
Hanson, Arthur from Lethbridge, Enchant
Hanson, August P. from Ponoka
Hanson, Ben L. from Bindloss
Hanson, Cameron C. from Edmonton
Hanson, Carl J. from Patricia
Hanson, Dora N. from Turner Valley, Black Diamond
Hanson, Edward from Kitscoty, Rowley
Hanson, Eleata V. from DeWinton
Hanson, Eric from St. Lina
Hanson, Fred from Viking
Hanson, George Richard from Sedalia, Consort, Lacombe, Stettler
Hanson, Gunnar from Vauxhall
Hanson, H.D. from Cayley
Hanson, H.H. from Bowell
Hanson, H.R. from Metiskow, Cairns
Hanson, Hans Eugene from Viking
Hanson, Hans from Viking
Hanson, Harry from Boundary Creek, Cardston
Hanson, Harry M. & Dave Diemert from Crooked Creek, Valleyview
Hanson, Henry from Holden
Hanson, Jean S. from Lacombe
Hanson, Lisa from Cadogan
Hanson, Magnus from Midnapore, Vulcan
Hanson, Mark S. from Valhalla Centre
Hanson, Mrs. A (Union Milk Co.) from Strathmore, Calgary
Hanson, Nakor from Enchant
Hanson, O.C. from Lake Isle
Hanson, Olav from Monitor, Consort
Hanson, Ole & Sam Edd from Vulcan, Round Up
Hanson, Ole from Monitor
Hanson, Oscar D. from Olds
Hanson, Philip Arlen from Carstairs, Calgary
Hanson, R. from Edmonton
Hanson, Ray from Gwynne
Hanson, Ray H.P. from South Edmonton
Hanson, Richard O. from Innisfree
Hanson, Robert R from Viking
Hanson, Ross from Pincher Creek
Hanson, Russell T. from Viking
Hanson, Thorleif Karsten from Beaverlodge
Hanson, Thorvald from Coronation
Hanson, Vernon from Strathmore
Hanson, Victor from Breton
Hanson, W.L., Hanson, Edith M. from Viking
Hanson, W.R. from Calgary, Bogeta, Columbia
Hanson, Walter from Watino
Hanson, Willard L. from Brooks, Cavendish
Hanusi, Berti from Lethbridge
Happy Acres Farms Ltd. from Edmonton
Haraisi, Joseph from Barnwell
Haraldson, Melvin C. from Provost, Saskatoon, SK
Harasem, Metro from Smoky Lake, Edmonton
Harasulla, Fred from Sprucefield, Waskatenau
Harasym, John from Boyne Lake
Harasym, Nick changed to Harrison from Kinsella
Harasym, Nick, Harrison, Nick from Kinsella
Harasym, Terry from Vegreville
Harasym, Walter from Two Hills
Harasym, William from Elk Point
Harasymiw, John from Star
Harasyn, Johnny from Elk Point
Harasyn, Mike from Hairy Hills
Harasyn, Nicholas from Elk Point
Harasyn, William from Elk Point
Harback, Edwin P. from Wainwright
Harbak, Paul H. from Edgerton
Harband, Charles F. from Athabasca
Harbottle, E.H from Chedderville, Rocky Mountain House
Harcourt, Jack from Beaverlodge
Hardcastle, Lenard from Scotfield, Reist
Harden Farms Ltd. from Calgary
Harden, A.L. from Wainwright
Harden, Leroy Calvin from Thorsby
Harder, Albert Glen from Caroline, Stauffer
Harder, Ben from Pincher Creek
Harder, C.C. from Rosemary
Harder, George from Pincher Creek
Harder, Jack from Bowden, Red Deer
Harder, Jacob P. from Lethbridge, Coaldale
Harder, John B. from La Crete
Harder, John C. from Carstairs, Peace River, Bergen, N. Vermilion
Harder, Peter Ronald from Rosemary
Harder, R.G. from Wetaskiwin
Harder, Trent J. from Calgary
Harder, W.H. from Carstairs
Harder, William Ray from Hanna
Hardie, James from Oyen
Harding Bros. (Alexander & Frank) from Lougheed
Harding, A. from Hardisty
Harding, H.T. from Lougheed
Harding, Harry C. from Sunnynook
Harding, J.L. from Carolside
Harding, John H. from Edmonton, Calgary
Harding, Joseph from Kinsella, Sedgewick
Harding, R.W. from Puffer
Harding, Thomas from High Prairie
Harding, W. from Redcliff
Hardman, Joe from Minburn
Hardman, Pete & J. from Fallis
Hardman, Pete from Fallis
Hardman, Phyllis L. from Edmonton
Hardman, Phyllis L. from Edmonton
Hardstaff, James Herbert from Lloydminster
Hardstaff, W. & Sons from Streamstown
Hardstaff, W.A. from Streamstown
Hardwick, E.A. from Stettler
Hardwick, Edmund Douglas & John de H. from Gleichen
Hardwick, Edmund Douglas from Gleichen, Armada
Hardwicke, H. from Lloydminster, Kitscoty
Hardy, Ben from Pincher Creek
Hardy, C.A. from Irma
Hardy, Clinton R. from Stirling
Hardy, Fred W. from Rosemary
Hardy, Harold Ray from Scotfield
Hardy, Harry Lewis from Irma
Hardy, Ivan H. from Irma
Hardy, John H. from Pincher Creek
Hardy, Lyle from Cherhill
Hardy, Lyman C. from Stirling
Hardy, William E. from Fort Macleod
Hare, K.S. & L.M. from Sundre
Harer, W.R. from Hill Spring
Hargrave, Harry (Lethbridge Experimental Farm) & (Broxburn Farm Ltd.) from Lethbridge
Hargreaves, Edmund from Czar
Hargreaves, Jack A. from Jasper
Hargreaves, Robert Elijah & Hazel Ann from Lloyd’s Hill, Czar
Harilstad, Johannes from Stanmore, Stoppington
Harilstad, Ole from Stanmore
Harink, Henry from Lacombe, Monarch
Harju, Matt Emil from Sylvan Lake
Harke, Alvin H. from New Sarepta
Harke, Harvey from South Edmonton
Harke, Norman from New Sarepta
Harker, L. Ray from Magrath
Harker, Mrs. John R. from Raymond
Harker, Myron from Magrath
Harker, Robert from Magrath
Harker, Thomas & Annie B. M. from Consort
Harkin, Robert from Islay, Kevisville, Alcomdale, Sion
Harkins, Ada from Caroline, Raven
Harkness, David G. from Barrhead, Peavine
Harman Acres Ltd. (Don Runham & Donna Harrison) from Mayerthorpe
Harmeyer, W.J. from Rimbey
Harmon, Harold Herman from Bentley
Harmon, Young from Sexsmith
Harms, Henry from Edmonton, Gem
Harnack Bros. (George A., John & Cecil) from Crossfield, Didsbury
Harnack, Russel C. from Crossfield, Calgary
Harnaha, Alex from Boyle
Harnett, Maurice Earl from Calgary, Okanagan Mission, BC
Harold, Guy L. from Hanna
Haroy, Rick & Carren from Wildwood
Harpe, Gerry from Ardrossan, Innisfail
Harpe, John from Lac La Biche
Harper, Barthy from Eaglesham
Harper, Bruce from Dunmore
Harper, C.C. from St. Vincent
Harper, Edmund from Hoselaw
Harper, John A. from Calgary
Harper, O.S. from Boscombe
Harper, Terry Victor & Michael Edward Redmond from Montreal,PQ, Peterborough, ON
Harper, W.J. from Whiskey Gap, Fareham
Harper, W.J. Jr. from Whiskey Gap
Harper, W.J. Sr. from Fareham
Harper, W.P. from Fareham, Whiskey Gap
Harper, William J. from Edmonton
Harray, Gordon from Viking
Harricks, Joe from Mannville
Harrigan, Michael A. from Shepard
Harrigan, Michael A. from Shepard
Harriman, Harold G. from Calgary, Forest Lawn
Harrington, Anna C .from Ranchville, Greenshields
Harrington, Earl E. from Greenshields
Harrington, Mrs. C.R from Pollockville
Harrington, Robert from South Edmonton
Harrington, Thomas from South Edmonton
Harrington, William from Rockyford
Harriott, Ed from Caroline
Harris Bros. from Alliance
Harris, A.C. from Coaldale
Harris, Ben J. from Caroline
Harris, Brian Edward from Lethbridge
Harris, C.C. from Hanna
Harris, C.W. from Calgary, Midnapore
Harris, Daisy A. from Caroline
Harris, David G. from Viking, Lynwood, CA
Harris, E. from Calgary
Harris, E.L. from Coaldale
Harris, F.T. from Magnolia
Harris, Fred W. from Mystery Lake
Harris, George from Tees
Harris, George P. from Bashaw
Harris, George R. from Calgary, Hussar
Harris, Gordon from Hardisty
Harris, Gordon T.,Stephen R.,Leslie F.,Leonard A.,Robert William from Alliance
Harris, H.A. from Lloydminster
Harris, H.J. from Retlaw, Parkland
Harris, H.W. from Caroline
Harris, Ira from Taber
Harris, Irl from Crossfield
Harris, J. & Son from Edberg, Sherwood Park
Harris, K.W. from Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
Harris, L.E. from Penhold
Harris, Leonard A. from Alliance
Harris, Leslie F. from Hardisty, Lougheed, Alliance
Harris, Marilyn J. from Chauvin
Harris, Norman O. from Chauvin
Harris, Pete Paul from Seba Beach
Harris, Richard H. from Pine Lake
Harris, Robert William from Hardisty, Lougheed, Alliance
Harris, Roy from Viking
Harris, Samuel L. & Ellen from Crossfield
Harris, Stephen R. from Alliance
Harris, Thomas Earl from Magrath
Harris, Wilford H. from Taber
Harris, William Reginald from Chauvin
Harrison, Alex from Bottrel, Crossfield
Harrison, Arthur from Big Valley, Fenn
Harrison, Bernice from Sundre
Harrison, Dennis G. from Sundre
Harrison, E. from Lake Thelma
Harrison, E.A. from Monitor, Vancouver, BC
Harrison, George A. from Big Prairie, Carstairs
Harrison, George from Paradise Valley
Harrison, Gertrude from Calgary
Harrison, J.A. from Monarch, Lousana, Picture Butte
Harrison, J.G. from Crossfield
Harrison, Jack from Cochrane
Harrison, James from DeWinton
Harrison, John W. from Edgerton
Harrison, John Wesley from Ryley
Harrison, M. from Hanna
Harrison, Miltin F. from Wainwright
Harrison, Neil Clarence from Stettler, Calgary
Harrison, Neil Edward from Vermilion
Harrison, Nellie from Sundre
Harrison, Nichols W. from Hairy Hill
Harrison, P.H. from Red Willow
Harrison, R.H.C. from Calgary
Harrison, Ralph J. from Tofield
Harrison, Ray S. from Red Willow
Harrison, Robert C. & Wayne R. from Stettler, Red Willow
Harrison, Susan from Bow Island
Harrison, Thomas from Lea Park, Tulliby Lake
Harrison, W. from Foothills, Entrance, Brule, Wabamun
Harrison, W.G. from Stettler
Harrison, W.T. from Foothills, Entrance, Brule, Wabamun
Harrison, Wilfred from Bowden
Harrod, George from Ponoka
Harrsion, Frederick Harry from Leedale, Rimbey
Harry Bros. from Craigmyle
Harry, Gordon from Viking
Harsany, Andy from Coaldale, Fort Macleod, Lethbridge
Harsatd, H.B. from Millicent, Patricia, Brooks, Vancouver, BC
Harsch, August L. from Cadogan
Harsch, T.L. from Cadogan
Harshman, Myra K from Calgary
Harshman, Ronald Clark from Calgary
Harstad, H.B., Allen, Robert from Millicent
Harstead, R.G. from Duchess, Brooks
Hart, Angus from Hemaruka
Hart, Barney from Hays
Hart, C.W. from Longview
Hart, Charles W. from Rose Lynn
Hart, Denver Charles from Lomond, Bassano, Sundre
Hart, Donald from Medicine Hat
Hart, George M. from Schuler, Winnifred, Iron Springs
Hart, Harold from Morley, Cochrane
Hart, Jack from Niton Junction
Hart, John from Bowmanton, Medicine Hat
Hart, John from Calgary
Hart, John from Consort
Hart, John from Drinnan
Hart, Lorne L. from Calgary
Hart, Orville C. from Winnifred, Sunnyslope
Hart, Orville Charles from Carbon
Hart, Pearl from Purple Springs, Taber
Hart, Richard E. from Okotoks, Banff
Hart, W. from Brooks
Hart, William Frank & Lydia from Calgary
Hart, William from Vauxhall, Whitla
Hartell, Lillian from Black Diamond
Hartgerink, Dennis Walter from Iddesleigh
Hartje, William from Whitla
Hartley, Albert from Stirling
Hartley, Alexander from Grande Prairie
Hartley, B.F. from Bassano, Okotoks
Hartley, Darrell from Calgary
Hartley, Edward from Hythe
Hartley, G.S. from Glenwoodville, Hartleyville, Cardston
Hartley, Harvey H. from Stirling
Hartley, J.R. from Lethbridge
Hartley, L.N. from Calgary
Hartley, Leonard Earl from Pincher Creek
Hartley, Wayne & Burton from Stirling
Hartley, William Burton from Stirling
Hartling, Roy from Wainwright
Hartman, D.A from Watino
Hartman, Garry & Earl Lysons Brooks from Blackfalds
Hartman, James R from Hartell
Hartman, R.C. from Kimball, Cardston
Hartman, Wayne from Grande Prairie, Watino
Hartman, William John from Calgary
Hartmann, Gus J. & Son from Ponoka
Hartmann, Herman from Kitscoty
Harton, Walter from Gadsby
Hartt, G.C. from Didsbury
Hartt, N.H. from Watts, High River
Hartt, Raymond L. from Hanna
Hartt, Robert from Cessford
Hartum, William from Busby, Stony Plain
Hartung, George from Champion, Vulcan
Hartung, Henry from Champion
Hartung, John Sr. from Champion
Hartwell, Stanley R. from Vermilion
Hartwell, Stuart R. from Vermilion, Dewberry
Hartwick, Charles Howard from Lomond
Hartwick, Mrs. M from Lomond
Hartwick, U.G. from High River
Harty Bros. from Nemiskam, Faith
Harty, George P. from Nemiskam, Foremost
Harty, James V. from Milk River, Yahk, British Columbia
Harty, Joseph from Etzikom, Faith
Harty, Martin from Etzikom, Faith
Harvey, C.T from Banff, Claresholm
Harvey, J.A. from Calgary
Harvey, John from Hardisty
Harvey, John L. from Hardisty
Harvey, S.A. from Scapa
Harvey, Tom from Dog Pound, Sundre
Harvie , William Jr. from St. Kilda
Harvie, David Dunlop from Milk River
Harvie, James from St. Kilda
Harvie, Mrs. C. from Dolcy
Harvie, Robert from St. Hilda
Harvie, William from St. Kilda
Harvilow, Olga from Eckville
Harwood, Katie from Cardston
Harwood, William Arthur from Strathmore
Harwood, William from Strathmore
Hasenuik, William Steve from Warburg
Hashman, Ben from Coronation, Calgary
Hashman, Harry from Calgary
Haskayne Bros.(Stanley & Richard) from Bassano
Haskell, Chris from Metiskow, Dewberry
Haskell, R.W. from Sundre
Haskell, Raymond R. from Marwayne
Haslam, Hyrum from Beazer
Haslam, James A. from Redcliff, Claresholm
Haslam, James A. from Redcliff, Claresholm
Haslam, James from Cardston
Haslam, Jerry Wayne from Taber
Haslett, Sophie Fleuring from Ranching
Hassall, Mrs. E. from Mannville
Hassard, Claude from Eagle Butte
Hassard, Elwin R. from Lethbridge
Hassard, J.R. from Eagle Butte
Hassard, Ralph from Eagle Butte
Hassard, Tom from Beaverlodge
Hassett, John from Strathmore
Hassett, Roy from Owendale
Hastie, Cameron A. from Innisfail
Hastie, William Norman from Trochu
Hastings, W.C. from Lloydminster, SK, Lloydminster, Alberta
Hasz, David D. from Fleet
Hat Cattle Holdings (Dan Rose) from Medicine Hat
Hatch, David M. from Cardston
Hatch, George J. from Rainier
Hatch, Lyle from Cherry Grove
Hatch, Reid P. from Cherry Grove
Hatch, Stuart from Calgary
Hatch, Thomas H. from Lethbridge, Gleichen, Stavely, Cardston
Hatch, Thomas R. from Cardston
Hatch, Victor from Glenwoodville, Frankburg, Cherry Grove, Cardston
Hatch, Wayne from Cherry Grove
Hatchel, Edward from Carlos
Hately, Anne from Magrath, Del Bonita, Lethbridge, Coutts
Hatfield, Captain A.C from Pincher Creek
Hatfield, Major H.S. & Captain A.C. Hatfield from Pincher Creek
Hathaway, Dan J. from Hondo, Cassils
Hathaway, Harold A. E. from Marwayne
Hathaway, William from Mossleigh, Blackie
Hatt, Erick George from Rumsey
Hatton, A.A. from Fort Macleod
Hatton, James from Rowley
Hatton, John Albert from Fort Macleod
Hatton, Ralph from Sage Creek, Thelma
Hatton, Walter W. from Fort Macleod, Lacombe
Hatzell, Horace G. from Glenevis, Sedgewick
Hauck, David from Robinson
Hauck, Edward from Robinson
Hauck, Emanuel from Medicine Hat, Robinson
Hauck, Fred & Ed (Little Smoky Ranch) from Valleyview
Hauck, Fred & Ed Hamilton (Little Smoky Ranch) from Valleyview
Hauck, Fred Jr. from Robinson, Bowell, Redcliff
Hauck, Gertrude from Langdon, Irricana, Calgary
Hauck, John from Thelma
Hauck, Lesley from Thelma
Hauck, Peter from Medicine Hat
Hauck, Peter from Oyen
Hauck, Peter from Robinson, Forestburg
Hauck, Reuben & Delsie from Fox, Medicine Hat, Thelma
Hauck, Rudolph from Robinson, Tothill, Manyberries, Medicine Hat
Hauer, Helen A. from Consort, Red Deer
Haug, H.M. from Demmitt
Haug, Halfdan from Dina, Rivercourse
Haug, T. from Clyde
Hauge, H.M. from Tupper Creek, BC
Haugen, A.E. from Pemukan
Haugen, James from Richdale
Haugen, Norman Lynn from Medicine Hat
Haugen, Ole H. from Edgerton
Hauger, George from Beaverlodge
Hauger, Norman from Beaverlodge
Haughian, Donald James from Kinuso
Haughian, Howard Anthony from Medicine Hat
Haugsett, Thorleif A from Rosalind
Hauk, William from Huxley
Hauka, Mitchell A. from Taber
Hauka, Samuel from Claresholm, Taber, Fingal,ON, Gibson, BC
Hault, Keleel from Wardlow
Haun, Burton from Irma
Haun, Edward A. from Irma
Haupt, Edward from Medicine Hat
Haupt, F. from Markerville
Haus, August from Cassils, Brooks
Haus, Joseph Andrew from Brooks
Hausauer, Jack from Woolchester, Medicine Hat
Hausauer, John H. from Irvine
Hausauer, John H. from Irvine
Hausauer, Ted from Pashley, Irvine
Hausauer, Victor Charles from Medicine Hat
Hauschar, John from Thelma
Hauser, Charlie from Minburn
Hauser, John from Carmangay
Hauser, Ken A. from Strome
Hauser, Louis from Minburn
Hauser, Theodore from Medicine Hat
Hausher, George from Scapa
Hausman, Ed from Cadogan
Hausman, Mrs. Bert from Cadogan
Hausness, J. from Cavendish, Buffalo
Hausness, Martha J. formerly Rodsit, from Atlee
Haustein, Gertrude from Stettler
Havanka, Gilbert from Falun
Havell Bros. (Leslie & Eric) from Lousana
Havell, Arthur G. from Ralston
Havell, Elsie L. from Lousana
Havens, D.C. from Hussar
Havens, Dempster from Patricia
Havens, Walter from Crossfield
Haviland, John William from Calgary
Havinga, John from Granum, Nobleford
Havinga, Joseph Leonard from Calgary
Hawaleshka, George from Ispas, Two Hills
Hawes, W.H. from Countess, Bassano, Wichita, KS
Hawk, Robert S. from Nanton
Hawken, E.F. from Provost
Hawkes, Philip H. from Greencourt
Hawkes, Vernon from Dimsdale, Grande Prairie
Hawkings, Edmund F. from Bentley
Hawkings, Ernest T. from Bentley
Hawkings, F.E. from Bentley
Hawkins, A.J. from Iola
Hawkins, Dr. G.W. from Calgary
Hawkins, Ernest from Rolling Hills
Hawkins, Fred from Bassano
Hawkins, H. & S. from Olds
Hawkins, Harold Edward from Calgary
Hawkins, James from Raymond
Hawkins, Mary & W.R. Sandercock from Drumheller
Hawkins, Mary & W.R. Sandercock from Drumheller
Hawkins, Resiel Dewey from Leighton, Lloydminster
Hawkins, Wilfred J. from Pine Lake, Big Valley, Sylvan Lake
Hawksworth, Dessie from Hythe
Hawley, G. Basil from Vermilion
Hawley, Percy from Mannville
Hawn, Gordon from Bassano
Hawn, Howard J. from Countess, Bassano
Hawn, J.T, from Bassano
Hawrelak, Nick P. from Willingdon
Hawreluk, Fred from Lake Eliza
Hawreluk, William from Rycroft
Hawryliak, K. from Spedden
Hawryluk, B. from Bezanson
Hawryluk, Dmetro from Elk Point
Hawryluk, Karl V. from Rycroft
Hawryluk, William from Dewberry, Vermilion
Hawrysh, Sam from Kinsella, Edmonton
Hawrysh, Sam from Kinsella, Edmonton
Haws, Allen from Duchess, Rainier
Hawthorne, D.L. from Albright, Hythe
Hawthorne, J. E. from Olds
Hawtin, Alwyne Ernest from Cadogan
Hawtin, Arthur E. J. from Cadogan
Hawtin, Arthur Leslie F. from Cadogan, Provost
Hawtin, Reg. W.A. from Cadogan
Hay, A. Walter from Brightview, Wetaskiwin
Hay, Albert from Kingman, Enderby, BC
Hay, Alice from Carbon
Hay, Arnold Edwin from Condor
Hay, C.E. from Kitscoty
Hay, Donald from Acme
Hay, Earle from Atlee
Hay, Elmer from Onoway
Hay, Harry B. from Edmonton
Hay, J.R. from Kitscoty
Hay, James H. from Elnora
Hay, John from Sundre
Hay, W.A. from Mossleigh
Hay, W.D. & Joe Tell from Lethbridge, Brooks
Hay, William W. from Nanton
Hayball, Desmond J. from Rosscarrock, Didsbury
Hayday, Nick from Fort Vermilion
Hayden, John LeRoy Danial from Vauxhall
Hayden, Lew from Calgary
Hayder, Louis from Edgerton
Haydey, Peter, Mike & William from Willingdon
Haydon, Bethell (Devon Ranch) from Mayerthorpe, Heldar
Haydon, Douglas M. from Viking
Haydu, William from Edgerton
Hayes, C. from Cremona
Hayes, Calvin W. from Rose Lynn, Hanna
Hayes, Charles from Onion Lake, Saskatchewan
Hayes, Charles Wesley from South Ferriby, Onion Lake, SK
Hayes, Charles William from Fort Macleod
Hayes, D.P. from Alix
Hayes, Elizabeth from Breton
Hayes, Harry Gordon from Rochfort Bridge
Hayes, Jim from Hardisty
Hayes, John Robert from Sundre
Hayes, Norman Everett from Priddis
Hayes, Patrick A. from Hanna
Hayes, Roger C. from Tees
Hayes, St. Clair G.E. from Peers
Hayes, Thomas James from Calgary
Hayland, John P. from Claresholm
Hayland, John P. from Claresholm
Hayman, Milton from Edson
Haymond, Roy C. from Drumheller
Hayner, Dr. Ernest from Edmonton
Haynes, Bernice from Taber
Haynes, Clarence Lee from Taber
Haynes, F.C .from Easyford
Haynes, F.C. from Easyford
Haynes, Floyd from Westlock
Haynes, G.H & Mildred V. from Sundre
Haynes, Harold from Taber
Haynes, Harry R. from Red Deer
Haynes, J.M. from Airdrie
Haynes, J.R from Ogden
Haynes, J.R. from Ogden
Haynes, Lloyd D. from Greenshields
Haynes, Lloyd D. from Greenshields, Ponoka
Haynes, Lynn from Lethbridge, Taber
Haynes, M.M. from Wainwright, Greenshields
Haynes, Mrs. E.P. from Rainier, Medicine Hat
Haynes, Mrs. E.P. from Rainier, Medicine Hat
Haynes, Ralph F. from Lacombe
Haynes, Robert from Gadsby, Winnington
Haynes, Ross (formerly Sam Herchuk) from Edmonton
Haynes, Ross from Taber
Haynes, Theodore A. from Taber
Haynes, Warren from Taber
Hays & Earl Ltd. from Lethbridge
Hays Feeders Association from Hays
Hays, C.I. from Carstairs
Hays, Dorothy R. from Alix
Hays, Leona B. from Hardisty
Hays, Russell from Hardisty
Hayter, Jessie Evelyn from Edmonton
Hayter, Jessie Evelyn from Edmonton
Hayter, Lock H. from Macleod
Hayward, Caroline from Delia
Hayward, J. from Ashmont, Abilene
Hayward, R.E. from Leedale
Haywood, Percy T. from Wainwright
Haywood, Robert James from Wainwright
Hayworth, Ralph from Monitor, Consort
Hazel, Gordon Aubrey from Wetaskiwin
Hazell Bros. from Nampa
Hazell Bros. from Nampa
Hazell Harry B. & Thomas Charles from Nampa
Hazelwood, Betty from New Brigden, Cereal
Hazen, R.S. from Rosalind, Edmonton
Hazlett, W.J. from Red Deer
H-D Farms (David Wiebe) from Hines Creek, Chinook Valley
Heacock, A.H. from Gleichen
Head, A.L. from Grande Prairie
Head, James from Vulcan, Vauxhall
Head, Percy Lorne from Grande Prairie
Head, Sherman F. from Grovedale
Headon, Jack from Fabyan
Headon, Richard from Wainwright, Fabyan
Heah, Beverley A. from High River
Heaivilin, C.T. from Hardisty
Heal, F.J. from Maycroft
Heal, Thomas & Son from Delburne
Healey, Earl from Cardston
Healey, George from Hemaruka
Health of Animals Board Canada Dept. of Agriculture from Ottawa, ON
Healy, E.W. from Bawlf, Lincoln, Daysland
Healy, Harold Warnock from Cardston
Healy, Lorne C. from Vulcan
Healy, Stan from Cardston
Healy, W.G from Penhold
Heaney, Lawrence S. from Esther
Heaney, Stephen from Esther, Oyen
Heard, Ernest from Sedgewick
Heard, J.B. from Maclean
Heare, Alice & Son (C.O) from Stauffer
Heare, Frank L. & Harry A. Penn from Nanton, Raven
Heare, G.A from Nanton
Heare, W.R from Stauffer
Hearonemus, Jacob from Stettler
Hearts, Charley from Granum
Heater, Chester from Okotoks, Aurora, ON
Heath, Annie Josephine & William Herbert from Fort Macleod
Heath, Clayton B. from Rosebud
Heath, T.G. from Berwyn
Heath, Thomas from Chauvin
Heath, W. Herbert from Macleod
Heath, William from Fort Macleod
Heather, Edwin Otto from Calgary
Heather, Katherine & Ludwig from Medicine Hat, Thelma
Heather, Stuart from Bashaw
Heather, Sue H. from Thelma
Heatherington, E. from Sedalia
Heatherington, G.W. from Sedalia
Heatley, Robert G. from Cremona, Edmonton, High Prairie
Heaton, Amy A. from Maycroft, Pincher Creek, Lundbreck
Heaton, Kathleen Louise from Lundbreck
Heaton, Robert P. from Lacombe
Heaton, Sheila Joanne from Lundbreck
Heaton, William from Paradise Valley
Heavy Runner, Andy from Cardston
Heavy Shields, Herman from Cardston
Hebblethwaite, Peter from St. Paul
Heberling, Mildred E. from Rosebud
Heberling, Robert Spurrie from Rosebud
Hebert, Joseph from Villeneuve
Hebert, Mrs. James from Bonnyville
Hebert, Mrs. James from Bonnyville
Hebert, Rosaire from St. Albert
Hebert, Simon from Cold Lake
Hebrard, Vincent & Laura from Monitor, Lumby, BC
Hecht, Alvin Harold from Alix
Hecht, H. from Clive
Heck, Dallas from Caroline
Heck, Fred W. from Cappon, Knee Hill Valley
Heck, George from Edmonton, Fairview, Eaglesham, Daysland
Heck, Harry from Wanham
Heck, J. B. from Caroline
Heck, John A. from Bodo, Daysland
Heck, Pearl from Vauxhall
Hecko, Peter from Clover Bar
Hecko, Peter from Clover Bar
Hecktor, Larry Blair from Carbon
Hector, Joseph from Knee Hill Valley
Hector, Sam from Calgary
Hedalen, Carl from Raymond, Czar
Hedalen, Theodore or Ted from Czar, Edgerton, Dolcy
Hedberg, Oscar from Lake Eliza
Heddinger, George from Calgary
Hedemark, P.B. from Blackfalds
Hedges, Sebert J. from Namaka
Hedin, E.J. from Whitecourt
Hedley, Mrs. T.R. from Manyberries
Hedlund, Albert W. from Heath
Hedlund, August from Malmo
Hedlund, Cherie & June from Ranchville, Medicine Hat
Hedlund, David & L.N. Laidlow from Dog Pound
Hedlund, David from Ranchville, Medicine Hat
Hedman, John & Gust from Leicester
Hedstrom, Alfred A from Carbon
Hedstrom, Alfred A. from Carbon
Hedstrom, Ernest W. from Carbon
Heelan, P. from Onion Lake, SK, Cold Lake
Heemeryck, Bruno from Saunders
Heemeryck, Jerome A. from Alix
Heer, Emanuel from Stettler
Heer, Henry from Gadsby
Heer, John from Gadsby, Hackett
Heer, Ted & Johnny Neibauer from Trochu
Heerkens, Martin from Burdett
Heesch, Otto from Usona
Heffel, Bernhard Ernest from Pincher Creek
Heffel, R.E. from Alliance, Sedgewick
Hefferman, E.T. Jr. from Buffalo, Lymburn, Primrose, Lindbergh, Bear Flat, BC
Heffernan, Joseph G. from Cappon, Primrose, Bindloss, Spennymoor
Hefflebower, Rine M. from Cluny
Heffler, Harry from Brooks
Heffner, Roscoe W. from Bearberry, Rumsey, Victoria British Columbia
Heffren, L.E. from Ribstone
Heft, Gerald R. from Penhold
Hegel, Paul from Hythe
Heggen, Hilmer E. from Spondin
Heggie, A.S. from Raymond
Heggie, George S. from Raymond
Hegland, Olaf P. from Beaverlodge
Heguy, Dominica from Amisk, Vancouver, British Columbia
Heguy, Fabien from Amisk, Nilrem
Hehn, Mattis from Bulwark
Hehr, Clifford from Calgary
Hehr, Ernest from Crossfield
Hehr, William from Crossfield, Calgary
Hehter, Gottlieb from Bowmanton, Medicine Hat
Heichert, E.B. from De Winton
Heichert, William from Calgary, Alix
Heide, Jake from Ensign
Heidebrecht, Peter from Lacombe
Heidecker, Henry Fred, & William from Coronation
Heiden, William Anthony from Acadia Valley, Vandyne
Heidinger, Albert from Woolchester, Medicine Hat
Heidinger, Amanda from Medicine Hat, Calgary
Heidinger, Clarence from Seven Persons
Heidinger, Fred from Wisdom
Heidinger, Herbert from Woolchester, Medicine Hat
Heidinger, John F. from Seven Persons
Heidinger, Leonard Allan from Medicine Hat
Heidt Bros. from Delia
Heier, Emil & Helga from Gadsby
Heigh, H.M. from Ardmore
Heighes, Clifford from Coaldale
Heimbecker, Donald H. from Midnapore
Heimbecker, H.O. from Calgary
Hein, Arthur from Spondin
Hein, Charles Raymond from Hussar
Hein, E.W. from Hanna
Hein, Gottfried from Beiseker
Hein, Gottlieb C. from Trochu
Hein, R.A. from Hanna, Richdale
Hein, Reinhold from Spondin
Hein, Sam from Halkirk, Castor
Heine, Albert J. from Crossfield, Calgary Schlosser,
Heine, Bernard J. from Carstairs
Heine, Edwin from Crossfield, Carstairs
Heinemann, Darvin Ernest from St. Albert
Heinig Bros. (William & Arnold) from Ryley
Heinig, William from Ryley
Heinrich, Bob from Medicine Hat
Heinrich, Ernst Christoph from Hines Creek
Heinrich, George from Medicine Hat
Heinrich, George Jr. from Walsh
Heinrich, Jona from Walsh
Heinrich, Ronald Douglas from Kirriemuir
Heinz, Henry from Medicine Hat
Heinzman, Herbert from Fox
Heisler, Ambrose from Longview, Black Diamond
Heisler, Donald John from Calgary
Heisler, Frank J. from Perryvale
Heisler, John from Amisk
Heisler, Phil from Edberg
Heistad, Henry from Falun, Wetaskiwin
Heistad, Philip from Veteran, Calgary
Heistad, Reynold B. from Veteran
Heisz, Opal V. from High Prairie
Heisz, Roy from Donalda
Heitman, Mrs. Herman from Twin Butte, Fishburn
Heitman, Mrs. Herman from Twin Butte, Fishburn
Heitman, Ralph from Pincher Creek, Twin Butte
Heitrich, Daniel Matthew from Heart Valley
Heitrich, George from Etzikom
Heitrich, Kasmer from Etzikom
Heitrich, Max & Mary from Etzikom
Heitrich, Rose or Rosie Marie from Etzikom
Helber, Andreas & Son from Hilda
Heldahl, Jens from Morrin
Helderweirt, Ed from Calgary
Heldrith, Daisie M. from Vermilion, Hindville
Helfer, Jesse from Donalda
Helferty, Isaiah W. from Priddis, Midnapore
Helfrich, Henry C. from Viking
Helfrich, Henry C. from Viking
Helfrich, John J. from Empress
Helfrich, Martin from Empress
Helfrich, S.C. & Martha from Viking
Helfrich, S.C. & Martha from Viking
Helland, Lars from Lomond
Hellawell, John A.C. from Lethbridge
Hellekson, Claude H. from Peers, Haddock, Malaska
Heller, Emanuel from Fox Valley, SK, Medicine Hat
Heller, EmanuelE. from Walsh
Heller, Emil from Irvine
Heller, John from Wisdom
Heller, Otto from Walsh, Brooks, Souris, MB
Heller, Rueben from Medicine Hat
Hellerud, Paul Lawrence from Grande Prairie
Hellevang, C.A. from Milo
Hellevang, Oscar from Milo
Hellmer, Alex & Marven from Tilley
Hellquist, Gus E. from Lindberg, Elk Point
Hellwig, Albert from Picture Butte
Hellwig, Arthur from Irricana, Bassano
Helm, Alex from Raven
Helm, Harvey from St. Francis
Helm, J. from Claresholm
Helm, Jack from Hilda, Olds
Helm, John from Olds
Helm, Oliver from Calgary
Helm, Wilbert from Hays
Helman, John W. from Hays
Helmar, Godfrey from Coalhurst
Helmer, George from Claresholm
Helmer, Henry M. from Claresholm
Helmsley, J.M. from Vauxhall
Helton, LaMont from Hartleyville
Helwig, Herbert from Olds
Helwig, Sam from Olds
Hembree, E.E. from Calgary, Stavely
Hembree, Lottie from Stavely, Calgary
Hembree, Mildred from Stavely
Hembree, Patrick B. from Stavely
Hemeniuk, Harry & Ed Sadownyk from Vegreville
Hemens, Walter H. from Priddis, Midnapore
Hemenway, V.L. from Pemukan
Hemeyer, William Henry from Erskine
Hemingway, Harold J. from Nanton, Calgary
Hemkel, William from Burtonsville
Hemmaway, Harold from Hussar
Hemmaway, Jason John from Claresholm
Hemmaway, William Harry from Claresholm
Hemphill, Harry Wallace from Bentley
Hemsing, Sylvester B. from Rolling Hills
Hemsworth, Mrs. E.M from Turner Valley, Wetaskiwin, N. Vancouver, BC
Henchel, Fred from Medicine Hat
Henchel, George & Gerald from Medicine Hat
Henchel, George & Gerald from Medicine Hat
Henchell, George & C. H. Sewell from Medicine Hat
Henchell, George & C. H. Sewell from Medicine Hat
Hendel, Casper J. from Rosalind, Ferry Point
Hendel, Martin from Holden, Peguis
Henderson Bros. from Forestburg
Henderson, A.W. from Flatbush, Grimshaw, Ryley
Henderson, C.J. from Barnwell
Henderson, Charles C. from Haddock
Henderson, Douglas W. from Calgary
Henderson, E.E. from Hythe
Henderson, Eugene W. from Calgary
Henderson, J. . from Fairview
Henderson, J.S. from Hughenden
Henderson, J.V. from Innisfail
Henderson, James from Macleod, Lomond
Henderson, John A. from Edmonton
Henderson, John from Cochrane
Henderson, Keith from Rycroft
Henderson, Mrs. J. from Grossmont
Henderson, O.C. from Magrath
Henderson, R. from Edmonton
Henderson, Randal Leroy from Forestburg
Henderson, Richard A. from Lethbridge
Henderson, Rod from Forestburg
Henderson, Thomas J. from Sundre
Henderson, W.S. from Calgary
Henderson, William A. from Lacombe, Campbell River, BC
Henderson, Wilson M. from High River, Cayley, Nanton
Hendricks, Jacob Wilhelm from Lethbridge
Hendricks, John L. from Hughenden, Amisk, Czar
Hendricks, Martin from Lethbridge, Travers, High Prairie
Hendrickson, Anna from Edberg, Faith
Hendrickson, George E. from Tofield
Hendrickson, George E. from Tofield
Hendrickson, P.B. from Dickson
Hendrickson, Reuben from Nanton
Hendrie, Keith from Owendale, Cardston
Hendrie, Murray (Valley Ranch) from High River
Hendry, Kenneth Everett from High Prairie
Hendry, William from Buffalo
Hendzuik, Carl from Tomahawk
Heninger, B.V. from Raymond
Heninger, C.W. from Picture Butte, Lethbridge, Scandia
Heninger, E.S. from Raymond, Magrath
Heninger, Ellis A. from Cardston
Heninger, H. Peery from Beazer, Cardston
Heninger, James from Raymond
Heninger, John Thomas from Cardston
Heninger, Mabel K. from Raymond
Heninger, Morgan W. from Lethbridge, Bow City
Henke, Alfred J. from Rockyford
Henke, Arthur from Bloomsbury
Henke, F.J. from Rockyford
Henke, Fred A. & Emma from Donalda
Henke, Harry John & Sandra Lynn from Bluffton
Henke, Herman from Brightview
Henkel, George from Burtonsville, Bawlf, Carvel
Henkel, Joe E. from Minburn
Henker, Marvin F. from Claresholm, Granum, Summerland, BC
Henker, R. from Granum, Leavings
Henker, William O. from Granum, Leavings
Henley, E.J from Donalda
Henley, E.J. from Donalda
Henley, W.R from Stettler
Hennel, Alexander & William from Stettler
Hennel, Joseph from Stettler
Hennig, Adolph from Hilliard
Hennig, Adolph from Hilliard
Hennig, Erwin W. from Winterburn
Hennig, Philip H. from Stony Plain
Henninger, John Thomas from Aetna
Hennsey, Vera A. from High Prairie
Henrich, Joe from Brooks, Eyremore, Bow City
Henrickson, J.A from Elk Point
Henrie Bros. (Gaylon, James & Edwin) from Chedderville
Henrie, Edwin from Rocky Mountain House
Henrie, Gaylon from Calgary
Henrikson, F.A. from Elk Point
Henrsud, George from Compeer
Henry, Albert from Berwyn
Henry, Alexander from Arrowwood, Gleichen, Gilby
Henry, Alvin Stewart from Calgary
Henry, Clarence from Rolling Hills
Henry, Ernest Roy from Stone, SK, Ravenscrag, SK, Keeley Springs, SK
Henry, Floyd from Paradise Valley
Henry, Gordon S. from Red Deer, Ricinus
Henry, Howard from Goodwin
Henry, J.W. from Eaglesham
Henry, Kenneth from High River
Henry, Oliver from Rainier, Brooks
Henry, R.H. from Paradise Valley
Henry, R.H. from Paradise Valley
Henry, Ray from Champion, Sexsmith
Henry, Robert A. from Calgary
Henry, Roy from Rainier, Brooks
Henry, Stuart M. from Scandia
Hensch, Fred M. from Calmar
Henschell, Arthur from South Edmonton
Henschke, Arnold from Medicine Hat
Hensel, Mike from Schuler
Henshall, Thomas from Fedorah
Hensman, Adelaide from Cochrane
Hensman, Fred from Cochrane, Grand Valley
Henty, Edward Jack from Drumheller
Henwood, George from Veteran
Heorge William Hood Ltd. from Edmonton
Hepburn, Percy C. from Mayerthorpe
Hepler, George E. from Pincher Creek, Beaver Mines
Heppner, Abram from Calgary
Heppner, Joseph from Pincher Creek
Heppner, Mrs. A.R from Pincher Creek
Heppner, Theresa from Pincher Creek
Herba, Stanley from Vauxhall
Herbermann, Erik F. from Vauxhall
Herbert Nelson from Crammond, Mission City, BC
Herbert, Arthur from Pine Lake, Lousana
Herbert, Charles William from Fort Saskatchewan
Herbert, Donivan from Haddock
Herbert, Frank from Didsbury
Herbert, M.B. from Delburne, Red Deer
Herbert, Norton from Heath
Herbert, Roland from Deville, Irma
Herbert, Walter H. from Westerdale, Didsbury
Herbig, R.F from Dalroy, High River
Herbold, Walter, & Hubert H. Petzoldt from Coronado
Herbstreit, Arnold from Chipman
Herchuk, Sam (changed to Ross Haynes) from Hilliard
Hereford, A.A. from Rocky Mountain House, Bearberry, Jumping Pound, Maycroft
Hereford, B.E. from Nordegg, Rocky Mountain House
Hergert, Conrad from Carstairs
Hergert, Edward from Carstairs
Hergert, George from Didsbury
Herget, Albert H. from Stirling
Heringer, Charlie Karl from Rocky Mountain House
Herle, A. & Margaret from Heisler
Herle, George A. from Provost
Herle, George A. from Provost
Herlick, Lulu H. from Coronation
Herman Ranches Ltd. from Innisfail
Herman, Agnes R. from Bindloss
Herman, Gustave from Medicine Hat, Irvine, Robinson
Herman, John Albert & Leroy Thomas from Bindloss
Herman, Lorane A. from Cluny
Herman, Mrs. Frank from Lundbreck
Herman, Robert from Eagle Butte
Herman, Samuel from Irvine
Hermann, Carl from Schuler, Medicine Hat
Hermann, George from Priddis
Hermann, Kurt from Newbrook
Hermanutz, Lawrence J. from St. Albert, Lethbridge
Hermon, D. from Calgary
Herner, John from Didsbury, Carstairs, Cremona, Garfield
Herold, Roy F. from Rimbey
Heron, Bruce from Le Goff, Longview
Heron, Donald A. from Okotoks, Gem
Heron, Robert J from Longview
Heron, Robert J. from Longview
Heron, William James from Alix
Herpich, Adolph from Bassano
Herr, George from Hanna
Herrick, A.R. from Eyremore
Herrick, Clarence from Woking
Herrick, Clifford W. from Woking
Herrick, H.E. from Minburn
Herrick, John J. from Kinsella
Herrick, Robert & Ann from Woking
Herrle, H. from Wimborne
Herrle, Henrietta from Halkirk
Herrle, Lewellan & Julia from Olds
Herrmann, Horst from Wanham
Herrmann, John from Medicine Hat, Schuler
Herron, Francis or Frank from Eagle Butte
Herron, S.C. from Metiskow
Herselman, Cor from Millicent, Brooks
Herter, Dan from Medicine Hat
Hertz, Adam from New Brigden
Hertz, Dan from New Brigden
Hertz, Innozenz from New Brigden
Hertz, Nick, & Rose from New Brigden, Oyen
Hertzke, William from Nanton, Calgary, Edmonton
Hervey, E.S from Endiang, Leo
Hervey, Jim from Raymond
Heryford Bros from Makepeace
Heryford, H.S. from Gem
Heryford, Lloyd from High River, Gem
Heryford, Robert Elton from Bassano
Herzig, Adolph from Provost
Hesby, John E. from High River
Hesby, Paul from Lloydminster
Hescott, June from Twin Butte
Hesketh, H. from Three Hills
Heslett, Sophie E. from Ranching
Heslip, Lew from Enilda
Heslop, Fred from Castor
Heslop, James from Pincher Creek, Twin Butte
Heslop, James from Viking, Phillips, Fort McMurray, Yellowknife, NWT
Heslop, John F. from Viking
Heslop, John W. from Pincher Creek
Heslop, William from Viking
Hesp, D.F. from Alliance
Hesp, David Forest from Consort, Alliance, Cochrane
Hesp, Dorothy Dean from Westerose
Hess, Arthur L. from High River, Kamloops, BC
Hess, Frederick Arthur from Trochu
Hess, George from Bowden
Hess, J.E. from Clyde
Hesse, Frank from Manning
Hession, James from Bentley
Hester, John from Consul, SK, Wild Horse
Hestness, Alfred from Donalda
Hetesy, Michael & Son (Robert) from Coaldale
Hetherington Bros. (Charles E & C.G.H.) from Ottawa, ON, Vauxhall, Taber
Hetherington, W.G. from Vermilion
Hetherington, William A. from Vermilion, Auburndale
Hettler, Adam from Hobbema
Heukeroth, Earnest from Gadsby, Stettler
Heureux, Joseph A.L. from Pierce Landing, Cold Lake
Heward, C.P. from Granum, Claresholm
Heward, John E. from Granum
Heward, John E. from Granum
Hewitt, A.J. from Rimbey
Hewitt, Alice & D.N, P.B. Hewitt from Cowley
Hewitt, Alice, D.N. & P.B. from Cowley
Hewitt, Ernest from Knee Hill Valley
Hewitt, Frederick Gordon & Edward Chapman from North Fork
Hewitt, John Samuel from North Fork, Carbonado, BC
Hewitt, Robert John from Castor
Hewitt, Samuel Sr. from Big Valley
Hewitt, Thomas Garnet from Calgary, Marwayne
Hewitt, Wilfred V. from Cowley
Hewitt, William J. from Castor, Lindsville, Bulwark
Hewka, Mike from Mundare
Hey, Beth from Calgary
Heyash, Gabriel from Brooks
Heyde, R.J. from Rosemary
Heydlauff, Mabel from Wild Horse, Sage Creek
Heydorf, Mrs. E. from Altario
Heyland, Boyd Errol from Claresholm
Heyland, Ed from Claresholm
Heyland, Errol from Claresholm
Heyland, John C. from Turner Valley
Heyland, John Douglas from Claresholm
Heyler, L.G. from Sunnynook, Carolside
Heyler, T.M. from Solberg, Carolside
Heysa, Herbert from Calgary
Heywood, Ira from Crossfield
Hibbert, Albert from Innisfail
Hibert, Frank from Hindville, Kitscoty
Hickey, James & Lois from Grande Prairie
Hickle, Agnes L. from Red Deer
Hickle, J.C. from Rose Lynn
Hickle, John E. from Rose Lynn
Hicklin, William from Turner Valley
Hickox, Harry( Black & White Ranch )from Innisfail, Nevis
Hicks, A.T. from Cadogan, Cousins
Hicks, E.J. from Eaglesham
Hicks, Eleanor M. from Fishburn
Hicks, Joseph R. from Raymond
Hicks, Richard from Edmonton, Easyford
Hicks, Richard from Edmonton, Easyford
Hicks, Sarah A. from Cousins, Cadogan
Hicks, Walter from Cousins, Provost, Cadogan
Hicox, Cecil Allan from Wainwright
Hicox, Cecil Preston from Wainwright, Heath
Hider, Patricia E. nee Sauer from Medicine Hat
Hieb, Rubon from Medicine Hat
Hieb, T.F. from Claresholm
Hiebert, Abraham from Gem
Hiebert, C.H. from Swalwell
Hiebert, Con from Wetaskiwin, Scandia
Higa Bros. from Lethbridge
Higa Thomas T. from Lethbridge
Hi-Gain Custom Feedlot Ltd. (D.A. Wobeser) from Lloydminster
Higginbottom, L. from Elnora
Higgins, J.E. from Retlaw
Higgins, R J. from Owendale
Higgins, R.L. from Retlaw, Vauxhall
Higgins, W.D. from Owendale, Westward Ho
Higgs, Lillie Ellen Doreen from Bay Tree, Dixonville
High, Clayton from Crossfield
High, N.W from Coronation
Highet, Thomas William from Brooks
Highmoor, Jonathan from Empress
Highmoor, William from Empress
Higley, Elsa from Calgary, Langdon
Hikida Bros. from Picture Butte
Hildahl, Darwin from Medicine Hat
Hildebrand, George G. from Skiff
Hildebrand, Lillian Mildred remarried name Thorsen from Innisfail, Berrymoor
Hildebrandt, Ben D. from Swift Current, SK, Taber, Blumenhof, SK
Hildebrandt, Fred H. from Rumsey, Scollard
Hildebrandt, Gottlieb from Champion
Hildebrandt, Walter from Grand Centre
Hilderbrand, Fred from Wetaskiwin, Little Plum, Woolchester
Hildreth, Stan from Sullivan Lake, Castor
Hilger, Mrs. W.J. from Claresholm
Hilker, F.J. from Ribstone, Edmonton, Vermilion
Hilker, Gustave from Red Willow, Stettler
Hilker, Ralph A. from Red Willow
Hill Bros. from Stirling, Raymond
Hill, A.R. from Calgary, Turin, Claresholm
Hill, B.A. from Edgerton
Hill, Burdett from Taber
Hill, Clara M. from Travers
Hill, David from Lacombe
Hill, E.S. from Torlea, Viking
Hill, Earl N. from Alliance
Hill, F.W. from Kinuso
Hill, Frank W. from Vermilion
Hill, Fred from Rocky Mountain House, Stettler
Hill, Fred H. from Turner Valley, Erskine, Stettler
Hill, Geoffrey from Sherwood Park
Hill, Gordon A. from Red Deer
Hill, J.E. from Milk River
Hill, J.F. from Bowden, Monitor
Hill, Jack from Greenshields
Hill, James Maxwell from High Level
Hill, James Nile from Turin
Hill, John Leslie from Monitor
Hill, Joseph from Minburn
Hill, Kurt from Calgary
Hill, L. & Sons from Consort
Hill, L.L. from Consort, Neutral Valley
Hill, Leo B. from Taber
Hill, Norman from Sedalia
Hill, Peter from Lacombe
Hill, R. C. from Sundre
Hill, R.A. from Vulcan
Hill, Rebecca from Purple Springs, Taber
Hill, S.G. from Calgary
Hill, Smith from Monitor
Hill, Tom from Greenshields
Hill, W.H. from Tilley
Hill, W.S. from Vulcan
Hill, W.T. from Hardisty
Hill, Walter E. from Penhold
Hill, William F. from Calgary
Hill, William from Gleichen, Vulcan
Hillaby, C.G. from Cherry Grove
Hillaby, E.J. from Marwayne
Hillaby, Harry from Marwayne
Hillaby, Harvey Nile from Waterways
Hillaby, Robert from Camrose, Donalda
Hillaby, Robert from Marwayne
Hillaby, Ronald from Donalda
Hillaby, W.H. from Donalda
Hillaby, W.H. from Marwayne, Penticton, BC
Hillaby, William H. from Chaton
Hillard, Albert E. from Carmangay
Hille, Hans O. from Cereal
Hillebrecht, Charles from Olds
Hiller Bros from Olds
Hiller, Alice & Andrew from Sedgewick
Hiller, Alice, Hiller, Andrew from Sedgewick
Hiller, Edmund from Edmonton
Hiller, Emiel from Cluny, Hussar
Hiller, Roland E. from Edmonton
Hiller, Samuel from Hays
Hillerud, M. (The Claresholm Stock Company) from Claresholm
Hillestad, Lars J. from Bow Island, Medicine Hat, Whitla
Hillhurst Farms (Robert Allen Akins) from Duffield
Hillier, Harold from Twin Butte
Hilliker, A.J. from Calgary
Hillis, Reginald from Blackfoot, Lloydminster
Hillman, A.R. & Sons from Sexsmith
Hillman, Barry L. from Bluffton
Hillman, J.C. from Forestburg
Hillman, M.A. from Peace River
Hillman, S.A. from Grande Prairie
Hillman, William Earl from Taber
Hillman’s Black Eagle Ranching Company from Thelma
Hillmer, Ernest from Magrath, Del Bonita
Hills, A.J. from Coronado
Hills, Bros. (Douglas H & Garry H.) from Legal
Hills, George G. & Edith from Halfway Lake
Hills, George G. & Edith from Halfway Lake
Hills, James from Mannville, Payndale
Hills, James from Manville, Payndale
Hillstad, Gerhard from Whitla
Hillstad, Gerhard from Whitla
Hillsted, Swen M. from Buffalo, Pancras, Lethbridge
Hilman, Alfred from Nanton
Hilman, Marvin from Red Deer
Hiltbrand, Arthur & Fred from Scotfield
Hiltbrand, Fred from Scotfield
Hilton Bros. (George & William J.) from Millarville, Calgary
Hilton, Henry Stanley from New Brigden, Alix
Hilton, Jerry from Montgomery, Caroline
Hilton, Ronald J. from Strathmore
Hilts, Nelson A. from Alsask, SK, Lloydminster, AB, Didsbury
Him, Harry from Leslieville
Himmelreich, R.F. from Carstairs
Himmler, Klaus G. & Michael Moertl from Calgary
Hinch, Beatrice C. from Nemiskam
Hinch, Ed from Nemiskam
Hinchey, W.G. & Sons from Vermilion
Hinchliffe, Joseph from Marwayne, Tring, Kitscoty
Hinckelman, John from Whitecourt
Hind, Richard Pedder from Kitscoty, Hindville
Hinde, Gordon from Cochrane
Hinde, William from Calgary
Hinds Bros. from Iron Springs
Hinecker, Fred from Mannville, La Corey
Hiner, John Henry from Macleod
Hiner, Leo from Macleod
Hines, A.T. & Sons from Marwayne
Hines, A.V. from Streamstown
Hines, Agnes from Marwayne
Hines, Edith from Heisler
Hines, Edith L. & Audrey from Nanton
Hines, John B. from Etzikom
Hingley, Charles B. from Majorville, Champion, Lomond
Hingley, Harry from Bonanza
Hininger, H.J. from Clive, Botha
Hink, John H. from Walsh
Hinkey, Darrell Frank from Hardisty, Cardston
Hinkey, Emil from Bassano
Hinkey, Jack from Gem, High Prairie
Hinkey, Leslie from High Prairie
Hinkie, R. from Jarrow
Hinman, Nolan from Cardston, Calgary
Hinrup, Karen Kristine from Medicine Hat
Hinrup, Mrs. M L. from Medicine Hat
Hinteregger, J.S. from Comrey, Peers, Manyberries
Hinton, C.R. from Dovercourt
Hinton, Frank from Saltaux, Mannville
Hinton, Ollie from Amber Valley
Hinton, Percy & Hinton & Arthur from Mannville, Saultaux
Hintz, A.J. from Viking, Strome
Hintz, Michael from Alderson
Hintz, Ted from Stettler, Endiang, Pemberton, BC
Hintz, Walter from Viking
Hinz, Victor R. from Calgary
Hippe, Berthold from Sibbald, Medicine Hat
Hippe, Robert from Medicine Hat, Blackfoot
Hirch, Alfred from Coaldale
Hirch, Helmut from Bow Island
Hirney, John from Rolling Hills
Hirsch, A.H. from Bawlf, New Sarepta
Hirsch, Anthony M. from Parkland, Claresholm
Hirsch, Bennie from Oyen
Hirsch, Frank from Granum
Hirsch, Fred & Son from Camrose
Hirsch, Mrs. Paul from Bluffton
Hirsch, Paul from Willesden Green
Hirsche Bros. from Stirling
Hirsche, Jay Delryn from Wrentham
Hirsche, Norman E. from Stirling, Raymond
Hirsche, Samuel from Stirling
Hirschkorn, Alfred & Lilly from Rolling Hills, Brooks
Hirsekorn, F.J. from Clover Bar
Hisey, Russell from Tofield
Hislop, George & Jessie from Sedalia
Hislop, Stewart K. from Alsask, SK
Hissett, R.C. from Wainwright
Hitchcock, Harry from Bassano
Hitchins, Arthur & Laura Hutchins from Pincher Creek
Hitman, August from Camrose
Hitt, Otis from Del Bonita
Hittinger, Peter from Morinville
Hittle, Harry L. from Leo
Hitz, Clifford L. & Henry R. Hodgson from Dixonville
Hitz, H. from Clear Hills
Hix, T.D. from Sunnynook
Hixson Bros. (D.& Clifford Sheldon) from Lake Isle, Stanger
Hixson Bros. D. & Clifford Sheldon from Lake Isle, Stanger
Hjelter, H. from Darling
Hjelter, Ole from Ryley, Tofield
Hjorth, Harry from Tilley
Hlady, John & Sons from Two Hills
Hlavoy, Frank from Buck Lake
Hleucka, N.A. from Vauxhall
Hleucka, William V. from Hays
Hlewka, Jim from Two Hills
Hlibka, George from Fort Macleod
Hlookoff, Mike from Blackie
Hlus, Fred from Innisfree
Hlus, William from Innisfree
Hnatiuk, George from Vilna
Hnery, Eva & Ray from Ponoka
Hnery, William E. from Drayton Valley
Hoag, Delmer Leslie from Sexsmith
Hoar, Lyle L. from Ponoka
Hoar, W.C. from Ponoka
Hoar, W.C. from Ponoka
Hoard, Clarence C. from Lindbergh
Hoare, Stanley C. from Stavely, Claresholm
Hoban, Thomas from Mayerthorpe
Hobbes, Jonathon Lord from Buffalo, Bow Island
Hobbis, J. William & F.N. from Vermilion
Hobbis, William P. from Vermilion
Hobbs, A.E. from Calgary, Ponoka
Hobbs, Charles Eric from Gahern
Hobbs, George F. from Penhold
Hobbs, George F. from Penhold
Hobbs, Harry from Dorothy
Hobbs, Thomas H. from Tolland
Hobden, Mrs. J.H from Vermilion
Hobeck, Ed from Rimbey
Hobson, Charles V. from Brooks
Hobson, Jack from Eyremore, Bow City, Bassano, Fort St. John, BC
Hochman, Peter from Raymond
Hocken, Bruce from Innisfail
Hockin, A.W. from Big Valley
Hockley, Jackson from Big Valley
Hockley, James S. from Big Valley, Innisfail
Hockley, Reg J. from Delia
Hodge, Allen from Olds
Hodge, Gordon L. from Ponoka, Lacombe
Hodges, Charles J. from Olds
Hodges, V.C. from Beaverlodge
Hodgins, Hiram from Vermilion
Hodgins, L.J. from Edmonton
Hodgins, R. from Nanton
Hodgkin, Catherine Margaret from Kew
Hodgkin, F.M. from Millarville
Hodgkin, Frank A. from Priddis, Midnapore
Hodgkin, Fred H. from Millarville
Hodgkin, Mrs. G.M. from Millarville, Turner Valley
Hodgkinson, George S. from Stettler
Hodgkinson, George S. from Stettler
Hodgkinson, Hugh from Red Deer
Hodgman, Paul Gary from Calgary
Hodgson Bros. (Clinton & Marl) from Winnifred, Bow Island
Hodgson, Alan S. from Lac St. Anne, Edmonton, Yellowknife, NWT
Hodgson, Donald N. from Morrin
Hodgson, E. Monica from Dorothy
Hodgson, George Arthur from Bruderheim, Drayton Valley
Hodgson, Henry R. from Dixonville
Hodgson, John F. from Hythe
Hodgson, John George (estate) from Eagle Hill, Olds, Leo
Hodgson, John Robert from Rowley
Hodgson, W.B. from Claresholm, Battle Creek, MI.
Hodinski, Cyril from Beaverdam
Hodinski, Cyril from Beaverdam
Hodson, Fred from Rearville
Hodson, John Strong from Cheadle, Delburne
Hoecherl, Alfred from Pioneer, Edson
Hoecherl, Melvin Frank from Vermilion, Tofield
Hoeffling, Arthur from Alliance
Hoefling, Donald C. from Alliance
Hoefling, John from Forestburg
Hoeksema, H.L. from Fort Macleod
Hoeksma, John F. from Cochrane, Millarville
Hoeksma, John F. from Cochrane, Millarville
Hoekstra, Peter from Lake Isle
Hoel, Hans from Bow Island
Hoel, Hjalmar from Bow Island
Hoel, Melvin from Burdett, Canmore, High River
Hoel, Nels from Bow Island
Hoetmer, Symen from Tilley, St. Paul
Hofbauer, Stephen H. from Ponoka
Hofer, Earl from Calgary
Hofer, James from Raymond
Hofer, John & Jacob Kirschman from Burstall, Saskatchewan
Hofer, John & Jacob Kirschman from Burstall, SK
Hoff, Dan from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Hoff, Eldon from Cherhill
Hoff, Emil from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Hoff, John & Sons from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Hoff, John from Irvine
Hoff, Vernon from Cluny
Hoffarth, David from Nanton
Hoffarth, Stanley S. from Bluffton, Creston, BC
Hofferd, Clifford William from Edson
Hoffert, John F. from Champion
Hoffman, Adelaide from Rochester
Hoffman, Anton from Glenwoodville
Hoffman, Hannah from Walsh
Hoffman, J.L. from Taber
Hoffman, Jesse J. from Brocket
Hoffman, John from Barrhead
Hoffman, John J. from Ponoka
Hoffman, Morris from Stony Plain
Hoffman, R.E. & F.T. from Grande Prairie
Hoffman, R.E. & F.T. Johnson from Grande Prairie
Hoffman, Ray, & William F. Laing, from Medicine Hat
Hoffman, Raymond from Calgary
Hoffman, Roy from Medicine Hat
Hoffner, Martin from Medicine Hat
Hoflin, Andrew J. from La Glace
Hofman, Ralph from Rolling Hills
Hofmann, Alois M. from Scandia, Brooks
Hofmann, Roman from Calgary, Scandia
Hofmann, Steve from Rolling Hills
Hogarth, A.E. from Cabin Lake, Delano, Youngstown
Hogarth, J. from Cabin Lake, Delano, Youngstown
Hogbin Bros. (Douglas & A.B. & J.C.) from Harmon Valley
Hogbin Bros. (Douglas & A.B.) from Harmon Valley
Hogbin, Douglas Samuel from Harmon Valley
Hoge, Frank J. from Violet Grove
Hoge, Mary Ann nee Prosk from Granum
Hogenes, Gerrit from North Edmonton
Hogenson, Clell E. from Magrath, Stirling
Hogenson, Neil from Stirling
Hogenson, Reed Lynn from Stirling
Hogeveeit, John from Rich Lake
Hogg Bros. from Kinsella
Hogg, E.D. from Dunstable
Hogg, James K. from Kitscoty
Hogg, M.J. from DeBolt
Hogg, Matt from Lacombe
Hogg, Rosemarie Dorothy from Medicine Hat
Hogg, Ruth May from Sundre
Hogg, Wilbur William from Calgary
Hoggan Bros. (Jack A. & Cecil) from High River
Hoggarth, D.M. from Sexsmith, Buffalo Lake
Hoglund, Alf G. from Kinsella
Hoglund, Ingemar from Kinsella
Hohn H. from Tomahawk
Hohn, Arthur William from Stirling
Hohn, W.F. from Vegreville
Hohnstein, Conrad from Duffield, Carvel
Hohnstein, Harry from Duffield
Hohstein, Catherine from Duffield
Hoiland, Anton Paul from Calgary
Hoivik, Alfred from Carbon
Hok, Reginald from Hanna, Spondin
Hokanson, Peter from Wetaskiwin
Hola, Otto from Lomond
Holbert, Bernice from Schuler
Holden Bros. from Clear Hills
Holden, Al from Brooks
Holden, E.L. from Clear Hills, Heffley Creek, BC
Holden, G.J. from Holden, Camrose
Holding, William J. from Granum, (Belle Green Farm) from Granum, Carnforth
Holdsworth, Fred from Royalties
Holdsworth, Lloyd George from Endiang
Holdsworth, M.C. from Hay Lakes
Holdsworth, Thomas D. from Bruce
Hole, B.H. from Elkton
Hole, Georgia L. & George from Twin Butte
Hole, Georgia L. & George from Twin Butte
Hole, James L. from Airdrie
Hole, James L. from Airdrie
Hole, John Arthur from Airdrie
Hole, Lewis from Twin Butte
Holgate, Edward from Hanna
Holgate, J.E. from Vermilion
Holgate, John W. from Paradise Valley, Moyerton
Holgerson, Edward E. from Ponoka
Holladay, George Wren from Magrath
Holland, Blair from Lethbridge
Holland, Clifford Edward from Lethbridge
Holland, David H. from Cardston
Holland, Garth from Cardston
Holland, Gladys E. from Marwayne
Holland, Harold from Devon
Holland, Harry E. from Tomahawk
Holland, Hazel A. from Cardston
Holland, J.E. from Gleichen
Holland, Paul & Ethel from Youngstown
Hollander, J. from Pincher Creek
Hollander, Karl Fred from Scandia
Hollander, Richard from Monarch
Hollar, Glen C. from Kinsella
Hollar, Herbert R. from Mundare
Hollar, Mary from Kinsella
Hollar, Ruby from Kinsella, Viking
Hollar, Texas Clauda from Minburn
Hollen, Charles L. from Vermilion, Creston, BC
Hollenbeck, Earl from Beaver Mines, Burmis, Bellevue
Holler, Donald M. from Grande Prairie
Holley, Andrew from Kelsey
Holley, John E. from Vermilion, Elk Point
Hollick, George from Sundre
Hollihan, D.H. from Birdsholm, Bluffton
Hollihan, Richard D. from Foremost
Hollinda, John from Tilley
Hollinger, Catherine from Redcliff
Hollinger, Robert from Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hollingshead, Clarence from Brownvale
Hollingshead, Gerald E. from Fairview
Hollingsworth, Artia from Gahern, Etzikom
Hollingsworth, David L. from Rocky Mountain House, Eckville
Hollingsworth, Earl Alton from Leedale
Hollingsworth, H.W. from Etzikom, Manyberries, Foremost
Hollingsworth, Harlan L. from Etzikom, Bow Island
Hollingsworth, Lee & Wade Casey from Rimbey
Hollingsworth, R. from Leedale
Hollingsworth, Stanley from Leedale, Rimbey
Hollingworth, H.L. from Beverly, North Edmonton
Holloway, J.E. from Fleet
Holloway, Jack E. from Castor
Holloway, Robert from Castor, Fleet
Hollstein, Regena from Orion
Hollyoake, William H from Mannville
Holm, Harold from Rosebud
Holman, Earl L. from Devon
Holman, Glenn R. from Millicent
Holman, Leonard from Rocky Mountain House
Holman, Lester E. from Taber
Holman, U.W. from Tolland
Holman, Zora from Taber
Holmberg, Alfred M. from Viking
Holmberg, Andrew from Viking
Holmberg, Bertha from Seven Persons
Holmberg, Eric from Seven Persons, Medicine Hat
Holmberg, Oscar W. from Viking
Holmen, Iver from Sedalia
Holmen, John from Wayne
Holmen, Melvin from North Edmonton
Holmen, Ole from Tees
Holmes, Clarence V. from Etzikom
Holmes, David from Dorothy
Holmes, David Hanson from Dorothy, Hussar
Holmes, E. E. from Hanna
Holmes, F. H. from Consort
Holmes, Fred M. from Tring, Marwayne
Holmes, Godfrey from Raymond
Holmes, J.A. from Sundre
Holmes, J.E. from Fort Saskatchewan
Holmes, Norval C. from Olds
Holmes, R. C. from Duchess
Holmes, Robert from Rolling Hills
Holmes, William N. from Cayley
Holmgren, Victor from Calgary
Holmquist, Elsa N. from Provost, Cadogan
Holmsted, Brigham A. from Thelma
Holmsted, Wayne from Thelma, Medicine Hat
Holoboff, Fred from Mossleigh
Holoboff, George from Mossleigh
Holoboff, Mike from Nanton
Holoboff, Pete from Nanton, Cayley
Holoboff, William W. from Vulcan
Holoida, Paul from Cereal
Holoida, Steve from Cereal
Holomis. Max from St. Paul
Holowachuk, Mike from Ispas
Holowatiuk, Paul from Round Hill
Holowaychuk, Adam from Krakow
Holowaychuk, John from Chipman
Holowaychuk, John from Marwayne
Holowaychuk, Mike from Primrose
Holowaychuk, Mike from Primrose
Holowaychuk, Nick J. from Chipman
Holowaychuk, Robert from Two Hills
Holownia, Sam Jr. from Edmonton
Holownia, Sam Sr. from Vilna
Holroyd, Dean E. & Claude J. from Warner
Holroyd, E.W. from Boyne Lake, Floating Stone
Holroyd, George W. from Warner
Holroyd, George W. from Warner
Holroyd, J. Charles from Twin Butte, Calgary
Holscher, Kai from Granum
Holst, John M. from Hays, Vauxhall
Holst, Stanley Thomas from Gibbons
Holst, William from Boyle
Holstein, David from Cochrane
Holstein, Peter from Orion
Holstrom, Gordon S. from Edmonton
Holt, Alley M. & Mrs. Hassen from Wardlow
Holt, Alley M. & Mrs. Hassen from Wardlow
Holt, Clarence from Innisfail
Holt, Clayton from New Sarepta, Edmonton
Holt, Donald W. I .from McLaughlin
Holt, Donald W.I. from McLaughlin
Holt, Edward from Roma, Peace River
Holt, Fred (Rockdale Farm) from Medicine Hat
Holt, Fred, Rockdale Farm from Medicine Hat
Holt, Gary Carl from Stony Plain
Holt, H.B. from Hanna
Holt, H.B. from Hanna
Holt, Harry from Medicine Hat
Holt, Harry from Medicine Hat
Holt, Isaac B. from Calgary
Holt, Mack L. from Edmonton
Holt, Sam from Stony Plain
Holt, Samuel from Roma
Holt, Sarah Ann & Harry from Medicine Hat
Holt, William from Roma
Holt, William M. & Trudy A. from Irma
Holtan, Margaret E. from Jenner
Holte, A.O. from Amisk, Vedder Crossing, BC
Holte, Arthur E. from Hughenden
Holte, Clarence from Bittern Lake, Hughenden
Holte, Robert Halvor from Sundre
Holten, Ronald W. & Fred Swetitch from Spruce Grove
Holter, Flora M. from Bruce
Holterman, A.J. from Coronation
Holthe, Art from Bluffton, Turin
Holthe, Mrs. N. from Taber
Holtman, Billy & I .M. Holt from Coaldale
Holtman, Billy & I.M. Holt from Coaldale
Holtz, Albert from Beaverlodge, Rio Grande
Holtz, Dale Henry from Red Willow
Holtz, Henry from Rio Grande
Holtz, Joseph from Hackett, Botha
Holvick, Arne from Innisfree, Edmonton
Holvoet, Ernest from Taber
Holvoet, Flavie from Taber
Holyk, Bill W. from Mundare
Holzer, Albert from Spondin
Holzer, Elsie from Coronation
Homan, Alfred E. from Talbot, Silver Heights
Homan, Alfred E. from Talbot, Silver Heights
Homan, Clyde from Veteran, Talbot
Homan, John V. from Coronation
Homan, Lester E. from Talbot, Throne, Veteran
Homeniuk, Harry from Myrnam
Homeniuk, Metro J. from Mundare
Homeniuk, Mike from Myrnam
Homeniuk, Paul from Mannville
Homeniuk, Walter from Camrose
Homeniuk, Walter S. from Mundare
Homenuk, P from Edmonton
Homenuk, P. from Edmonton
Hommy, Garnet from Hythe
Hone, G.W. from Elkton
Honen’s & Edwards from Calgary
Honens & Hutchings from Calgary
Honens, Henry Harry from Calgary
Honens, William Harold from Irricana, Calgary
Honess Bros. from Lomond
Honess, Gilbert from Lomond
Honess, R.J. from Badger Lake
Honeywell, Arthur L. from Big Valley
Honeywell, Charles W. from Big Valley
Honner, Alfred F. from Pakowki, Etzikom
Hoobenoff, John from Lundbreck
Hoobenoff, N.S. from Lundbreck
Hoobenoff, N.S. from Lundbreck
Hood, Andy from Bassano
Hood, David from Chauvin
Hood, J.W. from Hussar
Hood, Rod M. from Gem
Hood, Roy from Gem
Hoog, Gary M. from Grande Prairie, Valemount, BC
Hooge, George from Vauxhall
Hook, George from Purple Springs
Hooke, Alfred John from Halkirk
Hooker, C. from Streamstown
Hookland, J.M. & S.S. from Cardston, Woolford
Hoole, Thomas from Rocky Mountain House
Hooper Bros. from Viking, Torlea
Hooper Bros. from Viking, Torlea
Hooper, Annie Pearl from Sundre
Hooper, Benjamin Lemuel from Knee Hill Valley
Hooper, Donald E. from Tomahawk
Hooper, Ernest R. from Ribstone
Hooper, Ernest R. from Ribstone
Hooper, Robert G. from Innisfail, Knee Hill Valley
Hooper, Robert George & Victor Benjamin from Knee Hill Valley, Breton
Hooper, Sandra Ann nee Bernier from Stavely
Hooper, Victor Benjamin from Breton
Hooper, William G.H. from Alhambra, Sundre
Hoopfer, William S. from Red Deer
Hoover, Christina from Edmonton
Hoover, Don from Jasper Park
Hoover, Henry from Sheerness, Patricia
Hoover, Joe J. & Joe Derhousoff from Throne, Coronation
Hoover, L.L. from Calgary
Hoover, Larry & Lawrence Derhousoff from Throne
Hoover, Larry or Lawrence Derhousoff from Throne
Hoover, Lester R. from Hines Creek
Hoover, Lester R. from Hines Creek, Worsley
Hoover, R.G. from Hanna
Hop, F.J. from Calgary
Hopaluk, A. from Wainwright
Hopaluk, Anton from Wainwright
Hope, Dr. G.J. from Edmonton
Hope, Dr. G.J. from Edmonton
Hope, Pearl from Acme
Hope, Robert J. from Acme
Hope, W.K. from Cochrane, Seebe
Hopf, Ralph from Tofield
Hopfe, Archie E. from Camrose
Hopfe, Clarence from Hardisty
Hopfe, George from Rosyth
Hopfe, Ida from Hughenden, Battle Ridge, Hardisty, Rosyth
Hopkins, Charles Edgar from Duffield
Hopkins, Donald S (Buckhorn Ranch) from Spokane, WA, Beaver Mines
Hopkins, Donald S. (Buckhorn Ranch) from Spokane, WA, Beaver Mines
Hopkins, Fred from Lathom
Hopkins, Glen J. & Frank W. Dobinson from Haynes
Hopkins, Henry H. from Lacombe
Hopkins, Jason W. from Breda, Innisfail
Hopkins, R.A. from Peace River
Hopkinson, Rob from Edmonton
Hopkinson, Rob from Edmonton
Hopps, Mrs. Thomas from Rimbey
Horban, Ale from Glendon
Horbec, Michael from Andrew
Hore, J.J. from Heath
Horinek, Clarence R. from Kinsella
Horinek, Enoch R. from Kinsella
Horinek, James from Kinsella, Sedgewick
Horinek, Louis from Kinsella
Hormann, Gerhard Paul from Mannville
Hormann, Leonard Paul from Mannville
Hormoth, Ivan from Iron Springs
Horn, Allan R. from Irma, Hughenden
Horn, Andrew C. from Olds
Horn, Andrew from Manyberries
Horn, Charles from Manyberries
Horn, D.G. from Red Deer
Horn, D.G. from Red Deer
Horn, Frederick William from Red Deer
Horn, Harold J. from Olds
Horn, Peter L. from Sundre
Hornady, C.E. from Gadsby
Hornberger, Nephi from Shaughnessy
Hornberger, P.J. from Fort Macleod
Hornberger, Ray from Vulcan
Hornby, Richard from Rose Lynn
Horne, Albert & Hugh from Halkirk
Horne, Albert & Hugh from Halkirk
Horne, Fairfield from Lethbridge
Horne, Genevieve from Brocket
Horne, James & Maryann Uptigrove from Priddis
Horne, James & Maryann Uptigrove from Priddis
Horne, Jenny from Fort Macleod
Horner, J.V. from Edmonton
Horner, J.V. from Edmonton
Horner, Joseph from Macleod, Spring Ridge
Horner, Wilber H. from Calgary
Horness, Donald from Lea Park, Marwayne
Horness, Ray from Marwayne
Hornett, A.E. from New Brigden
Hornett, Benjamin from New Brigden
Horney, Walter from Delburne, Red Deer
Horneyak, Steve from Hill Spring
Hornick, P.D. from Stavely
Hornsby, E. Gary from Vermilion
Hornseth, S.H. from Haynes
Hornsey, Eric Thomas from Donalda
Horodezky, Fred from Bellevue
Horon, Nick from Lavoy
Horon, Victor & Myron Humeniuk from Edmonton
Horpestad, Aron from Kitscoty
Horricks, George from Edmonton
Horricks, T.J. from Forestburg
Horricks, T.R. from Forestburg
Horricks, W.J. from Forestburg
Horricks, William from Edmonton
Horsburgh, George A. from Fort Macleod
Horsburgh, George A. from Fort Macleod, Nanton
Horse Co-Operative Marketing Association Ltd from Swift Current, SK
Horton, E.H. from Vermilion, Heinsburg
Horton, John William from Gadsby
Horton, Joseph Leslie from Nanton
Horton, Walter from Gadsby
Horutko, Norman & Sons from Clive
Horvath, Andy J. from Lethbridge
Horvath, Frank from Sangudo
Horvath, Jim Sr. from Breton
Horvath, Julius from Fort Macleod
Horvath, Urban from Taber
Hosegood, A.J. & Son from South Edmonton
Hoskins, Morley from Castor
Hosler, Leo from Wardlow, Duchess, Brooks
Hotop, Frank from Fairview
Hotte, Louis from Wembley
Hotte, Louis P. from Plamondon
Houcher, Charles from Czar
Houcher, Charles William from Czar
Houcher, John William from Czar
Houcher, M. Mabel from Amisk, Czar
Houck, Simon from Bodo
Houde, Ted A. from Buck Lake
Houff, Brian Dale from Medicine Hat
Houff, Jacob from Medicine Hat
Houff, Valerie Gayle from Medicine Hat
Hougard, Peter A. from Ponoka
Houger, J.B. from Comrey
Hough, George W. from Patricia
Hough, George W. from Patricia
Hough, Mrs. I. from Atlee
Houghton, E. from Hutton, Pollockville, Brooks
Houghton, E.W. from Taber
Houghton, Herbert M. from Calgary
Houghton, Herbert M. from Calgary
Houghton, Neville from Hutton, Sheerness
Houghton, William C. from Cochrane
Houlden, R.H. from Cayley
Houlden, R.H. from Cayley
Houlder, Cyril R. from Berwyn
Houle, Clarence W. from Paddle Prairie
Houle, George from Goodfish Lake
Houle, George Jr. from Goodfish Lake
Houle, Louis from Clear Hills
Houle, Tommy Sr. from Goodfish Lake
Houlette, H.M. & E.S. Rutledge from Kinuso
Housch, Ella M. from Hanna, Calgary
Housch, Herb from Hanna
Housch, John from Hanna
Housch, Lawrence John from Edmonton
House, Dale from Rocky Mountain House
House, David Herbert from Arrowwood
House, E.A. from Manyberries, Champion
House, Frank J. from High River
House, George R from Wabamun
House, George R. from Wabamun
Houseman, F.P. from Fleet
Houseman, Henry O. from Brooks
Housenga, Jacob from Carmangay, Rolling Hills
Houser, C.J. from Castor, Calgary
Housley, John from Raymond
Housley, William from Manyberries
Housman, Harvey L. from Sexsmith, Buffalo Lake
Housman, Harvey L. from Sexsmith, Buffalo Lake
Houston, Dale M. from Edmonton
Hovde, Harold J. from Carmangay
Hovelkamp, Gerry from St. Paul
Hoven, A.M. from Eckville
Hovey, Alonzo from Kimball
Hovis, Athol from Glenwood
Howard Bros. from Spirit River
Howard John L. from Lousana, Innisfail
Howard, Archie or Archibald R. from Cochrane
Howard, Bertha nee Tamlin from Paradise Valley
Howard, Fred K. from Calgary, Sundre
Howard, Harry J. & Ethel P. Stone from Big Prairie
Howard, Henry W. from Knee Hill Valley, Innisfail
Howard, L.G. & J. W. from Amisk
Howard, R.R. from Knee Hill Valley
Howard, Robert Lee from Bashaw
Howard, Vincent from Rainbow, Drumheller
Howarth, Robert from Red Deer
Howatt Bros. (William & Harry H.) from Elmworth, Acme
Howatt, Bruce from Innisfail
Howatt, Ronald D. & J.C. Reid from Drayton Valley
Howden Bros. from Carstairs, Cremona
Howden, B.G. & Paul Sowers from Vanesti, Paradise Valley
Howden, B.G. & Paul Sowers from Vanesti, Paradise Valley
Howden, D.J. from Shepard, Calgary
Howden, Ira E. from Calgary, Shepard
Howe, Ben from Coronation
Howe, F.H. from Carstairs
Howe, F.H. from Carstairs
Howe, Gerald F. from Castor
Howe, Henry from Alix
Howe, Jim from Irricana
Howe, Robert W. from Halkirk
Howe, Tessie from Duchess
Howe, Vernon from Veteran
Howeiler, Fred & Mrs. from Sullivan Lake, Castor
Howell, C.D from Elnora, Pine Lake
Howell, E.C from Red Deer
Howell, J.B from Glenford, Busby, Morinville
Howell, William from Elnora
Howerton, Ethel from Big Stone
Howery, V.A. from Spondin, Hanna, Viking
Howey, Clarence F. J. from Vancouver, BC
Howey, James from Kew
Howey, William from Coronation
Howg, Arthur E. from Silver Heights
Howg, C.M. from Enchant
Howg, Eugene Leroy & Ellia Beatrice from Enchant
Howg, Merlyn Richard from Enchant
Howitt, Andrew from Alix, Milk River
Howlett, Eldon from Stony Plain, Winterburn
Howlett, Ernest from Kitscoty
Howlett, George G. from Byemoor
Howlett, George G. from Byemoor
Howorko, Edie N. from Innisfree
Howorko, John from Mannville
Howorko, Peter from Hairy Hill, Tofield
Howrisch, John from Holden
Howse, Adolphus W. from Kikino
Howse, Andrew from Millet, Hardisty
Howse, Ernest J. from Caslan
Howse, Frank L. from Raven, Vilna
Howse, George Robert from Raven, Innisfail, Calgary
Howse, Jeffery from Caslan
Howse, Joseph or Joe from Empress, Leader, SK, Bindloss
Howse, M. from Empress
Howse, Robert Alex from Medicine Hat, Touchwood Hills, SK, Empress, Islay
Howton, Rose Leda from Sundre, Elkton
Hoy, Henry from Bashaw
Hoyme, Norman Arnold (Wenham Valley Ranches Ltd.) from Wetaskiwin, Westerose
Hoyteniuk, A. John from Lavoy
Hozack, Albert from Streamstown
Hozouski, Stanley L. & Verena G. from Sundre
Hozuda, Mike from Coaldale
Hrabak, John from Edberg
Hrabec, Nick A. from Myrnam
Hrabets, Peter from Myrnam
Hramalak, Michael from Bonnyville
Hrchirchek, Sam from Chipman
Hrehorchuk, W. from Coleridge
Hriskow, Tom from Sexsmith
Hronek, Ben from Halkirk
Hronek, Joe Jr. from Halkirk
Hrstic, Branko from Picture Butte, Calgary
Hrubey, Mike from High River, Shaughnessy
Hrushenski, Harry from Bluffton, Medicine Hat
Hruska, Joe Jr. from Coaldale
Hruska, Josef from Coaldale
Hryciw, John from Two Hills, Warwick, Kaleland
Hryhirchuk, John P. from Two Hills
Hryhirchuk, William from Lac Bellevue, Brosseau
Hrynewich, Stephen Reginald from Bassano
Hryniw, Mike from Morecambe
Hrynkewich, William from Wandering River
Hrynyshyn, Harry from Kinuso
Htach, S.W. from Lethbridge
Hubalta Hog Ranch (Robert, Barry & Albert Smolkin) from Calgary
Hubbard, Arteric from Lethbridge
Hubbard, George W. from Mannville, Lavoy
Hubbard, Leroy John from Lacombe, Ponoka
Hubbard, Lillian from Lethbridge
Hubbard, Roger W. from Champion
Hubbard, W.A. from Mannville
Hubbell, Edward from Medicine Hat
Hubbell, Edward R. from Lloydminster, McLaughlin, Rising Sun
Hubek, Matus from Barnwell
Huber, A.P. from St. Lina
Huber, Hans from Peace River
Huber, Michael from Taylorville
Huber, Philip from Olds
Huber, Richard from Carstairs
Huber, William from Burstall, SK
Hubert, A. from Notikewin
Hubert, A. from Notikewin
Hubert, Jacob F. from Coaldale
Hubka, Rudolf E. from Carmangay
Huck, J.A. from Midnapore
Huck, Joseph A. Sr. from Midnapore
Huckerby, A.D. from Calgary
Huckstepp, Frank from Big Prairie
Huckvale, Charles Cuthbert from Medicine Hat
Hucul, Dmytro from St. Michael
Huculak, Alex S. from Whitford
Huculak, Clarence from Kinuso
Huculak, Henry A. from Lavoy
Huculak, Jack from Bonnyville
Huculak, Joe from Kinuso
Huddlestun, Lorne from Twin Butte
Hudema, Peter from Hotchkiss
Hudson, A. from Bowden
Hudson, Charles Raymond from Brownfield
Hudson, Clifford from Rolling Hills, Bowden
Hudson, Don from Spirit River
Hudson, Ellsworth W. from Innisfail, Iron Springs
Hudson, Emma & K.E. from Lucky Strike, Lethbridge
Hudson, Foster Lee from Brownfield, Puffer
Hudson, George L. from Edmonton, Wainwright
Hudson, Gladys from Hardisty
Hudson, James from Carbon, Elnora, Calgary
Hudson, Melvin E. from Coronation, Brownfield
Hudson, Olaf J. from Calgary, Airdrie
Hudson, Otto & Willa from Cherhill
Hudson, Stanley from Bowden
Hudson, T.A. from Iron Springs, Innisfail
Hudson, Warner from Airdrie
Hue, Bertrand L. from Calgary
Huebert, Mrs. D.P. from Federal
Hueppelsheuser, O.W. & Sons from Blackfalds
Huether, Albert from Carbon, Rockyford
Huether, Ben from Beiseker
Huether, Willard S. from Carbon
Huff, A. from Lomond
Huff, Henry from Lomond
Huff, Howard David from Wetaskiwin
Huff, Luther A. from Bulwark
Huff, Mrs. Roy from Ponoka
Huff, Mrs. Roy from Ponoka
Huff, Paul from Cochrane, Dog Pound
Huff, R K. from Edmonton
Huff, R.K. from Edmonton
Huff, Ray from Faith, Etzikom, Gahern
Huff, S.R from Edmonton
Huff, T. K. from Edmonton
Huff, T.K. from Edmonton
Hufnagel, Christian from Valleyview
Hufnagel, Frank from Magrath
Hufnagel, John from Jenner, Nobleford
Huget, Karl from Anning
Huggard Bros. (James G. & C. M.) from Balzac
Huggard Bros. (James G. & C.M.) from Balzac
Hughes, Charles Albert from Gadsby
Hughes, Digby A. from DeWinton
Hughes, Donald Edward from Longview
Hughes, Edward from Czar, Calgary, Balzac
Hughes, Evan Dave from Vermilion
Hughes, George R. from Wainwright, Greenshields
Hughes, Gerry David from Jenner
Hughes, Gordon from Buffalo, Rose Lynn
Hughes, Griff from Reid Hill, Turner Valley
Hughes, Henry James from Gadsby
Hughes, Jim from Jenner
Hughes, John Melvin from Edmonton
Hughes, Kenneth A. from Calgary
Hughes, Lorne A. from Rosebud, Standard, Calgary
Hughes, Margaret from Heath, Wainwright
Hughes, Margaret Lois remarried name Krupa from Gadsby, Grande Prairie
Hughes, Michael L. & John J. from Willowlea, Lloydminster, AB, Leighton, Alcurve
Hughes, Ray W. from Bergen, Didsbury
Hughes, Sher A. from DeWinton
Hughes, Stanley from Mayerthorpe
Hughes, Thomas from Buffalo
Hughes, V.O. from New Fish Creek, Pincher Creek, Veteran
Hughes, Wilfred E. from Camrose, Kinsella
Hughes, William & O. from Bassano
Hughson Bros. from Whitford, Willingdon
Hughson, J.A. from DeBolt
Hughson, R.D. from Whitford, Willingdon
Hughson, S.J. from Lucky Strike
Hugo, John F, Carl V. & Frank E. from Ghost Pine Creek
Hugo, Peter from Ghost Pine Creek
Huising, Albert from Kipp
Huisman, Harry from Monarch
Huistel, Rupert from Brooks, Warner
Huither, Adolf name changed to Adolf Heather from Thelma
Huither, Adolf name changed to Adolf Heather from Thelma
Huither, Ludwig from Thelma
Hulberg, A. from Ribstone
Hulberg, I.C. from Rocky Mountain House
Hulett, L.A. from Vegreville
Hulgaard, W. & G.D. from Condor
Hull, Edna Holmes nee Holmes Hill from Nanton, Furman
Hull, John from Vermilion
Hull, John W. from St. Paul
Hull, Rita from Taber
Hull, Roy W. from Cardston, Hill Spring
Hull, William Roper from Calgary
Hulland, John from Alderson, Redcliff, Medicine Hat
Hulme, John from Sedalia
Hultgren, A.C. from Barons, Pincher Creek
Hultgren, Kenneth from Pincher Creek
Hum, Mike from Sangudo
Humble, George K. from Marwayne
Humble, Mary Isabelle from Calgary
Humble, Thomas S. from Streamstown
Hume, Dan from High River, Millarville
Hume, Fred from Turner Valley
Hume, John W. from Mirror
Humenny, Joe from Medicine Hat
Humeny, Elias from Sunland
Humes, Omar L. from Sedgewick
Hummel, Christ from Castor
Hummel, Emil from Hilda
Hummel, Herbert from Veteran
Hummel, John from Lethbridge
Hummel, Jonathon or John from Castor, Vancouver, BC
Hummelle, L. from Barrhead
Humphrey, A.A. from Masinasin
Humphrey, Alva Owen from Blackie
Humphrey, George A. from Delia
Humphrey, Lloyd Phillip from Drumheller
Humphrey, Mrs. O.M. from Silver Heights, Hughenden, Calgary
Humphrey, Thomas from Blackie
Humphreys, Mrs. D.M from Scollard
Hunchak, Thomas W. from Willingdon
Hunchak, William from Willingdon
Hunder, Albert from Lloydminster
Hunder, Fred W. from Dawson Creek, BC
Hunike, J.B. from Ferguson Flats, Primrose
Hunka, Harry from East Coulee, Rosedale
Hunsperger, Alvin from Didsbury
Hunt, Alice from Carbon
Hunt, Aubrey from Green Glade
Hunt, C.M. from Obed, Pedley
Hunt, Elsie Mary M. from Fairview
Hunt, Fred C. from Killam
Hunt, Gilbert A. from Innisfail
Hunt, H. Salome from Nobleford
Hunt, Helen Isabel from James River Bridge
Hunt, Herman R. from Balzac
Hunt, Horace H. from Hobbema
Hunt, J.W.C. from Lacombe
Hunt, L. & L. from Lacombe
Hunt, L.C. from Hinton
Hunt, Michael from Stavely
Hunt, Raymond Charles from Mayerthorpe
Hunt, Robert F. (Eden Valley Ranch) from Longview
Hunt, Roy S. from Innisfail, James River Bridge
Hunt, Wilfred J. from Kinuso
Hunt, William & Anne E. from Midnapore, Priddis
Hunt, William from Lethbridge
Hunter Bros. (Ernest & Stephen) from Spring Point
Hunter Bros. from Marwayne, Tring
Hunter James & Catherine from Goodfare, Moose Valley, SK
Hunter Robert H. from Grande Prairie
Hunter, Bill from Calgary
Hunter, Charles S. from Pincher Creek, Banff
Hunter, George F. from Glenevis
Hunter, George F. from Glenevis
Hunter, George from Garden Plains
Hunter, Howard from St. Paul, Saddle Lake, St. Brides
Hunter, Ira C. & Sons from Hughenden, Silver Heights
Hunter, Isaac from Porcupine Hills
Hunter, J.A. from Big Valley
Hunter, Joe E. from Didsbury
Hunter, John J. & Chris Sauer from Calgary
Hunter, L. from Edgerton
Hunter, L.E. from Edgerton
Hunter, Lazarus from Saddle Lake
Hunter, Lorne from Craigmyle
Hunter, M.B. from Alhambra, Turner Valley, Caroline
Hunter, Norman J. from Craigmyle, Hanna
Hunter, Paul W. from Inglewood, CA, Lomond
Hunter, Robert W. from Michichi, Delia
Hunter, Sam from Calgary
Hunter, Theodore J. from Penhold
Hunter, Thomas from Rimbey
Hunter, Thomas Roy from Lloydminster
Hunter, William & James & Ronald from Carstairs
Hunter, William & Ronald James from Carstairs
Hunter, William from Carstairs
Hunter, William from Monarch
Hunter, William Louis from Calgary
Hunter, Wilmer G. from McRae
Huntley, E.R. from Lacombe
Huntley, John R. from Seven Persons, Medicine Hat
Huntley, P.F. from Lacombe, Onion Lake, SK
Huntley, Peter M. from Loverna, SK
Huntley, Randall W. from Mayerthorpe
Hupka, Alex T. from Smoky Lake
Huppie, George from Lac La Biche
Huppie, Gilbert from Grandin
Hurl, Clarence from Buffalo
Hurl, Stanley J. from Buffalo, Cavendish
Hurlburt, George Wesley & Mrs. from Empress, Alcomdale, Calgary
Hurlburt, George Wesley from Empress, Alcomdale, Calgary
Hurlburt, K. Brant from Fort Macleod
Hurlburt, William John from Empress
Hurley & Jameson from Edmonton
Hurley & Jameson from Edmonton
Hurley, Norah I. from Wainwright
Hursh, Myrtle from Hussar, Bassano
Hurst, Edna, Janet & Lorraine Richer from Calgary
Hurtibise Bros. from St. Paul
Husband, Alfred from Innisfail
Husband, James Frederick from Medicine Hat
Husband, Roy from Innisfail
Husby, F.S. & K.C. Horsfield (Echo Glen Ranch Ltd.) from High River
Husby, H.A. from High River, Montgomery
Huseby, John from Eckville
Huser, George G. from Crossfield
Huser, George G. from Crossfield
Hussar Barley Growers Ltd. from Hussar
Hussar, Simon from Innisfail
Hussar, Simon from Innisfail
Hussin, Kathleen from Cochrane
Hussin, Kenneth J. & Lloyd R. Moore from Innisfail
Husted, Dean H. from Stavely
Husted, W. L. from Stavely
Huston, George from Blackfalds, Lacombe
Huston, Hiram Brownel from Alsask, SK.
Huston, Wallace L. from Sibbald
Husty, Frank from Duchess
Hutch, Raymond Phillip from Brooks
Hutchings, Alma Edith from Calgary
Hutchings, James Ervin from Consort
Hutchins, Arthur from Pincher Station, Pincher Creek
Hutchins, Joseph Sidney from Fort Macleod
Hutchins, P.J. from Edmonton
Hutchins, P.J. from Edmonton
Hutchinson, Bruce A. from Edmonton
Hutchinson, C. from Vanesti, Paradise Valley
Hutchinson, David & Andrew from Wainwright
Hutchinson, Duncan from Calgary
Hutchinson, E.O. from Easyford
Hutchinson, Joe from Barons
Hutchinson, John Wesley from Bindloss
Hutchinson, Lester N. from Bindloss, Creston, BC
Hutchinson, R.D. from Warner
Hutchinson, Raymond from Hanna
Hutchinson, Richard J. from Calgary
Hutchinson, Thomas from Coleman
Hutchinson, William M. from Hanna
Hutchison, David from Wainwright
Hutchison, O.W. from Wainwright
Hutson, Ralph from New Sarepta
Hutton, Don & Mick Fluker from St. Paul
utton, Edith A. & Muriel E. from Islay
Hutton, Edith from Islay, Koknee
Hutton, George & Pearl A. from Macleod, Springpoint
Hutton, George & Pearl A. from Macleod, Springpoint
Hutton, William Standish Haley from Islay
Huvenaars, William from Hays
Huxley, F.J. from Three Hills, Ghost Pine Creek
Huybregts, Adr from Langdon, Lyalta, Strathmore
Huzar, Mike from Oyen
Hvame Bros (Lars & Ole) from Bowell
Hyatt, Edward T. from Lea Park, Marwayne
Hyatt, Harold M. from Dewberry, Lea Park
Hyatt, Mrs. Thomas H. from Lea Park, Dewberry
Hyde, Delbert B. from Calgary, De Winton
Hyde, Delbert L. from De Winton, Calgary
Hyde, Edward from Medicine Hat
Hyde, Murray Cecil from Calgary
Hyde, Samuel from Atlee
Hyder, Nick from Halfway Lake, Bragg Creek
Hy-Grade Coal Co Ltd from Drumheller
Hymanyk, Robert Carl from Bremner
Hyrve, Norman K. from Gem Brooks
Hyrvei, Harold from Gem
Hyshka, Mike from Ranfurly
Hyslip, Amond H. from Vulcan
Hyslop, John from Dunstable, Busby
Hyssop, Abe from Lethbridge
Hyssop, Winston from Lethbridge, Calgary

Iceton, George David from Acme, Turner Valley
Iceton, John S. from Midnapore
Iceton, John S. from Midnapore
Iceton, Joyce L. from Turner Valley
Iceton, Robert H. from Turner Valley
Iceton, William from Turner Valley
Iddens, Elmer F. from Brownvale
Iddings, Glenn D. from Rimbey
Iemmer, Gerhardt from Mayerthorpe, Looma
Iftody, George from Willingdon
Iftody, William from Hotchkiss
Ignatius, George Edward from Eckville, Benalto
Ikeda Farm (Roy Ikeda) from Raymond, Taber
Illingworth, George from Clive
Ilnicki, Adam & Leona from Edmonton, Plamondon
Ilsley, Charles H. from Hardisty
Ilsley, Norman L. from Rochester, Lawsonburg, Ardrossan
Imbery, Ralph G. from Calgary
Imes, R.H. from Wardlow
Imeson, James from Macleod
Imeson, R.G. from Turin
Impey, Nora from Breton
Inda, Dan S. from Brooks
Indergaard, Alfred from Forest Lawn
Indergard, Carl C. from Duchess
Inderhees, Fritz from Loyalist
Indian Residential School (United Church of Canada) from Morley
Indus Barley Growers Ltd. from Calgary
Ingeberg, A. from Bassano
Inglis, A.E .from Strachan
Inglis, E.A. from Ranfurly
Inglis, Elizabeth A. nee Kerr from Ranfurly
Inglis, F.M. from Kitscoty
Inglis, S. & W.D. from Lavoy
Ingraham, George F. from Calgary
Ingraham, George F. from Calgary
Ingraham, Oliver R. from Balzac, Calgary
Ingraham, W.L. from Lacombe
Ingram, Arnett A. from Edmonton
Ingram, Charles G. from Kevisville
Ingram, Duncan George from Holden, Edmonton, Musidora
Ingram, Earl A. from Cherry Grove
Ingram, Earl from Onion Lake, SK
Ingram, Leo W. from Streamstown, Frog Lake
Ingram, Stan from Lloydminster
Ingram, W.D & O.F. (Ingramís Store) from Brooks
Ingram, Zac from Cork
Ings, Fred W. from Nanton
Ings, Fred Walker from Nanton
Ingwall, Sundal from Crossfield, Pincher Creek
Inman Bros from Foremost
Inman, Lester from Bergen, Neutral Hills, Loyalist, Talbot
Innes, Lloyd from Eckville
Innis – Taylor, A. from Entrance
Innis, D.G. from Craigmyle
Innocent, Murray from Hackett, Botha, Stettler
Inscho, Glen from St. Lina, St. Paul
Inverarity, G.P. from Conrich
Ion, Mary from Jenner
Ireland, Ellsworth G. from Lloydminster, Saskatchewan & Alberta
Ireland, R.J. from Vermilion
Ireland, Sam from Red Deer
Ireland, Thomas W., Ireland, Leonard D. from High Prairie
Irion, Art from Endiang, Hanna
Irion, John from New Norway
Irish, R.J. from High Prairie
Iron Creek Feeders from Hardisty
Iron Sheet, Joseph from Cardston, Stand Off
Ironmonger, Arthur from Burmis, Hillcrest
Ironmonger, Brian from Hillcrest
Ironside, Thomas & Beverly from Rocky Mountain House
Ironside, William Mattock from Blackfalds
Ironsides, Telfar & Sons from Garden Plain, Scapa
Irvine, Lula A. & Lula A. Heffren, from Ribstone, Chauvin
Irvine, William from Barons
Irving, Charles William from Huxley
Irving, Clifford from Purple Springs, Barnwell
Irving, Louisa from Barnwell
Irving, Robert from Purple Springs
Irwin, E.J. from Pendryl, South Edmonton
Irwin, Earl from Consort
Irwin, Edna Frances from Carbon
Irwin, Henry & Doris from Carbon
Irwin, J.H. from Arrowwood
Irwin, John R. from Arrowwood
Irwin, Julia from Patricia
Irwin, L.G. from Black Diamond
Irwin, Lawrence H. from Arrowwood
Irwin, Lloyd George from Calgary
Irwin, Paul from Airdrie
Irwin, Robert W. from Calgary
Irwin, W.J. from Airdrie
Isaac Farm (Esther, Luella, William, Peter W.) from Linden
Isaac, Henry from Duchess
Isaac, Jake from Brooks
Isaac, Peter from Crooked Creek
Isaac, Phil from Crooked Creek
Isaac, William from Linden
Isaacs, James Beverly from Calgary
Isaacson, Oscar E. from Harmattan
Isbister, Harold from Gadsby
Isbister, William Walter from Chinook
Isele, Otto from Northmark
Isenor, Annie from Kinuso
Isenor, Robert W. from Kinuso
Isert, Albert C. from Dewberry
Isert, Arthur E. from Hazeldine
Isert, August L. from Hazeldine, Dewberry
Isert, Dalhart from Dewberry
Isert, Ernest C. from McLennan, Lea Park
Isert, Larry from Hazeldine
Iskiw, Steve & Paul from Myrnam
Isley, Maisie from Vermilion
Ismaki, Otto from Carstairs
Ismond, Ronald Murray from Valleyview
Israelson, Herbert from Metiskow, Red Deer
Israelson, Israel George from Amisk
Israelson, V. from Metiskow
Itaya, Wakaichi from Iron Springs
Ivany, Alex from Greenlawn
Iversen, H.E. from Bruce, Alder Flats
Iverson, Bert from Viking
Iverson, Garry Harold from Carbon
Iverson, Harter from Tofield, North Cooking Lake
Iverson, Obert from Griffin Creek
Iverson, Susie from Tofield
Ives, William C. Chief Justice from Calgary
Ivie, Paul from Stirling
Iwanicha, Paul from Calmar
Iwasiuk, Steve from Grantham, Vauxhall
Izinger, Matt from Mcleod Valley

J & C Farms (Jermain Soenen & Conrad Vanbuuren) from Coalhurst
J & J Farming (Jerry J. Kubik Jr.) from Wrentham
J & J V Feedlots Ltd. from High River
J & P Cattle Co. Ltd. (John & Beryl Paulson) from Ardrossan, Sherwood Park
J. Bird Farms Ltd. from Innisfail
J. Fisher Williams & Co. from Calgary
J.G. Bridgewater Livestock Ltd. from Edmonton
J.W. Nay Bros & Co from Woolford
J.W. Nay Bros & Co from Woolford
Jack, Alfred S. from Vermilion, Kitscoty
Jack, David & Martha M. (Broadview Ranch) from Kitscoty
Jack, David Ernest from Kitscoty
Jack, Ernest from Kitscoty
Jack, George D. from Kitscoty
Jack, Lloyd Whitney from Wimborne, Spirit River
Jack, Walter L. from Veteran
Jackenchenski, Anthony from Provost
Jackins, N.G. from Calgary
Jackman Bros (Lester B. & G. R) from Spring Point, Macleod
Jackman Bros. (Lester B & G. R.) from Spring Point, Macleod
Jackman, G.R. from Carmangay
Jackman, Lester B. from Macleod
Jackpine Lake Ranch from Smoky Lake
Jackson Bros (R.B.) from Mazeppa
Jackson Bros. from Rocky Mountain House
Jackson, A.W. from Didsbury
Jackson, Albert Bruce from New Brigden, Esther
Jackson, Albert from Millet
Jackson, Alex from Edgerton
Jackson, Alfred E. from Breton
Jackson, Almedia from Calgary
Jackson, Arthur P. from Galahad
Jackson, C.E. & Son from High River, Elnora
Jackson, Carmen from Saddle Lake, St. Paul
Jackson, Charles B. & Arthur P. from Edmonton
Jackson, Charles C. from Rimbey
Jackson, D.F. from Lloydminster
Jackson, Edward M. from Delburne
Jackson, Edwin from Didsbury
Jackson, Elmer E. from Greenshields
Jackson, Eric from High River, Delacour
Jackson, Ernest Jay from Galahad
Jackson, Francis J. from Didsbury, Bowness
Jackson, Frank from Keg River
Jackson, Frank J. from Didsbury, Olds
Jackson, G. Richard from Innisfail
Jackson, George A. from Olds
Jackson, George from Olds
Jackson, George H. (estate) from Gadsby
Jackson, Gordon from Brooks
Jackson, Gordon from Wainwright
Jackson, Gordon J. from Claresholm, Irricana, Calgary
Jackson, H.M. from High River
Jackson, Harold P. from Forestburg, Kinuso, Guy, Falher
Jackson, Harry from Mound
Jackson, Hector from Brocket
Jackson, Henry A. from Scotfield
Jackson, Hugh from Nanton, Longview, Swift Current, SK
Jackson, Ira L. from Hill Spring, Cardston
Jackson, Isaac W. from Mazeppa
Jackson, Jacqueline R. from Elnora
Jackson, James A. from High Prairie
Jackson, James from Irma
Jackson, Joe Sr. from Goodfish Lake
Jackson, Joseph from Calgary
Jackson, Joseph from Goodfish Lake
Jackson, Ken from Acme
Jackson, L.C. from Drumheller, Calgary
Jackson, Lancelot Vern from Edgerton
Jackson, Lee D. from Galahad
Jackson, Leslie from Olds
Jackson, M. Jacquline nee Mason from High River
Jackson, Marshall Foch from Greenshields
Jackson, Mary Percy from Keg River
Jackson, Maudie B. from Galahad
Jackson, Mervin A. from Minburn
Jackson, Mrs. Robert from Macleod, Spring Point, Brocket
Jackson, Norman from Cayley
Jackson, Osbert from Byemoor
Jackson, Oscar A. from Brocket
Jackson, Owen from Hill Spring
Jackson, Peter Norman from Claresholm
Jackson, R. Carson from Minburn, Innisfree
Jackson, R. Wayne & Diane from Bonnyville
Jackson, R.A. from Falun, Westerose
Jackson, R.H. from Claresholm
Jackson, R.T. from Delburne
Jackson, Robert A. from Forestburg, Sedgewick
Jackson, Robert from Clairmont
Jackson, Robert J. from Vilna
Jackson, Russell Gordon from Wainwright, Fort St. John, BC
Jackson, Stanley from Galahad
Jackson, Thomas R. from Delburne
Jackson, Thomas W. from Edgerton
Jackson, True from Galahad
Jackson, W. James from Red Deer
Jackson, W.G. from Hazeldine, Tring, Wainwright
Jackson, Walter from Rocky Mountain House
Jackson, Walter from Strathmore, Calgary
Jackson, Wilfred from Brightview, Pemukan
Jackson, Wilfred from Calgary
Jackson, Wilfred from Water Valley, Cremona, Victoria BC
Jackson, William D. from Edgerton
Jacob, Albert from Calgary
Jacober, Edwin from Schuler
Jacober, Emil from Vale
Jacober, Reinhold from Schuler, Medicine Hat
Jacober, Wilbert from Vale, Medicine Hat
Jacobi, Henry P. from Wetaskiwin
Jacobs, Betty from Slave
Jacobs, Broyce G. from Caldwell
Jacobs, Clarence from Cherry Point, Claresholm
Jacobs, David Wesley from Tofield
Jacobs, Elaine from Edmonton
Jacobs, Elmer L. from Amisk
Jacobs, Frank S. from De Winton
Jacobs, Herman A. from Ohaton
Jacobs, L.C. from Consort
Jacobs, Lloyd C. from Stettler
Jacobs, Martin from Killam
Jacobs, Maurice F. from Edmonton
Jacobs, Melven A. from Scotfield, Leslieville
Jacobs, R.M. from Stettler, Red Deer, Scotfield
Jacobs, Richard from Edmonton
Jacobs, Thomas W. & Son (David Wesley) from Tofield, Puyallup, WA
Jacobsen, Carl F. from Tofield
Jacobsen, Harry from Lacombe, Brooksley
Jacobsen, John H. from Lacombe
Jacobsen, Leland from Westcott
Jacobsen, Morley J. from Tofield
Jacobsen, Peter B. from Tilley
Jacobsen, Walter from Carstairs
Jacobson Bros. (Eric & Ronald) from Marwayne
Jacobson, Alan from Black Diamond, Midnapore, Calgary
Jacobson, Alvin from Vulcan
Jacobson, Anthony from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Jacobson, Carl A. from Minburn
Jacobson, Clark from Midnapore, Millarville, Turner Valley
Jacobson, E.A. from Heathdale
Jacobson, Ernest W. from Rimbey, Wittenburg, Leedale
Jacobson, G.H.M. from Lacombe
Jacobson, H. & A. from Irvine
Jacobson, Harry from Clive, Lacombe
Jacobson, Henry A. from Redcliff, Bowmanton, Medicine Hat
Jacobson, Henry from Elk Point
Jacobson, J.A. from Tofield, Big Stone
Jacobson, Joe from Redcliff, Strathmore
Jacobson, John from Redcliff
Jacobson, John from Ryley
Jacobson, Ken C. from Claresholm
Jacobson, Leslie Alan from Calgary
Jacobson, M.J. from Didsbury
Jacobson, Minnie from Chinook
Jacobson, Mrs. Inger from Delburne
Jacobson, Olaf from Dina
Jacobson, Ronald A. from Marwayne
Jacobson, Theodore from Ryley
Jacobus, G.J from Berwyn, Dawson Creek, BC
Jacoby, Lawrence & Henry from Mayerthorpe
Jacques, Marcel from St. Paul
Jacques, Thomas Roy from Oyen
Jacula, Peter from Derwent
Jadatz, Albert & Arthur Bantel from Caroline
Jadbrea Simmentals (Alex B. Lauder) from Red Deer
Jaffray, Harry from Bentley, Rimbey
Jager, John Charles from Calgary, Hanna
Jahn, Max from Cochrane
Jahn, Rudy Max from Cochrane
Jahnke, Frank from Harmattan
Jahnke, Fred & Emma from Harmattan
Jahnke, Virgil from Claresholm
Jahraus, Edward A. & Minnie A. from Piapot, SK, Gem
Jahraus, J. from Gem
Jahraus, William from Alhambra
Jakamor, Frank from Veteran
Jakeman, F.L. from Lloyd’s Hill, Consort
Jakob, Alex from Caroline
Jakober, Mathias from Picture Butte
Jaksitz, Carl from Millet
Jakubec, Stanley from Viking
Jakubow, Mike from Edson
Jalbert, E. & M. from Lake Isle
Jalbert, James Marvin from St. Paul
Jalco Development from Hinton
James G. Cairney & Sons from Dunmore
James, Albert Edward from Red Deer
James, Albert J from Forestburg
James, Albert J. from Forestburg
James, Ben F. from Red Deer
James, Charles from Nanton
James, Clifford from Throne, Veteran
James, D.M. from Ardenode
James, E.C. from Drumheller
James, F. from Hanna
James, Frank from Grassy Lake
James, George R., Hill View Farm from Bulwark, Lindsville, Victoria, BC
James, Giles from Edgerton, Hope Valley
James, Gordon S. & Medard Corsiatto from Olds
James, Hubert from Drumheller
James, John Edward (Mrs.) from Cluny
James, John L. from Forestburg
James, John L. from Forestburg
James, Laurence P. from Dovercourt, Foreman
James, Laurence P. from Dovercourt, Foreman
James, Miss D.M from Ardenode
James, Mrs. John Edward from Cluny
James, Robert Percival from Bulwark, Castor
James, Stan Homer from Carstairs
James, Stanley from Grassy Lake
James, Violet M. from Gem
James, Violet M. from Gem
James, Wes from Hanna
James, William E. from Coronation
James, William E. from Coronation
Jameson, C.B. from Sunnynook
Jameson, Earl from Caroline, Red Deer
Jameson, George Irwin from Byemoor
Jameson, Wade Guest from Innisfail, Byemoor
Jamieson, D.A. from Calgary
Jamieson, David from Carbon
Jamieson, E.J. from Metiskow
Jamieson, Howard from Jarrow
Jamieson, J.J. from Calgary
Jamieson, Jack from Nordegg
Jamieson, John A. from Cornucopia, Halkirk
Jamieson, John A. from Cornucopia, Halkirk
Jamieson, Ronald G. from Delburne
Jamieson, Russell E. from Halkirk
Jamieson, Thomas from Streamstown
Jamison, G.D. from Fort Macleod, Twin Butte, Pincher Creek
Janaszak, Stanley from Vauxhall
Janes, Gordon from Greenshields, Wainwright
Jangula, Peter from Medicine Hat
Janke, Adolph from Walsh, Medicine Hat
Janke, Emil from Medicine Hat
Janke, Jacob from Brooks, Walsh, Medicine Hat, Norton
Janke, M.A. from Westlock
Janke, Maria (Mrs. Adolf) & Maria Enslen from Walsh
Janke, Maria nee Enslen from Walsh
Janke, R. from Duffield
Janke, Wilfred from New Sarepta
Janko, P. from Brooks
Jankuta, Peter from Hardisty
Janosik, John from Brooks
Janostak, Vincent from Coleman
Janot, Emil from Belloy, Peoria
Jans, August from Irvine
Jans, Fred from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Jans, Henry from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Jans, Herbert from Redcliff
Janscek, Ned from New Sarepta
Janschitz, Otto from Sundre
JAnsen, Katherine Gladys from Worsley, Kelowna, BC
Jansen, Werner F.H. from Edmonton
Janson, T.B. from Lethbridge
Janssen, Amelia from Lacombe
Janssen, Kurt from Countess
Janssen, L. & Sons from Vega, Barrhead
Janssen, William M. from Barons, Bentley, Lacombe
Janssens, A.J.M. from Vauxhall
Jantz, John from Lake Geneva
Janz, Rudolf from Hussar
Janzen, A.E. from Wrentham
Janzen, Abe from Twin Butte
Janzen, Eugene from Vegreville, Saskatoon, SK
Janzen, Frank from Claresholm
Janzen, H.A. from La Glace, Matsqui, BC
Janzen, Jacob E. from Pincher Creek
Janzen, John from Glenwood
Janzen, Nick from Namaka
Janzen, Peter D. from Didsbury
Janzen, Peter from Twin Butte
Janzer, Dwight Nikolas from Medicine Hat
Jaque, E.H. & L.B from Huallen, Beaver Lodge
Jaque, Mervin from Huallen, Beaverlodge
Jarboe, Alex C. from Cayley
Jardie, Malcolm Keith from Hartell
Jardine, Fred Keith from Silver Heights
Jardine, Oliver from Edgerton, Ribstone
Jarema, Joe from Smoky Lake
Jarmin, Joe from Fenn
Jarratt, Charles S. from Bentley, Naco
Jarvie, Charlie from Lethbridge
Jarvis, A.A. from Bashaw
Jarvis, Ben from Pekisko
Jarvis, Cecil from Red Deer
Jarvis, Emerson from Bashaw
Jarvis, G. M. from Beaver Lodge
Jarvis, George E. & G.M. from Beaver Lodge
Jarvis, M.D. from Cremona
Jarvis, Robert Cammidge from Bashaw
Jasinski, Joe from Bellis
Jasman, Myrtle M. from Condor, Ghost Pine Creek
Jaspar, Rene from Fort Kent, Durlingville
Jasper Dairy from Edmonton
Jasper Dairy from Edmonton
Jasper, Keith S. from Okotoks, Castor
Jasper’s Horsemen’s Association & Jasper Park Rodeo & Turf Club from Jasper
Jaspersen, Jasper from Millicent, Dalroy, Calgary
Jassman, Robert from Fort Macleod
Jaurnault, Joseph from Lafond
Jaycock, F.B. from Dovercourt
Jean, Maurice from Lafond
Jean, Ovila from Lafond, Edmonton
Jean, Philias from Lafond
Jebb, George W. from Lake Saskatoon
Jebb, George W. from Lake Saskatoon
Jeckell, George H. from Hardisty, Amisk
Jefferey, J.A. from Three Hills
Jeffers, James Lewis from Gleichen, Cluny
Jeffers, Orlo from Sundre, Bearberry
Jeffers, Wilbert J. from Gleichen, Lavington, BC
Jefferson Roping Club from Owendale
Jeffery, Charles N. from Islay
Jeffery, Clifford from Vermilion, Ashmont
Jeffery, F.H. from Edmonton
Jeffery, F.H. from Edmonton
Jeffery, John A. from Nanton
Jeffery, John A. from Nanton
Jeffery, John R. from Edmonton
Jeffery, S.R. from Glenevis, Eckville
Jeffrey, Dalton L. from Drumheller
Jeffrey, John from Delburne
Jeffrey, Marion from Calgary
Jeffs, William F. from High River
Jenkins Bros. (Walter G. & Lloyd G.) from Atmore
Jenkins Roy W. from Stavely
Jenkins, A.R. from Cayley, High River
Jenkins, D.D. from Vauxhall
Jenkins, George Neil from Bremner
Jenkins, Gwendolyn from Claresholm
Jenkins, Henry G. from Vulcan
Jenkins, Horace from Pashley
Jenkins, J. & Sons from Kitscoty
Jenkins, John R. from Pashley, Irvine, Dunmore
Jenkins, Leonard (name changed Leonard Adams) from Crossfield
Jenkins, Mrs. Morgan from Kitscoty
Jenkins, S. & Sons from Kitscoty
Jenkins, Walter G. & Lloyd G. (Jenkins Bros) from Atmore
Jenkins, Walter T. from Atmore
Jenkinson & Kelly from Dog Pound
Jenkinson, T.B. from Hilda
Jenks, Irene from Del Bonita
Jenks, Lorne William from Del Bonita, Calgary
Jenks, Mrs. Vern L. from Del Bonita
Jennen, Alton Leroy from Czar
Jennen, Hollis Mike from Czar
Jenner, William from Bindloss
Jenning, Robert J. from Water Valley
Jensen, A. Blair from Raymond, Etzikom
Jensen, A.D. from Delburne
Jensen, A.J. from Wayne
Jensen, A.P. from Tilley
Jensen, Andy H. from Gleichen
Jensen, Anthony M. from Taber
Jensen, Arley A. from Taber, Barnwell
Jensen, C.A. from Lethbridge
Jensen, C.W. from Mannville
Jensen, Carl from Kneehill Valley
Jensen, Carl from Wetaskiwin, Millet
Jensen, Chester from Shaughnessy
Jensen, Chris from Aetna
Jensen, Chris from Caroline
Jensen, Chris from Stettler
Jensen, Chris G.M. from Standard
Jensen, Clarence from Magrath
Jensen, Clifford N. from Calgary, Brant
Jensen, Dorian May from Watino, Eaglesham
Jensen, E.M. from Erskine
Jensen, Elmer A. from Barnwell, Stirling
Jensen, Elvin from Purple Springs
Jensen, Emil from Hardisty, Okanagan Mission, BC, Kelowna, BC
Jensen, Eph from Cardston
Jensen, Forest from Aetna, Cardston
Jensen, Frederick Blythe from La Corey
Jensen, Frode M. from Drumheller
Jensen, Gene M. from Winnifred
Jensen, Gordon L. from Nanton
Jensen, H.H. from Tilley
Jensen, Hans from Markerville, Innisfail
Jensen, Hans from Shouldice
Jensen, Hans S. from Viking, Wavy Lake
Jensen, Henry from Raymond
Jensen, Henry P. from Cherry Grove
Jensen, Herman from Ryley
Jensen, Ingemann from Dickson, Red Deer
Jensen, Ingvard M. from Picture Butte
Jensen, J.H. from Wayne
Jensen, James Elvin from Purple Springs
Jensen, Jennie C. from Purple Springs
Jensen, Jesse from Edmonton
Jensen, Jesse from Edmonton
Jensen, John from Whitla
Jensen, Jorgen from Hussar
Jensen, K.S. from South Makwa
Jensen, Karl from Conrich
Jensen, Kenneth C. from Ponoka
Jensen, Kenneth Louis from Grand Centre
Jensen, Lamont from Cardston
Jensen, Lloyd from Vauxhall, Calgary
Jensen, Marvin from Bezanson
Jensen, Mary J. from Magrath
Jensen, Mary L. from Raymond
Jensen, Melvin from Drumheller
Jensen, Mrs. A.C. from Tilley
Jensen, N. from Gleichen, Standard
Jensen, N.P. from Knee Hill Valley
Jensen, Neils from Hussar
Jensen, Nels W. from Hardisty
Jensen, Niels Braac from Nanton, High River
Jensen, Norman from Calgary
Jensen, Norman H. from Cardston
Jensen, Norman, & Boyd from Cardston
Jensen, Ole Nygaard (Larwill Farm) from Okotoks
Jensen, Oluf from Hardisty
Jensen, Otto from Homeglen
Jensen, Owen J. from Cardston
Jensen, P.K. from Ribstone
Jensen, Philip from Millicent
Jensen, R.H. from Cardston
Jensen, Ray from Del Bonita
Jensen, Reed Wayne from Mountain View
Jensen, Rodney C. from Bluffton, Homeglen
Jensen, S. from Airdrie
Jensen, Serina from Stettler
Jensen, Stenia from Aetna
Jensen, Verner from Calgary
Jensen, Vilmer from Delburne
Jensen, Walter Daniel from Rosebud
Jensen, Wesley from Barnwell
Jenson, George from Bluffton
Jenson, Sarah E. from Innisfail, Knee Hill Valley
Jeppeson, Karl from Tilley
Jerard, Conrad M. from Stettler
Jerard, Conrad M. from Stettler
Jerome Development Inc. & Jerome Cattle Co. Ltd. (Merville Vincent Stewart) from Airdrie
Jerram, Walter from Wainwright
Jerrick, Val from Canmore
Jerry, Edward from Cluny
Jerry, George from Cluny
JES Agricultural Enterprises Ltd. from Vegreville
Jeschke, Ernest W. from Barrhead, Edmonton
Jeske, Andrew from Schuler
Jeske, Emanuel & Harvey from Medicine Hat
Jeske, Emil from Medicine Hat
Jeske, Fred from Schuler
Jeske, George from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Jeske, Harvey from Strathmore
Jeske, Howard from Medicine Hat
Jesney, Charles from Bonnyville
Jespersen, C.L. from Black Diamond, Okotoks
Jespersen, Jesper C.U. from Riest, Calgary, Fenner
Jesperson, Chris from Taber
Jesperson, David C. from Taber
Jess, G. from Hanna
Jesse, Emil from Rolling Hills
Jesse, Frank W. from Dunmore, Medicine Hat
Jessiman, Robert S. from Calgary, Leduc
Jessop, Robert N. from Spring Coulee
Jessop, Tom from Rimbey
Jett, Joseph B & Company, Charles E. Furman (Bow River Cattle Company Ltd.) from Taber
Jeune, Robert E. from Entwistle
Jevne, Carl O. & Freeman F. from Wetaskiwin
Jevne, R.E. from Rocky Rapids
Jevne, Tristan A.F. from Rimbey
Jewell, Mrs. Chester “Bud” H. from Hubalta, Cochrane
Jewell, Mrs. Chester Bud H. from Hubalta, Cochrane
Jewett, Alfred & W. from Cassils
Jewett, Joseph from Loyalist
Jewett, Oner Albert from Loyalist
Jewett, Oner Albert from Loyalist
Jeziorny, Walter from Purple Springs
Jimmy John, Elvina from Longview
JML Charlois Ranches from Calgary
Joachim, Jimmie from Entrance, Grande Cache
Joachim, Milton from Entrance
Job, John from Burstall, Holden, Kelowna, BC
Job, L. A. from Edmonton
Job, L.A. from Edmonton
Job, Louis E. from Burstall, Saskatchewan
Jobin, Nora C. from High Prairie
Jobs, Ludwig August from Eckville, Markerville
Jochem, Kenneth A. from Milk River
Jodoin, Edwin M from Picture Butte, Calgary, Cardston
Johannesson, Julius from Beaver Crossing
Johannsen, Johann from Beaverdam
Johannson, Arman from Innisfail
Johannson, Benedikt Peter from Innisfail
Johannson, J.H.S. from Markerville
Johansen, Beatrice from Calgary
Johansen, Chris from Rockyford
Johansen, Jens from Pemukan
Johansen, John A. from Woolford, Cardston
Johansen, Soren Peter from Calgary
Johanson, Axel from Vauxhall, Grantham, Carseland
Johanson, Frederick Alfred from Rochester
Johanson, I. from Kinsella
Johanson, I. from Kinsella
Johanson, Louis from Bodo
Johansson, Seth from Meeting Creek
John Edward from Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Arthur
John, Robert from Tulliby Lake
John, William from Bonnyville
Johnny Chinook Cattle (1971) Ltd. from Medicine Hat
Johns, Harley from Meniak, Ponoka
Johns, Lee Donald from New Norway
Johns, Lee Williams from Camrose, New Norway
Johns, Leo Perry from Edgerton
Johns, Paul from Clear Hills
Johnson Bros. (C.W. & A.E.) from Morrin
Johnson Bros. (Severin, & William J.) from Vauxhall
Johnson Bros. from Edson, Gilby, Eckville
Johnson Jr. & W.S. & J.A. Wilcox from Vauxhall
Johnson Jr., August from Medicine Hat, Walsh
Johnson Jr., Thomas from Nanton
Johnson, A.C. from Viking
Johnson, A.E. from Morrin
Johnson, A.J. & William G. from Granum, Claresholm
Johnson, A.M. Oscar Michalovsky & M. Muhly from Claresholm, Granum
Johnson, A.T. from Hobbema, Wetaskiwin, Ponoka
Johnson, A.V. & Son from Lougheed
Johnson, Aaron, C. from Provost
Johnson, Al from Brooks
Johnson, Albert from Bergen
Johnson, Albert J. & Martin from Vauxhall
Johnson, Albert Victor from Lomond, Eyremore
Johnson, Albin from Edmonton, Sangudo, Cherhill
Johnson, Alex from Hanna
Johnson, Alex from Stavely
Johnson, Alexander from Nobleford
Johnson, Allan from Calgary
Johnson, Allan H. from Scandia
Johnson, Amanous from Hay Lake
Johnson, Andrew from Rocky Mountain House
Johnson, Andrew H. from Rivercourse, Dina
Johnson, Andrew Hunter from Drayton Valley
Johnson, Arne from Valleyview
Johnson, Arnel from Marwayne
Johnson, Arnold from Tofield, Vernon, BC
Johnson, Art from Monitor, Blackfalds, Red Deer
Johnson, Arthur from McLaughlin, Dina
Johnson, Arthur from Redcliff
Johnson, Axel B. from Owendale
Johnson, Axel from Camrose, Ribstone
Johnson, Axel from Fort Macleod
Johnson, B.P. from Elk Point, Greenwood, BC
Johnson, Beatrice Winnifred from Vandyne, Acadia Valley
Johnson, Bernard from Scandia
Johnson, Betty from Heart River
Johnson, Bill from Calgary, Water Valley
Johnson, Bruce Hjalmar from Tees
Johnson, C.A. from Esther
Johnson, C.M. from Islay
Johnson, C.V. from Sedgewick
Johnson, Carl from Lacombe
Johnson, Carl Helmer from Marwayne, Kitscoty, Maughan
Johnson, Carl I. from Grimshaw
Johnson, Carl O. from Carbon, Stanmore, Ardley, Delburne
Johnson, Caroline from Birdsholm
Johnson, Charles & Sophie from Empress
Johnson, Charles A. from Duchess
Johnson, Charles E. from Claresholm
Johnson, Charles Edwin from Aden, Mannville, Whitlash, MT.
Johnson, Charles from Fabyan, Wainwright
Johnson, Charles G. from Ardenville
Johnson, Charles S. from Black Diamond
Johnson, Charles V. from Picture Butte, Fort Macleod, Milk River, Skiff, Cardston
Johnson, Charlie M. from Eckville
Johnson, Chester from Battle Lake
Johnson, Clarence G. from Provost
Johnson, Clifford from Donalda
Johnson, Clifford from McLaughlin
Johnson, Clinton R. from Mannville
Johnson, Collin from Czar
Johnson, Conrad from Edberg
Johnson, Cyril O. from Barnwell, Kitchener, ON
Johnson, Dale Calvin from Wetaskiwin
Johnson, Dan from Hobbema
Johnson, Daniel S. from Newbrook, Darling, Provost
Johnson, Darlene Dorrian from Sundre
Johnson, David C. from Calgary
Johnson, Delvin Wallace from Bowness, Prince George, BC
Johnson, Don Wynn from Halkirk
Johnson, Donald from La Glace
Johnson, Dora V. from Glen Park, Calmar
Johnson, Douglas K. from Calgary
Johnson, Duane Andreas from Claresholm
Johnson, E. Arthur from Iddesleigh, Tofield
Johnson, E.J. from Hoadley, Iola
Johnson, Earl M. from Campsie
Johnson, Edgar from Alderson, Westward Ho, Mound
Johnson, Edwin A. & Vera E. from Turin
Johnson, Edwin from Fort Macleod, Cowley, Pincher Creek
Johnson, Edwin from Whitelaw
Johnson, Edwin Roy from Bow Island
Johnson, Einer E. from Didsbury
Johnson, Einer from Okotoks, High River
Johnson, Eino Elmer from Hughenden
Johnson, Elizabeth Rose from Wildwood
Johnson, Ella A. from Granum
Johnson, Elmer Frances from Sundre
Johnson, Elmer from Gilt Edge
Johnson, Elmer from Vauxhall, Innisfail
Johnson, Elmer O. from Calgary, Botha, Meeting Creek
Johnson, Elmer R. from Atlee, Calgary
Johnson, Elsie E. from Lloydminster, Kitscoty
Johnson, Emil from Brooks, Medicine Hat
Johnson, Eric N. from Bodo, Hayter
Johnson, Erick from Tide Lake, Iddesleigh
Johnson, Erl from Calgary, Langdon
Johnson, Erl from Calgary, Langdon
Johnson, Ernest from Wetaskiwin
Johnson, Ernest G. from Gleichen, Cadogan
Johnson, Ernest H. from Maughan, Leslieville
Johnson, Ernest W. from Cardston, Lethbridge, Taber
Johnson, Esther M. from Spedden
Johnson, Eva M. from Lavoy
Johnson, Floyd, & Floyd Nolan from Camrose, Strathmore
Johnson, Frank from Morley, Cochrane
Johnson, Frank from Woolford
Johnson, Fred C. from Red Deer, Eckville
Johnson, Fred from Wildmere
Johnson, Garry Lee from Hughenden
Johnson, Gerald M. from Picture Butte
Johnson, Glen Howard from Sundre
Johnson, Gordon from Peers
Johnson, Gus W. from Irricana
Johnson, Gust from Clear Hills
Johnson, Gustav A. from Suffield
Johnson, H.E. from Taber
Johnson, H.N. from Minburn
Johnson, Harold O. from Vulcan
Johnson, Harry from Airdrie
Johnson, Harry from Cochrane, Brushy Ridge
Johnson, Harry from Edgerton
Johnson, Harry S. from Winfield, Pendryl
Johnson, Harry Walter from Mayerthorpe
Johnson, Henning Victor from Rosemary
Johnson, Henry Ward & Alexander Bishop from Didsbury
Johnson, Henry Ward from Didsbury
Johnson, Herbert W. from Lyalta, Walsh, Medicine Hat
Johnson, Hjalmar from Elk Point
Johnson, Hugo from Donalda
Johnson, Ira M. from Olds, Mound
Johnson, Irvin from Ribstone
Johnson, Iva L. from Calgary
Johnson, Ivar from Drift Pile
Johnson, J. Carol from Diamond City
Johnson, J. Donald from Wetaskiwin
Johnson, J.A. from Monitor
Johnson, J.A. from Stavely
Johnson, J.L. from Scandia, Brooks
Johnson, Jack from Nanton
Johnson, Jack W. from Sexsmith
Johnson, James C. from Darling
Johnson, James W. from Sexsmith
Johnson, Jarvin from Edgerton
Johnson, Jessie from Galahad, Halkirk
Johnson, John A. from Otville, McLaughlin
Johnson, John E. from Grande Prairie
Johnson, John from Claresholm
Johnson, John from Hughenden
Johnson, John from Olds, Clairmont, Grande Prairie
Johnson, John K. from Sundre
Johnson, John William from Granum, Claresholm, Burnaby, BC
Johnson, John William from Granum, Fort Macleod
Johnson, Jonas from Spring Point, Meadow Creek
Johnson, Joseph from Meadow Creek
Johnson, K.A. from Grimshaw
Johnson, Karl H. from Claresholm
Johnson, Keith & Clayton from Sedgewick
Johnson, Keith G. from Calgary
Johnson, L.E. from Wetaskiwin
Johnson, Lenin from Gadsby
Johnson, Leonard from Lea Park
Johnson, Leonard from Lethbridge, Barnwell
Johnson, Leonard from Walsh
Johnson, LeRoy Jr. & Schneyder, Mike Jr. from Magrath
Johnson, Lester from Kevisville, Garrington
Johnson, Lester from Kevisville, Garrington
Johnson, Lewis from Red Willow
Johnson, Lloyd from New Norway
Johnson, Lorenda E. from Nanton
Johnson, Louis from Taber
Johnson, Loyd from Richdale
Johnson, Lucy E. from Hinton
Johnson, Ludwig from New Norway
Johnson, Marion A. from Alliance
Johnson, Martin A. from Chauvin, Ribstone, Roros
Johnson, Martin from Carolside
Johnson, Martin from Lake Eliza
Johnson, Marvin J. from Granum
Johnson, Marvin Lloyd from Valhalla
Johnson, Mary from Alliance
Johnson, Maurice from Elk Point
Johnson, Melvin T. from Sedalia, Scapa
Johnson, Mervyn Ralph from Newbrook, Edmonton
Johnson, Mike T. from Barons
Johnson, Milo from Lea Park
Johnson, Mirrel W. from Mannville
Johnson, Morris from McLaughlin
Johnson, Mrs. Gilbert T. from Grantham
Johnson, Mrs. Russell nee Edith Sawley from Nanton
Johnson, N.E. from Calgary
Johnson, Nels Peter from Carstairs
Johnson, Norman from Gull Lake, Saskatchewan
Johnson, Norman O. from DeWinton
Johnson, O.B. from Carstairs
Johnson, O.C. from Kinsella, Monitor
Johnson, O.F. from Scandia
Johnson, O.J. from Lee Park, Islay
Johnson, O.W. from Bashaw
Johnson, Orvil A. from Olds
Johnson, Osborne from Bottrel
Johnson, Oscar & Dorothy from Clandonald
Johnson, Oscar A. from Rivercourse, Dina
Johnson, Oscar from Bashaw
Johnson, Oscar from Lake Eliza
Johnson, Oscar from Raymond, Yanke, BC
Johnson, Paul Clarence from Haddock, Peers
Johnson, Peder H. from Granum, Enchant
Johnson, R.C. from Calgary
Johnson, R.C. from Irma
Johnson, R.L. from Red Willow, Botha
Johnson, R.R from Barons
Johnson, Ralph Henry from Grassland
Johnson, Ralph S. from Carstairs, Red Deer
Johnson, Ralph W. from Woking
Johnson, Randolph from Rich Lake
Johnson, Ray from Westlock, Viking
Johnson, Ray K. from Maybutt
Johnson, Reuben from Westerose, Gwynne
Johnson, Revell C. from Calgary
Johnson, Richard E. from La Glace
Johnson, Robert A from Metiskow, Irma
Johnson, Robert from Nordegg
Johnson, Ronald Norman from Millet
Johnson, Russell W. from Nanton, Fort Macleod
Johnson, Samuel F. from Mound
Johnson, Sanford August from New Norway
Johnson, Sheldon from Rivercourse
Johnson, Sigurd James from Minburn
Johnson, Telman from Vauxhall
Johnson, Thomas Jr. from Nanton
Johnson, Thore from Cherry Point
Johnson, Thorval from Claresholm
Johnson, Torval from Granum
Johnson, V.J. from Wetaskiwin, Falun
Johnson, Vera E from Turin
Johnson, Viola from Grande Prairie
Johnson, Violet from Stanmore, Carbon
Johnson, W.R. from Clive, Ponoka, Whitelaw
Johnson, W.V. from Red Deer
Johnson, Walter from Elk Point
Johnson, Walter from Halkirk
Johnson, Wayne from Red Willow
Johnson, William from Brooks
Johnson, William G. from Winfield
Johnson, William R. from Cochrane
Johnson, Williard Joachim from Bonnyville, Beaverdam
Johnson. T.M. from Hardisty
Johnston Bros. from Kitscoty
Johnston, A. from Brooks
Johnston, A.A. from Rocky Mountain House, Scotfield, Bingley
Johnston, A.D. from Calgary
Johnston, Albert from Grassy Lake
Johnston, Allan from Ponoka, Athabasca
Johnston, Allen H. from Halkirk, Fawcett, Sylvan Glen
Johnston, Alvin C. from Rimbey
Johnston, Archie B. & Sybil from Lamont
Johnston, Arvid H. from New Norway
Johnston, Billy from Kinsella, Viking
Johnston, C.V. from High Prairie
Johnston, Carl from Kitscoty
Johnston, Charles H. from Vanesti, Paradise Valley
Johnston, Clarence H. from Nemiskam
Johnston, Donald A. from Bowden
Johnston, Donald Asher B. from Brownfield, Edmonton
Johnston, Donald Asher B. from Brownfield, Edmonton
Johnston, Donald B. from Pincher Creek
Johnston, Donald Harley from Carseland
Johnston, E. from Kinsella
Johnston, Francis A. from Lethbridge
Johnston, Francis C. from Edgerton
Johnston, Fred from Slave Lake
Johnston, Fred Joseph from Viking
Johnston, George from Big Valley
Johnston, George from Turner Valley
Johnston, George W. from Loyalist, Consort
Johnston, Helga E. from Kinsella
Johnston, Hugh B. & O.T. Cornwell from Hussar
Johnston, Irene from Wainwright, Fabyan
Johnston, J.S. from Edmonton
Johnston, J.S. from Edmonton
Johnston, Jack H. from Tofield
Johnston, James O. from Nemiskam
Johnston, John W. from Kitscoty
Johnston, Joseph from Viking
Johnston, Mary & Mrs. John Peacock from Barons
Johnston, Mary & Mrs. John Peacock from Barons
Johnston, Mrs. E. from Calgary
Johnston, Mrs. Fred nee Rosa E. Crawford from Lundbreck, Ross Creek
Johnston, R.H. from Lamont, Spruce Grove
Johnston, Reid from Grouard, Leicester
Johnston, Russell from Pandora
Johnston, Stan from Priddis
Johnston, Sydney C. from Irma
Johnston, Victor from Drumheller
Johnston, W.C., Union Stock Yards from Claresholm
Johnston, W.D. from Bezanson
Johnston, William Dodds from Kinsella
Johnston, William M. from Botha, Stettler
Johnston, William R. from Medicine Hat
Johnston, Willis D. from Bezanson
Johnstone, Arnold from Stettler
Johnstone, David Ross from Bashaw
Johnstone, Ed from Lomond, Westlock
Johnstone, Edgar A. from Brownfield
Johnstone, George A. from Hoadley, Rimbey
Johnstone, Lloyd H. from Stettler, Bashaw
Johnstone, Reg from Black Diamond, Bluffton
Johnstone, William D. from Aden, Iron Springs, Coutts
Jo-Ho Feeders from Lethbridge
Jole, Zacharias from Calgary
Jolitz, William from Pollockville
Jolivette, Jules H. from Westlock
Joly, Joseph from Cardston
Joncas, Robert C. from Lac La Biche
Jones and Sarvis from Bindloss, Social Plains
Jones Bros. (H.B. & A.P.) from Grassy Lake
Jones Mrs. C.W. from Dorothy, Drumheller
Jones, A. Leonard from Picture Butte
Jones, A.F. from Innisfree, Vegreville
Jones, A.G.F.(J & W. Ranch)from Lethbridge, Pincher Creek
Jones, Albert Edward from Lougheed
Jones, Albert from Stettler, Big Valley
Jones, Albert from Tofield
Jones, Albert from Travers
Jones, Alfred P. from Knappen, St. Kilda, Coutts, Lethbridge
Jones, Andrew from Wrentham, Barons, Picture Butte, Nobleford
Jones, Arnold from Balzac
Jones, Arthur from Bentley, Rimbey
Jones, Arthur L. from Edmonton
Jones, C.H. from Rife
Jones, C.W. from Gem, Beynon
Jones, Caleb W. from Dorothy
Jones, Carl Frank from Lacombe, Eckville
Jones, Charles B. from Cluny
Jones, Charles C. from Granum
Jones, Charles W. from Ardley, Delburne
Jones, Clifford R. from Foreman, Gadsby, Donalda
Jones, Cyril L. from Donalda
Jones, Daniel from Nordegg
Jones, David Charles from Bentley
Jones, David from Grimshaw, Dixonville
Jones, Dena from Ponoka
Jones, Dennis Harold from Lethbridge
Jones, Douglas from Erskine
Jones, E. Ward from Calgary
Jones, Earl F. from Coronation, Caseyville
Jones, Edgar from Irma
Jones, Edmond from Picture Butte
Jones, Edna M. from Bingville
Jones, Edward E. from Innisfree
Jones, Frank from Lacombe
Jones, Fred W. from Gleichen
Jones, G.T. from Buffalo
Jones, Gary L. from Scandia, Picture Butte
Jones, George E. from Mountain View
Jones, George from Balzac
Jones, George R. from Crossfield
Jones, George W.L. from Rosemary
Jones, Gertrude from Bassano, Calgary
Jones, Gordon A. from Pollockville
Jones, Gordon from Makepeace
Jones, H.E. from Amisk, Wetaskiwin
Jones, Harold E. from Granum
Jones, Harold W. from Fawcett, Westlock
Jones, Horace A. from Picture Butte
Jones, Howard from Irma
Jones, Hugh from Lundbreck
Jones, Hugh O. from Lac St. Anne, Alberta Beach
Jones, I.C. from Brutus, Bingville
Jones, J.H. from Leedale
Jones, J.W. from Notikewin, Manning
Jones, Jesse from Tofield
Jones, John Phillip from McLennan
Jones, John S. from Solberg, Eckville
Jones, K.S. from Calgary
Jones, L. Trevor & D.G. from Fairview
Jones, Leland. E. from Talbot, Coronation, Blackfalds, Lacombe
Jones, Leo & Darcy from Dewberry
Jones, Leonard V. from Travers, Vulcan, Alix
Jones, M.E. from Brainard
Jones, Marquis E. from Brainard, Grande Prairie
Jones, Norma R.L. from Calgary
Jones, Oliver W. from Commerce
Jones, Orval K. from Brownvale
Jones, P.T. from Calgary
Jones, Percy E. from Irma
Jones, R.C. from Balzac
Jones, R.L. from Vulcan
Jones, Ralph L. from Czar, Maple Creek, SK
Jones, Rees L. from Ponoka
Jones, Robert from Coaldale
Jones, Robert L.V. from Irma
Jones, Robert P. from Caroline, Bearberry
Jones, Robert S. from Lacombe
Jones, Roy W. from Vermilion, Dewberry
Jones, Samuel from Balzac
Jones, Stanley W. from Irma
Jones, T.W. from Dorothy
Jones, Theodore Ernest, (Pridalta Stock Farm) from Priddis
Jones, Theodore R. from Maycroft
Jones, Thomas A. from Tofield
Jones, Thomas from Calgary
Jones, Thomas J. from Maycroft
Jones, Thomas W. from Dorothy
Jones, Tom from Trochu
Jones, Vernon M. from Stettler, Red Willow
Jones, W.G. from Claresholm, Barons
Jones, W.H. from Bindloss
Jones, William A. & Tillie from Vegreville
Jones, William Gilbert from Big Prairie, Didsbury
Jones, William Gilbert from Big Prairie, Didsbury
Jones, William H. from Edmonton
Jones, William H. from Vulcan, Travers
Jones, William Wellington from Granum
Jongeling, T. from Alix
Jordan, Carman from Vulcan, Champion
Jordan, Don G. from Beaverlodge
Jordan, Edmond Stan from Ponoka, Rainier, Calgary
Jordan, George from Bluffton, Homeglen
Jordan, J.C. from Madden
Jordan, J.C. from Madden
Jordan, J.H. from Elnora, Ardley, Delburne, Hackett, Gadsby, Botha, Stettler
Jordan, James L. from Champion
Jorgensen, A.H. from Wayne
Jorgensen, Chris C. from Bassano, Cluny
Jorgensen, J.W. from Atlee
Jorgensen, James Edward from Picture Butte, Iron Springs
Jorgensen, James from Falun, Ponoka
Jorgensen, Jorgen from Nanton, Parkland
Jorgensen, Olivia from Cluny, Makepeace
Jorgensen, Ray Kay from Twin Butte, Twin River
Jorgensen, Sven from Beaverdam
Jorgensen, Viggo from Markerville
Jorgenson, Arne from Viking
Jorgenson, Clarence from Strome, Killam
Jorgenson, Gerald from Lethbridge
Jorgenson, Hans Herman from Makepeace
Jorgenson, Hans P. from Viking
Jorgenson, Ove from Granum
Jorgenssen, Ben W. from Cluny
Jorgesen, Peter from Bonnyville
Jorgeson, Henry from Sedalia
Jorgeson, Walter from Marwayne
Jorstad, Elmer, Norman from High River, Brant
Jorstad, Sever J. from High River, Nanton
Joseph, Philip from Wardlow
Joss, Wayne L. from Calgary
Jouan, Gascon E. from Tomahawk
Joussard Indian Residential School from Joussard
Joy, Henry D. from Vermilion
Joy, Marian I. from Cherry Point, Clayhurst, BC
Joyal, Dominique from St. Paul
Joyce, Joseph O. from Edmonton
Joyce, S.R. from Derwent
Jubinville, Arthur from Lousana, Fort Kent
Jubinville, Bernard from Lousana
Judd Bros. from Raymond
Judd, S.S. from Stettler
Juggins, Henry C. from Lloydminster, SK & AB
Juhas, Steve from Tilley
Juhasz, Joe Sr. from Milk River
Juhasz, John from Calgary, Midnapore
Juhasz, John Jr. from Milk River
Jukich, Mike from Rocky Mountain House
Julson, Julius M. from Delia
Jundert, Henry J. from Endiang
June, Cecil & Son (Laverne C.) from Evansburg
Juneau, H. from Hythe
Juneau, Louis E. from Rocky Lane
Jung, Herold from Hythe
Junker, Peter from Hanna, Reist, Scotfield
Jurgensen, H. from Castor
Jurijew, Mike from Big Valley
Juris, Steve from Picture Butte
Jurkat, Walter from Granlea, Etzikom
Just, Elsie formerly Mrs. Arthur Heighs from Bonnyville
Just, Fred L .from Grand Centre, Edberg, Ardmore, Beaver Crossing, Beaverdam
Just, William from Le Goff
Justin, William from Swalwell

K & R. Feeders (K. Kartson & Ralph Smit) from Claresholm
K 1 Ranch Ltd. from Wildwood, Edmonton, Calmar
K B Ranch from Calgary
Kabage, Alex from Brosseau
Kabatoff, Bill from Lundbreck, Cowley, Castlegar, BC
Kabatoff, Fred S. from Lundbreck
Kabatoff, Mike from Glenwood, Lundbreck
Kabatoff, Peter from Pincher Creek, Pincher Station, Lundbreck
Kabesh, John from Holden, Jasper
Kabesh, Mary J. from Viking
Kabush, Art from Bawlf
Kabush, Ed from Bawlf
Kabush, Rudolf from Bawlf
Kacerek, Joe from Tilley
Kachman, Nick from Strome
Kachmar, John & Eugene from Musidora
Kachmar, Mike from Musidora
Kachuk, Martin S. from Hairy Hill
Kadylo, Steve, Scott, George H. from Stony Plain
Kaga Bros. Ltd. (Yasuhiro, Tamotsu & Yosuake) from Taber
Kahl, John from Medicine Hat
Kahl, John from Red Willow, Edmonton
Kahl, William C. from Donalda
Kahler, Katie from Bow Island
Kahler, Samuel from Drumheller, Three Hills
Kahles, Josef from Calgary
Kaine, William David from Calgary
Kaiser Holsteins (John L. Kaiser & Sons-Donald J. & Dale A.) from Wetaskiwin
Kaiser, Alex E. from Vulcan
Kaiser, Carl from Wetaskiwin
Kaiser, Elmer F. from Whitelaw, Fairview
Kaiser, Fred J. from Wetaskiwin
Kaiser, Harold William from Wetaskiwin
Kaiser, Helena from Wetaskiwin
Kaiser, John from Carbon
Kaiser, John from Wetaskiwin
Kaiser, Marie Laurette Lorraine from Calgary, Vegreville
Kaiser, William from Gem, Hussar
Kajewski, Anton from Elkwater, Eagle Butte
Kajewski, Leo, & Percy Kennard from Medicine Hat, Ranchville
Kajewski, Louis from Eagle Butte, Medicine Hat
Kakuk, Louis from Delia
Kalberg, Palmer from Ardmore
Kalbhen, Gordon John from Rockyford
Kaldal, Knut from Hays
Kaldy, Miklos S. from Lethbridge
Kalevitch, Alex from Endiang
Kaliel, Robert from Fawcett
Kalinowich, Mike from Skiff
Kalinski, Moses from Iron River
Kalis, Henry from Edmonton
Kallal, Anton Joseph from Ryley
Kallal, E.R from Tofield, Edmonton
Kallal, E.R from Tofield, Edmonton
Kallal, William J. from Tofield
Kallal, William Joseph from Westlock, Tofield
Kallal, William Joseph Jr. from Westlock
Kallbom, Lawrence from Whitecourt
Kallbom, Oscar from Whitecourt
Kallenberger, Donald H. & Ruth Barbara from Calgary
Kallenberger, Jacob from Eagle Butte, Thelma
Kallenberger, Joseph from Elkwater, Thelma
Kallenberger, Olga from Eagle Butte, Manyberries, Medicine Hat
Kallenberger, Wallace from Irvine
Kallis, Leo F. from Mayerthorpe
Kalmakoff, Alex J. from Gleichen, Kamloops, BC
Kalmbach, E. from Endiang
Kalyn, James W. & Robert J. Krejct or Krejci from Stettler
Kalynchuk, Denny from Viking
Kam, Matthew M. from Niton Junction, Carrot Creek
Kam, Wendell from Hays
Kaman, George from Thorsby
Kambeitz, Ben from Grassy Lake
Kamelchuk, John from Prosperity, Boyle
Kamieniecki, Frank Anthony from Hines Creek
Kaminski Bros. (Arthur F. & Harold R.) from Castor
Kaminski, Arthur F. from Castor
Kaminski, Kazimir from Picture Butte
Kaminsky, Maria from Innisfree
Kaminsky, Mike from Innisfree
Kaminsky, Terry E. from Calgary
Kamitoma Bros from Raymond
Kamp, John F. from Tide Lake, Iddesleigh
Kamp, John F. from Tide Lake, Iddesleigh
Kana, Norman from Pendant d’Oreille, Aden, Manyberries, Coutts
Kanai Co-Operative Enterprises Ltd. from Cardston
Kane, Erwin Paul from Picture Butte, Lethbridge
Kane, H.B. from Picture Butte, Iron Springs
Kane, Johnston from Ponoka
Kane, R.L. from Torrington, Trochu
Kane, Richard from Calgary Simons,
Kanegawa, Richard S. from Vauxhall
Kanewischer, Art from Delia, Drumheller
Kanewischer, Rudolph from Schuler, Hilda
Kangas, Annie from Goddard
Kangas, August from Goddard
Kangas, August from Goddard
Kania, Stanley from Stubno
Kanig, Anton Thomas from Faith, Foremost
Kanngiesser, J. from Lacombe
Kanngiesser, John J. from Lacombe
Kanzig, Marvin from Plamondon
Kapalka, Harry (Gay Horizon Farm) from Grande Prairie
Kapcsos, Steve from Hill Springs
Kapel, Ross from Richmond, BC
Kaplan, Joseph Mike from Goodridge
Kaplan, Mrs. S from Okotoks
Kapoor, Mons & Erwin & Willi Zeiter from Edmonton
Kappel, Fred from Medicine Hat
Kapperud, E.G. from Brooks, Rolling Hills
Kappo, Dave from Calais
Kaprowksi, John from Boyne Lake
Kapsalta Farm (A. Kapchinsky) from Wetaskiwin
Kapteyn, John from Stony Plain
Kapteyn, Leonard from Mundare, Tofield
Kapty, Alexander from Warspite
Kapty, Fred from Waskatenau
Kapty, Michael from Claresholm
Kaquitts, Gerald from Morley
Karaki, H. from Raymond
Karakuntie, Ernie from Grovedale
Karas, George from Drumheller
Karas, Harvey Ernest from Drumheller
Karas, Pete from Iron River
Karasek, Frank from Tilley
Karasevich, Mike from Spondin, West Wingham
Karasiuk, Bill from Iron River
Karbulak, Tony from Water Valley
Karch, Rolf from Kipp
Karg, David & Victor Karg from Hanna
Karg, David from Hanna, Craigmyle
Karg, Jack from Calgary, Craigmyle
Kariszi, Kalman from Barnwell
Kark, Julius from Barnwell
Karl, A. from Picture Butte
Karl, C. from Lethbridge, Birdsholm, Foremost
Karl, Ernest from Foremost
Karl, Reinhold from Picture Butte, Barons
Karlsson, Axel from Clive
Karlsson, Lois P. from Paradise Valley
Karman, Andy from Tilley
Karman, John R. from Kitscoty, Islay
Karp, Heinz from Meadow View
Karp, Peter from Alderson
Karpo, Fred from Culp
Karpyshyn, Metro from Edmonton
Karpyshyn, Nick from Spedden
Karpyshyn, Walter from Spedden
Karpyshyn, William from McRae
Karr, John William from Acadia Valley
Karr, R.M. from Acadia Valley
Karsay, L.G. from Warburg
Karsten, R .from Taber
Kary, H.J. from Hemaruka
Kary, Harry R. from Veteran
Kary, Herbert M. from Veteran
Kary, J.J. from Veteran
Kary, Jacob from Hemaruka, Coronation
Kary, Joseph G. from Hemaruka, Drumheller
Kary, Kenneth Edgar from Lacombe
Kary, Lawrence G. from Winfield
Kary, Ronald from Torrington, Olds
Kary, Ronald from Torrington, Olds
Kasa, Gordon from Meeting Creek
Kasa, Ole C. from Meeting Creek, Cereal
Kaser, Joshua from Bittern Lake
Kasha, Peter A. from Daysland
Kaslaskas, Edward from Rivercourse
Kaslaskas, John from Rivercourse
Kaslauskas, K. from Evansburg
Kasner, Clarence from Lethbridge
Kasparsons, H.J. from Condor
Kasper, Jacob (Jakob) from Ashmont, Anning
Kasper, Jacob P. from Ashmont
Kasper, Jacob P. from Ashmont
Kastelic Bros. from Sangudo
Kastelic, Albert Leo from Sangudo
Kastelic, Frank from Sangudo
Kasten, Henry from Irma
Kasten, Wilbert William from Hanna
Kaster Craigmyle, from Craigmyle, Hanna
Kaster, John Thermon from Craigmyle, Hanna
Kastler, Frank from Cadogan
Kaszas, Balasz from Hardieville, Lethbridge
Katan, John from Andrew
Katchen, Samuel from Calgary
Katelmack, Joseph from Brooks
Katerberg, Dirk from Red Deer
Kathan, A.J. from Ryley
Kathol, Ronald William from Rockyford
Kathol, William M. from Rockyford
Kathrein, Carl from Greencourt
Katinos, K.V. & Fred Netter from North Edmonton
Katz, Esar from Vermilion
Kaufman, Robert E. from Didsbury
Kaupp, Paul from Pincher Creek
Kaus, Armin from Andrew
Kaustrup, Peter from Drumheller, Wayne
Kautz, Arnold E. from Hanna
Kautz, Dan from Hanna
Kautz, Edwin from Hanna
Kautz, Eugene & Karen from Edson
Kautz, Fred from Hanna
Kautz, G. A. from Dalemead
Kautz, G.A. from Dalemead
Kautz, Ivan from Hanna
Kautz, Oscar from Stavely
Kautz, Robert from Hanna
Kautz, William Fred from Dalemead
Kavulok, Paul from Athabasca
Kawalik, Steve from Bruce
Kay, Charles from Brooks
Kay, John & Margaret from Onion Lake, SK, Tulliby Lake
Kay, John, Kay & Margaret from Onion Lake, SK, Tulliby Lake
Kay, Omar C. from Sundre
Kay, William from Carnwood
Kaye, Frank from Brownvale
Kaye, Lewis from Lundbreck, Cowley
Kaytar, Gary Frank from Calgary
Kaytor, Steve from Pincher Creek
Kaytor, Tom from Grassy Lake
Kazimir, Nick from Canmore
Kaztonuk, Mike from Brooks
Keany, K. from Fabyan
Kearl, Russell Ried from Cardston
Kearney, J.J. from Sundre
Kearns, Thomas from Macleod
Kearon, Douglas from Carolside, Bluffton
Kearon, J.E. from Carolside
Keast, May from Viking
Keast, Theodore from Gadsby, Hackett
Keast, Vernon from Dewberry
Keating, Florence from Pashley
Keating, Melville B. from Pashley
Keay, Orrin S. from High Prairie
Keay, Wesley Charles from High Prairie
Keay, William from High Prairie
Kebalo, Peter from Teepee Creek, Grande Prairie
Keddie, Dean A. from Fairview
Keddie, R.G. from Calgary
Keding, Frank Robert from Tofield
Kee, David C. from Provost, Prince George, BC
Keebal, Karl from Oyen, Bindloss, Acadia Valley
Keehn, Edmund from Tilley
Keehn, Fred from Rolling Hills
Keeler, Christina from Winnifred
Keeler, Clive Edgar from Medicine Hat
Keeler, David H. from Magrath
Keeler, Mrs. J.M. from Strathmore
Keeler, William P. & Helen May from Bow Island
Keeley, Charles from Mayerthorpe
Keeley, Edgar R from Drayton Valley
Keeley, Edgar R. from Drayton Valley
Keeley, William & H. from Spring Park
Keeling, Bert from Gem
Keeling, Charles A. from Gem
Keeling, Charles A. from Gem
Keely, Pat E. from Mallaig
Keen, Oswald S. from Kew
Keene, Mrs. M.A. from Alcomdale
Keene, Robert Charles from Calgary
Keer, W.E. (Estate) from Nobleford
Keeton, Carrie from Alix
Kehewin Band from Bonnyville
Kehm, Gus & Sons (Mike & Henry) from Millet
Kehoe, David from Youngstown
Kehoe, John from Camrose
Kehoe, M.G. from Camrose
Kehr, Edgar S. from Vulcan
Keibel, A.C. from Endiang
Keibel, Ben from Calgary, Endiang
Keibel, Emil Frederick & Katie from Endiang, Stettler
Keichinger, A. Henry from Lloydminster, SK, Lloydminster, AB
Keichinger, Mike from Alliance
Keil, William from Madden
Keillar, Colin McK. from Ashmont
Keillar, Robert S. from Wanham
Keillor, James from Edgerton
Keim, George from Acme
Keir, W.R. from Bonnyville
Keith, Clayton Vincent from Stettler
Keith, E. from Clover Bar
Keith, E.V. from Calgary
Keith, Ezekiel from Clover Bar
Keith, Joshua from Cochrane
Keith, Mrs. S.J. from Rimbey
Keith, Mrs. S.J. from Rimbey
Keith, O.E. & H.C. Knudtson from Okotoks
Keith, Vincent Sylvester from Stettler
Keith, William W. from Little Prairie, Reno, Peace River Crossing
Keiver, C.A. from Rio Grande
Keiver, Reginald R. from Rio Grande
Keiver, Robert John from Red Deer
Keldson, Chris from Helina
Kell, Dalton James from Red Deer
Kellar, Guiles W. from Orion, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Kelleman, Steve from Coaldale
Kelleman, Steve from Coaldale
Keller, Adam from Compeer, Metiskow
Keller, Alfred from Two Hills, Vegreville
Keller, C.H. from New Norway
Keller, E.A. from Cayley
Keller, Ernest Jack from Calgary
Keller, H.E. from Elk Point
Keller, Harry from Stoppington
Keller, Jack from Twin Butte, Parkland, Pincher Creek
Keller, Karl from Ranchville, Medicine Hat
Keller, Leo R. from Suffield, Ranchville
Keller, Roy from Belloy
Keller, Vernon from Kipp
Keller, William Henry from Carstairs, St. Albert
Kellerman, E. from Hinton
Kellert, Robert from Winfield
Kelley, Archie from Rimbey
Kelley, Donald J. from St. Lina
Kelley, Earl George from Edmonton
Kelley, J.A. from Brant
Kelley, James A. from Stettler
Kelley, Jeanette Bell from Calgary
Kelley, Jesse Alexander from Brant
Kelley, Orin from Rimbey
Kelley, Pat E. from Mallaig
Kelliher, G.L. from Bonnyville
Kelliher, H.J. from Bonnyville
Kelliher, Maurice from Onion Lake, SK, La Corey
Kelliher, Norman E. from Onion Lake, SK
Kelliher, Patrick A. from Edmonton
Kelliher, Reta & Mike Karas from Iron River
Kellogg, Glen from Edgerton
Kells, Robert E. from Hardisty, Lougheed
Kellsey, S.H. from Carstairs
Kelly Bros. from Stettler
Kelly, C.A. from Lougheed
Kelly, C.D. from Chinook
Kelly, Edmund from Minburn
Kelly, Edward from Crossfield
Kelly, Frank from Edgerton, Metiskow, Sulphur Springs, Provost
Kelly, Frank J. Sr. & Mary Elizabeth from Wayne, Calgary
Kelly, Frank J. Sr. & Mary Elizabeth from Wayne, Calgary
Kelly, J. Foley from Bulwark, Ingleton
Kelly, James from Wayne
Kelly, John F. from High River
Kelly, Lar (Lawrence) from Viking
Kelly, Oliver C. from Claresholm
Kelly, Patrick Emmett from Cochrane
Kelly, Patrick from Hussar, Exshaw
Kelly, Robert & Icel Jane from Bentley, Bluffton
Kelly, T.G. from Trochu
Kelly, William from Dixonville
Kelly, William George from Innisfail
Kelm, Arthur from Bruce
Kelm, August from Bruce
Kelm, Chris from Hanna
Kelm, Gottfred from Hanna
Kelm, Gustav from Acme, Craigmyle
Kelm, Melvin Eugene from Stettler
Kelm, Reinhold from Hanna
Kelm, Sam from Hanna
Kelm, Simon from Hanna, Botha
Kelndorfer, Teresa from Killam
Kelson, Harry from Calgary
Keltie, George I. from Edmonton
Keltie, George I. from Edmonton
Kelund, William A. from Sundre
Kemble, Charles (Buckhorn Ranch) from Beaver Mines
Kemble, Charles (Buckhorn Ranch) from Beaver Mines
Kemenius, T. from Highvale
Kemmis, Charles A. from Rimbey
Kemp, Albert from Elnora
Kemp, George W. from Calgary
Kemp, Herbert Frank from Gadsby
Kemp, Millard D. from Calgary
Kemp, Mrs. Jessie M. from Hutton, Gem
Kemp, Mrs. W.J. from Gadsby
Kemp, Nellie C. from Bassano
Kemp, R.L. from Carcajou, Keg River
Kemp, W.J from Gadsby
Kemper, Henry from Metiskow
Kempf, J. & Sons from Botha
Kempken, Peter from Lindale, Castor, Fenner
Kempo, John & Gordon M. Dromrosky from Edmonton
Kempo, John & Gordon M. Dromrosky from Edmonton
Kempt, W.V. from Rosebud Creek
Kendall, Edwin Wallace from Rosebud Creek, Rockyford
Kendall, H. from Lethbridge
Kendren, G.R from Cochrane
Kendrew, K.D. from Chinook Valley
Kendrew, Roy from Eckville, Red Deer, Sylvan Lake
Kendrew, S.W. from Red Deer
Kendrew, Thurston from Chinook Valley
Kendrick, A.R. from Didsbury
Kendrick, John Wiliam from Drumheller
Kendrick, Kenneth from Berwyn
Kendrick, Ralph Hudson from Seba Beach, Edmonton
Kendze, Carl J. from Condor
Kennard, Clayton from Cardston
Kennedy Bros. from Islay
Kennedy, A. from Glendon
Kennedy, Allen from Sangudo
Kennedy, Cecil T. from Vermilion
Kennedy, Donald MacBeth from Fairview, Waterhole
Kennedy, George Albert & Arthur Tilden Davis from Rosebud
Kennedy, George Albert & Arthur Tilden Davis from Rosebud
Kennedy, Harvie from Entrance, Hinton
Kennedy, Hugh from Irma
Kennedy, James P. from Carstairs
Kennedy, James Stanley from Edgerton
Kennedy, John Daniel from Edmonton
Kennedy, John J. from Holden
Kennedy, John Lamont from Rosalind
Kennedy, L. Kay from Rosalind
Kennedy, Peter from Hanna
Kennedy, R.K. from Viking
Kennedy, R.N. from Onoway
Kennedy, Russell H. from Vermilion, Red Deer, Wainwright
Kenney Bros. from Olds
Kenney, B.B. from Lethbridge
Kenney, Jack from Taber, Raymond
Kenney, Nellie from Rockyford
Kenney, Spence from Coaldale
Kenny, Donald T. & Elizabeth Will from Calgary
Kenny, Gladys M. from Endiang
Kenny, James H. from Endiang
Kenny, Ralph H. from Endiang, Trochu, Byemoor
Kenny, Richard Alexander from Hardisty
Kenny, T.L. from Lougheed
Kent Bros.(Gordon, David & Dennis) from Beiseker
Kent, Eva from Clive
Kent, G.H. from Wainwright
Kent, Gerald R. from Marwayne
Kent, Howard S & Eileen R. from Calgary, Westbank, BC
Kent, Lester James from Clive
Kent, Lowry Gerald from Marwayne
Kent, W.H. from Lyalta
Kentrup, Harold Eldon from Innisfail
Kenyon, Brian from Falun
Kenyon, Clifford T. from Boyne Lake
Kenzie, Anton from Vermilion
Kenzler, Edward from Melba, Scollard
Kenzler, Mrs. A. from Big Valley
Keown, F.A. from Watino
Kepke, A.E. from Elk Point, Lindbergh
Ker, C.W. from Dolcy, Edgerton
Kerber, Alsora nee Brown from Turner Valley, Black Diamond
Kerber, M.H from Black Diamond
Kerber, Merle T. from Black Diamond, Turner Valley
Kerbes, Alex or Alec from Stettler, Big Valley, Fenn
Kerbes, Alma P. from Big Valley
Kerbes, August from Erskine, Big Valley, Sherwood Park
Kerbes, Deane from Stettler, Big Valley
Kerbes, Edward from Stettler, Fenn
Kerbes, Robert from Stettler
Kerbs, Alex from Medicine Hat
Kerch Bros. from Eckville
Kercher, Jacob from Alliance, Vegreville
Kereliuk, George from Hairy Hill
Kereliuk, Steve and Son Ernest from Gibbons
Kerell Farms Ltd. from Kitscoty
Kerfoot, Percy C. from Cochrane
Kerik, Andrew from Bashaw
Kerkland, Terrance Robert from Calgary
Kern, C.H. from Cardston, Glenwood
Kern, Carl George from Rosemary
Kern, David from Innisfail
Kern, Gotthielf from Hilda
Kern, Larry Dean from Rosemary
Kerner, Frank Joseph from Stanmore
Kerner, John from Bow Island
Kerner, Millard Frank from Hanna
Kerner, Viola from Stanmore
Kerner, William C. from Stanmore
Kernick, Donald J. from Calgary
Kernick, Donald J. from Calgary
Kernick, Frank J. from Canmore
Kerr & McKeen from Sangudo
Kerr, A.H. from Brooks, Claresholm
Kerr, Ardell from Sundre
Kerr, B. (Alberta Stockyards) from Calgary
Kerr, Edwin V. from Nevis
Kerr, Frank H. & W.J. Chilton from Claresholm
Kerr, J.B. from Dawson Creek, BC, Millarville
Kerr, Morris from Calgary
Kerr, Myles from Riviere Qui Barre
Kerr, Myron William from Calgary
Kerr, Robert E. from Nevis
Kerr, Rose from Bremner
Kerrison, Leslie Nelson from Calgary
Kerruish, Robert C. from Okotoks
Kersch, Ed. from Bassano, Hussar, Vale
Kerschbaum, Anna from Etzikom, Bow Island
Kerschbaum, John from Etzikom, Bow Island
Kersey, Alfred E. from Rinard, Del Bonita
Kershaw, William Herbert from Calgary, Vancouver, BC
Kerstens, A.J. from Midnapore
Kerstian, Carl from Clyde
Kertesz, Zolton from Coaldale
Kervin, John Kenneth from Fort McMurray, Edmonton
Kerychuck, Mike from Beaverdam
Keshen, A.E. from High Prairie
Keshen, William from High Prairie
Kessel, Jacob from Markerville, Sylvan Lake
Kessel, Jacob from Markerville, Sylvan Lake
Kessir, Alfred A. from Leduc
Kessler, Ellen M. from Acme, Calgary
Kettles, James A. from Pincher Creek
Keuschnig, Richard from Mannville
Keuvelaar, John from Seven Persons, Vale
Kewley, Ada Maude from Kirriemuir
Kewley, Robert E. from Kirriemuir
Key, Edith & Edith Millar from Vauxhall
Keyes, Donovan A. from Bow Island
Keylock, Mervyn Leslie from Balzac
Kibblewhite, A.R. from Okotoks
Kibblewhite, D.L. from Calgary, Sundre
Kibblewhite, Richard J. from Balzac
Kibel, James from Empress
Kibel, Joe from Empress
Kiceluk, Douglas from Brooks
Kicking Horse Ranch Ltd. (Wansbrough, J. L.) from Edmonton
Kicking Horse Ranch Ltd.( Wansbrough, J.L.) from Edmonton
Kidd Bros. (Harold M. & George H.) from Edmonton, Nordegg, Mizpah
Kidd, Albert A. from Stavely
Kidd, David from Gadsby
Kidd, Fred from Morley
Kidd, George from Priddis
Kidd, Prince from St. Vincent
Kidd, Robert Stanley from Elnora
Kiddie, Robert & Son from Endiang
Kiddoo, C.S. from Blackie
Kiddoo, John W. from Blackie
Kiddoo, John W. from Blackie
Kiefer, C.R. from Jasper
Kiefiuk, Edward from Smoky Lake
Kiefiuk, Matt from Angle Lake
Kiehm, Horst from Picture Butte, Lethbridge
Kiel, Carl M. from Blackfoot
Kiel, Carl M. from Blackfoot
Kiemele, David from Queenstown
Kiemele, George J. from Milo
Kiemele, George J. from Milo
Kiemele, John from Cardston
Kienholz, Alberta J. from Cardston
Kientz, Frank & Brian from Calgary
Kientz, Ralph from Calgary
Kienzle, Harold from Hilda
Kienzle, Ruben from Bow Island
Kiersgaard, John Ross from Cremona, Calgary
Kiesal, Chester L. from Forestburg
Kiesal, Richard from Forestburg
Kieselbach, Emil from Lethbridge, Coaldale
Kiever, William from Mount Valley, Rio Grand
Kiffiak, Nicholas from Skiff, Taber
Kilarski, William from Coronado
Kilborn, William Franklin from Grimshaw, Edmonton
Kilburn, Allan E. from North Edmonton
Kildaw, Kenneth M. from Nordegg
Kile, Clifford E. from Amisk, Chetwynd, BC
Kilgour, Glen from Bearberry
Kilik, Anton from Thorsby
Killaly, Percy J. from Fisher Home
Killeen, Jack C. & Reta from Kinuso
Killeen, Joseph H. from Calgary, Tees, Ponoka
Killen, Percy Ira from Lousana
Killen, Thomas Y. from Paradise Valley, New Lindsey, Edmonton
Killen, Thomas Y. from Paradise Valley, New Lindsey, Edmonton
Killick, Gordon H. from Calgary
Killoran, Fred J. from Macleod, Fort Macleod
Killoran, L.J. from Wainwright
Kilmer, Kenneth O. from Lethbridge
Kilpatrick, Dan from Leedale
Kilpatrick, Harry from Mossleigh, Calgary
Kilpatrick, J. Burns from Leedale, Rimbey
Kilpatrick, Nelson from Mossleigh, Calgary, Vulcan
Kilpatrick, R.L. from Foremost, Legend
Kiltheau, Conrad from Redcliff
Kimak, Steve from Vilna
Kimball, Arnold Ernest from Red Deer
Kimball, Ivan from Edgerton
Kimber, H. from Youngstown, Lundor, MB
Kimitt, Harold from Bow Island, Calgary, Rolling Hills
Kimmel, Albert from Torrington
Kimmel, Mrs. M. from Brightview
Kimmett, C.C. from Standard
Kinakin, Fred from Bulwark
Kinakin, Peter from Bulwark
Kinast, Jacob from Medicine Hat
Kinch, Ben from Cochrane, Black Diamond
Kinch, Conrad from Provost
Kinch, George & Herman from Cochrane
Kinch, George & Herman from Cochrane
Kinder, Arlene E. nee Duffy from Calgary
Kinder, E.L. from Calgary, Tilley, Eckville
Kinder, Walter F. from Tilley, Brooks
Kindley, A. from Tofield
Kindon, W.E.F. from Fraserton, Sunnynook
Kindopp, Melvin E. from Beiseker
Kindrat, Tom from Turin
Kindred, Herb G. from Moose Jaw, SK, Rimbey
Kindree, Mrs. A.M. from Scotfield
Kindree, Russell Craig from, Scotfield
Kindt, Howard S. from Calgary, Nanton
Kindt, J.O. from Nanton
Kindt, James Hubert from Nanton
Kinery, J.C. from Glenwoodville
King – Hunter, R. from Sunnynook
King Bros from Indus
King Bros. (William George & David) from Coaldale
King, A.W. & Son from High River
King, Agnes C. from Cochrane
King, Ansley from High River
King, Arthur from Lone Butte
King, Clyde E. from Rocky Mountain House
King, Daniel J. from Athabasca
King, Edward from Lethbridge
King, Elizabeth from Hussar
King, Ernest P. from Aden
King, Floyd from Picture Butte
King, George & W.N. from Rimbey
King, George E. from Stettler
King, George from Hardisty
King, George from Rimbey
King, Henry R. from Chinook
King, Jack G. from Lloydminster
King, James Alfred from Carbon
King, Jesse L. from Highland Park
King, Joan L. nee McNab from Fort Macleod, Calgary, Lethbridge
King, John from Wainwright, Edmonton
King, Joseph F. from Bassano
King, Kenneth James from Whitecourt
King, Lance from Calgary
King, M.M. from Cochrane
King, Mason George from Hemaruka, Youngstown
King, Maurice R. from Lundbreck
King, Mrs. W.P. from Coutts, Aden, Lethbridge
King, Nora Konstance from Picture Butte
King, Percy E. from Ponoka
King, Percy from Dorothy
King, Ralph from Egremont, Fabyan
King, Ralph from Pincher Creek
King, Robert L. from Calgary
King, Thomas James from Carbon
King, W.A. from Buffalo
King, W.B. from Calgary, Midnapore
King, Wallace E. from Lethbridge, Aden
King, William Arthur from Acme
King, William Richard & Sons (Leslie & Larry) from Calgary
King, Yetta from Plamondon
Kingcott, Roland E. from Berry Creek, Michichi
Kingham, Wayne Douglas from Edmonton
Kinghorn, Andrew Gordon from High River
Kingsbury, N.I. from Lucky Strike
Kingscote, R.P. from Claresholm
Kingshott, Gerald from Edmonton
Kingsland, David John from Trochu
Kingsley, Arthur Morton from Craigmyle
Kingston Bros. (J.T & W.C) from Patricia
Kingston, John T. from Duchess, Rosemary
Kingston, William C. from Patricia
Kingwood, Ernest Walter from Heath
Kinisky, John from Whitla
Kinley, James from Lowalta, Lacombe
Kinley, John Victor from Calgary
Kinley, William J. from Lacombe
Kinnee, Albin Russell & Sons from Edmonton
Kinnee, Albin Russell & Sons from Edmonton
Kinney, Leland G. from Rockyford
Kinney, W.F. from Nanton, Claresholm
Kinniburgh, Fred D. from Airdrie
Kinniburgh, James S. from Airdrie
Kinniburgh, L.E. from Airdrie, Calgary
Kinniburgh, M.H. from Airdrie, Kelowna, BC
Kinnunen, Seppo from Lac La Biche
Kinsella, Leona Madge from Innisfail
Kinsey, Charles from Raymond
Kinsey, Roy from Taber, Claresholm, Lethbridge
Kinshella, Charles from Dewberry
Kinvig, Edgar Hayes, & Ellen B. from Brooks
Kinzell, Bertha from Retlaw
Kinzell, John from Vauxhall, Retlaw
Kinzer, Philip from Killam
Kinzer, Richard Conrad from Killam
Kipps, John H. from Tulliby Lake
Kipta, Joseph from Medicine Hat
Kipta, Peter from Rolling Hills
Kipta, Steve from Rolling Hills
Kirby, Charles F.G. & Irene from Redland, Rockyford, Drumheller
Kirby, Lawrence E. from Grande Prairie
Kirby, Lea from Hanna
Kirechuk, Andrew from Lac La Biche
Kirick, T.A. from Bashaw
Kirk, Arthur & Norris from Three Hills
Kirk, Chester R. from Ponoka
Kirk, Guy from Ponoka
Kirkendall, Dale S. from Escondido, CA
Kirkham, George D. from Eckville, Forest Lawn
Kirkland, Mrs. Samuel from Blueberry Mountain
Kirkland, Mrs. Samuel from Blueberry Mountain
Kirkland, Sam from Blueberry Mountain, Heart Valley
Kirkoff, Byron Robert from Calgary
Kirkpatrick, B. from Markerville, Red Deer
Kirkpatrick, John Bennett from Hussar, Cluny
Kirkpatrick, John from St. Brides
Kirkpatrick, John R. & William M. from Pincher Creek
Kirkpatrick, John R. & William M. from Pincher Creek
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. K. from Slave Lake
Kirkton, Richard from High River
Kirkvold & Green from Taber, Manyberries
Kirkvold, Peter from Manyberries
Kirkwood, David from Hillsdown
Kirkwood, H. H. from Edmonton
Kirkwood, H.H. from Edmonton
Kirr, John from Stettler, Botha
Kirsch, R. Walter from Tees
Kirschman, Jacob from Burstall, SK
Kirstein, Edward from Cluny
Kirstein, Otto from Gleichen
Kirsten, Kurt from Innisfail
Kirton, T. from Red Deer
Kisch, Paul E. from Brownfield, Water Valley
Kisch, Steve from Coronation, Brownfield
Kischek, M.J. from Brooks
Kisell, Joseph Jr. from Consul, SK
Kish Bros. (Joe & Leslie) from Calgary
Kish, Andy from Taber, Diamond City, Iron Springs
Kish, John Joseph from Diamond City
Kiski, Annie from Ranfurly
Kisko, Demko & Annie from Ranfurly
Kiss, Andrew from Tolland
Kiss, John from Lake Eliza, Brooks
Kiss, John from Lake Eliza, Brooks
Kissinger, W.F. from Calgary, Portland, OR
Kisters, Albert & Elizabeth from Redcliff
Kistner, Daniel J. from Red Willow
Kit, John M. from Vegreville
Kit, Mike from Innisfree
Kitchen, E.R from Cayley, High River
Kitching, G.E. from Earlie, Paradise Valley
Kitching, Mahlon from Paradise Valley
Kitt, Bill T. from Two Hills
Kitt, John from Ranfurly
Kitt, Karl from Myrnam
Kitt, Mike from Two Hills
Kitt, Myles from Two Hills
Kitt, Peter from Two Hills
Kittler, Mildred from Hanna
Kittlitz, Albert from S. Edmonton, Sherwood Park
Kittlitz, R.D. from Bruderheim
Kitto, F.O. from Bashaw
Kitz, Mike from Innisfree
Kitz, William from Warwick, Vegreville
Kizema, Metro from Beauvallon
Kiziak, Peter from Derwent
Kiziak, Raymond from Derwent
Kiziak, Robert Lloyd from Midnapore, Calgary
Kiziak, Wilmer from Derwent
Kjaring, John from La Glace
Kjarlano, Olai J. from Buffalo
Kjeldsen, Jeppe Holst from Taber
Kjelland, Herman from Viking
Kjelland, Pete from Viking
Kjenner, Kenneth from Ponoka
Kjinserdahl, Erik from Nanton
Kjorlien, Arnt S. from Mayerthorpe
Kjorsvik, Cliff from Olds, Eagle Hill
Kjos, Thomas from Cadogan, Provost
Kjosness, Paul S. from Holden
Klacko, Carl from Brownfield
Klaczek, Anton from St. Michael
Klaesson, John from Naco
Klaffke, Fritz from Botha, Stettler
Klaiber, Andrew F. from Walsh, Seven persons, Medicine Hat
Klaiber, Edward H. & Carol M. from Strathmore, Medicine Hat, Delburne, Alix
Klaiber, Fred from Eagle Butte, Manyberries
Klaiber, Frederick J. from Woolchester, Medicine Hat
Klaiber, Mary & Andrew from Little Plume
Klaiber, Michael from Woolchester
Klammer, C.B. from New Sarepta, Vegreville
Klamzuski, Walter from Drumheller
Klan, Arthur L. from Delia, Eston, SK
Klapper, Paul from Darwell
Klapstein, Oscar from Alcomdale
Klaschinsky, B. from Vermilion
Klassen Bros. from Rocky Mountain House
Klassen, Abraham W. (Knee Hill Stock Farm) from Acme, Swalwell
Klassen, Abraham W. (Knee Hill Stock Farm) from Acme, Swalwell
Klassen, Albert E. from Linden
Klassen, Allen from Ellscott
Klassen, Alvin from Linden
Klassen, Cornelius Edwin from Ellscott
Klassen, D. from Brooks
Klassen, David P. from Gem
Klassen, G.H from Hughenden
Klassen, George Claire from Camrose
Klassen, H.P. from Gem, Coaldale
Klassen, Henry “Bud” from Calgary
Klassen, Henry from Coaldale
Klassen, Henry P. from Vauxhall
Klassen, J.K. from Vauxhall
Klassen, J.W. from Rosemary
Klassen, Jacob A. from Rosemary
Klassen, Jacob F. from Coaldale
Klassen, Jacob from Gibbons, Creston, BC
Klassen, Jacob J. from Coaldale
Klassen, John C. from Tofield
Klassen, John J. from Irma
Klassen, Katarina from Namaka, Gem
Klassen, Marie from Consort
Klassen, Peter & Dietrich from Duchess
Klassen, Peter from Coaldale
Klassen, Ronald D. from Trochu, Linden
Klassen, Walter from Rosemary
Klassen, William D. from Rocky Mountain House
Klatt, Gus from Ardrossan
Klatt, Jacob from Calgary
Klatt, Katie from Halkirk
Klatt, Reginald B. from Forestburg
Klaudt, Albert from Medicine Hat, Burstall, SK
Klaus, A. & J. from Ewing
Klaus, John from Alliance, Castor
Klautt, Arthur Raymond from Duchess
Klautt, Emil from Duchess
Klautt, R.L. from Duchess
Klebannowsky, Mike from Marwayne
Kleeman, Warren E. from Turin
Klein, Alex from Forestburg
Klein, George D. from Drayton Valley, Easyford
Klein, Joe from Falun
Klein, John Theodore from Medicine Hat
Klein, Oscar A. from Wembley, Lacombe
Klein, Philip from Edmonton
Klein, Ted from Wetaskiwin, Falun
Klein, William from New Brigden
Klein, William J. from Viking
Kleiner, Ida from Bow Island
Kleinknecht, Norman Wayne from Medicine Hat
Kleist, Oscar August & Son (Byron Norman) from Iron Springs
Klem, George from Ellscott
Klementovich, Anton from Bellis
Klemp, Daniel from Picardville
Klepper, Dick & V.G. Leonard from Caroline
Klepper, Dick, Leonard, V. G. from Caroline
Kleven, Orin Melvin from Elnora
Kleysen, Wayne Harry from Calgary
Klics, Frank & Leona from Taber
Kliem, Raymond George from Brant
Klimack, Albert from Grande Prairie
Klimck, John from Hazeldine, Dewberry
Klime, Mrs. Warren from Wimborne
Klimowicz, Victor from Vauxhall
Klimp, Arthur from Camrose
Klinck, William Raymond from Jenner, Medicine Hat
Kline, Brian Lyle from Olds
Kline, Carl from Donalda
Kline, Cecil M. from Calgary
Kline, Donald from Rosemary
Kline, Ernest from Airdrie, Cochrane
Kline, Izzy from Calgary
Kline, James from Cochrane
Kline, Marie A. from Airdrie
Kline, Sam from Calgary, Lethbridge
Kling, Karl from Rosebud
Klinger, Lawrence C. from Hardisty
Klingstal, Oskar & Mrs. L. Vander Arend from Wimborne
Klink, William Raymond from Medicine Hat, Jenner
Klipper, William from Hanna
Klippert, Alvina from Wainwright
Klitgaar, Sam from Namaka
Klitzke, Albert E. from Carstairs
Klitzke, Albert E. from Carstairs
Kloeck, Mrs. S. from Heatherdown
Kloepfer, Helen Elaine from Stettler
Klok, Henry from Taber
Klonin, Victor from Purple Springs
Kloosterman, Bruce from Calgary
Klopp, Barney from Elnora
Klopp, Roy Thomas from Red Deer
Kloster, Norbert P. from Vermilion
Klug, Adam from Irving
Klug, Andrew & Mary from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Klug, William P. from Seven Persons, Walsh
Kluin, Hank from Calgary, Fort Assiniboine, Hardisty
Klukus, Otto from Medicine Hat
Klump, Chris Daniel from Lone Butte, Dorothy, Delia
Klunker, Frederick from Pincher Creek, Fishburn, Twin Butte
Klutz, Leslie from High Prairie
Klutz, Nick from Vermilion
Klymchuk, Ernest from Andrew
Klys, Cornelius from Carstairs
Knadel, Mathias from Lloydminster, SK
Knapcik, Jacob from Hythe
Knapen, A.J. from Knappen, Coutts
Knapp, C.L. from Brant, Vulcan
Knapp, Cless from Mayerthorpe
Knapp, Ezra from Patricia
Knapp, Mervin from Iron River
Knapp, Percy Ernest from Rimbey
Knappen, A.J from Knappen, Coutts
Knaresboro, John from Castor, Calgary
Knauft, August from Hanna
Knauft, Mrs. R.G. from Hanna
Knauft, Roy from Exshaw
Knauft, William from Hanna
Knecht, Gottlieb from High Prairie
Knecht, Theo from Big Valley, Bowden, Torrington
Knechtel, E.C. from Bashaw
Knee Hill Valley East Feeders Association Ltd. from Innisfail
Knee Hill Valley Feeders Association from Innisfail
Kneeland, Francis from Stettler
Kneeland, Homer from Stettler
Kneeland, Lawrence from Halkirk
Kneller, Adolf from Castor
Kneller, Oscar from Carstairs
Knesh, Mrs. N. from Medicine Hat
Knibb, F.G. from Grassy Lake
Knibb, Reginald Grandon from Grassy Lake
Knibbs, J.W. from Grassy Lake
Knievel, George Lawrence from Trochu
Knight, Albert E. from Alix
Knight, Albert E. from Alix
Knight, David from Caroline
Knight, Edith from Castor
Knight, G.C. from Tees
Knight, J. E. from Rockyford
Knight, J.E. from Rockyford
Knight, R.D. from Allingham, Torrington, Innisfail
Knight, W.G. from Bon Accord
Knight, W.L. from Standard, Calgary, Rockyford
Knight, Walter B. & Hugh W. Pettit from Lundbreck, Luscar, Mountain View
Knight, Walter B. & Hugh W. Pettit from Lundbreck, Luscar, Mountain View
Knight, Walter S. & Hugh W. Pettit from Lundbreck
Knight, Walter S. from Cowley, Lundbreck, Luscar, Mountain Park
Knights, Arthur R. from Lousana
Knights, John from Elnora
Knights, Mrs. Jack from Sundre
Knights, Norman C. from Lousana
Knights, Richard from Millarville
Knights, Wayne from Delburne, Red Deer
Knippleberg, Oscar R. from Lousana
Knispel, Adolf from Halkirk
Knitel, Francois Johan Marie from Tangent, The Netherlands
Knittle, Peter from Clyde, Athabasca
Knobbe, Mike from Bezanson, Goodwin, Calgary
Knoblich, Emanuel from Schuler, Medicine Hat
Knoblick, Fred from Cardston
Knoblick, Harold from Cardston
Knodel, Albert from Tilley
Knodel, Andrew from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Knodel, Ben from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Knodel, Fred from Irvine
Knodel, Jimmie from Medicine Hat
Knodel, Oswald from Killam
Knor, Joseph from Paradise Valley
Knorr, Herman from High River, Dovercourt, Ricinus
Knotek, Mike from Turin
Knott, Anton E. from Stettler
Knott, Raymond from Stettler
Knowles, C.E.B. from Medicine Hat, High River
Knowles, C.E.B. from Medicine Hat, High River
Knowles, Jonathan from Byemoore
Knowles, Maura Lynn from Lethbridge
Knowles, Sydney G. from Irma
Knowles, Sydney G. from Irma
Knowlson, Mark from Banff
Knox, Erna from Wayne
Knox, La Verne from Peace River
Knox, Lorne M. from Cremona
Knox, Robert S. from Wardlow
Knudsen, Karl from Hussar
Knudsen, Larry from Delburne
Knudsen, Segred from Hussar
Knudsen, Tage from Bulwark
Knudsgaard, Frans Ericksen from Olds
Knudslien, Elvin Oliver from Ryley
Knudslien, Johnnie O. from Ryley
Knudslien, Robert R. from Tofield
Knudson, A.S. from Viking, Wainwright
Knudson, H.K. from Provost, Calgary
Knudson, Roald M. from Calgary, Claresholm
Knull, Edward R. from Camrose, Hay Lakes, New Sarepta
Knull, Gus from Patience
Knupp, A.D. from High River
Knupp, Ada from High River
Knupp, Richard L. from High River
Knutsen, Knut from Jenner, Medicine Hat
Knutson, Anton from Iddesleigh, Jenner
Knutson, C.E. from Czar
Knutson, Charles from Edgerton
Knutson, Clarence, & Victor Kochan from Vermilion
Knutson, Earl from Coronation
Knutson, Edwin from Minburn
Knutson, Harold M. from Jenner Iddesleigh
Knutson, Norman B. from Iddesleigh
Knysh, August from Wostok
Kobelwich, Nick from Bodo
Kober, Arthur Eugene from Cochrane, Calgary
Kober, Dorothy from Hanna
Kober, Edward from Trochu
Kobi, Barbara from Endiang
Kobi, W.A from Scollard, Byemoor, Donalda
Kobi, William Sr. from Castor
Kobilkewich, Nick from Bodo
Kobley, James M. from Medicine Hat
Kobley, James M. from Medicine Hat
Kobol, William from Calgary
Kobol, William G. from Brooks
Kobsar, George from Provost, Sedgewick, Paradise Valley
Kobsar, Matt from Sedgewick
Kobylawski, Sam from Rycroft
Kobza, Albert from Beaver Mines, Coleman
Kobza, John from Cardston, Beaver Mines, Pincher Creek
Koch Bros. from Altario
Koch, Alfred from Fort Saskatchewan
Koch, Alfred from Fort Saskatchewan
Koch, Allan from Lomond
Koch, Edward P. from Three Hills
Koch, Gustav A. from Bow Island, Vulcan
Koch, Harald C. from Lomond, Lethbridge
Koch, Milton C. from Lomond, Vulcan
Koch, Mrs. E.J. from Ardenode
Koch, Orville Glen from High Level
Koch, R.G. from Three Hills, Forest Lawn
Koch, Roy A. from Nanton
Koch, T.J. from Strathmore
Koch, William from Hilda, Irvine, Medicine Hat
Kochan, Robert William from Vermilion
Kocken, Tom from Fort Macleod
Kocmoski, John from Coaldale
Kocowski, Harry from Vermilion
Kocsis, Mike from Lethbridge
Kodak, Frank from Lacombe
Kody, Albert from Lethbridge
Koefoed, Maude from Gleichen
Koehli, Ernest J. from Sedgewick
Koehli, Gerald A. from Sedgwick
Koehli, Werner from Daysland
Koehn, Douglas E. from Pincher Creek
Koehn, Verle from Pincher Creek
Koekeritz, Clark from Medicine Hat
Koenen, Ray Thomas from Coaldale
Koenig, Charlie from Robinson, Medicine Hat
Koenig, Daniel from Norton, Medicine Hat
Koenig, Elmore from Medicine Hat
Koenig, John from Monitor
Koenig, Marvin from Monitor
Koepke, Harold J. from Bowden
Koester, Joseph A. from Rockyford
Koester, Ralph O. from Water Valley
Koffler, Carl from Berwyn
Koffler, Mike from Prosy, Beiseker, Berwyn
Koffler, Mike from Prosy, Beiseker, Berwyn
Kofman, A.K. from Tofield
Kofoed & Thomsen from Coronation
Kofoed, A.E. & J.A. Rasmussen from Hanna, Spondin
Kofoed, A.E. & J.A. Rasmussen from Hanna, Spondin
Kofoed, A.E. from Coronation, Richdale, Hanna, Spondin
Kohalyk, Frank from Grande Prairie, Bezanson
Kohl, August F. from Wainwright
Kohlman, Joseph Lawrence from Devon
Kohut, L. from Didsbury, Calgary
Koivisto, Elmer from Rocky Mountain House
Kojola, E. from Bingley, Rocky Mountain House
Kokas, Henry from Wetaskiwin
Kokosha, Arthur Allan from Sexsmith
Kokosha, Nick from Sexsmith, Cochrane, Spirit River
Kokosha, Tom from Sexsmith
Kokotailo, Bill T. from Willingdon
Kokotilo, Bill from Smoky Lake
Kokotovich, Milan from Niton
Kolada, Mike from Lloydminster
Kolarik, Liddie from Rumsey
Kolba, Mathew from Spruce Grove
Kole, J.K. from Milo
Koles, Joe from Heinsburg
Koles, Wayne from Edmonton
Kolesar, Margaret T. from Milk River
Kolesar, Maria Simon & Maragret Kolesar from Diamond City, Milk River, Lethbridge
Kolesar, Mary Simon or Marie or Maria from Diamond City, Milk River, Lethbridge
Kolesar, S.H. from Warner
Kolewaski, Mike from Thorhild, Clyde
Koll, Henry from Sedgewick, Grouard
Kollar, Mike from Beaver Crossing
Koller, Ora H. from Goddard, Warner
Kolodkewych, William from Mundare
Kolody, Alex from Smoky Lake
Kolody, Pete from Bow Island
Kolody, Shirley Jo-Anne from Smoky Lake
Kolodychuk, Mike A. from Innisfree
Kolodychuk, Stanley from Holden
Kolotyluk, Eugene G. from Smoky Lake
Kolstad, H. from Airdrie
Kolwyck, W.B. from Eagle Butte
Koma, Doris from Lethbridge
Komar, K. from Hubalta, Calgary
Komarnisky, P.A. from Holden
Komhyr, Dan (Dmytro) from Spedden
Komix, Ruth Elaine from Calgary
Komlak, Con from Chailey
Komm, William from Cardston
Kondas, Frank & Margaret from Barnwell
Kondrat, Steve from Holden
Kondrat, V.W. from St. Paul, Elk Point
Konduc, Alex from Genesee
Konduc, John from Genesee
Konkin, Alex from Cowley
Konkin, Andrew from Gibbons, Ardrossan
Konkin, Mabel from Carseland
Konkin, William from Vauxhall
Konopelka, Marlene nee Hagerman from Spirit River, Rycroft
Konosevich, Archie from Mannville
Konrad, Edward from Medicine Hat
Konrad, Heinrich from Dunstable
Konschuh, Adam from Cluny
Konschuh, Conrad from Crossfield
Konschuh, D. from Cluny
Konschuh, Harvey Albert from Westcott
Konschuh, Katharine from Red Willow
Konschuh, Rod from Crossfield
Konschuk, Dan from Crossfield, Beiseker
Konshuh, Douglas C. from Calgary
Koochin, Mike Maxwell from Didsbury
Kool, Margaret from Kinuso, Swan Hills
Kool, S.W. from Kinuso
Koole, Arie from Kipp
Koole, Marvin Wayne from Monarch
Koole, Peter from Pearce
Koop, Peter J. from Gem, Calgary
Koopman, Albert from Iddesleigh
Koopman, J.T. from Grainger
Koopman, John from Tide Lake
Koos, Martin from Wrentham
Koots, John from Eckville
Kooy Bros. from Nobleford
Kooy, Peter from Nobleford
Kooznetsoff, Sam from Cowley
Kopchia, John from Tawatinaw
Kopchuk, Pete from Sundre
Kope, Abe J. from Ryley
Kope, Peter Jacob from Tofield
Kopfmann, Roy from Castor
Kopjar, Andrew Martin from Three Hills
Kopores, John from Midnapore, Dalemead, Ponoka
Kopp, Denis Robert from Seba Beach
Kopp, Eva from Marwayne
Kopp, John C. from Duchess
Kopp, Karl from Cremona, Bottrel
Koppenol, Cor from Coronation
Koppenol, M. from Coronation
Koppenol, Mart Jr. from Coronation
Koppenstein, Melita from Irvine, Taber
Koppenstein, Samuel from Taber, Lethbridge
Kops, Alfred from Redcliff
Korba, Alex from Innisfree
Korba, Joe from Innisfree, Edmonton
Korba, Joe from Innisfree, Edmonton
Korbut, Sam W. from Smoky Lake
Korechuk, William from Two Hills
Korek, Stanley from Strathmore
Koren, Robert Joseph from Elk Point
Korethoski, John from Carstairs
Korger, Richard G. from Eckville
Kormendy, John from Clyde, Westlock
Kormos, Bert from Coaldale
Kornelowich, William J. from Stettler, Erskine, Red Deer
Kornelsen, Henry from Coaldale
Korneman, Fred Edward from Wildwood
Kornsee, John from Mulga, Mannville
Korobka, Nick from Carstairs
Korsa, George from Hanna
Korsberg, Melford from Warner
Korstanje, J. from Pinhorn
Kortgaard, Orin from Coronation
Kortgaard, Peter from Coronation
Korth, Edward from Sedgewick
Korth, Leonard from Hardisty
Korth, Roy from Hardisty
Korthuis, Lloyd from Iron Springs
Korver, Nick Sr. from Coaldale, Claresholm
Korver, William from Coaldale
Korzun, Dan from Highvale
Kosar, Nick from High River
Kosh, George from Smoky Lake
Koshuta, Steve from Beauvallon, Vegreville
Koshuta, William from Naughton Glen, Beauvallon
Kosier, W. from Jenner
Kosinski, Larry from Holden
Koski, Art from Rocky Mountain House
Koski, Arthur from Eckville
Koslowski, John J. from Sexsmith
Koss, Alex from Mundare
Kossey, John James from St. Brides
Kostashuk, Nick from Willingdon, Luzan
Kostawich, John from Consort
Kostelansky, Louis from Barnwell
Kostelansky, Wallace S. from Lethbridge
Kostenuke, Theodore W. from Calgary, Sundre
Koster, Tony from Blackie
Kosteriva, Jeff from Blackfoot, Lloydminster
Kostin, Irene Evelyn remarried Pedersen from Perryvale
Kostin, John from Perryvale
Kostin, Victor from Perryvale
Kostiuk, Kosma from South Makwa
Kostiw, Mike & Son from Westlock
Kostiw, Victor from Westlock, Picardville
Kostrosky Bros.(A.R. & Donald) from Grainger, Acme
Kostrub, John from Boyne Lake
Kostrub, Walter from Boyne Lake
Kostyal, Mike from Picture Butte
Kostyk, Alex from Westlock
Kostyk, John from Beauvallon
Kostyk, Mike & John from Nestow, Weasel Creek
Kostyniuk, Joseph from St. Lina
Kostynuik, Dick from Ranfurly
Kostynuk, J. from Nordegg
Kostyshyn, John from Vegreville
Kot, L. from Coronation
Kotasek, Frank from Lethbridge
Kothke, Erich from Cherhill
Kotoluk, Matt & Borden from Andrew
Kotosz, Steve from Brooks
Kotowich, John from Innisfree
Kotowich, Walter from St. Paul
Kotowich, William A. from Innisfree
Kott, John Henry from Lavoy
Kottmeier, E.F. from Tolland
Kottmeier, Fred from Tolland, Vermilion
Kotyk, Mike from Rycroft
Koukol Bros. from Milk River
Koustoff, Platon from Sundre
Kovach, Joe (Joseph) from Magrath, Picture Butte
Kovach, John from Burmis
Kovach, William A. from Hillcrest
Kovacs, Steve from Tilley
Koval, Dmytro from Fort Vermilion
Kowalchuk, Dan from Innisfree, Morecambe
Kowalchuk, George & Sons from Willingdon
Kowalchuk, Louis M. from Ghost Pine Creek, Three Hills
Kowalchuk, Mike from Elk Point, Heinsburg
Kowalchuk, Mike from Elk Point, Heinsburg
Kowalchuk, Peter from Holden
Kowalchuk, Richard Dale from Calgary, Cochrane
Kowalesky, Walter from Vegreville, Bellis
Kowalski, Alvin from Westlock
Kowalski, Elvin from Pibroch
Kowalski, Maggie from Viking
Koynenbelt, Hank H. from Nobleford
Koyoko, Walter from Tomahawk
Koza, John from Tilley
Koza, Martin from Tilley
Koza, Stefan & Martin from Tilley
Kozack, John from Ryley
Kozak, Fred from Tofield
Kozak, Harry from Hollow Lake
Kozak, Ludwig from Kingman
Kozak, Peter from Rimbey, Bentley, Forshee
Kozak, Steve from Tofield
Kozak, Tony from Kingman
Kozakevich, George from Lac La Biche
Koziol, Alex from Thorsby
Kozlow, Fred from Grand Centre, Beaver Crossing
Kozlow, Patricia from Edmonton
Kozma, Andrew from Waskatenau
Kozuchowski, Gregor from Spedden
Kozy, Mary from Iddesleigh
KPM Ranches from Calgary
Kraaikamp, Dirk from Didsbury
Kraatz, H.A. from Tilley
Kraatz, Herbert Leonard from Calgary
Krabsen, L.P. from Chancellor, Standard
Krabsen, L.P. from Chancellor, Standard
Kraemer or Kramer, Henry from Duchess
Kraemer, Joseph A. from Stanmore
Kraemer, Werner from Edmonton
Kraemer, Werner from Edmonton
Kraft, Arnold J. from Ponoka
Kraft, Aubrey Roy from Provost
Kraft, Gordon E. from Ponoka
Kraft, Gottfred from Wimborne
Kraft, John from Seven Persons
Kraft, Victor Henry from Whitecourt
Kragner, E.L. from Paradise Valley
Kragner, Robert E. from Paradise Valley
Krahn, George from Rosemary
Krahn, Henry from Duchess
Krahn, Henry from Halkirk
Krahn, John Jacob from Duchess, Rosemary
Kraisosky, Sam from Consort
Krall, Patricia Ann from Edmonton
Krall, Rudolph from Olds
Kramer, Bernard J. from Fairview
Kramer, David from Duchess
Kramer, Edward from Duchess
Kramer, Jake from Elnora, Rocky Mountain House
Kramer, Jake from Rocky Mountain House, Elnora
Kramer, Joe from Ponoka
Kramer, John from Bluffton
Kramer, Sam from Raymond
Kramer, Simon from Raymond
Kramer, William H. from Vauxhall, Suffield
Krampl, Victor from Shaughnessy
Kramps, Anthony Joseph from Crooked Creek
Krankowski, Joe from St. Paul
Krankowski, John & William J. from St. Paul
Krankowsky, Mike from Lake Eliza
Krantz, Eric A. from Bear Canyon, Cherry Point
Krantz, Ronald C. from Bear Canyon, Cherry Point
Kranzler, Gottlieb B. from Carbon
Kranzler, Stanley from Champion
Krassman, Michael A. from Calgary
Kratky, Orville from Minburn
Kratky, Wilford D. from Blackfoot, Mannville
Krato, Michael & John from McLeod Valley
Krato, Michael & John from McLeod Valley
Krause, Adam from Calgary, Caroline
Krause, Alex from Ryley
Krause, Alfred from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Krause, David from Edgerton
Krause, Edward from Wetaskiwin
Krause, Emil from Kilda, Hanna
Krause, Ernest from Medicine Hat
Krause, Frederick from Hilda
Krause, G. C. from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Krause, Jacob from Lethbridge, Skiff, Nanton
Krause, Jacob from Rosebeg, Medicine Hat
Krause, Jake R. from Vauxhall
Krause, Norman from Skiff
Krause, Reinhold F. from Wetaskiwin
Krause, Theo from Gleichen
Krause, Victor from Walsh
Krause, Walter & A. Sommers from Wetaskiwin
Krause, Wilbert Leonard from Eckville
Krauss, Adolf from Olds
Krauss, Emanuel L. from Medicine Hat
Krauss, John from Norton
Krauss, Lavern from Medicine Hat
Krauss, Theodore C. & Hugh A. Brown from Keg River, Manning
Krauss, William H. from Norton
Krauss, William Jr. from Norton, Coleridge, Dunmore
Krausz, Frank W. from Irvine
Krausz, Paulina from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Krausz, Ruth Margarete from Irvine
Kraut, Maurice from Edmonton
Kravik, Ole from Dorenlee
Krawiec, John from Bonnyville
Krebs, Allen C. from Didsbury
Krebs, Arthur & Son from Fort Saskatchewan
Krebs, Emilie from Castor
Krechuniak, Steve from Edmonton
Kreddig, Bruno from Anselmo
Kreft, Peter James from Coaldale
Kreil, Ralph Frederick from Rolling Hills
Krein, Gottlied, Hofer, J. from Burstall, SK
Kreiner, Helmut from Tulliby Lake
Kreiser, Frank Michael from Dapp
Kreisz, Louie from Hughenden
Kreitzer, Conrad from Medicine Hat
Krekoski, J.H from St. Paul
Krekoski, Oscar from Mannville
Kreller, Albert D. from Social Plains, Bindloss
Kreller, Leslie from Mannville, Vermilion
Kreller, Orval from Bindloss, Social Plains
Kremen, Edward M. & Irene Harriett from Vilna
Kren, Louis from Taber
Krenz, Louis from Chauvin
Krenzler, Darrel from Acme
Krenzler, Garry Glen from Sundre
Kresge, Floyd Wilson from Peace River
Kresge, Millard from Patricia
Kreskoski, Edwin from St. Paul
Kress, Daniel from Hays
Kress, David Robert from Hays
Kress, Leo from Hays
Kress, Paul from Hays
Kreuger, Herman from Tolland
Krewenchuk, Alexander from Musidora
Krewenchuk, John from Musidora
Krewenchuk, Maftey from Vilna
Krewusik, Mike from Two Hills
Kriaski, Edmund S. from Sugden
Krieger, A .from Bluffton
Krietz, Carl from Vermilion
Krill, Annie from Delph
Krinbill, George J. from Driftpile, Wainwright
Krinbill, Ronald Phillip from Kinuso
Kringle, Ovedia M. from Provost, Gadsby, Red Deer
Krinke, Paul A. from Out Post Island, NWT, Peace River
Krisher, Mrs. E. & Cherry, Elias from Woolchester, Forestburg, Arvilla
Krisher, William, Cherry, Elias from Woolchester
Krissa, Hypolite from Lac Bellevue, St. Paul
Kristensen, Henry C. from Ponoka, Rimbey
Kristensen, Karl from Vanesti
Kristensen, Rudolf Svenstrup from Edmonton
Kristiansen, Gordon from Big Valley
Kristianson, Clarence from Rolling Hills
Kristianson, Elton from Rolling Hills, Hanna
Kriwokon, John from Brooks
Krizson, Andrew from Barnwell
Kroeger, Nick from Monitor
Kroeker, Frank from Craigmyle
Kroeker, Harry Jacob from Burdett
Kroetsch, Ambrose G. from Heisler
Kroetsch, Goar F. from Heisler
Kroetsch, Michael John from Lougheed
Kroetsch, Paul from Heisler
Krofta, James from Ponoka
Krogh, Victor L. from Coronation
Krohn, Carl from Wild Horse
Krohn, M.J. from Loyalist, Neutral Hills, Veteran, Wetaskiwin
Kroker, Carl from Sedalia, Consort
Kroker, Gerald from Sedalia
Kroker, John from Coaldale
Kroker, John from Sedalia
Kroker, Peter P. from Sedalia
Kroker, Sidney J. from Consort
Kroker, William Ralph from Sedalia, Clandonald
Krom, Cecil from Carstairs
Krom, Dave from DeWinton
Krom, Henry D. from Carstairs, Midnapore
Kromm, Henry from Red Willow, Stettler
Kromond, Karl from Olds
Kronkowsky, Frank from Lake Eliza
Kroper, Nick from Sedalia
Kropielnicki, from Ryley
Kropinak, Albert from Lundbreck
Kropinak, John from Tod Creek
Kropinak, Maurice F. from Tod Creek
Kropinak, Steve from Lundbreck
Kropp, Edward from Edmonton, Bruce
Krossa, O.W. from Bluffton
Krueger, D. from Hilda
Krueger, F.H. from Orion
Kruger, (Vellmund) Cassandra from Whitecourt
Kruger, Albert from Gadsby
Kruger, August from Torrington
Kruger, Daniel & Rudolf from Alberta Beach
Kruger, Emil H. from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Kruger, F.W. from Stettler
Kruger, Harvey Wallace from Torrington
Kruger, John from Medicine Hat
Kruger, Len from High Prairie
Kruger, R.L. from Olds, Carstairs
Kruger, Rudolf from Alberta Beach
Kruger, S.H. from Chauvin
Kruize, A. from Vauxhall
Kruk, Harry Z. from Spedden
Kruk, John Joseph from South Cooking Lake, Flatbush
Krukowski, Frank from New Brigden
Krukowski, John from New Brigden, Monitor
Krukowski, Stanley from New Brigden, Sedalia, Consort Duggan,
Krumpitz, Julius from Wetaskiwin
Krunholm, Helmer from Valley View
Krupka, Martin Paul & John Caspar Zunti from Cherry Point
Krupka, Martin Paul & John Caspar Zunti from Cherry Point
Kruschel, Rosalie from Compeer
Kruse, Eva from Rimbey
Kruse, Hans (Farm Manager Alberta Cooperative Farming Co.) from Baintree, Carstairs
Kruse, Rudolf from Heisler
Krushinsky, Steve from Vermilion
Kryklywicz, Mac from Willingdon
Krysko, Joseph from Lamont
Krysko, Paul from Ardrossan
Krysowaty, Bill from Smoky Lake
Kryvonishka, Harry from Stubno
Krywcun, A .from Drumheller
Krywiak, John S. from Morecambe
Krywiak, John S. from Morecambe
Kshyk, John from Musidora
Kubasek, Joe or Joseph H. from Tod Creek, Pincher Creek
Kubasek, Steve from Lundbreck
Kubbernus, Emil from Perryvale
Kube, Alfred from Winterburn, Duffield
Kubic Bros. (Martin, Emil, Jerry & Jacob) from Iron Springs, Turin
Kubik, Frank from Turin
Kubik, Koralina from Tod Creek
Kubinchak, Lydi remarried name Levie from Monitor, Consort
Kubinchak, Walter from Ashmont
Kubinski, Tony from Vegreville
Kublik, Edwin J. from New Sarepta
Kubota, T. from Coaldale
Kuch, Alec from Ranfurly
Kucharski, J. from Wrentham
Kucher, George N. from Andrew
Kucher, George N. from Andrew
Kuchle, R.G. from Makepeace, Hussar
Kuchle, W.E. from Bassano, Makepeace, Hussar
Kuciurean, Fred from Hairy Hill, Boian
Kudelka, W. from Rumsey
Kuefler, Barthel from Waskatenau
Kuefler, J. Gordon from Alcomdale
Kuefler, P.J. from Galahad
Kuehn, F.L. from Olds
Kuehn, Frank from Warner
Kuehn, Louise from Olds
Kuehn, Maurice W. from Fort Kent
Kuehn, W.A. from Olds
Kuester, Peter J. from Wetaskiwin
Kufeldt, O. William from Strathmore
Kuftinoff, Nick from Skiff
Kugler, Erwin from Edmonton
Kuhl, G. from Duchess
Kuhler, Otto S. from Bashaw
Kuhler, Otto S. from Bashaw
Kuhn, Ben from Leduc
Kuhn, Ernest from Mannville
Kuhn, Mary from Tofield
Kuhn, Peter from Acadia Valley
Kuiper, John from Brooks
Kuiper, Lorraine F. from Brooks
Kuipers, Cameron Peter from Lethbridge
Kujala, Matt from Sylvan Lake
Kuldanek, Adam from Evergreen
Kulhawy Nicholas from Calgary
Kulicki, Alex from Hinton Trail
Kulkosky, Joseph or Kulkovsky from Beaver Mines
Kullberg, C.A. from Taber
Kully, Bill from Vilna
Kult Bros. from Hespero
Kultgen, Donald from Rimbey
Kultgen, Grace from Taber
Kultgen, Henry from Foremost, Goddard
Kultgen, Jacob from Foremost
Kulyk, Bohdan & Walter from Cappon
Kulyk, Evan from Buffalo
Kulyk, Mike from Lac la Biche, Craigend
Kumlin, Cecil from Blackie
Kump, W.J. from Edmonton
Kumpula, Mauel & Fiina from Rich Lake
Kumpula, Ray from Rich Lake
Kundert, Chris from Elkwater, Eagle Butte
Kundert, Gordon Wesley from Olds
Kungel, Christ from Eagle Butte, Tothill
Kungel, Fred from Tothill
Kunish, Rudolph from Bruce
Kunkel, F.E. from Pincher Creek
Kunkel, Henry E. from Pincher Creek
Kunkel, Louisa from Pincher Creek
Kunkel, Norman from Lomond, Armada
Kunsman, May from Owendale, Lethbridge
Kuntz Bros. (Marvin & Sylvester) from Heisler
Kuntz, A.D. from Kinsella, Fawcett
Kuny Bros. (Julian P.& Carl J.) from Leduc
Kunysh, Mike from Edmonton
Kunz, Paul & Michael from Stavely
Kunzel, Adam from Medicine Hat, Tothill
Kunzel, Jim from Tothill
Kunzli, Robert from Pinhorn
Kupchanko, George from Lac La Biche, Amesbury
Kupchenko, William from Lac La Biche
Kupchenko, William J. from Musidora, Two Hills
Kupecsek, Paul from Tilley
Kurek, Lee from High River, La Corey, Bonnyville
Kuresh, John from Millet
Kurken Holdings Ltd. (Orville W. Matheny) from Calgary
Kurney, Peter from Lacombe
Kuropatwa, Chester from Barrhead
Kuropatwa, Ernie from Barrhead
Kurp, Robert Charles & John Theodor from Edmonton
Kurpil, John from Mannville
Kurpjurveit Bros. from Seven Persons, Medicine Hat
Kurtz, Andrew from Stettler, New Dayton
Kurtz, Arthur from Scandia
Kurtz, Olga from Nobleford, Shaughnessy
Kurtz, Theodore from Shaughnessy
Kurtzwig. John E. from Goddard, Florann
Kurutz, John from Lethbridge
Kurylo, Harry from Mannville, Vermilion
Kurylo, Jacob from St. Michael
Kurylo, John from Delph
Kurylo, Nick H. from Delph
Kurylo, Nick H. from Delph
Kurylowicz, Paul from Coalhurst
Kuryvial, Miles S. from Edmonton, Spirit River, La Glace
Kusalik, Joe from Taber, Grassy Lake
Kusch, Mrs. C. or D from Kinuso
Kuschminder, Klaus G. from Barrhead
Kushner, Pete from High Prairie
Kussman, Eric from Brosseau
Kustan, Sol from Calgary
Kutash, Sidore from Bellis
Kutny, Bill from Beaverdam
Kutryk, Dmetro from Beauvallon
Kutryk, Nick from Beauvallon
Kutsch, Maria from Glenwoodville
Kutsch, O. from Glenwood
Kutsch, Rudolf from Glenwoodville
Kuusman, D.B from Taber, Lethbridge
Kuvala, Joe from Sylvan Lake
Kuwica, Roman from Mannville
Kuwica, Walter from Irma, Edmonton
Kuyendall, C.L. from Vulcan
Kuykendall, E.R from Vulcan, Sundre
Kuykendall, Grace Ross from Vulcan
Kuysters, W.A. from Fairview
Kuyten, Allan from Rockyford
Kuyten, Francis John from Rockyford
Kuyten, Frank W. from Rockyford
Kuyten, Norman Mitchell from Baintree, Calgary
Kuz, Tony from Pollockville, Cessford, Coleman, Brooks
Kuziemsky, Alec J. from Smoky Lake
Kuzio, Marshal from Stubno
Kuzio, Oliver William from Two Hills
Kuziw, Morris W. from Heinsburg
Kuziw, Steve from Heinsburg
Kuznetsoff, P. from Bluffton
Kuzyk, Peter from Coronation
Kuzyk, Stanley from Rivercourse
Kuzz, Michael from Edmonton
Kvale, Thomas M. from Vauxhall, Manyberries
Kvam, Sven from Sunnynook, Caroline
Kvigstad, Clarence from Cairns, Cadogan
Kvigstad, John from Cairns
Kvill, David from Marwayne
Kwasnecha, Andrew from Tofield
Kyllo, Art W. from Beaver Mines
Kyllo, Roy (Buckhorn Ranch) from Pincher Creek, Beaver Mines
Kyllo, Roy (Buckhorn Ranch) from Pincher Creek, Beaver Mines
Kyncl, Joseph Jr.from Sundre
Kyncl, Joseph Sr. from Elkton, Didsbury
Kynoch, Don Larry from Drayton Valley
Kynoch, Gordon Jr. from Drayton Valley
Kynoch, Gordon Jr. from Drayton Valley
Kynoch, John from Calgary
Kyrtak, Fred from Hope Valley
Kyryliuk, Peter from Kaleland
Kyte, Cameron & Ted R. from Calgary

L.I. Ranches from Rimbey
La Boucan, Alex J. from Minburn
La Chance O. from Alliance
La Chance, J.M. from Lindale
La Change, Nelson from Guy
La Clair, Ella L. from Nanton, Calgary, Aldersyde
La Clair, Miss J.B. from Aldersyde
La Clair, Tom W. from Nanton
La France, J. Rodolphe from St. Paul
La Grand Bascom, Wesley from La Habra, CA, Fort Macleod, Raymond
La Grandeur, Mrs. Peter from Beaver Mines
La Heureux, N.P. from Driftpile, Joussard
La Marsh, Hume from Olds
La Point, Frank from Ferintosh
La Riviere, Dan from Prairie Echo
La Riviere, Louis from Paddle River
La Rose, Rae John from Stirling, Viking
La Valley, Raymond from Coaldale
Laas, Johanna from Brooks
Laba, Nick from Shepard, Olds, Calgary
Labant, Joseph from St. Brides
Labant, Petro from Ashmont, Owlseye
Labelle, Casey from Morley
Labelle, George Maxwell from Seebe
Labelle, Scotty Lorne from Morley
Laberge, Ronald from Edmonton
LaBine, Earl Leon from Elk Point
LaBine, Joseph W. from Shamrock Valley
Labiuk, William from Kitscoty
Lablanc, George from Drumheller
Labonne, Antoine from Cowley
Laboret, Jeremiah from Calgary
Laboret, W. from Calgary
Laboucan, Albert from Peace River
Laboucan, Joe Prairie Man from Lubicon Lake
Laboucan, John Felix from Lubicon Lake
Laboucane, Charles from Vermilion
Laboucanne, Wilfred from Dewberry, Frog Lake
LaBrecque, Adolph from Lafond
Labreque, Ray & Bill McKay from St. Paul
Lacey Bros (A.G & H.G.) from Hythe, Grande Prairie
Lacey, Arthur G. from Hythe
Lacey, Frank Gambell from Hythe
Lachance, Gerard from Vimy
Lachance, Vital from Vimy
Lachange, Alex from Lindale, Alliance
Lachapelle, Louis from Edmonton
Lachapelle, Louis from Edmonton
Lachlan, Lillian M. & Conrad Wagner from Fairview
Lachman, C.R. from Bowden, Olds
Lachman, Christ from Hay Lake, Edmonton
Lachman, Christ from Hay Lake, Edmonton
Lachman, Harold from Hay Lakes
Lachotkievich, Jacob from Calahoo
Lacombe, Lucien from Bonnyville
Lacourse, Albert A. from Falher
Lacourse, Mrs. S. from Therien
Lacquement, Ernest from Seven Persons, Pleasant View
Lacusta, John from Furness, SK, Lloydminster
Lacusta, Mytro from Tofield
Laczkowski, Anton from Schuler, Seven Persons
Laczkowski, John from Seven Persons
Laczo, Louis from Carmangay
Ladan, Joseph from Brainard
Ladd, William R from Sundre
Ladd, William R. from Sundre
Ladds, Harold B. from Priddis
Laderoute, Charles E. from St. Albert
Laderoute, Charles E. from St. Albert
Ladner, Peter from Warner
Ladouceur, Rene from Lac La Biche
Ladwig, Arnold W. from Grande Prairie
Ladwig, Keith L. from Grande Prairie
Ladwig, R. A. from Glen Leslie, Grande Prairie
Laeser, Alfred from Viking
Lafferty, Harold D. from Calgary
LaFollitte, H.F. from Berwyn, Bear Lake
Lafoy, Hobert Clinton from Marwayne
Lafoy, Leonard from Lloydminster
LaFrance, Emile from St. Paul
LaFrance, Joseph from Lafond, St. Paul
LaFrance, Sarto from St. Paul
LaFrance, William Phillip from Smith
Lafreniere, Antelaus from Lafond, St. Paul
Lafreniere, Leo from St. Paul
Lafreniere, Napoleon from Blackie
Lafreniere, Napoleon from Blackie
Lafreniere, Victor from Lafond
Lagace, Ray from Lake Louis, Banff, Seebe
Lagamiere, Eugene from Rosemary
Lagrandeur, Elizabeth from Pincher Creek
Lagroix, Lawrence W. from Chauvin, Andrew, Ponoka
Lahl, E. from Sundre, Enderby, British Columbia
Lahti, John E. from Stettler, Thorhild,
Lahti, John E. from Stettler, Thorhild, Big Valley
Laibida, Ernie from Bruce
Laidlaw, John from High River
Laidlaw, L.N. & George Murray from Medicine Hat
Laidlaw, N.L. from Medicine Hat
Laidler, James from Kinsella
Laidlow, B.J. & L. from Hilda
Laidlow, L.N. from Dog Pound
Laing, Arthur from Innisfail
Laing, Douglas H. from Carseland
Laing, John Kevin from Metiskow
Laing, Neil from Nanton, Innisfail
Laing, Orville R .from Medicine Hat
Laing, Thomas B. from Carbon
Laing, W.A. from Brooks
Laing, William from Medicine Hat
Laird, Archie from Coronation, Red Deer
Laird, H.O. from Hanna, Richdale
Laird, Leslie G. from Fort Saskatchewan
Laird, Leslie G., & Gerald M. from Richdale, Duchess
Lait, Stanley R. from Medicine Hat
Laitinen, Jack T. from Hespero
Lajeunesse, Emile E. from Grand Centre
Lajoie, Joseph from Coronation, Chinook
Lake, John from Gadsby, Stettler
Lake, Ola H. from Elkwater
Lake, W.L.R. from Invermere, BC
Lakeman, John Arnold from Clive
Lakeman, Rosila Ruth & Cornelius from Clive, Haynes, Springdale
Lakeside Farm Industries Ltd. from Brooks
Lakeside Farms from Mirror
Lakevold, Luther Alonzo from High River, Castlegar, BC
Lakevold, Osborne Norman from Cadogan, Oliver, BC
Lakevold, Oscar Calvin from Provost
Lakin, George P. & J.W. Hein & Norman Hillebrand from Hussar
Lakin, George P., J.W. Hein & Norman Hi
Lakusta, O. from Morecambe
Lakusta, William from Beauvallon
Lalonde, Allan A from Hughenden, Wainwright
Lalor, Richard from Innisfail
Lamarre, Fidele from Grandin, Plamondon
Lamarrre, Octave from Grandin
Lamb, Barbara L. from Turner Valley, Whitecourt, Savona, BC
Lamb, Cash & Chad from Cardston
Lamb, Elmer Freeman from Balzac
Lamb, Elmer from Turner Valley
Lamb, Eunice from Turner Valley
Lamb, Homer E. & Bertha from Rowley
Lamb, J.W. from Edberg
Lamb, Kenneth Wesley from Calgary
Lamb, L.D. from Raymond
Lamb, Lawrence from Turner Valley
Lamb, Lorine from Cardston
Lamb, Norman from Cereal
Lamb, Paul J. from Caroline, Crammond
Lamb, R.E. from Rowley Station
Lambden, A.E. from Kinsella
Lambe, John from Consort
Lambert Henry Jr. from Canmore
Lambert, A.P.R. from Standard
Lambert, Charles from Rocky Lane
Lambert, Edward from Leduc
Lambert, Harry from Brainard, Lymburn
Lambert, Henry Richard from Peace River, Vermilion
Lambert, Louis from North Vermillion
Lambert, Mary Anastatia from Elk Point, Derwent
Lambert, Raoul A. from Buck Creek
Lambert, Robert W. from Fort Vermilion
Lambert, W.E. from Drumheller
Lambie, A.P. from Walsh
Lambie, George from Walsh
Lambie, Robert from Landonville
Lambie, Tom from McLeod Valley
Lamble, Gordon C. from Thorhild, Westlock
Lambourne, C.S. from Calgary, Youngstown
Lambright, Edith from Alliance
Lambright, Lawrence W. from Hardisty
Lambson, Earl from Bluffton, Lethbridge
Lammle, Fred J. & Sons from Three Hills, Twining
Lamont, Andrew from Sundre
Lamont, Ronald from Easyford
Lamontagne, Ed from Castor, Makwa, SK.
Lamothe, O.H. from Priddis
Lamoureaux, Simon from North Edmonton
Lamoureux, Charles from Lafond, St. Paul
Lamoureux, Douglas J. from Edmonton
Lamoureux, Eugene from Lafond
Lamoureux, Hector from Edmonton
Lamoureux, J.W. from N. Edmonton
Lamoureux, Robert from Lafond, St. Paul
Lamoureux, Rudolph from Coronado
Lampert, Albert A. from Oyen
Lampitt, Andrew Thomas from Blackfoot
Lampitt, Frederick T. from Blackfoot
Lampitt, Reg A. from Blackfoot
Lanaway, Gerald M. from Del Bonita, Raven, Innisfail
Lancaric, Martin from Buck Lake, Wetaskiwin
Lancaster, Mrs. John from Kinsella
Lancaster, R.V. from Red Deer
Lancaster, Robert Roy & Harold Cyril from Beaver Crossing
Lancaster, Roy from Beaver Crossing
Lancos, Mike from Brooks
Lanczik, Karel from Lethbridge
Land, Kenneth Dudley from Halkirk
Landa, Eastwood from Edmonton
Landa, Eastwood from Edmonton
Landeen, Douglas from Didsbury, Olds, C
Landells, Wendell from Islay
Landers, Arthur G. from Kinsella
Landers, Robert from Kinsella
Landis, Bert L. from Bassano
Landman, Francis J. from Provost
Landman, Martin from Cadogan, Provost
Landmark, Elmer C. from Provost
Landmark, Ken Larry from Ponoka
Landon, Guy from Hussar
Landree, Gabriel from Rolling Hills
Landree, Herbert, & Lorne from Rolling Hills
Landry, Stanley W. from Pouce Coupe, BC
Landsiedel Bros. from Delburne, Pine Lake
Landsiedel, Herbert from Bassano
Landymore, Eric H. from Crossfield
Lane Mrs. J.N. from Hand Hills
Lane, Charles David from Neutral Hills, Czar
Lane, Charles E. from Czar
Lane, E.S. from Spring Coulee
Lane, E.S. from Spring Coulee
Lane, Edward Fulton from Spring Coulee
Lane, Florence M. from Claresholm
Lane, Florence M. from Claresholm
Lane, George Ashton from Empress
Lane, J.H. from Cremona
Lane, John E. from Bowden
Lane, John from Castor
Lane, John from Ingleton
Lane, John R. from Maycroft
Lane, John R. from Maycroft
Lane, Joseph G. from Claresholm
Lane, Joseph G. from Claresholm
Lane, Mrs. J.N. from Hand Hills
Lane, Nick (Alberta Ranch) from Pincher
Lane, Nick, (Alberta Ranch) from Pincher Creek, Twin Butte
Lane, Pearl E. from Lundbreck
Lane, Pearl E. from Lundbreck
Lane, R.A. from Westlock
Lane, Robert J. from Westlock
Lane, Thomas E. from Lethbridge
Lane, Thomas Wesley from Burdett
Lane, Wallace from Gull Lake, Assa, Neutral Hills
Lanferman, Henry from St. Paul
Lang, A.W. from Okotoks
Lang, Benny from Carbon, Calgary
Lang, David from Beiseker
Lang, E.B. from Chauvin
Lang, E.B. from Chauvin
Lang, Earl from Beiseker
Lang, Ernest H.F. from Earlie
Lang, Ernest H.F. from Earlie
Lang, George Edwin from Innisfail
Lang, Gotthilf from Tilley
Lang, Hector C. from Medicine Hat
Lang, Hector C. from Medicine Hat
Lang, Herbert from Beiseker, Balzac, Strathmore
Lang, Howard from Olds
Lang, James M. from Red Deer
Lang, Matthias from Kitscoty
Lang, Norman MacDonald from Calgary
Lang, Robert Dale from Calgary
Lang, Roy from Loyalist
Lang, Theo from Calgary
Lang, W.J. from Earlie, Kitscoty
Lang, W.J. from Earlie, Kitscoty
Lang, Walter from Granum
Lang. Fred F. from Beiseker
Lang. Fred F. from Beiseker
Langdon, Allan Woods from Clairmont
Langdon, Jim from Rosebud
Langdon, Sidney A. from Schuler
Lange, Emil from Westerose
Lange, Fred from Millet
Lange, John from Ponoka
Lange, T.J. from Burdett
Langemann, Peter A. from Coaldale
Langenegger, Karl from Hussar
Langenfurth, John from Blackfoot
Langevin, Harry from Innisfail
Langevin, J.J. from Lacombe, Penhold
Langevin, Roland from Lac La Biche
Langford, E.W. from Leo
Langhe, Henry from Falun
Langhe, Stanley from Falun
Langhofer, David from Kipp
Langkaw, Hugo A. from Beauvallon
Langkopf, Ray from Andrew
Langley, Noel from Stauffer
Langlois, Lucien O. from Fort Saskatchewan
Langmuir, Edward from Alder Flats, Rimbey
Lanier, Ike from Lethbridge
Lanier, Louis from Lethbridge
Lanier, Thomas S. (Kentucky Farm) from Lethbridge
Lank, Clarence E. from Morecambe
Lank, Eleanor from Cowley, Pincher Cree
Lanngier, Joseph from Edmonton
Lansing & Stalker from Viking
Lansing, Louisa from Viking
Lanson, Leon from Provost
Lanthier, R. from Penhold
Lanti, Andrew G. from High level
Lanti, Ernie from High Level
Lanuke, Mike from Innisfree
Lanyon, Samuel E. from Edmonton
Lanz, Jack from Schuler
Lanz, Jacob M. from Schuler
Lapachuk, Kelly from Two Hills
LaPalme, Albert from Fabyan, Greenshields
Lapaschuk, Bill N. from Marwayne
Lapaschuk, Edward from Two Hills
Lapierre, Emile from Greenshields
Lapierre, Lucien from Greenshields
Lapierre, Marcel from La Corey
Lapierre, Raymond from Wainwright, Greenshields
Laplante, Paul S. from Cold Lake
Lapointe, Armand from Lafond, St. Paul
Lapointe, Joseph L. from Lafond
Lapp, Esli from Redcliff
Lapp, Ira from Brooks
Lappenbush, A.J. from Tofield, Kettle Valley, BC, Onoway
Lappenbush, James William from Sexsmith
Laqua, Christian Emil from Foremost
Laqua, Emil G. from Foremost
Laqua, William B from Foremost
Laqua, William H. from Lethbridge, Foremost
Laramore, Verna from Grimshaw
Larcombe & Price Cattle Feeders from Lethbridge
Larcombe, Arthur James from Mannville
Larcombe, Ernest H. from Minburn
Larcombe, Frank H. from Minburn
Large, Gilbert Frank from Viking, Czar, Irma
Large, J. Henry from St. Paul
Lariviere, Walter from Paddle River
Larka, Jack E. from Woking
Larka, John Andrew, John Elmer & Don from Woking
Larka, John E. from Stavely
Larkin, Erskin from Slave Lake
Larkins, E.P. from Vulcan
Larochelle, Pete Albert from Redcliff, Bassano, Countess, Suffield
Larocque, Dan from Metiskow
Laroque, Cyprien from Hobbema
Laroque, Dan from Czar
Larratt, David W. from Red Deer
Larsen Bros.(Borge & Svend)from Carstairs
Larsen, Andrew from Bindloss, Empress, Social Plains
Larsen, Arne C. from Wayne
Larsen, Bert from Eaglesham
Larsen, Brian from Tulliby Lake
Larsen, Calvin from Innisfail, Dickson
Larsen, Einer from Dickson
Larsen, F.C. from Claresholm
Larsen, Fritz & August Frieze from Hoselaw
Larsen, H. Burge from Standard
Larsen, Hans from Smith Lake, Minburn
Larsen, Harold H. from Carstairs
Larsen, Harold H. from Standard
Larsen, Ivar from Cummings
Larsen, John from Orion
Larsen, Julius T. from Calgary
Larsen, Lars from Veteran
Larsen, Leo from Standard
Larsen, Mandius from Rose Lynn
Larsen, Martin from Hardisty
Larsen, Martin P. from Vermilion
Larsen, Mary C. from Clive, Haynes, Bingville
Larsen, Mary L. from Calgary
Larsen, Norman from Innisfail, Kevisville
Larsen, Oscar J. from Hardisty, Wetaskiwin
Larsen, Peter from Weston
Larsen, Richard from Lloydminster, SK
Larsen, Robert G. from Calgary
Larsen, Sven E. from Cochrane
Larson, A. from Falun, Chesterwold
Larson, A.J. from Skiff
Larson, A.L. from Irma
Larson, A.W. from Travers
Larson, Alf C. from Irma
Larson, Allan L .from Irma
Larson, Arney (Estate) from Heart Lake, Craigmyle, Endiang
Larson, Arnold G. from Carbon
Larson, Arthur from Roros
Larson, Axel from New Lindsay
Larson, B.L. from Iddesleigh
Larson, C.L. from Nanton
Larson, Carl & Marjorie from Sundre, Entrance
Larson, Carl from Irma
Larson, Charles from Ponoka
Larson, Charles L. from Irma
Larson, Charles M. from Stavely
Larson, Charles O. from Carolside
Larson, Charles R. from Falun
Larson, Christian C. from Lomond, Travers
Larson, Dan from Irma
Larson, E.G. from Devon
Larson, Edgar C. from Manyberries
Larson, Elvin from Viking
Larson, Ernest Oscar from New Norway
Larson, George from Eaglesham
Larson, Gordon Earl from Irma
Larson, Gunnard W. from Irma
Larson, H. from Endiang
Larson, Haakon A. from Irma
Larson, Hans from Rolling Hills
Larson, J.R. & Sons from Stirling
Larson, James Mark D. from Spring Coulee
Larson, John C. from Wheat Centre, Travers
Larson, John Loron & R.J. Fansett from Raymond
Larson, Julia & Louie or Louis from Manyberries, Pakowki
Larson, L. Ejwar from Buck Lake
Larson, L.W. from Metiskow
Larson, Lars O. & Ernest O. from New Norway
Larson, Leonard A. from Craigmyle
Larson, Leslie from Torrington
Larson, Lewis from Rosenheim, Provost
Larson, Louis O. from Eaglesham
Larson, Louis R. from Paradise Valley, Oxville
Larson, Margaret D. from Hussar
Larson, Martin R. from Hardisty
Larson, Melvin from Manyberries
Larson, Mrs. Lloyd from Atlee, Crowfoot
Larson, N.C. from Medicine Hat, Didsbury, Redcliff
Larson, Olaf E. from Blackfalds
Larson, Olaf from Scapa, Garden Plain, Castor
Larson, Oreen from Veteran
Larson, Otto E. from Manyberries
Larson, Peter L. from Irma
Larson, Philip Alfred from Irma
Larson, Philip from Brutus, Evarts, Eckville
Larson, R.A. from Irma
Larson, Ralph from Viking
Larson, Ray from Hutton
Larson, Richard O. from Irma
Larson, Riley W. from Magrath, Del Bonita
Larson, Swan Oscar from High River, Aldersyde
Larson, Torvald or Torval from Brooks, Suffield, Alderson, Medicine Hat
Larson, Wayne E. from Lethbridge
Larson, Wendell J. & Rosemarie from Gem, Sardis, British Columbia
Larum, William from Corbett Creek, Lone Pine
Larwrence, M.E. from Carstairs
Laschuk, Alex from Smoky Lake
Laschuk, Victor from Andrew
Lasek, Frank from Musidora
Lasell Bros. from Ribstone
Lashburn Feeders Ltd. from Lloydminster
Lasher, Grace from Orion
Lashmar, David B. from Edmonton, Cremona, Big Prairie
Lashmore, J. from Big Prairie
Lashmore, Mrs. George L. from Water Valley, Big Prairie
Lasichuck, Metro W. from Coronation
Lasichuck, Metro W. from Coronation
Lasichuk, Tom from Lake Eliza
Lassiter, B.K. from Brooks
Lassiter, Oscar B. Spring Point, Chin, Bassano
Lastiwka, Alex from Andrew
Lastiwka, Dan from Wrentham
Lastuka, Bill from Irvine
Lastuka, Dan from Lethbridge
Lastuka, Derral H. from Lethbridge
Lastuka, Rose from Wrentham
Latham, Arthur from Elnora, Delburne
Latham, Marvin from Delburne
Latimer, A.B. from Canmore
Latimer, Edward from Consort, Sounding Lake
Latimer, John W. from Dapp
Latimer, Lloyd from Consort
Latimer, R.R from High River
Latta, R.B. from Ardrossan
Latter Days Saints Church – Stettler Branch from Big Valley
Latuk, Charles from Stirling
Latwinski, Ted from Duchess
Laubenstein, Rudolf from Bow Island, Taber
Laudan, William from Okotoks, White Rock, BC
Lauer, Edward from Breton
Lauf, Gus from Rimbey
Laughlin, C.L. from Lindbergh, Elk Point
Laughlin, C.W. from Youngstown
Laughlin, Eva from Gem
Laughlin, J.C. from Youngstown
Laughlin, J.D. from Gem
Laughlin, Lloyd William from Whitecourt, Fox Creek, Hanna
Laughren, Margaret from Majorville
Laughton, D.A. from Granum
Laughton, Wilbert R. from Granum, Lundbreck
Laughy, J.V. from Metiskow
Laukkanen, Oiva from Waskatenau
Laumbach, Anna from Heath
Lauridsen, Nicholas from Calgary
Laurie, Sam W. from Hussar
Lauritsen, William from Olds
Lauritzen, James V. from Elk Point
Lauritzen, Wilson from Claresholm
Lausen, Arnold from Bowden
Lauti, Frank from Crossfield
Lauweryssen, Cornelius from Strathmore
Lauweryssen, Cornelius Jr. from Strathmore
Lavalie, Jack Oliver from Calgary
Lavallee, Cyprien from Kikino
Lavallee, Earl from Lac La Biche
Lavallee, Frederic from Lac La Biche, Brosseau
Lavander, W.A from Frankburg, Blackie
Laveck, Patrick James from Water Valley
Laveque, Andrew L. from Water Valley
Laveque, Andrew L. from Water Valley
Laverdiere, David Paul & Cindy Rae from Stettler
Lavers, Richard F. from Delia
Lavers, Richard James from Delia, Calgary
Laverty, Charley from St. Brides
Laverty, Don from High River
Laverty, Joseph from Medicine Hat
Lavigne, Albert from Leduc
Lavigne, Paul from Calgary
Lavin, A. from Calgary
Lavkulich, Mike from Lethbridge
Lavold, Anna from Tilley
Law, Edwin C. from Glenwood
Law, Edwin T. from Magrath
Law, Frederick T. from Big Valley
Law, Priscilla P. from Lethbridge, Calgary
Law, Raymond James from Hussar
Law, Thomas from Big Valley
Lawes, Donald Whiteman from Viking
Lawes, Jack from Viking
Lawes, Walter from Viking
Lawhead, Baxter from Denwood
Lawler, W.F. from Atlee
Lawlor, James E. from Picture Butte, Ca
Lawlor, James E. from Picture Butte, Calgary
Lawlor, Wayne Don from Picture Butte
Lawrance, F.C. from Sundre
Lawrason, James R .from Metiskow
Lawrason, James R. from Metiskow
Lawrence Bros. from Clandonald
Lawrence, Ada May from High River
Lawrence, Basil from Medicine Hat
Lawrence, Bob from Castor
Lawrence, D.E. from Midnapore, Turner Valley
Lawrence, Edwin E. from Hussar
Lawrence, Edwin E. from Hussar
Lawrence, George M. from Hillsdown
Lawrence, Hardy J. from Lindbergh
Lawrence, J.H. from Edmonton
Lawrence, J.H. from Edmonton
Lawrence, James from East Coulee
Lawrence, Jim from Clandonald
Lawrence, Jim from Parkland, Sundre
Lawrence, Lloyd from Wardlow
Lawrence, Myron M. from Sylvan Lake
Lawrence, Richard C. from Red Deer
Lawrence, S.J. from Linden
Lawrence, Stuart W. from Chauvin, Provost
Lawrence, W.A. from Crossfield
Lawrence, William G. from High River
Lawrence, William G. from High River
Lawrence, Wilson from Peace River, Fort Vermillion
Lawson, Allan from Alliance, Hardisty
Lawson, Annie from Hussar
Lawson, Arthur G. from Jenner
Lawson, C.G.E. from Turner Valley
Lawson, C.G.E. from Turner Valley
Lawson, Frederick L. from Penhold
Lawson, J. Thomas from Gleichen, Hussar
Lawson, John from Scandia
Lawson, Lily from Oyen
Lawson, Walter from Fairview, Calgary
Lawton, Daniel Alexander from Athabasca, Clyde
Lawton, Donald from Clyde
Lawton, Douglas George from Edmonton, R
Lawton, Douglas George from Edmonton, Richmond, BC
Lawton, Howard from Spedden, Ashmont
Lay, Ernest A. from Grande Centre
Lay, Murray H. from Beaverlodge
Laycock, Carla Rose from Beazer
Laycock, J.A. from Fabyan
Laycock, Ruth E. from Calgary
Laycock, William from Beazer
Laycraft, Earl E. from High River
Layden, Allan from Knee Hill Valley
Layden, Clarence Raymond from Olds
Layden, James Ernest from Knee Hill Valley
Laye, B. & Son from Grande Prairie
Laye, Darryl T. from Cadogan
Laye, Duane William H. from Cadogan, Cando, SK
Laye, Marci Marie nee Thomson from Strathmore, Metiskow
Laye, Walter from Sounding Lake, Lacombe, Monitor
Laye, William H. from Cando, SK, Cadogan
Layton, Mrs. F.B & Mrs. John Holzman fr
Layton, Mrs. F.B & Mrs. John Holzmann from Ardmore
Layton, Wallace from Cardston
Lazar, Joe from Taber
Lazaretto, Givonni & John Pontarollo from Beazer
Lazaretto, John & Caterina Pontarollo f
Lazaretto, John & Caterina Pontarollo from Beazer
Lazenrenko, Sargey from Deville
Lazy Otto Ranches Ltd. from Lethbridge
Lazzari, Len from Bowden
Lazzer, E. & W.M. Johnson from Barrhead
LC Farms (A.P.R, G.J. & F.A.T. Groddock) from Ralston
Le Baron, C.M. from Rosemary, Montgomery
Le Baron, Paul from Mountain View, Cardston
Le Blanc, Alyre from Chauvin
Le Blanc, Wilfred from Drumheller, Wandering River
Le Bouthillier, Sylvio from Alix
Le Cleclerq, S.J. from Mayerthorpe, Sangudo
Le Fort, Henry from Medicine Hat
Lea, Artemus W. from Elnora, Calgary
Lea, Lars L. from Carseland, Lacombe
Leach, Donald from Olds
Leach, George from Caroline
Leach, Gordon from Olds
Leach, K.P. from Olds
Leach, O.M. Jr. from Empress
Leach, Roland & Vivian from Bluffton, Arrowwood, Blue River, BC
Leach, Roy from Empress
Leach, Scott L. from Rosebud
Leach, William from Gadsby, Bowell
Leacht, Fred from Irvine
Leacht, John from Irvine
Leader, David E. from Claresholm
Leader, Jane H. from Claresholm
Leadlay, Belva from Hughenden, Puffer, Silver Heights
Leadlay, Mabel from Battle Ridge, Hughenden
Leaf, Harry from Derwent, Angle Lake
Leahy Farms Ltd (G.D. & D.F) from Taber
Leahy, Ida M. from Grassy Lake
Leahy, J.J. from New Hill, Eckville
Leahy, John from Grassy Lake
Leahy, John L. from Grassy Lake
Leake, William from Puffer, Lacombe
Lear, Eva from Kew, Calgary
Lear, Fred from Drumheller
Learned, D.C. from Sylvan Lake
Learned, Harry U. from Sundre, Carstairs
Leary, W.H. from Whitecourt
Leask, Mac M. & Jack H. Robertson from Dog Pound
Leask, Mac M. from Madden, Cochrane
Leatham, Jefferson from Entrance, Hinton
Leathart, Donald from Redland
Leaver, Maurice from Didsbury
Leavitt Bros. from Butte
Leavitt Cattle Co. Ltd. (James Kenneth, Arnold H. & Harold Duane) from Cardston
Leavitt, A.D. from Cardston
Leavitt, Arlen Q. from Cardston
Leavitt, Clive from Hartleyville
Leavitt, Daniel H. from Leavitt
Leavitt, Dorcas Emeline from Cardston
Leavitt, George D. from Butte, Stauffer
Leavitt, James Kenneth from Cardston
Leavitt, Jeremiah from Cardston
Leavitt, Jeremiah H. from Cardston
Leavitt, John Donald from Cardston
Leavitt, Keith W. from Cardston
Leavitt, Kenneth from Glenwood, Harleysville
Leavitt, Lamont from Cardston
Leavitt, Loran from Leavitt, Cardston
Leavitt, Lynn L. from Cardston
Leavitt, Thomas Dudley from Cardston
Leavitt, Thomas H. from Glenwoodville
Leavitt, Wally & Pat from Halkirk
Leavitt, Wayne B. from Cardston
Leavitt, William from Cardston
Lebar, Frank from Picture Butte
Lebedkin, George from Bluffton
Lebel, Leon from Pincher Creek
Lebioda, Michael from Picture Butte
Leblanc, Albert & Louis from Chauvin
Leblanc, Laurier L. from Edmonton, Victoria, BC
Leblanc, Napoleon from Eyremore, Calgary
Leblanc, Regis from Chauvin
Leboe, Martha from Loos, BC, Crescent Spur, BC
Lebsack, Benjamin from Viking, Vauxhall, Langdon
Lebsack, Conrad from Champion
Lebsack, David from Vulcan
Lebsack, Elmer from Vulcan
Lebsack, Jacob from Vauxhall, Champion
Lebsack, Jacob from Viking
Lebsack, Samuel from Innisfail, Lacombe
Lecerf, Ronald F. from Eckville, Rocky Mountain House
Lech, John from Olds, Netook
Leck, Kirkwood from Grassy Lake
Leck, Lindsay from Grassy Lake, Purple Springs
Leckie, J.A. from Mound
Leclaire, G. from Coleman, Didsbury
Lecopoy, Steve from Elk Point
Lecuyer, Joseph M. from Tilley
Lecuyer, Joseph M. from Tilley
Ledbetter, Robert Paul from Calgary
Ledene, Albin from Bawlf, Camrose
Ledene, John O .from Scandia
Ledene, John O. from Scandia
Ledene, Perry from Scandia
Ledene, V.L. from Scandia
Ledoux, A. from Hazelmere
Leduc, Isaie from Greenshields
Leduc, Leopold from Greenshields, Wainwright
Lee Bros. (Selmer & L.S.) from Lousana
Lee Ranch (Terry G. Lee) from Throne, Coronation
Lee, A.M. from Priddis
Lee, Albert from Tide Lake, Hughenden
Lee, Albert W. & Sons from Buck Creek
Lee, Arthur D. from Etzikom
Lee, C. Edward from Ponoka
Lee, Carl R. from Ponoka
Lee, Charles from Mountain Park
Lee, Claude from Edson
Lee, Donald F. from Stettler
Lee, Elif from Islay, Vermilion, Clandonald
Lee, Elling from Carstairs
Lee, Ernest V. from Alder Flats
Lee, Francis J. from Stettler
Lee, Fred from Innisfree, Arneson
Lee, Fred from Viking
Lee, George & Sons from Sibbald, Kyle, SK
Lee, George C. Estate from Lethbridge
Lee, Harry from Calgary
Lee, Ivan from Lloydminster, Kelowna, BC
Lee, J.C. from Tulliby Lake
Lee, Jerry Allen from Ponoka
Lee, John C. from Ponoka
Lee, John from Burmis
Lee, John Hubert from Ponoka
Lee, John Wesley from Rocky Mountain House
Lee, Kirkham Lee from Cardston
Lee, Larson from Barrhead
Lee, Leslie Duane from Etzikom, Beiseker
Lee, Lloyd from Oshawa, ON, Victoria, BC, Bentley
Lee, Lorne from Tofield
Lee, Mary nee Hieb from Bottrel, Innisfree
Lee, Mrs. A.D. from Gahern, Etzikom
Lee, Mrs. J. from Tulliby Lake
Lee, Myles from Marlboro
Lee, Norman from Red Willow, Lundbreck
Lee, Oliver from Iddesleigh
Lee, Ollie T. from Barrhead
Lee, P.P. from Round Hill
Lee, Palmer from Valhalla Centre
Lee, Pat from Clandonald
Lee, Percy from Elnora
Lee, Robert from Erskine
Lee, Robert W. from Lundbreck
Lee, Sam from Bassano
Lee, Samuel Lea from Claresholm
Lee, Saylor Roy from Picture Butte, Mag
Lee, Selmer from Lousana, Brooks
Lee, T.S. from Wainwright
Lee, W.J. from Viking
Lee, Walker M. from Woolford, Cardston
Lee, Wallace Henderson from Kingman, Tofield
Lee, William H & Marline G. from St. Paul, Calgary
Lee. Ellen P. from Heart Valley
Leeb, Laddie J. from Heisler
Leeb, Patrick Henry from Heisler
Leece, W.G. from Calgary
Leech, Clinton H. from Acadia Valley
Leech, Garnet from Empress
Leedholm, Win from Lougheed
Leek, M.C. from Coronation
Leeland, E.V. from Minburn
Leeland, Mrs. I.A. from Innisfree, Minburn
Lees, Alexander from Loyalist, Consort
Lees, James from Loyalist
Lees, John L. from Warner
Lees, John L. from Warner
Leeson, Bert Guy from Beaver Crossing
Leeson, V.P. from Edmonton
Leeson, Wallace from Beaver Crossing
Lefebre, Antoine from Cold Lake
Lefebre, Z.A. from Cold Lake
Lefebvre, Paul from Eaglesham
Lefebvre, Rene from Camrose, Hughenden
Lefever, Donald Alexander from Medicine Hat, Winfield
Leflar, Roy from Parkland
Lefsrud, Dan from Viking
Legerski, D. Roger from Edmonton
Legerski, Dr., Roger from Edmonton
Legg, E.M. from Fenn
Legge, Charles A. from Fox
Legge, Charles A. from Fox
Legge, George Arthur from Fox
Legge, Mrs. George from Medicine Hat, White Rock, BC
Leggett Bros. from Prospect Valley, Ribstone, Roros
Lehenky, H. from Taber
Lehman, Alvin from Ryley
Lehman, Boris from Carlos, Rocky Mountain House
Lehman, Chrissie or Christina A. from Pincher Creek
Lehman, N.D. from Pincher Station
Lehman, Nellie from Arrowwood
Lehman, Peter from Pincher Creek
Lehr, Arthur from Irvine
Lehr, Ben from Irvine
Lehr, David from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Lehr, Edward & Sons from Topland
Lehr, Edward from Walsh, Medicine Hat
Lehr, Emil from Kimball
Lehr, Harvey A. from Barrhead, Topland
Lehr, Henry from Irvine
Lehr, Reuben from Bowden
Lehr, William from Walsh
Lehto, Harry B. from Perryvale
Lehto, Harved R. from Picture Butte, Barons
Leibel, Gordon from St. Albert
Leidl, Clem from Donalda
Leidl, Lawrence Joseph from Viking
Leier, Louis J. from Calgary
Leifson, Gus from Cereal
Leigh, John C. from Silver Heights, Hug
Leigh, John C. from Silver Heights, Hughenden
Leighton, A.G. from Kitscoty
Leighton, Evelyn from Kitscoty
Leimbock, George from Calgary
Leins, Wendel from Pincher Creek
Leinweber, Fred from Rocky Mountain House, Oras
Leirderl, John from Sedgewick
Leis, Emil from Medicine Hat
Leischner, Dan from Torrington, Olds
Leischner, Eli from Innisfail
Leischner, Theodore from Gem
Leishman Bros. (Floyd N. & Reece) from
Leishman, Blaine from Del Bonita
Leishman, Floyd from Del Bonita
Leishman, Floyd from Del Bonita
Leishman, Vern from Owendale
Leishman, Wallace from Chancellor
Leiske, Daniel from Lacombe, Bentley
Leiske, Jacob from Lacombe, Bentley, Beiseker
Leiske, Jerry John from Beiseker
Leiske, Wendell Wayne from Beiseker
Leiskse, John from Beiseker
Leismeister, George from Medicine Hat
Leismeister, Harold from Calgary
Leitch, J.F. from Grimshaw
Leith, Clemence M. & David from Viking
Lejbjuk, Mike from Coalhurst
Lelekach, George from Turin
Lelond, Albert from Clear Hills, Calgary
Lelond, G.M. from Brooks
Lelond, Herb B. from Brooks, Cassils
Lelond, Jack P. from Brooks
Leman, Ed from High River
Leman, John from High River
Lemare, Carl from Acadia Valley
Lemay, Leonard J. from Rich Lake, Lac La Biche
Lemermeyer, Wendelin from Warburg
Lemire, Lucien B. from Hinton
Lemire, Paul from Macleod
Lemire, Remi from MacLeod, Cowley
Lemisha, Tony A. from Sherwood Park, Ardrossan
Lemke, Helmut from Red Deer, Markerville
Lemke, Leslie from Cereal
Lemke, Roy from DeWinton, Bluffton, Ponoka
Lemky Bros. from Grande Prairie
Lemley, C.W. from Nanton
Lemley, Mrs. Cecil from Nanton, Calgary
Lemley, Mrs. Cecil from Nanton, Calgary
Lemon, Tom from Bergen
Lemp, Philip from Dewberry
Lenard, Lucille from Grantham
Lenci, Allan Joseph from Calgary
Lenek, Thomas from Hubalta
Lenfesty, B.W. from East Coulee, Dorothy
Lenglet, Mary Louise from Rosebud Creek
Lengyel, Elizabeth from Coaldale, Lethbridge
Lengyel, Frank from Chin, Coaldale
Lengyel, Joe from Foremost
Lengyel, John from Coaldale
Lengyel, John from Stavely, Calgary
Lengyel, Joseph from Calgary
Lengyel, Vera from Calgary
Lenishka, Anthony from Uncas
Lennie, Thomas from Elkton
Lennon, Kathleen May from Marwayne
Lennox, George Stanley from Calgary
Lenock, Charles from Vegreville, Lavoy
Lens, Henry from Champion, Calgary
Lent, Roy from Duffield
Lenton, Cyril from Throne, Coronation
Lenton, Job from Throne
Lentz, Frank F. from Medicine Hat
Lentz, Fred from Black Diamond
Lentz, Gottlied from Irvine
Lentz, Henry E. from Winterburn
Lentz, Herbert from Irvine
Lentz, Leonard R. from Medicine Hat
Lentz, Martha F. from Medicine Hat
Lenz, Ben from Kitscoty
Lenz, Karl from Olds
Lenz, Willem from Beauvallon
Leonard, A.E. from Olds
Leonard, Albia from Three Hills, Olds, Duchess
Leonard, Clarence Earl from Rocky Mountain House, Olds
Leonard, Earl from Duchess, Olds
Leonard, Stan from Rio Grande
Leonard, W.E. from Olds, Sundre
Leonhardt, Jacob from Drumheller
Leonhardt, Julius from Drumheller
Leonhart, Mrs. Jacob from Drumheller
Leonhart, Mrs. Jacob from Drumheller
Leonty, George from Shalka
Leopp, Jacob from Gem
Lepard, Anna & George from Claresholm
Lepard, Anna & George from Claresholm
Lepatsky, John from Smoky Lake, Edmonton
Lepihowsky, Joe from Lindbergh
Lepine, Euclide from Mallaig
Lepp, Henry from Rosemary
Leppard, Harold from Medicine Hat
Lerohl, Chris from Aden, Knappen
Lerohl, Ole A. from Picture Butte
Lerohl, Stella from Picture Butte
Leroux, Charles from St. Paul
Leschert, H.C. from Forestburg
Lescinkas, Mat from Lethbridge
Lesher, Elmer E. from Clive
Lesher, William L. from Clive
Lesiuk, A.J. from Warwick
Leska, John from Coaldale
Leskosek, Louise & Joseph from Beaver Mines, Bellevue
Leskosky, Tommy from Burmis
Leskow, Ivan W. from Edgerton
Leslie, Frank from Castor, Consort
Leslie, John G. from Leslieville
Leslie, Murray J. from Mossleigh, Lethbridge
Leslie, R.G. from Olds
Leslie, Robert J. from Milk River
Lesnik, Theodore A. from Edmonton
Lessard, Alphonse from Normandeau
Lessard, Ephrem from Falher
Lessard, Henri from New Fish Creek
Lessard, Henri from Normandeau
Lessard, Henry from Bonnyville
Lessard, Joseph from Normandeau
Lessard, Louis from Normandeau, Bonnyville
Lessard, Napoleon from Normandeau
Lessard, Zelia from Bonnyville
Lester, James S. from Sundre
Lester, Lloyd W. from Keoma, Irricana
Lester, Mabel Grace from Rolling Hills
Lester, W.C. from Keoma, Calgary, Irricana
Lester, William G. from Rolling Hills
Lestus, Mike from Strome
Lestus, Tony from Innisfree
Lesuik, William from Stubno, Lavoy
Letal, Joe from Barons
Letal, Ludwig from Iron Springs, Raymond
Letendre, William from Sputinow
Leth, Laust S. from Olds
Lethbridge Central Feeders Association Ltd. from Lethbridge
Lethbridge Feeders Association Ltd. from Lethbridge
Lethbridge Junior Calf Club (Peter Jami
Lethbridge Junior Calf Club (Peter, Jamieson) from Lethbridge
Lethbridge Sheep Company. (P. McLeay-Manager Margaret A. & Frank) from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Letniak, John D. from Loyalist
Letniak, John D. from Loyalist
Letniak, John from Loyalist
Letourneau Farms (Real Letourneau) from Shoal Creek
Letourneau, Cora from Onion Lake, SK
Letourneau, Jerry from Westlock
Letourneau, Real C. from Westlock
Letwin, Bill A. from Lamont
Letwinetz, John from Ponoka
Levagood, H.O. from Didsbury
Levang, Gerald from Edberg
Levang, Henry from Edberg, New Norway
LeVasser, Henry from Pincher Creek
Leveck, Samuel from Cremona, Big Prairi
Leveck, Samuel from Cremona, Big Prairie, Water Valley
Leveillie, Percy Cornelius from Spedden
Levere, H.L. from Cochrane
Leversedge, Fred from Vermilion
Levesque, Albert J. from Lathom, Bassano, Countess
Levesque, Emil from Pincher Creek
Levesque, Henry from Pincher Creek
Levesque, Jean B. from Pincher Creek, Dry Fork
Levesque, Jeanne from Pincher Creek
Levesque, Joseph from Dry Fork, Pincher Creek
Levie, George from Consort
Levins, J.M. from Sheerness
Levins, Thomas George from Calgary, Stanmore, Carbon
Leviski, Peter from Aden, Pinhorn
Levitt, Donald Arthur from Paradise Valley
Levitt, Hyman & Jack from Hubalta
Levitt, W.H. & J. Dvorkin from Calgary
Levitt, William R. from Hayter
Levy, Paul from Stanger
Lewandowski, Jan or John from Jenner
Lewendon, Edgar from Cassils
Lewin, B.F. from Calgary
Lewin, Robert C. from Stavely
Lewis & Emblau from Sangudo, Mountain Park
Lewis, A.O. from Morrin
Lewis, Charles from Lac La Biche
Lewis, Charles Lancelot from Innisfail
Lewis, Clarence E. from Vermilion, Tolland
Lewis, David & Morgan from Dog Pound
Lewis, David & Pat from Rimbey, Drayton Valley
Lewis, David T. from Okotoks, Vulcan
Lewis, Donald G. from Claresholm, Sedgewick
Lewis, Frank R. from Veteran
Lewis, Garry L. from Knee Hill Valley
Lewis, Harold from Pincher Station, Cowley
Lewis, J.B & Edna L. from Claresholm, Calgary
Lewis, Leon from Westlock
Lewis, Leslie G. from Travers
Lewis, Leslie George from Lethbridge, P
Lewis, Lily from Pashley
Lewis, Loren D. from Hinton
Lewis, Lyle L. & Della M. & Elsie from Claresholm
Lewis, Merle D. from Fort Assiniboine
Lewis, Milton Robert from Travers
Lewis, Mrs. George F. from Jenner
Lewis, Mrs. M.E. from Okotoks
Lewis, Mrs. W.H. from Claresholm
Lewis, Oliver A. from Vulcan, Travers
Lewis, Robert from Suffield
Lewis, Robert G. from Edmonton
Lewis, Robert G. from Edmonton
Lewis, Roy Alfred from Rimbey
Lewis, Sanford Boyd from Didsbury, Cremona
Lewis, T.P. from Claresholm
Lewis, Vincent from Sunnyslope
Lewis, W.G. from Sangudo
Lewis, Wayne H. from Champion
Lewis, William G. (The Flying H Farm) from Sangudo, Edmonton
Lewison, Ken from Milk River
Lewison, Lewis from Milk River, Masinasin, Kippenville
Lewitski, Peter from Myrnam
Ley, William K. from Veteran
L’Heureux, A.L. from Egg Lake
L’Heureux, Edward from Egg Lake, Prince George, BC
L’Heureux, Joseph from Egg Lake
L’Heureux, Leon from Lac La Biche
L’Hirondelle, Emile from Peace River
L’Hirondelle, Emma from Gift Lake
L’Hirondelle, Joseph from Prairie Lake, Peace River
L’Hirondelle, P. from Salt Prairie, High Prairie
Libby, Clifford W. from Thorsby
Liboiron, Joe G. from Irvine
Lichtenhaeler, Henry F. from Winnipeg, MB
Lichti, Horst from Rocky Mountain House
Lickiss, G.R. from Hays
Lickiss, Ray J. from Scandia, Retlaw, Vauxhall
Lidberg, Alfred E from Meeting Creek
Liddell, Donald from Water Valley, Cremona, Red Deer
Liddell, Milda from Madden, Carstairs
Liddell, Robert from Mirror, Ponoka
Liddle, George Stanley from Briereville
Liddle, Harold from Innisfail, Burdett, Bow Island
Lider, Alvin from Kitscoty, Tulliby Lake
Lider, E.A. from Norway, Tulliby Lake
Lidgett, Fred from Ponoka
Liebling, Roland A. from Lacombe
Lien Bros. (Jess & Kore) from Lake Eliza
Lien, Alfred from Edberg
Lien, Edward Kore from Elk Point
Lienau, Walter from Spruce Grove
Lier, Ed from Lea Park
Liesinger, W.R. & W.H. Kaufman from Donalda
Liesinger, William Robert from Donalda
Liggit, W.E. from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Light, Vernon & Irene from Carstairs, Summerland, BC
Lighthart, Donald J. from Lundbreck
Lightizer, John from Laird, Montana, Ad
Lightizer, John from Laird, Montana, Aden
Lightizer, Kathleen from Smokey Lake, Pinhorn, Aden
Lightizer, Ralph from Pinhorn
Likar, Peter from Vilna
Likes, Ralph from Vanrena, Gage
Liknes Bros. Holding Ltd. From Edmonton
Liknes, Albin from Consort
Liknes, D.J. from Irma, Monitor
Lilge, Wilfred Walter & Robert James Sc
Lilge, Wilfred Walter & Robert James Scott from Spirit River
Lillehei, Hans N. from Scandia
Lillico, Keith & Marion from Peace Rive
Lilly, Allen D. from Edmonton, Stony Plain
Limoges, A. from Bonnyville
Limpert, W.D. & Bertha M. from Delia
Limpert, W.V. from Rowley, Delia, Craigmyle
Lincoln, Roy from Stettler
Lind, Agnes from Nanton
Lind, Albert R. from Nanton
Lind, Basil from Federal, Bulwark
Lind, Basil from Federal, Bulwark
Lind, Carl from Cayley
Lind, G.H. from Falun
Lind, H.C. from Nanton
Lind, Hjalmar from Bluffton
Lind, James from Sullivan Lake
Lind, Ray J. from Nanton
Lind, Thomas L. from Lindsville, Bulwark
Lindberg, C.A. from Kingman
Lindberg, Wilton from Rimbey
Lindbergh, Gordon from Owlseye
Lindblad, Mrs. E.A from Leslieville
Lindburg, Hans Jorgen from Countess, Gem
Lindburg, Reinhold & Muriel from Metiskow
Lindburg, Stan from St. Paul
Lindell, Peter from Coronation
Lindeman, John W. from Irvine
Lindeman, John W. from Irvine
Lindeman, Pauline from Irvine
Linderman, Fred from Cessford, Pollockville
Linderman, Mrs. Rosalie from Foremost, Goddard
Lindgren, C.R. from Czar
Lindgren, Otto from Tofield
Lindholm, C.V. from Burnt Lake, Sylvan Lake
Lindland, J.T. from Tide Lake
Lindner, John B. & William from Cochran
Lindner, John B. & William from Cochrane
Lindquist, Alf Marvin, & Charles Lawrence Bliss from Sunset House
Lindquist, Carl from Bear Canyon
Lindquist, V.L. from Blackie
Lindroth, S L. from Vermilion
Lindsay, A.P. from Little Plume
Lindsay, A.P. from Little Plume
Lindsay, Hugh from Leedale
Lindsay, I.R. from Clover Bar
Lindsay, R. D. (Circle L Ranching Co.)
Lindsay, R. from Clover Bar
Lindsay, R.D. (Circle L Ranching Co.) from Claresholm
Lindsay, Robert Stanley from Balsam, ON, Jenner, Pickering, ON
Lindsay, Roy from Delia
Lindsay, W.E. from Tofield
Lindsay, William P. from Wisdom, Anchorage, Alaska
Lindseth, Knut from Wainwright, Stavely
Lindsey, L.B. from Falun
Lindsey, M.C. & Sons from Goodwin
Lindsey, T.W. from Falun
Lindskoog, Ernest from Hughenden
Lindskoog, Ernest J. from Hughenden
Lindskoog, Lawrence A. from Hughenden
Lindstrand, Kenneth G. from Ponoka
Lindstrom, H. from Coronation
Lindstrom, H. from Coronation
Lindstrom, Louis & Leonel from Onoway
Lindstrom, Wally from Airdrie
Lindstrom, Y.L. from Heisler
Line, Archie from Forestburg
Line, Herbert J. from Jenner
Line, Howard Alfred from Countess, Aird
Line, Irene from Redcliff
Lineham, Mabel E. from Calgary, Midnapore
Liner, R. from Rimbey
Lingaars, M. from Demmitt
Lingrell, A.K. from Grand Centre, Beaver Crossing
Lingrell, Ada J. from Heinsburg, Grand Centre, Le Goff, Beaver Crossing
Lingrell, E.W. from Edson, Rio Grande
Lingrell, L.P. from Grande Prairie, Beaverdam
Lingren, Frank from Eckville
Link, David A. from Beaver Mines
Link, Ewald from Medicine Hat
Link, Fred from Pincher Creek, Beaver Mines
Link, Leola from St. Paul, Rainier
Link, Marilyn A.M. from Medicine Hat
Link, Mrs. Fred from Pincher Creek, Beaver Mines
Link, Steve from Cereal
Link, Waldemar from Medicine Hat
Link, Westly from Rainier, St. Paul
Linkewich, Joseph from St. Paul
Linkiewich, Frank from Mannville, Myrnam
Links, Harold from Edmonton
Linn, Carl from Tod Creek, Lundbreck
Linn, Kenneth E. from Finnegan, Hanna
Linstedt, Irvine J. & Arthur J. from Lomond
Linstedt, Joseph from Lomond
Linton, A. & A.W. from Islay
Linton, Charles W.H. from Bragg Creek
Linton, Perry from Islay, Norman Wells, NWT
Linton, Russell from Islay
Lipka, Albert from Evergreen, Red Deer
Lipka, Henry & Hazel from Eckville, Evergreen
Lipp, Steven Patrick from Ralston
Lippa, Joseph from Knappen
Lippa, Nicole from Knappen
Lippert, Christ from Burstall, SK
Lippert, Emil from Burstall, SK, Hilda
Lippert, Fred from Bassano, Big Valley
Lippert, Isabella E. from Edgerton
Lischka, Jack & Patricia from Lavoy
Lischynski, John from Viking, Edmonton
Liska, John from Lethbridge, Champion
Liska, R.H. from Lacombe
Liske, Albert & Reingard from Bruderheim
Liske, Gordon Elmer from Fort Saskatchewan
Liske, William & Gordon & Gerhard from Fort Saskatchewan
Liske, William, Gordon & Gerhard from F
Liss, Jonathan from Sangudo
Lissa, Domenico from Burmis, Bellevue
Lister, Ronald from Edmonton
Liszkay, Joe from Brooks
Litchfield, Arlene nee Champney from Fort Macleod, Pincher Creek
Litchfield, Ernest from Raymond
Litchfield, Floyd O. from Raymond
Litchfield, Grant Ray from Raymond
Litchfield, Leapha from Taber
Litchfield, Linden LeRon from Taber
Litke, Alfred from Hanna
Litke, Brian from Easyford
Litke, Charlie from Beiseker, Crossfield, Calgary
Litke, Emil from Carbon, Hanna, Craigmyle
Litke, James from Forestburg
Litke, Mike from Hanna
Litster, J. from Dorothy, Drumheller
Littan, Abe from Condor, Red Deer
Littan, Gottlieb from Galahad
Littan, Mrs. George from Grantham
Littan, Mrs. George from Grantham
Littke, Samuel from Hythe
Little Bear, Gilbert from Cardston
Little Bear, Morris from Cardston
Little Jay Carlyle from Stavely
Little Light, Francis from Gleichen
Little Man, Sam from Cardston
Little, A. & A.C. from Nanton, Lomond, Stavely
Little, Frederick from Congresbury, Rocky Mountain House
Little, Gordon from Manyberries, Ranchville
Little, Herbert G. from Little Plume, Ranchville, Medicine Hat
Little, James R. from Olds
Little, James R. from Olds
Little, May Margaret from Cochrane
Little, William J. from Bow Island, Nanton
Littlechild, Cleophas from McRae
Littlechilds, Raymond from Kikino
Littlechilds, Robert J. from Whitford
Littleton, Algernon E. from Winnipeg, MB, Teddesley, Midnapore
Littlewood, J.S. Barry from Foremost
Littman, Emanual from Wanham
Litun, Harry from Tofield
Litwiller, Stanley Roy from Calgary, Bergen
Litwin Bros. from Tofield
Litwin, Ben from Roadway, Eldorena
Litwin, Harold R. from Tofield
Litwiniuk, Edward L. from Horen
Litz, Elmer from Swalwell
Litz, William E. from Hanna
Litzenberger, Fred from Barrhead
Livestock Development Board from Edmont
Livestock Development Board from Edmonton
Livestock Genetics International Ltd. from Rimbey
Liviney, Owen O. from Leighton
Living, Dale Michael from Fort Saskatchewan
Livingston, Anna from Lethbridge, Burdett, Grassy Lake, Bow Island, Coalhurst
Livingston, D.S. from Battle Bend, Hardisty
Livingston, Gordon A. from Edmonton
Livingston, Gordon A. from Edmonton
Livingston, Ivan J. from Coutts
Livingston, Mrs. Ira A. from Landonville, Lindbergh
Livingston, O.E.I. & J.C.E. from Milk River, Coutts
Livingston, Orval E. from Coutts
Livingston, Richard Edward from Claresholm
Livingston, Wayne from Milk River
Livingstone Bros. (Norman & H. Clayton) & R. Hyden, from Milk River
Livingstone, Byron P. from Coutts
Livingstone, H. Clayton from Milk River, Hot Springs MT.
Livingstone, James from Waskatenau
Livingstone, Stanley from Lacombe, Clive
Liviniuk, Peter from Horen, Seba Beach
Lizotte, Clifford from Rocky Lane
Lizotte, John Harold from Fort Vermilion, North Vermilion
Lizotte, Johnnie from North Vermilion
Ljunggrn, Axel from La Corey
Lloyd, George E. from Consort
Lloyd, Helen A. from Maycroft
Lloyd, Helen A. from Maycroft
Lloyd, John T. from Hardisty, Kinsella
Lloyd, Mrs. A.W. nee McKenzie from Viki
Lloyd, Mrs. A.W. nee McKenzie from Viking
Lloyd, Ralph James from Calgary, Pincher Creek
Lloyd, William Heaton from Dorothy, Lousana, Trochu
Lloydminster Feeding Association from Lloydminster
Loader, Reginald A. from Rainier
Loades, George A. from Viking
Loades, George A. from Viking
Loblaw, Jack from Bottrel
Loblaw, T.C. from Bragg Creek, Ricinus, Rocky Mountain House
Loblaw, William J. from Cochrane, Bottrel, Dawson BC, Blind Creek, Fort St. John, BC
Lochhead Bros. (L.H. & R.C.) from Millarville
Lochhead, C.H. & Sons (L.H. & R.C.) from Midnapore
Lochhead, Gordon John from Hines Creek
Lochhead, L.H. from Kew
Lock, Otto from Edmonton
Locke, Jim & Winnie from Cherry Point
Locken, Hans Jr. from Bearberry
Lockhard, Orrin from Fort Macleod
Lockhart, Bryan from Chinook, Mannville
Lockhart, Earl from Bluffton
Lockhart, Edwin from Ponoka
Lockhart, Henry from Edmonton
Lockhart, Ivan Bruce from Hythe
Lockhart, W.B. from Youngstown
Lockie, Don from Calgary
Lockrem, George from Westward Ho
Lockrem, Leonard Ralph from Sundre, Westward Ho
Lockrem, Nancy Irene from Sundre
Lockstidt, H. from Pincher Creek
Lockton, Cecil F. from Patricia, Calgary
Lodder, Paul from Olds
Lodermeier, Albert A. from Milk River
Lodoen, E.K. from Consort, Cairns
Loesch, W.J. from Heisler
Loetscher, John from Lethbridge
Loetsher, John from Fort Macleod, Warner
Loewen, Alfred from Knee Hill Valley, Lacombe
Loewen, Ben D. from Swalwell
Loewen, Clifford Randy from Debolt
Loewen, D. from Gem
Loewen, Frank P. from Dunmore, Coleridge
Loewen, Jacob P. from Gem
Loewen, John J. from Vauxhall, Enchant
Loewen, Leonard from Linden
Loewen, Peter J. from Vauxhall
Loewen, Peter P. from Rosemary, Countess, Gem, Bassano
Loewen, Ronald B. from Linden
Loewen, Vern from Linden
Loewen, Walden Herbert from St. Paul
Lofgren, E.L. from Sundre, Huallen, Spirit River, Silver Valley
Lofgren, Eric J. from Hay Lakes
Loft, Arthur from Milk River
Loftus, A.A. from Innisfree
Logan, Charles W. from West Wingham
Logan, Charles W. from West Wingham
Logan, Edd C. from Holden
Logan, Fred from Lorraine, Castor
Logan, James from Bluffton, Eagle Hills
Logan, John R. from Tofield
Logan, Mrs. B.Y. from Mannville
Logan, R.A. from Sundre
Logazar, Metro from Musidora, Duvernay,
Logelin, F.C. from Richdale
Logie, Annie B. from Calgary
Logozar, Nick from Brosseau
Lohr, Williard C. from Red Deer, Edmonton, Fenn
Loitz, George from Gunn
Lokier, Thomas I & W.A. Murphy from Medicine Hat
Lomas, Henry from Duchess
Lommatzch, Barney R. from Vulcan
Lomow’s Holding (Sask) Ltd. from Calgary
London, Eric from Claresholm
London, Rhoda from Claresholm
Lonely Pine Ranch (Michael Patrick Walton) from Beaverlodge, Stirling
Loney, Dora E. from Holden, Bruce
Loney, Richard B. from Holden, Alix
Long Lake Ranching Co. (Emily Findlay) from Edson
Long, Amar A. from Innisfree
Long, C. from Orion
Long, C.F. from Veteran
Long, C.L. from Claresholm
Long, Clarence from Duchess
Long, F. A. from Clandonald, Landonville
Long, Frank from Granum
Long, G.B. from Claresholm
Long, Harriet from Pendryl
Long, Hollis from Rocky Mountain House
Long, Howard R. from Rocky Mountain House
Long, Ken from Claresholm
Long, L.E., Chalmers, David from Medicine Hat
Long, L.H from Cowley
Long, Maurice from Balzac
Long, Norman E. from Vermilion, Edmonto
Long, Norman from Edmonton
Long, Norman H. from Rosebud
Long, R.O. from Claresholm
Long, Roy from Cardston
Long, Rufus from Claresholm
Long, Stanley W. from Claresholm
Long, Wilfred from Kinsella
Longacre, Lewis E. from Retlaw, Red Deer
Longeway, Bessie & Evan S. from Calgary
Longhorn Cattle Co-Op (Gerald Shade) from Cardston
Longhurst, Francis James from Red Deer, Prince George, BC
Longman, L. from Unity, SK, Cowley
Longmuir, Robert S. from Finns Lake, Medicine Hat
Lonnberg, C.S. from Mirror
Lonowski, Leo from Viking
Lonsdale, C.C. from Grand Centre
Lonsdale, Jean H. from Beaver Crossing
Lonsdale, Leonard B. from Dunmore
Lonsdale, Morris from Hughenden
Lonsdale, Mrs. R. from Grand Centre
Lonto, Mabel from Innisfail
Look, Adolfiene from Rimbey, Bluffton, Hoadley
Look, Cheryll from Pincher Creek
Look, Fred from Craigmyle
Look, J. & M. from Lucky Strike
Look, J. & M. from Lucky Strike
Look, Jack M. from Lucky Strike, Lethbridge
Look, Margaret A. from Lucky Strike, Lethbridge
Look, Morrison from Lucky Strike
Looma Farms Ltd. from Edmonton, Sherwood Park
Loomer, Charles S. from Endiang
Loomer, Charles S. from Endiang
Loon, Mark from Big Valley
Loonen, C. from Castor
Loose, Fred from Airdrie
Loose, Henry from Calgary, Airdrie
Loose, Vernon Francis from Cherry Grove
Looy, Cornelius from Coronation, Okotok
Looy, Dick Jr. from Coronation
Looy, Joseph John from St. Brides
Lopeter, A.L. from Halkirk
Lopeter, A.L. from Halkirk
Loran, Adam from Burstall, SK, Brock, SK
Lord, Wesley Emmerson from Elk Point, Lacombe
Lore, John Sidney from Edmonton
Loree, John Charles from Innisfree
Loree, Joseph from Youngstown
Lorenson, Leslie John from Edmonton
Lorenson, Maria from Warwick
Lorenson, Mrs. H. from Heinsburg
Lorenson, Ralph W. from Clive
Lorenson, Richard Donald from Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan
Lorenson, Robert from Lindbergh
Lorenson, Rony from Heinsburg
Lorentson, Doris A. from Bindloss, Red Deer
Lorentz, Ed from Millet
Lorentzon, Fred from Cowley
Lorentzon, H.O. from Cowley
Lorenz, Edward from Hayter, Provost
Lorenz, Hannelore from Hinton
Lorenz, Leo & Norman from Strome
Lorenz, Milton M.& John L, Huyghe from Breton
Lorthios, Lucien, & Lance King from Calgary
Loskot, J.J. from Brooks, Melfort, SK
Lothrop, G.R & H. Hambley from Hussar
Lotosky, Julia from Smoky Lake
Lotosky, Russel from Smoky Lake
Lotsberg, Albert from Glendon
Lottos, John from Taber
Lotzien, Herbert from Bremner
Loucks, Archie & Doug from Whitecourt, Armstrong, BC
Loudenback, Nora K. from Cheadle
Loudenback, S.R. from Cheadle
Lougheed, G.R. from Benalto
Lougheed, Isaac from Youngstown
Lougheed, Ivan from Morley
Lougheed, L.C. from Rocky Mountain House, Dovercourt
Lougheed, Ralph from Caroline, Condor
Lougheed, Ralph from Caroline, Condor
Lougheed, Roy from Red Deer, Cremona
Lougheed, W.S. from Grande Prairie
Lougheed, Walter & Albert from Dovercou
Lougheed, Walter from Dovercourt, Rocky
Loughlean, Howard from Ferintosh
Loughlean, Robert C. from Bashaw
Loughlin, C.J. from Viking
Loughran, Gary from Mayerthorpe
Loughran, Randy from Mayerthorpe
Loughridge, Isabella McBain from Bindloss
Loughridge, Melven from Bindloss
Loughridge, Stan from Alix
Loughridge, William Carson from Bindloss
Louis, Jacob from Hobbema
Lourdes Farm from Lethbridge
Love, Alexander from Auburndale
Love, Charles from Edmonton, Czar, Wain
Love, Charles from Edmonton, Czar, Wainwright, Camrose
Love, Edmund R. from Hythe
Love, J.E. from Calgary
Love, Jack from Calgary
Love, Marjorie M. from Calgary
Love, Robert J. from Ardrossan
Love, Wesley Douglas from Calgary, Okotoks
Lovelace, Leonard C. from Kinuso
Lovelock, Thomas Frank from Alcomdale
Loveseth, Olaf from Viking
Lovig, Gilbert from Jarrow
Lovoen, Louis from Manyberries
Low, Allan James from Bear Canyon
Low, Brigham Y. from Cardston
Low, Carrie from Cardston
Low, Clasen from Cardston
Low, Fred from Minburn
Low, Kenneth Lucien from Milk River
Low, Lorin H. from Cardston
Low, William E. from Kimball
Low, William from Cardston
Lowe, Jack, Lowe, Robert from Cardston
Lowe, John from Sexsmith
Lowe, Joseph Maxwell from Hardisty
Lowe, Melvin L. from Carlos, Leedale
Lowe, Melvin R. from Cardston
Lowe, Mervyn from Priddis
Lowe, Mrs. William remarried name Mrs. William Blackie from Priddis
Lowen, Abraham from Grantham
Lowen, Agatha from Grantham, Vauxhall
Lowen, Jacob from Vauxhall
Lowen, T.H. from Drumheller
Lowery, Earl from Strathmore, Cheadle
Lowery, George O. from Beaver Mines
Lowery, George O. from Beaver Mines
Lowery, H. R. from Calgary
Lowes, Lawrence Leo from Nanton
Lowis, Joe from Coronation
Lowrey, James Bruce from Blackie, Stett
Lowrie, Al E. from Marwayne
Lowrie, David H. from Marwayne
Lowrie, James E. & Sons from Marwayne
Lowrie, James W. from Alcurve
Lowrie, John from Leighton
Lowrie, John Murray from Marwayne
Lowrie, Orvell J. from Lloydminster, Alcurve
Lowrie, Ronald George from Marwayne
Lowrie, Verne H from Leighton
Lowry Nelson Ranch (Thomas E. Lowry) from Glenwood
Lowry, Dale from Taylorville, Cardston, Picture Butte
Lowry, George E. from Lacombe
Lowry, Mary L. from Cardston
Lowther, Eugene Leslie from Parkland, Ponoka, Lacombe
Lowther, James from Cassils
Lowther, Richard from Lougheed, Killam
Lowther, S.O. from Parkland
Lowther, Vernon M. from Nanton, Parkland
Loxton, Deloy from Magrath
Loye, A.C. from Czar
Loyek, Fred W. from Rimbey
Loyek, Leonard William from Rimbey, Valleyview
Loyst, Boyd from Fort Macleod
Loyst, Walter Leonard from Fort Macleod
Lozeau, Joseph from St. Lina
Lozeau, Maurice A. from St. Lina
Lozeau, Maurice from St. Lina
Lozowski, William from Innisfree
Lubchynski, John from Mercoal
Lublinkhof, Alex M. from Calgary, Crammond
Luca, Tony Lawrence from High Level
Lucas, Albert from James River Bridge
Lucas, Charles R. from Pincher Creek
Lucas, Donald T. from Grand Centre
Lucas, Eileen May from Pincher creek
Lucas, George E. from Grand Centre
Lucas, H.A. from Grand Centre
Lucas, Joe from Lobley, James River Bridge, Sundre
Lucas, John H. from Reid Hill, Calgary
Lucas, Kenneth from Elkton
Lucas, Leon A. from St. Albert, Stony Plain
Lucas, Mrs. Fred from Olds, Bluffton
Lucas, Robert E. from Elkton
Lucas, Susie from Stavely
Lucas, Wilbur from Red Willow, Calgary
Lucas, William from Stavely
Lucas, Wray & Roy from Cochrane, Rosema
Lucas, Wray & Roy from Cochrane, Rosemary
Luce, Robert R. from Ponoka
Luchak, Alexander from Willingdon
Luchkow, John from Innisfree
Luchyk, John from Vanesti
Luchyk, Mary from Vanesti
Luchyk, William from Paradise Valley
Luciak, Harry O. from Kaleland
Luciuk, Mike from Beaverdam
Lucken, Lars E .from Stavely
Luckwell, Edward George from New Norway, Hawksdale, Strathmore, Pollockville, Dorenlee
Lucky 6 Feeders from Raymond
Lucky Feeders Ltd. from Cardston
Luco, John from Pincher Station, Pincher Creek, Barons
Ludlow, F.C. from Castor
Ludtki, Frank from Suffield
Ludwig, Erich E. from Vermilion
Ludwig, J. & O. Kudszus from Irricana
Ludwig, Otto from Clandonald
Ludwig, Raymond Clarence from Lloydminster
Luft, Adam from Elkton, Calgary
Luft, John R. from Didsbury, Westcott
Luft, John R. from Didsbury, Westcott
Luft, Sam from Calgary
Luhenchuck, Metro L. from Vegreville
Luiken, Jacobus B. “Koos” from Manning
Luka, Orest & Elsie from Hines Creek
Luka, Walter, Ernest, Orest & Joe from Hines Creek
Lukacs, Mike from Monarch
Lukacs, Richard David from Vauxhall
Lukan, Joseph H. from Cessford
Lukasiewich, Vincent & Fred Sigmund Kosch from Sundance
Lukenda, Steve from Picture Butte
Lukens, Anna M. from Irma, Halkirk
Lukens, Bob from Hardisty
Lukens, Francis from Irma
Lukey, Alexander from Deadwood, Calgary
Lukey, Leonard A. from Sunnynook
Lukian, John from Hairy Hills
Lukianow, Paul from Beaverdam
Lukinchuk, John W. from Lake Eliza
Lukinchuk, John W. from Lake Eliza
Lukiwski, Katherine from East Coulee
Lukosky, George & Fred from Three Hills
Lukosky, George & Fred from Three Hills
Lukowitch, Allan from Edmonton
Lull, W.L. from Bulwark
Lumley, Alvin from Dewberry, Paradise Valley, Vanesti
Lumley, George from Greenlawn, Heinsburg
Lumsden, Keith William from Hanna
Lumsden, W.D. from Hanna
Lumsden, William from Benton
Lun, Mark Kun from Big Valley
Lund Bros. (Lawrence E & Albert N.) fro
Lund Bros. (Lawrence E. & Albert N.) from Forestburg
Lund, Andrew DeLoss from Raymond
Lund, Andrew from Bergen
Lund, Charles from Hughenden, Fort Kent
Lund, E.M.A. from Clear Prairie
Lund, Ed from Clear Prairie
Lund, Einor from Lovettville
Lund, Elmer from Hughenden, Abbottsford, BC
Lund, George Egene & Muriel E. from Bas
Lund, Melvin from Hughenden
Lund, Peter C. from Drumheller, Wayne
Lund, Ruth from Hines Creek
Lund, Zeba from Delburne
Lundblad, Pete from Holden
Lunde, Hanas B. from Amisk, Hughenden
Lundel, Ole from Sedgewick
Lundell, Carl from Meeting Creek
Lundell, Robert from Meeting Creek
Lunden, Omer A. from Heinsburg
Lundgard, Charles from Hines Creek
Lundgard, Martin & Sons (Elroy M. & Leo
Lundgard, O.P. & Sons from Royce
Lundgren, Axel from Kevisville
Lundgren, Edwin from St. Paul
Lundgren, Norman B. from Fenn, Erskine
Lundie, J. Murray from Lacombe
Lundie, Richard Beverley from Lacombe
Lundin, Oscar from Orion
Lundle, Harold from Sedgewick, Edmonton
Lundstrom, Warren from Edberg
Lunevich, Archie from Stettler
Lunevich, Steve from Stettler
Lungle, William & Dorothy from Fairview, Highland Park
Lunn, E.A. from Big Valley, Scollard
Lunn, Lee from High River
Lunn, William David from Codesa
Luno, Patrick Samuel from Worsley
Lunseth, Lloyd from Bow Island
Lunty, Garth from Forestburg
Lupaschuk, George from Andrew, Vilna, Veillette
Lupiliak, Steve from Cereal, Oyen
Lupka, Isaac from Derwent
Lupul, Meron Peter from Whitford
Lupyczuk, Isabella M. & John W. from Strathmore
Lupyczuk, William from Rockyford
Luscombe, Ray & Kathleen from Waterton
Luse, John M. from Halkirk
Lust, Emil, Lust & Mrs. from Thelma, Medicine Hat
Lust, George from Lindbrook
Lust, George from Lindbrook
Lust, Gerald from Dunmore, Medicine Hat
Lust, Glenn from Medicine Hat, Dunmore
Lust, Herbert from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Lust, Jack from Etzikom, Medicine Hat, Bowell
Lust, Sam from Norton
Lutchyn, Annie from Ranfurly
Luth, Leora from Bottrel
Luther Bros. (Eric Dwight & Edgar Clifton) from Cardston
Luther, Eric Dwight from Cardston
Luther, Martin Edgar from Winnifred
Luther, Ruth M. from Nanton
Lutman, G.R. from Berwyn
Luttmer, Frank from Sheerness
Luty, Mike from Edmonton
Luty, Zygmont from Iddesleigh
Lutz Bros. (Andrew, Joseph & Anthony) from Morinville
Lutz, Dora from Irvine
Lutz, Emil from Seven persons
Lutz, Fred from Schuler
Lutz, Glen from Red Deer
Lutz, Gus from Hilda
Lutz, Jack from Foremost, Bow Island
Lutz, Jack Jr. from Orion
Lutz, Jacob Sr. from Orion
Lutz, Jacob Sr. from Orion
Lutz, John R. from Bluesky
Lutz, Laverne from Hilda
Lutz, Leon from Coronation
Lutz, Ralph from Irvine
Lutz, Reinholt from Manyberries, Medicine Hat
Lutz, Willie A. from Olds
Lutzak, Mike W. from Hairy Hill
Lutzak, William G. from Hairy Hill
Luutmer, Charles from Sheerness
Lux Farms Ltd. from Grande Prairie
Luyckfassel, P.J. from Nordegg
Luyendyk, Jean nee Burkholder from Cremona
Lyall, Alex from Millarville, Midnapore
Lyall, Stephen from Kippenville, Lucky Strike
Lyall, Thomas H. from Midnapore, Calgary
Lybbert, C. Lester from Glenwoodville, Beaver Crossing
Lybbert, Calvin K from Beaver Crossing, Calgary
Lybbert, Carl W. from Rosemary
Lybbert, Daniel from Beaver Crossing
Lybbert, John S. from Taber
Lybbert, Wayne B. from Glenwood, Cherry Grove
Lychak, Harry R. from Derwent
Lychuk, Stephen from Derwent
Lyckman, Arvid from Carmangay
Lyle, Dale G. from Camrose
Lyle, Garnet John from Edberg, Bashaw
Lyle, Robert from Grimshaw
Lyman Lloyd from Rocky Mountain House
Lyman, M.G. from Vulcan, Calgary
Lyman, Ross M. from Vulcan
Lymburner, Herbert E. from Magnolia
Lynch, Alma from Armada, Lomond
Lynch, Edward from Medicine Hat
Lynch, H.H. from Medicine Hat
Lynch, Margaret D. from Mannville, South Burnaby, BC
Lynch, Raymond D. from Mannville
Lynch, Ronald Lee from Calgary
Lynch, Tom from Trochu
Lynch, W.F. from Mountain Mill, Beaver Mines, Pincher Creek
Lynch-Staunton, A.D. from Pincher Creek
Lynde, Tommy H. from Jarrow, Kinsella
Lynn, Cecil F. from Burdett
Lynn, Don from Markerville, Innisfail
Lynn, James B. from Youngstown
Lynn, James B. from Youngstown
Lynn, James I. from Wetaskiwin, Castor
Lynn, Lowell Harry from Nevis
Lynn, Walter from Nevis
Lynn, Walter H. from Rimbey
Lyon, A.M. from Vauxhall
Lyon, Albert from Clear Hills
Lyon, Ethan T. from Vauxhall
Lyon, Ethel from Whitla
Lyon, Frances Victoria from Nanton, Calgary
Lyon, Francis Samuel from Nanton
Lyon, Robert W. from High River
Lyon, Roy F. from Drayton Valley
Lyons, Earl J. from Strathmore
Lyons, H.G. from Caroline
Lyons, L.A. from Ponoka
Lyons, Lloyd V. from Okotoks, Calgary
Lyons, M.J. from Riley
Lyons, Mrs. A.M. from Suffield, Vauxhall
Lyons, Murray. J. from Ryley
Lyons, Oswald W. from Ponoka
Lyons, William C. from Patricia, Calgary
Lypka, Isaac from Derwent
Lyseng, Lyle S. from Armena
Lyseyko, John from Vilna
Lysgaard, Olaf & Marjorie E. from Altario
Lysgaard, Roy Norman from Kinsella
Lyslo, J.B. from Ryley
Lysons, Brooks Earl from Tolland, Vermilion, Edmonton
Lystang, George A. from Rochfort Bridge
Lystang, Lynn from Whitecourt
Lyste, Chester from Cherry Point
Lyster, William Leslie from Burmis
Lyttle, Cecil J. from Ashmont
Lyttle, Gordon A. from St. Lina
Lyttle, James Sr. from Edgerton, Edmonton
Lyzaniuk, Andrew & Son from Musidora

M & M Cattle from Coaldale
M & M Feeders Ltd. from Rosebud
M. & O Holdings Ltd. from Edmonton
Maack, Friedrich from Bow Island
Maas, Adriaan Casteleyn from Barnwell, Nobleford
Maas, Leo John from Westward Ho
Maas, Mrs. E.M from Milk River
Maas, P. from Fort Macleod
Maas, W.J. from Lea Park
Maas, Wilber William from Sundre
Mabbott, B. H. from Castor
Mabbott, Herbert from Castor
Mabley, Jim D. from Delacour
Mabley, O.W. from Delacour, Sidney, BC
Mac Gillivray, B. W. from Rimbey
Macartney, W.H. from Bindloss
Macartney, William M from Bindloss
MacAulay, Hector Ross from Calgary
MacAulay, Mrs. J.R. from Monitor
MacAuley, Gordon from Donalda, Red Deer
MacAuley, Mabel from Red Willow, Donalda
MacColl, A.D. from Minburn
MacConochie, Duncan from Fenn
MacCormack, John C. from Carseland
MacDonald Bros. (Angus & L.) from Alhambra
MacDonald, A. J. & William Dunstall, Pete Hardman from Fallis
MacDonald, Alan M. from Calgary
MacDonald, Angus & Mary from Midnapore
MacDonald, Angus E. & M. E. from Bindloss
MacDonald, Angus, MacDonald & Mary from Midnapore
MacDonald, Archie from Sundre
MacDonald, Charles H. from Harlech, Slave Lake
MacDonald, Charles H. from Harlech, Slave Lake
MacDonald, D.H. from Edmonton
MacDonald, D.H. from Edmonton
MacDonald, D.M. from Medicine Hat
Macdonald, D.W. from High River
MacDonald, Donald from Sundre
MacDonald, Donald Neil from Monitor, Consort
MacDonald, E.A. from Pancras, Cavendish
MacDonald, Edward Leander from Lethbridge
MacDonald, Helen W. from Raymond
MacDonald, Hugh A. from Manyberries, Moon Lake
MacDonald, Jack from Macleod
MacDonald, John from Champion
MacDonald, John from Florann
MacDonald, John from Rocky Mountain House
MacDonald, John Stanley from Brownfield, Castor
MacDonald, Lachlan from Alhambra
MacDonald, M.S. from Bow Island, Okotoks, Raven
MacDonald, Norman A from Rose Lynn, Halliday
MacDonald, R.D. from Olds
MacDonald, Rebecca from Bow Island
MacDonald, Ruth Elizabeth & Robert Bruce Walker from Calgary, Tacoma, WA
MacDonald, Sam from Bottrel
MacDonald, Stewart L. from Craigmyle
MacDonald, Walter from High Prairie
MacDonald, William from Herronton, Calgary
MacDonnell, Edwin from Hill Spring
MacDonnell, Father from Red Deer
MacDougal, A.G. from Carstairs
MacDougall, Muriel & Ed Foley from Banff
MacDowell, Harold D. from Cochrane, Calgary
Mace, George L. from Carseland
Mace, Spotswood M. from High River, Pekisko
MacEachren Milling Co. Ltd. from Wetaskiwin
MacFarland, Grace from Viking
MacFarlane, Robert from Minburn, Rodino
MacFarlane, William G. from Minburn, Kinsella
Macfarquhar, Alex & R. D from Cremona
MacFarquhar, C.H. from Cremona
MacFarquhar, C.H. from Cremona
MacFayden, D.U. from Islay
MacGillvary, J. Donald & Ida from Sunnynook
MacGowan, Alfred J. from Fort Macleod
MacGregor, C. & A. from Granum
MacGregor, Charles from Granum
MacGregor, Neil from Schuler
MacGregor, Stuart Wesley from Holden
Machacek Bros (Frank & Charles) from Turin
Machacek, Charlie & Stanley from Turin
Machacek, Frank from Turin
Machacek, Joe from Barnwell, Cranford, Turin
MacHardy, N.V. from Vermilion
Machatis, Henry from Beaver Crossing
Machiewich, John from Vilna
Machin, George Frederick from Mannville, Vermilion
Machtemes, L.F. from Fort Assiniboine
Machum, Kenneth R. from Calgary
Maciborski, Carl from Winfield
Maciborski, John from Vegreville
Maciborski, William from Tofield
Maciborski, William, & Mike J. Stawnychy from Edmonton
MacIndoe, Eliza from Wheat Centre, Vauxhall
MacIndoe, George from Lethbridge
MacIndoe, William from Vauxhall
MacInnis, Donald C. from Islay
MacInnis, Donald C. from Islay
MacIntosh, Dale from Rimbey, Bluffton
MacIntosh, Fred from Munson, Apple Hill, ON
MacIntyre, Betty Marion from Hardisty
MacIntyre, C.W. from Hayter
MacIntyre, Donald from Clandonald
MacIntyre, Eva from Metiskow
MacIntyre, Lawrence Wilbur from Hardisty
MacIntyre, W.A. from Hayter
MacIsaac, John Henry from Claresholm
MacIsaac, Ronald J. from Patricia
MacIver, George (Parkhill Fox Ranch) from Calgary
MacIver, George (Parkhill Fox Ranch) from Calgary
Mack, D.B. from Bindloss, Stavely
Mack, Daniel Donald David from Brosseau, Viking
Mack, David from Clive
Mack, Donald & Doreen Lattin from Calgary
Mack, Edwin from Robinson
Mack, Fred from Manyberries
Mack, Fred from Robinson
Mack, Jacob from Irvine
Mack, James from Driftpile
Mack, John from Coleridge, Dunmore
Mack, Mary from Bremner
Mack, Phil from Rochester
Mack, Robert Allan, Leonard Joseph from Fort Saskatchewan
MacKay, A. John from Bow City, Edmonton
Mackay, George C. from Acme
MacKay, George from Gem
MacKay, J.B. from Auburndale, Vermilion, Wainwright
MacKay, John K. & Christina from Fairview
MacKay, John K. & Christina from Fairview
MacKay, John W. from Lethbridge
MacKay, Mack M. from Lomond, Kelfield, SK
MacKay, R.A. from Innisfail
Mackay, Richard J.S. from Ardrossan
MacKay, Robert M. from Black Diamond
MacKay, William from Wetaskiwin
MacKay, William J. from Calgary
MacKay, William K. from Calgary, Blackie
MacKensie, S. B. from Etzikom
MacKenzie & Blacklock from Grantham
MacKenzie Co-Operative Feeders Association from Manning
Mackenzie, Alex from Rimbey, Ponoka
MacKenzie, Angus H. from Rimbey
MacKenzie, Arthur F. from Camrose
MacKenzie, Bessie from Airdrie, Calgary
MacKenzie, Charles E. from Edmonton, Sangudo
MacKenzie, Dan from Falun, Entwistle, Ponoka
MacKenzie, Dan from Falun, Entwistle, Ponoka
MacKenzie, Dan from Heinsburg
MacKenzie, Donald D. from Airdrie
MacKenzie, Donald from Vauxhall
MacKenzie, Donald George D. from Sedgewick
MacKenzie, Henry D. from Lloydminster
MacKenzie, Hugh from Athabasca
MacKenzie, J.F. from Lethbridge, Spring Coulee
MacKenzie, John from Vulcan, Hearnleigh
MacKenzie, Mrs. Jack from Lacombe
MacKenzie, R. from Rimbey
MacKenzie, Samuel B. from Etzikom
MacKenzie, Thomas from Bassano
MacKenzie, William from Bassano
MacKenzie, William from Grantham
MacKenzie, Willist, & Mildred MacKenzie from Calgary
MacKenzzie, Donald George D. from Sedgewick
Mackey, Irena M. from Kinsella
Mackey, Odo R. from Nanton
Mackie, Claude from Namaka
MacKie, J.C. & E. H. Logan from Grande Prairie
Mackie, J.R. from Alix, Red Deer
Mackie, John from Calgary
Mackie, T.M. from Rimbey
Mackiewich, Tony from Vilna
MacKinley, Gordon Arthur from Vermilion
MacKinnon, Darrel Grant from Calgary
MacKinnon, Donald Roy from Rimbey
MacKinnon, John W. from Calgary, Penhold
MacKinnon, Melvin from Blairmore, Hillcrest Mines
MacKinnon, R A. from Olds
MacKinnon, Richard Scott from Olds, Blackfalds
Macklin, Fred from Warner
Macklin, George Staples from Elmworth
Macklin, H.G. from Midnapore, Ryley
Mackney, Charles from Minburn, Innisfree
Mackney, Michael from Innisfree
Mackoruk, Peter from Dapp
Mackowichuk, P. from Red Deer
MacLachlan, Frank from Sedalia
MacLachlan, George Evans from Cecil Lake, BC
MacLachlan, J.P. from Cecil Lake, BC
MacLaine, Elfiel from Lethbridge
MacLaine, Mrs. Warren from Lethbridge
MacLaren, W.R. from Sedgewick
MacLean, A.L. from New Fish Creek, Kelowna, BC
MacLean, Alex from Hoselaw, Rife
MacLean, Allan from Huxley, Blackie, High River, Spirit River
MacLean, D.J. from Calgary
Maclean, Donald K. from Rosemary
MacLean, Edwina (formerly Mrs. M. Whidden) from Markerville
Maclean, Frank O. from Lethbridge
Maclean, George R. from Calgary
MacLean, Gordon C. from Delburne
MacLean, Hettie Reid, Eliza & Ida from Macleod
MacLean, Howard J. from Calgary, Montreal, PQ, Pointe Furtune, PQ
MacLean, Hugh from Blackie, Huxley
MacLean, James R. & Sons from Macleod
MacLean, John Edward from Killam
MacLean, John from Sputinow
MacLean, Ken from Calgary
MacLean, Malcolm J. from Rife
MacLean, Mrs. M.B. from Bassano
MacLean, R. C. from Bassano
MacLean, Robert R. & Hettie R. from Fort Macleod
MacLean, Robert William from Edmonton
MacLean, Ronald Alex from Sundre, Edmonton
MacLean, Ross from Rife, Bonnyville, Hoselaw
Macleay, Laura S. from High River
MacLennan, J.D. from Twin Butte
MacLennan, T.N. from Cochrane
Macleod, A.R. from Lake Isle
MacLeod, Colin from Okotoks
Macleod, Donald from Viking
Macleod, James F. from Cowley
MacLeod, M.J. from Vegreville
MacLeod, Margaret I. from Craigmyle
Macleod, Norman from Red Deer
Macleod, Roderick J. A. from Champion, Tees
MacLeod, T.H. from Craigmyle
MacLeod, Wilson Alex from Pincher Creek
MacMillan Bros. from Clandonald
MacMillan Bros. from Clandonald
MacMillan Colony from Cayley
MacMillan, Alexander from Rusylvia
MacMillan, Charles & M. G. Smith from Lethbridge
MacMillan, Donald from Hinton
MacMillan, Helen F. from Black Diamond, Hartell, Millarville
MacMillan, M.A. from Gadsby
MacMillan, M.A. from Gadsby
MacMillan, Malcolm K. from Cowley
MacMillan, P. Harry from Millarville, Devon
MacMillan, Robert Longworth & Thomas John Farrell from Calgary
MacNAir, Kenneth Alexander from Edmonton, Sherwood Park
MacNair, Kenneth Alexander from Edmonton, Sherwood Park
MacNaughton, Peter from Ranfurly
MacNaughton, W.D. from Ranfurly
Maconochie, R.L. from Leslieville
Macphee, Donald E. from Penhold
MacPhee, Hugh from Rusylvia
MacPherson, D.A from Olds, Bowden
MacPherson, J.L. from Viking, Kinsella
MacPherson, Murdoch from Bulwark
MacPherson, P.A from Nanton
MacPherson, Vermena from Calgary
MacQuarrie, A. from Coleman
Macrory, Brian F.J. from Peace River, Grande Prairie
MacTavish, Daniel Robert from Stony Plain
Madaro, Joseph Dale from Coronation
Maddams, E.J. from Cadomin
Maddams, James from Cadomin
Maddaugh, Omer E. from Fort Macleod
Madden, Dale C. from Lloydminster, St. Walberg, SK
Madden, Harold from Lacombe
Madden, Robert from Sedalia
Madder, George W. from Fabyan
Maddex, P.J. from Wainwright
Maddex, William A. from Dewberry
Maddock, John Ernest from Coronation
Maddock, John G. from Leduc
Maddox, Max Avon from Campo, CA, Coronada, CA
Madge, Douglas W. from Delia
Madge, F.A. from Janet, Calgary, Sundre
Madge, Frank W, & Larry from Milk River
Madge, Paul & Son from Milk River
Madge, Richard Alexander from Calgary
Madge, William M. from Milk River
Madgten, L.A. from Morningside
Madill, Edwin J. from Calgary
Madill, Gordon Oscar from Bentley
Madorsky, M. from Calgary
Madsen, Axel from Calgary, Conrich
Madsen, Carl from Chancellor, Standard
Madsen, Frank from Faust
Madsen, H.P. from Glenwoodville
Madsen, John from Manyberries
Madsen, N.R. from Hussar
Madsen, Nels from Standard, Lamont, Olds
Madsen, W. Kenneth from Drayton Valley
Madson, MacKinley C. from Dunstable
Madson, William Harvey from Shoal Creek, Barrhead
Madu, Edward from Millet, Wetaskiwin
Madu, M.B. from Lousana
Maertz, Gottlieb from Three Hills
Maerz, Adam from Three Hills
Maerz, Art from Three Hills
Maerz, Arthur A. from Three Hills
Maerz, Carl from Three Hills
Maerz, Enoch from Three Hills
Maerz, John from Three Hills, Sunnyslope
Maerz, S.E. from Allingham, Three Hills
Maetche, Alvin A. from Craigmyle
Maetche, Belva from Craigmyle
Maetche, David William from Holden
Magarrell, D.C. from Chinook, Beaverlodge, Halcourt
Magdall, Steve from Lethbridge
Magee, J.W.E. from Fort Saskatchewan
Magee, Ralph S. from Paradise Valley
Maglin, Walter from Fox
Magnuson, Ethel from Winfield
Magnuson, Ingvald from Lomond
Magnuson, Swan R. from Etzikom, Pakowki
Magnusson, Clifton M. from Armistice, Elk Point
Magrath Trading Company Ltd. (J. Alfred Ririe) from Magrath
Maguire, Andrew F. from Rosemary, Airdrie
Maguire, Edward from Wimborne, Olds
Magwood, Lorne Charles from Donalda, Gadsby
Magyar, Frank E. from Edson
Magyar, Gabor from Coaldale, Barnwell
Mah, Dan from Fort Chipewyan
Mah, Joe from Elk Point
Mahon, Mrs. Michael from Vermilion
Mahoney, Bruce W. from Calgary
Mahoney, Gertrude from Edgerton
Mahoney, Patrick E. from Edgerton
Mahoney, Roderick from Edgerton
Mahowich, Elizabeth from Edmonton
Mahura, Norbert Louis from Medicine Hat
Mai, Daniel from Magrath
Maiden, John & Griffiths from Aden
Maiden, John & John Maiden Griffiths from Aden
Maier, Berthold from Calgary
Maier, David & William from Medicine Hat
Maier, Donald D. from Calgary
Maier, Garth Eugene from Medicine Hat
Maier, Henry from Medicine Hat
Maier, Jacob from Tilley, Rainier
Maier, Oscar from Lomond
Maier, Ralph W. from Taber
Maier, W.H. from Taber
Maik, Ann from Pincher Creek
Maik, Edward from Glenwoodville
Maik, James from Glenwoodville
Maik, Mike from Glenwood
Maik, Steve from Derwent
Mailer, George from Alix
Mailer, James & Dorothy R. from Cadogan, Maughan, Cairns
Mailer, Marjorie from Cadogan
Mailer, Robert from Alix, Cairns
Mailer, Stanley from Didsbury, Cremona
Mailer, William from Cadogan, Czar, Big Valley
Mailman, Norman from Alderson, Madden
Main, William from Pincher Creek
Mainaes, Herbert William from Edmonton
Maingot, Josephine & Phillippe from Enilda
Mainland, Mary from Blackie
Mainwaring, Ralph G. (Hilly Fields Stock Farm) from Dunstable
Mainwaring, Ralph G. (Hilly Fields Stock Farm) from Dunstable
Mairland, J.B. from Turin
Maitland, Douglas Ramsay from Winterburn
Maitland, Harold Elroy from Calgary
Majcher, June from Calgary
Majcher, Lee & James from Calgary
Majeau, Gilbert from Mannville
Majer, Fred from Mayerthorpe, Anselmo
Majestic Pines & Destiny Holdings Ltd. from Delburne
Major, Donald K. from Olds
Major, James Bruce from Burdett
Major, Ray A. from Edmonton
Majury, Arthur C. from Vermilion
Makal Ranches from Peers
Makar, Joseph from Kinsella
Makar, Metro from Kinsella
Makarenko & Pask from Fairview
Makaruk, J. from Fleet
Maki, John from Eckville
Maki, Matt from Eckville
Makinaw, Narcisse from Wetaskiwin
Makinson, Mary T. from Taber
Makofka, Juanita nee Lambert from Iola, Leedale
Makofka, William & Henry from Gage
Makofka, William & Henry from Gage
Makokis, Vernon from St. Paul
Makowsky, Bruno from Thorhild
Maksymiuk, Dick from Myrnam
Maksymiuk, George D. from Musidora, Two Hills
Maksymiuk, George D. from Musidora, Two Hills
Maksymuik, Mike D. from Edmonton
Malak, Fred T. (Milky Way Dairy) from Caroline
Maland, Martin D. from Morrin
Malarchuk, John from Vilna, Edmonton
Malard, Charles from Gilt Edge
Malchow, G. & Sons from Stavely
Malchow, Harry from Stavely
Malcolm, James from Richdale, Hanna
Malcolm, Ted from Tofield
Malcolmson, L.H. from Calgary
Maldaner, Karl from Tilley, Duchess, Coaldale
Malec, S. from Vermilion
Malech, Paul from Lac Bellevue
Maley, Laverne from Rose Lynn
Maley, Nickolas C. from Calgary
Maley, Paul & Edith from Parkland
Malica, Wauro from Rodef
Malieux, Gabrielle A. from Cowley, Blairmore
Malingren, Edward from Metiskow
Malinsky, Nick from Taber
Mallaig Processors Co. Ltd. from Mallaig
Mallard, Gertrude from Gilt Edge
Mallas, Oddny from Plamondon
Maller, Clarence R. from Clive, Haynes
Mallett, Carl P. from Forestburg
Mallett, W.E. from Forestburg
Mallloch, D. from Airdrie
Malloch, Willard Campbell & Fern Opal from Airdrie
Mallock, William from Crossfield, Airdrie
Mallon, Patrick from St. Brides
Mallory, John from Sundre
Mallough, John from Hayter
Malm, Andrew from Retlaw
Malm, Helmer from Luscar
Malmas, Theodore from Wetaskiwin
Malmberg Bros. from Spring Coulee
Malmberg, Leah B. from Blairmore
Malmberg, Robert Orville from Spring Coulee
Malmquist, Einar from Fort Vermilion
Malo Bros. from Lafond
Malo, Aime from Lafond
Malo, Bernard from Lafond
Malo, Florimont from Mallaig
Malo, Josaphat from Lafond
Malo, Richard Aime from Lafond
Maloff, Fred from Bearberry, Sundre
Maloff, George & Son from Cowley
Maloff, George from Crowfoot
Malone, J. from Mayerthorpe
Maloney, Edward from Edmonton
Maloney, Edward from Edmonton
Maloney, Thomas D. from Athabasca
Malowany, Paul M. from Edmonton
Malson, H.E. from Rockyford
Maltais, Charles from Hazeldine, Dewberry
Maltais, Ernest & Frances from Breton
Malyk, Alfred F. from Airdrie
Malyk, J.M. from Airdrie, Creston, BC
Malysh, Andrew from Vilna
Malyx, George from Buffalo
Malyx, Mrs. P.S. from Buffalo
Manana Farming & Contracting Ltd. (Kenneth Isaac) from Crooked Creek
Manary, Lyle C.H. & Alex G. Stewart from Ardrossan
Manchakowsky, Stanley from Warspite
Manchester, Alvin B. from Gainford
Manchur, Ernie Wallace from Tilley
Mandel, Isaac J. from Medicine Hat
Mandel, Jacob from Cardston
Mandel, Menashe & Ben Zelcovitch from Winnipeg, MB
Mandel, Menashe & Ben Zelcovitch from Winnipeg, MAN
Mandel, Mike J. from Monarch
Mandeville, W. from Rainier, Warner
Mandrusiak, Mick A. from Morecambe
Mandrusiak, Nick A. from Morecambe
Mandrusiak, Steve from Morecambe, Vegreville
Mandrusiak, William A. from Morecambe
Mandryk, Bill from Smoky Lake, Edmonton
Mangan, J.A. from Crossfield, Innisfail
Mangan, Joseph from Midnapore
Mangles, Robert Newton from Priddis
Mann, A.R. Investments Ltd from Vancouver, BC
Mann, Annie from Stettler
Mann, Bryan Ira from Alix
Mann, H.H. from Alix
Mann, Henry J. & Daniel Kreger from Edmonton
Mann, Mike from Picture Butte
Mann, Newell G. R. from Nemiskam
Mann, Peter from Hutton
Mann, W.J. from Penhold
Manness M Bar Quarter horses Ltd. from Rosebud
Manness, Charles F. from Brooks
Manness, Elizabeth A. from Brooks, Rosebud
Manness, Frederick W. from Brooks, Rosebud
Manness, Holly E. from Brooks, Rosebud
Manning, David from Provost
Manning, Ernest C. from Edmonton
Manning, Frank from Cadogan
Manning, Frank from Edmonton, Amisk, Beverly
Manning, George Alfred H. from Ardrossan
Manning, James W. from Amisk
Manning, James Warren from Okotoks
Manning, John Chester from Delburne
Manning, L.W. from Dapp
Manning, Richard Edward from Amisk
Manning, Russell Frank from Edmonton, Fort St. John, BC, Swift Current, SK
Mannix, Fred & Rose from Paradise Valley
Mannix, Rose nee Blume from Hayter, Paradise Valley
Manolson, M.F. from Calgary
Mansell, R.E. & W.G. from Innisfree, Castor
Mansell, W.G. from Innisfree
Manser & Brandley from Foremost
Mansfield, Sydney from Horburg, Rocky Mountain House
Manske, Gust from Hayter
Manske, Stella M. from Hayter
Manske, William Herman Paul from Hayter
Manson Bros. from Kitscoty
Manson, Philip from Chauvin
Mantai, Rudolf from Brightview, Wetaskiwin
Mantei, Arnold Herbert from Cynthia
Mantie, Edward Albert from Bassano
Mantik, Fred from Bruce, Edmonton
Mantik, Fred from Bruce, Edmonton
Mantle, Wilfred from Edmonton
Mantz, Theo from Hilda
Manuel, Leonard from Plamondon
Manuel, Norman A. from Plamondon
Manville, Osborne & E. G & G.Y from Calgary, Airdrie
Manwaring, Jack L. from Lethbridge
Many Bears, Albert from Cluny
Many Bears, Aloysius from Cluny
Many Bears, Dorothy from Cluny
Many Bears, Jack from Fort Macleod, Stand Off
Many Bears, James from Cluny
Many Bears, Philip from Cluny
Many Bears, Winston from Cardston
Many Chief, Ray from Cardston
Many Fingers Sr. Albert from Cardston
Many Fingers, Albert Jr. from Cardston
Many Fingers, Herbert William from Cardston
Many Guns, Carl from Gleichen
Many Guns, Doris from Brocket
Many Guns, Matthew from Gleichen
Many Guns, Roger from Gleichen
Many Guns, Tom from Gleichen
Many Heads, Levi from Gleichen
Manywounds, Amos from Calgary
Manz, Ray from Berwyn
Manzke, Hermann from Del Bonita
Maple Leaf Coal Company Ltd from Drumheller
Maple, Gust from Mannville, La Glace, Buffalo Lake
Mapstone, W. from Minburn
Maquire, Emmett from St. Paul
Maquire, M.J. & Kathleen from Gem, Bassano
Mar, John & Arthur Rowe from Medicine Hat, Bingville, Brutus
Maranda Holdings Ltd. (M. J. Miller) from Calgary
Marceniuk, Harry from Spedden
Marceniuk, William from Spedden, Elk Point
Marcetta, Marko from Hinton
Marc-ette Holdings (Marcel Ernest Joly) from St. Paul
March, August from Hilda
March, Louie from Hilda, Medicine Hat
March, Walter from Fox
Marchak, Steven Alex from Legal
Marchand, Clifford from Wainwright
Marchand, Donald H. from Wainwright
Marchand, Harvey from Evansburg, Wainwright
Marchand, James from Fabyan
Marchand, Jerry from Wainwright
Marchant, Ian M. from Westward Ho, Knee Hill Valley
Marchant, Robert from Calgary
Marchi, Avellino from Michel, BC, Natal, BC, High River
Marchildon, Peter Thomas from Rimbey
Marchildon, Wilfred Thomas from Rimbey
Marchuk, Joseph from Fort McMurray
Marcil, Aurele from Fraserton, Castor
Marcil, Charles from Castor
Marcil, Charles from Castor
Marcil, Melchior &C.A. Freeburn (Flying N Ranch) from Paddle River, Mannville, Dawson Creek, BC
Marcinka, Joe from Wrentham
Marcinko, John from Taber, Wrentham
Marcinkowski, Arthur from Forestburg, Two Hills
Marck, Oscar from Dickson
Marcoux, Frank from Burdett
Marcoux, Jean Thomas from St. Paul, St. Edouard
Marcoux, Orphila from Bonnyville
Marcy, N.F. from Brooks
Mardian, H.F. & J.M. Hammel from Medicine Hat
Mardian, John Tony from Hays, Medicine Hat
Mareck, A.H. from Provost
Marfleet, Jack from Vermilion
Margrand, Edward from Viking
Marian, William from Beauvallon
Maricle, H.E. from Vegreville, Hythe, Hamblin
Maricle, H.E. from Vegreville, Hythe, Hamlin
Maricle, Leslie Herbert from Hythe
Marieno, Frank from Kevisville
Marjerison, Florrie I. from Kipp
Mark, Alois from Evergreen
Mark, G.E. from Kinsella
Mark, Jr. Frank from Fort Macleod
Markel, N.B. from Dorothy
Markell, W.E. from Ashmont
Markentin, John from Beaumont
Markentine, Helene from Gem
Markham, Reed from Innisfail
Markle, C.G. from Red Deer
Markley, J. from Watt Lake, Coronation
Marklund, Karl B. from Koknee, Vermilion
Marko, Philip from Edmonton
Markovich Bros. from Rycroft
Markovich, John from McLennan
Markowski, John from Lake Eliza
Marks, Clara Ann from Hanna
Marks, Frank T. from Delburne, Stoppington
Marks, Fred T. from Milo
Marks, Hazel from Lomond
Marks, Julia Lavelle from Armada, Lomond
Marks, Karl from Calgary
Marks, Leonard from Armada
Marks, Tom from Lomond
Marks, V.J. from Armada
Markus, Steve from Coaldale, Lethbridge
Markussen, Phyllis from Taber
Marler, G. from Clover Bar, Edmonton, Sherwood Park
Marler, J. K. from Bremner
Marler, Walter W. from Camrose
Marlow, H. from Alliance
Marnoch, Jonathan from Endiang
Maron, Emil from Hemaruka
Maron, Ernest from Manville
Maron, Helen P. from Consort
Maron, John from Loyalist, Consort
Maron, Leo from Brownfield
Maron, Walter H. from Mannville
Maronda, Carl W. from Lomond
Marose, Douglas from Taber
Marose, Rudolph from Taber
Marosevich, Celia from Taber
Marple, L.E. & R.J.N. Hendersen from Ricinus
Marple, Robert Allen Cook from Calgary, Fort McMurray, Fox Creek
Marquand Bros. (George & Charles) from Alderson
Marquand, George from Innisfail
Marquandt, Bruce from High Prairie
Marquandt, George from Drumheller
Marquandt, John from Calgary, Sundre
Marquardsen, Eva May nee Pestell from Coronation, Nanton, Stavely, Okotoks, Aldersyde
Marquardt, George from Drumheller
Marquess, Clarence & Emmett from Gem
Marquess, James F. from Gem
Marquess, Lynne D. from Gem
Marr, George A. from Youngstown
Marr, George S. from Cereal
Marr, Glenn Eldon from Medicine Hat
Marr, J.C. from Twin Butte, Pincher Creek
Marr, L.M from Millet
Marr, Walter from Pincher Creek
Marra, Dr. R.J. from Red Deer, White Rock, BC
Marryat, Peter Ramsay from Alix
Marsden, Frank from North Edmonton
Marsden, J J. from Spring Coulee
Marsden, Marvin Jay from Spring Coulee
Marsden, Marvin Joseph from Spring Coulee
Marsh, Albert C. from Vulcan
Marsh, Charles W. from Sundre
Marsh, Eddy from Foisy
Marsh, Kenneth Walter James Earl Marsh from Vauxhall
Marsh, Stanley G. from Cherry Grove, Grand Centre
Marshall Bros. from Bluffton
Marshall Bros. from Bluffton
Marshall, A.R from Lethbridge
Marshall, A.R. from Lethbridge
Marshall, Albert & James from Highvale
Marshall, Albert & James from Highvale
Marshall, Albert E. from Rimbey
Marshall, Britta M. from Twin Butte
Marshall, C. Douglas from Macleod
Marshall, Cecil J. from Castor
Marshall, Charles Thomas from Viking
Marshall, Clem G. from Acadia Valley
Marshall, Clem G. from Acadia Valley
Marshall, Ed from Mannville
Marshall, Frank P. from Springpoint
Marshall, Fred A. from Innisfail
Marshall, Fred B. from Minburn
Marshall, George Ross from Alsask
Marshall, Gerald from New Dayton
Marshall, Greg & Glen from New Dayton
Marshall, H.B. from Clear Prairie, Fairview
Marshall, H.B. from Clear Prairie, Fairview
Marshall, Hazel F. from Vulcan
Marshall, Hazel F. from Vulcan
Marshall, J. Keith from Rimbey, Donalda
Marshall, James B. from Vulcan
Marshall, Joe from Delia
Marshall, John & George W. Jones from Calgary
Marshall, John Edwen Owen from Grand Centre
Marshall, John, Jones, George W. from Calgary
Marshall, Joseph Bond from Vulcan
Marshall, Kenneth J. from Rowley
Marshall, Leonard & Sharon from Alix
Marshall, Lorne J. from Castor
Marshall, M.E. from Nevis, Bonanza
Marshall, Stan W. from Nevis
Marshall, Thomas C. from Vermilion, Langley, BC
Marshall, Walter L. from Macleod
Marshalsay, George S. from Lethbridge
Marshman, C.J. from Champion
Marshman, Edward from Champion
Marskell, Phillip W. from Ashmont
Marson Ranching Ltd.(J.H.Simpson) from Calgary
Marston, William A. from Elnora
Martell, Lewis from Brightview
Martell, Roy from Brightview, Wetaskiwin
Marten, John from Waskatenau
Marteniuk, Wendy Katherine from Edmonton, Gibbons
Martens, Abram A. from Lethbridge
Martens, Cornelia from Three Hills
Martens, Frank from Clive, Haynes
Martens, Fritz from Haynes
Martensen, Hans from Lea Park
Martfeld, Arthur S. from Luseland, SK
Marthaller, Simon G. from Faith, Taber
Marthaller, Simon G. from Faith, Taber
Marthinsen, Rolf from Vermilion, Tolland
Martin Bros (Martin & Edward) from Manyberries
Martin Norman Robert from Calgary, Nanton
Martin, A.J. from Silver Heights
MArtin, Adam from Okotoks
Martin, Alice I. from Tolland
Martin, Allan C. & Sarah from Barnwell
Martin, Anthony J. from Olds
Martin, Armand A. from East Coulee, Hussar
Martin, Arthur Johnston from Wainwright
Martin, Bert & Martin & Enoch from Sugden, St. Lina, Sideview
Martin, Charles Alva from Vauxhall
Martin, Charles O. from Carbon
Martin, Christopher T. from Cassils
Martin, Clarence Guy Rayner from Meanook, Athabasca
Martin, D.R. from Edmonton
Martin, Dale E. from Duchess, Brooks
Martin, Darrel M. from Nanton
Martin, David A. from La Corey
Martin, Don F. from Mound
Martin, Donald A. from Hill Spring
Martin, Donald from Red Deer
Martin, Donald Richard from Strathmore
Martin, E.C. from Makepeace, Pullman, WA
Martin, E.J. from Waterhole
Martin, Earl D. from Nanton
Martin, Eben N. from Makepeace
Martin, Evert H. & Edwin C. Colter from Drumheller
Martin, F.G. & Son (F.G. Jr.) from Lougheed
Martin, Fred B. from Beaver Crossing, Neutral Hills
Martin, Fred from Bentley
Martin, Fred from Coronation
Martin, Fred from Lone Butte
Martin, Gordon from Hughenden
Martin, Gordon Stanley from Medicine Hat, Calgary
Martin, H.N. from Calgary
Martin, Hanby W. from Vermilion, Wildmere, Tolland
Martin, Harold from Rosemary
Martin, Harry from Castor, Penticton, BC
Martin, Hilbert from Coronation
Martin, Howard from Beaver Mines
Martin, Hugh J. from Etzikom
Martin, Hugh W. from Sylvan Lake
Martin, Izetta Gertrude from Hill Springs
Martin, J.B. from Duchess
Martin, J.E. from Makepeace
Martin, J.G. from Scandia, Brooks
Martin, J.H. from Provost
Martin, James Alix from Red Deer
Martin, James H. from Delia
Martin, Jeffrey L. from Tolland, Vermilion
Martin, Jim & Alice from Red Deer
Martin, Joe L. from Condor
Martin, John Clifford from Nanton, Alix, Calgary
Martin, John from Hanna
Martin, John J. from Warner
Martin, John L. from Rocky Mountain House, Eckville
Martin, L.O. from La Corey
Martin, Lester R. from Grassy Lake
Martin, Lorne from Delia
Martin, Marcel from Edmonton
Martin, Melvin J. from Lousana
Martin, Paul from St. Paul
Martin, R.A. from Barnwell
Martin, R.J. from Bow Island
Martin, Raymond Ronald & Barbara D. from Edmonton
Martin, Rene J. from Forestburg, Camrose
Martin, Reynold from Trochu, Three Hills
Martin, Robert H. from Wildmere
Martin, Robert K. from Conklin
Martin, Russell H. from Scandia, Barnwell
Martin, S.H. from Duchess
Martin, S.M. from Cochrane
Martin, Sam from Olds
Martin, Simon from Beaver Crossing
Martin, Stephen Bosworth from Glenbow
Martin, Tom from Buffalo
Martin, W. & Sons from Coronation
Martin, W.P. from Craigmyle, Delia
Martin, Walter S. from Mayerthorpe
Martin, William from Cherhill
Martine, John Miner from Bassano, Sundre
Martineau, Allan from Paddle Prairie
Martineau, Arvada Mary from Hughenden
Martineau, John L. from Fort Saskatchewan
Martineau, John Leonard & Sons (David, Norman) from South Edmonton
Martineau, Joseph from Hughenden
Martineau, Lloyd from Paddle Prairie, Beaver Crossing
Martinson, James from Wildwood
Martinusen, Donald from Airdrie
Martland, Richard from Edmonton
Martynes, Jack from Lousana
Martyniuk, Paul from High Prairie
Martz, Adam from Schuler, Medicine Hat
Martz, Emanual from Winnifred
Martz, Jackob from Schuler
Maruno, T. from Rosemary
Maruno, Yosh from Rosemary
Marusiak, Mike from Mannville
Marusyk, Tom from Iddesleigh
Marvin, G.W. from Bindloss, Empress
Marx, Ray & Symen Hortmer from Bowden
Marx, Raymond from Bowden, Calgary
Marx, William H. from Innisfail, Dickson, Raven
Marynovich, Henry from Lake Bellevue
Marynowich, Walter from Willingdon
Maschke Bros. & Sons from Forestburg
Masear, Raymond J. from Mannville
Maser, Allan from Medicine Hat
Maser, Chris from Walsh, Medicine Hat
Maser, Christian from Elkwater, Josephburg, Irvine
Maser, Clara & Edward from Elkwater, Irvine, Medicine Hat
Maser, Constantine from Irvine
Maser, Constantine or Konstantin from Irvine
Maser, Howard E. from Irvine
Maser, Lloyd from Delia
Maser, Pauline from Irvine
Maser, Theodor from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Maser, William from Irvine
Mashford, Robert W. from Trochu
Mashon Bros. (Albert F. & Francis J.) from Dorothy
Mashon Bros.(Albert F. & Francis J.) from Dorothy
Mashon, C.H. from Clivale, Dorothy
Mashon, Henry A. & Ann from Dorothy, Clivale
Mashon, Henry A. & Ann from Dorothy, Clivale
Maskaliuk, Lewis or Louis from Turin
Masker, George C. from Castor
Masker, George C. from Castor
Mason, Charles from Caroline
Mason, E.W. from Calgary
Mason, F.R. from Delia
Mason, F.R. from Delia
Mason, Frank & Albert from Eureka River
Mason, Harold R. from Rimbey, Leedale
Mason, Murray Frederick from Calgary, Kamloops, BC
Mason, Peter & Prue from Rocky Mountain House
Mason, R.A. from Leedale
Mason, William Terry from Winfield, Tomahawk
Massay, Camile from Wainwright
Masse, Armand from Bonnyville
Masse, Robert E. from Drayton Valley
Masse, Roland from Bonnyville
Masse, Ted from Bonnyville
Massey, Marcel L. from Rainier
Massey, Theron O. from Erskine
Massez, Paul from Elkwater, Carrot Creek
Massie, Allister W. from Midnapore
Massie, Arthur from Fabyan, Wainwright
Massie, Dale from Madden
Massie, Peter from Madden
Massige, Adolph from Hutton, Cottonwood, MINN.
Masson, August from Metiskow
Masson, David from Sputinow
Masson, Ed from Metiskow
Masson, George from Sputinow
Masson, Rose from Metiskow
Massy, Larry from Medicine Hat, Thelma
Mast, Jacob from Vegreville
Mast, John from Vegreville
Mast, Mrs. J. from Vegreville
Mastel, Jacob from Maleb, Granlea
Mastel, Joseph P. from Winifred, Bow Island
Mastel, Thomas from Maleb
Mastel, William from Medicine Hat, Maleb
Masters, David from Medicine Hat
Masters, Douglas Lloyd from Calgary, Cochrane
Masters, Ernest Edgar, Robert W. & H. S. Hilton from New Brigden
Masters, Henry O. from Bashaw
Masters, Kathleen L. from Bashaw
Masters, Robert W. from New Brigden, Oyen
Masterson, Mabel from Mayerthorpe
Masuch, David from Eckville, Rimbey
Matchett, Ellis John from Rocky Mountain House
Matchett, G.W. from Raven
Matechuk, Ivan from Andrew
Matejovie, Adam & Gejdos Adam from Legend
Matenchuck, Tony from Ardrossan
Matenchuck, Tony from Ardrossan
Matenchuk, Tony M. from St. Michael
Mathenson, Kenneth Andrew from Edmonton
Mather, Angus from Innisfail
Mather, William from Monitor, Lindsville
Mathes, R.G. from Calmar, Rimbey, Edmonton
Matheson, Allan D. from Balzac
Matheson, Bert from Provost
Matheson, D. from Midnapore, Millarville, Calgary
Matheson, Donald from Medicine Hat
Matheson, Farquar from Granum
Matheson, Gerald Jerry G.H. (Manager Waldron Ranches Ltd.), Waldron Ranches Ltd. from Lundbreck
Matheson, Kenneth J. & Ruby from Edmonton
Matheson, Kenneth J. & Ruby from Edmonton
Matheson, L.A. from Paradise Valley, Lloydminster
Matheson, Margaret V. & Donald from Granum
Matheson, R.E. from Rumsey
Matheson, Richard Gordon from Breton
Matheson, William D. from Sedalia, Hanna
Mathews, Felix from Eckville
Mathews, G.H. from Bowness
Mathews, Stan from Winfield
Mathewson, Richard A. from Skiff, Outlook, Saskatchewan
Mathias, Herbst from Faith
Mathiesen, Chris & Clifford from Brooks
Mathiesen, Leo A. from Calgary
Mathieson, Alex from Halkirk
Mathieson, Sona E. from Pincher Creek
Mathison, Kenneth Frank from High Level
Mathison, Melvin N. from Dewberry
Mathison, Thomas Almond & Tony Lawrence Luca from High Level
Mathison, Thomas Almond & Tony Lawrence Luca from High Level
Mathison, W.A.C. from Strathmore, Kitscoty
Mathison, William Andrew Carmichail from Lloydminster, SK
Matiison, Hendo from Edmonton
Matiks, Albert from Medicine Hat
Matil, Joe from Beaver Mines
Matiushyk, Max from Edmonton
Matiushyk, Max from Edmonton
Matkin, Bert from Leavitt
Matkin, Garth from Leavitt
Matkin, Henry from Cardston, Waterton Park
Matlock Bros. (James & Arthur) from DeBolt
Matlock, Albert from Claresholm
Matlock, Dorothy M. from Lethbridge
Matlock, Ira Louis from Drayton Valley
Matney, E.J. from Cherry Grove
Matoba, K. from Rosemary
Matsen, Nels from Standard
Matson, Clarence from Claresholm
Matson, Clarence M. from Raley
Matson, E.S. from Claresholm
Matson, George E. from Warner, Victoria, BC
Matson, Henry from Bentley, Manyberries, Rimbey
Matson, John from Manyberries
Matson, Melvin T. from Breton, Sunnybrook
Matson, Mildred from Rimbey
Matson, R.M. from Spring Coulee, Magrath
Matson, Richard J. from Eckville
Matson, Robert Wilton from Magrath, Lethbridge
Matson, Roy from Vale, Redcliff, Schuler
Matson, Vilho from Manyberries
Matsumo, T. & Sons from Raymond
Matsumoto, Frank from Coaldale
Matsuno, T. & J. Saruwatari from Raymond
Matt, Emil from Ponoka
Matt, Theodore from Innisfail, Pine Lake
Mattern, Albert from Ponoka
Matters, George from Mannville
Mattewson, Ronald from Wainwright
Matthew, C.A from Fairview
Matthews, A.E. from Claresholm
Matthews, A.G. from Lloydminster
Matthews, Bryan Robert from Lethbridge
Matthews, Dr. R.J. from Clarinda, Iowa
Matthews, Earl Hector from Claresholm
Matthews, George from Hardisty
Matthews, Gordon from Morley, Cochrane, Seebe
Matthews, Harold B. from Clive
Matthews, Harold I. from Turin
Matthews, J. William from Irma, Orbindale
Matthews, Joseph from Duchess, Morrin, Innisfail
Matthews, Mrs. R. from Bentley
Matthews, Thomas S. from Sheerness
Matthias, A.H. from Castor
Matthieu, A.W. from Coronado
Matthieu, A.W. from Coronado
Mattick, Alvin from Countess
Mattie, Adolph W. from Alix, Nevis
Mattis, Edmund from Stanger, Sangudo
Mattis, Fritz from Bruce
Mattis, Gordon Henry from Hanna
Mattis, Henry from Hanna, Scapa
Mattson, Axel from Orion
Mattson, Gordon from Mayerthorpe
Mattson, Mat P. from Sylvan Lake
Mattson, Rodney Neil from Brooks
Mattson, Vern A. from Wainwright
Matwychuck, Joseph from Spedden
Maty, George from Taber
Mauch, Mrs. P. from Hilda
Mauck, Everett J. from Olds
Maudee, Fred from Lyalta
Maudsley, J.E. from Coutts, Raymond
Maugh, Ernest from Erskine
Maul, Henry from Edmonton
Maul, Henry from Edmonton
Maul, Willi from Elk Point
Maull, Fred from Metiskow
Maull, Peter from Metiskow
Maunder, Harry from Islay
Maunsell-Wybrants, George from Macleod, Strathmore
Maurer, E.F. from Hussar, Bassano
Maurer, Frank from Cochrane
Maurer, Isabelle J. from Bassano
Maurer, Keith from Chinook
Maurer, Mona from Okotoks
Maurstad, James Henry from Gleichen, Namaka
Maurstad, Oluf from Sundre
Maves, William from Forestburg, Heisler
Mawer, E.R. from Stettler
Maxie, Harry Gustav from Midnapore
Maxson, Ralph R. from Drumheller, Stauffer
Maxson, S.K. from Markerville
Maxson, Vic from Condor
Maxson, Walter (estate) from Innisfail
Maxwell Bros. (John Alexander & George) from Vermilion, Maughan
Maxwell Bros. (John Alexander & George) from Vermilion, Maughan
Maxwell, Eva from Brocket, Pincher Creek
Maxwell, Fleming from Wainwright, Cadogan, Cairns
Maxwell, Glen W. from Whitecourt
Maxwell, John from New Brigden, Edmonton
Maxwell, John from New Brigden, Edmonton
Maxwell, Joseph, & Shaver, Henry J. from Brocket
Maxwell, Neil R. from Wetaskiwin
Maxwell, Robert from Metiskow
Maxwell, William M. from Metiskow
May, Boyd W. from Cremona
May, Dave J. from Hilda
May, Dave J. from Hilda
May, Doreen from Pincher Creek
May, Edward from Manning
May, Frederick from Dovercourt
May, Hugh M. from Aetna
May, Hugh M. from Aetna
May, J.W. from Ponoka
May, J.W. from Ponoka
May, Norman & Boyd from Vermilion
May, Richard W. from Water Valley, Cremona
May, S.I. & Leavitt, A. D. from Cardston
May, Samuel J. from Metiskow, Cremona
May, Sheldon A. from Vermilion
May, Walter & Barnard Gramham from Cremona
May, Walter V. from Cremona
Mayan, Louie from Kinuso
Mayberry, J.O. from Castor
Mayer, Adolph from Pashley, Medicine Hat
Mayer, August from Elkwater, Fox, Irvine
Mayer, Benjamin from Fox
Mayer, Charles from Wainwright, Coleridge, Dunmore
Mayer, Clarence from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Mayer, David from Fox
Mayer, Edward E. from Huallen
Mayer, Emil from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Mayer, Florian from Beiseker, Calgary
Mayer, Henry from Fox, Irvine
Mayer, Herbert from Tothill
Mayer, John from Beiseker, Fox
Mayer, Ludwig from Irvine, Newburg
Mayer, Lyle J. from Boyle, Athabasca
Mayer, Martin from Beiseker
Mayer, Melwin from Thelma
Mayer, William from Fox, Irvine
Mayfield, Alex from Gleichen
Maygard, Dale from Mayerthorpe, Rochfort Bridge
Maygard, John from Gwynne
Maygard, John from Gwynne
Mayhew, Avril R. from Millarville
Mayhew, Edward from Calgary
Mayland, Albert Henry from Calgary, Nanton
Mayland, Albert Henry from Calgary, Nanton
Maynard, Albert from Cluny
Maynard, George from Cluny
Mayne, Frank G. from Sedgewick
Mayner, Henry John from Rimbey
Maynes, A.L. from Hythe
Maynes, Patrick & R.L. Bracken from Cremona
Mayson Bros. from Onaway, Noyes Crossing
Mazankowski, Ray from Viking
Mazereeuw, J. from Burdett
Mazu, Reynold from DeWinton, Blackie, Bluffton
Mazur Bros. (John & Fred) from Beaver Mines
Mazur Bros. (John & Fred) from Beaver Mines
Mazur, Marshall from Morecambe
Mazur, Stanley from Tofield
Mazur, Walter from Tofield
Mazurkewich, Tony from Codesa
McAdam, Charles C. from Onion Lake, Saskatchewan
McAdam, Janet from Innisfail
McAdam, R. from Innisfail
McAdam, Wesley from Marwayne, Onion Lake, Saskatchewan
McAdie, Andrew from Hanna
McAfee, John Millen from Red Deer
McAleer, Peter from St. Paul
McAlister, Donald Leo from Lomond
McAlister, John from Stettler, Byemoor, Gopher Head
McAlister, John from Stettler, Byemoor, Gopher Head
McAlister, Mrs. C.A.from Lomond, Badger Lake
McAllister, Claude William from Olsen Creek, Macleod
McAllister, Doris nee Adams from Cousins, Lloyds Hill
McAllister, E. from Penhold
McAllister, Earl W. from Macleod
McAllister, George from Airways
McAllister, Irvin G. from Friedenstal
McAllister, J.T. from Pincher Creek
McAllister, James Fraser from MacLeod
McAllister, John Duncan from Mundare, Beaver Lake
McAllister, John E. from Stettler
McAllister, John from Big Valley
McAllister, John from Lloyds Hill
McAllister, Lloyd George from Stettler
McAllister, Mary from Pincher Creek, Twin Butte, Waterton Lakes, Lethbridge
McAllister, Roy from Morinville
McAllister, S.J. from Elnora
McAllister, Sam & Pernullo from Consort, Sedgewick, Czar
McAllister, Sam J. from Lloyds Hill, Consort
McAlpine, J.C. from Rose Lynn
McAlpine, W.S. from Carmangay
McAmmond, John W. from Paradise Valley
McAmmond, Mrs. John from Pemukan, Provost
McAmmond, William Foster from Midnapore, Sundre
McAndrews, Albert from Retlaw
McAndrews, Anastasia from Retlaw, Vauxhall, Calgary, Rockyford
McAndrews, Jerome Ambrose from Vauxhall
McAnulty, Lew Williard & Melinda from Big Prairie
McArthur Jessie A. from Bruce
McArthur, Annie V. from Retlaw
McArthur, Ed from Metiskow
McArthur, Eddie Jr. from Nanton, Dog Pound
McArthur, J.H. from Taber
McArthur, John C. from Bruce
McArthur, John D. from Viking, Bruce
McArthur, John Henry from Trochu
McArthur, John T. from Botha
McArthur, L.W. from Carstairs
McArthur, Robert Gordon from DeWinton
McArthur, W.H. from Lacombe, Lousana
McAuley, Duncan John from Fairview
McAuley, Murdock from Fairview
McAuly, Duncan D. from Waterhole, Fairview
McAvany, Edwin from Marwayne
McBain, Alex S. from Carstairs
McBain, Alex S. from Carstairs
McBain, K. from Helmsdale, Cereal
McBeath, Gordon B. from Vermilion, Mannville
McBeath, J.R. from Turin
McBeath, William G. from Metiskow, Vermilion, Cadogan
McBride, David from Cremona
McBride, E. from Benalto
McBride, F.C. from Edgerton
McBride, Faye from Sunnynook
McBride, Hamilton James from Hackett, Leo
McBride, Mary J. from Edgerton
McBride, Merlin from Kinsella
McBride, Mrs. Walter from Cessford, Wardlow
McBride, Robert from Bon Accord
McBride, Stuart Clare from Edgerton
McBride, Thomas J. from Coronation
McBride, William from Minburn
McBrine, Thomas Jr. from Countess
McBryan, William C. from Grande Prairie
McBurnie, John from Jenner, Iddesleigh
McBurnie, Margaret Jane from Jenner, Patricia
McCabe, Harold E. from Butte
McCaghren, Hershel from Stauffer
McCaig, Stanley Harold from Lacombe, Millet, Medicine Hat
McCalder, Merl from Hartell, Leduc, Edmonton
McCall, C.B. from Rumsey
McCallman, John W. (estate) & R.W. Gillis from Water Valley
McCallman, John W. (estate) & R.W. Gillis from Water Valley, Big Prairie
McCallman, John W. from Water Valley, Big Prairie
McCallum, Albert from Lacombe
McCallum, D.A from Lamont
McCallum, D.A. from Lamont
McCallum, D.R. & C.E. from Erskine
McCallum, Daniel from Empress
McCallum, Eva from Mannville, Mayerthorpe
McCallum, James Sinclair from Mayerthorpe
McCallum, John from Taber, Purple Springs, Leduc
McCallum, John T. from Mundare, Westlock, Vancouver, BC
McCallum, Marvin from South Edmonton
McCallum, Max & Evelyn from Burdett
McCallum, Pete & George Welsh from Suffield
McCallum, Pete & George Welsh from Suffield
McCallum, Victor from Calgary
McCallum, Wray W. from Queenstown, Milo
McCann Bros. from Coaldale
McCann, Gertrude from Eckville
McCann, John & Patrick from Fawcett
McCann, Patrick from Cowley, Ponoka, Bluffton, Westlock
McCann, Patrick Henry from Battle Creek, SK
McCann, Patrick J. from Bezanson, Goodwin, Vermilion
McCann, Richard from Wainwright
McCann, Thomas Andrew from Innisfail
McCann, W.A from Red Deer
McCardell, John J. from Carstairs
McCargar, Phil from Edmonton
McCarley, J.V. from Vauxhall
McCarley, Walter P. from Bow Island, Vauxhall
McCarracher, George from Red Deer
McCarragher, Robert from Bowden, Red Deer, Brooks
McCarragher, William James from Patricia, Pandora, Brooks
McCarroll, Dave from Daysland
McCarroll, Dean J. from Sunset House
McCarroll, James from Daysland
McCarroll, James Jr. from Daysland
McCarroll, Vernon from Valleyview, Sunset House
McCarroll, W. A. from Camrose, Daysland
McCarthy, Alex from Gurneyville
McCarthy, Fred & Viola from Vauxhall
McCarthy, Joe from Twin Butte
McCarthy, Patrick Thomas from Calgary, Vauxhall
McCarthy, Thomas & Grace from Buffalo
McCarty, Edward from Byemoor
McCarty, J.B. from Kelsey
McCarty, John from Byemoor, Red Deer
McCarty, Kenneth Stanley from Stettler
McCaugherty, Lila & Mrs. McKenzie from Lethbridge
McCaugherty, Lila from Lethbridge
McCauley, A.E. from Scandia
McCauley, E.W. from Wembley
McCauley, Frank from Mannville
McCharles, Edward from Pincher Creek
McCheyne, Mrs. B.M from Hoadley, Lake Cowichan, BC
McClain, Donald Neil from Strathmore
McClain, W.R. from Rimbey
McClatchy, N.W. from Mannville, Pollockville
McClellan, William P. from Warner
McClelland, David from Bluffton
McClelland, James from Islay
McClelland, Mrs. L.M from Cowley
McClelland, Robert from Brooks
McClements, James from Hardisty, Lougheed
McClements, John D. from Brainard, Lynnburn, Lake Saskatoon
McClintock, O.K. from Calgary
McClintock, Orlo Verne from S. Edmonton, Looma, Sherwood Park
McCloy, Douglas Charles from Holden
McClung, Robert Jr. from Cardston
McCluskey, Harvey J. from Ribstone, Chauvin
McCluskey, James R. from Ribstone, Edmonton
McCluskey, John from Ribstone
McClusky, Nelson from Edgerton, Alix, Ribstone
McColeman, John from Bentley
McColl, Dugald from Granum, Schuler
McColloch, Alex from Fort Macleod, Coutts
McCollum, Martin Luther from S. Edmonton
McCollum, Mary E. from Spring Point
McColman, John from Cousins
McColman, Mrs. E. from Cousins
McComb, Edward C. from Claresholm
McComb, Rockey from Claresholm
McConachie, Len from Luscar, Carbondale, Wabamun, Fernie, BC
McConkey, Florence E, from Cayley
McConkey, Florence E. from Cayley
McConkey, Hilliard C, from Drumheller
McConkey, John S, from Cayley
McConkey, John S. from Cayley
McConnell Bros. from Bremner
McConnell Bros. from Monitor, Pemukan
McConnell, Bruce from Bremner
McConnell, Gordon W. from Easyford
McConnell, Hugh Delmer from Ashmont
McConnell, Sam from Bremner
McConnell, William J. from Boyne Lake, Spedden
McConnell, Winston Philip from Patience
McConochie, M. & G, from Hill Spring
McCord, Theodore M. & Anna re-married name Clark from Barons, Claresholm
McCorkle, D.C, from Shaughnessy, Lethbridge
McCorkle, J.E. & Son from Berwyn
McCormack, Henderson from High River, Cayley, Nanton
McCormack, Richard J. from Lethbridge
McCormack, William from Lindbergh, Mooswa
McCormick, Arnold Theodore from Gem, Winnifred
McCormick, Clifford John & Ada from Vermilion
McCormick, Margaret from Retlaw
McCormick, Wolla P. from Vauxhall
McCowan, D. & Son from Tofield, Edmonton
McCox, Ida from Clyde, Westlock
McCoy, C.K. from Bonanza
McCoy, Donald J. from Milk River
McCoy, E.A. from Stauffer
McCoy, Kelly Don from Milk River, Coaldale
McCoy, Kenneth from Duchess
McCoy, Kenneth from Duchess
McCoy, Mrs. W.B. from Butte, Stauffer
McCracken Bros. (Robert Abram, Donald Mike, Robert Art, William R,
McCracken Bros. from Carbon
McCracken, A. Ross from Hardisty
McCracken, G.C. from Carbon
McCracken, G.J.A. from Bowden, Olds
McCracken, Gordon L. & Irven W. from Carbon
McCracken, Gordon L. from Carbon, Calgary
McCracken, I.W. from Carbon
McCracken, J. & Sons from Carbon
McCracken, J. & Sons from Carbon
McCracken, Jessie from Carbon
McCracken, Nathan from Jenner, Carlstadt
McCracken, W.B. from Carbon
McCrady Bros. & Co. (Alfred & Albert) from Inglis
McCrady Bros. & Co. (Alfred Andrew & Albert James) from Inglis
McCrady, Alfred Andrew from Lochend, Inglis, Calgary
McCrady, Ida from Bassano
McCrae, George R from Kevisville, Taber
McCrae, George R. from Kevisville, Taber
McCrae, Lloyd from Vermilion
McCrimmon, Neil Angus from Vermilion
McCrimmon, R.M. (Scotford Farm) from Fort Saskatchewan
McCrindell, Frank M. from Dovercourt, Chedderville
McCuaig, Donald from Monitor
McCulley, Sandra from Calgary
McCulloch, James C (Midway Farms) from Didsbury
McCulloch, James C. (Midway Farms) from Didsbury
McCulloch, Robert A. from Rimbey
McCulloch, W.E. from Foreman, Erskine
McCulloch, Walter from Didsbury
McCullough, Frank Sr. from Buffalo, Gold Springs
McCullough, Henry from Wembley
McCullough, J.S. from Homeglen
McCullough, James Jr. from Aldersyde, Edmonton, Drayton Valley
McCullough, James Jr. from Aldersyde, Edmonton, Drayton Valley
McCullough, Josephine & Bernard from West Wingham, Richdale, Hanna, Scapa
McCullough, L.E .from Lacombe
McCully, A.C. from Hanna, Delia
McCusker, W.C. from Onion Lake, SK
McCutcheon, William from Lavoy
McDaniel, D.P. (Windham – High River Wheat & Cattle Co. Ltd.) from High River
McDaniel, Fred from Kinuso
McDermott, Edwin from High Prairie
McDermott, Flora from Grouard
McDermott, George G. from High Prairie
McDermott, Jacob from Alliance
McDermott, Ruth from High River, High Prairie
McDermott, William Dale from Hotchkiss
McDiarmid, Lawrence from Vegreville
McDonagh, Daniel Lon from Red Deer
McDonal, Franklin & Leslie from Duchess, Rosemary, Brooks
McDonald, A.G. from Calgary
McDonald, A.K from Delia
McDonald, A.S. from Cochrane
McDonald, Albert from Finnegan, Gem
McDonald, Alex D. from Lloydminster, Loyalist
McDonald, Alex F. from Edmonton
McDonald, Alex F. from Edmonton
McDonald, Alex from Mayerton
McDonald, Alex from Moyerton
McDonald, Alexander M. from Calgary
McDonald, Alistair W. D. from Alix
McDonald, Allan from Clandonald
McDonald, Carson from Strachan
McDonald, Conrad from Stand Off
McDonald, Dan F. from Lougheed
McDonald, Daniel from Drayton Valley
McDonald, Ewen from Alix, Haynes
McDonald, F.M. from Mirror
McDonald, Fredrick Floyd from New Brigden, Laverna, SK
McDonald, George Harold from Edmonton
McDonald, Helen M. from Okotoks
McDonald, J. from Kinuso
McDonald, J.N. from Empress
McDonald, J.T. from Hartell, Black Diamond
McDonald, Jackson from Hanna, Hamlin
McDonald, James A. from Irma
McDonald, James A. from Lloydminster
McDonald, James P. from Warner
McDonald, James William from Didsbury, Olds
McDonald, John from Grande Cache, Entrance
McDonald, Lawrence A. from Calgary
McDonald, Lorraine from Hylo
McDonald, Louis from Grosmont
McDonald, Maxine from Banff
McDonald, R.D. & D.A. from Brant
McDonald, S.M. & Sons from Eckville
McDonald, Sam from Cochrane, Bottrel
McDonald, William Orput from Medicine Hat
McDonell, Clifford A. from Hutton
McDonell, Clifford A. from Hutton
McDonell, W.D. from Lethbridge
McDonnell, E. A. from Streamstown
McDonnell, Lloyd from Warner
McDonnell, Mrs. B.J. from Winnifred
McDonnell, William from Tees
McDougall, D.C. from Penhold
McDougall, Dalton from Carmangay, Lethbridge, Cowley, Blackie
McDougall, J.A. from Linfield
McDougall, James from Onoway
McDougall, P.J. from Medicine Hat, Halkirk, Los Angelos, CA
McDougall, W.D. from High River
McDougall, William James from Hobbema, Ponoka
McDowall, Emma from Beaver Mines
McDowell, Mrs. E.E. from Ponoka
McDowell, Percy from High River
McDowell, Roy A. Jr. from De Winton
McDuffe, John Ronald from Okotoks
McEachen, Lauchie from Lacombe
McEachren, Arthur F. & Sons (Ken & Morley) from South Edmonton
McEachren, N.P. & A.J. from Viking
McEathron, Jean nee McKay from Okotoks, Midnapore
McEathron, John W. from Okotoks
McEillis, O.A. from Airways, Magnolia, Evansburg, Cherhill
McElhinney, Mr. from Ribstone
McElroy, D.S. from Cadogan
McElroy, Ewart from Lethbridge
McEvoy, Richard Vincent from Midnapore
McEwan, Fred from Priddis
McEwen Bros. (Mel & Stan) from Didsbury
McEwen, Charles Peter Allan from Sundre
McEwen, E.E. from Sundre
McEwen, Ewart Duncan Elmer Jr. from Sundre
McEwen, George W. from Chauvin
McEwen, J.J. from Edmonton
McEwen, James from Bowness, Cochrane
McEwen, M.O. from Calgary
McEwen, Ronald & Dorothy from Vermilion
McEwen, William Albert from Red Deer
McFadden Bros. from Red Deer, Hespero
McFadden Bros. from Red Deer, Hespero
McFadden, A.R. from Springdale
McFadden, David & Freda from Mannville
McFadden, Eber from Mannville
McFadden, Frank A. from Delia
McFadden, Fred S. from Mannville
McFadden, Frederick L. from Delia
McFadden, Grant S. from Alliance
McFadden, Jarvis G. from Claresholm
McFadden, John from Irma
McFadden, R.D. from Rocky Mountain House
McFadden, Sam from Tapscott, Carstairs
McFadden, William from Cardston
McFadyen, James R. from Vermilion, Prairie River
McFall, Gary T. from Medicine Hat, Etzikom
McFall, Thomas Earl from Etzikom, Edmonton
McFall, Thomas Earl from Etzikom, Edmonton
McFarland, Evelyn R. from Viking
McFarland, H.J from Delia
McFarland, James Harvey from Viking
McFarland, L.J. from Twin Butte
McFarlane, D.A. & Vera from Coronation, Consort
McFarlane, Herbert from Excel, Cereal, Tolland
McFarlane, Howard from Coronation
McFarlane, James from Lake Saskatoon, Wembley
McFarlane, Melba R. from Fort Macleod
McFarquhar, Alex from Cremona
McFarren, Mrs. Raussie from Kelsey
McFaul, H.E. from Calgary
McFaul, Samuel from Claresholm
McFayden, George from Islay
McFayden, N.A. from High Prairie
McFayden, Ronald N. from Islay
McGaffin, Joe from Elkton, Buck Creek, Rockyford
McGartner, John M. from Bodo, Bawlf
McGarva, Robert from Pincher Creek
McGarva, Robert Orr from Pincher Creek
McGee, Fay from Rimbey
McGee, Neal from Koknee, Islay
McGee, R.F. from Rimbey
McGennis, Myrtle May remarried name Muir from Nanton
McGhan, L.C. from South Edmonton
McGhan, Rae James from Sherwood Park, Bremner
McGhee, Joe from Horburg, Vernon, British Columbia
McGhee, Robert John, William James Sr. & Jr. from Camrose
McGhee, William from Kitscoty
McGhie, Roy from Tees
McGhie, Walter V. & George H. Gaudin from Mirror
McGhie, William M. from Maycroft
McGibbon, Daniel from Burfield, Finnegan
McGibbon, Robert from Burfield
McGillawee, Archie & Sons from Greenlawn
McGillis, Blanche from Innisfail
McGillis, Phillip from Frog Lake
McGillivray, Hattie remarried name Montgomery from Nanton
McGillivray, Hugh O. from Nanton
McGillvary, George F. from Raymond
McGillvary, George F. from Raymond
McGillvray, E. Pearl from Innisfail
McGillvray, William J. from High River
McGinnis, A.D. & Bertha C. from Elk Point
McGinnis, Arthur Raymond from Elk Point
McGinnis, Clarence Harvey from Gwynne
McGinnis, Douglas R. from Elk Point
McGinnis, Gordon A. from Elk Point
McGinnis, Kenneth G. & Leslie Trach from Spedden, St. Paul
McGinnis, Kenneth R. & Raymond Labrugue from Spedden
McGinty, Connell from Grimshaw
McGladrie, Jack from Erskine, Red Deer
McGladrie, Robert from Nevis
McGlynn, Clayton from Pincher Creek
McGlynn, Edward B. from Pincher Creek
McGlynn, John D. from Pincher Creek
McGonical, Bernard from St. Brides
McGougan, Albert from Trochu
McGowan, Edith L. from Vegreville
McGowan, George H. from Frog Lake, Benalto
McGowan, J.M. (Edmonton Stock Yards) from Edmonton
McGowan, James Ralph & Jean from Nanton
McGowan, M.W. from Medicine Hat
McGowan, M.W. from Medicine Hat
McGowan, Mrs. Daniel from Standard
McGowan, Mrs. Daniel from Standard
McGowan, N. Herbert from Kelsey, Lavoy, Killam
McGowan, Royce Adele from Calgary
McGrath, W.D. from Dixonville, Peace River
McGrath, W.H. from Ryley
McGregor, C. A. & Margaret Shirley from Midnapore
McGregor, C.A. & Margaret Shirley from Midnapore
McGregor, Dan from Seven Persons
McGregor, Darryl Allan from Consul, SK, Olds
McGregor, G.E. from Calgary, Clive
McGregor, G.S. from Chedderville, Caroline
McGregor, K.C. from Sedgewick
McGregor, K.C. from Sedgewick
McGregor, Ray L. from Bow Island, Medicine Hat
McGregor, W. from Black Diamond
McGregor, W. from Black Diamond
McGregor, W.Y. from Halkirk
McGregor, W.Y. from Halkirk
McGregor, William from Lethbridge
McGuckie, Martin from Wayne
McGuckin, Peter from Clandonald
McGuire, Andrew from Viking
McGuire, Pete from Jumping Pound
McGullivray, H. A. from Coleman
Mchaffie, Charles A from Big Valley
McHardy, D.F. & Son from Vermilion
McHarg, Ronald from Okotoks
McHattie, Mrs. W. from Balzac
McHenry, John M. from Lavoy
McHugh, Barry Joseph from Calgary
McHugh, James from Elk Point
McHugh, John from Esther, Sibbald
McHugh, Lee from Nemiskam, Lethbridge
McIlmoyle, Stuart Nugent from Olds
McIlroy, Lester from Ponoka, Hills Down
McIlvride, A.W. from Cayley
McIlvride, Andrew from Cayley, High River
McIlvride, Robert John from Edmonton
McIlwraith, C.E. from Frog Lake
McInenly Bros from Delburne
McInenly Bros. from Delburne
McInenly, Ellen R from Red Deer, Pine Lake
McInenly, Frank from Arrowwood
McInnes, John from Granum
McInnis, James from Coutts
McInnis, R.M. from Cadogan, Cairns
McInray, Tom from Mannville
McInroy, Carl M. from Mannville
McInroy, Carl M. from Mannville
McInroy, Marshall from Mannville
McInroy, Marshall from Mannville
McIntee, E.R. from Pincher Creek
McIntosh, C.E. from High River
McIntosh, Donald McPherson from Black Diamond
McIntosh, G.C. from Manyberries, Vermilion
McIntosh, George W. from High River
McIntosh, Percy D. from Spring Coulee
McIntosh, Robert from Carbon
McIntosh, T. from Halkirk
McIntosh, T.W. from Ponoka
McIntosh, Thomas from Brocket, Dawson Creek, BC
McIntosh, W. from Viking
McIntosh, William from Midnapore, Uncas, Alhambra
McIntyre Bros. (Duncan Alex & George Gordon) from Kitscoty
McIntyre Bros. from Hayter
McIntyre, Alexander from Talbot, Silver Heights
McIntyre, Annie Catherine from Cadogan
McIntyre, Buryl (M & V Ranch) from Norwich, ON, Bearberry
McIntyre, D.S. from Okotoks
McIntyre, Donald from Raven
McIntyre, Ian R. from Pollockville
McIntyre, J.J. from Calgary
McIntyre, John Lamont from Edmonton
McIntyre, Louis E. from Westcott
McIntyre, Malcolm from New Norway, Battle River
McIntyre, May E. from Claresholm
McIntyre, Mrs. E. from Sundre
McIntyre, Nat from Claresholm
McIntyre, O. & J. Vinson (M & V Ranch) from Bearberry
McIntyre, O. from Burlington, ON, Bearberry Valley
McIntyre, William C. from Calgary, Sundre
McIsaac, E.N. from Dunstable
McIsaac, James or Jim from Alliance
McIvor, T.D. from Bowness, Erskine, Sundre, Cochrane, Calgary, Carstairs
McKain, Harry from Kevisville
McKain, Raymond L. from Markerville
McKane, Robert from Talbot, Coronation
McKay, Adelia from Red Deer
McKay, Andrew from Cavendish, Buffalo
McKay, Ben from Clairmont
McKay, Boyd from Vulcan
McKay, C.D. from Meadow View
McKay, Carson from Vulcan
McKay, Charles from Gadsby
McKay, Donald from Mercoal
McKay, Francis from Vermilion
McKay, Fraser from Stettler, Viking
McKay, Gordon E. from Ardrossan
McKay, H.N. from Calgary
McKay, Jack Robert from Cremona
McKay, K. Grant from Lethbridge
McKay, Leonard from Harmattan
McKay, Margaret E. from Hughenden
McKay, Mrs. B.J. from Lomond
McKay, Neil from Brooks
McKay, Ralph G. from Turner Valley, Breton
McKay, Robert Percy from Calgary
McKay, Robert Stuart from Calgary, Cremona
McKay, Roy from Grande Prairie
McKay, W. Verne from Keoma
McKay, William J. from Midnapore
McKay, William J. from Pincher Creek
McKeage, Edward J. from Brant, Blackie
McKeage, Thomas J. from Gladys, Scotfield, Youngstown
McKeague, John from Vermilion, Jarvie
McKeague, W.A. from Vermilion
McKean Braton, Carol from Dickson
McKean Braton, Sheila, from Dickson
McKean, C.H., Brown, James from Vauxhall
McKean, Clarice from Dickson
McKearney, J.F. from Granum
McKearney, Wendell F. from Granum, Edmonton
McKechie, Alfred G. from Munson
McKechnie, Allan Leroy & Robert from Nanton
McKechnie, Robert from Nanton
McKee, A.W. from Vermilion
McKee, Arthur V. from Irma
McKee, George H. from Hartell
McKee, H.L. from Rowley
McKee, Margaret from Lloyds Hill, Consort
McKee, V.W. from Vermilion
McKee, William from Cappon
McKee, William J. from Lessard
Mckeever, James from Chauvin, Artland, SK
McKeever, James from Chauvin, Artland, SK
McKeever, W.H. from Turner Valley
McKellar, Archie William from Brooks
McKellar, Edmund D. from Youngstown
McKellar, Leslie W.E. from Rose Lynn, Hanna
McKellar, W.D. from Condor, Blind Bay, British Columbia
McKelvey, Herbert Little from Youngstown
McKelvie, John Franklin from Calgary
McKendrick William from Calgary
McKenna, Ed from Wetaskiwin
McKenna, Sharon Lavelle from Lomond
McKenzie, Alex from Claresholm
McKenzie, Alex from Jarrow
McKenzie, Alex from Jarrow
McKenzie, David Marshal from Leedale
McKenzie, Diane Elizabeth from DeWinton
McKenzie, E.J. from Innisfail
McKenzie, George from High River
McKenzie, Herold J. from Westlock
McKenzie, Herold J. from Westlock
McKenzie, Kenneth J. from Calgary, Hubalta
McKenzie, L. W. from Keoma
McKenzie, L.W. from Keoma
McKenzie, M.I. from Knee Hill Valley
McKenzie, M.I. from Knee Hill Valley
McKenzie, Mrs. from Lethbridge
McKenzie, R.B. & D.M from Bentley
McKenzie, R.B. & D.M. from Bentley
McKenzie, Ross from Big Prairie
McKenzie, Roy & Linda (Ro-Lin Meadows Ranch) from Bonnyville
McKenzie, Roy A. from Bonnyville
McKenzie, Thomas from Stauffer
McKenzie, W.C. from Lethbridge
McKerral, James from Tofield
McKerricher, Jessie F. from Pincher Creek
McKervey, Harry from Rocky Mountain House
McKibben, Harry from Taber
McKibbin, John from Lacombe
McKibbin, R.A. from Alix
McKibbin, William J. from Lacombe
McKillican, George A. from Purple Springs
McKillican, George A. from Purple Springs
McKillop, Donald from Sundre, Irricana
McKimm, G.F.(Buck Ranch) from Turner Valley, Calgary
McKimmie, Gordon W. from Mayerthorpe, Golden, BC
McKinlay, F. from Brooks
McKinlay, F.O. from Bonnyville, La Corey
McKinlay, Thomas S. from Huxley
McKinley, Frances Cecil from Calgary
McKinley, George Calvin from Viking
McKinley, J.G. from Bowell, Redcliff
McKinney Bros. (Harry & Archibald) from Viking
McKinney, Arnold & Sons from Millet
McKinney, Beecher from Puffer
McKinney, Melvin from Turin
McKinney, Roy B. from Hussar, Dorothy
McKinnon, Allan L. from Michichi
McKinnon, Archie B. from Black Diamond, Nanton
McKinnon, Archie B. from Black Diamond, Nanton
McKinnon, Ethel from Eyremore, Innisfail
McKinnon, Grace Bower & J. P. from Red Deer
McKinnon, Grace Bower & J.P. from Red Deer
McKinnon, Ian C. from Cochrane
McKinnon, Ian C. from Cochrane
McKinnon, J.A. from Nanton
McKinnon, J.A. from Nanton
McKinnon, J.C. from Kinnondale, Hussar
McKinnon, J.C. from Kinnondale, Hussar
McKinnon, Jeanette Ethel from Kinnondale, Innisfail
McKinnon, John A. from Stavely
McKinnon, John A. from Stavely
McKinnon, Lorne N. from Cochrane
McKinnon, Mae (Mrs. J. A.) from Nanton
McKinnon, Robert from Kinnondale
McKinnon, William James from Rimbey, Willesden Green
McKivor, Henry Mrs. from Standard, Furness, SK, New Lindsay
McKivor, Mrs. Henry from New Lindsay
McKnight, James from Gadsby
McKnight, John E. J. from Milk River
McKnight, Kenneth from Red Cliff
McKnight, Lora M. from Taber, Bow Island
McKnight, Owen from Big Valley
McKnight, William John from Milk River
McLachlan, Alex from Coutts
McLachlan, George from Tofield, Edmonton
McLachlan, Jack D. from Fairview
McLachlan, John W. from Iddesleigh, Bingville
McLachlan, Leslie Howard from Fairview
McLachlin, Lillian M. (Dunvegan Heights Farm) from Fairview, Dunvegan
McLane, Mary from Acadia Valley
McLannan, James from Chinook
McLaren, John M. from Bowden
McLaren, Kenneth S. from Bowden
McLaren, Lloyd W. & Carl D. Guthrie from Edmonton
McLaren, Newton from Rolling Hills
McLaren, P.L. from Alix
McLaren, Wayne from Ponoka
McLarty, Hugh from Silver Heights, Talbot
McLarty, W.R. from Silver Heights, Cowichan Station, BC
McLaughlin Bros. (Craig & Dale) from Kinuso
McLaughlin Bros. from Dalroy, Forest Lawn, Calgary
McLaughlin, A.H. from Carstairs, Calgary
McLaughlin, Elmer from Bezanson
McLaughlin, J. Harold from Spruce Grove
McLaughlin, J.R. from Winfield
McLaughlin, James from Dorothy
McLaughlin, June from Bezanson
McLaughlin, L.S. from Strathmore
McLaughlin, Lenard A. & Kenneth A. from Lyalta
McLaughlin, Neil E. from Grande Prairie
McLaughlin, R.G. from Saunders
McLaughlin, Robert George from Paradise Valley
McLaughlin, Robert T.E. from Edmonton
McLaughlin, Robert W. from Mannville
McLaughlin, W. Nelson from Mannville, Rutland, BC
McLaughlin, Wallace from Kinuso
McLauglin & Johnston from Brocket
McLaws, J. from Czar
McLaws, P.E.A, & D.P. from Calgary
McLay, Frank A. from Cardiff, St. Albert, North Edmonton
McLay, Gladys from Kew, Millarville
McLean, A. from Sunnynook
McLean, A.V. from Delia, Beaverlodge
McLean, Alec from Wainwright
McLean, Archie from Jumping Pound
McLean, Bruce from Black Diamond
McLean, Bruce from Black Diamond
McLean, C.W. from Peace River
McLean, Clare from Delburne
McLean, Clarence S. from Tolland, Wainwright
McLean, Clark R. from Viking
McLean, Cora from Elk Point
McLean, Edward George from Phillips, Kinsella
McLean, Eva A. nee Towns from Bindloss, Oyen
McLean, F.J. from Pincher Creek, Lethbridge
McLean, George from Calgary, Pipestone, MINN
McLean, H.N. from Didsbury
McLean, Howard W. from Calgary
McLean, J.C. from Irma
McLean, J.R. from Hussar, Bassano
McLean, Janace Eileen from Bindloss
McLean, John E. from Lundbreck
McLean, John Peter from Strathmore, Calgary
McLean, M.S. from Hazeldine
McLean, Maude from Macleod
McLean, Mrs. A. from Cheadle
McLean, N.D. from Edmonton
McLean, Neil from Ardrossan
McLean, P.C. from Lakesend
McLean, Richard from Highvale
McLean, Stan from Olds
McLean, William from Paradise Valley, Sidcup
McLeavy, George L. from Garfield
McLeay, A.N. from Gleichen
McLelan, Thomas G. from Grande Prairie, Alhambra, Rocky Mountain House
McLellan, A.G. from Donalda
McLellan, H. from Fairview
McLellan, H.K. from Donalda
McLellan, J.H. (Poplar Grove Farm) from Donalda
McLellan, John James from Purple Springs
McLelland, Bruce Daniel from Finnigan
McLenahan, John Leroy from Seebe
McLennan & Nolin from Frog Lake
McLennan, Daisy Ethel from Edmonton
McLennan, Dan G. from Chinook
McLennan, Frances from Blackfalds
McLennan, J.S. from Calgary, Didsbury, Hussar
McLennan, Joel Beaman from Tofield
McLennan, John W. from Edmonton, Chinook
McLennan, John W. from Edmonton, Chinook
McLennan, Katherine Jane from Bindloss, Medicine Hat
McLennan, Malcolm from Kelowna, BC
McLeod Bros (D.R & R.G) from Schuler
Mcleod, A.G. from Ponoka
McLeod, Alan Theodore from Pibroch
McLeod, Angus from Pemukan
McLeod, Archie Ross from Tide Lake
McLeod, Audrey K. from Stettler
McLeod, Don from Black Diamond
McLeod, Donald Hugh from Edmonton
McLeod, E.A.J. from Black Diamond
McLeod, Edward A. & Jeanette Beasley from Okotoks
McLeod, Edward H. from Okotoks
McLeod, Edward H. from Okotoks
Mcleod, Ethel from Okotoks
McLeod, George F. from Minnehik
McLeod, George F. from Minnihik
Mcleod, Grace from High River
McLeod, H.V. from Plato, Saskatchewan
McLeod, Hugh from Lousana
McLeod, Jack from Grande Prairie
McLeod, James Frank from Banff
McLeod, John Archibald from Rose Lynn
McLeod, John William from Millarville, Calgary
McLeod, Joseph John from Onoway
McLeod, M.J. from Rycroft, Spirit River
McLeod, Malcolm M. from Berry Creek
McLeod, Neil from Majorville
McLeod, Norman from Rose Lynn
McLeod, R.G. from Schuler
McLeod, R.G. from Schuler
McLeod, R.J from Clive
McLeod, R.J. from Clive
McLeod, Richard A. from Enilda, High Prairie
McLeod, Robert A. from Alliance
McLeod, Robert George from Delburne
McLeod, Robert Ross from Furness, SK, Lloydminster, Pendryl
McLeod, Russell from Travers, Lethbridge
McLeod, Russell W. from Carmangay
McLeod, W.O. from Hartell
McLeod, Warren L. from Stavely, Nanton, Banff
McLeod, William A. from Sullivan Lake, Tide Lake
McLeod, William Alexander from Pincher Creek
McLinaghan, George O from Edmonton
McLinaghan, George O. from Edmonton
McMahon, John A. from Cochrane
McMann, George from Ribstone
McMann, Glen W. from Carbon
McMann, Joe A. from Ribstone, Wainwright
McManus, John from St. Paul
McMartin, Henry B. from Cherry Creek
McMaster, Donald from Cluny
McMath, James from Ranfurly
McMath, James from Ranfurly
McMeckan, Willam M. from Ashmont
McMeekin, Maurice from Rocky Mountain House
McMichael, Albert Leslie & Dena J. from Medicine Hat
McMillan, A.I. from Water Valley, Cremona
McMillan, A.I. from Water Valley, Cremona
McMillan, Alexander Anton from Airdrie, Nelson, BC
McMillan, Angus D. from Irma
McMillan, Angus I. from Water Valley
McMillan, C.L. from Water Valley, Dawson Creek, BC
McMillan, Charles LeRoy from Cremona
McMillan, Clifford from Byemoor
McMillan, D.H. from Mannville
McMillan, D.L. from Lindale
McMillan, D.L. from Lindale
McMillan, D.M. from Ponoka
McMillan, D.M. from Ponoka
McMillan, Donald from Innisfail
McMillan, Emma from Blackie
McMillan, Emma from Blackie
McMillan, Gwen from Alhambra, Leslieville
McMillan, James from Airdrie
McMillan, John from Lindale
McMillan, Malcolm K. from Irma, Cowley
McMillan, R.A. from Rosebud
McMillan, R.A. from Rosebud
McMillan, S.H. from Alhambra
McMillan, W.D. from Lacombe, Quesnel, BC
McMillan, W.D. from Lacombe, Quesnel, BC
McMillan, Zoe Labelle (Chair Ranch) from High River, Cayley, Calgary
McMillan, Zoe Labelle (Chair Ranch) from High River, Cayley, Calgary
McMillen, Merle from Ponoka
McMillin, Clarence F. from Fairview
McMillin, Raymond from Bezanson, Grande Prairie
McMorran, Bryce W., from Lethbridge
McMow, D.H. from Innisfail, Bowden
McMullen, Albert Ross from Picture Butte
McMullen, Archibald M. from Edmonton
McMullen, Gordon A. from Heinsburg
McMullen, Harold S. from Bruce
McMullen, Howard Garfield from Hughenden
McMullen, Mercedis from Claresholm, Diamond City, Okotoks
McMullen, Willard from Bruce
McMullen, William from Heinsburg, Greenlawn
McMullen, William from Heinsburg, Greenlawn
McMullin, A.L. from Raymond
McMullin, Thomas from Granum
McMurchy, David John from Helmsdale, Cappon
McMurdo, A.R from Pincher Creek
McMurray, John from Calgary
McNab, Jack from Bragg Creek, Bearberry
McNabb, Colin F. from Vermilion
McNabb, Leonard Renols from Acadia Valley
McNabb, Robert from Forestburg
McNabb, Tom E. from Forestburg
McNabb, W.T. from Hanna
McNae, William R from Nanton
McNain, Hugh from Millarville, Midnapore
McNair, J.D. from Delia
McNair, Walter B. from Brooks, Turin, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat
Mcnall, Robert from Kinsella, Hayter
McNalley, Irene Jane from Chauvin
McNalley, Ralph Harrison from Edmonton
McNalley, Ralph Harrison from Edmonton
McNalley, Stephen from Grande Prairie
McNallie, Jack L. from Greencourt
McNally, Bob from Teepee Creek
McNally, James Edward from Erskine
McNally, Paul from Atlee
McNally, W.C. from Cadogan
McNamara, James from Boyle
McNamara, M.J. from Kinuso
McNamara, P. H from Vermilion, Langdonville
McNamee, Ivor from High River, Cayley, Calgary
McNamee, James L. from Spirit River, Wanham, Gainford
McNary, Olive & S.A. from Hartell, Priddis
McNary, Walter L. from Lacombe, Fairview, Camrose, Bittern Lake
McNaught, Charles William from Bentley
McNaught, Crosbie from Halcourt
McNaught, Samuel C. from Halcourt
McNaught, Samuel C. from Halcourt
McNaughton, H.M. from Eagle Hill, Edmonton
McNaughton, H.M. from Eagle Hill, Edmonton
McNaughton, Harold Edwin from Rumsey
McNaughton, Peter H. from Halcourt
McNaughton, Phoebe A. married name Olsen from Carstairs, Red deer
McNaughton, W.W. from Sexsmith
McNeil, Alfred B. from Evergreen
McNeil, Angus from Eckville
McNeil, Ella from Stand Off, Fort Macleod
McNeil, J. Jr. from Lethbridge
McNeil, Malcolm from Delia
McNeil, Thomas Sherman from Viking
McNeill, A.O. from Seven Persons
McNeill, John F. from Sundre
McNeill, John from De Winton
McNeill, P.D. from St. Paul, Edmonton, Langley, BC
McNeill, P.D. from St. Paul, Edmonton, Langley, BC,
McNeill, Wilbur Floyd from Sundre, Calgary
McNeill, William D. from Uncas
McNelly, Garth from Halfway Lake, Clyde
McNern, Bruce from Wainwright
McNern, Rieta from Heath
McNern, William (Estate) from Gilt Edge
McNichol, A.W. from Debolt
McNicol, Frank K. from Crossfield, Madden, Enderby, BC
McNicol, George from Madden
McNicol, James, F. from Enderby, BC
McNiven, Charles Russell from Vulcan, Okotoks, Blackie, High River
McNiven, Frank from Vulcan, Blackie
McNutt, Gerald F, from Caroline
McNutt, Harold from Rocky Mountain House
McNutt, J.J. from Caroline
McPeak, J. Troy from Nanton
McPhail, Archie from Brant
McPhedran, John W. from Dinant
McPhedran, John W. from Dinant
McPhee Bros, from Halkirk
McPhee, Jessie from Elnora
McPhee, Robert N, from Glen Leslie
McPhee, Wallace H. from Lake Louise
McPheeters, D.B. from Rumsey
McPherson, David G. from Metiskow
McPherson, P from Nanton
McPherson, Robert from Cayley
McPherson, Robert from Phillips, Kinsella
McPherson, Roy from Dolcy
McPherson, S.W. from Sangudo, Rochfort Bridge
McPhillamey, Jess from Berwyn
McPolen, John from Cherhill
McQuaig, D. Scott from Teepee Creek
McQuaig, Duncan J. from Consul, SK
McQuarrie, L. from Retlaw
McQueen, Gerald from Fort Assiniboine
McQueen, Hugh from Finnegan
McRae, Andrew & J. from Fawcett
McRae, Andrew Burns from Pekisko, Nanton
McRae, Andrew J. from Fawcett
McRae, F.D. from Morinville
McRae, H.S. from Scapa
McRae, John Howard from Nanton, Pekisko
McRae, Norman M. from Rosemary
McRae, Wesley Donald from Edmonton
McRee, Harry from Kinuso
McRee, Joseph from Kinuso
McRee, Sloco from Kinuso
McRee, Zanny from Kinuso
McRobbie, Howard from Rocky Mountain House
McRobbie, Howard Thomas from Red Deer
McRobbie, William George from Bon Accord
McRobert, A. from Dewberry
McRobert, Ian from Lea Park, Marwayne
McShane, Gerald from Hardisty
McShane, Leo from Hardisty
McShane, Lloyd F. from Hardisty
McSporran, Alex from Tofield
McSweeney, James from Wanham
McTaggart, John from Calgary
McTaggart, John from St. Kilda
McTaggart, John from St. Kilda
McTavish, Ferguson from Carmangay
McTighe, Phillip J. from Red Deer
Mctrunec, Nick from Derwent, Mannville
McTurk, Nicholas W. from Heath
McVeety, Hubert from Rocky Mountain House
McVey, Barry from South Edmonton
McVey, Mrs. W.H. & Alva Passey from New Dayton, Magrath
McVicar, George D. from High River, Cayley
McVicar, George D. from High River, Cayley
McVinnie, Gordon from Carmangay
McVinnie, James from Paradise Valley, Sidcup
McVittie, R.H. from Viking
McWade, W. from Ponoka
McWade, W. from Ponoka
McWatters, V.L. from Lethbridge
McWde, Joseph L. from Ponoka
McWherter, Elias from Didsbury
McWhirter, J.L. from Pincher Creek
McWhirter, James from Wainwright
McWilliam, Angus M. from Picture Butte, Seven Persons, Iron Springs
McWilliam, Gerald Dougald from Lundbreck
McWilliams, Alexander from Sundre
McWilliams, Alvin from Nanton, Blackie, Claresholm
McWilliams, J & J.P. Beach from Ponoka
McWilliams, J. & J.P. Beach from Ponoka
Mead, A.R. from Vermilion
Mead, George B. from Vermilion
Mead, R.C. & Son from Clandonald, Vermilion
Mead, Vera & Sons (Robert Murray & Ronald Tommy) from Vermilion
Meade, Harry from Bellevue
Meade, V. from Bindloss
Meador, Ralph from Brooks
Meadors, W.C. from Vermilion
Meadow Sweet Dairies Limited from Coleman, Bellevue
Meadows & McDonald from Calgary
Meadows, Donald Charles from Blackie
Meadows, Roy K. from Blackie
Meadowview Ranches Ltd. from Edmonton
Meakin, Arthur J. from Lindale, Carnwood, Breton
Meakins, Frances from Yarrow
Meakins, H. from Jarrow
Meakins, Robert Jr. from Jarrow
Meardi, Carlo from Hylo
Mearon, Victor from High Prairie
Mears, Charles E. from Cairns
Mears, Charles E. from Cairns
Measor, S.R. from Big Prairie
Mecham, Sina Wilhelmina from Taber
Mechlenborg, Fred from Dickson
Meckelberg, John A. from Sundre
Meckelberg, John A. from Sundre
Meckler, Theodore from Galahad
Meda, John from Spedden
Meda, William from Spedden
Medhurst, Richard P. from Calgary, Cloverdale, BC, Pitt Meadows, BC, Maple Ridge, BC
Medicine Shield, George from Cluny
Medicine Tree Holdings (R.D.Tanner) from High River
Medley, Jesse E. from Wainwright
Medue, Bert Leslie from Picture Butte
Medynski, Leonard & Richard from St. Michael
Medynski, Mike from Kinsella
Medynski, Peter from Star
Meehan, Francis William from Alix
Meehan, Harry T. from Innisfail
Meehan, James from Hanna
Meek, Harry from Edmonton
Meekin, James from Duchess
Meekin, Samuel from Duchess
Meeks Bros. from Raymond
Meeks, Farrell from Raymond
Meer, Anna from Goddard
Meer. John from Warner
Meers, Gordon from Acadia Valley
Meers, H.S. from Calgary, Innisfail
Meers, Kathleen from Innisfail
Meers, Robert Edward from Deville, North Cooking Lake
Megella, John Mike from Lomond
Meger, Lloyd from Heinsburg
Meger, Rudolph from Heinsburg
Meggitt, Wilbert from Cassils
Megli, Aaron from Linden, New Norway
Megli, Erny from Three Hills
Megli, Lewis from Linden, Acme
Megli, S.P. from Three Hills
Megyer, Andy from Taber
Megyes, Antal from Taber
Megyes, Elmer Andrew from Taber
Mehalko, George from Turin
Meheden, Fred from Lethbridge
Mehew, J. Leonard from Welling
Mehl, G.F. from Excel
Mehl, Marshall H. from Excel, Oyen
Mehlaff, Viola J. from Hays
Mehlen, Olaf from Iron Springs
Mehlhaff, Eugene from Winnifred, Hays, Whitla
Mehlhaff, Fred from Hays
Mehlhorn, William & Sons from Olds
Meidinger, Elmer & Marvin from Bassano
Meidinger, Elmer & Marvin from Bassano
Meidinger, Milton from Bassano
Meidinger, Reinhold from Medicine Hat
Meidinger, Wilbert from Schuler
Meier, Anton Jr. from Hays
Meier, Dan from Norton, Coleridge, Dunmore
Meier, Ed from Norton, Medicine Hat
Meier, Elias from Dunmore
Meier, Fred from Medicine Hat, Thelma, Fox
Meier, Isaac from Medicine Hat
Meier, John from Hays
Meier, John K. from Walsh, Fox, Thelma
Meier, Lawrence from Fox, Medicine Hat
Meier, Nick from Bodo, Altario
Meier, Philip from Hays
Meier, Reinhold from Medicine Hat, Meadow View
Meier, Rueben from Fox
Meinzinger, John George from Breton
Meirle, C. from Calgary
Melanchuk, Dan from Grand Centre
Melba Ranches Ltd. (J.M. Woods) from Calgary
Melcher, Earl H. from Czar
Melchinuk, Mrs. P. Myrnam
Meldrum, John A. from High River
Melenka, Alexander from Fort Saskatchewan
Melenka, Jack F. from Warwick
Melenka, Michael from Delburne
Melin, Carl from Czar, Metiskow
Melland, Christian John from Claresholm
Meller, Ralph W. from Calgary, Morrin
Melling, T. from Midnapore, Calgary
Mellon, Alice (formerly Mrs. Fry) from Winfield, Water Valley
Mellon, Mont M. from Grovedale
Melnechuk, Mike from Beauvallon
Melnichuk, James from Myrnam
Melnichuk, John from Myrnam
Melnychuk Bros. from Hollow Lake
Melnychuk, Harry from Iron River
Melnychuk, J.T. from Mannville
Melnychuk, Mike from Lake Eliza
Melnychuk, Orest from Myrnam
Melnychyn, Phillip from Big Valley
Melnyk, Fred from Innisfree
Melnyk, Henry P. from Warspite
Melnyk, Henry P. from Warspite
Melnyk, James from Ardrossan, Sherwood Park
Melnyk, John N. from Waskatenau
Melnyk, William from Chipman
Melom, A.J. from Stavely
Melom, M.O. from Stavely
Melton, Tommie from Calgary
Melvin, James from Nanton
Melvin, Richard James from Grande Prairie
Memnook, Paul from Goodfish Lake
Menard, Lucien from Balzac
Mendelman, M. from Calgary
Mendenhall, J.B. from Rosemary, Vernon, BC
Mendenhall, Wayne Jay & Mrs. from Rosemary, Provo, UT
Mendiuk, Orest from Andrew
Meneau, Frank from Big Valley
Meneice, A.L. from High Prairie, Marwayne
Meneice, A.L. from High Prairie, Marwayne
Meneice, Gordon L. from High Prairie, Fort McMurray
Meneley, N.A. from Calgary
Mensaghi, Giovani from Macleod, Pincher Creek
Mensaghi, Reno J. from Macleod
Menschau, Juliana from Bruce
Menzies, Albert Roderick from Evansburg
Menzies, D.R. from Stettler, Botha
Menzies, Harold from Balzac, Airdrie
Menzies, Howard from Provost
Menzies, William from Countess
Mequinis, Phillip from Calgary
Mercer Holdings Ltd. from Lethbridge
Mercer, Edward from Pincher Creek
Mercer, George E. from Hussar, Calgary
Mercer, Ivan G. from Bearberry, Sundre
Mercer, Walter E. from Strathmore
Mercier, A.H. from Vegreville, Beauvallon
Mercier, Andrew from Islay
Mercier, Armand from Bonnyville, Durlingville
Mercier, Ed or Edouard from Le Goff
Mercier, Julien from Bonnyville
Mercier, R. from Islay
Mercier, Treffe from Dirleton, Bonnyville
Meredith, Fred from Ponoka
Mereshka or Mereshki, Nick from Fleet
Mereshka, John from Fleet, Coronation, Stettler
Mereshki, Steve from Castor, Stettler
Meridian Transport Ltd. (Don Styner) from Lloydminster
Merithew, E.H. from Bassano
Merithew, Edward & Reuben & Annie Smith from Wardlow
Merkel, Bart from Munson
Merkel, Edward A. from Vegreville
Merkel, Frank A. from Rockyford
Merkel, Larry E. from Munson
Merkel, R.J. & Edward A. from Vegreville
Merkel, S. from Viking
Merkle, Joe from Taber
Merkle, Kurt from Lac La Biche
Merkle, Tony Jr. from Taber
Merkley, Clifford L. from Magrath
Merklin, Jerry Neil from Wanham
Meronuik, Mike from Legend
Merrell, N. Bruce from Calgary
Merriam, Richard A. & Frank Brazil from High River
Merrian, Richard J. from High River
Merrick, George from Sidcup
Merrifield, H.D. from Bircham, Acme
Merrifield, Marshall E. from Red Deer
Merriken, L.S. from Federalsburg, MD, Veteran
Merrill, Donald F. from Lethbridge
Merrill, Eric from Viking
Merrill, M.M. from Hill Spring
Merriman, J.A. from Hayter, Killarney
Merta, George F. from Viking
Mertler, Joe from Grande Prairie, Bezanson
Mertz, Carl T. from Stirling
Mervin, Lawrence from Drumheller, Conner Creek
Mesal or Missel, Edward from Bruce
Messerli, C. Edwin from Claresholm, Stavely
Messerli, H.H. from Stavely
Messerli, William F. from Spring Point, Elkton, Furman, Claresholm
Messier, Clara from Heath
Messier, R. from Wainwright
Messner, Helena & Sons from Forestburg, Heisler
Messner, W.J. from Heisler, Forestburg, Vilna
Messner, W.J. from Heisler, Forestburg, Vilna
Meston, Alex from Three Hills
Metcalf, Joseph B. from Kitscoty
Metcalf, Leonidas L. from Aden
Metcalfe Gary, Wayne Tester & Bill Veitch from Wainwright
Metcalfe, B.B. from Rocky Mountain House & Dickson
Metcalfe, B.B. from Rocky Mountain House & Dickson
Metcalfe, Bertha from Eyremore
Metcalfe, Stephen O. from Rocky Mountain House
Metchewais, Jim from Beaver Crossing
Metheral, J.P. from Crossfield
Metheral, Norman Clarence from Foremost
Metis Beach Silver Fox Ranch (O.E. Astle) from North Edmonton
Metolsky, Fred E. from Bassano
Metro, Steve from Ponoka, Bentley
Metz, H.J. from Lougheed
Metz, Wolfgang from Grande Prairie
Metzger, Archie from Carbon
Metzger, Carl from Rolling Hills
Metzger, David George from Calgary, Okotoks
Metzger, George from Innisfail
Metzger, William from Pine Lake, Beiseker
Metzler, Regina from Twin Butte, Fishburn
Meyer Bros. (John & William) from Seven Persons
Meyer, Albert from Bergen
Meyer, Alex from Richdale
Meyer, Ambrose J. from Sheerness, Richdale, Castor
Meyer, Chris from Galahad, Halkirk
Meyer, Henry from Richdale
Meyer, Jacob M. from Irma
Meyer, John from New Norway
Meyer, John J from Irma, Kinsella
Meyer, John Sr. from Seven persons
Meyer, John W. from New Norway
Meyer, Leo, & Guido Wuest from Rolling Hills
Meyer, Linus from Clover Bar, Edmonton
Meyer, Lloyd from Wetaskiwin
Meyer, Oscar H. from Clover Bar, Sherwood Park
Meyer, Peter from Galahad, Britain
Meyer, William from Seven Persons
Meyer, William J. from Richdale, Stanmore
Meyers, Archie from High Prairie
Meyers, D.R. from Brownvale
Meyers, E. from Midnapore
Meyers, E.J. from Withrow, Eckville
Meyers, J.V. from Berwyn, Kerndale
Meyers, Joseph F. from Taber, Sunburst, MT., Shelby, MT
Meyers, Margareth from Taber
Meyers, Mrs. Alex from Edgerton
Meyers, William N. from Coaldale
Mezei, Alex from Retlaw
Mezei, Bert from Carmangay, Lethbridge
Mezei, Gabriel from Retlaw, Vauxhall, Medicine Hat
Miasnikoff, George F. from Falun
Miasnikoff, George F. from Falun
Michael, Claude H. from Jarrow
Michael, Thomas from Bowness, Calgary, Blackfalds
Michaelis, Fred W. & Ida from Milk River
Michaelis, W.H. from Milk River
Michaelis, William A from Milk River
Michaels, Ken from Excel, Cereal
Michalchuk, Everett from Keg River
Michalchuk, Mike from Keg River
Michalchuk, Paul from Glendon
Michalchuk, Paul Peter from Keg River, Victoria, BC
Michalovsky, Oscar from Claresholm, Granum
Michalski, Bruno R. from Lundbreck
Michalsky, Emil & Albert from Calgary
Michalsky, Mike from Burmis
Michaud, A. from Gibbons
Michaud, Herbie from Brocket
Michaud, Joseph Rolland from Kinsella, Edmonton
Michel, Arnold A. from Crossfield, Calgary
Michelazki, Mike from Bow Island
Michelsen, Niels from Stirling
Michelsen, Verda from Stirling
Michelson, E. from Erskine
Michelson, Ejner from Erskine
Michetti, George from Hylo
Michie, John from Lousana
Michiels, Jean-Pierre from Calgary
Michta, Mabel from Kitscoty
Michta, William from Burstall, SK, Hilda
Mickelberry Bros. (Norman & Wilfred) from Vauxhall
Mickla, W.L. from Daysland
Mickleborough, Murray E. from Edmonton
Mickleson, J.M. from Sedgewick
Mickleson, Morris Wilfred from Sedgewick
Micklich, William from Vegreville
Micku, James from Buck Lake
Micoud, Felix from Coronation
Middleton, Jane from Cereal
Middleton, N. from Calgary
Middleton, Theodore from Shepard, Cereal
Midgley, Garfield Thomas from Marwayne
Midgley, George W. from Lea Park
Midgley, George W. from Lea Park
Midgley, Richard from Norway Valley, Lea Park
Midland Collieries Limited from Drumheller, Midlandvale
Mielnichuk, David from Duffield, Edmonton
Mielnichuk, Mike from Edmonton
Mielnichuk, Ronald from Duffield
Mierzewski, Edward K. from Hines Creek
Mihalcheon, Lorrie from Lac La Biche
Mikal, J. from Sundre
Mikalson, A.J. from Vauxhall
Mikalson, B.J. from Enchant
Mikalson, Olivia A & Ingbert A from Enchant
Mikkelson Bros. from Glendon
Mikkelson, Gregory Rae from Enchant
Mikkelson, J. A. from Kinsella
Mikkelson, Merril & Leland from Chauvin
Mikklesen, Arthur from Lathom, Brooks
Mikklesen, Niels from Rochester
Mikkleson – Birkness, Martha from Sedgewick
Miklos, John from Calgary
Miklos, Wilfred John from Fort Macleod
Miko, Earl from Edmonton, New Sarepta
Mikoula, Nicholas from Burdett
Milbradt, B. from East Coulee
Milburn, Della Kathleen & James H. from Caroline
Milburn, Ernest from Lacombe, Leo
Milburn, James & Cecil Gill from Caroline
Milburn, James from Dovercourt
Mildinberger, Adam from Pollockville, Brownvale
Milenchuk, Claude from Wainwright
Miles, Bruce MacKinnon from Calgary
MIles, D.A. from Bragg Creek
Miles, Edith S. nee Lancaster from Kinsella
Miles, Ellwood from Arrowwood
Miles, Florence L. from Edgerton
Miles, G.B. from High River
Miles, J.A. from Kinsella, Edmonton
Miles, Larry O. from Strathmore
Milford James F. from Edgerton
Milford James F. from Edgerton
Milham, Alfred Herbert from Vancouver, BC, Port Hardy, BC
Milham, Stanley Newton from Hardisty
Milk River Grain Ltd. from Milk River, Lethbridge
Milkereit, Erich Gustav from Calgary
Millar, Alan from Albert Park, Calgary
Millar, Alfred A.S. from Bow Island
Millar, C.E. from Calgary
Millar, David Allan from Peace River
Millar, H. from Calgary
Millar, J.J. from Smoky Lake
Millar, William from Mallaig, Ashmont
Millard, Albert from Edmonton
Millard, Joseph from Edgerton
Millard, Norman L. from Bearberry
Millard, W.H. from Jenner
Milldale Farms from Grande Prairie
Millen, Marie Jane from Brooks, Duchess
Miller and Miller from Bashaw
Miller Bros. (Charles & Marco) from Sugden, St. Lina
Miller, A. Vivian & Jane from Gadsby
Miller, A.D. from Balzac
Miller, A.F. & Sons from Castor
Miller, A.J. from Lethbridge
Miller, Adolph from Fox
Miller, Adolph Ronald from Walsh, Medicine Hat
Miller, Albert from Etzikom, Medicine Hat
Miller, Allan Clay from Goose Lake
Miller, Annie from Maybutt, Lethbridge
Miller, Arthur Day from Olds
Miller, Ben H. from Medicine Hat, Walsh
Miller, Bentley R. from Buffalo, Yorkton, SK
Miller, Burton from Alderson
Miller, C.H. from Macleod
Miller, C.T. from Fawcett
Miller, C.W. & Son from Kitscoty
Miller, Carl Christian fro