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Borrow, Reserve, Renew


Stockmen’s Memorial Foundation has provided a unique library collection since 1980. In its current home in the Cochrane RancheHouse, a variety of materials are available to be loaned or accessed within the library.


The Bert Sheppard Library and Archive contain over 13,000 books on western culture. These range from modern studies on historical and current interests of the west to original copies and reproductions of contemporary works from the region. As well, we have a complete collection of Brand Books for Alberta from 1888 to the present to support our brand research services.

Many of the books are available to be loaned out and will soon be available through the Cochrane Public Library and Marigold Library System. Others are free to read within the Bert Sheppard Library and Archive.


In addition to the book collection, the library also boasts 6000 periodicals. There are magazines on topics of Ranching, Rodeo, Horsemanship, Veterinary Science, History, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, including some decades-old volumes. You can also find past copies and editions of local newspapers.

All the periodicals are free to read within the Bert Sheppard Library and Archive.

Archival & Special Collections


The Bert Sheppard Library and Archive have collections of unique historical material related to local and ranching history. These include original manuscripts, correspondence, government documents, and other material to fuel and support your historical research. You may be looking for details on how past rodeos were organized and promoted, for accounts of early pioneers in western Canada, how ranchers organized themselves to protect and promote their interests, or the lives of well-known individuals that shaped their pieces of history. These topics and more can be found in our collections.

These materials can be accessed by request within the Bert Sheppard Library and Archive.

Photograph Collection

Photos of rodeo and western life have been collected and are ready to be viewed by patrons. These images can provide an intriguing snapshot of how life in western Canada has changed over the years.

The photo collections can be found on the shelves at the Bert Shepard Library and Archive.